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Academic Advising, Council on20Assess the academic advising needs of the diverse population of UW-Madison students, and the success of our advising system in satisfying those needs, in order to recommend improvements in advising practices and systems.Third Monday of every month, 2:30-4pm Jackson
Leigh Keller-Chicoine
Diana MakiDiana Maki,
Alcohol Licensing Review Committee11Serve the City's residents, businesses, and visitors by thoroughly and conscientiously reviewing license applications, establishing and maintaining standards, addressing violations, developing alcohol-related policies, and making recommendations to the City's Common Council.Third Wednesday of every month, at 5:30pm. If you miss three meetings in a row, you will be ineligible for further participation in the committee. LandgrafLaila D'Costa,
Jim Verbick,
Arboretum Committee10Advise the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and the Arboretum Director on procedures and policies regarding the use, management, and direction of Arboretum lands and facilities. RoeckerBret ShawBradley Herrick,
Athletic Board *20Advise the Athletic Department and Chancellor, report to and consult with the Faculty Senate and University Committee regarding athletic activities and policies.Total 7 meetings between September and June, typically on a Friday at 1pm Alvin
Katie Mangus
Dr. Ann Sheehy, Associate Professor, Department of,
Budget Committee *20Advise campus leadership on institutional budget issues, long-range financial strategies, state biennial budget proposals, and allocations to schools, colleges, and divisions.Monthly or as needed Cummins
Kevin Jacobson
Campus Area Neighborhood Association (CANA) 30Campus Area Neighborhood Association (CANA) is a grassroots, not-for-profit advocacy group that meets weekly to build civic engagement, community power, and neighborhood advocacy for the residents of campus & campus area. CANA is officially recognized as a Neighborhood Association of the City of Madison, which means local developers and public safety officials can consult with CANA as a local entity before presenting their development or proposals to a Board, Commission, or Committee in the City. Such a norm allows CANA to serve as a vehicle for its constituents to voice their concerns and questions on the decisions about, the character, and future of their neighborhood.Bi-weekly meeting on Mondays at 5:00 PM, and another leadership meeting, set knowing the availability of the exec board Boman
Olivia Ligman
Ruby Sandeman
Eli Tsarovsky, canamadison@gmail.comEli Tsarovsky, President
Campus Diversity and Climate Committee (CDCC) *4 (1 is Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair)2Advise campus leadership on diversity issues, collaborate with deans and directors to discuss policy and progress, and strive to create an environment where each individual feels respected and valued, while protecting academic freedom and freedom of speech. Boman (Anti-Violence Coordinator, EIC rep)
Lindsey Kourafas
Divya Sharma
Jerry Tang
Nasia Safdar and Tetyana and Lindsey Stoddard Cameron,
Campus Planning Committee *1 (plus an alternate)0Advise the Chancellor on long-range development plans, building priorities site selection, and aesthetic criteria, regarding facilities for research, instruction, recreation, parking and transportation, and other university functions.Approx 8 times through the academic year, on 2nd Thursday of the month 8:30-10:00am Lynn (Alternate)
Andrew Pietroske
Provost Karl and Aaron Williams,
Campus Transportation Committee *30Review and recommend budgetary and operational decisions made by UW Transportation Services.

All Campus Transportation Committee members also automatically sit on the Student Transportation Board. This meets twice each week.
Campus Transportation Committee - the second Friday of the month 8:30-10am.
