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TimestampReviewerCigar NumberAppearance [Score]Appearance NotesAroma [Score]Aroma NotesConstruction [Score]Construction Notes1/3 Flavor [Score]1/3 Strength1/3 Body/Complexity1/3 Notes2/3 Flavor [Score]2/3 Strength2/3 Body/Complexity2/3 Notes3/3 Flavor [Score]3/3 Strength3/3 Body/Complexity3/3 NotesDraw [Score]Draw NotesBurn [Score]Burn NotesOverall Experience [Score]Overall NotesSmoking time
10/11/2013 20:26:53Sandeep (Djangos)9290This is a monster box press! If I were to hazard a guess most likely 6.25 by 62 or 64! Medium brown wrapper, mostly smooth looking even though the veins are quite visible. I can only discern two caps. 86Not many notes that are very apparent just from a whiff... there is some tobacco and woodsy flavors but not much else. The dry puff is pepperless and bland with only a faint whiff of tobacco and some leather.91Seems very well constructed and feels firm throughout with some give. No soft spots are present. The box press is almost perfect. 88MediumMediumThe cigar opens with very little pepper with most of the other flavors are mostly woodsy in character mainly oak and cedar. There is some leather. It took a couple of lights to get the burn right all around, most likely because of the RG. The draw is a little tight and the smoke is not as much as I would like. There is definitely a creamy character to the smoke but very wispy. As the third progressed there are nuances of nuts that are coming in and out. The ash is holding firm and is a variegated grey black in character. the ash is still holding as I go into the next third. The flavors are slightly bolder at this time with more pepper and leather.88MediumMediumThere are not many changes to the flavor profile and I am still getting woodsy notes and some leather. There is some nuttiness and the pepper is still lingering but nothing extraordinary. The draw is slightly getting better at this time. The burn is great and the smoke volume is also increasing and is very creamy. The pepper is inconsistent and is going in and out.88MediumMediumOnce again not much change in terms of the flavors. The pepper seems to have disappeared yet again and the nuttiness is shining through at this time. The leather is slightly more prominent and the woodsy notes have taken a back seat. The burn and draw are better now, and the ash is holding steady for more than an inch before falling off. Towards the end the pepper is back and intensifying. Surprisingly for a cigar of this size it was surprisingly mellow and I am not getting any nicotine buzz. Over all a decent cigar that is not very eventful.89The draw was quite tight in the first third and after that got increasingly better as we progressed through the length of the cigar.90Good burn with some minor skewing now and then that corrected it self most of the time.89Overall a very unilateral experience without any major changes in the flavor profile. The nuttiness that was present throughout the cigar kept me going. The strength was also surprisingly medium and mellow. Not my vitola size.90
10/19/2013 14:54:02Brian (B-daddy)9293This is a beautiful cigar. Everything I like to see in a smaller cigar but more of it. Deep reddish brown wrapper, even colors without blemishes. Neat roll, nice box press, tight seams, no veins. It's big but very nice. ...and big cigars need love too. 92Hay and some brown sugar sweetness. Pretty strong aroma too. 90Even medium firm pack throughout without hard or soft spots. Often box pressed cigars are softer along two sides and harder along the other two but not in this case. Nice seams but the triple cap is a little sloppy. Did I mention this is a big cigar?87MildLightAt the start, flavors are relatively mild. Rich tobacco and soft leather on the draw, a bit of a leather bite on the finish. Finish is pretty short and not very pronounced. Pretty good start but mellower than I thought it would be. Draw is pretty tight and the burn goes wonky in the first 5 minutes. Needs a touch-up. Guess that even firm feel in the pre-light was deceiving. Some sweetness joins the tobacco and leather core. Still mild, kinda weak, flavors. Another 10 minutes and needs another touch-up. Nothing about the flavors is unappealing but it is pretty boring. 87Mild-MediumLightSecond third is a continuation of the mellow tobacco and leather flavors of the first third. About halfway through this third, I start to get hints of cinnamon on the draw and in the retrohale. It stands out pretty distinctly against the background of this pretty muted flavor profile. Been fighting with the draw and burn on this stick. A lot of work for a little flavor. 89Mild-MediumMediumRepeated touch-ups and a relight have made the flavors start to turn harsh in the final third. I can now feel a big knot right behind the cherry at about a 1/2 inch into this third. The cigar goes out again at that point. After some surgery and a final relight, it smokes fine the rest of the way to the nub. Draw, burn and flavors are all much better. Core flavors of tobacco and leather become more bold and the finish is longer with some cinnamon and coffee notes mixed in. I hope this last inch is more representative of what this cigar has to offer. 75Problematic throughout. Too tight until I got past a knot that was about an inch from the nub. 76Required about 8 touch-ups and two relights. Not good and detracted quite a bit from the overall experience.86I'll call it "fair" only because the last inch or so of the cigar showed some promise for what this stick may have to offer if it didn't suffer from burn and draw problems. I'd feel obliged to smoke another one of these just to see if the construction problems in this one were a fluke. Flavors were pretty innocuous and nondescript until the last inch. Then, they were pretty good. 109
