Funding Packages
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University of ArkansasMA/PhD2016$11,000 for teaching assistants at the M.A. level and $11,500 for teaching assistants at the Ph.D. level. Teaching assistants also receive a full tuition waiver and the option of a benefits package.
University of Illinois - ChicagoPhDFall 2012Results Board: 16k, 5 years\
Brandeis UniversityPhDFall 201320.4K (+ health insurance & full tuition) guaranteed 5 years, no teaching 1st/5th year. Competitive dissertation fellowship or TAships available for additional year(s). Additional competitive funding available.
Brown UniversityPhDFall 201328k for 5 years (25k + 3k guaranteed summer funding) - on fellowship 1st and 4th year (1-1 teaching in non-fellowship years). Health Insurance.<--This is an exceptional offer. Standard is 23K for 5 years + 2500 guaranteed summer funding (4 summers)Please alphabetize by school namehow to: right-click left border and add row above or below
Claremont Graduate UniversityPhDFall 2013[this program does not fully fund PhD students] Results Board: 60% tuition fellowship for all 5 years, others with 25% tuition fellowships [no stipend, fellowships do not cover cost of degree.
Duke UniversityPhDFall 2013$15,000 TAship with 2/2 load. Health insurance covered. First year is 15 hours in the writing center, first year of teaching is likely 2/1 with all subsequent years a 2/2
Kent State University MAFall 2013yNot guaranteed, a Graduate Assistantship is rare (only 2 this year). Graduate Assistantship includes a full tuition wavier and 10,250 a year stipend. 70% of health care covered. Teaching load 1/3 first semester and 2/2 second semester. The teaching load is the same for both years ( 2 year program)
Lehigh UniversityPhDFall 201319.7k TA for 4 years, possibility of more after that. 1/1 teaching.
Loyola Marymount UniversityMAFall 2013$21-22k/year Teaching Fellowship, renewable for a total of 2 years. I was told that departmental scholarships run $5k-$10k. I received a $10k. Total funding for Fall/Spring of Year 1 is $32k. Must pay insurance separately.
Marquette UniversityPhDFall 2013$14,120 a year for up to four years with MA. 2/1 teaching load. Subsidized health insurance.
New York University (NYU)PhDFall 2013[Averages out to around 31k per year for 5 years] 25k, 4k to move, 5k summer fellowship in 3rd year (also guarenteed 4 semesters of teaching that is paid in addition to stipend at 6k per class) ...additional funding also availible in the form of classes,research positions, etc.
North Dakota State UniversityPhDFall 201314k for 2/2 teaching load. 12k 1/2 and 2/1 teaching fellow positions available after GTA runs out.Not sure how to change color; should be from website
Northeastern UniversityPhDFall 201316.5K guaranteed for 5 years. GTA with 1/1 teaching load plus 5 hours/week tutoring in WC. Plus Tuition Waiver, Health Insurance.Average degree completion time (with MA) 9+ years.
Ohio State UniversityPhDFall 2013Base package: 1/1 TAship for 14.8k (MA/PhD), 15k (pre-candidate PhD), and 16k (PhD candidate). Full tuition remission. 85% health insurance. 5-6 years guaranteed funding with BA, 4-5 with MA. Fellowship opportunities available. Personal package (entering with an MA): Two year fellowship: 23k first year, 25k dissertation year. Teaching Assistantship during intervening years: 15k, plus 3k excellence bonus from fellowship for up to 3 years. Same tuition/health benefits as above.
Ohio State UniversityPhDFall 2013For base package see above entry. Personal package (entering with BA): First year fellowship (no teaching requirements): 20k first year (plus 3k excellence bonus). Teaching Assistanship during subsequent years: ~15.5K, plus 3k excellence bonus for up to 3 years (carries a 1-1 teaching load). Same tuition/health benefits as above entry.
