Nine Elms Bridge Council Meeting Debate (Responses)
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Do you oppose or support plans to build the Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge?
Are you able to come to the Council Meeting at Porchester Hall on Wednesday 11 November, at 6.30pm, to highlight public concerns over the proposals?
Q1. What's the ONE question you would like to have answered?
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Q2. What is your SECOND most important query?
Q3. What SPECIFIC issue do you want the Enquiry to cover?
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05/11/2015 18:55:56OpposeYes
I just don't think this is going to be so great for Pimlico. Even the benefits that Wandsworth have touted for the South side of the River don't seem to be backed up by much hard evidence and they've not put much effort into making this project work well for us on the North.
Until the project is demonstrably beneficial to the majority of residents and businesses on both sides of the Thames, I will remain opposed.
Ken Sparkes
07956 483 899
23 Warwick Sq, SW1V 2AB
05/11/2015 20:27:29
05/11/2015 21:44:44OpposeNot applicableListen to local peopleJamesjames@cockram.org7525987098Cockram
06/11/2015 13:35:53OpposeNo
The bridge is really unnecessary and will spoil the quality of St George's Square and the surrounding area.
elizabeth wilmshurst
06/11/2015 15:08:24OpposeYes
I've lived area over30 yrs. To have more influx people shortcut traffic ruin square ridiculous money make. It will desecrate what is now just about a quiet place to live. Still crime here would be easily accessed and used away across such a bridge. I don't drive but tfl everywhere or just walk...It's much simpler and easier to use Chelsea Bridge to Battersea. Many buses. If it rained, where would the increased number of people crossing new probable bridge go? Houses become pubs&cafes? Pimlico become Paddington?
06/11/2015 20:34:26OpposeNot applicable
Before any consideration is made , every single resident in Pimlico must be informed in weriting to allow for community involvement, which is not happening.
I am a community leader living in Pimlico for 30 years and have come across this information in error.

I oppose that all the job creation is south of the new potential Bridge and that the community of SW1 gets nothing!!!
07/11/2015 07:20:24SupportNo
I live in Pimlico and it seems selfish from many of my neighbours to oppose to this bridge; it is needed in the area; however, people from Westminster oppose to the bridge as they don't want those from south of the river to come to the area; it is not acceptable.
Dolphin SquareR
07/11/2015 09:05:23OpposeYes
I do not want this ridiculous bridge destroying Pimlico Gardens.
I do not want another pedestrian/ cycle route across the river just a few hundred meters from Vauxhall Bridge which has just been modified to take bikes.
Traffic around here, especially Grovesnor Road has already been badly affected by these modifications, yet more people crossing just a few meters down the road, will mean additional crossings and traffic will come to a standstill on this road.
Pimlico Station is already over oversubscribed in the morning, it cannot cope with more people.
43a St Georges Square, London SW1V 3QN
07/11/2015 12:14:49OpposeYes
This proposal is totally unacceptable. The loss of amenity to the residents of Pimlico is too great to justify. Not only do we face the loss of Pimlico Gardens and access to the River, but we face having thousands of people crossing into Pimlico destroying the quiet of St Georges Square and causing havoc on the already oversubscribed Grovesnor Road and Pimlico Tube where residents already struggle to board trains at 8am.

Especially since there is a perfectly good bridge a few hundred yards up the road, which is in a sorry state in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

I wholly object to this proposed bridge, it will serve no useful purpose to the residents of Pimlico and I would like my elected representatives to object, resist and reject this proposal.
43a St Georges Square, London SW1V 3QN
07/11/2015 13:13:53OpposeNo
It would seem quite unnecessary given the proximity of Vauxhall Bridge Rd and the new "cycle super highway". It would also threaten some of the few green spaces in Pimlico.
David and Rebeccadavidandb@gmail.com48 Alderney StreetRobinson
07/11/2015 16:13:03OpposeNo
If cycle paths are necessary, they can be built along side Chelsea or Vauxhall Bridge. There is no case for another bridge.
020 78215293
flat 13, 54 St. George's Square, London, SW1V 3QT
07/11/2015 17:35:33OpposeNo
I am opposed to the proposal. As a resident of Regency Street, we have been through the pain of the new cycle lanes introduced on Vauxhall Bridge Road and Grovesnor Road. Why should we have yet another Bridge just a few hundred yards down the road.

Pimlico Tube staton cannot cope with the influx of additional travellers at peak times. Sorry but Wandsworth should not try to improve the lives of their residents at the cost of Pimlico Residents.

