Science Fair Materials and methods16-17 (Responses)
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First NameLast NameClearly state the goal of the project. If the project is designed to answer a question that state the question. If the goal of the project is to create something that does a specific thing state what you are trying to create.What are two related questions or things you wonder about for your project idea?What are the steps for testing your questions? (Paste in from your other document) What materials will you need for your project?What are 2-3 things that can go wrong with your project? (Research? Creating a good design? Other variables that could affect your design?)Nestlerode Comments
MaxtonAlessiPOTATO CLOCKWill is work? And do I have the supplies.Take a potato,grab a clock, and science the crap out of thisI need, a POTATO
a wire
a clock
and some more wires
Maybe the POTATO will explode,maybe it wont work, and maybe my POTATO will rot You need many more details in this, right now it much too vague. What are you trying to accomplish with it? How will you know you accomplished it.
JordanAmadiaMy goal of this project is to be and to see how weight effects going down a hill and onto a flat and seeing how far i go.How will friction effect how far I go.Weighing my car, seeing how fast it is going in relation to how far I go.Look at pdf i will be bringing in on tuesday.I could fall and hurt myself and I could brake my cart and have to rebuild it.This would be better if you use a model to do it. I don't think you need a full go cart to do it. That might be a little much.
NicoleAmadiaThe goal of my project is to find out the probability of saving a penalty kick, (in soccer).I wonder if this has been done before by professionals? I wonder who I should have take the actual penalty. I will be testing this project by having someone shoot 50 penalties (on me), and then keeping track of how many the make, I save, and how many they miss. I will then take the data and answer my question from it. Some variables include either myself or the kicker having an “off day”, or just that some people are better at penalties than others, but the project will give me a basic understanding of the probability.

1. A soccer ball, whatever size, hopefully full of air.
2. A full size goal, intact net please.
3. Notepad and pen to take notes of the shots.
4. A calculator for possible calculations.
5. Soccer cleats for the kicker, to make the scene realistic.
6. Goalie gloves and cleats for the keeper, see above ^.
Either the kicker or I could make stupid mistakes, such as slipping or just missing. I could also pick someone who isn't good at penalties which could affect the data.What would be better than this, to actually address your question, is look at compiling real data from actual games about where the shots are going and collecting as much of that data as possible.

Then try and find trends in the data for what will make it more likely to save a shot.
HanaAndersonWhy are we drawn to negative things versus positive. Do some more than others?Does age affect how you see negative or positive? What about hobbies or interests?In my project, I will research the psychology of the negativity effect, then do a survey on it. In the survey, I will give people different examples of positive and negative things to choose from, like news. I will look for patterns in habits or traits of people with certain outcomes of the survey.I will use websites for research. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.) I will also test people on a survey.
I haven’t made a survey yet, because I need to do more research to decide what exactly I will put on it, as research is a part of my actual project.
The people I test could not be honest with their answers.
The people I test could be unsure with their answers.
Good, you've identified what needs to come next and now just keep working on it, starting with the research
savannahbabcockThe goal of the project is to answer a question, What oil substitute gives a cupcake the best consistency and taste? The goal of this project is to find out the greatest option for an oil substitute.
1. what oil substitute will people like the best? 2. will avocado make the cupcake wet?To start my project, I will make the cupcake recipe without using the oil. Then I will split up the batter into 4 different bowls and add a different oil substitute to each bowl. Next, I’ll cook each batch at exactly the same temperature and time, to ensure that the cupcakes get the same amount of cook time. I am deciding to do my procedure like this because while doing a science experiment you need to reduce the amount of random variables and doing it this way will definitely keep more control over the experiment. Avocado
Greek yogurt
Apple sauce
Cupcake recipe and ingredients
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup milk
2 1/4 tsp baking powder
¾ cups vegetable oil, this will be substituted
1 tsp vanilla
2 muffin pans
Ice cream scoop (for scooping out batter)
Measuring cups and teaspoons
pencil and paper for recording data
Conversion chart for oil substitute
Oven thermometer
Cupcake liners
The variables I am trying to control are one, the way the batch is made. For example if I did a different batch for each oil substitute each batch could be a little bit different depending on the discrepancies between the measurement of the other ingredients. So to fix this I am making one batch and splitting it up into different bowls. Another variable I am going to control is the time the cupcakes are cooked. This is a large variable because if the time is different it will affect how much the cupcake is cooked making it dryer or under cooked or overcooked. So I will cook all the cupcakes for the same time by using a timer avoid this. A random variable that could affect my experiment is the location of the cupcakes in the oven. This is important because in some spots of the oven there is a different temperature affecting the way the cakes are cooked. To minimize the effect this is going to do to the experiment I will bake batches separately and on the middle rack of the oven. The third variable is the heat of the oven, to control this I will put a oven thermometer in the oven to check the temperature of the oven before baking the cupcakes.
So what will you actually measure about this. How do you measure consistency and taste?

I guess taste you can do pretty easy, but concistency might be a little trickie
NikkoBaranowskiStudy how color affects people's opinions. For example: colored juice-does it affect people's taste or idea of taste.If darker or lighter colors persuade people's taste. If there are certain colors that more people will choose.1. Find a group of people that don't know what I'm doing.2. Have each tester taste each juice and describe it. 3. Dye juice different colors. 4. Do 2nd tasting with pilot group. 5. Tally answers and figure out which colors gathered the most votes and why.Dye, juice, score board, cups, pencilsPeople figuring out what I'm doing, people lying about what they like, finding enough people to participate, Are you using the same juice with different colored dye and telling them each colored juice is a separate flavor? If so, you may want to ask people if they think the juices taste the same because some people could recognize that you are using the same drink. Make sure you test at least 30+ people.
DaltonBassler-HaynesWhat is the effect of video games on the heart rate?How does experience effect the heart rate?
How does the heart rate change when different feelings are felt?
Recruit 10 people
Strap heart rate monitor onto the first person
Get him/her used to controls
Start recording game
Start heart rate monitor
Make them do 2 missions in PvZ Garden Warfare 2, Strong Coffee and Captain Smasher's Curse on easy difficulty. (If they fail the mission, no second tries)
Repeat Strong Coffee on CRAAAAAAZY! difficulty
Repeat steps 2-6 on the remaining volunteers, 1 at a time.
Gather data, and time it to the video
Graph results
10 people
Computer that can run PvZ gw 2
Heart Rate Moniter
Running out of time, bad scheduling, can't synchronize and associate data to recording accurately, can't find enough recruits, computer dies, game glitches or lags, Heart rate monitor failsReframe your question to be more of how does the stress in video games affect heart rate? The more specific you can make it the better
NehaBatishThe goal of this project is to find if computer games are addicting to children and hence if they are affecting their quality of life and raising their stress levels.
I wonder if one grade is very addicted to computer games. I wonder if some video games get more people from pcs than others.I plan to take a written survey on students from 7th to 12th grade at PCS. It will consist of specific questions relating to their time spent playing video games and how it affected their stress levels. My hope is to take a large sample of students responses and graph the results to show a clear insight on the negative or positive effects of playing video games especially in the younger population. Some of the variables in a survey such as this can be: A. Student honesty B. The number of people responding and C. Popularity of a video games.
One ream of white paper
#2 Pencils
Composition book
Some things that can go wrong are, people can lie about their answers and not tell the truth and I could be getting wrong data. Another thing that could go wrong is I could turn in a bunch of surveys and get only little back.So make sure to plan out the survey very clearly and address what the different aspects of stress are. Maybe see if it impacts how much sleep they are getting. Or some other seimilar aspect.
DrakeBennettI'm trying to make a solar oven.will it work in on a rainy day and how will it respond with other food.get other food and cook it and what for a rainy, alumem, and food.the box brakes or the alumem brakes.This seems like it could be cool, try to make at least 3 things with it. Add more detail on actual designs, and whe
ThymeBennettI am testing which mascaras are actually waterproof?I wonder if the commercials are actually true? I wonder if different amounts of water will affect it?First put mascara from different brands on fake eye lashes. Then put different amounts of water on them. And see which one works the best.Fake eye lashes. Water. White cardboard. Different mascara brands. A pencil. Paper towels.None of the mascaras will work. Or I will put too much water.What do you mean by works the best? How will you measure that?

How will you measure that you put the same amount of water on them each time?

