ClassificationSpell NameIncantationDescriptionDurationCounterspell (if needed)
1st yearAttackConjure Sparks Charm"relashio"Releases a jet of fiery sparks that causes a person/thing to release whatever he/she/it is holding. Greatly impeded concentration of the victim. Can also be used as a signaling device. Instant
1st yearAttackLace Looping Charm"lacesso trinus"Causes the laces on someones shoe to tie together making them trip. The only way to undo his spell is to manually untie the laces again. Instant
1st yearAttackLeg Locker Curse"locomotor mortis"Locks the legs of the victim together. If the victim tries to move, they will fall over. 2 minutesFinite
1st yearAttackMorning Breath Hex"lingua mal"Causes the target's mouth to smell and taste terrible15 minutesFinite
1st yearAttackSnowball Hex"glacies ['name']"Creates snowballs that pelt the target; only effective in snowInstant
1st yearDefensiveStop Magic Charm "finite incantatum" or "finite"Stops an operating spell.Instant
1st yearEffectConjure Light Charm"lumos"When this word is uttered, the tip of your wand acts as a fairly powerful light.ContinuousConjure Dark Charm (“nox”)
1st yearEffectDoor Sealing Charm "colloportus”Closes/seals doors. The door is sealed from physical entrance; alohamora will not open a door sealed by this spell. 2 hoursFinite
1st yearEffectGlow Charm"lumens"Causes the target object to let out a faint glow of lightContinuousConjure Dark Charm ('nox')
1st yearEffectHover Charm"wingardium leviosa"Causes an item to levitate. The larger the item, the more powerful the caster must be. Spell will last as long as the caster maintains their total concentration.See note
1st YearsEffectTransfiguration: Animate"vivadus verto"Transfiguration spell that turns an animate things into either other animate things, or into inanimate objects (not humans). The older the student, the more difficult 'objects' or animals or plants can be transfigured.30 minutesSame incantation either way
1st YearsEffectTransfiguration: Inanimate"res rei verto"Transfiguration spell that turns an inanimate object into another inanimate object; cannot be used on "live" things. The older the student, the more difficult 'objects' can be transfigured. 30 minutesSame incantation either way
1st yearOtherConjure Dark Charm“nox”Nullifies the Conjure Light Charm (“lumos”), causing the light at the tip of the wand to go out. InstantConjure Light Charm (“lumos”)
1st yearOtherFeather-Light Charm "pluma pondus"Causes something heavy to weigh significantly less, so it can be easily carried.10 minutesFinite
1st yearOtherMoving Charm"locomotor [name]"Used to move an object. The caster must specify which object. 1 minute
2nd yearAttackConjure Fire Charm"incendio"Incantation muttered to produce flame. Only small flame (like lighting a match), unless the caster is an adult and very powerful. InstantExtinguishing Spell (“exstinguo”)
2nd yearAttackCornflake Skin Spell"dante squama"Makes the victim's skin appear to be covered in cornflakes12 hoursFinite
2nd yearAttackFur Hex "pilosus"A hex that causes the victim to be covered in fur. Colour depends on skin colour. The victim's movement will not be affected, only their pride. The fur will disappear when the spell expires. 24 hours
2nd yearAttackHiccup Hex"singultum"Causes a person to hiccup. Victim loses concentration and can only cast nonverbal spells (if old enough)2 minutesFinite
2nd yearAttackKnockback Jinx"flipendo"A spell that can be used to 'knock back' an opponent or objects with mild force.Insant
2nd yearAttackSneezing Charm"steleus"Causes target to sneeze uncontrollably5 minutesFinite
2nd yearAttackSilencing Charm"silencio"Causes something or someone to be silent, unable to talk. An older victim can still use nonverbal spells. 30 minutesFinite
2nd yearAttackToenail Growth Hex"porro nalis"Causes the victim's toenails to grow alarmingly fast. Can cause them to trip as their shoes pop off. 10 minutesFinite
2nd yearAttackTongue Lock Hex"langlock"Causes a person's tongue to stick to his or her mouth's roof. The vicitim can talk somewhat but words are garbled. Spell casting by incantation by the victim becomes impossible. 15 minutesFinite
