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Accelerated Admissions and Degree Programs:
Application Fee Waivers:
Deadlines & Dean's Letter Requirements:
Decisions, Decisions:
Establishing Residency:
Summer Pre-Law Programs:
Applicants: Please contact individual law schools for the most accurate information.
Law School or OrganizationProgramProgram DescriptionEligibilityURLDate Accessed
American Indian Law Center, Inc
Albuquerque, NM

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and how it might affect the PLSI 2020 program. We are concerned for the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty. For now, we are proceeding with our plans for an in-person PLSI 2020. We will provide updates as necessary.
PLSI Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaska Natives "PLSI is an intensive two-month program that prepares American Indian and Alaska Native individuals for the rigors of law school by essentially replicating the first semester of law school. The PLSI concentrates its content into eight weeks of instruction, research and study, teaching students the unique methods of law school research, analysis, and writing.""Any American Indian or Alaska Native who plans to attend law school in the fall after attending the summer program of PLSI."

"The PLSI admission process is much the same as the law school process, so you must have taken the LSAT, completed your undergraduate degree by May, and applied to law school prior to attending PLSI." deadline: March 20, 2020. Those received later will be considered on a space available basis.

Program: May 29 - July 24, 2020
Baruch College - CUNY
New York, NY
The Max Berger Pre-law Fellows Program"The Max Berger Pre-Law Fellows Program is an intensive law school preparatory program geared towards assisting and propelling high-potential Baruch College students to gain admission to the nation’s top law schools. Max Berger Pre-Law Fellows are chosen from Baruch College freshmen, sophomores and juniors who demonstrate a high-level of academic promise and desire to pursue a career in the legal profession."Freshmen, sophomores and juniors currently enrolled at Baruch College

Overall minimum GPA of 3.5 (applicants that do not meet the GPA criteria are still encouraged to apply)

Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate involvement in clubs and organizations, leadership positions, volunteer work and community service" deadline: April 23, 2020

The Fellows program begins in the fall of the student's sophomore, junior or senior year and continues through their senior year and beyond.
The Max Berger Pre-Law Program Summer Institute"This week-long program, will be held during the week of January 6-10, 2020 and is geared towards preparing Baruch College students and alumni for the law school application cycle, the world of law school and beyond. Students and alumni will hone their writing logical reasoning and reading comprehension skills. There are visits to law schools and a local court, as well as panel presentations relevant to pre-law students. This program is free of charge.""Students currently enrolled at Baruch College and Baruch alumni"
Cornell University Law SchoolCornell University Prelaw Program in New York CityFor Cornell undergraduate students.
Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO)Attitude is Essential"All students who intend to start law school in the fall of 2020."

"In addition to getting a head start on law school and learning in a supportive environment, you will be invited to other CLEO academic support, networking, and career-building events."

"The seminar will expose students to the best practices for: case briefing, legal research & writing, conquering law school exams, and managing time & finances."
"Applicants must have been admitted to a law school, submit an online application, and pay a $50 registration fee." deadline is on a rolling basis. All applications must be submitted by the Wednesday before the date of the seminar at 11:59 p.m. EDT

June 20-21, 2020
July 18-19, 2020
August 1-2, 2020
Delaware Law School, Widener University

No longer a program for undergrads.
Summer Advantage ProgramDelaware Law School offers students the opportunity to begin law school early. Students who enroll in our Summer Advantage Program can begin law school in June rather than waiting until August.
Students in the Summer Advantage Program will take Constitutional Law: The First Amendment, a three credit course. Participation in the Summer Advantage Program allows full-time students to position themselves to gain practical experience earlier in their law school careers.
The Summer Advantage Program also makes it easier for part-time students to graduate in three-and-a-half years or to lighten their course load in one semester of their four years of study. Students who enroll in the Summer Advantage Program will be awarded a $500 grant that will be applied to tuition charges in July. Financial Aid is available for this program.
DePaul College of Law
Chicago, IL
LegalTrekAs of 2019: Application: "LegalTrek’s mission is to diversify the legal profession by encouraging and supporting college students from historically underrepresented groups to attend law school. We are seeking diverse applicants from racial/ethnic minority groups, as well as socio-economically disadvantaged students, LGBT students and disabled students." 362-87014/14/2020
Florida State University College of Law
Tallahassee, FL

