Grade/Subject or Position
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Birthday (mm/dd)T-Shirt SizeFavorite CandyFavorite RestaurantFavorite Drink at Sonic
Favorite Drink at Starbucks
Favorite Flower
Favorite Snacks and Desserts
Favorite ColorFavorite Candle ScentFavorite StoresGift Card IdeasFavorite Sports/Teams
Things you collect/Hobbies
Lunch suggestionsClassroom Wishlist
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
9/18/2020 8:07:37Ali ChaseLead counselor02/04LToffeeCasa mamaLimeadeNoneHydrangeasDark chocolate PinkWoodsy/tobacco/flannelBath body worksBedbathbeyondNoneCookingCountry burger Thank you for all you do!!
5/4/2020 13:40:18Ali Chase Counselor02/04LDark chocolate 60 vinesFresh limeade Flavored green teaPeonies & hydrangeas Caramel cornGrey or taupe
Winter/ spruce/ bow ties& bourbon
Gap/ sephora/ sur la table/ Williams sonoma
Any are so appreciatedNoneTravelingFresh fruit, no melon
McMillen loves their PTSA- thank you so much for all you do!!!
8/11/2021 8:34:44Amber CriddleAchieve SPED05/13Mcan't haveMelting Pot, Chilis
Blackberry Unsweet tea 4 splendas
Strawberry RefesherCarnationPistachiosBlue and OrangeAnythig tropicalHobby Lobby
At Home, Target, Hobby Lobby
Auburn, Cowboys
Tigers, Great Danes, Flying airplanes, kickboxing
Chick Fil A
goldfish, starbursts, skittles, pretzels, poopcorn, fruit roll ups, popscicles, Rice Krispies, granola bars, capri Suns, mini Waters,
I only can heve 3 ounces of food at a time so save your money and get the Kid's meal!! NO Candy!
5/3/2020 23:00:11Amina ChaghaniSpanish 07/09LReese’s Starbucks & Chick Fil AOcean water
Cold brew with salted cream cold foam
Hot Cheetos, brownies, cookies
Pink I love all candles! TJ Maxx/HomegoodsAnything Texas Longhorns
5/4/2020 8:04:35Amina ChaghaniSpanish 07/09LReese’s Starbucks & Chick Fil AOcean water
Cold brew with salted cream cold foam
Hot Cheetos, brownies, cookies
Pink I love all candles! TJ Maxx/HomegoodsAnything Texas Longhorns
5/4/2020 7:46:19Amy Johnson
English I & Academic Literacy I
none12/27XLReesesRaising CanesDiet Vanilla CokeCaramel MacchiatoAny Green Plant
Fresh fruit - especially strawberries
Animal printmulberryRoss, Target, Walmart
not picky at all - I love them!
Los Angeles LakersElephants
not picky at all - always appreciative
Kleenex & Hand Sanitizer
I always appreciate everything that PTSA does for McMillen teachers and staff. You always makes us smile! Thank you!
9/18/2020 7:58:10Amy Rivera10/Spanish 3 and 3H06/24XXL100GrandOlive GardenCranberry slush
Grande Flat White with Almond Milk and 3 Splenda
Chessmen cookies, Nature Valley bar
GreenNone - allergiesWalmart, Target
Starbucks, Walmart, Olive Garden
New Orleans SaintsI play the guitar
Jimmy Johns Country Club Sandwich - No lettuce, No tomato
5/7/2020 9:49:37Andrea DenuszekCounselorDon't have one09/25XSDark ChocolateFlower ChildCranberry LimeaideDecaf Coconut Milk LatteRose
Raw Veggies/Yogurt/Fruit
Blue or Green
Beachwood Vetvier and Sea Spray DriftwoodTo
Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Ulta
To Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Ulta, or Black Walnut
Don't really have oneNoneVegetarian optionsNot applicableandrea.denuszek
9/18/2020 10:24:11Andrea DenuszekCounselor09/25XSDark ChocolateThe original chop houseTeaCoconut Milk roseAlmonds and ChocolateBluePatchouli or musk
StarbucksThe penguinsantique jewerly
Wich,Wich for a vegetarian wrap
I like to watch movies in my spare time and take walks.
5/4/2020 10:40:51Angie RitchieHumanities- 9th and 10th02/07L
Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars
any Mexican foodDiet Cherry LimeadeCaramel Macchiatohydrangeaspopcorn, cookiesvanilla
Targer, Bath & Body Works
Amazon, Target, Chick-fil-a
Texas A&M Aggies, Rangers
cookbooks, pens and notepads
Jersey Mike's
hand sanitizer, colored pencils
Love to read books about history!
