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TimestampCo-op NameHost's NamePlease describe your experience with this host and/or co-op.
1/24/2014 21:34:232 ChicBrandy SullivanShe took too long on a buy, and then took too long to refund
1/31/2014 0:06:276 Cubs Co-op Crussy Farinella and Kimberly GraybealI had an unpleasant encounter with 6 Cubs Co-op. I contacted Crissy Farinella, multiple times about not yet receiving the teething necklace I ordered, and she failed to resolve the problem. I ordered and paid for the necklace January 1st. I contacted Crissy January 11th about shipment and she still had not shipped the necklace. She told me that she did not have nor receive my shipping information, which is clearly posted on the paid invoice through paypal. I provided my address to her again on January 12th. January 22nd I contacted her about status of the necklace and she never replied. I again contacted her on January 23rd and she told me there was no tracking information. I contacted her on January 25th asking if there was any information that could be provided about my order - received no reply from her- contacted Crissy again on January 27th and was told she would contact her partner Kimberly Graybeal and they were going to look into the issue. I contacted Crissy again on the 28th and she told me that Kimberly Graybeal had not gotten back to her yet. I filed a paypal claim and asked to receive a full refund for the teething necklace I ordered and never received.
Kimberly Graybeal sent me a message via facebook saying, "Hey i saw that you opened a dispute against us. Cancel the dispute and ill refund you the $5 for it. and resell it. and i ask that you just leave our Co-op Please." Clearly this states that they took my money and never shipped my necklace. I am very upset about being treated this way, and also very let down. I have never had such a horrible experience through a co-op before.
1/2/2013 12:28:36A Mama and YouDeAnn Morelli-MurrahThis host is very disorganized and too busy in her life to be running co-ops. I understand that life does get busy, but she doesn't seem to get that she needs to slow down on all the buys she opens when it does. She kept saying she was starting a new job and that she wasn't going to be as available as before.. yet she opened at least 5 new co ops within 6 weeks of saying that. The product arrives at her house and just sits there sometimes weeks until she finally gets to sorting it, and then it's another couple of weeks before she actually posts a shipping quote. She doesn't have any kind of order in which she posts shipping, she just does it randomly among buys. I waited 2 months for my order, that was from the time it arrived to her house to the time she finally sent me a shipping quote. During this time, many people were reporting that they had paid and received their same items weeks ago. It takes a lot of tagging, PMing and badgering to get to her finally pay attention to you. I will never buy from this host again. She's a sweet lady, but really needs to better organize herself if she wants to run co-ops.
10/15/2013 21:35:29Ali Alicia KeeneJenn Goodwin Family Deals Admin Jenn Goodwin has been amazing threw out my time with this co-op! Unlike my experience with some other co-op's, Jenn is here to help Us Mama's actually Save Money and Learn new things as parents in the process.
I feel like Jenn and Family Deals is more of a family oriented group, friendly, caring, cautious with our Money, a great Co-op to be apart of.
Jenn being a Mother of twin's no less still manages to find time for us as a group, finding great deals, and when something comes up makes sure to let us know respectfully what it might be, whether a delay, family situation or whatever...Something as Parents we all should respect and understand.
10/17/2013 1:27:17Ali Alicia KeeneNina Marie Garcia Kind, understanding, respectful....This is just a few works to describe Nina, in just the few months I have known her. This makes for a pleasant place to be in a co-op!
Nina tries to make sure she is finding things that all us Mama's can use, without getting us in a pinch financially or getting our money held up. Family Deals really is a great "Family" Co-op! Between Nina and Jenna it has been one of and close to the best co-op experience I have had, and I have been a member of A LOT of co-ops! I have deleted a lot and kept the top few, but order mainly from Family deals, they are truly family oriented, loyal and honest!
10/16/2013 13:09:13Angela and Jenn'sAngela and JennI haven't purchased anything from this group because everything seems to be price a lot higher than it in in other groups. I have looked at several items and found out I could purchase them for half the price on other co-ops.
10/20/2013 13:35:33Angela and Jenn'sAngela and JenniThis is by far the best co-op. The hosts communicate constantly with the members, buys close quickly and products are shipped quickly. I have ordered many, many times from them and have never had a problem. Angela and Jenn you rock!
1/17/2014 17:52:00Angela and Jenn's Co OpJenn BryantAfter being burned pretty badly in another co op, one of the hosts here helped me to figure out how to remedy the situation with them. Since that time, I have only purchased on this co op. It is always so flawless and easy, with great communication constantly. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought from them. Most of the buys are super quick. LOVE that! I highly recommend this co op for consistently great products, price, and communication.
8/12/2013 21:40:15Baby Ave Co-OpDeannaI was in a Melissa and Doug buy early in the year (2013) and one item was "backordered" but would come in with the shipment door the next buy. Before she said it would be in the net buy I had to tag and PM and track her down because she is hardly ever on the group page. After the next buy, which was a disaster, months passed and I ket begging for my refund. She kept promising to send it, even read the emails I wrote (since Facebook tells you when someone views it). She responded to someones tag on July 30th and then was gone for a week. MANY members got very upset due to the lack of refunds sent that were promised, no shipping or even responding to posts or PMs. It wasnt until members, myself included, got very upset that she followed through with her promises to refund.

