Sample artifact logging terms
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AVAA (Analog Video)AVAA (Digital Video)AVAA (Analog Audio)AVAA (Digital Audio)Source #1 (Video)
Source #1 (Audio)
Soure #2 (Video)Source #2 (Audio)Source #3 (Video)Source #3 (Audio)Source #4 (Video)Source #4 (Audio)Source #5 (Video)
Source #5 (Audio)
Source #6 (Audio)Sourse #7 (Video)
BeardingBlock NoiseAnalog Audio DropoutAudio OverwriteSync lossHumPoor coloraudio hissThere are no bars and tone on tape.The audio was boost in the studio for the file.picture jumpy at times
slight speed changes in the audio
video breaks up during last minuteaudio distortion
Pops and mic handling noise throughout, very low levels with occasional peaks
Head switching, flagging and dropouts throughout
Carrier LeakClicking from Digitizer ErrorAnalog DistortionDigital Audio DropoutColor lossChannel switchingUnstable slateaudio buzzOccasional dropouts in the program.Split audio.Intermittent dropoutAudio levels vary a bit.low rfLight static throughout, intermittent crackle/popHead switching, flagging and dropouts throughout
Chrominance NoiseDV DropoutAnalog NoiseDigital ClippingSkewLow Video Picture Breaks Upaudio onlyHead switching visible throughout.The video b-roll is silent from 27 minutes to the end.Slight digital scratches at very end
Audio is too hot in very beginning of program, but improves.
sparklingOccasional crackle/pops throughoutHead switching, whistling (audio), dropouts and flagging throughout
Crash RecordDV Record Head ClogAudio Phase ErrorInterstitial ErrorDropoutDrop outOver saturatedoversaturated audio
The program ends on a freeze frame of a camera or head end menu.
Audio was low in the recording we boost the sound for the ingest in the studio.
Slight horizontal jitter and scaloping at timesvideo breaks upTape hiss and light distortion throughoutHead switching, flagging, dropouts, ghosting and jitter throughout
Crushed SetupHead Clog BandingAudio OverwriteJitterColor drop outWow-ing in and outShaking videoaudio distortionThe video is really red as in the recording.
Not the best recording for audio with an indirect microphone for the speech.
Slight high contrast video tearing at timesends in snowLight static throughoutHead switching and flagging throughout
Dihedral MaladjustmentMosquito NoiseBad SpliceImage shakesBad audioAnalog video dropoutsSome break up in the program , remote satellite link issues.There is some brushing recorded in the program in the microphones.Picture is a bit bright at timesvideo shifting from original playback sourceMuffling, dropout and distortion throughout; tape hiss, background noiseHead switching, flagging, dropouts and tracking errors throughout
Dot CrawlQuiltingClicks and PopsVideo dropsLines on pictureProgram ends abruptly as on tape.tracking problems and scallopingpoor video qualityLight tape hissHead switching, dropouts and ghosting throughout
Electrical Ground Loop Interference: AC BeatSDI Spike
Cross-talk Between Spiral Grooves
Poor trackingBanning on tapePartial head clog at times, but clears up dropouts
Background noise and machine hum throughout, occasional pops and dropout
Head switching, flagging and some dropouts throughout
Electrical Ground Loop Interference: Herringbone
Sub-sampling artifactElectromagnetic InterferenceChroma levels rasiedPoor colorvideo is a bit dark at timestc jumpLow levels, noise, background hum throughout
Head switching, flagging, ghosting, tracking errors, tube artifacts (waviness) and dropouts throughout
Fluorescent StrobingVideo OverwriteHum and BuzzImage unstableSegment is darkMuch scalloping and magnetic scratches in first few minutes but improves.loss of video off and onBackground noise throughout; occasional light dropoutHead switching, flagging, dropouts and intermittent tracking errors throughout
GhostWhite Balance ErrorIncorrect SpeedBearding
video levels adjusted lower for hot content
Video comes unlocked again at about tearing on top and bottom of screenLight tape hiss throughoutHead switching, heavy ghosting and light flagging throughout
Head Equalization Error - 2-inch QuadruplexMuffled SoundVery high luma levelsUnstable pictureDuring last half of recording, picture displays scaloping and breaks up a lack of video signal
Background noise, low levels, intermittent single channel dropout throughout
Flagging, light dropouts and head switching throughout; color ghosting
Head Switching NoiseNoise ReductionContrast fluctuatesDrop outhorizontal lines in picture at times.tension
Background noise, low levels, intermittent single channel dropout throughout
Heavy droppouts throughout. Head switching throughout; tracking adjusted
High Video LevelPilot ToneFlashes on picture
expieriences video break up or slight head clogs intermittently throughout rest of tape.
head clogStatic, sibilance throughout, light distortion throughoutHeavy tape creases throughout, head switching, dropouts, heavy flagging and jitter throughout
Image LagPrint-throughDark pictureFairly good quality video
Heavy static, heavy tape hiss, low levels, crackle & pop, background hum throughout
Light flagging and light dropouts throughout; head switching throughout
Incompatibility Between Television Standards
SMPTE Time CodePicture looks washed outThere are some magnetic scratches in the video at times.