Some questions to think about
UnaBlumbergThe goal of my project is to learn if mice have color preference.I wonder whether you could train a mouse to have color preference? I wonder if different mice breeds prefer different colors?1) Set up a maze with two different colored paths 2) Test several mice and see if they regularly prefer a certain colored pathA maze. Mice.Something that could go wrong with my project is that mice could have no color preference. More detail. How many trials will you have? Are you training the mice or just seeing how they react to different colors? For this sort of thing get 30+ trials for it.
KatieBoeThere is a common myth/belief that watering your plants with water that had been microwaved (and had cooled off) will kill your plant. I want to test this theory, along with comparing a few other waters.I'm curious as to (A) what happens to water in a microwave that makes people think it would kill a plant, and (B) if the "effect" microwaved water might have, will carry on to other types of "modified" water. Set up plants in an open area so they can grow.
Set up/prepare all of your water (boil, microwave, purify. LET WATER COOL DOWN BEFORE WATERING THE PLANT)
Water each plant close to the same amount (Ex. 1/4th cup) at the amount of time you deem appropriate, depending on the amount of water you use.
Continue this process for 3-5 weeks.
At the end of these weeks, measure the plants from the soil of the pot, to the tip of the stem.
Record your data, and make an assumption of which plant grew bwt with which water.
Fast growing plant (beans, peas, grasses, etc). They will be in individual pots/ containers.
Watering Container (I’ll be giving each plant around 1/4th cup of water each two days)
Microwave (to microwave the water)
Kettle/Pot (to boil the water)
Either a water purifier, or store bought pure water. (purified water)
A sink (tap water)
A place where you can leave the plants, so they can get sunlight (preferably not outside in case of rain)
Ruler to measure
One thing that could go wrong is that I just forget to water each plant, considering how hectic my life has been. Or, the different types of waters might not even have any effect, meaning the entire project might be a flop. Our new kitten might also be a factor....Ok, as long as you are able to have enough plants in each condition to compare them.

But actually watch out for the kitten, I've had similar projects get eaten by cats before.
JacksonBurgessThe goal of my progect is to create a catapult that can launch pumpkins.I wonder what kinds of ways there are to make catapults and I wonder how far I will be able to launch pumpkins with my catapult.I will research catapults and find the best design then I will create that design and test how far it can launch a pumpkin.wood, tools, nails, pumpkins, and variose other materials depending on the design of my catapult.I might choose the wrong design and I might not have enough space.You should try and launch something much smaller than a pumpkin. Pumpkins are pretty large and can cause some damage if they hit something and break it. As you go expand on your question a little bit more to see test another question related
MasonCarterI am trying to create a system using pulleys that runs on a motor that will pull you up and lower you down by remote.How will I create tension to actually make the rope go the way I want it to? How can I get/make a motor that can pull 150-200lbs for cheap.-I am using trial and error because in my opinion it is the best even if it takes longer than other methods.1.2 pulleys plastic(strong) 2.rope strength 200lbs 3.2 motors 150-200lb pull(preferable remote controlled4.harness(size will vary)Thing that can have a shortage money,parts,time.This may require a very large motor and may not be very safe. At minimum it will require parent approval.
JaydenCavanaghI am going to pour different types of soda on pants because people know that if you water a plant with soda it will die, but I want to know wich one is the worst.This would be hard to test, but I wonder what an cat or dog's reaction to being given different sodas would be depending on the soda. I also want to know If soda effects sleep and if it differs because of age.1. Get 10 identical plants and pots and put next to each other
2. Get Mountain Dew, Doctor Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, sprite, Root Beer, and an organic soda with and with out caffeine
3. Water plants with soda every day and record what happens
4. repeat twice
5.record results
-30 identical plants
-30 identical plant pots
-30 identical watering cans
Weather, could differ, and if two die when I am away I will not know wich one was first.This project is well designed, although you don't say what you're going to measure.

You need a better question, this isn't very purposeful right now, and just seems kind of silly
HarperChapman-RobbinsI am interested in trying to answer the question of what is the most effective way to purify water so that it is safe to drink?
Which kinds of bacteria in the water make it undrinkable?
Which method is the most ideal for large communities with unsafe water?
The methods that I plan to use to attempt to purify water are bringing creek water to at least 375 degrees to boil, running the water through a backpacking water filter and using chlorine dioxide tablets. I plan to use 2 cups of creek water for each method and plan to run 3 different samples, 3 times each. After I attempt to purify the water using the three methods, I will test the water using a water purification testing kit to see if there is still bacteria in it and whether it is safe to drink. Based on the data from the testing kit, I will be able to figure out which method made the safest drinking water.Thermometer
Stainless steel pot
Soquel Creek water- 2 cups per method used
Backpacking water filter
Chlorine Dioxide tablets
Scale to measure water volume
Measuring cup
Water purification testing kit
Sterilized 1 gallon glass jug
3 sterilized mason jars
Some uncontrolled variables in my experiment are the different bacteria in the creek, weather changes like storms, and changes in the creek, like people dumping waste or chemicals into the water.Get some more trials of this, 5 times each.

Besides that sounds pretty good, make sure to start with all of the same water sample
CaitlinChenI am doing a project that is designed to create a new and improved version of a video game.I wonder how similar I can make the game to the previous one while still upgrading it.
I wonder how long the game will take to create.
To make the game, I will first do the original game as best as I can, then add new things. To do this I will use pieces of code in the form of blocks put together to form the game. An example of this would be first starting with a “When ‘green flag’ clicked” then below that putting a “move ___ spaces”. This would then make it to where when the green flag is pressed the object moves __ spaces. When the game is completed, I will get some people to play the game, rate it, and tell me their opinions.1. A computer
2. Scratch 2 downloaded on the computer
3. An old game to reference from
4. A hard drive
5. A group of people to speak their opinions on the game
6. A group of people to play the game and rate it
1. I can't find a game to recreate.
2. I don't have enough time to finish the game
3. I don't have the new game as similar to the old game as I wished.
This will be a start, just need to build on it some more
RioCiesiolkiewiczA report on quantum mechanics and I will take apart a computer to demonstrate a few propertiesLaws of Quantum Physics and It's history A computer, internet access and a few books I wont be able to properly demonstrate a law with the taken apart computer Ok, I'm not quite sure how the computer connexts to it
flaviocornejoThe goal of my project is to see if its worth it buying 400$ headphones like beats or just getting other headphones for cheaper. im trying to figure out if it sounds more clear with the 400$ headphones or do you just get some cheap skull candy headphones and it will sound the same.are headphones better than earphones just because there bigger.
will the volume of the song effect the sound clearniss?
The method i'm going to use is getting 10 people to put on beats headphones and skull candy earphones too see if they can recognize a huge difference in what song were playing between them. I am going to make a survey sheet so they can sign we will use the results to see what people think. I'm doing this way because I want to do a survey on headphones and earphones. I'm trying to control which songs to pick and the correct volume i'm going to need a perfect volume for the person that i'm experimenting. I'm gonna try to minimize the sound around, no distractions and sitting in comfortable chair nothing bothering them. I will measure the headphone and earphones to see which ones bigger and maybe why one's better. I'm using these methods because I think will help me in the experiment. I picked these because i think it will help the person focus more and just listen to the music i'm playing.
Beats, cheap skullcandy earphones 10 people, pencil, paper, chair, iphone
the volume might affect the person
maybe something distracting the person
finding the right people to do it
You need to have them also rate which the comfort of the headphones because that might have an affect on it as well.

What will you ask to have them rate the song?

Since this is more of survey data get 30+ people
QuinnDanner-FordeHow well are Different people's senses of smell?Do kids have a better sense of smell than adults?I will compare different ages, sexes, and conditions, and see who has the best sense of smell. I will spray cotton balls with perfume, and see who can identify it best.perfumes, people, and cotton balls.People might have a better sense of smell than the other, but have never smelled the smell before, so they don't know what it is.Smell is an interesting one, you're going to have to reset the sense of smell everytime. And do it a lot of times.

And really pick just one thing to compare and go with it from there.

And what exactly are you going to test in the perfumes, what aspect of the smell of it? If they smell it, how they smell it or what?

It would be better to test how well they can make out different concentrations of it. Maybe doing it with three different smells at varying concentrations
QuinnDanner-FordeHow do are different people's senses of smell?How do different ages, sexes, and health conditions smell differently?First I will spray cotton balls with perfume, and ask two people to identify it. they will be different, such as one is a boy and one is a girl, or one is an adult and one is a kid. Then they will write down what they thought the smell was, and I will repeat the test.Cotton balls, perfumes, paper, pens, and people.One person may have a better sense of smell, but doesn't know what a smell is, or one person may guess wrong, but have a better sense of smell. You need 30+ people.
MalachiDouyonThe goal of my project is to see how high I can drop an egg without it breaking and I get to use padding to protect far up can I get without an egg dropping and what materials are the best to protect the egg. I will use a ladder to go higher every time until the egg breaks. I will also try different materials to see what materials are the best protection to keep the egg from breaking.eggs, ladder(that I already have), different types of materials that protect something for example, cotton, cardboard, etc.Expand on this, how many trials will you have? What is you design?

Then are you testing them at the same design or are you testing them with different designs? Make your question as specific as possible and do it well.
LazuliDuntondoes sugar/candy effect how fast people talkHow fast can people talk? Does age effect how fast you can?people,candy, and my iPhone the people could pukeMake sure to test 30+ people. Fill in the methods with more detail. Make sure to to give them them the same script to read ( or maybe do 3 different ones in case they try to just read it really fast). And also don't just tell them to read it really fast.
macoyfaraolaTo see witch wood burns the slowest and witch one burns the fastest out of maple,oak,redwood and spruce. what in the wood makes it burn slower?What in the wood makes it burn faster?resurch about each wood,time the burning of each pit, the diferent types of woods,lighter,parent supervision, stopwatch wind could effect the time of the log burningAs long as your parents are fine with this, that's fine. Make sure to have multiple trials, and use the same size wood everytime.