5/4/2020 13:45:42Anita Gatson
Site Coordinator-Communities In Schools
7-5LSnickers/Hot TamalesChick-Fil-ACherry LimeadeCarmel Machiatto RoseNacho Cheese DoritosPurpleHome Goods
New York & Company. Bath & Body Works
5/4/2020 7:53:03Ashley Marshall10th Grade English10/12SAny dark chocolateGloria'sCranberry LimeadeAmericanoWhite Rose
Chocolate, brownies, cookies
PinkVanillaTargetAny :)Texas Longhorns
8/11/2021 14:40:12Ashley MarshallHumanities/English II 10/12Sany dark chocolateGloria'sStrawberry LemonadeIced EspressoSunflower
Fruit snacks, chocolate, donuts
PinkVanillaTargetTarget, StarbucksTexas LonghornsRunning, booksChick FilaColorful pens
8/10/2021 21:01:41Baltazar "BJ" FloresSpecial Education Math10/18XXXLSnickersRed LobsterCherry LimeadeChai LattePecans and CookiesBlueCitrusTarget and CostcoRangers and CowboysUnique
5/4/2020 6:25:46BJ Flores9&10/Math&Science10/14XXLMilk chocolate Red Lobster Cherry Limeade
Mango dragon fruit refresher
PopcornBlueCitrusTarget, CostcoTargetBaseball/RangersReading mystery novels
Anything vegetarian, Mac n cheese
Pens, markers, folders, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes
5/5/2020 12:10:50BJ Flores9&10/Math&Science10/14XXLMilk chocolate Red Lobster Cherry Limeade
Mango dragon fruit refresher
PopcornBlueCitrusTarget, CostcoTargetBaseball/RangersReading mystery novels
Anything vegetarian, Mac n cheese
Pens, markers, folders, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes
5/3/2020 23:06:25Blythe BarajasEnglish 2/ ac Lit 210/16XLKit katSalt light cafe (phō)Unsweetened iced tea
Nitro cold brew sweet cream
Glads Chips and cupcakesBlueAnything herby
Nordstrom, sprouts, central market, target
AmazonRangersCats and travelingPhōBookcases
I love cool pens and other school supplies.
5/4/2020 0:01:08Brent Love
9-10 Animal science and agricultural science
07/31XXLKit kat Chilis
Unsweetened tea with peach. Or red bull slush
Carmel macchiato Gerber daisies Tres Leches cakeTurquoise Leather TargetAmazon Red RaidersCraftingJersey
5/4/2020 15:23:12Brianna Lopez Athletic trainer 11/22MReeses Chuys, spring creek bbqStrawberry limeade
Iced caramel macchiato with almond milk
NoneCookies, hot CheetosGreen any Nike Target
Mavericks and Baylor, basketball
8/10/2021 20:01:33Brianna Lopez Athletic trainer 11/22MReeses Chuys Strawberry limeade
Iced Caramel macchiato with almond milk
Cookies cheetoh puffs GreenAppleNike Amazon
Dallas Mavericks/ Baylor bears
Chick-fil-A chipotle
8/10/2021 21:48:21Brianna Lopez Athletic trainer 11/22MReeses Chuys Strawberry limeade
Iced Caramel macchiato with almond milk
Cookies cheetoh puffs GreenAppleNike Amazon
Dallas Mavericks/ Baylor bears
Chick-fil-A chipotle
5/4/2020 12:19:47Brittany DrakeAPTwitter: EducatorDrake03/26XXLTwizzlersOlive Garden
Sweet Tea with Mango Flavor
Green TeaTulips!FruitBlue Eucalyptus TargetTargetMavericks/ Basketball
Candles, Motivational Pictures/ Cooking and Gardening
Anywhere with Salads...Pens- medium tip I miss the kids! 😢
8/8/2019 10:17:53Carter McQuaid
10th grade World History and Honors WH
Nope, sorry.10/16MReese’sChuy’s, Schlotzki’sDr. Pepper
I don’t drink coffee, but some kind of tea with sugar would be great.
Venus FlytrapAnything gluten-free.GreenVanilla
Academy, Cabela’s, Fry’s Electronics, Target.
Also, movie gift cards (preferably Alamo drafthouse)
Texas A&M Aggies, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers.
Disc Golf, Movies, Hunting/Fishing
Anything gluten-free!
32 book socks, hand sanitizer, Kleenex.
Thank you!
5/4/2020 15:46:22Carter McQuaid
10th Grade World History/W.Hist. Honors
10/16LReese'sChuy'sDiet Cherry LimeadeMochaStockAnything gluten-freegreenvanilla
target, cabela's, academy, bass pro
Any of the above stores or restaurants, or Alamo Drafthouse
Texas A&M Aggies, Dallas Cowboys, Mavs, TX Rangers
Disc Golf, Watching Movies
Schlotszky's, McAllisters on Gluten free bread
I've loved my 4 years at McMillen, but I'm moving to Austin over the summer.
8/11/2021 12:21:25christine bernardon9-10 / Spanish I / IInone07/12MwhatchamacallitCheesecake Factorystrawberry lemonadecaramal macchiatoroseschex mix, cheese cakebluetropicalbath and body workssandwich shopsbring your pet to work :)
8/10/2021 21:14:53Cleo TorresCounseling Secretary07/20MChocolateOlive GardenPink LimonadeGreen/Mango teaRoseChocolatePeacokVinillaRossenvyVollyballwork outChiplotleno
5/4/2020 12:20:55Coach Mutsch
Snickers and Peanut M&M’s
Hibachi Cherry Limeade
Snack = Cheese it’s; dessert = ice cream
Cabela’s; Dick’s Sporting Goods; Lowe’s
Visa; Lowe’s; Amazon; fast food places.
