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Timestamp1) Teachers want a voice and a choice in their PD. Did you feel that you had either, both? Why or why not?2) Teachers want PD that is relevant to their students'. Was this PD relevant? How so?3) Teachers want PD they can implant in the classroom, immediately. Did this PD accomplish this request?4) Teachers want PD that is conducted by professionals with classroom experience. Did this PD deliver information to the level of expertise you expected, required?5) Teachers want PD that is innovative and creative. Did this PD meet this request? How so?6) Teachers want PD that makes them better teachers. Do you feel this PD accomplished this goal? How so?7) Teachers want PD that is practical and not theoretical. Did this PD deliver more practical information and pedagogical tools? How so?8) Teachers want PD that allows them to collaborate and speak honestly. Does the timing of the PD allow your group (and other groups) to collaborate and be prepared for 2019-2020 implementation? Were your afforded the opportunity to speak honestly?9) Teachers want PD that will be relevant for a long time. Do you feel the content of the course will remain relevant? If so, how long?10) Teachers want Admin to attend and participate in the PD sessions. 11) Would your campus like a follow-up PD to build curriculum?12) Will your campus purchase the instructional materials detailed on the website? Comments ~ please provide contact information if you would like a response.
11/6/2018 15:29:30Both, the presenter allowed opportunities for the audience to participate. Yes it was relevant. Yes, the loteria activity can definitely be used as a learning activity in the classroom. Yes. Yes.Yes. This training had both practical and pedagogical tools.Yes. This training allowed for a discussion as to how to implement next school year. Yes.YesYesYes
11/6/2018 15:32:59No, the agenda was already created when we registered for the event. Yes, It was relevant because they get to learn about their heritage/history. Yes, by providing resources on the webpage and through Barnes and Nobles. Yes.Yes. I really enjoyed the loteria game. Yes, it provided with real life experiences and real world connections. Yes, by being able to discuss how we would teach a certain topic. Yes. Not only myself, but other fellow educators. Yes, we will start the process of recruiting students for this course. YesYesDepends on campus funds.
11/6/2018 15:34:01YesYes, very much so.Yes!Yes!Yes! The examples given by the speakers were both innovative and creative.Yes! Teachers will be able to relate the content to the lives of their students.Yes, it's practical in the sense that it is more learner-centered content.Yes!It will be sustaining due to the fact that Mexican-Americans are a growing population in our state.YesYesYes
11/6/2018 15:53:51No. We were not given an opportunity to ask questions and discuss curriculumIt is relevant in addressing the social and cultural needs of our studentsNot at allYesNo, there were obscure histories shared, but nothing innovativeProvided motivation and an incentive to broaden our academic sightsNo new pedagogical toolsI spoke honestly only with those at my tableThe course has been relevant for decades and will be relevant for decades to comeNoYesYesI appreciate the opportunity to participate. I left feeling an incendiary inspiration, but with no tools to act upon it
11/6/2018 16:06:34Teachers with the implementation of this material do have a choice on how to approach the content and with varied resources. The PD was interactive and welcomed questions and concerns. This PD was relevant and helpful because it actually came with plenty of resources that could be used immediately in the classroom. The demographics of our campus, like many in the region, is predominately Hispanic. The content and resources were varied so much so that it can potentially target all learners and interest levels. YES!Yes, all presenters were beyond qualified. Yes, the simple approach to difficult topics and tasks was broken down into manageable units that is easy for all to understand. Yes, by attending this PD I feel that I grew in my knowledge in the material presented and feel passionate about sharing the same energy and excitement with my teachers. Again the numerous resources provided was a plus!The PD was practical as I've aforementioned various resources were provided and books for accompanied reading. The writing portion was of great value as it scaffolded writing for students. We were afforded the opportunity to ask honest questions, yet I feel we needed more opportunities to discuss logistics of the course as a whole and with others who are further along in the process. As long as we have the administrators support, the content and course could become a permanent option at our campus. Also a teacher who is passionate about the topic and does not just see the class as another job assignment. YesYesYes
11/6/2018 16:13:11yesyesyesyesyes, the activities done during presentation.yes, resources available.yes, resourcesyesyesYesnot sure whenYes
11/6/2018 16:13:35BothYesYESYESYesYesYESYESYESYesYesYesThis was a great training. We are exciting to use the incredible resources provided by Georgina Perez!