Also the destruction of Pimlico Gardens would be disgraceful.

Flat 25, Peel House, Regency Street
07/11/2015 17:40:34OpposeNo
Westminster should stop this bridge at all costs.

There is already a bridge at Vauxhall and there is no need for this bridge to be built.

Pimlico is a small community with a village feel and this would be destroyed by the influx of commuters.

Pimlico Tube cannot cope with the added pedestrians. Also TFL have done their feasibility study but this unelected organisation has no care for the harm and damaged their disgraceful policies are causing all over London. Traffic around the Vauxhall Bridge Road has been severely impacted by the recent Super Cycle Highway - often as late as 10pm traffic is at a standstill. This is all as a result of phasing changes for lights, rights for the cycle highway etc.

Building yet another access just a few hundred yards down the road would further impact the area, since these pedestrians and cyclists would have to cross grovesnor road.

Stop this nonsense in its tracks!
Flat 25, Peel House, Regency Street
07/11/2015 22:13:48OpposeNo
I greatly value the quiet and peaceful village community in Pimlico, and its green spaces. The bridge could wreck all this, so I'm opposed to it. There are plenty of other bridges anyway.
Joannajpegum@gmail.com7905166991119 Warwick wayPegum
07/11/2015 22:14:29OpposeNo
The waterside (particularly around St George's Square) and residential streets of Pimlico are not designed to handle this influx of commuters.
25 Alderney StreetMunby
08/11/2015 08:01:31OpposeNo
It's totally unnecessary and unwanted, there are sufficient access by bridges already in place, the tube and bus network and it would put an intolerable strain on Pimlico itself.
797381524077 Cumberland StreetKing
08/11/2015 08:01:52OpposeNo
It's totally unnecessary and unwanted, there are sufficient access by bridges already in place, the tube and bus network and it would put an intolerable strain on Pimlico itself.
797381524077 Cumberland StreetKing
08/11/2015 10:14:24OpposeNoOpposing the bridge.Paul
33 Charlwood Street, SW1V 2DU
08/11/2015 10:57:51SupportYes
Denser pedestrian access networks aid in providing a more efficient and interconnected city. Flows additionally will be 2 directional and allow Pimlico to easily cross the Thames South.
08/11/2015 12:04:45OpposeNo
There's already a bridge: it's called Vauxhall. An extra few minutes' travel time won't hurt anyone, and certainly can't justify the disruption to Pimlico (or, I presume, the cost).
08/11/2015 16:00:40OpposeNo

