PUBLIC York Delegate List - AHRC Immersive Experience 2017
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Immersive Briefing: York DelegatesAdd comment to this sheet or email with updates. More info:
NameJob TitleOrganisationQ1. Where can we find out more about you and your work e.g. Linkedin or Academic profile page?Q2. What are your core area(s) of expertise or research interest? You could include a link to a recent project.Q3. If you have an idea for the Immersive Research Development Partnerships Call, could you tell us a little more about it?Q3. Are you looking for partners?Q3. 1: Who are you looking for (tick as many as apply)Q3. 2: What knowledge and expertise are you looking for?
Shaun AllanDirector of Immersive Technologieshedgehog labwww.hedgehoglab.comVR/AR/MRWe are currently evaluating our ideas.We're happy to collaborate.Academic Partnersopen
Mariana LopezLecturer in Sound Production and Post ProductionUniversity of York Design and Accessibility; Acoustical Heritage; Sound Design for Theatre, Film and TVMaybeYesIndustry PartnersBroadcasting/On demand services
Hyunkook LeeSenior LecturerUniversity of Huddersfieldwww.hyunkooklee.comPsychoacoustics; 3D and VR audio; have an idea (broadly on immersive audio-visual rendering for 360VR)YesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersvisual processing; landscape and environment research; cultural research
Ian TruelovePrincipal LecturerLeeds Beckett University art: collaboration between performance art, architecture and humanities.YesIndustry PartnersTechnical expertise to help realise ideas.
Debbie MaxwellLecturerUniversity of York design principles to work with stakeholders and communities to co-create new ways of knowledge sharing.No idea yet, want to find out more about the call first.PotentiallyAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherNot sure yet
Debra LilleySenior Lecturer in DesignLoughborough University design; behaviour change; emotional durability; material change and user response; www.clever-research.comeliciting memories through products and the potential for extending product lifetimes and reducing e-wateYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersethnographer; materials scientist
Ben BridgensLecturer in Materials EngineeringNewcastle University ageing & wear in product design; design for emotional attachmentI'm interested in developing a project about the role of materials in recording and triggering memories and emotions in products and placesYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersDesigners, architects
Sarah ClinchCorporate ManagerVISR developer Partnerstbc
Jez WellsLecturerUniversity of Yorkwww.jezwells.orgMusic signal processing and audio designYes, have an ideaPossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersVisual processing and presentation
David KirkProfessor of Digital LivingNorthumbria University Interaction, Human-Building Interaction, Interactive Architecture, Socio-Digital Systems, Digital HumanitiesAn emerging idea about immersive architectural experiencesPotentiallyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersDepends on how ideas are shaping up
Davy Smithresearch associtaedc labswww.paper-boy.orgnon-linear interactive narrative digital media artexploring possibilities right nowyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersindustry links
Timothy InglebySenior LecturerUniversity of Northumbria Design and PracticeEarly idea under considerationOpen to considerationIndustry Partnersunsure at present
Lesley McIntyreSenior LecturerUniversity of Northumbria between people and their built environmentEarly idea under considerationOpen to considerationIndustry Partnersunsure at present
Catherine LawsSenior Lecturer in MusicUniversity of York, interaction, collaboration, subjectivity, identityInitial idea but want to learn more about callPossiblyOtherna
Roger MarshProfessor of MusicUniversity of York Theatre Composition and interested in video collaborationNoOtherNot sure
Catriona CooperPostdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of Heritage, Experience of the Past in VR Partnersn/a
Annie JamiesonAssociate Curator of Science and TechnologyNational Science and Media MuseumN/ASound in and sound of museumsN/ADon't know yetAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersDon't know yet
Sarah LedjmiAssistant Curator, Sound and VisionNational Science and Media MuseumN/AMuseum displaysNot yetdon't know yetAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersDon't know yet
Julie PorteousReader Computer ScienceTeesside University Intelligence Planning and its application to Interactive Media SystemsPrefer not to say at presentyesIndustry Partnerscreative economy industrial partners
Jonathan PitchesChair in Theatre and PerformanceUniversity of Leeds Landscapes and Performance: have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherOutdoor pursuits, Leisure and Tourism, Mountain Guides, Climbers
Josine OpmeerResearch and Innovation Development Manager (LSSI)Leeds Social Sciences Institute Development Manager for the Social Sciences.n/aPossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersITC, Communication, Archeaology
Simon BarrattFounderCooperative Innovations VR/AR and games development team - one of our projects - some ideas, want to understand more on the dayYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherDepends on the idea / briefing day
Colleen MorganAssociate LecturerUniversity of York have an idea regarding immersive research and archaeology.YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersPeople and environment modeling
Alison SearleUniversity Academic FellowUniversity of Leeds modern British drama, religious radicalism, theories of performance, textual editing, digital humanitiesYes, but in the very early stagesNoAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersdigital simulation
Jason HayhurstLecturer in Digital MediaUniversity of Hull am researching as part of my PHD into the use of Augmented Reality and Game Engines for people with dementia in the home environment.I am interested in developing a mechanism to capture memories and gamify them with them home using AR and new tech such as Google Tango devices. Early days for me at the moment but interested in talking to Psychologists who may have a dementia focus.Soon but not until I have defined my idea more.Academic PartnersInterested in working with academics who are interested in Dementia and Assistive Technologies.