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates Program will not be hosted in person as previously scheduled, but we are looking into alternatives, including a remote program or an in-person start date later in the summer.
Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates"This program brings to campus undergraduate students from throughout the country for a month-long immersion into legal study. The largest and oldest of its kind, the primary goal of the program is to acquaint students with the study of law and to assist them in acquiring skills that will benefit their undergraduate and future law school studies. The program has been twice honored by the American Bar Association’s Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Award for Excellence in Pipeline Diversity. The award is given to organizations or individuals who have shown innovation and leadership in diversifying the educational pipeline to the legal profession." The deadline to apply is still April 1 and we anticipate making decisions by mid-April.{850}644-7338
Application deadline: April 1, 2020

Program: June 1 - 26, 2020
Harvard University Law SchoolTrials"Trials is a unique partnership of NYU School of Law, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation. It is a fully subsidized summer
study program for students of modest means whose backgrounds are
currently underrepresented at the nation’s top law schools."
"For five weeks in the summer, Trials students take residence at Harvard or New York University. The residency alternates from year to year.
Each week, instructors from Advantage Testing prepare Trials students for the LSAT by deconstructing the test and presenting a step-by-step approach to each question type. Students maintain a rigorous practice testing schedule, frequently sitting for full-length official LSATs under simulated testing conditions. Working closely with their instructors, students learn to develop an individualized study plan, focus their preparation, and apply the core principles they master.
Trials students also attend lectures presented by prominent lawyers, public figures, and legal scholars, including distinguished faculty from both NYU Law and Harvard Law School. These lectures provide a wide-ranging introduction to the study and practice of the law while giving students the opportunity to ask specific questions related to their particular fields of interest.
Perhaps most important, Trials allows students to experience communities similar to those they will encounter in law school. Students form study groups to challenge, motivate, and inspire one another. In lunches with instructors and speakers, students can take part in informal discussions to learn more about the law, their peers, and themselves."
"The Trials program is intended for students of modest means who come from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented at the nation’s top law schools. Those who feel they fit these criteria are encouraged to apply. We will not disqualify any candidates on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identification, or annual household income. Rather, we consider each candidate’s complete academic profile, individual circumstances, and personal history when weighing admissions decisions. See the Eligibility page of this website for further details."

"Trials seeks to promote diversity at America’s leading law schools and in the legal profession. Our explicit aim is to support students of modest means whose racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds are underrepresented in America’s top-rated JD programs. We welcome applications from all motivated students of any background whose personal circumstances, self-identifications, and unique perspectives might place them outside the mainstream of typical law school applicants.

We will give particular consideration to those candidates who attend colleges that traditionally send no more than one graduate per year to the partnering law schools. Each summer, the majority of students enrolled in Trials will hail from such underrepresented institutions.

We take into account all aspects of a candidate’s application, and we encourage all eligible students who are interested in attending law school to apply to Trials." to the Summer 2021 TRIALS program will open in October 2020.4/23/20
Indiana CLEO
Indianapolis, IN
Summer InsitituteNo program information available at this time."In addition to the eligibility requirements by statute (IC-33-24-13), the ICLEO Fellowship is only available to students who plan to attend an ABA-accredited law school in Indiana.

Applicants should be Indiana residents, graduates from an Indiana college or graduates (in the last five years) from an Indiana high school attending college out of state.