SUNY- AlbanyPhDFall 201315k TA (limited number of TA positions, some people accepted w/o funding)
SUNY-BuffaloPhDFall 201319.5k (6k in fellowships) w/ TA (w/o fellowship package is around 13.5k) + Health Insurance - Some students recieve 4k in fellowships for a total of 17.5k
TemplePhDFall 2013$16,391 standard TAship for 2013/2014, tuition remission, health insurance. Four years guaranteed funding with very likely funding for years 5, 6, and beyond. First two years, students lead discussion groups or grade essays; year 3 is 1/1 composition; year 4 on is teaching in student's area of interest.
Texas A&M UniversityPhDFall 2013$12k a year, with a $1,000 raise after both the first year review and exams. 2/1 teaching load. Subsidized health insurance. Alternate assistantship duties (digital humanities office, Shakespeare bibliography project) possible after first year.
Texas Christian University 5PhDFall 201320k + tuition for 4 years (easily renewable after that given satisfactory progress). Additional funding available through competetive means. 1/1 teaching.
University of California - BerkeleyPhDVariety of packages. 23k for five years, 23k for two years and 17k for three, 30k for five years, 28k/2 with 26k/3 (are all of these packages updated? or are some of these figures from past years? 23/17 seems low compared to the rest of this list? thanks!--looks like they're from past years. last year, minimum package was upped to 31, 25, 17 17 17--about 22 per year) Mellon-Chancellor's Fellowship 2015: 31,000 for five years. teaching?
University of California - Davis PhDFall 2013Base: $17k guaranteed six years thru teaching 1:1; health care, fees, and tuition remission. (Personal offer adds two fellowships--Provost's for $25k and dept. for $5k summer stipend-- to first year for a total of $30k first year.)One of my advisors is at Davis, says base package is 5 years. The base is up to $18,538 in 2014-2015
University of California - IrvinePhDFall 2013Fee remission for first 6 years + 30,600 stipend years 1, 4, and 5 (no teaching). 17,655 TA pay + 9k stipend years 2, 3, and 6. This is the UC Cota-Robles fellowship + a "top-off" incentive to compete with other offers.<--- this is an exceptional offer. Initial offer starts at 17.5k yr, but they seem more than willing to top up/compete with other programs.2015 update: regents fellowship of 19-20k with summer stipend of 3k first year.
University of California - Santa BarbaraPhDFall 2013
University of Colorado - BoulderPhDFall 2013~20,000 for 5 years, teaching years 2-5, additional support while on the job market
University of FloridaMAFall 20132 years: $9,700/year, 2-1 teaching load. Health insurance and tuition waiver. Fall 2013 is the last year UF will offer its freestanding MA program. All MAs have been invited to continue on to the PhD, given successful academic progress. Can confirm other fellowship offers exist, which the department automatically considers applicants for (received 3-year fellowship at $4,000/year).
University of FloridaPhDFall 20134 years: $10,781/year, fellowship year 1, TA 1-1 after that. Health insurance. Some competitive fellowships available to apply for.
University of Georgia, AthensFall 201314K TAship, renewable up to 5 yrs. 2/1 teaching load. Partial health insurance. Students must pay $1K+ in fees each semester.
University of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPhDFall 2013Personal package (entering with MA): 16k first year with 1/1 teaching load that includes 6.5k fellowship stipend, 20k after that with 2/2 teaching. Full tuition remission. 6-7 years guaranteed funding with an MA, 7-8 with a BA. Other fellowship opportunities available.
University of KansasMAFall 2013$13,000 (minimum) TA with a 2/2 load for up to 3 years for MA and MFA students, and 5 years for PhD students. Tuition remission included as well as a portion of fees covered.
University of Louisiana at LafayettePhDFall 2013$12,000 per year as a living stipend (PhD GA) and also include tuition remission (as many courses as you'd like to take, no credit hour limit) and health insurance (limited to the student health services, not real insurace). PhD Fellowships $14,700 everything else same as GA (tuition remission and health insurance) Variety of types (and amounts) of first year funding: fellowships, research assistantships, grader positions, or teaching. 2/2 class load for GAs (different for Fellows) Funding thru teaching in other years. 4 years (with *possible* 5th year extension. Don't count on it, funding is tight). .