Student Transpportattion Board - Mondays from 4:30-6:30 and Wednesdays from 5:00-7:00 each week. Fonkem
Randy Jerez
Tyler Katzenberger
Carey McAndrews, and Margaret Bergamini,
Central Madison Business Improvement District Board (City of Madison)10Increase the vitality and health of businesses in the district, and liaise with the city officials as a university representative in service of the BID's mission. In addition to the link on the right, see this page's "Board of Directors" ( First Thursday of the month, 1:00-2:30pm. If you miss three consecutive meetings, you will be deemed ineligible to attend further meetings. ZieglerLaila D'Costa,
Tiffany Kenney,
Chancellor's Advisory Group on Alcohol and Other Drugs2 (1 graduate, 1 undergraduate0Provide overarching analysis and leadership on campus alcohol policy and advise the Chancellor on initiatives related to alcohol and other drugs. Runs out of University Health Services. Frazer (G)
Jessica Melnik (U)
Amanda Jovaag,
Chief Human Resources Officer Search & Screen1 graduate0The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) provides leadership, policy direction, and management oversight for all HR services for UW-Madison faculty and staff. In addition, the CHRO works closely with UW System and represents UW-Madison with elected officials and state agencies. The next CHRO will lead the institution through the next phases of the Title and Total Compensation Project, focused on enhancing benefits for employees, and will guide the next era of human resources at UW-Madison. Priorities will be addressing employee equity and well-being, strategies for recruitment and retention of diverse talent, and structures to support professional development and career progression. This committee will be chaired by the Dean of the College of Letters & Science, Eric Wilcots, and should begin meeting the first week in August. They will continue meeting into the fall semester. GausDean of the College of Letters & Science, Eric Wilcots
Color of Drinking Survey Taskforce77The primary purpose of the Color of Drinking Survey Task Force is to initiate direct action items in response to the findings of the Color of Drinking Survey administered by University Health Services. This committee will analyze data with the assistance of the UHS leadership and violence prevention teams as a means to address the high-risk drinking climate at UW-Madison to propose alternatives that prioritize the safety of students with emphasis on the disproportionate effects of alcohol on students of color. TBD Boman, ASM Anti-Violence Coordinator,
Dean of Students Advisory Board6-100An all-student board which provides a forum for on issues of misconduct, health and wellbeing, campus safety, and other aspects of student life not part of the formal instructional programs.
2nd Friday of each month, 11:30am-1pm Dye
Margaret Guan
Isabelle Jackson
Jade Laatsch
Rianna Mukherjee
Alexis Smiezek
Nancy Xie
Christina Olstad,
Kathy Kuno,

Dean of Students, Advisory Committee to the Office of the *40A group of faculty, staff, and students who advise campus leadership on issues of misconduct, health and wellbeing, campus safety, and other aspects of student life not part of the formal instructional programs. Dye
Isabelle Jackson
Tyler Katzenberger
Amy Van Aartsen
Amber Epp, amber.epp@wisc.eduKathy Kuno,
Disability Access and Inclusion*2 (1 grad, 1 undergrad)0Work with cross-campus partners to ensure the policies, programs, and services of the institution are accessible for students, employees, and guests of the university who have disabilities. Sullivan (U)
Amy Van Aartsen (G)
Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee *2 (1 graduate, 1 undergraduate) FALL SEMESTER ONLY1 graduateReview nominations of faculty to receive UW-Madison distinguished teaching awards, and forward nominations of UW-Madison faculty to UW System for system-wide teaching awards.Fall only. Awards review meeting at the end of the semester. Christy (U) and
Gideon Elliot,
Downtown Coordinating Committee (City of Madison)10The Downtown Coordinating Committee provides a forum regarding the uses of public space in the Downtown Area, and to periodically review regulations and policies affecting the Downtown Area. Particularly, emphasis is placed on on State Street and the Capitol Square, as a high-quality urban space for pedestrians in an environment that promotes healthy businesses. The student seat is meant to be a reflection of the large campus population in the neighborhood.Third Thursday of the month, at 5:30pm. If you miss three meetings in a row, you will be deemed ineligible to attend further meetings. ZappiaAlder Mike Verveer,
Laila D'Costa,
Ethnic Studies Subcommittee10Subcommittee of the General Education Committee which evaluates current ethnic studies courses, and determines if current classes reasonably meet ethnic studies standards.
Once a semester, for 3 or so hours HayasiJerome Camal, AnthropologyElaine Klein, Associate Dean for Academic Planning, L&S,
Gender Inclusive Restroom Facilities Task Force10This committee discusses the implementation of gender inclusive bathrooms on UW campus. Composed of members from all four governance bodies, i.e. university staff, academic staff, students, and faculty. Coordinates closely with facilities planning and management, as well as other offices in campus to create dialogue and action surrounding campus restrooms.