Out of state applicants may apply, but preference is given to applicants with strong Indiana roots. ♦
You do not have to be admitted to law school before you apply to ICLEO, but if you are selected, you must be accepted to an Indiana law school (IU Maurer, IU McKinney, or Notre Dame) before you can attend the Summer Institute. Acceptance to the ICLEO program does not guarantee you acceptance to law school." deadline: March 6, 2020

Program: June 15 - July 24, 2020
ITT Chicago-Kent College of LawPre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program"The Chicago-Kent Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars program ("PLUS") offers a unique and unforgettable experience for college students who are interested in the legal profession. This rigorous three-week program is designed to prepare students for law school or a career in the legal profession by helping them to develop essential core competencies needed to succeed in these areas. The program targets undergraduate college students from groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

The PLUS program is a free, three-week summer program that will:

provide participants with a deeper understanding of legal education via the program's rigorous doctrinal and experiential skills-based curriculum;
help participants develop essential core competencies needed to succeed in the law school application and admissions process, as well as insight into navigating the process; and
expose students to a wide range of career paths within the legal profession.
Students must attend all classes and participate in all program activities in order to be accepted and to receive a stipend. This is a full-time commitment. Therefore, students MUST be available during the day and some evenings and have no outside commitments that would prevent them from giving the program their full attention and daily attendance. Students must also agree to provide PLUS administrators with education and career updates after completion of the program.
"The program targets undergraduate college students from groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession."
"The PLUS program is for college students who will not have received their bachelor degree by the start of the program; however, preference is given to those who will have completed their first or second year. Students who have already completed a bachelor degree are not eligible for the program."
"Because the PLUS program is primarily designed to provide exposure to law school, the legal profession and general professionalism and work skills, which students may not have gained at this stage in their education/career, preference will be given to those students who would benefit the most from the PLUS experience."
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, this event will not occur as planned.
Robert H. McKinney School of Law Summer Law and Leadership Academy"The IU McKinney Summer Law and Leadership Academy offers undergraduate
college students the opportunity to:
• Attend typical law school classes taught by IU
McKinney faculty
• Participate in mock pre-trial and trial exercises
• Identify skills and leadership qualities through
guided activities and assessments
• Network with IU McKinney students, faculty
and alumni
The summer academy offers seminars in areas such as criminal law, health law, and intellectual property law. Through experiential learning, you will build skills in negotiations,
legal writing, and LSAT preparation. Visit a law firm or judicial chambers, and lunch with
current law students and alumni.
"The IU McKinney Summer Law and Leadership Academy is designed for students who
have been historically underrepresented in the legal profession, including first-generation
college students, students of color, female students, LGBTQ students, and students from
families of low-economic means"

"Admission is competitive. The strongest applicants possess an undergraduate G.P.A.
over 2.7 and have completed at least 32 undergraduate credits." planned for June 1-6, 20204/28/2020
New York State Judicial Institute, Pace Law School

New York Legal Education Opportunity Program (NY LEO)"The New York Legal Education Opportunity Program (NY LEO) is designed to ensure a diverse legal community by promoting academic success in law school for individuals historically under represented in the legal profession.

Through an intense six-week summer program, the NY LEO Program assists minority, low income and economically or educationally disadvantaged college graduates in acquiring the fundamental and practical skills necessary to succeed in law school. The program is available to qualified candidates who will attend law school in New York.

The NY LEO Program is administered by the Honorable Juanita Bing Newton, Dean of the New York State Judicial Institute. Students live on campus and participate in the program full-time. Experienced law professors provide instruction in first-year law school core courses as well as in legal research, writing and analysis. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to visit courts in session and meet with members of the judiciary and other legal professionals."
"To be eligible to participate, a student must:

* be minority, low income or economically or educationally disadvantaged;
* receive his or her college degree by the beginning of the summer program;
* have been accepted by or have an application pending at a New York law school; and
plan to attend law school in New York."
Ohio Northern University Pettit College of LawSummer Starter Program

For admitted first year law students. Acceptance into the program means automatic entry into the fall program.
"Summertime at ONU - it’s warm, it’s quiet, and the College of Law is full of passionate first-year students looking for a head start to their legal education. They belong to the Summer Starter Program, a unique opportunity for students whose outstanding undergraduate performance indicates probable academic success in law school despite a lower LSAT score.

The eight-week Summer Starter Program consists of two first-year courses (eight credit hours) and provides our students with the one-on-one attention necessary to be successful in law school. From individual weekly meetings with your academic support advisor to weekly group teaching assistant (TA) sessions, you will learn the study skills and test-taking skills needed to set you apart from students entering in a typical fall program. Many of our Summer Starter students end up in the top of the class at the conclusion of their first year. This, in addition to hard work, can be credited to the skills and confidence acquired from completing the Summer Starter Program. Once you have completed the program, you are automatically enrolled into the fall entering class. There’s no need to re-apply."