2nd yearDefensiveExtinguishing Spell "exstinguo"Extinguishes (puts out) an active fire. Will not work on enchanted fires or those caused by magic (need to cast the finite first). InstantConjure Fire Charm (“incendio”)
2nd yearEffectChilling Charm“congelatio”Chills object. More powerful adult casters can give a person minor hypothermia. 1 hourWarming Charm (“fervensium”)
2nd yearEffectConjure Flowers Charm"orchideous"Charm used to create a bouquet of flowers from the wand. The flower types can be of the caster's choosing. Instant
2nd yearEffectConjure Water Charm"aguamenti"Water flows from the wand. This water can be for human consumption although it doesn't contain any trace minerals and doesn't taste very good. 30 secondsDrought Charm (“sequieatus”)
2nd yearEffectConjure Wind Charm"ventus"Shoots a small breeze from the wandContinuous
2nd yearEffectCushioning Charm"culcis"Cushions a broom to make it easier to ride on.ContinuousFinite
2nd yearEffectFreezing Charm "gelidus"Freezes objects of all types. Not useable on organic (live) things.1 hourFinite
2nd yearEffectSoftening Charm"spongify"Soften a target object or area. Inanimate objects only. Can also be used to make objects more rubbery or bouncyPermanentFinite
2nd yearEffectWarming Charm "fervensium"Warms something. Can be used to warm skin, objects, blankets. 1 hourChilling Charm (“congelatio”)
2nd yearEffectWaterproof Charm"impervius"Makes an object waterproof. Does not work on people – although it could work on the objects they are holding.1 hour
2nd yearOtherSevering Charm"scalpere"Cuts something; objects only.Instant
2nd yearOtherDrought Charm“sequieatus”Dries up water30 secondsConjure Water Charm (“aguamenti”)
2nd yearOtherRepairing Glasses Charm"oculus reparo"Repairs eye-glasses.Instant
2nd yearOtherUnlocking Charm "alohomora"A Spell capable of unlocking various types of non-magical locksInstant
3rd yearAttackCheering Charm "noceo ridaciare"A charm that makes a person happy. The victim will lose concentration, and seem euphoric. Nothing will bother them. 5 minutesFinite
3rd yearAttackConfusion Charm"turbo confundo”Makes a person confused. Greatly impairs concentration.1 minute
3rd yearAttackEye/Conjunctivitis Curse "conjunctio"A curse that affects the eyes of the target (causes conjunctivitis, a.k.a pink eye). The victim will be able to see but have a hard time, and the eyes will be watery and itchy. Their concentration will be broken.1 hourFinite
3rd yearAttackHair Growth Jinx"crinitus"Lengthens hair on the head at an alarming rate. Unless stopped, the hair on the head will continue to grow without stop until the spell expires. 30 minutesFinite
3rd yearAttackHair Loss Curse"saeta damnum"Makes victim lose their hair on their head. They will appear bald. 30 minutesHair Growth Jinx
3rd yearAttackHair-Thickening Charm"creber saeta"A spell which thickens a person's hair. If used to excess, the victim becomes unable to hold their head up because their head becomes heavy. 30 minutesFinite
3rd yearAttackJelly-Fingers Jinx"woblious digitus"Causes the victim's fingers to beocme jelly-like, making it difficult to grasp objects, including wands.15 minutesFinite
3rd yearAttackObliteration Charm"deleo"Charm used to obliterate (wipe out traces of) something (not the Memory Charm). Can get rid of unwanted objects. Beware – once the object is obliterated, it is gone forever. Instant
3rd yearAttackStickfast Hex"colloshoo"Adhere's the bottom of the target's shoe to the ground15 minutesFinite
3rd yearAttackStinging Hex"acer dorsus"Causes a stinging pain on the victim. Will not mark the skin but be painful, like small whip lashes. Instant
3rd yearAttackTickling Charm"rictusempra"Causes a person to laugh uncontrollably. Victim loses concentration and has a difficult time casting spells. The victim CAN cast nonverbal spells. 2 minutesFinite
3rd yearDefensiveBogart Banishing Spell"riddikulus"Forces the boggart to take on an appearance which will inspire the laughter that forms an effective defense against the creature.Instant