We already have more than enough traffic without adding an estimated 18,000 additional travellers such a bridge would engender.
NADYA020 7798 8164
603 Nelson House, Dolphin Sq. SW1V 3NZ
08/11/2015 18:37:06OpposeNo
This bridge is unnecessary. Cyclists/pedestrians can perfectly easily cross by Vauxhall Bridge. The expense is not justified.
020 7834 2419
14 Sutherland Street, SW1V 4LB
08/11/2015 20:37:58OpposeYes
This will cause so much congestion in the area.
44 Winchester St, SW1V4NF
09/11/2015 07:21:54OpposeNo
I strongly oppose the proposal of a bridge between Nine Elms and Pimlico. I think it is totally unnecessary and would have a significant negative impact on the Pimlico area and its residents.
Elenaelenacrini@yahoo.comGloucester Street, SW1Crini
09/11/2015 08:27:41OpposeNo
I think it would be bad for the only beautiful and open to public green space in Pimlico, it would cause caos and disruption to the already congested traffic of Drummond Gate.
09/11/2015 08:57:17OpposeNo
Not necessary, a total waist of our money, it will destroy St George square, huge destruction for all resident around pimlico .
Fiammetta Meschi
09/11/2015 09:05:23OpposeNo
waist of money, there are already two bridges that can be used . There is no necessity to destroy St George square gardens ,and encrising traffic in pimlico . I totally oppose this project !
Gian Luca Giurlani
09/11/2015 09:47:17OpposeNo
I am strongly opposed to the Nine Elms Bridge.
+447713401520Pimlicode Courcy Ling
09/11/2015 10:14:29OpposeNo
The proposed bridge will enable cyclists and pedestrians to travel through Pimlco, however it will ruin the lives of its residents. The residential aspect will be lost forever. Presumably our council taxes will increase to cover the cost of additional litter collection and maintaining repairs to the underlying fabric, ie wear and tear caused by the massive increase in foot-load etc. Great expense has already been incurred creating the new cycle paths on nearby Vauxhall Bridge. This bridge and Chelsea Bridge should be sufficient for pedestrians and cyclists as well as traffic.
33 Thomson House, 68 Bessborough Place, SW1V 33SJ
09/11/2015 10:53:54OpposeNo
There will be lot more trafiic with this new bridge. Vauxhall and Chelsea bridge are there for pedestrains Bikes and vehichles to corss the river.
7957284646sw1v 4qbKhan
09/11/2015 11:23:51OpposeNo
Present cycle lanes and proposed tube extension will provide the necessary access to and from the Nine Elms development
2077988431Dolphin SquareBrown
09/11/2015 11:52:41OpposeNo
I would like Pimlico to remain a quiet area- if a bridge would disturb this, I don't think it would be in the best interests of residents to have one.
09/11/2015 12:00:11OpposeNo
I have signed a petition to the Mayor opposing the bridge, which I consider ridiculously expensive and unnecessary. If a footbridge is required, it would be better to add access to the Grosvenor Bridge similar to the Hungerford Bridge. A new bridge in at the base of St George's Square will harm the nature of this lovely neighbourhood and risks adding to traffic congestion in the Grosvenor Road, which already accommodates the cycle highway as well as motor vehicles.
09/11/2015 13:07:15OpposeNo
The bridge proposal is totally unnecessary, disruptive and an expensive waste of funds similar to the projected Garden Bridge further down river. A new bridge is urgently required to relieve congestion in East London, not causing congestion and ruining the character and amenities of Pimlico.
Nigelnj.hunter@virgin.net0207 798 8269205 Beatty House, Hunter
09/11/2015 13:11:41OpposeNo
This is a totally unnecessary and expensive proposal similar to the projected Garden Bridge further down river. A bridge is urgently required to relieve congestion in East London, not causing congestion and destroying the character and amenities of Pimlico.
Nigelnj.hunter@virgin.net0207 798 8269
205 Beatty House, Dolphin Square, SW1V 3PH
09/11/2015 15:16:54OpposeNo
Against bridge from Nine Elma to Pimlico. It is not necessary. There are already plenty bridges with which to commute over to Pimlico!
Patricia22 Moreton PlaceKnowles
09/11/2015 15:27:49OpposeNo
I do not want the bridge we have far to many people in this area and we do not want to loose our green spaces, because living in London we need places outside to go and relax. We have enough bridges near by and do not need another one.
774100839384 Shelley HousePeuble
Know a little about them
09/11/2015 16:09:45OpposeNo
There is adequate provision for pedestrian and cycle traffic across the river. This proposal brings material disadvantages without any obvious benefits.
21 Moreton Terrace, SW1V 2NS
Yes, we are well acquainted
09/11/2015 18:27:02OpposeNo
value the riverside walks like many others love th residential tree lined streets and sports and game lawns , iv lived here for 25years
207834124632 lutyens housefinegan
Nope, never heard of them
09/11/2015 19:49:05OpposeNo
Crime will come with 18,000 people a day, so will noise, danger, cyclists ignoring the rules of the road and charging down what are currently quiet streets.
Pimlico is an oasis in a city, a residential area which is safe with very low crime.
18,000 people a day will be trying to find quiet routes through the area and turn ievery road into a noisy dangerous mess.
I object to the proposed bridge. I have paid council tax and rates here since 1976, my opinion counts.
305/6 Frobisher House, Dolphin Square, London, SW1V 3LL
Nope, never heard of them
09/11/2015 19:50:08OpposeNo
We have enough bridges! No more please. It's no effort to walk across Vauxhall Bridge into Pimlico. Please spend the money on green space for our children and elderly residents.
Know a little about them
09/11/2015 20:30:28OpposeNo
Crime will come with 18,000 people a day, so will noise, danger, cyclists ignoring the rules of the road and charging down what are currently quiet streets.
Pimlico is an oasis in a city, a residential area which is safe with very low crime.
18,000 people a day will be trying to find quiet routes through the area and turn ievery road into a noisy dangerous mess.
I object to the proposed bridge. I have paid council tax and rates here since 1976, my opinion counts.
305/6 Frobisher House, Dolphin Square, London, SW1V 3LL
Nope, never heard of them
09/11/2015 20:50:11OpposeNo
It is very unlikely that the numbers of people given will in fact use the bridge. People do not like walking and where will they go when they get to Pimlico? More walking. The way down on both sides will be a skate boarders paradice. As we already know the majority of flats aquired on the south side of Chelsea Bridge have been bought by overseas buyers as investment and are not occupied.
It would be tragic to spoil the only piece of greenry left on the river in Pimlico and will or spoil and restrict the use of St Georges Square another much needed open space for local residents. Owned by the Council therefore or available for all.
Julia and Henry
21 Warwick Square. SW1V 2AB
de Waal
Yes, we are well acquainted
09/11/2015 21:06:02OpposeNo
We have lived in St George's Square for 16 years. The footfall walking past our flats/houses would be constant and intrusive (We live in a basement flat and as it is we can hear every footstep and chatter of all those walking past). It is obvious that those walking can use either Chelse Bridge and all the available buses to get into town, or then Vauxhall, which leads to Victoria and all its many modes of transport to get to where commuters need to go. Commuters going to Nine Elms would get off anyway at Vauxhall and would then be on the right side of the river for their short walk, or bus ride to work. The only reason people would walk into St George's Sq would be to get to Pimlico tube and the Victoria line which they can access in Victoria anyway. It seems a very heavy handed approach and I think this would truly impact negatively on our lives. I genuinely don't know who would benefit hugely from this and at such a massive cost.
Flat 1, 89 St George's Square
Nope, never heard of them
09/11/2015 21:54:02OpposeNo
As a resident of Pimlico, my family and I value the green space (the limited) green space that Pimlico has. It is home to wildlife, plants and offers space to take children to. If this resident bridge goes through from what we can see this will make a huge impact on the mentioned above. Is there another suggestion to replace this green space within Pimlico.