Intermittent peak levels throughout; heavy static, heavy tape hiss, low levels, crackle & pop, background hum throughout
Heavy tracking errors, dropouts, flagging, jitter and head switching throughout
Lengthwise Tape Expansion or ShrinkageSoft Binder Syndromerainbow effectstakes a few seconds to lock up in beginning
Persistent thumping noise/flutter and tape hiss throughout, occasional background squeal (in recording)
Tracking errors, flagging, dropouts and head switching throughout
Long PlayTape Deformationdistorted graphics
poor quality at times - sometimes video breaks up, other times has scalloping or video dropout.
Tape hiss and muffling throughout, occasional mic handling noise, crackle & pop
Flagging and head switching throughout, heavy dropouts & audio pops last 20m of tape
Loss of Color LockWow and Flutter
flashes and flicker on picture
Portions of video have high contrast video tearing
Static & light tape hiss throughout, occasional pops; very low levels throughout
Heavy dropouts, flagging and head switching throughout; tape creases and sync errors throughout
Low RFsome section still bit hotVideo breaks up at timesLow levels at start, tape hiss throughoutFlagging, head switching and dropouts throughout
Luminance Noise
video levels over the limit
some edge scalloping and 16-line errorPlosives, background & mic handling noise, crackle & pop throughoutHead switching, flagging, ghosting and heavy dropouts throughout
Moiré Effectwhite sparkshas very low RF with many horizontal lines in pictureVery low audio at start, tape hiss, mic handling noise
Sticky at start - skipped ahead; head switching.jitter, tube artifacts, heavy dropouts and tape damage throughout
Oversaturationdrop in RFHas some snowy interference in video at times
Background noise throughout, occasional pops and clicks, light audio distortion/sibilance
Sticky at start - skipped ahead; head switching, dropouts, tape creases, tube artifacts and ghosting throughout
Poor Y/C Decoding (S-Video crosstalk)
slate clicker is over saturating
Video levels vary
Brief tones at start, long breaks between segments; occasional sticky squeal on some tape stocks - not enough to stop
Head switching, dropouts and light flagging throughout
Ringingunfocused imageA slight head clog interferes with the chroma for a few frames around 24:00.
Begins partly at wrong speed, then changes; background hum throughout
Head switching and flagging throughout
Scratches and Tape Wear
not actual CC probably blank
hue shifts at times
Muffling throughout, light dropout intermittent; Ongoing soft audio, breaks
Head switching and light flagging throughout
Skew Errorend cut off
The brightness and video levels vary - the overall picture randomly gets brighter and darker.
Background static/buzz throughout; audio distortion and wow at start
Head switching and heavy flagging and banding throughout; audio static and v. light dropouts throghout
Stictionno end creditsHue time base error apparent in the video that causes color to fluctuate in a cycle.Light tape hiss, mic handling noise intermittent throughoutHead switching, flagging, ghosting and light dropouts throughout; tube artifat lines left
Subcarrier Phase Errorwavy line on barsHead transfer lines on bottom of screen throughout.Mic handling noise throughoutHead switching, sync errors, tape creases and dropouts throughout
Sync Lossblack segment at timesGrainyLight tape hiss and flutter throughout; light distortionHead switching, flagging and dropouts throughout
Tape Creasevideo levels are okGamma/tracking of the tape is distorted starting at :50-5:08Mic handling noise and recurring background hum throughout
Head switching, heavy print through, dropouts and tape creases throughout; wavy tube artifacts throughout
Tape Deformation
glasses and other metallic objects cause level over
tape itself is irregular.Tape hiss throughout, occasional dropout
Head switching, heavy flagging, dropouts and tube artifacts (wavy lines) throughout; tape creases throughout
TBC Processing Artifacttc pops up in barsPoor overall quality, heavy distortion throughout
Head switching, flagging, sync errors and dropouts throughout; tube artifacts (wavy lines, diagonal lines) throughout
Time Base Error
multicolor flashes when drop in signal
Underlying program at start & end
Sticky at start - skipped ahead; head switching and heavy flagging throughout; heavy tube artifacts (wavy lines) throughout
Tracking Error
stereo tone but content is mono
Light distortion
Brief, unreliable color bars; head switching and light dropouts throughout; intermittent time code sound throughout
Undersaturationno CCHeavy overall muffling, echo, occasional hot levelsHead switching and light dropouts throughout; bearding on titles
Vacuum Guide Adjustment Error - 2-inch Quadruplex
poor quality
Tape hiss; intermittent mic handling noise and background noise throughout
Head switching and light dropouts throughout; bars & tone at start
Venetian-Blind Effecttape ran off reel at end
Heavy tape hiss, light flutter throughout, intermittent buzz/hum throughout
Light head switching, light flagging throughout
Video DropoutDistortion and muffling throughoutHead switching, jitter, dropouts and tracking errors throughout
Video Head Clog
Boosted slightly vs. side 1 to compensate for low levels, intermittent background noises throughout
Head switching, dropouts and jitter throughout
Video Jitter
Heavy muffling and light crackle & pop throughout; intermittent crackle & pop
No video (sound only) last 5 minutes due to persistent head clogging; intermittent dropouts, head switching and lighting fluctuations throughout.