Philip MorrisSenior Research Development ManagerUniversity of York development in arts and humanitiesUnder wrapsNoOthern/a
Daisy JohnsonPostgraduate studentUniversity of York;'s literature, literary space and placeI'd be interested in developing an app related to geolocated literatureMaybeAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherFunding guidance
Michael SzollosyResearch FellowSheffield Robotics, University of Sheffield this is a core research interest both for myself and for Sheffield Robotics, I'll be attending hoping to see which projects might be most suitable to this call.Not strictly necessary, but always open to new partnershipsAcademic PartnersIdeas, links with potential user groups
David AtkinsonAssociate Dean, Science and EngineeringUniversity of Hull, Place, and heritage - especially in Hull / Yorkshire, and in Italian Fascism & colonialism, the Dark 20th Century, the HolocaustRemembering the connected sites of warfare and dark heritage in C20th EuropeYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersVisuaisation and immersive recreations to aid understandings of the dark C20th at the close of living memory
Mark ChambersResearch AssociateDurham University English Drama (, medieval clothing and textiles, late-medieval language mixingI have an ideaNoOthern.a.
Gareth DeanResearch Associate Sheffield Castle ArchivesUniversity of Sheffield archaeology, GIS, medieval period, social livesdeveloping innovative approaches to presentaiton of unpublished archaeological dataNoOtherVisulisation for public presentaiton of archive archaeological data
PATRICK ALLENSenior LecturerUniversity of Bradford Reality; Augmented Space; New MediaWe have an idea.PossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersAugmented Reality, Augmented Space, Design, Embodiment
Michael O'GradySubject LeaderUniversity of Huddersfield cultural heritageSeveral, mainly involving immersive games technologyYesIndustry PartnersEnd-user organisations who want our research ideas to better promote their existing offerings (Museums, Archives etc.)
Paul CairnsData fettlerUniversity of York experience of digital games; HCII have ideas.NoOtherSee Q3
Louise HampsonResearch & Impact OfficerUniversity of with cathedrals and sacred spaces on personal interaction and spiritual/emotional connections to them.Thinking about a project with Canterbury World Heritage sitePossiblyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersNot sure yet!
James CavePhD StudentUniversity of YorkLinkedinComposition/data sonificationI have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersGeological expertise; sound design;
Beau StockerresearcherUniversity of York (York UK)beaustocker.com've got an ideayesIndustry Partners | OtherMobile application development
Dale JohnsonResearcherThe University of Huddersfield optimisation of virtual acousticsN/ANoOtherN/A
andrew TaylorSenior LecturerUniversity of Huddersfield Health & Well being Embodimenti have a project ideas and a proposalyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersclinical Health & well being
Alexander von LunenSenior Lecturer in Digital HumanitiesUniversity of Huddersfield Humanites, esp. Historical GISPossiblyNoOthern/a
Spencer JordanAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Nottingham mobile storytellingResilient cityYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersApp development
Barbara RavelhoferProfessor in English StudiesDurham University and Renaissance theatre, early dancemaybeYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | Otherheritage, media, IT
Dylan Yamada-RiceSenior Tutor Information Experience DesignRoyal College of Art digital game play and designhave an ideaNoOtherHave partners in mind
Liam MaloneyPhD StudentUniversity of York research has two main strands. Firstly, how music can be used as a resource to augment aspects of the self (emotion, cognition, behaviour). I also work on the history of house music; its construction, narrative, and performance.I have an idea for a immersive performance piece that encompasses all the themes (I've been looking for calls like this).YesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherKnowledge of archive video, image and text sources. AV performers.