10/21/2013 15:51:50Robert (NavyPiper)9290Looks like a nice cigar. Pretty big, 6 1/2" X looks like an inch. A dull, medium Brown, uniform in color, box pressed.87A very, very faint aroma of spice & grass.90Looks well made. No obvious defects or blemishes. A few veins on the wrapper, and has a nice give when pressed.87Mild-MediumLight-MediumAn interesting start. Flavors seem to be in the mild/medium range, and are mild/med tobacco, a little bit of mustiness, and a chemical flavor of some kind.87Mild-MediumLight-MediumFlavors in this third are consistent from the previous third. I still can't pin down that chemical flavor- I have no clue what it is- maybe old newspapers- naw I think that's where the mustiness is coming from, but whatever it is, I remember tasting it once before, and it didn't agree with me. 87MediumMediumFlavors had a little change in the final third. Really brackish tobacco, and that chemical flavor that I can't figure out. Really frustrating that I can't pin that flavor down.88The draw was 'fair/good'. I had to open it up, but again, if you know me and my reviews, I like a really easy draw....87Burn was 'fair'. It had a tendency to want to go wavy, and had to correct it a few times, but it had a good ash, and lasted about an inch before it fell off.86Overall, I gotta say it wasn't tripping my trigger. It's a little larger than I prefer, but what got to me was that chemical flavor. I hope mine was a fluke, or that my taste buds weren't interpreting it right. 122
10/26/2013 14:15:43Cindy (Ms_CindyLynn)9295The mystery cigar was very appealing from the start. There was a medium brown/ fall leaf color with slightly noticeable veins. There were areas that were tinted black. The cigar fit nicely with the leaves around me. 94Light earthy/ barnyard scents came from the foot. There was a very small hint of cinnamon as well. Throughout the experience, the aroma in the area was very enjoyable, very earthy and appealing.97The boxed pressed beauty presented with a neat cap, solid feel, and had no soft spots.93Mild-MediumLight-MediumThere was a mild, earthy flavor with slight notes of hay. The aroma and tastes were very calm and smooth.93MediumMediumThe earthy/ hay like flavors continued on into the second third. The experience was filled with a smokey flavor and smoke in the air. There was slight cinnamon and honey sweetness in the aftertaste. Cedar flavors appeared a little past the halfway point.94MediumMediumI absolutely loved the last third of the cigar. Cedar arrived on each puff and there was a transition into an oaky aftertaste. Throughout the last third, each puff had a smooth and creamy finish.. having me want to finish it 'til the very end.95No complaints with the draw! 95I needed various adjustments with my lighter throughout. I'm going to go ahead and contribute this to the fact that I was sitting outside in 55 degree weather with wind gusts of 20mph. The cigar held up very well! There were just some times when I needed to adjust the burn line.91This was a very enjoyable smoke. I would enjoy this with a cup of coffee in the morning. It was mild and mellow with delightful flavors. 101
10/28/2013 12:45:37Jason (bigslowrock)9292GIANT box pressed cigar. A nice smooth "dry" thin wrapper. There are light vanes. There are also just a couple water spots.93I'm getting a strong hay and chocolate prelight aroma and draw. The chocolate almost reminds me of a cheap hot chocolate mix like Swiss Miss, but in a good way in being reminiscent of childhood memories.92Very good construction. Evenly filled. The box press is consistent and not uneven 92MediumMediumI'm getting a lot of cedar in this third. I'm also getting notes of coffee and just the touch of baking spice.91MediumMedium-FullCedar continues to dominate this third as well. This third is also delivering just a hint of creaminess and sweetness to round out the cedar and coffee of the first third.92Medium-StrongMedium-FullThis is probably my favorite third of the cigar as it seems to be delivering a bit more flavor that the first half. A nice mixture of coffee, cedar, sweet and cream with also some light balanced notes of pepper. 94Considering the size of this monster. I was impressed with the draw. Just a bit on the tight side as is my preference.91This thing puts out A TON of smoke. The ash seems to drop at the 1.5" to 2" level. I didn't have to relight, but I was required to touch it up due to a wavey burn that didn't self correct.91I'm not a fan of the large cigars, but I'll have to say that the box press seemed to help with some of those issues. I think it had a decent flavor profile. It could use a bit more complexity from start to finish with the size. If you are a big cigar size smoker, I would give this one a try.130
Real Average929092893.93.9894.74.7905.55.9888889110
Standard Deviation24332231231187316
Sandeep (Djangos)908691885.55.5885.55.5885.55.5899089FALSE
Robert (NavyPiper)908790873.53.587FALSE3.5875.55.5888786122
Cindy (Ms_CindyLynn)FALSE94FALSEFALSE3.53.5FALSE5.55.5FALSE5.55.5959591101
Jason (bigslowrock)929392925.55.5915.5FALSE92FALSEFALSE949191FALSE
Adjusted Average919091894.54.5885.54.8895.55.5929189111
Overall Strength5.17
Overall Body4.94
Total Score90
Initial ImpressionsFelix Assouline | Something Special - Majestic
Appearance:91Vital Stats:
Aroma:90Vitola:Double Toro
First ThirdRing Gauge:58
Flavor:89Country of Origin:Nicaragua
Strength:MediumWrapper:Habano 98
Second ThirdFiller:Nicaragua, Honduras
Body/Complexity:MediumNumber of reviewers:5Sandeep (Djangos)Brian (B-daddy)Robert (NavyPiper)Cindy (Ms_CindyLynn)Jason (bigslowrock)
Final ThirdPrice:$6.00
Strength:MediumRelease Date:July 2013
Body/Complexity:MediumContributed by:Felix Assouline Cigars
Overall Impressions
Overall Strength:Medium
Overall Body/Complexity:Medium
Overall Experience:89
Smoking Time (in minutes):111
Total Score:90