University of Maryland College ParkPhDFall 20135-year funding package: between 23K-24.5K for years 1, 2, 3, and 5; 20K for year 4; faculty and staff insurance; full tuition waiver. Same teaching as below.
University of Minnesota -Twin CitiesPhDFall 20136 year package (1st year fellowship 17k, years 2-6 TAship at 18k (updated from 14k, increased last year), tuition waiver, health insurance (including vision and dental) [summer funding opportunities... usually 3 years at 4k via research fellowships, or May semester teaching (after tax), 6k (after taxes) for teaching a 4 credit summer course]; fees are NOT covered by tuition waiver, and run between 650 and 750/semester until completion of required credits and then dropping to about $200 usually during the fourth year depending on when exams are to: right-click left border and add row above or below
University of Nevada, RenoPhDFall 2013$15,500 a year for 5 years (increased this year; previously was $14,000/year), 2-1 teaching load (or 2-2 as a TA discussion leader). 95% tuition remission and 100% health insurance. Opportunities to teach in summer and winter for additional funding. Stipends are almost always available to travel and deliver papers at conferences.
University of North DakotaPhDFall 2013$16,525 (website) for a 2/2 teaching load. Tuition scholarships appear to be offered separately.
University of OregonPhDFall 2013with everything covered (tuition, insurance, etc) and the basic stipend of 11,500 first year that would jump up to 14,000 from the second year [guaranteed 5 years] (NOTE: not all admitted are offered 11.5k; some are offered 10k and then fellowships can be added to jump up to 11.5k)
University of PhoenixPhDFall 2013Base package currently unknown, but likely to be uncompetitive, despite international standing of university. No teaching requirements. Little faculty interaction promised. No health insurance for the rest of your life. o-so-clever!
University of PittsburghPhDFall 20135 year package, funding guaranteed to all. Full tuition remission. First year fellowship ~21k; years 2-3 TA at 17,130; years 4-5 TF at 17,800. 1/1 teaching load. One guaranteed summer teaching (year 3). Guaranteed summer research stipend year 2 ($3k), plus new guaranteed summer funding year 4 --research or teaching-- . Excellent medical benefits years 2-5 (dental and vision for additional small monthly fee). $400 guaranteed conference funding per year from department, plus other competitive options. Approx. $30 in fees per semester. Competitive funding possible year 6.Funding package is quite strong given local cost of living and excellent healthcare benefits. Rises a small amount each year in accordance with inflation. Competitive fellowships with teaching relief available during dissertation years.
University of Texas AustinPhDFall 2013 For students entering with BA: 13k as a TA for a literature survey class Years 1 and 2; 16k as AI composition instructor, years 3-6. 1/1 Teaching load with an additional 7 hours/week in the Writing Center. Two summer fellowships of 2.5k. Opportunity to TA in the second summer for 2.5k and AI in the third summer for 5k. At least 1 semester of dissertation fellowship. University employee health insurance. 95% tuition and fees. Fees ~$1000/semester, but some may be refunded. 6 years of funding if entering with BA, with the potential for up to 7 years. For students entering with MA: 14.4k as TA or 16.3k as AI (placement as TA or AI is made on an individual basis). Two summer fellowships of 2.5k. Opportunity to AI second summer for 5k. Same teaching load, health, tuition, dissertation fellowship as above. 5-6 years of funding with MA.
University of TorontoPhDFall 201317k (Canadian) for five yearsno tuition/fee waiver.
University of WashingtonPhDFall 2013[this program does not fund all students] For those offered TA positions, the funding is for 5 years of $13k with health insurance, tuition waiver, but not fees.
it's actually about $13500 a year starting out, but once you earn your M.A. they raise your funding to $16500 a year
University of Western OntarioPhDFall 2013no tuition/fee waiver. Unlike US grad schools, no Canadian schools offer tuition/fee waiver! So the funding should be something like CAD 16K per yr, & also consider very high living expenses in Canada.