When you're done make sure to talk about the significance of it as well, for building fires or power
SabineFraleyDoes hand dominance have an effect on which hand is more sensitive (to cold water)?Does it vary for hot water?
Does it vary for pain tolerance?
1. Tell your test subject what they should do: 'When I say go, put both your hands in the ice water and I’ll start the stopwatch. Keep your hands in for as long as possible. Remove hand/s when they get almost unbearable, you CAN remove one hand and keep the other in for as long as you can.'
2. One person has a stopwatch for the left hand, and one for the right, and you stop the watch when that hand comes out of the water, then write it down (also write down if their right or left handed).
3. Switch the ice every 2 people (or as long as the water is 11º).
4. Compare the answers you get for every test subject, make sure you include whether their left or right handed.
Bowl (that is big enough to submerge two hands), 1 cup of ice for every 2 people (or just making sure that the water stays 11 degrees celsius), 8 cups of water (change every 2 people), thermometer, test subjects (same amount of left hands and rights), 1 cup measurer, notebook, pencil, stopwatch, towel.
The temp. could get off
the timing could get off on the timing
You'll have to randomize for which hand is entering the water at which time.

Otherwise they could get used to having their hand in the water
NikolaiFriedbergCan baking soda and vinegar power a rocket?How high can it go? What other things can you power a rocket with?My plan is to figure out how much baking soda and vinegar I need. To do that, I will figure out how much weight I need to lift. After that, I will design a rocket that is sturdy enough to survive launch.Baking Soda
Plastic Bottle
Plastic wrap
The rocket could break. It could hit someone in the face, and make me laugh and look like a horrible person.You'll also need to figure out how to get it to release all the energy, and actually get it to lift off.
NathanielGoodwinThe project is designed to test what air pressure in the soccer ball makes the ball go different distances when kicked. What air pressure makes the ball go the farthest? What air pressure makes it go the shortest? I wonder which air pressure will go the farthest. I wonder which air pressure will go the least. I will kick the ball in the air so the grass doesn’t affect the ball's movement. I will kick it with my instep, and use the same power on every kick. I will kick the ball with each air pressure 20 times to get an average. I will kick from the sideline of a soccer field and measure the distance. I will average each air pressure and figure what approximate distance each air pressure make the ball go.1: a soccer ball
2: a pump
3: measuring tape
4: Soccer cleats
5: a way of recording the data (notepad)
6: a calculator
7: a computer to type the final draft
maybe I don't kick the ball EXACTLY the same so my data is less accurate. Maybe the ball pops, so I have to use a different one. That would affect the distance.How will you make sure the smae power every kick. DOing it every time is good, but if you can take the time to actually make sure it is hit with the same force every time, will really make this a great project.

You just might have to build something to get it that far.
NolanHayes The goal of this project is to build an electronic keypad lock that operates off of the arduino circuit. I want to build the electronic key pad so it has a four digit code that locks and unlocks my forts door and can be operated from the inside and outside.
I wonder how hard it would be to make a finger print code? Another one is how hard would it be to make a retina scanner lock?I am going to first learn how to use the arduino and how to program it. Once I program it I will hook the arduino up to a keypad that can communicate with it. I will next connect that to the electronic locking mechanism and then to the outer plastic shell. I will mount it to the wall that connects to the door. Next I will make it so it can connect into the door and lock. I will test it and see if it works or if it needs further adjustments or modifications.
Arduino kit (Arduino board & miscellaneous electronic components)
Plastic housing
Key Pad
Power cord
Electronic lock

One thing that could go wrong is I cold mess up the couding. Another is that I could mess up the curcit on the curcit board.A lot to go from here, so I'm just going to assume you'll have a lot to learn.
DakotaHeidI am trying to create a graph that shows what time the plastic bottle degredes at and how much it degrades.I wonder how long it will take me to make this experiment will take me? How long will it take for the project to end and if it is a rainy day will I cancel that day?I will need a tri fold poster and an degraded water bottle a sharpie a couple of pics and a first draft.I could get the information wrong and I could have a not appiling design. Also I could have spelling errors.This looks like an interesting project. However, you should research how long it takes plastic to degrade because it may take longer than you had planned for and therefore you will need to adjust your approach. How are you going to gauge how much a bottle has degraded? You should add a detailed description of your methods and materials.
John PaulHendersoni am going to make a car that will flip over but you wontwhat will the dinsin be
how will the person flip
make a drawing
bild a prototipe test it and make the bet one
a moter
3 axis
4 weels
melew beema
lago chair
plasric geers
i cant find something that will work
cant get the right parts
Are you going to do this on actual people because that doesn't seem safe.

I'm not really sure what is happening here, but I' dbe fine with you making a model of this, I'm not sure if I like you actually going in this
alexhermanThe goal is to figure out whether a soil planting method or a hydroponic planting method is better.If I add the variable of soil w/ added nutrients and water w/ added nutriens which will do the best?Methods: Gather all materials needed. Then place out all 40 pots, fill 10 w/ soil(w/ added nutrients), fill 10 more w/ organic soil, fill 20 net pots w/ coco and perlite mix place ten in each tub, separate for distilled and added nutrient water. Put the net pots in the tubs. Drill a hole in the tub and connect the pump. NOTE: When filling the tubs have the water level reach up to a third of the net pot. Place the pump in a 5 gal bucket under the tub. Place 1 seed in all of the soil pots. Place 1 seed in all of the net pots. Water the soil plants every day, and make sure the water in the water tubs maintains a constant level. Every 2 days measure the plants w/ a centimeter ruler from the base to the top of the plant. Keep observations and measurements in a journal. Continue measuring, observing, watering, and maintaining the plants for 3-4 weeks. When you're done remove the plants and measure their weights and lengths.

MR NESTLERODE!!!! I HAVE STARTED MY PROJECT AND HAVE 99% OF STUFF SO MATERIALS CANT MAJORLY CHANGE!!!!! I ALSO KNOW WHAT IM DOING AND AM SETTING UP i went to the hydroponics store and they set me up, my methods arent totally complete either
40 Bean Seeds
20 net pots
20 small plastic pots
1 1.75 ft squred bag Coco, w/ pearlite
1 bag organic top soil
1 Miracle Grow garden soil.
6 gal Distilled water
2 2ft by 2ft tubs
2 water pumps w/ tubing
2 plastic trays
plants have alot of variables so they might not cooperate, need good conditions for plants, I might not have the perfect system for hydroponic plants but it should workok.
KatieHowardCaffeine Effect on sleep with people of different ages Why can't people drink caffeine later in the day? Does it affect your sleep?Find out what is caffeine, Survey different aged people on there consumption of caffeine, What type? How much? What time of day? Height? Forms of caffeine, Written survey, ruler, clock, People may not be honest with me or may not be able to measure correctlySo again, you aren't actually going to give people caffeine in this sort of project. You're going to survey and see where different people have their different amounts of caffeine, and look for trends in the data. Definitely will need to have multiple trials in there.
AndrewHubbellThe question is how much running stream water will dissolve limestone, sandstone and shale rocks.I wonder how many underground lakes there are The method I’m using is to put limestone and sandstone rocks into a stream to figure out how fast running water dissolves the rocks. Water in underground fissures in a karst water system dissolves these rocks and I want to know the rate that these two rocks dissolve underground. The variables I am using is time and weight. I will control these variables using a scale and going back to the rocks every week to weigh them. I will analyze my measurements by finding out the weight the rocks lost every week for 4 weeks.
Limestone Rock
Sandstone rock
Running stream
The water will wash the rocks away and I could also take the wrong rocksMake sure you use multiple rocks. Also make sure not lose them, that would be tough.

This could also be a cool one to then apply for rate of dissolving or erosion of different areas.
KaiJaffaroveThe goal of my project is to make an automatic curtain opener/closer.I wonder if I can make it not too loud when it is opening or closing.

Will it work with not too much space used.
I would test it too see if it would make a lot of noise, and if it did, I would put a suppressor like thing on it.

I would try to make the machine as small as I can to save materials and space, but it will be harder to make.
I will be needing a raspberry pie, a light sensor, one motor, 6 batteries, curtains that go up/down, and a window to put the curtain on.It can go wrong if it will open and close when I don't want it to.Needs a lot more detail on what you are designing here. Eventually, also include your code and everything in here as well
AdamKerrThe goal of my project is to find the best and most efficient way to kill coliform and E. coli bacteria in water.
NoneI will get some water with E. coli and coliform bacteria and divide it into jars then I will apply the each test* to three of the jars. Then I will take a one milliliter water sample out of each jar with a pipette and put it on 3M Petrifilm plates, which I will incubate for 48 hours in an incubator where bacteria will grow. They will be incubating at 95 degrees Fahrenheit or about thirty-seven Celsius. I will take the plates out and count the number of dots, which indicate bacteria colonies and see which test killed the most bacteria. I will measure the number of bacteria by counting the dots on the plates.

