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82006World Water WeekExternal eventsThe Akvo seed is plantedThomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson and Jeroen van der Sommen meet for the first time at Stockholm World Water Week and conceive an idea that later turns into Akvo.
92006FundingPartnersAkvo is initiatedThe SmartWater project is initiated. Initial partners are Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), GreenOcean, UNESCO-IHE, IRC International Resource Centre for Water and Sanitation (IRC) and the Movement Design Bureau (MDB). NWP funds the project with €20,000.
22007Office & ManagementFunding; PartnersBusiness plan completedSmartWater's first comprehensive business plan is completed with the aim of raising funds and reaching further partners.
42007CommsAkvo gets a nameThe name "Akvo" is chosen. It's short, easy to spell, sounds like an internet startup, looks good graphically, has no major trademark issues or bad words associated with it, and it means "water" in esperanto.
42007FundingPartnersLaying the groundworkPartners for Water and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) each fund Akvo with about €100,000. These funds are used to build the first Akvo platform prototype, raise more funds, identify the initial pilot projects and find more partners.
52007CommsEstablishing our purposeWe publish the first blog about Akvo, setting out the context and our goals for the first time, on the Movement Design Bureau blog.http://movementbureau.blogs.com/projects/2007/05/akvo_why_the_wo.html
82007AkvopediaPartnersOnline and operationalAn initial prototype web site is completed. Akvopedia is operational and we start working with partners to populate it with content.
82007CommsRadical posters create a stirWe create some ground-breaking Bollywood movie-parody Akvo promotional posters that change the way people think about Marketing in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.http://akvo.org/blog/the-man-behind-those-amazing-akvo-posters/
82007World Water WeekPartners; FundingEnthusiastic reception at Akvo's first World Water WeekAkvo is enthusiastically received at Stockholm World Water Week, where the idea was conceived just one year earlier. Nearly 200 delegates get in touch and express interest in working with or funding us.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-at-world-water-week-2007-stockholm/
102007External EventsPrince of Orange invites us to DelhiAkvo attends the Water and Microfinance seminar in Delhi, at the invitation of Prince Willem-Alexander who chairs the UN’s advisory board on water and sanitation. The chairman of Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) talks about Akvo during the seminar.http://akvo.org/blog/the-end-of-the-beginning/ http://akvo.org/blog/chairman-of-nwp-talks-about-akvo/
102007Akvo RSRAkvo RSR prototype developedThe first version of Akvo RSR Akvo is scoped out. It will be a powerful - yet simple to use - SMS-capable reporting and monitoring platform.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-really-simple-reporting-rsp/
32008FundingPartnersKeyAkvo secures second stage fundingA group of eight investors led by Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Partners for Water and UN-HABITAT commits €500k to take Akvo to the next level.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-secures-second-stage-funding/
32008AkvopediaPartnersCompleted an agreement with IRC for collaboration and published the Akvopedia blog.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-status-report-30-04il-2008/
32008Akvo RSRPartnersFirst pilot project agreed with partnershttp://akvo.org/blog/akvo-status-report-30-04il-2008/
42008Office & ManagementPartnersSprinting ahead with product designThe Akvo team and key partners get together in Delft to flesh out what we're trying to achieve in what timescale and in what order.http://akvo.org/blog/the-big-sprint-begins-now/
52008FundingPartnersDefined sustainable short term financing through a combination of grants, subsidies and soft loans.http://akvo.org/blog/akvos-path-to-financial-sustainability/
62008Akvo RSRPartnersCollected first complete pilot project data and worked with the RSR pilot partners to bring their work online.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-status-report-3-06e-2008/
62008CommsDefined the Twitter comms strategy. Decded on the innovation aspect of the future of communications for Akvo.http://akvo.org/blog/understanding-the-new-participants/
82008External EventsPartnersPartnership with Earth WaterAkvo joins forces with Earth Water, the team running the toilets at festivals like De Parade. Euro 20.000 is channelled into projects on RSR.http://akvo.org/blog/spend-a-penny-fund-a-project/