She made it clear she does not care about the co-op or the members.
7/25/2013 10:58:54Bamboo, Hemp & ReprintsPaoloma & SerinaThis group has issues with ensuring the fabric is what is stated will be ordered. The fabric ordered for a re print was not what people paid for and the sizing scale was far off from what was expected from all whom ordered. If you order and have not paid your invoice yet the host will mail the product to your any way and then harass you for 'non payment' even after you discuss payment arrangements with the host, they will have people stalk you and harass you for them. I do not recommend ordering anything from this group as it's likely it won't be what you ordered or they'll simply harass you for their mistake and not care that you set up arrangements for their mistake.
8/25/2013 19:05:18Bamboo, Hemp, and ReprintsSerina BooneI have been a member of this group since it was created. I think that the buys are great and the prints are awesome. Serina has been very accommodating, helpful, and tried to make everyone happy. The beginning was a little rocky at first and a lot of people were upset with the situation and took it out on Serina. I own my own business like many of the women on the boards and expect to be able to get the product I ordered but also understand mistakes happen. I felt people let their emotions get the best of them which is very unprofessional. I think Serina held a very professional demeanor through all that happened and has since bounced back wonderfully. All kinks worked out now she is well on her way to offering some amazing prints and I look forward to ordering from her in the future.
10/13/2013 18:35:10Bazinga BuysAllI have order from them aprox. 10 times each and every time has been a great experience. Hosts are very quick to answer questions in a helpful manner and have one of the fastest shipping times I have dealt with.
10/13/2013 16:15:34Bazinga buysCheli Greene and Sarah DeMersI think the hosts in this group are more concerned with keeping the drama lively than satisfying their members. When I had an issue instead of trying to work with me personally they decided to bash me all over Facebook. They also call their members whiners constantly. I was involved in a buy which stated that any defective items can be returned and replaced but when I tried to return a defective DVD they suddenly became defensive and called me all sorts of names privately and publicly. I would highly advice to keep away from bazinga!!!!
10/13/2013 19:03:26Bazinga BuysCheli GreeneBazinga Buys is my favorite coop and Cheli is the best. She handles everything really well. I've bought from half a dozen coops and participated in over 50 buys, and Cheli's are the best.
10/13/2013 19:08:30Bazinga BuysCheli GreeneI have done over a dozen buys with Cheli at this point, and I have to say she is the absolute best co-op host out there! She is on top of it, a master packer and great at keeping you informed of what is going on/when. I would recommend buys with her to anyone!!
10/13/2013 19:52:46Bazinga BuysBazinga HostGreat buys, great hosts, timely and accurate shipping.
10/14/2013 13:57:34Bazinga BuysCheli, Sarah, AlisonThis co-op is AWESOME. The hosts are really on top of things. They do their buys in a timely manner. They are always helpful, even when questions are asked a zillion times. They keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on. When stuff comes in, the turn-around time is lightning speed, especially considering their ginormous size. I am an international buyer and they go the extra mile to help me out. They are trust-worthy and they are always the first place I recommend for anyone looking for a great deal.
10/14/2013 21:08:45Bazinga BuysCheli Green and Sarah DemersMy first experience with any coop ever was with Bazinga Buys, formerly Sarah's Coop, and I was hooked after that first buy. I've now participated in 6 buys through them, and have never once had a bad experience with them. They are fast (as fast as a coop can be), efficient (holy cow, HOW IN THE WORLD do they fit so many diapers in such a tiny package??) and professional. I would, and do, recommend them to anyone - friends, family, and strangers.
10/15/2013 11:16:08Bazinga BuysCheli GreeneThis co-op is great! The admins are some of the nicest people I've ever worked with. They're always available to answer questions, fix orders, update us, and take care of any problems that may arise. I've never had to wait long for answers to my questions, and they are incredibly skilled at getting things organized and shipped out promptly.
10/21/2013 19:27:14Bazinga BuysSarah DeMersI have had a wonderful experience every time I've bought with Bazinga Buys! The hosts are always super helpful and polite. I will continue to buy with them; they are my favorite co-op I've bought through!
9/11/2013 21:25:05Best Buys Co-OpCandice Demers and Jennifer Slack KeyserFirst let me say I am well aware of how a Co-Op works. I understand they can take 6-8 weeks (on the long side). I made a purchase from this group on June 25th. On August 12th we were told the order was in and needed to be sorted. I was going in for surgery so I PM'ed the admin and told her, she said no worries it would most likely be the next week when shipping was due. After many request for shipping due, I finally was able to pay on September 5th. On September 11th I sent another PM to the admin asking when the packages were going to ship (as on the thread it was posted they ordered new printers and they were not in) so no shipping had been done-even thorough the rules of the group CLEARLY SAY-the admin will ship packages the day after shipping is received (not when it clears-which mine cleared immediately) I was promptly kicked out of the group and called horrific names. (I saved the screen shots). I had spent between that buy and the other buys that followed $371.00. (never would have ordered more had I known this one was going to turn into a train wreck) At this time I have no refunds from Candice or Jennifer. So we are now 12 weeks from the time of order, and we still do not have our items, even though many of the buyers have paid shipping a week ago. I have been told that orders from May are still not in or sent out.....the Buyer Beware Boards are also full of complaints. I truly hope I get a refund, as being out $371 is not an option for our family. So I would say PLEASE BEWARE! Best Buys Co-OP is NOT a group you want to be in!
9/12/2013 12:44:59Best Buys Co-opCandice DemersI joined the coop and placed six orders with Candice between the end of April and July. When I was banned at the end of August for asking questions about when items would be shipped (which had been at Candice's house for weeks by then), I had not received a single item. I want to be clear - my problem is not the supplier waits... My problem was that the host took weeks to sort once she received the order and provided excuse after excuse as to why she wasn't fulfilling her end of the bargain.