UV light 1 from a germicidal UV-C light (50 sec)
UV light 2 (120 sec)
Electricity from a 9 volt battery attached to two wires
Bleach 4-8 PPM
Heat- stove 150 degrees fahrenheit
Yelling-human (60 seconds)
3M Petrifilm coliform/E. coli plates
Portable incubator
One milliliter dropper or pipette
3M spreader
Water with bacteria (source may be a creek or pond)
Germicidal UV-C light (compact bulb)
9-volt battery
Copper wire
Stove and pot
Person (with loud voice)
Household bleach
Bucket for collecting water

I will try to control the number of bacteria in the water and the exposure to each treatment so that each gets the same length/heat/loudness/amount.How will you get the bacteria in equal concentrations to start?

Besides that make sure to test multiple samples of each. For something like bacteria you want to hit closer to 10+ samples of group
mackennaKinkeadWill different forms of water effect the quality of making bread or the final projectIf you have made bread before and have had experience, will effect the product, and do different types of yeast effect the growth of it The first thing I will do is grow the four different bowls of yeast separately. When the first one is done I will make bread out of it. I will first off see if it actually grew I will then repeat these steps with the other three forms of water.Boiling water, Cold water, Seltzer water, Dry yeast, Timer, Camera, Oven, Bread, pan, plain white flour, Salt, Sugar, Margarine, Warm water
water could not be the right tempuature, and measurements could be different.How will you make sure the trials are the same? Or measure which one is better? Try to think about what quantitative data you can gather.

Needs mutliple trials for each type of bread
SeowooLeeThe goal is to see which between natural or chemical materials remove the coffee stain better.What materials, or substances cause the better removing substance to remove the stain better? Why does it remove the stain better?First, I  am going to pour coffee on a piece of cloth, then I am going to use natural things like lemons or vinegar to try to remove it. I am going to record what happens. I am going to repeat the procedure for chemical things, such as soap, dishwasher soap etc. Then I am going to record the results. I am going to repeat the procedure for baking soda, which contains both. Second, I am going to take tiny shrimp and put a couple of drops of each material and see which petri-dish dies faster.I will need some coffee, 2 pieces of cloth, some type of natural substance, some type of chemical substance and baking soda. I will also need 2 petri-dishes, and around 150 shrimp (50 per substance).1. First the part with the shrimp might go wrong, because one shrimp might have had different conditions than another.
2. Second, I will have to research why it works better.
How will you measure if one is cleaner than the other?

Right now you don't have a good way to do that.

You also need at least 5+ sets of cloth for each type of fabric to test.

What does the shrimp have anything to do with it?
BaileyLeningtonThe goal of my project is to see if the color of a food or drink(maybe Gatorade) makes people think it tastes different.I wonder if the Gatorade favors are actually very noticeably different in taste? I wonder if color and taste in general affect each other.First, I will dye food/drinks different colors, and I might make a few taste different so people don't get suspicious. Then, I will have some people over and have them taste the stuff and describe what they taste. Next, I will gather my data from the experiment and compare it to my other data.Easily dye-able food/drinks, clipboard+paper for writing observations, food coloring, maybe flavoring.People might guess what's going on, maybe nothing will taste different at all.Describing what they taste is very vague, make it be more specific, maybe look at what flavor they think it is
EliLevI am trying to create an alternate fuel source and will use it to run a small toy car. What is the impact on the environment while producing the 3 fuels
How much would these fuels cost if we used them on a daily basis, w/ cars buses ect.
First I will get all the stuff I will need.
Then I will create my own homemade AAA and AA batteries using chemical reactions I find.
I will insert them into the battery slots in the car and watch it run.
I then will test the feet per minute, the feet per battery, and the acceleration speed from 0-20.
1. H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
2. Manganese Dioxide
3. Lemons
4. O2
5. Baking soda
6. Vinegar
7. Toy car (3 possibly)
The car could explode.
The batteries could just not work.
How will you actually produce electricity from this? It looks like you're just going to mix random stuff together and put it in a car?

Expand on this, create or draw up a plan
AidanLoehde-WoolardThe goal of the project is to find out if the frequency of sound effects the growth rate of plantsWhat frequencies should i use to test it? Will the frequency effect the plant's growth?1. Fill the 3 pots with soil
2. Put 10 seeds of the same plant in each pot
3. Put the potted plants in completely separate areas
4. Play a very high frequency to one plant constantly or for 8 hours a day
5. Play a low pitch frequency to another one constantly or for 8 hours a day
6. Water each plant with 2 cups of water a day
7. continue until i can get conclusive results
-30 seeds of one type of plant, most likely a flower
-3 plant pots
-Speakers to play the sound
-Enough space that the sound doesn't effect the other plants
-Measuring Cup
The plants could not be effected by the sound at all. The plants might be effected by each other's sound if not far enough away from each other. Rain that could make some plants get more water than others.You should use more pots, so that you have 5+ pots in each of the different sounds.

How will you make sure 1 sound doesn't overlap into the other plants? While making sure that the plants are all in the same condition.
AbiLuckenbachI want to see if different flours make cupcakes rise more or less.Why does the flour effect the cu cakes. How does ot change how much it rises.Buy different kinds of flour (rice, all purpose, gluten free, self rising,pastry )
Get other ingredients( Baking soda ¾ tps /powder ½ tsp, sugar3/4 cup, flour 1cup, salt ¼, apple cider vinegar 1 tsp ,milk 1 cup, cocoa powder ⅓ cup oil, vanilla extract 1 ½ tsp)
Mix All Ingredients together (make three batches per flour)
Draw line in same place on all cupcake liners pour cupcakes into liners up to the line try to fit one pan of each cupcake in the oven at once do three more times for each flour
Take cupcake out and observe the cupcakes and take notes on how much it rose and why I think the rising varied based on the flour.
Baking soda ¾ tps /powder ½ tsp, sugar3/4 cup, flour 1cup, salt ¼, apple cider vinegar 1 tsp ,milk 1 cup, cocoa powder ⅓ cup oil, vanilla extract 1 ½ tspmessing up the recipe, baking for to long/short For consistency, try to use different recipes at the same time in the same pan. To take into account that the oven is working consistenly and things like that
owenlukasiewiczThe goal of my science project is to time dead and green leaves burning, and I will test redwood leaves and bay leaves.will the alive redwood leaves last longer? I will use a jar to put the leaves in, and I will use the stopwatch function on my ipad to time the burning. I will put each leaf in a jar, then put a match in the in each jar one at a time and time with my ipad, write down on a piece of binder paper or maybe in my class/lab notebook, and eventually write down in google docs.Matches

4 Jars

3 dead redwood leaves, 3 alive redwood leaves, 3 dead bay leaves, and 3 alive bay leaves


Piece of paper or my lab/class notebook.
a major problem that could effect my project would be if my ipad's stopwatch malfunctioned.But the leafs are different sizes so one will definitely burn faster. Try to figure out a way to control for that so you're testing the burnability of the leaves and not just which is smaller and will burn faster. You should also use 20+ of each type of leaf because that's pretty straight forward to do.

SavannaMaddyI want to find out if it's true that more athletic people have a ring finger thats longer than their index finger.How accurate is it really, that there ring finger is longer? Does it maybe have to do with body type, or genetics?I am going to hold a survey including people at my dance studio, and some of my other friends that aren’t so athletic. There are a lot of variables that can go into your ring finger longer, but I want a general idea of if it is true.
I think something I will do is ask how many hours on average do they exercise a week, and categorize everyone participating in the survey and then measure how long their ring finger is and see the diversity among the categories.
A notebook, a rulerhaving an organized chart, or not completly accurate dataMake sure to get 30+ people for this. Also, back it up with a lot of good research about why one group might be more athletic.
nathanmadsenIn My project I want to find out does the temperature of a ball affect how high it can bounce, and why or why not.
I will put tennis balls in a pot of boiling water, one for 15 seconds, one for 30, one for a minute, one for 5 minutes, and one not at all. I will then drop the balls from all the same height and measure how high they bounce. Variables I will be controlling is the temperature of the ball, I will have a control ball that is not heated at all. I will also control the condition of the balls by buying brand new balls so a worn out ball does not through my data out of whack. To analyze my data I will make a line graph, not only to show you the data but also the difference between 15 seconds and the other data points.
4 brand new tennis balls
A pot
Boiling water
Tongs (so you don't burn your hands)
Ruler or some kind of measuring device
Paper to record measurements
Paper to write report on
Camera to document experiment
One thing that could go wrong it I spill boiling water on myself
another thing that could go wrong Is that I forget to record my data
Cool, I would say do different balls at different temperatures of water, boiling, ice water, and room temperautre. Do it with at least 5 balls in each condition.

Do that so it helps address the issue of the ball being affected by being in water.

Measuring some with different times in the boiling water would be cool too.
Stella MarshallI want to see which practice leads to the best free throw shooting. Why is that practice the best one?
Who is the best free throw shooter?
I will need a basketball hoop, a free throw line, a basketball, paper, a pencil, and like 11 people.The three answers could tie.
I might not make all of my free throws.
I might not get enough people.
What are the different forms of practice? Will you have a control version of the practice, to make sure it's not just they did more and therefore got better?