3rd yearEffectCopier Charm"verto effingo"Creates an exact copy of a single leaf of parchment or page of workInstant
3rd yearEffectGreater light spell"lumos dua"Stronger version of the light spell. Pointable and repels things sensitive to light and magical light, ie. GhostsInstantConjure Dark Charm ('nox')
3rd yearEffectTransfiguration - Animate Impression"atramento locomotor"Allows drawing to move on the page like a photograph. The complexity of the movements depends on the strength of the caster (does not actually bring them to life, increase quality, or give them a voice)24 hoursFinite
3rd yearEffectVoice Change Spell"vox +name"Changes your voice to that of someone else. When giving the incantation, you must name the person who's voice you will be imitating. Can be cast on yourself only. 20 minutesVoice Change Reversal Spell ("vox exemplar")
3rd yearEffectVoice Change Reversal Spell"vox exemplar" Changes your spelled voice back to your normal voice.instant
3rd yearOtherCleaning Spell (Liquids)"tergeo"Cleans liquids: can clean a dirtied or bloodied person.Instant
3rd yearOtherInk Reveal Charm"aparecium"Makes invisible ink become visible.Instant
3rd yearOtherReveal Path Charm"dissendium"Causes the secret door in the statue of the humped witch to open.Instant
3rd yearOtherSevering/Splitting Curse "diffindo"Causes thing to split in two; intended for objects only. Instant
3rd yearOtherStitching Spell"conexos"Can be applied to a needle and thread to stitch something. Quality of stitches based on age and experience of user. Only Healers can use this spell to stitch skinContinuous
4th yearAttackDisarming Spell"expelliarmus"Disarm an opponent of their wand; if powerful enough, can knock a person off their feet.Instant
4th yearAttackDancing Curse"tarantalegra"A curse that will make one's legs jerk around like dancing. The victim may not be able to stand, and if they can keep their balance, their concentration will be greatly lessoned. 2 hoursFinite
4th yearAttackFull Body-Bind Curse"petrificus totalus"Renders the victim temporarily unable to move. They can only move their eyes to blink and can swallow, but are frozen in position. If standing, they will fall over. 30 minutesFinite
4th yearAttackHair Tying Hex"lacesso crinus"Causes locks of long hair to tie together in a knot in front of the face, obscuring the target's vision. Hair must be long enough to be tied. It can be unknotted manuallyInstantHair Straightening Charm ("crines corrige")
4th yearAttackHives Hex "offa"Causes the victim's face to erupt in hives. Hives are raised lumps on the skin, usually caused by an allergic reaction. They will also get very itchy and cause the victim to lose concentration. 1 hourFinite
4th yearAttackJelly-Legs Jinx "woblious crur" or "woblious"Causes the victims legs to wobble, making them feel unstable and generally breaking concentration of inexperienced characters. 15 minutesFinite
4th yearAttackMyopia Jinx"myopia inducens"Causes the victim to become severely nearsighted, can negate the effect of glasses15 minutesFinite
4th yearAttackReductor Curse"reducto"Blasts/moves solid objects out of the way. Good for moving things aside but will not affect living things (people, creatures, plants). Instant
4th yearAttackScreeching Jinx"strideo"Causes the target to hear a loud and potentially distracting screeching soundInstantFinite
4th yearAttackSmall Attack Charm"oppugno"Causes something to attack a target chosen by the spell caster. Works on small creatures and objects. Caster will need to define what the attacking 'items' are. 10 minutes
4th yearAttackStatic Shock Charm"vestibulum crimen"Shocks the victim with a small static electric shockInstant
4th yearAttackTwitchy Ears Curse"velico auris"Makes the ears of a victim twitch uncontrollably. Breaks the victim's concentration. 5 minutesFinite
4th yearDefensiveImpeding Spell"impedimenta"Stops or slows a living thing. The victim will find their movements going in slow motion or stopped all together as if they were trying to move through heavy glue. 2 minutes