Completed provisional & usage policies in Fall 2019; may still meet as needed if funding is available for restroom renovations Gary Brown, Director of Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture; Kelly Krein, ASM Leadership & Advocacy Program ManagerEden Inoway-Ronnie, Office of the Provost:
Global Badger Experience Grant Board 10Grant-funding board that approves funding for campus events geared toward global engagement and intercultural dialogue.Every other Friday, 12:30pm to 1:30. HayasiJaisheree Sanadhya,
Graduate School Dean's Advisory Council4 graduate0The Council provides advice and input to the Dean of the Graduate School on academic matters facing graduate students across campus. The intent is that the Council membership will be broadly representative of students from PhD and master’s degree programs in all the disciplines.Monthly or as needed Kostecki (G)
Nuohao Liu (G)
Andrew Pietroske (G)
Amy Van Aartsen (G)
Amy Bergholz,
Healthcare Advisory Committee *7 (1 of 7 is SSFC)1 graduateAdvise the leadership of University Health Services (UHS) on the healthcare needs of the student population, and promote and enhance the advocacy of health and community on campus.3rd Tuesday of every month from 4:00-5:30 starting September 21, 2021 Coon
Tyler Katzenberger
David Luján (SSFC Rep)
Hareem Rauf
Alexis Smiezek
David Vargas

Randall BrownPamela Miller,
Housing and Dining Committee5 (preferably living in UW Housing)0Oversee campus Housing and Dining Policy, review its financial decisions, and liaise with the students living in the residence halls and with campus leadership on equity issues.Monthly or as needed Cianca
Annabelle Griffith-Topps
Jasmine Horrach
Jade Laatsch
Lucy Rislov
Jeff Novak
Faye Reber,
Immigration and International Issues Committee*3 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate, 1 either)0Considers how immigration & international policies impact UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff and then provides guidance to campus leadership, especially offices working with immigration & international issues. Ali (U)
Meareg Amare (G)
Storay Wardack (U)
Information Technology Committee*3 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate, 1 either)1Advisory body for policy and planning for information technology throughout the university. Reviews and makes recommendations on strategic planning for the university's information technology resources; reviews the performance of information technology facilities and services in supporting and assisting scholarly activities; receives reports from and provides general direction to committees formed to address specific information technology issues; monitors technical developments; consults with and advises appropriate administrative officers on budget and resource allocation matters including charges and funding sources for information technology services; receives recommendations from departments, deans, and the Division of Information Technology regarding the establishment, abolition or merger of information technology services and facilities supported by university funds, and makes recommendations regarding these actions to the appropriate administrative officers.Third Friday of each month, 10-11am
Ani Chimata (U)
Kourtney Kostecki (G)
Joe Salmons
International Division Dean - Search and Screen CommitteeASM appointed one student to the search and screen committee for the Dean of the International Division. These committees require a significant amount of work. In addition to attending weekly meetings, committee members will need to review all applications, help develop materials like interview questions, and attend semifinalist interviews, which typically take two full days. The committee will begin meeting at the end of September and will work through most of the fall semester. Sapega, professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the College of Letters & ScienceEllen Sapega,
Joint Campus Area Committee (City of Madison)10Liaise with city officials on campus initiated, city-related and private sector development projects in the southeast campus area, an area including the university and its surrounding neighborhoods.On a weekday close to the end of the month, at 4:45pm. If you miss 3 meetings in a row, you will be deemed ineligible to attend any additional meetings. ZieglerLaila D'Costa,
Labor Codes Licensing Advisory Committee *3 (at least one graduate/professional student)2Provide overarching assessment on labor policies, standards and practices developed by the Collegiate Licencing Company, and address whether manufacturers of UW-Madison licensed products are compliant with the university's code of conduct.Twice a semester, or as needed Walther (G)
Megan O'Rourke (chair), Tricia Nolan (contact);
Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee *30Review the policies, guidelines, planning, stewardship and management of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, and ensure that its natural communities and cultural landscapes remain unimpaired for future generations. Koffron
Bella Ruchti
Evie Sellers
Sara HotchkissContact: Laura Wyatt;, and
Landlord and Tenant Issues Committee (City of Madison)10Forum for discussion and communication about landlord-tenant issues, make recommendations to the mayor and common council on landlord and tenant policies. ASM does not appoint this position, but encourages students to apply through the City website. Third Thursday of the month, at 5:00pm. If you miss three meetings in a row, you will be deemed ineligible to attend further meetings.
Letters & Science Curriculum Committee2 L&S undergraduate0Must be enrolled in the College of Letters & Sciences.

Offer guidance and oversight for administration of degree requirements, requirements for academic programs offered in L&S, and other issues related to safeguarding principles of study in the liberal arts and sciences. Can review proposals to add, change or delete current L&S courses.