Martin ScheureggerLecturer in MusicUniversity of Lincoln, collaboration, production, composition, contemporary classical musicSome ideas, but nothing firm at the moment.NoAcademic Partners | Industry Partners.
Matthew ReasonProfessor in Theatre and PerformanceYork St Johm Universitywww.matthewreason.comaudiences, memory, qualitative/creative research, practice based researchdisability and audiences; storytelling as research methodologyyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersnot sure
Hauke EgermannLecturerUniversity of Yorkwww.ympg.ukMusic Psychology, Music and Mediation,not yetwe will see...Academic Partners | Industry PartnersN/A
Dave RaybouldSenior lecturerLeeds Beckett development, game sound, sound designI have an ideaNoOtherNome
terry DillonLecturer in physical chemistryUoY Air chemistry. Volatile organic compounds.Not sure. Interested in emissions (breath) from humans; response to stimuliYesIndustry Partnersbreath sampling / analysis
Audra Diers-LawsonSenior Lecturer of Public RelationsLeeds Beckett University communication, simulation education, digital communication: tool development to influence efficacy, teamwork, apply knowledge, career developmentNo
Ed BartholomewSenior Curator, Railways & ResearchNational Railway Museum curation, including image archives and oral history, and developing new exhibitions. Currently co-supervising a PhD on commemoration.Possible collaboration on museum exhihitions and programmes; nothing detailed at this stage.ProbablyAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersNot sure yet. Hoping to find out more at the briefing.
D ClarkeComposerOCAdesmondclarke.comsound and dataYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Julio d'EscrivanSenior LecturerUniversity of Huddersfield and 3D environmentsI have an ideayesAcademic Partnersmedia theory, possibly Game Engine Programming
Monty AdkinsAssociate Dean for ResearchUniversity of Huddersfieldwww.montyadkins.wordpress.comMusic Technology, Composition, Sound SpatialisationI have an ideaYesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersProgramming skills
Aaron CassidyProfessor of Composition; Director, CeReNeMUniversity of Huddersfield Composition
Kevin KuykendallSenior LecturerUniversity of Sheffield, Dept of Archaeology's an idea for an app to facilitate public engagement and learning in field archaeologyprobablyAcademic Partners | Industry Partnersmostly IT
James MooneyLecturer in Music TechnologyUniversity of Leeds
Lou HarveyLecturer in Language EducationUniversity of LeedsAcademic profile pageIntercultural learning through participatory dramaI have an ideaAcademic Partners | OtherAn Arts and Humanities academic
Melanie GilesSenior LecturerUniversity of Manchester and memory, death and burial (prehistory)YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersDigital technologies for archaeology
Cornel SandvossProfessor of Media and JournalismUniversity of Huddersfield Studies, Life Course, Fan PilgrimagesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
David GlewSenior Research FellowLeeds Beckett poverty, occupant behaviour, healthy homes, energy efficiencyYes we have an idea around memories of how people managed their homes from different cultures or in different decades and how this influences how they manage their homes today and if current and future homes and technologies are compatible with this.YesIndustry Partners | Otheropen to ideas
Samuel StockleyPhD ResearcherUniversity of Leeds dimensions of place, atmosphere, walking, located memory and experienceYesIndustry Partners
Claire BoardmanResearch StudentDigital Creativity Labs Partners | Industry Partners
Marc FabriSenior LecturerLeeds Beckett University technologies, participatory designvague idea, too vague to shareYesIndustry PartnersVirtual Reality and/or Games development
Andrew NyeManaging DirectorNew Moon Games and Augmented Reality development and concept designWe do have an idea.YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersHistorical/heritage, tourism and marketing
Eric BrymerReaderLeeds Beckett university in natureImmersion in natureYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherExperience in the funding body
Alan ManleyLecturerSouthampton Solent University Culture, Emotionally durable design, Sustainable designAgeing material knowledgeyesAcademic PartnersSubject specific knowledge
Rebecca McGrathCollections AssistantYork Minster to collaborate
Robert DavisSenior lecturerLeeds Beckett University performance, compositionunder wraps for the momentno
Julian BrooksLecturer in Sound Design & Audio ProductionUniversity Campus Oldham music composition, coding and performanceProject with copmuter scientist Andy Farnell, industry partner 'Mogees' at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. An investigation into the inherent sonic potential of scuptural objects ofYesAcademic PartnersInput from York's Digital Creative Labs and/or Technologies for Musical Creativity would be most welcome. As would institutional assistance with costings, budget and the proposal