Texas Rangers, Green Bay Packers
Hand Sanitizer; Kleenex;
5/4/2020 8:15:17Coach Ryan Henderson
Health Teacher - FB Coach
Twitter @CoachHendo7607/05LSnickersLazy Dog & ChipotleUNsweet Tea Carmel Macchiato RoseFruit & Ice creamBlueVanilla
Dick’s Sporting Goods & Home Depot
Amazon or Home Depot
College Football - Any & all
DIY house projects / working out
Dry erase markers, Kleenex, office supplies, hand sanitizer
Expecting our third child in September
8/8/2019 20:39:20Cortney DavisDance and Drill Team
Dazzlers Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
05/11XLGummies Rosa’sDiet Green TeaBlonde Americano PeonyAvocadoPinkLavender TargetStarbucksTexas A&M
I love to read and do crossword puzzles.
I have two small children who love to attend McMillen events!
5/4/2020 8:29:13Cortney DavisDance and Drill Team
MHSDAZZLERS: Twitter, Insta, Facebook
05/11XLSwedish FishCasa MamaDiet Cherry Sprite Zero AmericanoLilyChocolate Bundt CakePink/Yellow Lavender/Vanilla TargetStarbucks and TargetTexas A&M AggiesTravel coffee tumblersJason’s Deli
Tissues, paper towels, disinfecting wipes
I have two small children that love McMillen!
8/10/2021 19:40:50Cortney Davis
Dance and Drill Team Instructor
Dazzlers on FB/Insta/Twitter
05/11XLGummiesPalio’s Sprite ZeroBlonde AmericanoPeonyAvocadoPinkLavender Ulta, TargetStarbucks, Ulta, Target
Texas A&M Aggies, Dallas Stars
Bandages, Expo Markers, Gently Used Dance Shoes
I have two young children that love McMillen events!
5/4/2020 17:20:48Damian FloresScience Teacher02/18LM&Ms
Carraba’s Italian Restaurant or Pei Wei
Diet Cherry LimeadeCaramel Frappuccino A live one
Chocolate of any kind, funyons, hot fries, Andes mints
Not really a candle person
Lids, GameStop, Target, amazon
Amazon, chili’s, star bucks, target
Houston Rockets, Texas Tech Red Raiders
Art, funko pop, physics/science toys,
Chili’s, chick fila, pei weiAnchor Charts
I’m really easy going and just appreciate thoughts and well wishes.
5/4/2020 8:51:34Danielle Aguilar
9th and 10th/ Computer Science and Video Game Design
07/05LSnickers or StarburstsChick-fil-aDr Pepper
Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate
TulipsBundt CakeTealVanillaAmazonDisney
Anything Disney related that goes in the kitchen
8/6/2021 14:20:41Deanna Reed
PE/Coach/Girls Coordinator
Reese's shapes, skittles, gummy worms/bears
Mi cocinaiced green teaiced blonde vanilla lattenon
belvita blueberry/anything
leaves/frosted cranberry -Bath and Body Works
Nike/Target/Walmart/Starbucks/Einstein bagels
5/4/2020 10:16:54Debra Sanders9th/Algebra 112/05XLdark chocolateAbuelo'scherry limeade
peach green tea lemonade
tulipsnothing bundt cakesredvanillaHobby LobbyHome DepotCowboys/Rangers/StarsGardening
Jason's Deli/Panera Bread
8/12/2021 12:25:24Debra Sanders9th/Algebra 112/05XLDark ChocolateSalsa Tex MexCherry Limeade
Peach green tea lemonade
tulipsnothing bundt cakesredvanillaHobby LobbyHome DepotCowboys/Rangers/StarsGardening
Jason's Deli/ Panera Bread
Dry Erase Boards
5/4/2020 14:09:13DeMarcus Mathes
Athletic director/head football/PE
12/141981LMr.GoodbarHannaRootbeer float NoneNoneBlueNoneWalmart7-11Dallas Cowboys SonicsNone
8/10/2021 19:48:13DeMarcus mathesPE/Athletic Director 12/14/1981LMr. GOODBARChipotle Cherry limeadeRose
Ice cream cookies and cream
Blue AnyWalmartAmazon Dallas CowboysSportsChick Fla Whistle
5/4/2020 17:12:54Dyana EdwardsChemistry/IPC/Coach 06/14XXL
Skittles, Starburst, anything fruity
Sprite Zero with blackberry and peach
Any Frappuccino Orchids
Cheez-it’s and cheesecake!
TealPineappleAmazon 😂Any and all are awesome!Cowboys!!!Shot glasses and socks Chic fil a salads Pens!!