How many times will each person practice?
DavenMattacolaMy goal is to find out why so many bees have been dying over the last few years and how to eliminate the things that are killing the bees from our environment. What chemicals are bad for bees? What is the natural life span for the type of bees in our area?I will make a schedule to observe the bush and record bee activity and any bee deaths. I will try to find out if any people in my area are using products that contain neonicotinoids or other harmful chemicals. A camera, (video & still) a notebook, a pencil, and time.Our bottle brush bush is not blooming to its full capacity do to the end of summer. The bee activity is not as intense as when it’s in full bloom. It's going to be difficult to count total numbers of bees visiting the bush. Locating dead bees will also be a challenge. This is a very broad project, and could start off as a cool research project, but then you need to narrow it down some more.
SofiyaMelehanI am trying to find out if a certain kind of bird seed will attract more birds than another.I wonder how long it will take for birds to come to the bird seed.I am going to buy different kinds of bird seeds and see which type attracts more birds, and see how long it takes for birds to come. I am doing it this way because then I can find out how long it takes to attract different birds to different bird seeds and count how many come at once to see how popular one kind of bird seed is.Different types of bird seed, or one specific seed for each test.
Maybe, a bird feeder.
1) Something that could go wrong would be that no birds would come.

2) Another thing that could go wrong would be that it would not be bird season and birds would not come and I could not do the test.
How long will you watch for the birds? Do you know how to identify them?

You can also do this at PCS, which would be cool because we have a feeder and seed and you'd just need to get another one to compare.
SashaMillerThe goal of my project is to see what time of the day the sun gives off the most solar irradiation.When is the best time to get solar power? Do sunrise and sunset give off the least solar irradiation?step 1: Set up a small solar panel attached to energy counter. Step 2: Look at amount of solar energy received every hour. Step 3: Repeat step 2 for 7 days. Step 4: look and see overall which time of day had the most solar irradiation.A small solar panel connected to an energy counter.Not taking proper measurements of solar irradiation. Not having the angle of the panel facing towards the sun. Forgetting to change the angle of the panel every hour.You're going to need to measure the wattage and the power over a certain device being used. Which does get a little bit tricky.

So you need to add into your details how you are changing the angle, and what is the best way to find that.
JadeMonAre 7th grade girls attending PCS smarter than 7th grade boys attending PCS?Are girls smarter than boys? Do girls focus better than boys?30 students will be evaluated on a test, created on Google Forms. The questions will include easy math questions, to questions on Jeopardy. The test subjects will be 15 girls, and 15 boys. They will take the quiz and after all has analyzed the data, then I will create pie charts, based on the data I have. Then, I will have reached my goal.
Google form, 30 kids(15 girls and 15 boys),electronic device, google account and email.Variables: May somehow pick girls who are smarter than the boys.. Girls overall at PCS may have higher IQ....How will you test "smartness", that's a very vague notion that you'll need to work on
MabelMoonrisingWhere do my cats go day and night.Do older cats go farther away from home or stay closer? Do they go to bout the same place everyday?Attach GPSs to my three cats(Fuzzy, Speedy, and Cricket)and track them to find out where they go during the day. Make sure to leave the cat doors open so they can get in and out. Make sure collars are tight enough and GPSs are tight enough so they won't fall off. Map out were they go everyday for 1-2 week and compare.Cat collars, GPSs, Poster board, Computer/Phone/tracking device,My cats can claw the collars off, GpS can fall off, Cat gets locked in, Cant find a cat to get GPS on(Fuzzy is almost never at the house).This will definitely be a project you can collect a lot of preliminary data, and then look at it, then maybe gneerate some more questions/hypothesis on why are they going to these different places/locations.
AidanO'NealHow do different quantities of helium affect the pitch of your voice.Why does helium make your voice sound weird?I can give people different quantities of helium and see how different their voices are.Helium, people, a pitch detector, and measuring tools.People might change their voice, and different helium might be more or less effective.How will you give different quantities? Different volumes? Then what will you test? Just the pitch? You can also test different concentrations of helium and see how that affects the pitch. You'll also need to make sure that they say the same thing to make sure they aren't just changing pitch at random. You should have a control.
TaliaOrzechThe goal of my project is to find out how certain foods effect your self image. I wonder if the group that eats the chocolate first will have a different answer then the people who eat chocolate first and veggies first. Another question is if the people's survey answers for the chocolate will be a lot different.I’m going to have people look in a mirror and then fill out a survey of what they see and what they feel about it. Then i’m going to have them eat veggies and look in the mirror. They will then fill out a different survey, and then wait ten minutes. Last, they will eat some chocolate and look in the mirror and fill out a final survey. I will have another group do the same thing but in an opposite order. I’m doing this project in this order, because I want to see if the group that eats the chocolate and then the veggies has a different response than the group that ends with the chocolate. Some variables could be the age, profession, dietary intake, and time of day. I’m going to try to get around those variables by doing everything at the same time, because some people feel different at different times of day. With the age and gender, the results will come out different, but there really isn’t anything I can do about it. I think I also might make a pie chart of the results.

Carrots or celery (some kind of bland vegetable)
Computer (for typing results)
Printer (for printing surveys, results, etc.)
Some sort of survey
Chairs, tables, etc. (some place where people can work.)
Waiting space
Some things that could go wrong with my project are if the age and the profession could make people's self image stay the same. My mom for example is a dietitian and a diabetes educator, so her self image will most likely stay the same. It might not be always be like that for other people. Some other problems that could come up are if people guess what my science project is and change their answers because of that.Cool, that sounds like a pretty neat idea.

Even doing this without the mirror part could be interesting, and I'd be curious to see what you get from it. Make sure to disguise your self image question with other neutral questions.
DalyonPackerthe goal of the project is to see if adding more sugar will change the amount of carbonation .if frut changes the carbonation and i wonder if vegetables change the carbonation.make two batches of kombucha one with more sugar on with less and measure the carbonation of each.carbonation measurers, 2 big jars, suger, water, komucha. other variables and not able to measure carbonation, temperatureInclude the steps for actually making kambucha, you should also have more than the three so far.

You should also have a control of just standard kambucha maybe, or varying degrees of sugar, not just the two.
KimiyaPourkeramatithe goal is to study the pigments in leaveswhat pigments are on a leaf and how they change over time1- crush the leaves 2-put alcohol or acetone on them 3- put coffee filter strips in it 4- study the pigment bands on coffee filter Alcohol or Acetone , coffee filter , leaves and food processor This sounds like a great start however you should look to conduct mutiple trials on different trees or look at one specific tree over the season and record the changes.
ZakaryProchaskaTo find out what material/land erodes the quickest.I wonder what the average rate of erosion is. Will land moisture have a factor in erosion?First I will build model cliffs made from each different material that I will use. Then I will expose them to different kinds of erosion like water and wind. I also will put plants in the cliff as one of the materials.Dry dirt
Place to put the model cliffs
Hair dryer or fan (wind)
Something to measure loss of dirt
Not being able to exactly measure the loss of dirt. Not having a test that would affect all of the models the same.How big will your model be? What substances are you making it out of? How many trials will you have?
DustinRankinMy projects goal is to be able to clean people's homes without them being oresentHow well can it clean hardwood? Does it leave a residue after cleaningFor question 1 I would put multiple things on the hardwood floor like dirt and mud and see if it is able to clean them and if not figure out why it won't and fix itWood/plastic/metal

Some variables are the design are the brushes and if the would get worn out and another variable is the things the machine is cleaningWhat is cleaning in here? How will you design it? How will you measure how well it cleans? Fill in all of these details.
MilesreisTrying to find a fuel efficient way to bake, Slow or fastis it more efficient to cook in a microwave or a toaster oven? I am still working on itMy house could burn down. both ways are efficient.Let me know when you get all of these details in.
MakennaSandidgeThe goal is to find how big of a range there is in salinities in the water between different salt water sources and differently fresh water sources.I wonder if there is a difference in salinities between different beaches. I wonder what factors make freshwater locations more or less salty. You will be collecting several samples from different locations and making measurements during this experiment. You will want to make a data table to write down and organize your data:
Freshwater or Saltwater?
Weight of Jar Before (g)
Weight of Jar After (g)
Weight of Jar (g)
Volume of Water (L)
Amount of Salt (g)
Salinity (g/L)
negative control