There seem to be plenty of other places to cross the river and I don't believe this current plan is the best option and certainly will hinder the residents of Pimlico.
Know a little about them
09/11/2015 22:49:04OpposeYes
I fully support the Westminster City Council initiative to oppose the building of the pedestrian/cycling bridge across the Thames to Pimlico. Whatever location is chosen, it will require destroying magnificent heritage trees, and will be of no benefit whatever to Pimlico, a residential area of quiet streets, squares and byways .
308 Collingwood House, Dolphin Square
I know it exists, but that's all
10/11/2015 06:20:21OpposeYes
It's inappropriate for there to be a bridge into Pimlico. Cancel the bridge.
4, Moreton Terrace Mews South, SW1V 2NU
I know it exists, but that's all
10/11/2015 09:23:05OpposeNo
There is adequate provision for pedestrian and cycle traffic across the river. This proposal brings material disadvantages without any obvious benefits.
21 Moreton Terrace, SW1V 2NS
Yes, we are well acquainted
10/11/2015 09:39:10OpposeNo
Against the construction of this bridge, it will ruin Pimlico's quiet village atmosphere for residents.
Nope, never heard of them
10/11/2015 12:52:32OpposeNo
Reject this transparent piece of grandiosity which has no benefit to the residents of Pimlico and will destroy what has been a quiet backwater of central London. Whichever exit point is chosen - either via St George's Square or Claverton Street the resulting noise, pollution, crowding and attendant pedestrian and cycle traffic will destroy the residential environment and have a detrimental effect on the safety of pupils at Pimlico Academy and Primary. The block housing the 2 schools is already crowded with parents and children at rush hours - more would be unbearable. The tube would also become over-crowded and the entire area will become a rat-run for cycles and pedestrians passing through the area. They will not benefit local businesses as they are in transit. The unsightly proposals will obliterate the river vista which can never be reclaimed. This project is being pushed through for the benefit of developers and the high-end properties and embassy intended for Nine Elms. A superfluous nonsense when the cycle highway on Vauxhall Bridge will provide cycle and pedestrian access across the river. It must be rejected.
Flat B, 55 Lupus Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3EY
Yes, we are well acquainted
10/11/2015 14:43:43OpposeNo
The bridge would ruin Pimlico, which is already full of people in the streets. WARWICK WAYBaden-Powell
Nope, never heard of them
10/11/2015 15:42:28OpposeNoam not sure!
34 Denbigh Street London SW1V 2ER
Nope, never heard of them
10/11/2015 18:10:36OpposeNo
Unacceptable to destroy a public green space!
Elli50 Warwick SquareModena
I know it exists, but that's all
10/11/2015 19:44:33Oppose
I oppose these plans because as it stands, it would destroy the only non-fenced park in Pimlico. This, and the community boating centre - which would also be destroyed - are community assets for Pimlico, and their loss would negatively impact on quality of life in the area. Part of London's appeal to people wanting to live here and businesses choosing to locate here, is the preservation of the city's green space and pocket parks.
10/11/2015 21:44:10OpposeNo
This is an unnecessary bridge which will damage the village and community spirit of Pimlico by bringing in cyclists and pedestrians who will be commuting through Pimlico to transit to other places. Green spaces will be destroyed and quiet residential streets will become commuter highways.
24 Hugh Street, SW1V 1RP
Yes, we are well acquainted
11/11/2015 08:35:21OpposeNo
Hi. I am apposed to such a large bridge taking out a quiet green space in Pimlico. If I were the de ion maker I would highly recommend adding a pedestrian bridge onto the existing railway bridge as it comes over the river to Victoria station similar to hungerford
51a moreton Terr, sw1v2ns
Know a little about them
11/11/2015 09:36:31OpposeNo
This bridge is unnecessary and unwanted. The unpredictable effects that it could have on Pimlico are likely to be significant in terms of traffic and congestion. The current bridges are perfectly sufficient.
405 Keyes House, Dolphin Sq, London, SW1V 3NA
11/11/2015 10:55:58OpposeNo
I has taken long time for Pimlico to recover some of the peace, tranquility and safety that was taken away with the building of Victoria Station (XIX century). What you propose will destroy the work of the last 25 years and will take away our villagey atmosphere. Your bridge is unnecessary.
105E, Alderney Street. London SW1V 4HE
I know it exists, but that's all
11/11/2015 11:20:46OpposeNo
I am unfortunately not able to attend the Council Meeting tonight as I will be at home with my 19 month old son.