11/6/2018 16:54:23I was asked to attend, but I would have attended even if I wasn't asked to. This is a topic of relevance to me.It was HIGHLY relevant, since it addresses the socio-cultural, and socio-emotive needs of children. Yes, very much. The Loteria activity is immediately applicable!Yes! Sergio Troncoso reminds us of the value of writing and student voice from the perspective of a writer and a teacher. Yes, it included creative performance. Yes-- it reminds us that the heart of a culture must have a voice. Yes, we studied standards and discussed how to make them work with students. Yes. We shared out during Sergio Troncoso's sessions and at our tables. Yes, for as long as their are cultures that must be made visible. YesYesYes
11/6/2018 20:12:15The voice I had a teacher - was a choice - are you interested in attendingYes. This was relevant to my students, because most of them are Hispanic, as well as the fact that they might be able to take the class. Yes, because either my co worker or I, will be teaching the class next school year. Yes, but as teachers we are discouraged from lecturing, yet we are required to sit & listen to a lecture all day.Not a traditional PD, but I would not say innovative & creative. But WE DO LOVE Free breakfast, lunch & entertainment. Also the TEKS with hyperlink & resources IS AWESOME!yes. Information & resources were provided that will help us teach the class. Yes, as I stated above we received resources needed to be able to teach. NO. there were breaks to use the restroom & eat, but no time to collaborate. yes, i am not sure for how long, but some of the information is controversial, so it will be very relevant. Only if they need to know the information to support us.YesI don't think, we can purchase all, maybe 1 book.
11/7/2018 7:51:01yes we do...yes I did..yes it covered the struggles that the Mexican-American have endured throughout history..yes it did..good information was given..yes it did...very good delivery on the subject..yes it was..yes..because the information given was very the information of the presenters that spoke throughout the day..yes..we were all able to speak and express our opinions if we is history that has to be told..history that is not in our history books..Yesi have been teaching this course for 14 years..and have built my curriculum..the great thing was that the books that are being implemented I already use..i don't
11/7/2018 7:57:17Yes teachers were able to share their perspectives and express what they felt they needed to support this courseYes teachers want to be able to make the content connections for students that is relevant so providing resources to support that is essential and the vast number of resources provided during this training helps facilitate that .Somewhat, the information was very useful but I think was a lot of information for one day, teachers need time to direct it and collaborate with teachers in small group discussions.The content provided by professionals in education field was excellent think for future trainings maybe bringing in some high school teachers teaching this may support future teachers new to the course. The content was innovative and did provide creative ways to provide the content Yes teachers felt this course and content helps them to better connect history with their students. Again teachers can make personal and manful connections for students with this contentYes the dialogue was open and honestYes for many years to come provided teachers are supported and provided resources YesYesYes
11/7/2018 8:06:36One of the best and most meaningful PD I have ever attended.Very relevant to the future of our student population because feeling good about who you are will only enhance your future.I feel it that it did just that. It made you feel that as a teacher you are not alone.Yes the know that our leader of our district is behind this effort, along someone in our state government is fighting the fight and a great role model from our city was so uplifting. I thought it was very well planned and effective.Yes because it made our old flame fire up and create excitement for the future of education for our students.In this PD you saw the culture come a life among the teachers, our students, our state government, and administration to the future education. Also it provided lessons to be use in the classroom to enhance our student's education.Yes the teachers had a chance to ask questions during the presentations and also after the event.Yes it has to. We have to support the implementation and address the students needs and it can only make our students better leaders in the future.YesYesYesEastwood High School
11/7/2018 9:42:22Nope, If you subtract the performances and video clips there was really no substance to the PD. First the history of how Chicano studies came about, second the Texas Rangers Story, and the minimalistic writing seminar were not that informative. It did not provide any direction as to what the class should be about. Bingo was also a waste of time.Nope.Not at all. It was more of a celebration.Not at all. I know of a few teachers that have been teaching the course through out the city, those individuals should have had a say in the PD.Not really. All i heard was bad Donald Trump connections to border policies.Nope, I left more confused than I entered.The writing aspect of it seemed intresting.The Yale Professor introduced a writing method based on objects and such. However, he got cut short based on people asking questions on how not to ruffle feathers in a class setting.Nope. It will die out with budget constraints NoYesNo
11/7/2018 10:19:21I felt I had a choice by coming to the MAI because my principal was willing to pay for a sub so I could attend. We will need more PD for this elective course and the other courses coming up.Very much so. I am so grateful for all the work GP put in to the website making materials, videos and lessons available for this course.I especially like the way it is tied to the TEKSYes, especially the writing aspect presented by Dr. TroncosoYes, this was one aspect that I appreciated. Your approach made it seem as if we, as teachers, were really appreciated. The entertainment really picked up the event.Yes, especially with the various performers. It gave a sense of the proud spirit of MAsyes, I have already begun to institute some of the material in my American Studies course and I am planning on relaying Dr. Troncoso's material in my PLCYes. Allowing for the case study of the massacre and Dr. Troncoso's ties to El Paso through Ysleta ISD.The speakers, including GP, ask many questions and allowed teachers to opine on the intricacies of implementing the course, especially teaching about a culture that some are born into and others, on the border, are adopted into.Yes as long as we can access your website. YesYesNot sure. We can only hope.Thank you for wonderful institute on the new course.