University of Wisconsin - MadisonPhDFall 201319k fellowship first year (funding varies in first year--9k, 17k, etc., and not everyone gets funding in year 1), 16k 1:1 second year, other years dependent on teaching load (likely between 12-16K), 5 years guaranteed, health insurance and tuition remission
Vanderbilt UniversityPhDFall 201324k TAship (comp first two yrs, lit after), tuition waiver, 100% health insurance, all guaranteed for 5 yrs.
Washington University in St. LouisPhDFall 2013 20.5k for 6 years, fellowship years 1,2, and 6; 1/1 teaching years 3-5; summer funding not guaranteed but likely, 1k to 2.5k; health insurance, tuition remission; funding likely to increase with cost of living.Please alphabetize by school namehow to: right-click left border and add row above or below
Wayne State UniversityPhDFall 201316K for 4 years. Year 1 is fellowship, years 2-4 are TAships. Tuition waiver and health care. Good chance of summer TAships and 5th year fellowship funding. Teaching load is currently 2/1 but should be 1/1 shortly. Not all PhD students are funded in their first year.
West Virginia UniversityPhDFall 201317.4k GTA with 2/2 teaching load and insurance. Fellowships with reduced teaching load and 22k or 21k also possible.
Miami University of OhioMAFall 2013
~13.6k with a tuition waiver (roughly $200 per month would go to fees). Nominated for a one time Academic Achievement Award of $2,500 (declined before knowing if I got it) which would bring the total up to ~16.1K (minus those monthly fees). Renewable for one additional year (teaching 1-1 the first year, and a 2-1 or 1-2 the second). No word on healthcare coverage.
MA/PhDFall 2014$12629 for Master's students (which increases to $14,352 for the second year). PhD students start with 14k. First year is teaching assist with literature classes under a professor - the classes are generally 90 student classes, and you'll have two breakout discussion sessions on Fridays with 15 students each. Second year, you teach 2-1 load of English Composition (Engl. Comp. I in Fall, Engl. Comp. II in Spring). PhD students start with their own English Composition sections first year and have the option, generally, to teach throughout their program. (cont.) Program and research assistantship positions available through Writing Center, Common Book, Jule Collins Museum, etc. Pay for healthcare, but at a reduced group rate. $500 graduate student fee per semester. Fellowships available for additional funding, and $500 conference coverage available per year.
Johns Hopkins UniversityPhDFall 2014$31K x 5 years (usual 6th). Full health.
Kansas State UniversityFordham University? Fall 2014$9,863/year + tuition waiver. Around $1,500/year in travel funding, which almost everyone recieves. An additional $5,000/year if you recieve graduate school and/or department scholarships.
University of PennsylvaniaPhDFall 20145 years $25,142, three summers of 4,150, tuition waiver, health care. Teaching in years 2,4. Enrollment fee: 50 Dollars
Baylor UniversityPhDFall 2015$15k-ish for Master's; $18k-ish for PhD (I don't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head.) (GPD working hard at funding increases, and tries to get you additional funding from the university as presidential fellows recipients.) Assistantships: writing center 20 hrs a week, 2:2 load teaching composition; other jobs available.
Boston UniversityPhDFall 20155 years funding at 24k (20k during term, plus 4k summers). Healthcare provided. No duties in year 1; TA (minimal responsibility) in year 2 and sometimes 3; teaching a one/one load in the writing program or intro lit course in years 3-4; generally teaching-free final year.
Cornell UniversityPhDFall 2015$24,658 for five years; $5,200 for four summers; teaching in years 2, 3, and 5. (The fourth year is a non-teaching dissertation fellowship).