82008External EventsTAPPS supports projects on AkvoTAPPS - A Marketing industry fundraising beach volleyball tournament raises €17,239 for projects featured on Akvo RSR.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-scores-at-beach-volleyball/
82008FundingSecured more than 400.000 euros to build out and launch the online system.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
82008Akvo RSRFigures50 partners and €250k project value on Akvo RSR50 global partners with 28 projects featured live. A total project investment value of 250.000.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
82008World Water WeekExternal EventsAkvo on stage at World Water WeekWe're joined on stage by the Secretary of State (vice minister) of the Netherlands Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management to lead a discussion on “Delivering Big, using internet tools to transform the pace of water and sanitation development”. We launch the beta version of our platform. Created a dynamic internet lounge that helped to extend our global brand as we shared our platform with high level speakers from partners including UN-Habitat and Arghyam.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-takes-to-the-stage/
92008Office & ManagementKeyThe Akvo Foundation is bornAfter a two year journey, Akvo is incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation, called Stichting Akvo.http://akvo.org/blog/sign-here-and-here-announcing-the-akvo-foundation/
102008Akvo eventsPartnersFirst all-partner gatheringThe first get-together for all our partners takes place at our offices on the UNESCO-IHE campus in Delft, Netherlands.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-partners-come-together/
122008Office & ManagementAkvo secures tax-deductable status and sets up a new office in the International Water House in the Hague. (ANBI)http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-status-report-3-06e-2008/
122008CommsDefining Akvo's video strategyTogether with Vinay Gupta, we devise a new replicable process for producing and uploading short films easily.http://akvo.org/blog/how-akvo-produces-movies/
122008FundingPartnersDutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management279,650.000http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersDutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Development Cooperation)250,000.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersNetherlands Water Partnership54,504.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersASN Bank23,800.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersIRC International Water and Sanitation Centre12,500.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersAqua for All15,000.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
122008FundingPartnersDutch Association of Regional Water Authorities10,000.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
12009External EventsJoint fundraiser with rapper Bang BangRapper BangBang fights a kickboxer in Amsterdam and raises 8K for an Akvo water project in Bangladesh.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
12009Akvo RSRKeyRSR source code releasedAkvo releases the first source code for Akvo RSR 0.9 - an important milestone for an open source foundation.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-first-release-of-source-code/
12009Akvo RSRPutting projects on mapsWe start to use digital maps to visualise our network of partners and their projects.http://akvo.org/blog/visualising-akvo-projects-and-partners/
32009External EventsPartnersLink-up with Walking for Water18,000 Dutch school children walk 6km carrying 6 litres of water to raise over €1 million for water projects in Africa and Asia, six of which are hosted on the Akvo platform.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/akvo_annual_report_08.pdf
32009Akvo EventsWorld Water ForumAkvo at World Water ForumThe prestigious World Water Council invites us to showcase our work in its pavilion at World Water Forum 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. We host an event called “Thinking outside the water box”, which brings together leading technology innovators such as Google and IBM alongside a new wave of pioneers like charity:water and Africa Interactive.http://akvo.org/blog/thinking-outside-the-water-box-2/
42009Akvo RSRRSR gets new featuresVersion 0.9.6 launches with a host of new features. 75 partners are now using Akvo RSR, which is now a paid-for service.http://akvo.org/blog/welcome-to-akvo-rsr-096/
52009External EventsPartnersPartnership with Live EarthWe announce a new strategic partnership with the global campaigning team at Live Earth. This is a major break into the US market, and means we can refine our product for the needs of our first global sponsor partner.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-and-live-earth/