I like funny shirts, sayings, decals... I like to laugh 😂
8/10/2021 23:35:59Elliot Monteverde-Torres
Dept. Chair - LOTE & Spanish Teacher
Chocolate: Kit Kat & Hershey w/ almonds
Hard-Eight BBQWater
Café Latte. (4 packets of brown sugar)
Water Lily
Trail mix / Boston Creme donuts at Krispy Kreme
Mahogany Teakwood, Sea Mist, Sea Salt or Water Lily and Hyacinth
Lowes; Academy; Dick’s; Monkey Sports; Macy’s; Scheels
Home Depot; Amazon; Monkey Sports; D-Bat; Scheels
NY Mets / baseball - Roberto Clemente #21
Vegetarian; salads; Chick-fil-A
5/4/2020 13:43:44Erin BrittenAlgebra 1/H PreCalculusO3/03SJr MintsChickFilACherry LimeadeMochaGerber DaisiesPopcorn, Dark chocolatepale colorsCinnamonTargetAmazon
batteries, Expo markers, colored pencils
8/10/2021 22:15:49Erin Brittenmath teacher03/03SJr MintsChick FilACherry LimeadeMocha FrappuccinoGerber Daisybuttery popcorngreencinnamonTargetAmazonCleveland BrownsBakingMexican, BBQ1 inch bindersn/
5/4/2020 8:52:39frances c Alldayteacher12/31MLindt chocolateZoeslattestocks/lillies
aldi Somoa cookies/talenti gelato
blueanything flowery
whole foods/central market
knitting, games with grandson (5yr) cycling
soup sandwich saladbinders, I LOVE MY JOB!!
8/7/2019 23:21:41Gail Gumm
9/10 Honors and On Level Geometry
12/04LNerds, Swedish fish
Burning Rice, Kolache factory, Canes, Country Burger, Whataburger
Mango slushees Soy late decaf (non dairy)Pink Gerbera Daisy
Oranges, grapes, trail mix, club crackers
Walmart, Kohl’s, Tom Thumb , Aldi
Bath and body works, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target
Penn State
I like to knit and crochet and make stuff with lanyards
Canes, Country Burger, Whataburger
2 or 4 tier shelf, four drawer file cabinet
I love rainbows
5/3/2020 23:48:30Gail Gumm9-10 Geometry None12/04LSwedish fish
What a burger, Canes , Country burger
NoneNonegerbera daisy
Brownies, chocolate chip cookies
PinkVanilla, magnolia
Kohl’s, Walmart, TomThumb, old navy, Michaels crafts
Michaels crafts, hobby lobby, Joanne fabrics
Penn State
I like to crochet, knit, go for walks. I love rainbows
Canes , country burger, Whataburger
A shelf to books for kids to keep books in the classroom.
8/10/2021 20:51:41Gail Gumm
iLEAP/ Credit Recovery (Geometry)
Swedish fish, motts gummies, nerds, dots,
Whataburger , Jersey Mikes
Tator tots ( mango slushee)
I am lactose intolerant Starbucks is not my friend :(. I enjoy more of a slushee drink from sweet hut.
Plumeria/ gerbera daisy
Pringles regular chips, Sweet hut mango slushee
PINK!!!! ( Fuscia)Vanilla , mango
Old navy, Walmart, Target , Kohl's
What a burger, Below 40, Sweet Hut, Academy, Kohl's, Walmart, Old Navy
Penn State
Knitting, crochet ring, sewing. I love fidget toys and stuffed animals!!!
Whataburger, Jersey Mike's, no cheese, no tomatoes
Mouse pads and a mouse ( I would love 30 new ones!!). Also I could use some shelving if anyone is getting rid of old shelves.
Thank you for all your support !! We love the PTSA!
5/4/2020 13:37:34Gerri GanttAttendance Secretary06/23XL
Almond Joys, Dove Chocolate
Cheddars, Chipotle, Whataburger
Cherry limeade slush
That is white chocolate mocha
any colorful flowers
red velvet cake, coconut pie, white macadamia,
Champagne toast and watermelon lemonade by Bath And Body Works
Bath And Body Works, JcPenny,Target, Old Navy,
Starbucks, Bath And Body Works,
Volleyball, Soccer
Walking, Zumba, Bowling, Bike
Hibachi Grill, Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane's,
Black ink pens, colorful highlighter, black sharpers,
No I don't think so 😃
9/17/2021 9:36:22Gerri GanttAttendance Clerkn/a06/23XXLDove chocolateEdohana Japanese Cherry Lime SlushWhite Chocolate MochaLotus Flower
Voortman Bakery Vanilla wafers
Strawberry Lemonade Candle
Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Target, Jcpenny,st
Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, Target, Homedepot
n/aCandlesChick-fil-a, Chipotlen/an/
5/3/2020 23:02:26Ingrid Goslin9 English 04/09XXLKit KatOlive Garden Ocean waterCinnamon dolce latteAll
Gelato talenti Mediterranea mint
Royal blue/ purpleFreshTarget/ Walmart WalmartSpursFelt pens/ glitter pens
Jimmy John/ Jersey mikes
Love basketball themed items
8/10/2021 19:30:34Ingrid GoslinEnglish 104/09XXXLKit Kat Olive Garden Blackberry iced tea Iced coffee AllPopCornRoyal blueFreshAllTarget: Walmart: visa Spurs/mavs/netsBasketball themed itemsDeli sandwiches
Tissue boxes/sanitizer/felt pens/ etc
I love to read
8/10/2021 22:52:07Jacqueline SchlumpfFront Office ReceptionistN/A08/05M