Second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 1:00-2:30pm. Medina
Leigh Keller-Chicoine
Zachary McLeod,
LGBTQ+ Committee*3 (1 graduate, 2 undergraduate)0Address and advocate for equity and inclusivity for LGBTQ+ (transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer) individuals. 2nd Tuesday of the month 12-1pm Chimata (U)
Elise Fjelstad (U)
Benjamin Lillge (G)
Co-Chairs: Steph Tai, Jay BotsfordGideon Elliot,
Memorial Library Committee*2 (1 graduate, 1 undergraduate)0Reviews and advises the Memorial Library Administration on policies & topics related to: collection development & evaluation; staffing levels; budget; user regulations; special fund-raising efforts; major building and space remodeling projects; and concerns of faculty, staff and students who use Memorial Library. Roecker (U)
Ruth Thomas (G)
Non-Resident Tuition Appeals Committee4 - 50Hearing body that considers appeals for exemption from non-resident tuition. Training for members occurs at the start of the fall semester and appeals are generally held between September and November. There are additional hearings in the spring, but most of the work is done during the fall semester.Appeal Hearings are generally scheduled Tuesday through Friday in half-day blocks: 8:30 am to Noon or 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm Dally
Andrew Pietroske
Braulio Puente
Eyad Saleh
Anthony Pietsch;
Protest Administrative Review Team (PART)4 (1 is Shared Gov Chair, 1 grad)1 graduateAdvise campus leadership on protest response protocols, and conduct periodic assessments of the university's experience with protest.As-needed basis but most likely no more than quarterly or semi-annually. Abad Santos (U)
Stu Levitan (Special)
Dom Zappia (Shared Gov Campaign Dr)
Dean of Students, Christina Olstad and the Chief of Police, Kristen RomanKathy Kuno,
Rachel Laubmeier,
Recreational and Wellbeing Board*7 (1 SSFC student requirement)0Oversee the development, programming, staffing, maintenance, and financing of the recreational sports facilities for students, faculty and staff.First meeting is September: Friday, 9/24, 9am-10am; Meetings are generally held on the first Friday of each month from 9:00am-10:00am Garimella
Sam Givich
Kevin Jacobson
Caroline Koleszar
Rianna Mukherjee (SSFC rep)
Kian Price
Bri Seagreaves
Clifford ThurberContact: or Whitney McMonigle,
Resident Halls Advisory Board (RHAB)1 (non-voting)0Discuss the needs and desires of students living in the residence halls, and work with the Division of University Housing Staff in serving those needsMonthly or as needed LockwoodJeff NovakBretagne Ballard, Associate Director for Residence Life,
School of Education Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee2 (Must be enrolled in the School of Education)0The general responsibility of this committee is to advise the associate dean on issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion for School faculty, staff, and students.Meets monthly on Tuesdays from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. on the following dates:
Tuesday, September 20
Tuesday, October 18
Tuesday, November 15
Tuesday, December 13
Tuesday, January 17
Tuesday, February 21
Tuesday, March 21
Tuesday, April 18
Tuesday, May 2 Christy
Indigo Clark

TBDJason Roth,
School of Education Programs Committee2 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate, must be enrolled in School of Education)1 graduateThe School of Education faculty as a whole has delegated the responsibility for the review of all proposed new courses, new programs, and revisions of existing courses and programs to the School’s Programs Committee. Meets monthly on Fridays from 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on the following dates:
Friday, September 2
Friday, October 7
Friday, November 4
Friday, December 2
Friday, February 3
Friday, March 3
Friday, April 7
Friday, May 5 Hurbanis (U)
Adam Nelson, Senior Associate Dean for Academic ProgramsCindy Waldeck,
Space and Remodeling Policies Committee*11Review assignment of newly constructed space and reassignment of existing space, oversee allocation of GPR and overhead minor remodeling funds, establish policies for utilization of general assignment classroom space.Once or twice a semester Loyd,; Eden Inoway-Ronnie
Student Misconduct Panel*150When a student wishes to appeal the sanction made by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, they will face a misconduct review hearing, run by an ASM representative student, faculty, and staff member. The Student Misconduct Panel can recommend that sanction is either to remain the same to lower from what was initially proposed. Abad Santos
Natalia Borowska
Ani Chimata
Jack Crabb
Charlie Fahey
Emma Franklin
Nadya Hayasi
Nick Loew
Chris Lopez-Henriquez
Jessica Melnik
Libby Oimoen
Lucy Rislov
Harsh Sahay
Steven Shi
Alexis Smiezek
Nick Oleksy,