Automatic fall entry (non-conditional)
Faculty accessibility and small class sizes (approx. 20 students)
Weekly exams to acclimate you prior to fall entry
Weekly teaching assistant (TA) sessions for additional review
Knowledge of outlining and note-taking
Familiarity with the Socratic Method"
"Applicants may apply for free online by submitting the general fall application. No separate application is required. If qualified for the Summer Starter Program, you will receive a letter and email invitation to interview for the program. You are encouraged to include a statement of interest in the program with your application. Candidates that qualify for the program based on their application are invited to interview for the program on campus. Applications are accepted until the summer class is filled.

To apply, visit this page or From there, you’ll have an on-campus interview, because only you and your presence can convince us of your desire to attend law school and become a successful attorney." begins May 26, 2020 and runs for 8 weeks4/28/2020
Penn State Law in University Park

Penn State has extended the remote-delivery period for all classes into the summer.
Explore Law"Are you thinking about going to law school? Are you choosing between law and another graduate program? Do you need more information about law school admission, the LSAT, law school classes or legal career paths? Would you like to network with a group of your peers who are also interested in studying law?

Join us for Explore Law, a tuition-free, residency program held at Penn State Law in University Park, Pa., available to any undergraduate student--regardless of location, major, or residence--who is interested in learning more about law school. Explore Law will give you the opportunity to learn about multiple fields of law and myriad law careers from law professors, judges, and practicing attorneys. The program will help prepare you with detailed information on the admissions process, how to write an excellent personal statement on your law school application, and how to finance your degree. Explore Law is designed exclusively to mentor and build relationships with all students who may be interested in studying law.

The tuition-free program includes housing and is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major, but priority may be given to students from underrepresented groups. "
"The following materials must be submitted to be considered for admission:

* online application
* unofficial undergraduate transcript(s)
* personal statement
* all applicants must be 18 years or older at the start of the program"
Application deadline: March 23, 2020

Program: May 18-22, 2020
Rutgers University, Camden School of Law

This program is for students already admitted to the law school.

Will Jump Start continue in light of COVID-19?
In order to continue to offer this fantastic opportunity to incoming students while protecting members of our community, Summer Contracts and orientation for Jump Start will be conducted remotely.

Summer Jump Start

For admitted first year students
Summer Jump Start is an intensive class experience in a core first-semester subject, Contracts, available to first-year law students during the summer before they start in the fall at the Camden campus.
The Summer Jump Start program is only available to admitted students attending Rutgers Law School in Camden. If you start with the Summer Jump Start you must remain in Camden for your first year of law school (you can switch over to Newark for your second and/or third year).
"All admitted students in the full-time program in Camden may begin in the summer. All incoming Camden part-time evening students are required to participate in the Summer Jump Start program either in the summer before or the summer after their first year of school. "

Program: June 15 - August 3, 2020
SEO Corporate Law Internship Program

SEO Law Fellowship Program

This program is only for individuals who have been accepted into a law school program.
"The SEO Law Fellowship is the only program of its kind to offer talented incoming law school students of color the opportunity to work at a top law firm during the summer before law school.
Law students participate in 10-week, paid summer internships with our partner firms. These firms generously invest in SEO Law Fellows by offering compensation for both their work at the firm and for participation in SEO Law’s exclusive training programs, including the Law Institute."
"Only candidates who are starting law school in the fall immediately after their Fellowship summer are eligible for internships with our law partners."
Seton Hall Law SchoolThe Summer Institute of Pre-Legal Studies (Pre-Legal) "Are you interested in becoming a lawyer or learning about the legal profession? Are you ready for a challenge this summer? Then, perhaps the Pre-Legal Program is just the experience that you’ve been looking for.