Although they are called a co/op, the rules made it clear that hosts can profit on each item in addition to buy in fees - so this was a money maker for a host, and yet sorting and shipping items was treated like an annoying favor that the host will get around to when she felt like it. Updates were posted but they meant nothing (I.e. "I will post shipping Sunday" and then Sunday and another week passed with no word). Policies continually changed to benefit the host to the detriment of the buyers (shipping only once a week (even after taking a month to sort!), if she sent you the wrong thing, you have to pay to send it back and pay again for the right one to be shipped to you - for her error, no asking questions on the weekends, no using excessive punctuation (I am not making this up)).

Dissenting posts were deleted and people were banned for asking polite questions in the name of "no drama". And while I was refunded for my items (totaling over $275), you can't pay with PayPal or wepay on Candice's buys (consider what this means for your buyer protection). Thank goodness for PayPal debit cards.

I have had fantastic experiences with other coops during and since the Best Buys mess - I just wish I would have done my research and read the reviews first and saved the annoyance and frustration that marked my interactions with Best Buys, since this is apparently a pattern from Green Mamas and Frugal Fluff n Stuff per old reviews.

To end on a positive note, buys from Jennifer Keyser and Rachelle Spillman went smoothly and well.

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Best of luck and happy shopping!

9/28/2013 4:40:51Best Buys Co-opCandice DemersFirst, I would like to say that Best Buys Co-op has been, and remains, my favorite co-op (and I have been active with MANY co-ops). The majority of the hosts are wonderful. They update frequently, ship promptly, and reply with respect and concern.

The single exception to this is Candice Demers. During my time in this co-op, I have seen her belittle and bully many members who are pressing her for answers or calling her out on conflicting updates. She deletes posts that point out her mistakes or half-truths, and has even deleted an entire buy file with HUNDREDS of comments, and re-posted it, stating that Admins ONLY are allowed to comment on that file. The buy in question closed in April, and to date, NO ONE has received any of their products. The suppliers are not responding to inquiries (as far as we are being told - when we are told anything at all, that is). The majority of members understand that this is the supplier's fault. After MONTHS of pressure and finally numerous members beginning to talk about contacting their credit card companies to dispute the charges, Candice FINALLY contacted her local authorities. In September. FIVE months after payment was sent to the supplier. Also, in September, Candice finally admitted (after being questioned why this wasn't disputed through paypal) that she sent $3500 of other people's money to the supplier - via WESTERN UNION. The entire payment. Paid before ANY items were received (or even before the supplier completed and shipped the items from the previous buy), with NO recourse to recover that money. No protection for her members, who were required to pay for the items through Candice's own payment website, or for the co-op as a whole. I never wondered before why Candice does not accept Paypal or WePay when EVERY other Co-Op host does. I should have.

In addition to that HUGE fiasco of a buy, Candice held member's items at her house for WEEKS. sorting, packing, and posting shipping. I waited WEEKS for my shipping to be posted. I was patient. I am certain hosting a co-op can be overwhelming, and I usually err on the side of the host when delays occur. I paid my shipping the same day it was posted, but my items did not ship for TWO weeks. Still, I was patient. It was a huge order. There were printer delays. Okay. But when I was told my items would (and did) ship on a particular day, and found out later they did NOT - THAT is when I ran out of patience.

And that's the thing. With Candice, there are ALWAYS excuses and delays. And when someone calls her out on one excuse she will claim she did not say that (and delete the comment where she DID say it), and will give a different excuse, all the while calling names, using profanity, and accusing anyone who isn't buying into her lies a bully. She ignores questions and tags on her buys for WEEKS, leaving the other hosts to answer for her. She will say on one post that any Host who is responding to inquiries on her behalf is answering for her, so she does not need to come on and update or respond. But when a host says something that doesn't sync with what actually happens Candice will say SHE never said that and don't "ASSume" where the other host is getting her information, or that it is correct information.

For anyone interested in Best Buys - it is a WONDERFUL group of ladies!! Rachelle, Jennifer, Michelle, and Emily are all GREAT hosts. They TRY to cover Candice's shortcomings, despite Candice doing her darnedest to ruin their reputation. I highly recommend you purchase from any buy that any other host runs. But if you want to get your items in a timely manner, if you want any kind of protection for the money you are paying into the co-op, if you want to be respected, and not belittled when you ask questions or look for updates - stay far far FAR away from Candice's buys.
8/20/2014 19:37:57Best Buys Co-opLeah Hirsch FergusonI know many of you in here are also in the Best Buys Co-op Group and I wanted to share with you the horrible experience I am having with the admin Leah. I also have screen shots of everything to provide proof of these statements.

There was a Frozen buy in May. I ordered a dress, towel, swimsuit and cover up. I placed the order on May 12th and posted under the order that I had.

On May 16th I posted requesting to remove the swimsuit. I ordered the same one from another co-op and it fit with growing room and therefore I didn't need the one from Best Buys as it was the next size up.

On May 17th Leah posted that the buy was closing. As you can see I posted PRIOR to it closing requesting the removal. This is what is stated in the rules. Items cannot be removed after the buy is closed. Okay, I did it before, right? Leah also stated on May 17th that she hadn't finished invoicing. I then posted on the same day stating that I had posted above requesting to remove the swimsuit and I wanted to make sure she did that prior to invoicing me.

On May 19th I paid my invoice and immediately posted that I had posted twice above that I wanted to remove the swimsuit but that I did pay the invoice with the swimsuit on it because I didn't want a strike for non payment and that now I needed a refund for the swimsuit portion. I posted immediately under that asking someone to tag Leah for me because I couldn't message her or tag her. Another person did tag her for me.