He is at the age where he is learning to walk and run, to scoot and to cross roads safely and one of the principal reasons we chose to live in Pimlico is the area's green spaces, safe roads and quiet streets which provide an ideal environment for him to do so safely with relative independence.

I know that my son's nursery, as well as surrounding schools rely on these to take children on outings and to enjoy local facilities such as the Pimlico library.

The park housing the Westminster Boating Base charity is one of the few green spaces where children can also enjoy views of the river, and learn to understand its ecosystem. To eliminate sporting equipment such as tennis courts, games lawns and boating bases, when access to these is sorely lacking in the city, and to do so in order to build an unnecessary bridge is both nonsensical and damaging.

The proposed plans will have a significant and detrimental impact on our quality of life and more importantly on that of the children growing up in Pimlico.
7748858882Vilarasau Slade
I know it exists, but that's all
11/11/2015 12:25:54OpposeNo
Strongly oppose this application, it brings nothing to Pimlico except a high volume of pedestrian traffic who will not bring anything to our close knit, village community. Pimlico will be used as a transit hotspot and valuable green space will be used to accommodate commuters. In an ever changing City which is being developed and built beyond recognition we must keep hold of our open green spaces, for health, leisure, sport and pleasure. We must above all be able to protect our community. Friends and neighbours, local communities and all that brings for all ages are vital for healthy, peaceful, happy and productive living. Please do not kill our community.
Yes, we are well acquainted
11/11/2015 12:45:46OpposeNo
Want to retain as many green spaces in London as possible.
Flat 1, 34 Claverton Street, SW1V 3AU
I know it exists, but that's all
11/11/2015 15:50:19SupportNo
I would be thrilled if it went ahead . It will be a gateway to another world and transform a tired piece of scrub land and public toilet for dog owners .
GeorgeChichester street sw1 Smith
Know a little about them
11/11/2015 16:22:43OpposeNo
Please do not disrupt quiet residential neighbourhoods, destroy trees, and disrupt sport/leisure and other local resources to build this bridge. Thank you.
Corenecorenelem@gmail.com07521 315 183
904 Raleigh House, Dolphin Square, London SW1V 3NR
Yes, we are well acquainted
11/11/2015 16:32:16OpposeNo
I use a bicycle myself and at the age of 69 have no difficulty using Chelsea , Vauxhall bridges and other bridges. The proposed bridge is unnecessary and would not be worth the permanent destruction it would cause.
411 Howard House, Dolphin Square
Yes, we are well acquainted
11/11/2015 18:20:22SupportNo
Hi Edward

I'm a member of the Moreton Triangle Residents Association. When we discussed the issue at the AGM, several people I spoke to were actually fairly enthusiastic about it.

