Support for scholarly communication and related services, UK March 2017
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InstitutionName of serviceSchol Comm or not?LinkDetailsContact info
Brunel University LondonScholarly Communication OfficeYYou will be able to find us when our new website is launched in March. In the meantime we have created a series of libguides. The most comprehensive is: has recently created a Scholarly Communication Office.Dr Melissa Cole Research Outputs and Visibility Manager
Durham UniversityScholarly CommunicationY
Edinburgh UniversityScholarly CommunicationY
Imperial College LondonScholarly CommunicationY Comms Management team includes open access services (including REF and funder OA policy support), ORCID iDs guidance, copyright and licensing, RDM and education support. Researcher workflows is an area on which we want to continue to expand our advice, such as in bibliometrics.Ruth Harrison, Head of Scholarly Communications Management
Institute of Education at UCLScholarly CommunicationY
Leeds University LibraryResearch Support / Scholarly CommunicationsY The gateway to the Research Support / Scholarly Communications pages is here (please note that both pages are likely to change in the near future)Fred Flagg, Repositories Assistant
London School of Economics and Political ScienceResearch Support teamY provide support for scholarly comms and even introduced a Scholarly Communications Officer (Lucy Lambe, cc’d here) within the Research Support team in January 2016. We’ve only just launched a new library website and we’re still waiting to add information about the SC side of things. We will eventually have a page on the scholarly publishing advice service that we provide. Lucy’s role provides advice on the following: Publication strategies for individuals and departments, Copyright/IPR/licencing and Publishing agreements/contracts, Peer reviewNancy Graham, Research Support Manager, Digital Scholarship and Innovation Group |LSE Library
London South Bank UniversityScholarly CommunciationsYAnd I while I haven’t created support pages for the Scholarly Communications team at LSBU, which covers open access, RDM, bibliometrics and support for publishing –we do cover those topics between the two of us, honest.Stephen Grace, Scholarly Communications & Repository Manager
Loughborough UniversityScholarly CommunicationsY Gareth Cole, Research Data Manager, Support
Middlesex UniversityResearch SupportN
OA, REF, RDM and Etheses support presented as part of a wider set of research support services delivered in partnership with the Research & Knowledge Transfer Office.Vimal Shah, Research Information Manager, Library and Student Support
University of KentScholarly CommunicationYBlog about the service here: for a Head of Scholarly Communication
University of SurreyOpen ResearchYOur current website does not reflect all our services ( , but our new website will be launched soon.At Surrey, we are in the process of consolidating our services on Open Access, Bibliometrics, RDM, etheses, identifiers, licences under the umbrella of Open Research.Dr Montserrat Rodriguez-Marquez, Digital Collections Officer (Open Access)
University of the Arts LondonScholarly CommunicationsY Communications at University of the Arts London has online support available via a libguide.
University of OxfordOpen Access Oxford and Research Data OxfordYOpen Access Oxford
Research Data Oxford
OAO Mainly focused on support for compliance activity. More broad scholarly comms initiatives being added (eg 'You and copyright' training; Publishing toolkit). Mainly responsiblity of Bodleian Libraries plus Research Services. Research Data under separate initiative (Research Data Oxford) that is across the University and mainly involves IT Services plus Bod.Sally Rumsey, Head of Scholarly Communications and RDM [Bodleian Libraries)
University of WarwickScholarly Communciations DivisionY of the three divisions here in the Library is now the Scholarly Communications Division. This division covers the Scholarly Communications roles around open access (gold and green), research data management and support for publishing, bibliometrics and copyright as well as the Library’s Digital Services, Systems and Development team. Our new journals platform is not yet being widely advertised but is up and running – We’re trying to keep it bit on the ‘down low’ at the moment while we deal with the existing demand for new journals and the process of moving journals hosted on departmental websites on the platform!Yvonne Budden, Head of Scholarly Communications
University of WestminsterResearch and Scholarly CommunicationsYWe don’t have much of a web presence as yet – other than our open access pages - though I’m hoping that will change fairly soon.We are a fairly new team (almost 4 months old) and have changed our name to ‘Research and Scholarly Communications’ from ‘Research Services’ – a short lived name that didn’t represent our focus which includes OA, RDM, University of Westminster Press and some support around bibliometrics.Jenny Evans | Head of Research and Scholarly Communications
Aberystwyth UniversityResearch Good PracticeN & haven’t used the term scholarly communications either – but under the banner Research Good Practice we have OA and RDM services which come from both the library and the research office
Birmingham UniversityN and RDM do not use the phrase scholarly comms, but the library do have sections on Research Support, including subsections on OA. These look at wider issues, as well as REF/funder compliance.Suzanne Atkins, Open Access and Research Publications Advisor
Bristol UniversityResearch ServicesN We have just migrated the content on our webpages to a new CMS and are still working on page Bristol we have also taken the 'Research Services' approach. Within this sits Research Data Management, and Research Engagement which includes, amongst other things, Open Access, Special Collections, e-theses advice (when this is up and running):