Video OverwriteTape hiss, light flutter, varied levels throughoutHead switching, flagging and sync errors throughout with light dropouts
White Balance ErrorMuffling, varied levels throughout
Sound levels fluctuate widely; light dropouts and intermittent sync errors; flagging and head switching throughout
Y/C Delay ErrorFlutter and tape hiss throughout; intermittent loss at splices
Tape stops 34m in - recorded in 2 parts; HS, dropouts and flagging throughout; sync errors throughout
Buzz throughout, intermittent line static throughout1 of 2 tapes on 1 reel; head switching, dropouts and jitter throughout; light ghosting
Muffling and light distortion, and intermittent light dropout throughout2 of 2 tapes on 1 reel; head switching, dropouts and jitter throughout; light ghosting
Light muffling at start, occasional background noiseHead switching, print through, jitter and light dropouts throughout
Audio distortion (static) throughout)Head switching and light dropouts throughout
Tape hiss and intermittent pops throughout, light buzz, heavy static (in recording) intermittent throughout; very low levels
Head switching, jitter and light dropouts throughout
Intermittent speed errors (in recording) throughoutHead switching, light dropouts and light ghosting throughout
Intermittent speed errors (in recording) throughoutHead switching, jitter and dropouts throughout
Intermittent muffling, mic handling noise; multiple recordings
Intermittent muffling, mic handling noise; multiple recordings
Muffling, distortion and mic handling noise throughout
Tape damage/muffling and low levels at start, occasional mic handling noise, light tape hiss throughout
Muffling and low levels at start, occasional mic handling noise throughout
Multiple recordings and widely varying record levels throughout, intermittent dropout throughout
Multiple recordings, heavy distortion, muffling and dropout throughout
Mic handling noise intermittent throughout; low/fluctuating overall levels; highs lowered slightly to reduce tape hiss; multiple recordings
Very low overall levels, boosted to compensate; heavy tape hiss, highs and mids lowered; multiple recordings; occasional feedback hum; side 1 channel 2 - higher overall levels
Higher overall levels vs. ch1; Multiple recordings, occasional mic handling noise
Distortion, light tape hiss, light muffling
Tape hiss, distortion. intermittent uneven channel levels and dropout throughout, occasional crackle throughout
Intermittent pauses in recording; distortion and echo throughout
First half of each side is blank; light tape hiss throughout
Crackle and pop, light distortion throughout
Light distortion intermittent throughout
Intermittent audio distortion and background machine noise throughout
Light mic pops throughout
Occcasional feedback and heavy peak level distortion (in recording) throughout
Heavy tape hiss throughout; varying levels and intermittent mic hits throughout; occasional background noise
Heavy tape hiss, low audio, muffling, mic handling noise and intermittent dropouts throughout
Heavy static, flutter and loud background noise throughout, intermittent hot levels and cuts throughout
Pronounced hum throughout, occasional sound loss after level spikes
Light hum and slight distortion throughout
Light distortion and background hum throughout
Light distortion throughout
Background hum, intermittent dropouts and muffled sound throughout
Muffled sound, light dropouts and heavy flutter throughout; intermittent pops side 2
Background hum, dropouts, pops and muffling throughout, multiple speed errors side 2
Background hum throughout
Muffling, tape hiss throughout; mids raised to increase clarity
Tape hiss, flutter, and intermittent muffling throughout
Light distortion, low levels side 1, hot levels side 2, cuts throughout
Tape hiss, cuts throughout
Some background noise, llight background hum; multiple cuts/recordings with varied levels
Light distortion, background hum and intermittent muffling throughout first 42m
No audio at start of tape due to heavy oxide loss, stick-slip (speed) errors throughout
Background noise at start, tape hiss throughout, some muffling
Wide level changes; occasional mic handling noise, whistle/squeal in background (in recording)
Distortion, plosives and mic handling noise throughout throughout
Trimmed start - no audio 1.5m, tape hiss throughout
Light crackle/pops throughout, light tape hiss
Intermittent mic handling noise and dropouts throughout
Intermittent mic handling noise and dropouts throughout
Flutter throughout
Heavy dropouts, static, light distortion, muffling and background noise throughout; many separate recordings with blank areas between
Very low overall levels (boosted with some peak pops), tape hiss