The Pre-Legal Program is a five-week, residential, skill-building program which requires a total commitment of time and energy. Courses are offered in legal writing, legal analysis, written communications, oral advocacy and two substantive areas of the law such as contracts, criminal law, property, or constitutional law. Classes are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Additional class sessions in time and stress management as well as study skills programs, LSAT prep and career orientation workshops are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. All substantive law classes are taught by law school faculty, judges or practicing attorneys. Class attendance is mandatory. Like law school, Pre-Legal is a full-time commitment. "
To be eligible for this program, New Jersey residents of African American, Latino, Native American or Asian descent, or other presumptively disadvantaged background must be enrolled as students in Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Programs at a college or university, or must be EOF eligible. Students should have completed two years of college prior to applying for admission. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be New Jersey residents. In addition, students who have graduated from college are INELIGIBLE for consideration.

The following criteria is used to assess applications:

* grade point average (GPA) (a minimum of 2.5)
*on site interview
*writing sample*
*recommendations from academic advisers and professors
* educational background and work experience, if any.
*Students who may not meet these criteria may be given consideration at the discretion of the Project Director. All applicants are required to be interviewed and to submit a copy of their official transcripts.

Please note that the Director has no discretion to waive the residency requirement or the requirement of current college student status. deadline: February 22, 2020

Program: May 23 - July 2, 2020
St. John's University School of Law

Out of concern for the health and safety of our communities, and given the uncertainty of the evolving COVID-19 global pandemic, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has made the difficult decision to cancel this summer’s residential PLUS programs at all its sites throughout the country.
The Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development"Established in 2005, the Ron Brown Prep Program has partnered with colleges and
universities across the country as well as corporate sponsors, law firms, and
nonprofit organizations to help students from traditionally underserved and
underrepresented groups—who are often the first in their families to attend
college—apply to law school and pursue legal careers. What started as a four-day
summer workshop evolved into a multifaceted program that spans over two or
three consecutive summers. The Prep Program features academic boot camps,
legal internships, mentors, a speaker series, events at firms and bar associations,
customized LSAT test prep, support groups, diversity and personal statement
workshops, and resume and interview counseling by career professionals. "
Eligibility: The program is open to male college students and graduates who:
• Have a genuine interest in attending law school and becoming
• Have a GPA of 3.0 or better
• Have completed at least 24 college credits as of June 1, 2020
• Are either low-income or first-generation college or professional
students or members of a group underrepresented in law
school education

Skills and Professionalism Developmental Program
A unique academic and professionalism curriculum that is
taught by experienced faculty members and includes:
• An introduction to basic concepts of law and the American
legal system
• A focus on developing and improving academic abilities such as
critical reading and writing and critical thinking and analytical
• An intense schedule of reading and writing assignments and a
final cumulative assessments
• Multiple workshops on professionalism, time management,
setting priorities, speaking up and knowing when to get help
• Book club discussions
• Small faculty to student ratio with lead professors and teaching
• Full-Time 4 week Legal Internship Placement deadline: April 3, 2020

Program: June thru July, 2020
State University of New York at Buffalo School of LawThe Discover Law Scholars Program at the University of Buffalo School of Law"The Discover Law Undergraduate Scholars Program at the University at Buffalo School of Law is a four-week summer residency program for 20 academically promising college students who have completed their freshman or sophomore year, but who will not begin their junior year before the end of the program. Preference is given to students of color and first-generation college students. As a regional program, primary consideration will be given to western and central New York residents as well as students in northeastern Pennsylvania and eastern New York. However, if you do not live in these areas, your application will still be considered and you are encouraged to apply.""Academically promising students have a GPA of 3.0 or above. However, the selection committee will give favorable consideration to students who can demonstrate a record of academic achievement despite economic challenges, social or cultural disadvantages, linguistic barriers, or extraordinary family or personal responsibilities. Selection will also take into account exceptional personal talents, interesting or demanding work or service experience, rigorousness of undergraduate course of study, leadership potential and the ability to communicate effectively."
Stetson University College of LawStetson University Summer Pre-Law Institute"The Stetson University Summer Pre-Law Institute is a pair of interdisciplinary courses for undergraduate students interested in preparing for law school and a career in a legal field. Students enrolled in the Institute will spend four weeks on the DeLand campus taking a critical thinking and writing course designed for pre-law students and two-weeks at the College of Law in an immersion program designed to introduce students to the law school experience and the practice of law. The mission of the Institute is to prepare students for the competitive law school admissions process and to help them create a vision for themselves as law students and lawyers.""The courses are designed for students who have completed at least two full years of university study.
Applicants must provide an application letter, all post-secondary transcripts, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and references from two professors familiar with their work."
The Ohio State University, Michael E. Moritz College of Law