dark chocolate, almonds and or peanuts
diet green iced tea
iced green tea of any sorts
veggie straws zesty ranch or chex mix original
turquoise, soft gray, sleight blue, vintage green
anything woodsy, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar, leather
T.J.Max, Target, Marshalls, Khols & Ross
starbucks, Jasons Deli, Mogios, casa Mama, LaFlor
Angel wings, anything inspirational
chick-fil-a, country burger, McAlisters, Taco Cabana
5/4/2020 14:36:06Jacquelynn Phillips9th and 10th grade CTEnone12/1M
Pappadeux's or the Cheesecake Factory
anything white, yellow, or pink
yellow or lavendarOld Navythe Olive GardenChipotleno
5/4/2020 13:02:57Jason LefflerSPED Paraprofessional None 06/14XLSweet Tarts Whataburger Strawberry Sprite Chai Tea latte Rose Sunflower seeds/ chips Green Anything citrus TargetWhataburger/TargetTexas Rangers Baseball Whataburger Tissue
8/11/2021 8:23:57Jason LefflerSPED Paraprofessional None06/14XLMr. GoodbarChick-fil-A
Half sweet half unsweetened tea
Chai latte with one shot espresso
None Cheez it’s popcorn Green Citrus Target Target sonic Texas Rangers Sports Whataburger None None
8/15/2021 10:30:50Jason LefflerSPED Paraprofessional None06/14XLMr. GoodbarChick-fil-A
Half sweet half unsweetened tea
Chai latte with one shot espresso
None Cheez it’s popcorn Green Citrus Target Target sonic Texas Rangers Sports Whataburger None None
8/18/2019 18:30:30Jennifer Standberry
Girls Volleyball/Basketball Coach& Sped teacher
Chocolate-Snickers, Milky Wat
Chick Filet, Sonic
Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla
White Chocolate MochaLilly’sFruit, Cashews, Almonds, Teal
Warm Vanilla Sugar, Mahogany coconut,
Starbucks, Bath & Body Works, TJMaxx
Dallas Cowboys
Exercising, photos (frames), family, crosses
Grilled chicken salad
Basics; pens, pencils, erasers, miniature white dry erase boards
5/4/2020 6:19:52Jessica CrutchfieldSped Behavior Teacher11/21/1981M
Anything Gummy, Gummy bears, Starburst, twizzlers etc
Any Tex Mex Strawberry Lemon WaterCarmel Machiatto Rose
Almonds, dark chocolate and anything healthy
Purple and pinkBath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works, Michaels, Hobby Lobby
VisaMavericksNothing reallyPanda Express, Sonic,
Pens, pencils, dry erase markers
5/4/2020 13:01:22Jessie RodriguezAlgebra 109/28XLBerry Sour Patch KidsChipotle
Real cherry natural lemonade
AnyBrowniesOrangeUniversity of Notre Dame SportsTacos I love TACOS!
5/4/2020 6:57:58Josh KurzweilBand Director12/11XXLHaribo Gummi BearsWhiskey CakeHot ChocolateEmporium PiesTarget
Dallas Mavs, Texas Tech Red Raiders
Sticky Rice, Pho 544, Chipotle
Pencils, white board markers and erasers, B-flat Clarinet or Alto Saxophone reeds (D'Addario 3.0+)
8/11/2021 8:44:32Josh KurzweilBand Director12/11XXLHaribo Gummy BearsWhiskey CakeHot ChocolateTarget/LowesTarget/LowesDallas Mavs
Anything Disney or Pixar/Anything Corgi
9/18/2020 8:16:39Joshua KurzweilBand Director12/11XXLJeng ChiUnsweet Peach teaHot ChocolateTargetDallas
8/11/2021 12:30:40Judy SliderSped para12/25LSugar freeHard 10Diet cherry limadeCream with a little coffee All flowers and lsntdSugar freeOrange Linen Nordstrom AmaznDallas statsPlaying pianoChick fa lay
Students to have all they need
Love our students. So happy to bring joy to their lives.
8/13/2021 11:23:11Judy SliderSped para12/25LSugar freeHard 10Diet cherry limadeCream with a little coffee All flowers and lsntdSugar freeOrange Linen Nordstrom AmaznDallas statsPlaying pianoChick fa lay
Students to have all they need
Love our students. So happy to bring joy to their lives.
5/4/2020 13:12:15Juliana AguilarSpanish08/22SKit KatWingstopOcean waterPink drinkTulips
Hot cheeto Puffs/fries and cheesecake
Pink Anything coconut!
Express/ Bath and Body Works
Starbucks/TargetDallas CowboysYogaChipotle
Flair pens and expo markers!
8/5/2021 19:23:52Justin Belt
English 1/ English 1 Honors
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Shake ShackOrange-Mango SlushWhite Chocolate Mocha
Celsius and honey Roasted Peanuts
Blue, Orange, or PinkLavenderMacy’s and Dillards
Dallas Cowboys, Stars, Vegas Knights
Pops Funko Figurines, Comic Books
Sausage Personal Pan Pizzas
Comic Books and Graphic Novels
I love to read and write. I play guitar and video games.
8/10/2021 20:01:16Justin Belt9th Grade ELAR07/12XLReeses PB CupShake ShackOrange Mango SlushWhite Chcolate MochaNone
Chocolate Nothing Bundt Cake
Blue, Orange, PinkLavender Anything really.