On May 19th I message another admin, Jennifer and let her know the situation and that I couldn't PM Leah. Jennifer stated she would let Leah know. Then on May 20th Leah responded saying that Leah was trying to message me and it isn't working and she doesn't want to forget.

On May 20th I figured out that if I went into my messages and typed Leah's name it would pull her up and I could message her, so I did. I didn't hear back from her so I messaged her again on June 2nd. I have copied all the messages back and forth for you to read.

As you can see she is telling me that I have to send the suit back to her and she can try to sell it and if she does she will refund me. She is also telling me that I should have messaged her and when I told her I couldn't and even sent her a screen shot of her profile showing her there is no option to message her, she told me I should have messaged another admin. As you can see above...I did! She then told me that she ordered the swimsuits prior to the buy closing so they were already ordered. How is that my fault???? I followed the rules and because she didn't I cannot get an immediate refund. She keeps telling me I changed my mind after the order was placed, but as you can see by all the screen shots, that is not the case. Instead of her admitting her mistake and having me send the suit back and refunding me immediately she won't refund me unless she sells it. Why should I have to wait when I did nothing wrong??? Every time I responded with the info that I did what I was suppose to she would come up with something else to try and justify her mistake and turn it around and make it my fault. Every time I provided proof that I did what I was suppose to she just continued to lay the blame on me.

This is just wrong on so many levels and since she refuses to provide the resolution that is appropriate for this situation then I am going to share this with everyone. If you are running a business, which this is because they make money off of these buys, then you need to run your business with a certain code of conduct. She clearly is not doing that and therefore I have no choice but to share and try and protect others from this same situation.
9/16/2013 19:48:42Boutique WholesaleAbby HardyI purchased a large order of ruffle pants from Abby Hardy of Boutique Wholesale on July 19th. As we got closer to the 45 day mark with no item I asked her if she would refund me and re-invoice so we could have another 45 days to wait. She said no. (Yes, I know that should have been my red flag). She promised the items would be in before the 45 day mark and she would mail them. On September 2nd she said the package tracking showed it would be to her on Tuesday. Tuesday came and she said the package did not arrive. I filed a PP dispute and guess what it was day 47! I was out my money. I contacted Abby again and she said that my ruffle pants would be mailed to my by Monday September 9th for sure.....guess what, no pants. I immediately filed a dispute for my second purchase from her that was at day 30. I was not going to be scammed again. She has fought that tooth and nail by sending me a box (no idea what was in it that Paypal told me to refuse) I can tell you for what I ordered, it could not have been my whole $124 order. So the package was refused and sent back to her. I got a refund ($124) and now she is disputing it. So I have no items from her and am out over $200 between the two orders. I have contacted her police department and mine as well to file a complaint. Looking to hire legal counsel as well. STAY AWAY FROM HER GROUP!
