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AdvisorTanner Hess (University of Central Florida; SAACURH)Ashelee Chensky (Florida State University; SAACURH)Imani Elkins (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Tanner Hess (University of Central Florida; SAACURH)Karina Pantoja (Case Western Reserve University; CAACURH)Grace Little by Paul McCrary (University of Georgia; SAACURH)Jacob W. Sherry by Xinyu Liu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; MACURH)Rashawn Harvey by Lucia (MACURH)Athena Folino by Cameron Tong (CAACURH)Katelyn Neeey by Jenny Sperry(SAACURH)Savannah Davis by Rachell Krell (IACURH)Justin Johnson by Jared Heller (CAACURH)Emily Hummel by Jasmine Perez (IACURH)Heather Willis by Xuxa Rossi (CAACURH)Cole Keiper by Hannah Gentry (MACURH)Kelcy Kain by Rachell Krell (IACURH)Alejandro Martinez (CAACURH)Craig Kuehnert by Courtney Dobbins (IACURH)
Community Service ProgramHugs N' Kisses Candygrams (University of Akron; CAACURH)Sole4Souls Shoe Program (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Who's the Best Floor? (University of Akron; CAACURH)Puppy Paw-ty (University of Akron; CAACURH)Ultimate Uno Tournament Food Drive by Tessa Bradley (Murray State University; SAACURH)Give-Thanks-a-Thon by Sydeny Rosenau (MACURH)Buckeye "Booty" Treasure by James MacGregor (CAACURH)Valentine's Cards for Hospitalized Kids by Tees Bradley (SAACURH)Valentine's Day Greetings for Overseas Troops by Jacquelynn Scheatzle (CAACURH)SAMS Rock Alike by Jacquelynn Scheatzle (CAACURH)Cards for Care: Happy Halloween by Ana Moyers (SAACURH)CWRU MedWish Trip by Mark Madler (CAACURH)Caring Cards by Audre Davis (SAACURH)Honolulu Zoo - Helping Hand by Aubreigh Sharpe (PACURH)CCU Relay by Katie Fisher(SAACURH)
Diversity ProgramA Taste Around the World (Appalachian State University; SAACURH)Pass the Plate (Florida International University; SAACURH)All Around the World (Towson University; CAACURH)International Potluck (Texas Christian University; SWACURH)Hispanic Heritage Month Taco Night by Tessa Bradley (Murray State University; SAACURH)The Rainbow Gala by Stephen Ashbaugh (CAACURH)Journey to Japan by Lauren Nguyen (CAACURH)Michael Ferro by Ethan Stack (CAACURH)Lunar New Year Celebration by Ana Dutton (SWACURH)BaFa' BaFa' by LaPerish Barnes (GLACURH)Hair Talk by Kaice Connelly (SAACURH)Don't Let These Conversations Dye Out by Kylie DeVitis (CAACURH)We Stand Together by Nneze Akubuilo (PACURH)How to Be a Better Ally by NYU Torch Chapter (NEACURH)
Educational ProgramSex Fest (Case Western Reserve University; CAACURH)UA Leads Series and Officer Training School Kickoff (University of Akron; CAACURH)Piñata Party (University of Akron; CAACURH)Journaling with Jake (University of Akron; CAACURH)Halloween ESA Puppy Party (Murray State University; SAACURH)Safety Carnival by Alyssa Toshimitsu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte; SAACURH)David Coleman by Dillon Taynor (University of Akron; CAACURH)Activities Staff Workshop #2 by Lindsey Corcoran (University of Akron; CAACURH)Learning Beyond Education by Grace DeWitt (University of Akron; CAACURH)Embracing You by Natalie Deibel (CAACURH)RHA Housing Selection Information Session by Rosalyn Impink (NEACURH)Sex-Tac-Toe by Riddhi Patel (PACURH)So you want to be an RA by Lauren Palmer (GLACURH)Deep Stress De-Stress by Cobi Genna (SAACURH)Root Beer Kegger by Lindsey Corcoran (CAACURH)Talk It Out by Ana Moyers (SAACURH)Happy Little Accidents by Ana Moyers (SAACURH)Living@Mines Q&A by Hayden Cooreman (IACURH)Send Noods by Aubreigh Sharpe (PACURH)A "New" Normal Send Noods by Logan DeForest (PACURH)Life after Reslife by NYU Torch Chapter (NEACURH)