COVID-19 Update: The university remains under a state of emergency. Virtual learning will continue through summer 2020 term.
Summer Pre-Law Program at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England"The Ohio State University and the University of Oxford have partnered since 1993 to offer their Summer Pre-Law Program at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England. The program, which is the oldest overseas pre-law program in existence, takes place from late June to late July every year.""All interested and qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to apply. You can learn more about the program by viewing program information online at the Study Abroad section of the Office of International Affairs."
Minimum requirements are a 3.0 GPA. deadline: February 1, 20204/28/2020
The University of Akron School of Law
The University of Alabama School of Law
Duke University School of Law
University of Houston Law Center
The University of Memphis - Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
University of Oregon School of Law
University of Puerto Rico School of Law
St. John's University School of Law

LSAC and the 2020 PLUS Program law schools have made the difficult decision to cancel this summer’s residential program. We are working closely with the law schools to explore alternative ways to deliver the experience and learning offered by the PLUS Program.
Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) ProgramsGo to individual school websites for details on their program.LSAC’s Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) programs are targeted, but not restricted, to college students from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in the legal profession. The programs are designed for students in the first two years of college.

Interested students should contact the schools directly for application information, including deadlines and selection criteria.
University of Baltimore School of Law

This program may have been discontinued.
Charles Hamilton Houston Scholars Program"We are looking for college students who are like Charles Hamilton Houston -- students who:

* are interested in a legal career
* have demonstrated academic ability and potential, and are highly motivated
* can benefit from a program of study skills and mentoring."
University of California Davis School of LawKHOP - King Hall Outreach Program"The KHOP Summer Session is designed to equip high potential undergraduate students from underrepresented communities with the skills necessary to excel in the law school admissions process, while also introducing students to current law students, lawyers and faculty members at UC Davis School of Law. KHOP Summer Session also helps students improve their critical analysis and writing skills through iterative writing assignments and presentations on topics designed by students. The no-cost program consists of a series of full-day Saturday presentations and workshops, and a Friday visit to a trial or appellate courtroom, during the summer.""Eligibility Requirements (please read closely!)

KHOP Summer Session participants must satisfy all of the following criteria:
* Currently attend, or have recently transferred to, a four-year college with one or two years before graduation OR have graduated from a four-year institution within the past 12 months. Community college students who are transferring to a four-year college or university beginning in the Fall following the KHOP Summer Session program are eligible.
* Be considered a first-generation college student (no parent or legal guardian has a bachelor’s degree) OR come from an economically under-served community or background defined as having a household income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
* Have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher as calculated on a 4.33 scale. Cumulative GPA includes grades received from your current college, prior and current community college(s) and any other college(s) you have attended.
* Intend to apply to law school, but are not currently in the process of applying for 2020 enrollment.
* Have not previously completed an outreach program at UC Davis School of Law. Prior applicants who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to re-apply.
*Be able to attend all KHOP Summer Session meetings." deadline: May 11, 2020

The dates for the 2020 KHOP Summer Session are July 11, July 18, July 25, August 1, and either July 24 or July 31.
University of California-Irvine School of LawUC Irvine School of Law’s Pre-Law Outreach Program"The UC Irvine School of Law Pre-Law Outreach Program (“POP”) is sponsored by the Orange County Bar Association Charitable Fund and Blueprint LSAT, Inc. POP helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds understand the demands of law school, prepare for the law school application and admissions process, and be inspired to one day use their legal skills to give back to the community.
There is NO CHARGE for students admitted to the program"
Eligibility Requirements for Summer 2020
* You are a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited college or university (this includes a community college)
* You do not plan to submit any applications to law school until Fall 2021 or later
* You have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
* You are from a disadvantaged background, which may include one or more of the following factors (you only need to meet one of these requirements):
* Family income within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines per
* First-generation college student
* Limited familial exposure to post-college education and career opportunities
* English is not the primary language in the home of origin
* Overcoming educational hardships and challenges
You must attend all six Saturday sessions of POP 2020, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. each day: June 13, 20, and 27; July 11, 18, and 25. There are no exceptions for those studying abroad. deadline: 3/27/2020