British Library for Development Studies Institute of Development Studies at the University of SussexNWe mainly ‘manage’ Open Access in our organisation, however our Communications/Publications office manages institute-author inputs., and research dissemination in a PR sense. Both the library and Comms unit advise on different aspects of author’s needs etc. The library takes a lead on non-organisation publications and advice on re-purposing organisation research, or individual arrangements with external funders. Our organisation does not currently enter the REF, but I would see that this role again would be more of a library role, working alongside administrators in research teams, as researchers tend not t have the time to enter their own work etc. I’d be interested to hear how other organisations split these functions across their organisations, as I definitely think that most S.C. areas fall with library knowledge/expertise, and networks. I think there just needs to be good communication and work flow systems, with clearly defined roles and expertise/services, between academics/admin/library/comms etc. Stephanie WatsonStephanie Watson
Glasgow UniversitySupport for authors and open access.N don’t call it ‘scholarly comms’ we have support for authors and open access.Valerie McCutcheon Research Information Manager
University of HuddersfieldResearch Support and a separate Open Access TeamNWe have an Academic Librarian responsible for Research Support but also an Open Access team who manage the Repository , OA Compliance and APCs
Lancaster UniversityDigital Innovation and Research Services (DIRS)NWe have just combined OA, RDM, Research Intelligence and related support in one team which needs a new name (but won’t be Schol Comms).
Leeds BeckettResearch Services teamN offer support with scholarly comms issues more widely, as well REF compliance
University of LincolnN don’t call it Scholarly Comms, or indeed anything else; it’s just whatever has collected naturally around the work of the repository. Bev Jones! Research Repository and Information Officer
Liverpool School of Tropical MedicineNI haven't any external links I can send though I'm afraid and our current job titles don't really reflect the duties as we have a small team and have to manage lots of other things too!We have not called it "Scholarly Communications" but we currently manage: - the process for open access publishing charges, the Wellcome and RCUK grants for open access, - Manage the institutional repository (Eprints), - We're members of the School's REF Working Party and help with reporting on compliance for this - Involved in LSTM Publications PolicyJulia Martin • Head of Information Services
Newcastle UniversityResearch SupportN some others we don’t call it Scholarly Comms but our research support pages can be accessed. We also have a Research Impact Libguide I think where Scholarly Comms differs from Research Support is in wanting to change the nature (or debate the terms) of how research is disseminated. Lizzie Gadd at Loughborough summed up the ambivalence of “both seeking to play and change the scholarly communication game” in a recent post on the Bibliomagician blog at Boll, Head of Research Publications and Data Management Services and Head of Technical Services
Open UniversityResearch SupportN have a Research Support team - and a recently launched website - that support scholarly comms issues
University of HullResearch Services TeamN also focus on ‘research’ in the team name – Research Services Team at the University of Hull. Part of the issue may be the word soup we have in our job and organisational titles.Chris Awre, Head of Information Services, University Library
University of Readingsupport for open access, research data and bibliometricsNWe also have a newish blog which brings these together. Here are the links: Reading we provide support for open access, research data and bibliometrics. We don’t call it scholarly comms. The services are based in the Library and in our Research & Enterprise office. We also have a newish blog which brings these together. Here are the links:Alison Sutton, Institutional Repository Manager
University of Southampton.Research EngagementN have a Research Engagement division in the Library, which covers Research Data, Open Access, Bibliometrics and Systematic Reviews, amongst other things We work collaboratively with other Professional Services in the University, such as Research and Innovation Services. We don’t use the term Scholarly Communications, but this is covered in what we offer.Kate Walker, Open Access Development Manager
University of St AndrewsResearch SupportN don't call it scholarly comms either. We have research support from our Digital Research Division - covering OA, RDM, Pure, Digital Humanities and Research Computing - the latter are more research partnering rather than support. As well as close links (and shared post) with our colleagues in the research policy office working on such areas as embedding Orcid usage , developing responsible use of Metrics and REF preparation more generally than just publications.Anna Clements, Assistant Director (Digital Research)
University of the West of EnglandN don’t brand it as scholarly communication but our (small) library research team offer advice on open access publishing, RDM and publication strategies. Mrs Jane Belger , Research and Open Access Librarian (Job share with Anna Lawson)
University of YorkResearch SupportN provides advice on open access, rdm, copyright and metrics. Not branded as Scholarly Comms but this is something that we might consider at some stageJanette Colclough (Research Support Manager)
Oxford Brookes UniversityScholarly CommunicationsYWe don't have a dedicated website - our Researchers website is probably closestWe offer advice on, and advocate for (where relevant), Open Access/Scholarship, RDM, impact, copyright, and general scholarly communication
University of Stirling
Library and Archives Research SupportY
This new team was created on 1 August and called Research & Scholarly Communications. After 6 months we have decided to change our name. We cover OA, RDM, Archives and Big Data. We want o update our webpages but we currently have research web pages and libgides specifically for researchers, e.g., altmetric, social media, impact factors, orcidsLisa Haddow.