Executive Board MemberCooper Prolux (University of California, Riverside; PACURH)Nik Henegar (University of Tennessee, Knoxville; SAACURH)Jackie Sheatzle (University of Akron; CAACURH)Erica Fox (University of Central Florida; SAACURH)Asher Davidson (Appalachian State University; SAACURH)Brandon Vanlandingham by Lola DeCroes (Mississippi State University; SAACURH)Jimmy Maloney by Melissa Medin (Indiana University Bloomington; GLACURH)BreAnna Pirokowski by Meghan Schmitt (University of Akron; CAACURH)Michael Ferro by Ethan Stack (CAACURH)Cody Holbach by Kimberly Claggett(GLACURH)Jared Heller by Cameron Tong (CAACURH)Alexis Regler by Emma Toussenel (IACURH)Paul McCrary by Kai Chen (SAACURH)Gabe Eggers by Jacob Pearson (SAACURH)Nissi Ojeda by Emma Toussenel (IACURH)Noah Chavez by Cameron Tong (CAACURH)Lindsey Corcoran by BreAnna Piorkowski (CAACURH)Lexi Currie by Luke Trese (CAACURH)BreAnna Piorkowski by Emma Vosniak (CAACURH) Catherine Study by Ben Mora (SWACURH)Jordan Barger byNatasha Pillai (PACURH)
First Year StudentDecker O'Steen (University of California, Santa Barbara; PACURHMario Milos (The University of Akron; CAACURH)Madison Allen (Towson University; CAACURH)Braden Adams (University of Central Florida; SAACURH)Ella Collis (University of Arkansas; SWACURH)Reese Walter by Lindsey Corcoran (University of Akron; CAACURH)Isaac Robertson by Tessa Bradley (Murray State University; SAACURH)Karima Damson by Lindsey Corcoran (CAACURH)Nora Van Asten by Dawson Davis (MACURH)Hank Herzfeld by Hank Herzfeld (SWACURH)Tyler Zimmerman by Hadlee Rinn (GLACURH)Ke'Aundria Harrington by Jordan Wren (SAACURH)Sydney Carson by Bobby (SAACURH)Hannah Eckstein by Elizabeth Gier (MACURH)Grace Harten by Linda Nwosu (SAACURH)Coral Schmidt-Montilla by Jack Supenia (CAACURH)Jordan Roth by Ethan Boley (CAACURH)Scott Cronin (CAACURH)Nathaniel Shaner by Luke Trese (CAACURH)
Graduate AssistantDavid Paz (Texas A&M University; SWACURH)Aana Nadeem (University of Oklahoma; SWACURH)Sarah Canner (University of Florida; SAACURH)Ryan Lawson (CAACURH)Virginia Pressly (University of Southern Mississippi, SAACURH)Sonja Brankovic by Ayan Kadri (Georgia Institue of Technology; SAACURH)Paige Bennebaker by Connor (Appalachian State University; SAACURH)
Institution Faculty/StaffDr. Nicole Hunka (University of Akron; CAACURHMalinda (Case Western Reserve University; CAACURH)Circle K International (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Dr. Lance Wells (University of Georgia; SAACURH)Dr. Nancy Zimmerman (Kutztown University; CAACURH)Mr. Will Moffitt by Chris Trzepacz (Murray State University, SAACURH)Professor Brian Ballou (University of Akron; CAACURH)Todd A. Stumpf, M.A. by Hannah Kelly (University of Akron; CAACURH)Maddie Hill by Abigail "Abby" Spence (CAACURH)Dr. Lisa Weems by Avery Walton (CAACURH)Sophia "Sophie" Calhoun by Mar Pepin (SAACURH)Robin Gagnow by Kristin Brewer (CAACURH)Margaret Hilton by Chad Butts (CAACURH)Dr. Kyler J. Sherman-Wilkins by Hannah Gentry (MACURH)Monica Scheider by Shannan Lunar (CAACURH)Daniel Ajon by Kristin Brewer (CAACURH)Annie-Laurie Blair by Shannan Lunar (CAACURH)Timothy Chenette by Meghan Hatfield (IACURH)Dr. George Sirrakos by Kylie DeVitis
OrganizationBall State University Dance Marathon (Ball State University; GLACURH)Environmental Action (University of Akron; CAACURH)Scott Hall Resident Leadership Council (University of North Carolina at Charlotte; SAACURH)Loper Programming and Activities Council (Univesity of Nebraska-Kearney; MACURH)Women in Business by Jacqualynn Scheatzle (University of Akron; CAACURH)Army ROTC (University of Akron; CAACURH)RHPB by Nathaniel Shaner (University of Akron; CAACURH)Buildings and Grounds by Rachel Bailey (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)EcoReps by Andreanna Zaverl (CAACURH)Circle K International by Robin Gagnow (CAACURH)Know Your Neighbors CWRU by Christopher Wu (CAACURH)Academic Peer Mentors by Truth Hippman (SWACURH)Circle K International by Robin Gagnow (CAACURH)Residence Life Diversity Committee by Devin (MACURH)Residential Community Association by Dylan Wolfe (CAACURH)American Sign Language Club by Mar Pepin (SAACURH)Summer Conference Staff by Luke Trese (CAACURH)Cedar-Magnolia Community Council by Cameron Tong (CAACURH)Asian American Student Union by Emily Berry (CAACURH)