Cowboys, Vegas Knights, Seattle Krakens
Pop Figurines (Funko), Comic Books, Journals
McAllister’s Spud with Cheese and Bacon with Black Cherry Arnold Palmer
Comic Books and Graphic Novels
I love books, music, and positivity!
8/11/2021 8:45:09Kay Casey
Geometry/Honors Alg 2 Teacher
06/27XLSnickersAbuelo'sCherry LimeadeCaramel FrappRoseAnyBlueAnyAnyAnyCubs, RangersSuperman memorabiliaAnyLysol
5/4/2020 8:53:17Kay Fernandes
Honors Geometry / Algebra 2
06/27XLSnickersAnything MexicanSweet TeaCaramel FrappuccinoTulip
Chips&Salsa / Lemon-Meringue Pie
At Home / Hobby Lobby / Walmart
I love restaurants!
Chicago Cubs / I love baseball.
I have always been a Superman collector.
I eat anything except tuna. :)
Staplers, tissues, hand sanitizer, AAA batteries
8/10/2021 20:39:57Laura HarringtonArt not sure of it yet06/14M5th Avenue Bar
Chickfila, First Watch Cafe
Diet Cherry Limeade
Tall double shot vanilla latte
Baked sour cream and onion chips, cheesecake
Aqua Blue
Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla
Amazon, Target, Michaels
Amazon, TargetDallas Cowboys
Kawaii stuff, i.e. stickers, resin sets, polymer clay
Chickfila cobb salad, grilled chicken, lite dressing, diet lemonade
Colored sharpies, extra fine black sharpies, Prismacolor brand colored pencil sets, fun duct tape colors
I have a 5.5 year old son, John (loves Spiderman) and a 2 year old chocolate lab (extreme chewer)
5/3/2020 23:48:33Lauren Litwin
Art 1 and 2 2D on level and honors
12/18XXLSour watermelon or twix
First Watch or Meso Maya
Watermelon slushIced caramel macchiato
Gerbera Daisies and Lilacs
Cool ranch doritos, milk and cookies
BlackOcean or linen
Madness Games, Barnes and Noble, Michaels Art Supplies
Amazon, Michaels, Target,
Golden State Warriors
Art supplies, Raccoons, art books, puzzles
Sonic, Salata, Torchys, Chipotle, Panera
Hand sanitizer, tissues, glue, pencils, dry erase markers, post-its
I love home and hand made things. I have a dog. I love Marvel comics. I also love Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.
8/10/2021 20:13:09Lauren Litwin
9th & 10th/ Art I 2D & Art II 2D On-Level & Honors
Dark chocolate & sour watemelons
First Watch & Which WichCherry Coke ZeroChai Almond Milk LatteGerbera Daisy
kettle corn, drum sticks, blueberries, white cheddar cheezits
BlackFresh Laundry
Michael's, Asel Art Supplies, Target, Ross, Amazon
Starbucks, Office Depot, Target, Amazon
Golden State Warriors & San Francisco Giants
I love everything Marvel, Raccoons, and art supplies
I am a big fan of salads and vegetarian sandwiches :)
boxes of Kleenex, acrylic paint, tracing paper, spray paint, sharpies, watercolor paint
I am so grateful for our amazing and supportive McMillen PTSA! Here's to a fabulous 2021-2022 school year! :)
5/4/2020 9:47:56Laurence Mallory9th/World GeographyN/A06/09XXLOlive Burger or ChipotleCherry Limade Rte 44N/AN/ABlue or BlackEucalyptusChipotleNY Giants or NY YankeesFootball, Boxing, ChessVegeterian Bean BurritoMagnetic Timer
8/11/2021 8:20:42Leah Sabes
9-10, Business, Digital Media, Dollars & Sense
01/25XXLKitKat or Peanut M&M's CheddarsCoke Zero CherryMocha FrapYellow RoseP3's and AlmondsPurpleHawaiian BreezeDollar TreeAnyBasketballI sew, crochet & knitSimple
SD Card readers/SD Cards
Grandmother raising two young children, 5 & 6.
5/4/2020 13:35:03Lenne Stricker
9 HGAP 10 EURO 10 PALs
Mdark chocolateChick fil ahalf & half sweet teaIced tea or Hot chocolateTulip
popcorn - jalapeno ranch or Chicago
PinkVanilla or ButtercreamHome GoodsAmazonHockey - BlackhawksOlaf & RunningJersey Mikescolored
9/16/2020 7:41:40Lenne Stricker9/10 Social Studies04/30MDark ChocolateWhataburgerN/AN/ATulip & Rose
Cashews & Nothing Bundt
PinkVanilla in itTargetAmazonChicago BlackhawksOlaf/RunningCafe MaxN/
8/11/2021 7:54:10Lenne Stricker
10th AP & OL World History
04/30MDark Chocolate
Matt's; Whataburger; In & Out; Chick fil a
1/2 sweet & 1/2 unsweet Tea
N/AAny really - Tulip
Smart Pop/Dark Chocolate
PinkAnything with VanillaAmazon
Amazon, Whataburger, Chick fil a
Whataburger, Jersey Mike's, Chick fil a
Expo Markers
Thank you for allowing me to teach your kiddos!! I love what I do.