Program: 9 a.m.–2 p.m. each day: June 13, 20, and 27; July 11, 18, and 25.
University of Houston Law Center

Due to COVID-19, all of our programming have been converted to an online format. Our deadlines have passed but we are still accepting applications and reviewing them on a case-by-case basis.
UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program"The award-winning UHLC Pre-Law Pipeline Program is designed to increase the diversity of law school applicants by providing law school preparatory resources – LSAT preparation, introductory law school classes, internships, and professional development sessions – for undergraduate students who are first generation, low income, or members of groups underrepresented in the legal profession. Students participating in this program will be equipped with the tools to handle better the demands of the LSAT and their potential law school careers.""To be considered for the LSAC Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program, students should be first-generation college students, low income, or members of groups underrepresented in the legal profession. Students must hold a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better and must be in their first two years of college with at least two years left to graduate. Students attending community college must show proof of college continuance by providing a copy of the acceptance letter from the 4-year institution they will be attending in the Fall. Please refer to the application page for more information." deadline: March 1, 2020

Program: June 1 - July 24, 2020
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

This program appears to have been discontinued
Special Summer Program (SSP)"Each summer, Detroit Mercy Law operates a conditional admission program also known as the Special Summer Program (SSP) for applicants whose academic history and/or LSAT score(s) do not meet the minimum standards of the entering class, but who show potential for the study of law. Participants who satisfactorily demonstrate ability in the SSP are only eligible for admission to the American JD degree program at Detroit Mercy Law. The SSP begins in late May and is approximately eight weeks long."
University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of LawTennessee Institute for Pre-Law (TIP) Program

For students prepared to join the law program in the immediately following fall semester.
"The TIP program is four weeks of classroom instruction, taught by UM Law professors, that simulates the first-year law school curriculum. Applicants who are invited to enroll in TIP, and successfully complete program requirements will be eligible for Fall 2020 admission to the University of Memphis School of Law."

"There is no fee to participate in the TIP program. Outside employment and concurrent enrollment in an academic program is prohibited. Program participants are provided the following for the duration of the program:

* A $1,000 stipend;
* Free parking;
* Free WIFI, printing, and e-mail access; and
* Main Campus housing for non-Shelby County residents."
* A Tennessee or Border County Resident (Crittenden County in Arkansas and De Soto, Marshall, Tate & Tunica Counties in Mississippi);
* A graduating college senior or applicant who will have obtained a baccalaureate degree prior to program commencement; an* d
* Able to demonstrate diversity by one of the following: a first-generation college graduate, foreign-born, or a first-generation U.S. citizen, a graduate of a historically minority undergraduate institution, economically disadvantaged, disabled, or racially or ethnically underrepresented.

By March 15th interested Applicants must submit a: University of Memphis School of Law Application for Admission; including the portion of the application related to TIP. Applicants must also provide a TIP supplemental statement, which asks the applicant to discuss any circumstance (e.g., financial, personal, family, health-related, etc.) that have impacted his or her educational opportunities, and how he or she might contribute to diversity in the law school.

Application to TIP is optional, and admission to TIP is competitive. Only a limited number of seats are available." deadline: March 15, 2020

Program starts: June 1, 2020
University of Minnesota Law School

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all programming and instruction will be conducted virtually for the 2020 MPLS program.
Minnesota Pre Law Scholars Program (MPLS)"College students considering law school, especially rising seniors and those from groups historically underrepresented in law school, are encouraged to apply. The program is open to undergraduate students and recent graduates from any undergraduate institution.