Passive ProgramYou Blow Me Away (University of Akron; CAACURH)Office Bingo Card (The University of Akron; CAACURH)Elf in the Halls (University of Akron; CAACURH)Red Flags in Your Relationship (University of Akron; CAACURH)Personal Pride Pins by Sydney Grammer (Murray State University, SAACURH)9 Square by Olivia May (University of Akron; CAACURH)Sticky Note Reflections by Elizabeth Hastings (CAACURH)March Madness Bracket Challenge by Stephen Ashbaugh (CAACURH)Valentine's Day Pancake Bar by Ania (SAACURH)Home From the Holidays by Mark Madler (CAACURH)Richie/Sisler Holiday Hangout by Luke Jordan (CAACURH)Franklin Art Gallery Showcase by Ania (SAACURH)Financial Literacy by Alex (SAACURH)Fast Friends by Ana Moyers (SAACURH)Red Bull Motivation by Taylor Smith (CAACURH)Closing Quiz by annonymous (SAACURH)Intersectionality by Natalie Ponder(SWACURH)
Residence Life Professional StaffSamantha Brooks (University of Oklahoma; SWACURH)Brianna Kratz (Michigan Technological University; GLACURH)Garret Comer (University of Florida; SAACURH)Paige Harris (University of Florida; SAACURH)Andrew McClain (Towson University; CAACURH)Jody White by Nino Bradley (Indiana Univeristy Bloomington; GLACURH)Ally Schipma by Emily Morgan (Washington University in St. Louis; MACURH)Shane Young by Hannah Kelly (University of Akron; CAACURH)Mitchell Adzema by Haley Hannaman (MACURH)Hannah Bryson by Christina Conenna (SAACURH)Taylor Hanley by Kaelyn Erisman (SAACURH)Toni Green by Devin (MACURH)Jennifer Attenweiler by Kelly Gilton (CAACURH)Kristin Bielling by Zoie Hancock(PACURH)Devin Schehrerby Devin (MACURH)Myra Cheah by Joey Curley (PACURH)Candace Cooper Puckett by Rebecca Skumatz (SAACURH)
Resident AssistantTaylen Jones (University of Colorado, Boulder; IACURH)Malena Romero (Florida State University; SAACURH)Vanessa Serrano (University of Florida; SAACURH)Elise Robinson (Appalachian State University; SAACURH)Jacque Heggen (University of Northern Iowa; MACURH)Ben Blade by Alexander James Ignatow (Texas A&M University; SWACURH)Rebecca Ghrigsby by Madeline Oxendine (Murray State University; SAACURH)Brianna Mackey-Lord by Bobbie Jo Lee (GLACURH)Olivia Ravet by Isaiah Clark (GLACURH)Kiara Ramseur by Natalie Conti (SAACURH)Dani Urbina by annonymous (IACURH)Lena Hayes by Bradford Peace(GLACURH)Liam Whitaker by Brigid Casey (SAACURH)Madison Howells by Sarah Moler (SAACURH)Keilani Naipo by Ian Finley (PACURH)Jenna Kotkevich by James MacGregor (CAACURH)Savannah Kargel by Mackenzie Spurlock (CAACURH)Soumya Kalluri by Siddhi Patel (PACURH)Elaysia Simms by Ethan Kang (SAACURH)
Residential CommunitySpicer Hall Government (University of Akron; CAACURH)Bulger/Spanton Hall Government (University of Akron; CAACURH)Earle Hall (Baylor University; SWACURH)Maple Hill West by Hope Nehmleman (University of Arkansas; SWACURH)The Clark Gamers Guild by Chris Trzepacz (Murray State University; SAACURH)Juniper Community Council by Jenna Purslow (CAACURH)Staying Up for a Cause by Lauren Morgan (SAACURH)Maple 2nd North by Jordie Weber (IACURH)Gladiolus House-Eagle Hall by Alyssa Belling(GLACURH)Randall 1 by Holly Rockenbach (MACURH)Tooker House Residential Community by Jasmine Perez (IACURH)Hathwell Community by Haleigh Davidson (SAACURH)Garber, Pearce, and West Halls by Sallee Jones (SAACURH)Campbell Hall (MACURH)