Creek by grandpa


35th beach

Weigh each empty jar, without the lid, and write the weight in grams directly on the jar with a permanent marker.
Collect samples of water from several sites that you think will have different salinities. Choose some freshwater sites (lakes, rivers, streams, springs, etc.) and some marine sites (beaches, marinas, bays, estuaries, etc.) for your study. Write the locations in your data table.
Collect each sample by filling a canning jar with the water at the site and securing the lid. Then write the date, time, and place that you collected your sample on the jar with a permanent marker. Collect three samples for each location. Why? So that you know that the data you get from each location is really representative of that place rather than a one-time fluke.
After you collect your samples, each jar should be full to the brim with water and sealed tightly. If they are not full, you will need to remove some water from a few of the jars until the water level for all of the jars is the same.
If any of the water samples have lots of particles floating or collecting at the bottom of the jar, you will need to find a way to filter the particles out of the water. One idea is to use an old T-shirt as a simple filter.
Take a new, empty jar and weigh the jar with your metric scale in grams. Write the weight in grams in your data table.
In the new empty jar, fill the jar with distilled water to the same level as the other jars. Then measure the amount of water in liters (L) by pouring it into a large, metric liquid measuring bowl. Write this measurement down in your data table. It will be the total volume of liquid you collected from each site. Then re-fill the jar and use it as your negative control.
Next you will need to evaporate the water in the jars. There are several ways to do this:
Arrange all of your jars on a cookie sheet and carefully place them in a sunny location. Carefully remove the lids and leave them there for several weeks to evaporate.
Or, bake all of the jars in the oven at a very low temperature (200°F) until the water has evaporated. This will take roughly 24-36 hours depending on your oven and the volume of water. A convection oven would be faster.
You may also do any combination of the above methods (sunny location or oven) as long as you treat all the jars the same.
After the jars have dried completely, weigh each jar in grams, and write the weight in grams in the data table.
Subtract the weight of the empty jar (step 5) from the final weight of each jar you filled with a water sample. This is the amount of salt that was present in that water sample.
Now divide the amount of salt in grams by the amount of water in liters, and this will give you the salinity, or concentration of salt, of the sample measured in grams per liter (g/L).
Make a bar graph of your data to compare the salinity of each water sample. Make a scale on the left side of the graph (y-axis) representing the different ranges of salinity from your study. Then draw a bar for each sample up to the corresponding salinity level. Which samples had the most salt? Which had the least?
Glass canning jars, 3 per location
Cookie sheet
Liquid measuring cup, metric
Metric scale
Sharpie or other permanent marker
Distilled water, found in the bottled water section of most grocery stores
How often and where will you be collecting smaples? How much water will you get. How exactly are you getting to the amount of salt?

You should also mark a gps coordinate over where you are getting the sample.

This sort of data would be more meaningful if you go to a river or creek and taking different measurements as you get further away from the ocean. But different beaches work as well.

MakennaSandidgeI would like to see how different colors of advertising affect how people want to buy a product.Does someone in blue really seem more trustworthy? Create a design for a stand that can easily be replicated again and again, in different colors. On the same time, on the same day of the week, I will go to the same place and sell the same product. I will do this in the exact same stand, with the only difference being the colors the stand is decorated in. I will wear the same thing and do my best to look exactly the same. I will determine the productivity of selling decorated in each color.Colored decorations in 3-5 colors, table, chair, product to sellInconsistency in customersThat seems like a cool project. Test 30+ people for it.
NicolasSchotta custom nerf gunwhats its mechanic? can i make one out of PVCs disassembling it, then examining the parts, and then making blueprints to make my own.A nerf gun, a screwdriver, and some paper and springsI could accidentally destroy it, or lose a pieceAs long as you measure the speed or distance, or accuracy of this gun that should be fine.

Just something so you can prove what it is doing
LucasSchuppekThe goal of my project is to figure out how different bugs stick to walls and what are different methods.I wonder if they have wedged feet or if they have a sort of tape.I will use a microscope and a magnifying glass to do research at home before I go on the internet to find more. I will create a hypothesis and then test it.Materials I will use:
Magnifying glass
Tests of different insects
Some of the sites online are incorrect or I make a mistake with the microscope.I'd also see if you can recreate the stickiness of them in some way. Then it comes into a cool modeling project. Or you can compare the different insects to see if insects in different habitats behave differently.
ZantheeSchwarzmannI'm trying to create a game to put on the journalism website.What type of programs would I use so the game would work the way I like. Would people like my game?Here is a clear list of what I plan to do for my project:
I will sign into the program, “Scratch
I will start on a blank canvas
I will program backdrops/backgrounds
I will then start programming characters which will come more complex over time
I will research people and write about them to program in between
What I will do:
I will program my game
I will add in videos about famous women to educate people in between the game I will make
List of materials:
A computer
My lab notebook
Scratch program
“Rad American Women A to Z” by Kate Schatz
That people would not like my project. Some of the programs would not work. I would run out of time to finish my project.Before you even start coding, make sure to add more to this and brainstorm what you'll be coding and what you want it to accomplish and at what stages of the project
AutumnSchwindThe goal of my project is to create a hovercraft that hovers at least 2-3 millimeters off of the ground. If I can accomplish this task, I will then proceed to find out how much weight it can carry and test out different materials to see if it works out better.I wonder if I use a computer fan, will it be strong enough to actually lift off the ground. Also, I wonder what small things I can count weight with. It has to be small but have a reasonable weight to it.I am trying to build a hovercraft. My method I am going to use for knowing how to build it is researching different designs and testing them all to figure out which on floats the highest. I will try to find a type of fan that is strong and blows very fast. Next, I will consider what material the base of the hovercraft should be made of. It should be sturdy and durable but easy to cut through. Also, the shape of the hole in the bottom of the hovercraft will be tested. I will see if different shapes of hole affects the height that it can rise to and the and weight it can hold. Finally, I need to consider an overall design of the hovercraft. Hopefully I can create a successful and functioning hovercraft that has a well thought out design.

1: A piece of durable and sturdy plastic or cardboard (1ft by 1ft)

2: A computer fan (taken out from a computer)

3: One switch

4: Two 9 volt battery

5: Two wire connectors (connect to top of battery)

6: A soldering iron

7: Packing tape

8: A plastic garbage bag

9: Scissors

10: Patience and Determination!

My project could completely fail and not hover at all. Also, it could hover but not be able to hold weight while functioning the right way. The space around the hovercraft could effect its speed or damage it also. Finally, there could be limited research or not any reliable sites that I could use for research on my project.It would be cool to maybe create models to it before you go completely through it and see if there are some designs that will be better than other. I guess it is pretty small already so that will be a start.

I'm not sure if 2 9v's will be enough power, but maybe try it with powered from a power supply that's not connected to it first.
theoscottim trying to make a computer progam and see how fast it runs on diffrent ages of computerswill it crash so me computers? will it make some freeze?make the program run it on diffrent computerscomputers, programing launguage, crashes the computer or frezzes the computersWhat's the goal of the program?

How will you design or write it?

Will it be timing itself or will you be hand timing?

Start with the goal of the program then look for different ways you can make it more effecieint.
gwensharpmy project is does ocean water temapature effect the color of the ocean i wounder why some days the water is warmer and its a different color i wounder why hawaiis wter is clear and cold and snata cruz isnti need to resherechresearhYep, start researching (work on that writing too)
AnyaSherriff - NortonI am going to test this by having different people smell a scent and do an activity that has to do with memory then I will give them a break and see if they remember. Next I repeat the procedure but with a slightly different activity and a different smell, and see if they remember better with one scent or another.

1. What smell will affect people’s memory the most (positive vs. negative)?
2. Why does the smell affect the subject the way it does?
1. I will find this out through the tests
2. I will find this out by researching the about the smells.
Materials I need:
Different essential oils for the smells

People to test the smells on

Some way to distribute the smell (defibrillator, just a little bottle of the smell, etc.)

Notebook to record the info in

Some sort of test - numbers and letters on sheet of paper to have them memorize, different items to have them look at and see if they remember them, etc.
Place to test them in

Some problems with my science fair project are 1. The smells might not have any affect what-so-ever on the people 2. some people might be better at remembering than others 3. It might e hard to distribute the smells to people.Make sure to have a control in here as well, give them mismatched smells .

Then make sure the smells don't overlap with other people.

Make sure to have enough troubles
DhruvShettyThe goal of my project is to find out if a tennis ball, wiffle ball, or baseball will curve more and if I can improve it with materials and to find out how it curves.I wonder if a doctored bat will help hit a ball. or if the harder a ball will it go farther or not farther?Im going to try to curve each ball and record the data. Then I will try to improve the curve with duct tape scissors hot glue and paper. Then repeat with the materials on each ball.
Tennis ball, baseball, wiffle ball, duct tape, paper, hot glue, and scissors.
If I don't doctor the ball right , or if none of the balls curveAs you go you need to do a lot of research on why the ball curves and then why will the changes you make affect the curve.
quintinshumanThe goal for this project is to find the diffrent types o waves and know how they form and what elements help them form the way the do I wonder if the diffrent types of waves are simlar in some way
i womder if there is a sighnafcient diffrence between a wave that is barreling and a mushy wave
we first i will go to diffrent surf websites and read difrent articles and reports on the internet and then i will go to diffrent surf breaks and see what type of waves are breaking and what type of wave they are
the inertnet, notenook, and eyes--> the swell direction can change and make the waves diffrent from before
--> the surf reports may be wrong and the waves are completely diffrent than the report
This is good to start off as research and looking things up, then go out and look at the ocean and see what's going with it.
HudsonSmithThe goal of my project is to see the difference between hitting a soccer ball in the middle the bottom and the topIf I hit the ball better than a kick what will happen? What are some science fair building projects.First I am going to hit the ball on the bottom 10 different time at the same distance and see how tall the height and the width and test that for middle and top. Soccer ball, ruler, and measuring tape.If I hit it bad on one of them. And if I measure it wrong.How will you make sure the ball is hit with an equal force everytime?