52009Annual ReportPresenting the Akvo Annual Report 2008We release the Akvo 2008 Annual Report.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-annual-report-2008/
62009FundingPartnersKeyRabobank investment takes Akvo over €2 million fundingWe crack the €2 million funding barrier after Rabobank invests €500,000 in the form of a soft loan, unlocking further grant funds. The deal promises wider collaboration, opening the way to connect Akvo’s aspirations with Rabobank’s roots in helping develop the livelihoods of the rural poor.500,000.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2009.pdf
62009Akvo RSRAkvo RSR 0.9.7 releasedNew features include changes to how donations are displayed amongst others.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-097-released/
82009World Water WeekWater Cube launches at World Water WeekFor our fourth summer at Stockholm World Water Week, we developed a dazzling new concept to front our presence in close partnership with SIWI and IRC. Our Stockholm World Water Cube is a sensation, putting the power of online video onto the congress floor, and capturing and posting online over 100 video interviews from the event.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-stirs-at-stockholm-world-water-week/
92009Akvo RSRAkvo RSR 0.9.11 releasedNew features include improvements to Paypal integration.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-0-9-11-released/
102009External EventsAkvo is techonlogy partner for Dow Live Earth Run for WaterThe Dow Live Earth Run for Water is the biggest campaign ever to focus on the global water crisis and Akvo is right in the middle of it as the technology partner for Live Earth. All the projects that people can raise funds for are visible through a dedicated website powered by Akvo.http://akvo.org/blog/live-earth-goes-live-on-akvo/
102009Akvo RSRMulti-lingual widgetsServing Akvo content through widgets available in English, Dutch and German.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-projects-descriptions-widgets-and-languages/
112009External EventsCommsEngineers Without Borders "Know How Now"Akvo is present at the Engineers Without Borders "Know How Now" meeting. We run a WaterCube.tv interview station to gather video material on who’s who and tell them about our system, our partners and the Akvopedia.http://akvo.org/blog/join-us-at-engineers-without-borders-know-how-now/
122009FundingPartnersKeyEntered two key consortiumsIn November we conclude several months of negotiations to enter two key consortia in the MFSII process that will allocate several billion Euro of Dutch development aid during the five years from 2011. In both groups Akvo is welcomed as the member that can drive the introduction of internet, open source software and mobile phone technology to accelerate poverty reduction and help taxpayers see where their aid has gone.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2009.pdf
122009FundingFundraising activities35,742.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2009.pdf
122009FundingOnline service fees7,137.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2009.pdf
12010PartnersConnecting with IATIWe have our first meeting with the people behind the International Aid Transparency Initiative.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
32010Akvo RSRKey300% growth in six monthsThe value of projects being entered into the Akvo RSR system grows by 300% in six months, reaching nearly €4 million.http://akvo.org/blog/300-growth-in-6-months/
42010External EventsAkvo features prominently in TV coverage of Live Earth Run for WaterThe Live Earth Run for Water takes place in 150 countries, featuring concerts and water education activities. Akvo is the technology partner. At Amsterdam’s spectacular 1928 Olympic stadium, an event hosted by the Prince of Orange is featured prominently on Dutch TV.http://akvo.org/blog/veronica-tv-and-the-run-for-water/
52010Akvo RSRNew donation system - iDEAL - integrated into RSRiDeal is the most important consumer payment mechanism in the Netherlands. Now it's integrated into Akvo RSR giving donors an alternative to Paypal.http://akvo.org/blog/how-to-give-money-to-akvo-projects/ http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
62010External EventsCycle for WaterWe see many talented campaigners during 2010, none more so than the two Dutch students who started Cycle for Water. On 4th July they began an epic 30,000 km bike ride from Alaska to Argentina, raising money for water projects in Latin America on Akvo.org.http://akvo.org/blog/cycling-30000-km-for-water/