CUNY Graduate CenterPhDFall 2015Full tuition and $25,000 each year for the first five years of study. (Broken up into $23,000 for Fall & Spring and the summer research stipend is $2,000.) Eligibility for low-cost individual or family NYSHIP health insurance ($95 for the year individuals). 1st year: research assistantship duties (7.5 hrs/week); years 2-4: 1:1 load at a CUNY college; year 5: Writing Across the Curriculum Fellowship at a CUNY college. alternative funding available: The Graduate Center offers five-year Presidential MAGNET Fellowships to entering students from underrepresented groups who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents... annual stipend and graduate assistantship totaling $27,000, full tuition and fees, and eligibility for low-cost health insurance. Fellows also receive a $1,000 start-up stipend in the first year to help with the costs of beginning doctoral studies; during the third year, fellows receive a $1,500 research/travel stipend
Emory UniversityPhDFall 2015$22k. No teaching yrs 1 & 4, TA 1:1 in yr 2, teach 1:1 comp in yr 3, teach 1 upper-level class in yr 5; includes tuition, health insurance completely covered, stipend for 5 yrs (standard package; university-wide fellowship recipients can top up by 2.5K or 5K). $7,500 of research support over the five years, including $2,500 earmarked for conference travel.Please alphabetize by school namehow to: right-click left border and add row above or below
Georgia State UniversityPhDFall 2015Funding is not guaranteed for anyone admitted to the program. Those who are given funding receive $13k a year for 5 years with a 2/2 teaching load. It is possible to receive an additional $2k a year for a "professionalism" option: 4 hours/week in the Writing Center, working as an RA, or teaching another class.
Harvard UniversityPhDFall 2015Six-year fellowship package. $26,800 provided for each of the first two years and in the final dissertation year (normally the fifth or sixth year). A summer grant ($5,360) provided for each of the first four summers of the program. Teaching in 3rd and 4th years; 4 sections per year.
Indiana UniversityPhDFall 2015Six years of funding with $18K fellowship in the first year. TA from year 2-6, 15.6K. Tuition remission. Health insurance. Teaching is 1:1 in years 2-4, and 2:1 in 5th year.
Louisiana State UniversityPhDFall 2015$17k/4 years with MA and funding is equal for everyone. Has been $17k for several years. 16.5k w/o MA. Tuition waived, fees are not (~$1000/semester). options for summer funding are limited. Teaching: if you have an MA, it's 1:1 comp your first year (but there's 2 comp classes so you teach freshman comp in fall and soph comp in spring). it's always a 1:1 load, and mostly comp, but you're supposed to be guaranteed 2 gen-ed classes before graduation.
NorthwesternPhDFall 20152,455 per month for all 12 months of the year = 29,460/year. Guaranteed for 5 years. TA years 2-4, fellowship for years 1 and 5
Ohio State UniversityPhDFall 2015Much remains the same as previous years, including tiered fellowships, health benefits, teaching load. Base stipend has increased slightly to ~16K.
PhDFall 2015University fellowship at $30.5K for first year; funding for 5 years total, mix of university fellowship years (2) and & Assistant in Instruction years (3).
RutgersPhDFall 20156 years guaranteed: $23k fellowship year 1 plus $5000 the first summer. then TA at $26k, and a dissertation fellowship (for one of the remaining 5 years) at $23k, healthcare, tuition waiver. anyone get a special fellowship/package from the grad school/rutgers?<--looking it up on the grad school's website: it seems like that actually IS the special fellowship. English, as a flagship department, is treated especially nicely. Also, I was told that, unfortunately, negotiation would not be possible since they WANT everyone to have the same funding if they can help it.Outside fellowship might beat this tho.
Univeristy of California - RiversidePhDFall 2015
University of California - Los AngelesPhDFall 2015Base (2015): 5 years guaranteed. 21k + 3k for two summers (unchanged since at least 2012), TA $18,538 to $21,735 depending on experience years 2-4, 1:1. departmental fellowships availiable, additional funding offers for the first year from the Milner Fund ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. A dissertation fellowship of 21k. With the Cota-Robles fellowship, $25,000 for 4 years and this adds an additional year of funding.