8/10/2021 22:43:29Liesenfelt, Robin
9 & 10/Prof. Comm. and Speech & Debate
3/10/1963LDark ChocolateCasa MamaUnsweet Ice TeaTall Soy LattePurple Iris
Biscoff, McVities Wheat Biscuits, Nothing Bundt
PURPLECitrus or HerbalTuesday Morning
Starbucks, Target, Amazon
Hufflepuff Quidditch--Jason's Deli
Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers (Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors)
8/10/2021 19:43:59Lindsay BarnhillBand directorInsta- @mcmillenhsband 12/09LHeathHealthy HubDiet dr. PepperIced chai tea latteSunflowersTakis, browniesYellow
Fall (pumpkin, food, cinnamony)
Healthy hub, ultra, targetHealthy hub, target, ultaRazorbacksGym!
Anything with a big cookie
You’re all amazing and I love you!
8/8/2019 7:03:07Lisa Lambert
9th Honors World Geography
7/06LHershey special dark Chick fil A Unsweet Tea nonfat vanilla latte Pink stargazer lily
peanut butter crackers, anything with frosting
Pink Vanilla Target, AthletaAmazon McMillen Basketball :) Jazzercise instructor
Cafe Max, Jersey Mikes,
I am one of just a few teachers left that opened this building, and I love MHS :)
5/4/2020 6:36:55lisa lambertHonors World Geography07/06LDark chocolate almonds
Any pizza or Mexican food restaurant
Unsweetened teaGrande blonde roast Any!!!Anything chocolate :)Pink Vanilla DSW, Hobby Lobby
Michaels, target, Chick-Fil-A
TCU, college basketball
CraftingCafe Max, Colored pencils :)
5/4/2020 13:28:10LoriAP Human Geography09/23M
Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Mi Cocina, or anything Mexican/Tex-Mex
Coke Zero
Nitro Cold Brew with one Splenda
Black Calla Lily assorted salty nuts
Dark Turquoise/Peacock Blue
Target, World Market, DSW
Starbucks, Sonic, Barnes and Noble, Target, Wal-Mart, any restaurant/food
I enjoy all sports/OU Sooners
anything with a map/globe on it, or anything that relates to Human Geography, records, music posters
turkey sub in a tub - Jersey Mike's
tall file cabinet
9/18/2020 8:04:47Lori Lysobey
AP Human Geography/World Geography
09/23MDark Chocolate AlmondsMi Cocina
Coke Zero/Diet Cherry Limeade
Nitro Cold BrewCalla Lily
Almonds/Dark Chocolate Almonds
OU/University of Oklahoma
Sub in a tub from Jersey Mike's
Colored tray organizer cart
I love all things geography.
8/10/2021 19:25:00Lori Lysobey
AP Human Geography/World Geography
09/23MDark chocolate Mi CocinaCoke Zero Nitro Cold Brew Black Calla LilyDark chocolate almondsBlackLeather TJ Maxx, Target, DSW
Statbucks, Amazon, TJ Maxx, DSW
Yankees, OUMusic
Sub in a tub from Jersey Mike’s
Kleenex, hand sanitizer, colored pencils
5/4/2020 13:57:44Lorraine Seawright10th Chemistry Teacher07/09MDark Chocolate with nutsCheese Cake FactoryCoke Zero with Vanilla
Skinny Frappuccino blended ice
Hard apples, grapes, key lime pie
neutral colors at home, pinkish coral on myself
Natural oil scents such as vanilla, cinnamon etc
NY& Cochick fil aDallas CB
collector spoons from around the world
anything lean and healthyexpo markers
I love to garden flowers, shrubs, etc.
5/3/2020 23:50:30Lulbora Fejza
9th and 10th SPED/Science
07/25MChocolateChick fil ACherry Limeade
Iced Cocoa Cloud Machiato
TulipsCheesecakeNavy BlueLavender TargetTarget, Starbucksn/aGardeningChick Fil A
Do not have a classroom, I am a floater
Expecting baby #2 in June!!!
8/12/2021 8:28:46Lulbora FejzaSPED Teacher 07/25MReese'sChili'sCherry Limeade
Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso
OrchidsQuest protein bargrayCherryTargetTargetSoccerSalads, healthy
5/4/2020 15:13:52Maria Aguirre
Assistant Special Education Structured
10/15XLM&M's PeanutsChili'sLemmonBerry SlushStrawberry FrappachinoRoses
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream & Trail MIx
Watermelon Lemmonaide
Walmart and Dollar Tree
Walmart, Petsmart, Dollar Tree, Target, Amazon, VISA Gift Cards
CowboysWatch Netflex, open to suggestions
dry erase markers, note pads, markers, map colors, glue, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, sharpies, white out
I am a single mother of 2 kids. I have a son who is 22 years old and a daughter who is 18 years old. I also have a dog, She is a Miniature Poodle named Merryweather she is 9 years old. We adopted her in January of 2020. We moved from the City (Richardson, Tx) to the Country (Royse City, Tx) in Sept. 2019 and love it out here.