62010Annual ReportPresenting the Akvo Annual Report 2009We release the Akvo 2009 Annual Report.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-annual-report-2009/
72010External EventsAkvo helps launch GIVASHITOur partnership with the Parade Festival in the Netherlands reaches a new height with the launch of GIVASHIT festival toilets, designed by the creative team at Get it Done. More than €40,000 is raised from people visiting the toilets during the festival’s tour of four Dutch cities, with money funding projects online on the Akvo platform.http://akvo.org/blog/givashit-this-weekend/ http://akvo.org/blog/givashit-festival-toilets-raise-over-40000-euro-connecting-donors-to-projects-online/ http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
82010CommsInterview with Circle of BlueCircle of Blue publishes a great interview with Akvo chief technology officer and founder Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson. Present at the Tällberg “Rework the World” conference in Sweden, together global thought leaders, working to solve society’s big problems he talks about the challenges of development reporting.http://akvo.org/blog/rework-the-world-circle-of-blue-profiles-akvo/
82010CommsFirst animated short filmWe create a short animated film to explain what we do in a simple way.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-the-movie/
82010CommsTedBlog with Akvo Board Member Sunita Nadhamuni whe she talks about the Water and sanitation problem India faces and how its many innovations in managing water can teach the rest of the world a thing or two.http://blog.ted.com/2010/08/20/fellows-friday-with-sunita-nadhamuni/
82010AkvopediaAkvopedia sanitation portal in FrenchAkvopedia's sanitation portal is translated into French in the first step to making it a truly multi-lingual resource.http://akvo.org/blog/akvopedia-sanitation-portal-now-in-french/
82010World Water WeekWater Cube returns to World Water WeekNational Geographic describes it as one of the highlights of the event. Our unique approach to simple, event-based video proves a hit once more, with the team bringing over 130 interviews online in just five days. Reporters from India Water Portal join those from Akvo, IRC and SIWI for the first time.http://akvo.org/blog/watercube-returns-to-stockholm/
92010External EventsPartnersGIVASHIT festival toilets raise over 40,000 Euro, connecting donors to projects online.GIVASHIT festival toilets raise over 40,000 Euro, connecting donors to projects online.http://akvo.org/blog/givashit-festival-toilets-raise-over-40000-euro-connecting-donors-to-projects-online/
92010External EventsFinalist in Vodaphone Mobile ClicksWe reach the final of the largest contest for the best mobile internet startup in the world, representing the Netherlands with our proposal for 'Akvo Phone'.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-phone-finalist-vodafone-mobile-clicks/
92010Akvo RSRBeta testing the Akvo RSR SMS systemNew look and feel and beta test of SMS messages. Akvo SMS will allow anyone with a Premium user account in Akvo RSR to make updates to their projects from a mobile phone, using SMS/text.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-autumn-2010-sneak-preview/
92010CommsDescribing our offering in one page brochuresWe create a one-pager brochure format to describe different aspects of our products and services.http://akvo.org/blog/explaining-how-akvo-works/
112010Akvo RSRRSR 1.0 and a new websiteWe launch Akvo RSR 1.0, along with a complete redesign of the Akvo.org website. The new design and website are visually more attractive and easier to use and understand. The new system sees us step beyond water and sanitation projects for the first time to encompass health, education, economic development and IT and communications projects.http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
112010FundingAkvo brings 100 million Euro online with MFS2In a large allocation of aid funds by the Dutch government, Akvo secures five-year funding as a member of two consortia, WASH Alliance and Connect4Change. Each consortium receives around 50 million Euro to carry out international programmes.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-secures-mfs-ii-dutch-development-funds/
112010Akvo RSRCommsAkvo RSR 1.0 releasedThe new version of Akvo RSR is visually more attractive as well as easier to use and understand. The launch coincides with a redesign of the akvo.org website.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-1-0-released/
122010External EventsCommsWaterCube goes to World Water Day in Cape TownWaterCube travels to South Africa to profile the people and issues being tackled at the UN’s World Water Day 2011.http://akvo.org/blog/watercube-3-gets-set-for-03ch-2011/