University of ChicagoPhDFall 2015$30,000/year for five years; must pay $1000 in fees per year; $3000 (not yearly) for "research expenses" (computer equipment, travel, language study); tuition waiver, healthcare.<--- 30k + research stipend must mean the English department is offering additional perks. The University-wide stipend is 27k (including summer funding, and with no research budget as far as I know) starting in Autumn '16
University of ConnecticutMA/PhDFall 2015$23k with TAship for 5 years (1/1). Health and dental included.
University of Maryland College ParkMAFall 2015Funding not guaranteed, but 1/2 TAships and 1/2 & full GAships available. 1/2 TAships consist of partial tuition remission and a yearly stipend of 9K. Some GAships provide full tuition remission, healthcare, and yearly stipend upwards of 20k.
University of Michigan - Ann ArborPhDFall 20156-year package for all students: $22k, fellowship years 1 & 5, teaching 1-1 other years (though fellowships through the grad school are available to apply for in diss years), health insurance, tuition remission, $5k summer funding (except first summer, which is a $2k research assistantship). Grad students do pay minimal fees in non-fellowship years. Fees totaled just over $300 this year. Rackham Merit Fellowship: $33.5k first year, $22k years 2-6 (+$5k summer funding years 2-5), non-teaching fellowship years 1, 4, and 5. 1-1 teaching load years 2, 3, and 6.different 6-year package: 19k per year, fellowship years 1 & 5, teaching 1-1 other years. 2k summer support for first summer, 5k for summers 2 and 3. Rackham Merit Fellowship makes year 1 30.5k and adds and extra year off teaching during year 4.
University of MississippiPhDFall 2015$11,500/year for 5 years (plus tuition waivers)
University of North Carolina at GreensboroPhDFall 2015$15k first year with in-state tuition waiver (1/1 plus 10 hours per week in writing center for one semester), $20k years 2-4 (2/1) with no tuition waiver, possible fifth year funding up to $14k for 2/2. Health insurance subsidy all years.
University of RochesterPhDFall 2015Was offered 18k per year base package with no teaching the first year and then a 1/1 load thereafter. Funding guarenteed for 5 years.Current student: Rochester's funding model was just improved significantly (as of Fall 2016). There ARE university fellowships (the Slattery for one) that pay 22k per. The base offer is $18k guaranteed for 5 years. That said, the new funding model has no teaching in the first year, you TA in the second year, and don't teach Comp until years 3-5 (at a 1-1 load, capped at 15 students per class). We are waiting for the details to be ironed out, but there is likely a bump in stipend in year three from the writing program. Beyond that, Rochester has the Mellon Digital Humanities fellowship (a competitive fellowship that pays $24k for two years of DH work), and has had summer research funding available for the last two years.
University of Southern CaliforniaPhDFall 2015 Standard incoming fellowship: $25,500/a - 3 non-teaching years, 2 teaching years. $1000 of that amount is payable in summers, $500 is for travel. Provost fellowships top off at $30k/aRecently altered: first three years non-teaching, last two years teaching.
Yale UniversityPhDFall 201529k x 6yrs guaranteed; teaching in years 3,4,6 / some in 2; healthcare, t. waiver
Columbia UniversityPhDFall 2016$30,770 + health insurance for 6 years. (27,270 + 3,500 summer funding.) TA 1:1 in Yr 2, teaching 1: 1 in Yrs 3, 4, 6
Duke UniversityPhDFall 201621k. For the academic year 2012-13, the stipend amount of $20,950 covers nine months of living expenses, in addition to health insurance which the graduate school pays. Full funding is provided during your first 5 years in the program. After first two years, half of your stipend comes from TA, tutoring, or teaching duties (you still get paid the same). You can apply for summer funding through the graduate school; it has recently been guaranteed for the first two years of the program.
Fordham University MA/PhDFall 2016MA package (not guaranteed to all entering students): $22k. for two years through Graduate Assistantship or Writing Center work. Includes tuition and health care. Also: Standard PhD package straight from BA is for 6 years now, and is guaranteed to all entering students (you no longer have to have an MA to apply for PhD track). Package for entering PhDs who already have an MA is 5years at $23k guaranteed to all entering students.