Student Organizations, Committee on (CSO)92Carry out the registered student organization (RSO) disciplinary process, review disciplinary process and procedures, set policy relevant to RSOs, create programs which will better connect and serve RSOs, advise the Center for Leadership and Involvement. Brugger
Alex Delmore
Sam Gibbons
Nick Loew
AJ Magasinn
Liam McLean
Libby Oimoen
Nick Loew (Student Chair)Aaron Vieth,; CSO Chair,
Student Title IX Advisory Committee (STIXA)152Advise the Dean of Students and campus Title IX Coordinator on sexual violence prevention and education, complaint investigation and adjudication policy, and campus culture/climate. Bailey
Amaya Boman
Arushi Gupta
Briana Medina (Vice Chair)
Amrutha Garimella (Outreach)
Jessica Melnik (Chair)
Katrina Nevinski
Julia Kay Smith
Divya Sharma
Anna Speckin
Ariel Teal
Jessica MelnikJessica Melnik,
Student Workers’ Rights Committee8 (5 at-large, SSFC designee, EIC designee, Shared Gov Chair designee0A student group to advise campus leadership on current labor and wage conflicts involving campus student hourly positions. The body will work to determine solutions to existing labor issues on campus as well as to provide a route to hear and address student concerns. The body will consist of 8 total seats which include five at-large seats, the SSFC Chair or appointee, the EIC Chair or appointee, and the Shared Governance Chair or appointee. The chair of the committee is internally elected.TBD Fjelstad
Ndemazea Fonkem
Annabelle Griffith-Topps
Olivia Ligman
Steven Shi

Sustainability Advisory Council3 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate, 1 ASM Sustainability Chair or designee)0The Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) is a representative group of faculty, staff, and students that will provide recommendations to the Provost and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration to advance sustainability at UW-Madison. The Council will provide guidance on aligning the university’s mission, existing campus strategic plans, and legacy of resource stewardship to create a comprehensive campus sustainability plan based in part on our Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS) results. Students are also are required to attend meetings of the Sustainability Advisory Council Student Subcommittee.See webpage Buchanan (U)
Elizabeth Anderson (G)
Jacob Breit (ASM Sustainability Chair)
Sustainability Advisory Council - Student Subcommittee10 (mix of graduate and undergraduate students)5 (mix of graduate and undergraduate students)The Student Subcommittee is composed of graduate and undergraduate students. This subcommittee helps ensure that the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) student seats are bringing viewpoints that are better representative of the larger student body. Anderson (G)
Jacob Breit (ASM Sustainability Chair)
Brenin Buchanan (U)
Caroline Krell
Logan McQuade
Bella Ruchti
Shea Wegner
Christina Zhang
(ASM Sustainability Chair or designee)
Teaching and Learning Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG)5 (mix of graduate and undergraduate students)4 (mix of graduate and undergraduate students)Provide input to campus leadership on emerging trends, campus issues, and existing processes as they relate to teaching and learning and how that is facilitated through technology and digital communication. Liu (G)John Parrish, parrish@ansci.wisc.eduJohn Parrish,
Temin Lakeshore Path Lighting Review Group10The lack of lighting on the Temin Lakeshore Path is a topic that has been raised periodically by various members of the University community who are concerned about the safety of students walking on the path from the Lakeshore Residence Halls to the Memorial Union, College Library, Memorial Library and downtown Madison destinations (or vice versa) during non-daylight hours. This group will review the safety & risk management issues around the Temin Lakeshore Path from the Limnology Building to Elm Drive, (including lighting & paving the path) and provide a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration to promote faculty, staff and student safety on the Path during non-daylight hours.As needed to complete the task and recommendations to the VCFA.MGR GovindarajanChris Strang, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environment, Health &
Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid, Committee on (CURAFA) *40Make recommendations to the faculty and administration concerning all aspects of the recruitment and admission of students; aspects of financial aid for students; and programs directed at enhancing the quality and diversity of the undergraduate student body. Beer
Indigo Clark
Kelsee Crogan
Jasmine Horrach
Rachelle or Jane Richard,
Union Council *4 (1 ASM Chair or designee, 1 SSFC designee)0Governing board of the Wisconsin Union which determines the scope of union programs through the approval of the free program goals and budgets; sets overall building policies and provides guidance and counsel to the various operating departments. Coon
