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STEM AreaResource TitleHost/SponsorTarget ConstituentIf student, age rangeType of InformationFormatExpert CommentsURL
Applied MathematicsMath Matters, Apply it!Society for Industrial and Applied MathematicsTeachersHighGeneral fieldfactual textHigh School students would likely find the Apply It pages interesting.

This particular page includes pdfs for download that explain the mathematics behind every day issues such as "predicting traffic," "statistics and sports" and "sand and dune motion". The parent page has links to a pretty dry "Career Guide" and links to articles from the organization magazine about different career paths, as well as a video from a past president about careers in applied math.
Computer ScienceDigigirlzMicrosoftGirlsHighpersonal career, general, diversitylearn about careers, sign up for workshopsSign up for computer science workshops and camps nationwide where high school girls can do hands on activities in computer science and meet women working in these areas
Computer ScienceComputing Degrees & CareersAssociation for Computing CareersStudentsHighGeneral Field and Personal careertextThis is a pretty rich site related to computing professions.
Includes "Top 10 Reasons" list with positive messaging. Career profiles of students. Links to news articles, skills learned through computing for other careers
Links to downloadable brochures & posters
Computer ScienceDot DivaDot Diva (NSF)GirlsMiddle, Highpersonal career,website with personal profiles, free posters, brochures, etcEncouragement/inspriational site showing examples of women using computing to make a difference and show how women and girls can be cool and work in
Math and Computer ScienceCulturally Situated Design Tools: Teaching math and computing through cultureNSF, Rensselear Polytechnic InstituteTeachersHighpreparatorysoftware, tools, lesson plansFormatted around curriculum the site illustrates how mathematics and computing concepts can be investigated through cultural traditions
Math and Computer ScienceInformation AssuranceNational Security AgencyStudents, Teachers, STEM ProfessionalspK-20Public image of National Security Agency: Services to Community (educational and career opportunities)texts and videosInformation Assurance is the government means to ensure safety from security attack s; the community outreach of the Agency includes free courses, visits, job training, tours of the National Cryptologic Museum.
The Agency offers scholarships for MA and PhD programs, summer internships for college students, and important career benefits. US citizenship is required.
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