Speaking personally, I’m entirely in favour of it – if it were built, we would use it every weekend to get to Battersea Park. When cycling, it would be much safer than competing with the HGVs for space on the polluted and dangerous embankment dual carriageway.
Moreton PlaceNichols
Yes, we are well acquainted
11/11/2015 18:53:37OpposeNo
Please don't turn Pimlico into a place commuters move through, and so destroy the village and quiet atmosphere.
07976 955 268
63 Westmoreland Terrace, London SW1V 4AH
van der Werff
Nope, never heard of them
12/11/2015 17:38:47OpposeNo
not needed - better to use the funds elsewhere on more worthwhile project
Know a little about them
12/11/2015 17:39:14OpposeNo
not needed - better to use the funds elsewhere on more worthwhile project
Know a little about them
13/11/2015 09:53:22OpposeNo
No to the planned route
121/123 Alderney Street, Pimlico
Know a little about them
14/11/2015 11:21:18OpposeNo
Do not build the bridge and ruin Pimlico with extra traffic
Nope, never heard of them
14/11/2015 19:40:51OpposeNot applicable
The proposed bridge is completely unnecessary and would have a destructive impact on the area by
-feeding considerable additional cycle traffic onto the already congested Grosvenor Road and the narrow residential roads either side of St Georges Sq,
-which in turn would create additional safety hazards for the many school children crossing to the Academy and primary school across both ends of the square on Lupus St.
As a regular user of Westminster Boating Base I am very concerned about the threat to the Base that the proposed bridge represents.
I want to see the proposed bridge opposed by every possible means.
+44 20 7834 6990Vernon Griffiths
Know a little about them
14/11/2015 20:50:09OpposeNo
This area is already subjected to large traffic volumes such as Grosvenor Road and buses going through the area often at high speeds.
801 Hawkins House, dolphin Square
Know a little about them
15/11/2015 14:21:08OpposeNo
I am shocked to hear that 18,000 people would be using it daily.
Johnjjcostello@gmail.com122 Lupus StreetCostello
I know it exists, but that's all
15/11/2015 23:11:42OpposeNo
Pimlico truly is a special part of London. Please help to preserve it that way for all who come here to spend time, visit, work or live. I would rather see more investment into making areas like Pimlico and nearby areas on the South side more pleasant and interesting to visit, than make it a thoroughfare for lots of commuters and travellers.
Nope, never heard of them
16/11/2015 07:08:36OpposeNo
The bridge is unwanted, un-asked for and unnecessary. Please drop the idea.
I know it exists, but that's all
16/11/2015 16:50:20OpposeNo
Pimlico is not a bicycle motorway nor a pedestrian thoroughfare. It is a residential space and this proposed vanity bridge will ruin the quality of life for all residents.
Oliveroliverwells@uk2.net771289120711 charlwood place Wells
Yes, we are well acquainted
18/11/2015 15:32:10OpposeNo
A bridge would mean a devastating effect on one of the already most densely populated residential areas in London. The fragile riverside would be ruined and strong backlash from environmentalists as a consequence. There are plenty of bridges already with pedestrian access. There are plenty of busses and underground train options.
Know a little about them
20/11/2015 17:31:03Oppose
It would be very sad to change the character of Pimlico by making it very busy when the Council has done so well to make it a quiet residential area.
6 Herring House 18 Gloucester Street
Nope, never heard of them
21/11/2015 08:27:58OpposeNot applicable
I am very concerned indeed at the proposed bridge. London residents are already struggling with the impact of development in our area - the St George Wharf Tower - known in Pimlico as the Tower of Saruman (see Lord of the Rings) - has really affected the feel of our neighbourhood already. Why is no weight (let alone priority) given to residential use in London any more??
12/26 Gloucester Street SW1V 2DN
Know a little about them
21/11/2015 18:05:09OpposeNot applicable
For money not to be spent on vanity projects, which in this case will simultaneously damage the peacefulness of an established community whilst only serve to increase the value of Nine Elms property. If a new bridge is absolutely necessary this should be built past tower bridge to serve the East London communities. The existing crossings between Vauxhall and Nine Elms are more than suitable for the south london community.
8 St Georges SquareMiller-Jones
Nope, never heard of them
22/11/2015 12:57:40OpposeNo
No bridge. It is unnecessary and the proposal is not valve for money
901 Beatty Housetoon
Yes, we are well acquainted
26/11/2015 10:45:29OpposeNo
The bridge would be an unwelcome, unnecessary, expensive, destructive, intrusion into St George's Sq and Pimlico. It puts our money into the pockets of developers architects etc and there is no business case for it at all. £60m to cut a journey time by 10 minutes? If cycling is to be encouraged health-wise, making the journey shorter is obviously a BAD idea.
I know it exists, but that's all
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