1/17/2013 10:11:14Canadian CoopBrittany Hamilton Wonderful coop and nothing but good experiences from it, very friendly hosts (there's 3 but only bought from one so far) who are always willing to answer and question or concern! If your looking for a Canadian coop I'd recommend this one!!
10/8/2013 20:13:15Canadian CoopTracey HewettAlright, I don't mean to cause drama but since I've gotten BLOCKED by the person this should be directed to, I figure it's only fair that this goes public. So here it is: I bought a diaper from the Fluffy Patooties buy ran by Tracey. The diaper had a defect, no big, I returned it to Tracey who was supposed to send it back to Tricia. She didn't, Tracey's had my diaper for TWO full weeks, and tonight when I requested tracking since she said she sent it and "wouldn't leave me hanging", she gave me the run around, all night, even when prompted for the tracking number multiple times. So I told her if it was at her house, no worries, I would come and get it, and deal with the problem myself.
She's dodged all my questions/offers, so with the go ahead I've opened a Paypal dispute, I want one of three things, and none of which were provided, a) my item back, b) tracking information or c) my money back. After I opened the dispute I got a very unhelpful, and frankly rude Facebook response and got blocked. Clearly I won't be getting my item/money back in a civilized manner. I have screenshots off ALL transactions/chats. I am severely displeased and have escalated my PayPal claim since I've been blocked and Jessi's (another admin/mutual friend) been unfriended as well. Heads up to anyone else who has dealings with her pending..
10/8/2013 20:16:23Canadian Mom CoopTracey HewettAmmending Name, not Canadian Coop, Canadian MOM Coop
2/13/2013 7:39:23Catchpenny CollectiveRebecca SkeenThis is a mostly local Virginia co-op with some people that orders are shipped to. Rebecca is amazing!!! She is fun and fantastic. I don't have a single complaint. :) My orders are being processed and shipped out to me in a timely manner, and she is very quick to respond to any questions that come up. Groups like these make co op buying worth it.
1/1/2013 19:04:23Chicken Co-OpRachel OdomI was asked to join the co op to meet minimums on a Harry Potter merchandise purchase being hosted by Rachel Odom. The order closed out at the end of October, many of us were planning to use these as stocking stuffers. She waited 2 weeks before sending out invoices. Then came the problems and I am quoting but you can PM me for screen shots of this. She said: (1) life is hectic lately as the reason why she waited to invoice so long. Next (2) the bank put the charge as fraud and we would have to all pay more for quicker shipping. Also at one point she says (3) I'm a terrible host. On November 28 which is a full month after the order closed she is finally putting in the order again. Next she writes (4) The supplier cancelled the order due to suspecting of fraud and they sent her a letter in the mail. Refund time, right? Not in this case. The next thing Rachel says is the money is now gone from her pay pal. Rachel stated that she transferred all of the money out of pay pal to try and pay for the order with bank and credit cards and it takes 5 days for the money to transfer back to issue refunds. There are pages and pages of reasons she lists of why she can't issue any of the refunds, and she never once posted or tried to prove this was legit on her end.