4th yearDefensiveShield Charm"protego"Creates a magical shield to deflect minor to moderate spells and jinxes cast by others. This will not protect against powerful spells cast by adults. The spells of an attacker may only be lessoned in strength. Be warned: the protego will collapse when the caster does another spell. It must be renewed each time. 20 minutes
4th yearEffectAscending Charm"ascendio"Lifts target up to 2 metres (6.5 feet) into the air. Ending the spell gently lowers the person to the ground5 minutesFinite
4th yearEffectColour-Change Charm "abeo cultivateCauses an object to change colour. This spell also works on organic matter such as plants and animals. Only much older students or adults can do this spell on humans. 3 hours
4th yearEffectConjure Bee Charm"apis"Conjures a small swarm of bees that will disappear when the spell ends. Cannot be commanded unless another spell is added. (ToS allergy rules apply)10 minutesFinite
4th yearEffectConjure Snake Charm"serpensortia"Causes a snake to appear out of castor's wand tip. The type of snake will be at the caster's choice. Instant
4th YearsEffectDisillusionment Charm"excaeco"A transfiguration spell that does not cause invisibilty, but makes an object or person very difficult to see. They 'blend into' the background.30 minutesFinite
4th yearEffectHair Straightening Charm"crines corrige"Straightens hair, loosens curls and knots. Cannot straighten dreadlocks and strength depends on the caster1 hour
4th yearOtherBanishing Charm "expello"Causes an object to move away from the caster.Instant
4th yearOtherFour-Point Spell"point me" while holding the wand in open palmA spell that makes the wand point to the north.30 secondsFinite
4th yearOtherGripping Charm"queritor"A charm used to facilitate gripping of an object firmly1 hourFinite
4th yearOtherReference Works Spell"peragro textus"Searches through a book or text for the mention of a word or phrase specified by the caster. To search for the second, third, etc, mention of the word, the caster may simply speak the incantation againInstant
4th yearOtherRepairing Charm"reparo"Undoes simple damage to an objectInstant
4th yearOtherSummoning Charm "accio [object]”Summons an item towards you; not usable on living things. While the spell becomes active instantly, the appearance of the object will depend on how far away it is. The object will move through the air, so care must be taken that muggles do not see. Instant
4th yearOtherUmbrella Charm"prohibere pluvia"Cast by pointing the top of the wand at the sky, it creates a semi-transparent umbrella of magical energy to shield the caster from rain. Casting another spell will remove the umbrellaContinuous
5th yearAttackBoil Curse "furnunculus"A curse that causes boils to break out all over a body. The boils are sores that are somewhat painful and disfiguring until the spell is stopped. 12 hours
5th yearAttackIncarcerate Spell "incarcerous"Spell that causes ropes to bind a person in place.30 minutesFinite
5th yearAttackStretching Jinx"tendo"Causes something to stretch. Works on objects and beings but only for a short period of time. A person can have their limbs stretched to a maximum of 10 ft.10 minutesFinite
5th yearAttackStunning Spell"stupefy"Stuns the victim into unconsciousness. Victim will remain unconscious and unable to awaken until the counterspell is used. Used multiple times on the same victim, serious brain damage can occur. InstantAwake/Alert Spell (“ennervate")
5th yearAttackUpside-Down Hex"levicorpus"Causes the victim to dangle upside down in midair. The victim is helpless unless they can get to their wand. Height above the ground is about 6 ft. InstantRight Side Up Charm ("liberacorpus")
5th yearDefensiveAwakeNonelert Spell "ennervate"Spell that revives somebody who has been stupified; opposite is "stupefy"2 minutesStunning Spell (“stupify”)
5th yearDefensiveBubble Head Charm "ebullio capitis"Encloses the caster's head with a bubble of air (air pocket). The air is always fresh but the spell must be renewed each hour. 1 hourFinite
5th yearDefensiveRight-Side Up Charm"liberacorpus"Counterspell to the Upside-Down Hex; returns afflicted to their normal state. InstantUpside Down Hex ("levicorpus")