11/7/2018 10:28:53The institute was very informative about what would be taught in this course. I appreciate having the resources at my fingertips and having you all walk us through the website. Yes this was relevant because the data shows how this course can increase academic performance. I think they will be interested in the content. YesYes, everyone was very knowledgeable.Yes.Yes because it includes many resources.YesYes.Yes, indefinitely. YesYesYes
11/7/2018 12:50:31Yes, I have always been interested in teaching Mexican American Studies and I am thankful for the opportunity my principal, Patricia Cuevas gave me to attend this conference. I thank you for hosting it.It can be. I think Mexican American Studies is cross-curricular. Lessons can be embedded across the curriculum.Yes/No. It will be a process.Yes, very informative.It was well organized. Entertaining as well. I thank the students who participated. They were great.You get what you put into it. I took a lot of useful information from this PD.Examples of writing assignments by Professor Troncoso will be extremely beneficial.Yes, collaborative discussions have taken/will continue to take place.It will become more relevant once classes (Mexican American Studies) are more available district wide.YesI would hope so.Needs to be discussed further.
11/7/2018 22:33:10yes, excellent presentationsyes, especially for this courseyesyesyes, subject material presented with passionyes/ passion was evidentyes, presenters had evidence supported resourcesyesyes, lifelongYesNodont know
11/8/2018 5:41:46absolutely. great interaction and opportunity to engage with presenters.timely and relevant. moreover, highlights and celebrates our culture, region and the amazing obstacles our people have had to overcome to have a rightful place at the table.Definitely. great walk through the resources and how to integrate them immediately. Yes, Great segway both G. Perez and A. Valencia and the S. Troncoso brought it home. yes, fresh topic, interactive research and engaging critical thinking and reflection on many levels. yes. aware and confident about the coursegood balance. for a while it got a little to political but it was balanced after lunchyes, unfortunately not all the player or decision makers were at the table. yes, personal lifetime of reflection YesYesYescan you do the pd launch at individual districts
11/8/2018 8:50:29I felt the PD provided the information I was looking for. I was sent an email saying this PD would be available, it was a choice to attend.This PD was very relevant to our students. I feel it is essential students understand where they come from as well as others. This course will give them information which will help them become independent thinkers and know themselves better. I loved the resources. They can be found easily and used next day. Very knowledgeable presenters. Yes, the stories, the different information presented. I have not been in the classroom for 5 years. This PD makes me want to go back and teach the course.It gave resources which could be used immediately. It explained why we are doing it but it also gave how. Yes. Great group discussionsYes. I believe a Institute should be done yearly for updatesYesYesThis will be dependent on our Administration Office
11/8/2018 9:47:31I do feel that I had a choice to attend the session based on my ability to make the learning relevant for me. Yes. We are building our MAS courses and the session was very informative. I walked away from the session with lessons and resources for our immediate implementation. Hearing from Troncoso and Valencia were very informative. Yes. Getting the resources from Troncoso and Valencia made immediate turnaround possible. Hearing the legislation behind the course and then hearing from local voices, made the PD impactful and meaningful. It was practical due to Troncoso's lessons and readings that model writing best practices. The timing was appropriate, however, we did not have enough time for round table discussions. As long as the websites remain active, the resources will be a continued resource. YesYesYesThank you, this an amazing event.
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