Sophie Salewske
Reggie Wu (SSFC)
Reez Bailey (ASM Vice Chair)
Tanvi Tilloo, Student or Susan Dibbell,
University Academic Planning Council *1 (non-voting)0Advises the chancellor and provost on major program decisions, long-term academic plans, new majors and degrees, and associated campus development and budgetary policies. Addresses university academic issues and provides for faculty participation in long-range planning.The third Thursday of the month at 3:30-5:00pm from September through June RoeckerKarl Scholz,
University Bookstore Board of Trustees *10Manage the policies, procedures, guidelines, and budgets to ensure the book store is managed in a fiscally responsible manner.Once every other month at noon for a lunch hour CumminsPat McGowanPat McGowan:, and
University Child Care Committee2 (1 graduate - preferably TA & 1 undergraduate)0This committee serves in an advisory role to the Provost by providing support for and development of programs for child care for students, staff and faculty.Two to three times a semester Bailey (U)
Vincent Ogoti (G)
Phillip Braithwaite, phillip.braithwaite@wisc.eduPhillip Braithwaite,;
Cigdem Unal,;
Lindsey Stoddard Cameron,
University General Education Committee2 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate)0A campus-wide policy committee dealing with all issues related to the university-wide undergraduate general education requirements. Coon (U)
Nathan Frazer (G)
Elaine Klein, Associate Dean for Academic Planning, L&S,Elaine Klein, Associate Dean for Academic Planning, L&S,
University Honors Committee30Provide leadership to strengthen undergraduate experiences for students in honors and related programs. Pleus
Storay Wardak
Cole Wozniak
Heather MialikHeather Mialik,
University Lectures Committee *10Consider requests for lectures of general interest that are not primarily supplementary to or extensions of programs of instruction provided by colleges, schools, or departments.One annual meeting, the rest by email ballot/voting ButlerTimothy SmeedingGideon Elliot,, and
University Libraries Committee *3 (1 undergraduate, 1 graduate, 1 either)0Oversee the library budgets, personnel policies, and programs and procedures that support the scholarly needs of the university.Second Tuesday of the month from 9am to 10

Unity Bowling (G)
Chris Lopez-Henriquez (U)
Bella Ruchti (U)
Robert Glenn Howard, Jessica Sayer,, and
UWPD Police Advisory Council21Provide input on guidelines, programs, policies, and staffing related to the operations of UWPD and its varied initiatives related to campus safety.Fourth Wednesday of each month from 8:30am to 10 Boman
Chief Kristen Roman, uwpdchief@wisc.eduRachel Laubmeier,
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) Study Group8 (7 at-large, 1 for Shared Governance designee)1Agendas of the group shall consist of an academic focus on a specific topic predetermined by the Vice-Chancellor with input from the group. The basic layout of meetings will consist of a presentation about the specific topic with discussion and questions after. General questions not pertaining to the presentation or topic of the meeting will be collected before the meeting and filtered to those topics that pertain to Finance and Administration and the units which are overseen by the Vice-Chancellor. Beer
Aidan Cummins
Kevin Jacobson
Rianna Mukherjee
Steven Shi
Nancy Xie
Dom Zappia (Shared Gov Campaign Dir)
Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Rob CramerJohn Horn,, and Lisa Walters,
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Student Advisory Committee5-72-4Provide feedback on campus teaching and learning as it relates to campus-wide activity and academic enrichment in: online learning, eTextbooks, syllabus standardization, Canvas, undergraduate research, and innovative learning strategies. Abad Santos
Jett Bailey
Lindsey Kourafas
John Zumbrunnen
John Zumbrunnen,
Wisconsin Experience Grant Committee20Review and make decisions on grant requests that empower student organizations on campus to host unique and impactful events.Every other week, Thursday 3 pm Crogan
Leigh Keller-Chicoine
Katie at or TJ Sargeant, tj.sargent@wisc.eduSelena Tapia,; Caitlin Schaer,;
Women in the University, Committee for *2 (1 graduate & 1 undergraduate)0Collaborate with campus partners on the policies, practices, and programs that improve the status of women as employees and as students of the university.Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 4, 8 to 9 times throughout the academic year Amare (G)
Kaitlyn Hanson (U)
Marah Curtis, Kate MoranLindsey Stoddard Cameron, and
WSUM Governance Board5 (4 At-large; 1 Journalism & Mass Comm grad student1 Journalism or Mass Comm grad studentOversee the policies, guidelines, staffing and budgeting of the campus radio station. Dicker
Chris Lopez-Henriquez
Cole Wozniak
Dom Zappia
WSUM Director of Radio, Kelsey BrannanWSUM Director of Radio, Kelsey Brannan,