Liverpool John Moores University
Research SupportY team offer advice on open access publishing, RDM, REF compliance, open journals, copyright, ethesis. Also training on bibliometrics and other areasCath Dishman (Open Access and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Swansea UniversityLibrary Research Support TeamY team: we appointed a Scholarly Communications Officer and Assistant in summer 2016 alongside existing Research Librarian. Work mostly focussed on REF OAs and APCs but also covers Copyright and other publishing topics. Research Data currently sits (Susan Glen; Penny Lauder; Sam Oakley; Caroline Rauter)
University of RoehamptonN (forthcoming)We don't use the phrase Scholarly Communications, partly because we don't have a team - just a Repository and Open Access Officer -and I manage the repository, advise on OA/REF compliance, e-thesis and related topics. RDM is on the cards but not yet up and running. Camilla Griffiths
University of SheffieldResearch Services UnitY O'Neill
Cranfield University
We've finally wrapped this up and got our RDM Strategy published on our website policy pages; if it's useful to add to the list. (With thanks again to Monash University for sharing theirs, as it did inspire our strategic themes!) Unfortunately I didn't get permission to share the supporting operational plan on the website too, but I'm sure if anyone's interested I can discuss off-list.
Georgina Parsons, Open Access & Research Data Manager
University of NorthamptonResearch SupportNNo website - but a word press blog site for supporting academics and students: Small Team - All aspects of research support except form bidding/funding (have a separate strategic bidding office and PG research support) - covering repository, OA, RDM, REF, Altmetrics/Bibliometrics, E-Thesis, Copyright, Ethics.Dawn Hibbert; Head of Research Support
Bangor UniversityLibrary and Archives Service research support teamY don't refer to Scholarly Comms. We are a small team, 1 part time Research Support Librarian, and 1 part time Repository and Research Data Manager with administrative support for validating metadata in PURE. We provide training and answer queries on OA, OA requirements of REF, RDM, promoting outputs, metrics & copyright.  We manage the RCUK block grant.  We have one start-up project for a new in-house journal to be published by OJS soon.  We manage the e-theses in the repository.  We have a project to develop digital archival and special collections materials at Bangor.  We support a couple of research centres with special collections, digitisation and advise the management boards. We also support systematic reviews.Beth Hall ( and Michelle Walker (
University of SussexResearch Support team (part of Library Academic Services section)N don't use the phrase 'Scholarly comms' in our communications outside of the library. Our Research Support team manages the RCUK block grant, APC payments, general OA advocacy and training, REF support around deposit in our IR (working closely withour Research Office). We also provide RDM training and advice alongside a fairly new Research Data & Digital Preservation Technologist post which sits in the Library's Content Delivery section. We offer advocacy and guidance on ORCID, metrics (including Altmetrics) and we are at the early stages of supporting open publishing (OJS). Helen Webb, Research Support Librarian (
University of NottinghamResearch SupportN’m increasing wondering if we should take up the scholarly communications mantle more internally as ‘library research support’ isn’t always meaningful to our audience.Katie Fraser, PhD, MCLIP Senior Research Librarian (Engineering)