Social ProgramR-H-bAe (PACURH)Bear-ly Holding it Together (University of Utah; IACURH)Thwing Study Over (Case Western Reserve University; CAACURH)RHC Holiday Desserts (University of Akron; CAACURH)Wicked West (Clemson University; SAACURH)Peach Party by Xinyu Liu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; MACURH)Casino Night by Ella Mitchell (University of Akron; CAACURH)Sweet Treats Study Break by Lindsey Corcoran (University of Akron; CAACURH)Student Diversity and Inclusion 1980's Throwback Bowling Night by Sydney Rosenau (MACURH)And They Were Roommates by Tessa Bradley (SAACURH)Silent Headphone Rave by Corinne Guerra (SAACURH)Game Night by Kyla Fitzgibbons (CAACURH)Tricks and Treats (CAACURH)Karaoke Night by Nicholas Gaubatz (SAACURH)Game Night by Shama Khan (SAACURH)Emerging Leaders Summer Social by Emma Vosniak (CAACURH)Miami's Got Talent by Ethan Stack (CAACURH)Juniper Game Night! by Joy Mason (CAACURH)
SpotlightArlene Walter Hall Sustainability Community (University of Wisconsin, Greenbay; GLACURH)Starbucks (University of Akron; CAACURH)Winter Weather Team (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Staff Appreciation Posters (University of Akron; CAACURH)GLACURH RLC 2022 Conference Team (Indiana State University; GLACURH)Tiffany Gray by AShley J. Strandberg (University of Northern Iowa; MACURH)The Clarksquatch by Chris Trzepacz (Murray State University; SAACURH)Summer Activities Workshop #1 by BreAnna Piorkowski (University of Akron; CAACURH)Mallory Kostelecky (MACURH)Residence Life Activities Office Shadowing by Emma Vosniak (CAACURH)USM's Honors College Leadership Council's Equity Diversity and Inclusion Team by Alexandrea Westcott (SAACURH)Kaycee Krell by Rachell Krell (IACURH)Wanda Hackenmiller by Sam Webb (MACURH)Orpheus by Julia Czekaj (IACURH)James Clanton by Kassidy (MACURH)The Residence Life Training Committee by Hannah Gentry (MACURH)Mines Rover by Elizabeth Ruzicka (IACURH)New Student Orientation Involvement Fair by Hannah Searle (CAACURH)sexual violence advocacy and support center by Cali Bloem (NEACURH)Leadership Education and Programming Mentors by Emma Harmon (CAACURH)
StudentSierra Vakili (University of California, Santa Barbara; PACURH)Vivian Trinh (University of Oklahoma; SWACURH)Gracie Pillow (Miami University; CAACURH)Mia Tamerian (University of Central Florida; SAACURH)Rachael Yacuzzo (University of Florida; SAACURH)Hannah Ogden by Robin Gagnow (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Max Krueger by BreAnna Piorkowski (University of Akron; CAACURH)Nine Bauman by Rachel Bailey (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Jaiden Rittinger by Cole Hengstebeck (CAACURH)Skylar Belt by Halla Paschold (MACURH)Delaney Woods by Mackenzie Spurlock (CAACURH)David Barbier Jr. by Rosalyn Impink (NEACURH)Addison Hoeskstra by Emily Griffin (GLACURH)Kayla O'Daniel by Logan Rex (CAACURH)Andreanna Zaverl by Shannan Lunar (CAACURH)Marcelo Madriaga by Faith Bellman(SAACURH)Shane Jost by Brosnan Elrod(PACURH)BreAnna Pettingill by Camden Anderson (SWACURH)
Student Staff MemberFrannie Maley (University of Akron; CAACURH)Ghulam Ali Sher Gul (University of Oklahoma; SWACURH)Bryce White (University of Akron; CAACURH)Kaitlyn Tong (University of Tennessee Knoxville; SAACURH)Alexis Adkins (University of Georgia; SAACURH)Isabella Biliberti by Hailey Wildenhaus (Central Michigan University; GLACURH)Natalie Planey by Kimberly Barlock (University of Akron; CAACURH)Jackie Scheatzle by BreAnna PiorkowskiLinda Gonzalez by Kristin Brewer (Baldwin-Wallace University; CAACURH)Peyton Holden by the Shamrock Chapter (MACURH)Jennifer Kalafut by Tyler Ranger(GLACURH)Christina Eisenman by Ashley Waldecker(GLACURH)Tucker Strawsell by Brenna Dullum (MACURH)Jess Melvin by Bradford Peace (GLACURH)Boston Iacobazzi by Boston Iacobazzi (IACURH)Michelle Lopez by Tamarah Frank (IACURH)Jasmine Perez by Sandra Franco (IACURH)Hannah Searle by BreAnna Piorkowski (CAACURH)Meganne Chapman (by Emma Vosniak CAACURH)Tannan Holland by Aaliya Welton (IACURH)