5/4/2020 9:42:35Maria GonzalezEnglish I NA05/20Hershey's ChocolateFoxxisCoke or PepsiRegular CoffeeNAPringlespinkNAAmazonAmazon, Target, LowesDallas CowboysNANAYA books
Miss my students. Hope they're doing well.
8/10/2021 19:53:56Maria Gonzalez
10th grade English II Honors/ English II On Level
05/20XXLtaffyEdoko Sushi & RobataCokeNA
cherry blossoms, snapdragons, tulips
smart popcorn and creme brulee
pinkpeach blossomBath and Body, KohlsTargetTennis, trackYA bookspho and spring rolls
pencil sharpener, more YA books to add to my classroom library (will take donations if you have some you want to get rid of)
I love to read books and walk my dogs.
5/4/2020 9:45:06Maria RohrOrchestra August 30STiger Asian Bowl
Half sweet half unsweetened tea
Nitro with sweet creamSunflower Chips and hummusGreenTarget AmazonI love houseplants.Chick Fil a, Tissues,
8/11/2021 8:31:44Maria RohrOrchestra08/30SCarrabba's
half sweet/half unsweet tea
nitro cold brew with sweet cream
sunflowerhome made cookiesyellowvanillaamazon, target, michaels
amazon, target, michaels, manicure/pedicure
not a sport, but yogalionsMehfil, Jersey Mike's,
tissues, decent smelling hand sanitizer
5/4/2020 22:46:58Mark BrownSpanish 2, 3, 3H03/06XLturtles or M&M peanut :)TEXASCokeCoffee - BlackGardenia
Pecan Pie German Chocolate Cake
Yellow and GreenEvergreen
Half Price Books / Sporting Goods
Half Price BooksTexas Aggies !!!!
Caming / Hiking / Canoeing
Country Burger
more space! I have what I need for the most part.
I and the FCA sponsor at McMillen! I love teaching HS kids!
8/10/2021 19:52:14Mary cabreralead counselor12/21Lpeanut m&mChuy'scherry limeade
no water chai w/ whip cream :)
chocolate covered almonds
orangeclean cotton/linen scentsnike
starbucks & half price books
LA Lakers & Dallas Cowboys
i love polka dots & stickers
8/12/2021 12:56:03Mary KoshatkaFrench 1,2,3H04/06LBig KatChipotleVanilla Dr. Peppervanilla latterosebrowniesgreenlilacTarget, Banana RepublicamazonHockey anythingyogaanything chicken
international flags to hang around my room for decor
I am easy to please! Thank you
8/7/2019 15:31:19Maysaa Enaya10/ Chemistry07/02MDark chocolateGloriasCaramel Frappuccinorosesred, orangevanillakirkland Football/ Cowboys
Science Shirts/ buttons. love to cook and travel.
chick fil Apaper Towels, Kleenex.
I love my job and my students:)
5/4/2020 7:26:51Maysaa Enaya10 chemistry teacher07/02LDark chocolateChick fil, Gloria’sCaramel FrappuccinoRoses
Cheese cake, vegetables
Dillard’s, Kirkland, Macy’s, hobby lobby
Starbucks, chick fil, canes, Lowe’s
Football cowboysCooking and traveling
Chick fil chicken nuggets or salad( no bacon)
Markers, glue sticks, wipes, bold dry erase markes,
I appreciate our McMillen PTSA so much. You guys are amazing. Thank you
8/10/2021 19:39:01Maysaa Enaya10 chemistry07/02MAny dark chocolate Glorias, chick filAny smoothie Caramel FrappRoses
Nothing Bundt cake ( white raspberry)
RedAny Home goods, target
Starbucks, home goods, Chili’s, chick fil
Football and soccer/ cowboys
Candles, cooking and traveling
Chick fil:)
Dry erase markers, Kleenex, paper towels, wipes, any used board/ brain games
I want to thank you for all what you do for us:)
5/4/2020 8:21:51Megan ParrHumanities teacher08/30LTwizzlers peel-apartCracker Barrel
half sweet tea, half unsweet tea, add vanilla and strawberry
almond milk latte with a splash of sweet cream
flaming hot cheetos, cheesecake, all the gummies, double-stuffed oreos, fruit pies, and sour cream and cheddar ruffles.
Pastel blue
Anything sweet like vanilla and apple cinnamon
TJ Maxx, Home Goods, World Market, Trader Joes
TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Trader Joes
Aggie football (WHOOP) and the Dallas Stars
Collect old books. Hobbies include reading, cooking, watching old movies, and snuggling with my dog and cat.
Jersey Mike's
Expo markers, disinfectant wipes, and pencils
I love teaching all your kiddos!
5/4/2020 10:55:17Meredith SmithLibrarian@McMillenLib02/20MSkittles or StarburstChick-fil-ADiet Cherry Limeade
Chai Tea Latte (almond milk)
Casa Blanca Liliesrice krispie squarespink or midnight blue
Peace or Bird of Paradise by Circle E
Any bookstore!!
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books
Houseplants, red transferware, knitting, yoga
More plants for the library or at least nice containers
I'm very easy going and appreciative of anything. Thank you, PTSA, for everything you do!!!