Students will learn about law school admissions preparation from Minnesota Law School staff. The remaining portion of class taught by an instructor from The Princeton Review, will be dedicated to LSAT preparation and practice exams."
"Minnesota Pre-Law Scholars (MPLS) is a program that offers a select number of students a free LSAT prep class each summer at the University of Minnesota Law School. Admission is highly selective and based on a holistic review of the MPLS application material. MPLS is an approved event." deadline: March 1, 2020

Program begins early June and continues through mid August, 2020
University of Missouri- Kansas City

This program appears to have been discontinued
UMKC PLUS"The PLUS Program is designed for college students who have
completed 24-60 college credit hours; are currently enrolled in a college or
university; are registered with; and have an interest in law as
a career. Students from
all academic majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply." info is on a PDF
University of Texas - El Paso

This program appears to have been discontinued
LSPI College Summer Program,
"The LSPI is open to UTEP undergraduate students of any major."
University of Texas at San Antonio

In response to coronavirus, all summer courses will be taught online.
Summer Law School Preparation Academy"The Summer Law School Preparation Academy encompasses 12 hours of coursework specifically designed to hone the reading and writing skills students need to successfully gain admission to and excel in law school.
The Academy incorporates two phases, with students taking 2 3-credit courses in each. Students apply for Phase I as sophomores and attend the Academy during the summer between their sophomore and junior years. This curriculum is designed to prepare students for law school and the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) by emphasizing analytical thinking, critical reading, and quality writing skills. Students enroll in Phase II during the summer after their junior year and before their senior year. All Phase II students will take a case-law course and an LSAT preparation course."
"Eligibility: The SLSPA is open to undergraduate students attending any accredited college or university.

Applications received on or after April 20 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

Non-UTSA students admitted to the SLSPA will also need to complete an application for admission to UTSA as a transient student by May 1, and meet the requirements for admission." deadline: April 19, 2020 Those received on or after April 20 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

4/28/2020"Students apply for Phase I as sophomores and attend the Academy during the summer between their sophomore and junior years. The SLSPA is open to undergraduate students attending any accredited college or university. Non-UTSA students admitted to the SLSPA will also need to complete an application for admission to UTSA as a transient student by May 1, and meet the requirements for admission."
Wake Forest University School of LawWake Forest Law School Summer Pre-Law Program for Undergraduate"This program is designed to provide you with a realistic view of what life as a law student is like as well as insights into the career opportunities for lawyers. The program consists of two courses that are taught in the law school but qualify for undergraduate course credit.""If you are a Wake Forest University student or a student in good standing at another accredited undergraduate institution, you are eligible to register for this program." deadline: April 13, 2020

Program: May 27 – June 18, 2020
Vermont Law School

To limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19, Vermont Law School has cancelled its summer 2020 undergraduate program.
New Frontiers in Environmental Justice VLS offers two summer pre-law programs:
Undergrad students become agents of change at the nation's premier environmental law school.
Undergraduate students become leaders at the first law school in the nation with a Restorative Justice program.
No specific information available. May 28 - June 15, 20204/28/2020
Yale Law SchoolUndergraduate Summer Fellowship- The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale Law School"The Liman Summer Fellowship offers students an opportunity to work at public interest organizations in the United States. Individuals who are selected to receive Summer Fellowships are required to submit final reports about their summer experiences by September 15, and they are required to participate in the annual Liman Center Colloquium held every spring at Yale Law School. Colloquium topics have included Who Pays? Fines, Fees, Bail, and the Cost of Courts, Moving Criminal Justice, and Navigating Boundaries: Immigration and Criminal Law. Our twentieth anniversary Colloquium, held in 2017, was Liman at 20: Public Interest(s). Through their involvement with the Liman Center, Summer Fellows become part of a large network of public interest advocates and scholars."Fellowships are offered to students at Barnard, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Harvard, Princeton (undergraduate and graduate), Spelman, Stanford, and Yale. Students seeking information about Liman Summer Fellowships at schools other than Yale should contact their program administrators, as each school has its own process and specific application forms and requirements. deadline: January 22, 20204/20/2020