And in the same spot every time?

One way to address it is to build something to test it with. Another way is to have so many trials, that you have to have it be consistent.
LiamSmith-ballonI'm trying to create a special baseball bat so that i can use it at all my practices instead of using my own bat because i don't want to damage my own batWill my bat hold the pressure of the baseball?
Will it be able to hold together before I finish the bat?
Go to the batting cages and bat for a while.
When i'm making the baseball bat check the parts every once and a while to see if its still in one piece.
maple wood,special tape,carbon fiber.brake,not hold together.How will you measure how well it will work?

Are you going to compare it against a normal bat as well?

What exactly is the design here, and what makes it better than other bats
joyastrubingwhat im going to do is I am going to test 5 different cats and see what breed has the biggest reaction to cucumbers. i am going to measure how big the cats jump is in feet.does it depend on the brand or the size of the cucumber for the cats reaction?What I'm gonna do first is i'm going to find 5 cats. Each different breed. Then, i’ll make the owners of the cat put a cucumber behind the cat when they are eating or distracted. Ill tell them to tape the results and record the actions. Then, ill watch all of the videos and read the results and see which cat is the most scared of the cucumber.ten cats (each different breed)
Many same brand giant cucumbers
ten owners of the ten cats
Rulers for measuring cats reaction jump
Notepad and camera
Cat food to distract the cat
one thing that can go wrong is that none of the cats get scared or the cats will not cooroperate with the project.You need a control as well as testing multiple times, at least 5+. Besides that it's a weird project, but not a bad project
KaoruTakashimaTo make an electromagnetically propelled acceleratorI wonder how powerful it can be, how much energy does it take to move something.I measure how much electricity is being put into the machine to move something.
I use an apple to show how powerful the projectile is.
copper coils, metal pipes, some projectile, battery, and can be too weak to actually move anything.What is the actual design of your thing?

How wil it work, what parts does it need?

How will you measure if if works? What will make it better than other devices?

Needs a lot more detail in here
LeonTanguayThe goal for my project is to create a working simulator game where you have to keep a balance in a space colony on an asteroid, and try and rule for as long as possible. You will have to balance 4 different things, your resources, your population, your colony’s happiness, and your food. If one of these stats drops to zero, the game is over and you will have to restart again. Events will pop up, and you will have to make decisions on them to raise or lose stats. Some events will be good, some bad, and some could be neutral, or sometimes good, and sometimes bad. There will also be workers that you can hire to produce resources. I hope to have at least 50 randomized events with their own randomized ranges of how many stats you gain or lose of different types. Every event will equal 1 year. At first the graphics will be very simple, but if I have some time, I hope to add some more complicated graphics/simple animations to the game. Overall, I hope to have a working simulator game by the end of the project deadline.
How advanced can I make my graphics? How many lines of code will my project be?My plan for my project timeline is to first program the 4 stats of the colony. Then program the workers. Then program 1 event, and then keep adding until I have all of the events added into the game. Then I will add some graphics and little changes to the game. Then I will start beta testing the game and fix some balance changes and hopefully fix some minor glitches and bugs in the game. Finally, I might make it a bit more of a real time game by adding multiple events at the same time that you have to answer before they run out of time, or else you will lose some stats. (After, I might make some little animations for the game)
The materials I will need are pretty much just my computer, and CodeSkulptor. I will need to use the codeskulptor library of how to code the complicated things just as a refresher. I will use the cards from the game hearthstone as sort of a design that i will base my cards off of because I think that the design is really, really cool. I might also add some cool, royalty free music to the game. I will also use some photo editing software for images later on. I will also look up how to do some object-oriented coding if I need help on certain parts.
I could have too many bugs in my program, or not be able to finish itSounds like this good be pretty cool, make sure to divide your code into steps so you can accomplish just one thing at a time.
SophiaTinkeyI am trying to create magntized water and find out more than its healing properties. How far can magnatized go with healing?
What else can it do.
Put a jar in the middle of the bucket. Fill a bucket with black sand. Put a bottle of water in the jar. Leave for 5 days. Ta-da!!Microscope, water, jar, black sand, bucket, magnet.The water will not magnatize
I cant get any black sand.
I'm not really sure if this is science, and even if it does how will you test how well it can heal.

Unless you want to do it as a type of research project maybe
SophiaTinkeyI am trying to see weather natural or unatural products will work better on mold or just wiping it away.Will the mold grow by its self or will I have to give it a jump start?
Will any of my thearies work?
put three tiles in the shower with a bit of pre-grown mold let it grow.
Once there is a fair amount of mold, clean one tile with unnatural products, one with natural products and the last with water. Place back in shower and wait. See which tile grows mold the fastest.
3 tiles, unnatural products, natural products, water, camera, miccroscope (optional)The mold will not grow in time.
The mold will not respond to the products.
You should have at least 3 of the same tiles for each one. And then test it 2-4 times.

How will you make sure that they are cleaned equally?

How will you measure cleanliness? (The whiteness of the tile? The mold left behind? There's a few different options for this.)
CoralTrippI am going to create 3 different designs of a solar oven. My goal is to make a pizza is the solar oven.Why should we go solar? Does the gas we use to make a pizza in our kitchen oven affect global warming? How?Set up ovens on a sunny day. Pre-make the pizza. Put the pizza in the oven and wait and hope it bakes. Cardboard pizza box, scissors, Aluminum foil, Clear tape, Plastic wrap, Black construction paper, Newspapers, Ruler, wooden spoon, Thermometer (Some of the supplies vary, but most are pretty basic. These are the exact supplies for one of the three designs. )The solar oven won't work. Not warm enough weather or lack of sun. Do solar ovens get hot enough to make pizza?

What will you measure about the pizzas to show the solar oven actual worked?

How will you build the solar oven and get it all together?
ChrisTurnerWhat material can create the best electromagnethow do "polymagnets" work? and What is the strongest electromagnet you can create?First I will acquire different types of wire.
Next I will find several full nine volt battery.
Next I will find different types of nails.
I will create each electromagnet.
I will then attach a pouch to a iron plate (for adding weight).
I will then start the testing process.
Connect an electromagnet to the battery.
Then using the pouch, I will add weight until the pouch detaches
Repeat with each magnet
Copper wire, aluminum wire, and silver wire( or others). Also an iron nail, a small iron sheet, cord, a pouch(small ziplock bag) and weights (quarters or bolts or pennies ect)
I can not find a specific type of wire or the weights I use are magnetic.So you should do this without nails. That seems dangerous.

I'm not sure I'm also not sure of your design, that should be clear
frankvazquezif you listen to a song on a speaker you have better chance of memorizing it than on headphones is here a difference between a speaker and headphoneshave my sister try it and my brother and mom and dad listen to a song and write what they memorized in the song15 songs and 5 people they know the song, don't memorize the song That sounds like a pretty good idea. Just make sure to get even more trials in there. aim for 15 people if you can-you can test it at school
NoahWagner-JaureggThe goal of the project is to check the Vitamin C of an orange freshly picked from a tree or a orange that has been left in a fruit bowl or on the counter for a few days. Does the acidity stay the same when an orange is left out and also does the taste differ with age?The method I will use is to conduct two experiments with sets of oranges and average the amount of Vitamin C that day and conduct the experiment again the next two days after for 5 times, and average the two experiments together to get a strong set of results. The procedure is the way it is because it creates a strong set of results. I will analyze the measurements by checking the Vitamin C each two days.1.Vitamin C test strips 2. Orange tree (Already Have) 3. Juicer 4. ContainerSomething that can go wrong with my project is that one orange could be an outlier. Do you have vitamin C test strips?

Make sure to use plenty of oranges or make sure conditions are kept as simialr as possible.