Georgetown UniversityMAFall 2016MA package as GWA: $10k each year with $5k as a fall stipend and the other $5k as hourly wage through 1-1 teaching load. Full tuition waiver as well as tuition waiver for one language course a semester. No health insurance.
Harvard UniversityPhDFall 2016Six-year fellowship package. $27,600 provided for each of the first two years and in the final dissertation year (normally the fifth or sixth year). A summer grant ($5,520) provided for each of the first four summers of the program. Teaching in 3rd and 4th years; 4 sections per year.
Saint Louis UniversityMA/PhDFall 201618K TA for 2 years renewable for up to 5 years. Healthcare. Tuition waiver.
SUNY- BinghamtonPHDFall 201617k TA stipend/year for 4 years, with 16,650 tuition scholarship (covers all of tuition except fees)a + health insurance/dental/vision for about $20/month; if you go into 5th year there are opportunities to adjunct, etc.
SUNY-BuffaloPhDFall 2016$18,800 ($14,800 TAship and $4,000 fellowship). Health insurance + tuition waiver.
University of North Carolina - Chapel HillPhDFall 2016Teaching fellowship for first year worth $16,000 plus tuition remission and health insurance + $2,000 for summer (total of $18,000 for first year)--to teach one undergrad writing course per semester. TF renewable every year after that. After four semesters of teaching undergrad writing, encouraged to teach two sections of lit. Dissertation fellowship available for advanced doctoral students so they don't have to teach while writing dissertation.
Boston CollegePhDFall 2017$23k - small increase every year. Fellowship yrs: 1 and 5; 1 semester TA yr 2; 1:1 teaching yrs 3 & 4 (freshman comp, literature core). Plus tuition, health insurance and very minimal conference funding (only up to $300 a year). Competitive funding in yr 6.
Johns Hopkins UniversityPhDFall 2017
Ohio State UniversityPhDFall 2017Base package is now a little shy of 17k, still with 1/1 TAship each year. Several fellowship nominations are possible, which bump up the base stipend by between $8000 and $13000 for 1, 2, or even 3 years, and remove the teaching requirement for fellowship years. There is no longer an "excellence bonus" option, but 85% health care is still covered.
StanfordPhDFall 201729.5K guaranteed for 5 years, plus 7.5k summer funding for 4 years. Sixth year funding available but not guranteed. Two years (I think) of assistanship work, with four quarters of teaching. Tuition + health insurance. Conference and research travel funding available.
SUNY-Stony BrookPhDFall 201720k TA renewable for 5 years + tuition waiver -- all students same funding<- I can confirm. Interesting detail: my offer listed base stipend as 17.1K and it was topped up by the dept. to 20K. So- Stony Brook's ENG dept. has a considerable amount of say in stipend, apparently.
Tufts UniversityPhDFall 201722,800 first-year fellowship, no teaching. Gets raised each of next for years to over 25K. Entering BA gets 1 year TA, 3 years teaching 1-1 and 1/2 year diss fellowship. Entering with MA gets 3 years teaching and 1/2 year diss fellowship (1 year less coursework). health = 5 years. extra fellowships possible. competitive summer diss fundingPlease alphabetize by school namehow to: right-click left border and add row above or below
University of CincinnatiPhDFall 2017$15,000/year for a 1/1 teaching load. Separate fellowship for tuition/fees. Partial insurance covered.
University of KansasPhDFall 2017$15,000 TA with a 2/2 load. Tuition remission, fees covered, health insurance included.
University of South FloridaPhFall 2017Offered $15,586 stipend for a 2/2 teaching comp. Insurance included, and tuition, but would need to pay fees.
Georgetown UniversityMAFall 2017Full tuition waiver (40k a year), hourly stipend of $18/hr for 15hr a week, and a 5k summer non-service stipend. Free foreign language classes included as well. Package guaranteed for both years.