Shreepali PatelDirector CoDE / Story Lab (Research Institutes)Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. most recent project is The Crossing, shortlisted for the AHRC Research Film of the Year Ex-BBC producer/director interested in exploring immersive and creative storytelling through all platforms.Have a project in mind.YesIndustry Partners | OtherTechnical - filming (VR) and post-production (stitching)
Jussi HolopainenSenior LecturerUniversity of Lincoln research, playful design, cultural heritageThere are several ideas regarding using games, playful, and participatory design in relation to the use and reuse of digital cultural heritage material.YesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherLocation based mobile app development, digital cultural heritage archival
Chris HeadleandLecturerLincoln Reality / Gender / EthicsWe have an ideaAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Toby PillattResearch AssociateUniversity of Sheffield in bees, human-environment relations, landscape history, heritage, post-medieval Britain, with interests in speculative design and experimental archaeologyPossibly
Martin FellIT & Digital Engagement ManagerYork Museums Trust@YMTdigitalDigital interpretation / museums / VRCurrently working on a research project with York University looking at impact of VR in heritageYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Susanne ThomasArtistic Director and LecturerSeven Sisters Group / NSCDLinkedin (Susanne Thomas);; NSCD academic staff profileimmersive, site-specific performance with use of technologyWe have ideas involving 360 degree and merging virtual and real environments in immersive performanceyesAcademic Partners | Industry Partnerstechnology experience, 360 degree, newest developments in virtual technologies
Annabeth RobinsonSenior LecturerLeeds College of Leeds Games, Visuals for Theatre, Virtual WorldsBrewing up some ideasYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners
Patrick GibbsHead of Technical DesignC&C, University of York visualisation and digital immersive environmentsPossible collaboration with the National Trust, looking at developments within a Regency/Georgian landscape and the contemporary social/performance idea that reflects.
James WalkerLecturerUniversity of HullLinkedinVR/AR, Autonomous Adaptive Systems, Internet of Things, Bio-inspired Algorithms, Big DataYesAcademic Partners | Industry Partners | OtherAnything that complements our existing skillset
Geoffrey CubittReader in HistoryDept of History, University of York memory and commemoration; Public uses/understandings of the past; Museum representations of the past; Academic/heritage sector interactionsNo particular idea at present
Cat FergussonLecturer in DramaUniversity of Hull Reconstrauction, Immersive Audio PerformancePossible Digital Immersive Performance festival with Local theatre companypossiblyIndustry PartnersWeb deployment of GPS linked maderial
Sebastian LexerCEOIncalcandoapps.incalcando.comInteractive technology and ellectroacoustic music. Music and multimedia performance and art.YesYesAcademic PartnersPerformance studies, instrument building, sound diffusion, multimedia and embedded technology
Lydia PlowmanDean of Research, College of Arts, Humanities and Social ScienceUniversity of Edinburgh
Nicole BealeResearch Associate, Centre for Digital HeritageUniversity of York with a background in design and evaluation of digital technologies in heritage sector.A team of archaeologists very interested in working up a project around immersive experiences of prehistoric and historic rock art and cave art. From the perspective of public experiences of sites that are often inaccessible (both physically but also complex from an interpretation perspective).We are absolutely looking for partners, yes!Mixed reality specialists, sound artists, 3D artists. But open to suggestions! Industry partners.Use of mixed reality situated at sites, but also away from locations – transporting people to a site through use of VR/AR/audio/etc. Presenting complex ideas about the production of rock and cave art, but also making parallels between modern activities.
Patrick AllenSenior LecturerUniversity of Bradford Reailty and Augmented Urban SpaceI have an idea!YesAcademic Partners | Industry PartnersProgramming and Software Development; novel research methodologies
Mark TaylorLecturer in Quantitative MethodsUniversity of Sheffield'm a sociologist working on the relationship between culture and inequality. I'm currently working on a grant funded by the AHRC's Cultural Economy stream - details at at the momentMaybe, so best to hold off for the moment
sam JohnsonDigital OfficerPilot Theatrehttp://www.pilot-theatre.comPilot Theatre are a national and international touring theatre company.Our recent immersive theatre project, Traitor, is a site-specific performance designed for public buildings We are at an early stage of thinking about how our project Traitor may be transferable to other platforms or how the production can be developed.Not at this moment but we would be open to discussions.Academic Partners | Industry Partners
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