122010PartnersAkvo partner AIDFI won The World Challenge 2010.Being this a global competition backed by BBC and Newsweek, it is a great example of the kind of partner Akvo is designed to support, AIDFI is a hard- working, successful organisation with a unique driving force behind it – Dutch engineer Auke Idzenga.Aidfi wins BCC World Challengehttp://akvo.org/blog/aidfi-wins-bbc-world-challenge-2010/
122010FundingFundraising activities26,482.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
122010FundingProject contributions44,651.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
122010FundingGoverment grants575,000.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
122010FundingOther income123,733.00http://akvo.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Akvo_annual_report_2010_LR.pdf
122010FiguresAkvo RSR10,000.00 RSR projects value in millions euros
122010FiguresAkvo RSR48 websites with Akvo widgets
122010FiguresAkvo RSR185 projects in Akvo RSR
122010FiguresAkvo RSR265 Project partners
22011Office & ManagementOrganisational meeting in the NetherlandsStarting the year with an organisational meeting in the Netherlands. For an organisation as distributed as Akvo, getting everyone together in one room is a “mind-blowingly" useful experience.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-meet-the-team/
22011PartnersA shared online services platform for the development sectorWe significantly step up our partnership work in the United States, starting with a one-day workshop hosted by the Skoll Global Threats Fund in San Francisco, where we meet Google.org, Cisco Foundation, Conrad F. Hilton Foundation, Skoll Foundation and Water for People, among others. This is an important step in our relationship with Water for People, which later – in early 2012 – turns into a full-blown partnership around Akvo FLOW.http://akvo.org/blog/a-shared-online-services-platform-for-the-development-sector/
22011Akvo OpenaidHelping Dutch government achieve transparencyAkvo is asked by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help bring its complete water and sanitation portfolio online to increase transparency and achieve IATI compliance.http://akvo.org/blog/the-fog-clears-to-reveals-a-new-generation-of-aid/
32011External EventsWaterCube in South AfricaWaterCube travels to South Africa to profile the people and issues being tackled at the UN’s World Water Day 2011.http://akvo.org/blog/highlights-of-cape-town-watercube/
32011AkvopediaAkvopedia gets a Spanish language portalThe new Spanish portal contains 54 detailed articles on a wide range of sanitation technologies.http://akvo.org/blog/akvopedia-sanitation-portal-now-in-spanish/
32011Akvo RSRAkvo RSR 1.0.4 releasedAkvo RSR 1.0.4 goes live. This version improves our work on maps, adding a new map widget for Plus Account users. This new widget allows partners to embed a Google map showing all of their projects in Akvo RSR.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-1-0-4-goes-live/
42011Akvo FLOWAkvo meets FLOWWe spend an inspiring few days in Holland with Dru Borden and Chris Fagiani, the software development duo behind FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch).http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-meets-flow/
52011Akvo RSRAkvo RSR 1.0.8This release is significant as it adds the ability to do video updates of a project as well as starting our field testing of updates via mobile phone text messages/SMS.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-rsr-spring-2011/
52011Akvo EventsAkvo opens Open Data for Development CampAkvo co-hosts the very successful Open Data for Development Camp in Amsterdam. Akvo co-founder Peter van der Linde opens the event by presenting Akvo’s IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) pilot with the Dutch Foreign Ministry.http://akvo.org/blog/open-data-for-development-camp-day-one/
52011Akvo EventsWorkshopFirst MFS II workshopWe hold one of our first workshops for the two Dutch MFS II consortia which we are participating in, the Dutch WASH Alliance and Connect4Change. These workshops have since gone from strength to strength and have been very well received.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-mfs-ii-workshop-05-2011/
62011External EventsGIVASHIT raises Euro 40,000 for RSR projectsGIVASHIT festival toilets raise over 40,000 Euro for water projects on Akvo RSR, connecting donors to projects online.http://akvo.org/blog/rainy-opening-givashit-2011/
62011Annual ReportPresenting the Akvo Annual Report 2010We release the Akvo 2010 Annual Report.http://akvo.org/blog/akvo-annual-report-2010/
62011Akvo RSRVideo updates on RSRVideo updates are launched in Akvo RSR.http://akvo.org/blog/video-updates-in-akvo-rsr-the-long-and-short-of-it/
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