It could also be fun to build on this project later on
KierranWareMy project is making a grey water pump that will pump water from your shower to a tum that you can water your grass with.I wonder if my idea would work? I wonder if grey water would be good for plants.[I first will make a fan like thing that is connected to a motor. The fan will suck the water through it and spit out through a tube into a big container. I will get a sheet of metal and cut little pieces out of it. Then I will glue those pieces to a cilendar to make part of the fan. I will use these methods because I saw them on a video on how to make a pump that will pump water from one place to another.1. A sheet of metal, 2. A 2 inch piece of plastic, 3. A 3 feet long half an inch wide plastic tube, 4. A sheet of plastic, 4 a motor, 5. Wiers, 6. Hot glue, 7. Super glue 8. A 2 feet by 3 feet container with a lid, 9. Electric Screw driver, 10. Flat head screwdriverMiss measuring. Making the fan go the wrong way.There's a lot of these that have been made already, research some of these first, then try to make a design off of that. Gather data on how much water you've actually saved from this.
KierranWareMy project is making a grey water pump that will pump water from your shower to a tum that you can water your grass with.I wonder if my idea would work? I wonder if grey water would be good for plants.[I first will make a fan like thing that is connected to a motor. The fan will suck the water through it and spit out through a tube into a big container. I will get a sheet of metal and cut little pieces out of it. Then I will glue those pieces to a cilendar to make part of the fan. I will use these methods because I saw them on a video on how to make a pump that will pump water from one place to another.1. A sheet of metal, 2. A 2 inch piece of plastic, 3. A 3 feet long half an inch wide plastic tube, 4. A sheet of plastic, 4 a motor, 5. Wiers, 6. Hot glue, 7. Super glue 8. A 2 feet by 3 feet container with a lid, 9. Electric Screw driver, 10. Flat head screwdriverMiss measuring. Making the fan go the wrong way.x
KierranWareMy project is making a grey water pump that will pump water from your shower to a tum that you can water your grass with.I wonder if my idea would work? I wonder if grey water would be good for plants.[I first will make a fan like thing that is connected to a motor. The fan will suck the water through it and spit out through a tube into a big container. I will get a sheet of metal and cut little pieces out of it. Then I will glue those pieces to a cilendar to make part of the fan. I will use these methods because I saw them on a video on how to make a pump that will pump water from one place to another.1. A sheet of metal, 2. A 2 inch piece of plastic, 3. A 3 feet long half an inch wide plastic tube, 4. A sheet of plastic, 4 a motor, 5. Wiers, 6. Hot glue, 7. Super glue 8. A 2 feet by 3 feet container with a lid, 9. Electric Screw driver, 10. Flat head screwdriverMiss measuring. Making the fan go the wrong way.x
KierranWareMy project is making a grey water pump that will pump water from your shower to a tum that you can water your grass with.I wonder if my idea would work? I wonder if grey water would be good for plants.[I first will make a fan like thing that is connected to a motor. The fan will suck the water through it and spit out through a tube into a big container. I will get a sheet of metal and cut little pieces out of it. Then I will glue those pieces to a cilendar to make part of the fan. I will use these methods because I saw them on a video on how to make a pump that will pump water from one place to another.1. A sheet of metal, 2. A 2 inch piece of plastic, 3. A 3 feet long half an inch wide plastic tube, 4. A sheet of plastic, 4 a motor, 5. Wiers, 6. Hot glue, 7. Super glue 8. A 2 feet by 3 feet container with a lid, 9. Electric Screw driver, 10. Flat head screwdriverMiss measuring. Making the fan go the wrong way.x
KierranWareMy project is making a grey water pump that will pump water from your shower to a tum that you can water your grass with.I wonder if my idea would work? I wonder if grey water would be good for plants.[I first will make a fan like thing that is connected to a motor. The fan will suck the water through it and spit out through a tube into a big container. I will get a sheet of metal and cut little pieces out of it. Then I will glue those pieces to a cilendar to make part of the fan. I will use these methods because I saw them on a video on how to make a pump that will pump water from one place to another.1. A sheet of metal, 2. A 2 inch piece of plastic, 3. A 3 feet long half an inch wide plastic tube, 4. A sheet of plastic, 4 a motor, 5. Wiers, 6. Hot glue, 7. Super glue 8. A 2 feet by 3 feet container with a lid, 9. Electric Screw driver, 10. Flat head screwdriverMiss measuring. Making the fan go the wrong way.x
JojoWebberIn this project, I will ask the question "Does the ability to taste things run through genetics?" I will test to see also if race has a play in the results as well as family heritage.I wonder who will be able to taste the paper?
I wonder if I or my family will taste the paper?
I wonder if the effects have to do with gender, race, or diets?
First, I will plan out what large familys I know and ask them each a bit about themselfs like: where they have ever lived(Culture), what there diets are, and where there family is from.
Second, I will have each member of there family taste a paper and taste another. One paper is a chemical paper that tastes bad and the other is normal printer paper,but they look identical. I will ask each member of the family, do they taste the same or different.
Last, I will chart my results to see if the effect of the paper runs in genes and if so, does it have to do with race, gender, or diets.
The Chemical paper
The Non-Chemical Paper
A survey asking for information about there family and themselfs
1) I could not find the chemial paper that im looking for and have to do another project
2)I could get going with my project and find that the results have nothing to do with genes, race, gender, or family culture at all
This looks like a good start, I might have you do more with it as you go. You need to do a lot of different trials with this and get a lot of people for it (30+)
EllaWegfehrtWhat colors do specific animals see and why?Do predators see colors that help their hunting?
What animals don't see colors?
First, I will research in detail my question online. Next, I will talk to several professionals specializing in animal psychology, and animal optometry. I will also talk to veterinarians. I want to have as much information as I can, so I can have a good project, and I think that the best way to do that is to talk to professionals after researching online. Animal psychologist
Animal optometrist
Poster board (TBD)
Poster markers
Glue sticks
Pictures of the anatomy of a certain animal’s eye
Physical model of an animal’s eye (TBD)
I could not research in enough depth/ false information
I could not be able to visit professionals
I like the coloring and hunting one, try to build on that.

It will be mroe research based but it gives more guidance to your project then what you have right now
DarlinaWilliamsTo find how your brain reacts when the smell and taste of your food are different.Is color another important factor to be considered?
First of all get materials. Let the test subjects blind folded smell a food, discretely change the food ad heve them taste the other food.5 or more test subjects, and different foods.The foods could be very similar in taste and smell, the test subject could have a very good or bad taste or smell, or the test subject could know you changed the food and expected the food to taste a certain way instead or another way.How many people will you test? What foods will you test? 30+ test subjects. So what will you measure from this? And keep working on your idea of the project, this needs more ideas
AishaWolff`I want so see how people react to me giving them a free cookie, but it tastes horrible. How will people react when give a free "Delicious" cookie.I want to know if people will protect you from the truth or if they are going to go straight in tell you they taste terrible.1)First I will make cookies
2)Then I will take them down to the park or Downtown ad offer them to people
3)Record the results (Set up audio record)
4)Chile Flakes
7)An Oven
8)A Serving tray
1)Some people may really like the cookies beacasye they like salt and spice
2)Other may just be too nice and can't say the don'y like it
3) Age could also affect peoples
This is an intruiging idea.

Set up a more objective way to measure what you'll be measuring for beforehand.

You also need to set up a control condition for how people react to normal cookies as well.
RowanZeszutI am making a backyard rollercoasterWill i get hurt while riding it? It took me a while to figure out how to get this thing off the ground, but I decided the best idea was to make a track. So, I took some 1 ¼ PVC pipe and put it on 2x3s that were attached to plywood to make a segment of track. I've made many of these and have connected them with two way PVC couplers. So i had the track, but nobody could ride it, so i made a cart out of an old longboard that I attached rigid caster wheels onto in order for them to run along the side of the track, making sure that the cart doesn't fall off.
4 rigid caster wheels
Lots of plywood
Lots of long 2x3s
Lots of feet of PVC pipe
Also a lot of couplers
Only 1 Longboard
Not enough support on couplers, Insecure supports, cart falling off trackAs long as your parents approve this that's fine. You should also try to measure your speed or acceleration at different points and see if you can build on it in that regard.
A small mismeasurement, an incorrect scale?
JadenOwMy question is which cleaning protects removes the most germs from different house surfaces. I want to do this because if I want to clean my house I know what to use.I wonder if the products with the least amount of chemicals will take away the most germs? agar plates
cleaners that are organic and with chemicals
wood sample
marble sample
metal sample

I could only test one sample or buy one cleaner.
WestonOwThe goal of the project is to find the best temperature conditions for growing the largest and purest crystal.How much water will be left in the bowl or if there will be any? How breakable the crystals will be?In this science fair project, I will compare the size and shape of crystals grown in three different temperature conditions. Room temperature, in the refrigerator, and in an ice bath for a 24 hours each.I need a bowl, borax, water and a household cleaning product.The temperature outside could affect the water temperature. The amount of borax needs to be the same or the final data could be wrong.This seems pretty good idea. Add more detail on how the crystals will actaully devolop. What are you going to measure on the crystals to tell their size, (total surface area covered would probably be good). Make sure to record the temperatures as well.
QuinnSaundersMy goal of the project is to answer how well a plant will grow upside down.
“How well will a plant grow upside down?”
1. I wonder if the plant will survive. It might just die from the lack of direction knowledge.
2. I also wonder if the plant will stretch, because of gravity pulling it down.
1: I will know if it's still green.

2: I will measure the average length of these plants and then plant my own upside down plant. I will measure that. If the lengths are practically the same, I'll just assume it's growing the same, since all plants don't grow identically. I also just want to say that the plant might not curve as much. Because if you think about it, when the plant starts curving while right side up, once it curves enough, gravity will take over and bring it down. But no matter what, gravity will always pull the plant down, upside down.
Flower pot, Plastic covering of some kind, soil, a sharp object to cut the hole in the plastic to let the plant grow through, measuring tape, a camera, some photos of the real plant growing naturally, info on the length, width, color, and other features of the plant, and some paper and a pencil for taking notes.The plant could die halfway through, without me knowing if it had the lack of a resource, and the plant could maybe not get enough space to grow in the small hole, and me cutting a big enough hole could cause the soil to fall out.Gravity won't nessasarily bring it down every time. The hardest part will be growing plants from the side, regularly. And make sure to set up enough plants to grow.

Generally, something like mustard seeds will grow quickly.
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