After many nice attemps to reclaim my refund, she does refund me in full. However, she does PM me to not tell anyone else that I received the refund so she doesn't have to refund more people at that time. I also have screen shots of this conversation.

My next purchase was for stocking stuffer kind of goods. On this order she posts that there were many out of stock items and she would issue refunds for those orders that night. Well, refunds didn't happen. This time she said the refunds were delayed because she did in fact pay for the out of stock items and was waiting for the distributer to refund her first. If that was the case why didn't she state it in the first place, and not 2 weeks after she said we were getting refunds? Again, after asking for my refund she did refund me in full, about a month and a half after this went down.

My one item that was in stock from the stocking stuffer order did come through.... a can of peanuts! :) She charged me 7.20 to ship (she added an extra dollar because it only cost 6.20 as printed on the label). 7.20 for a can of peanuts, which is pretty high, and they arrived damaged. She sent them to me inside of a hostess cupcake box folded inside out and covered with brown wrapping paper. They had a huge gaping hole in the side. The box was intact and I felt that she sent me damaged goods. I have photos of her low quality shipping and the mess I received.

Finally, Rachel allowed her friends to post mean and spiteful things about me and some of the other unhappy buyers and 'liked' all of the things they said. I was called 'greedy, snarky, and acting like a child'. Additionally, Rachel also allowed the co op to start a Little Miss Co Cop thread to start that was very negative and pointless.

Thank you for reading my review and hope this provides insight into the Chicken Co Op.

8/8/2013 14:22:59cloth diaper lovin mamasDanielle, Courtney, Angela and othersI saw the other review above me and NEEDED to post. This was my first Co-op (now I belong to many), and I must say they are fantastic. If you belong to ther co-ops you will see the difference. These ladies are so hands on, attentive and KIND. Some other groups are not so nice. In the past, this group allowed people to combine orders from 2 of the ladies. If one thing was OOS or back-ordered, it held up the whole order for that person. I personally am experiencing that. The SUPPLIER is out and had to make more, therefore one of my other orders, that I combined with, is still with the host. Which was MY CHOICE. Since this has happened a few times (b/c of supplier difficultly), the group has not changed the rules of combining orders. I love these ladies and people should really understand the situation before posting. - DanielleAnne (no I'm not the host, just a member in Phoenix.)
8/1/2013 15:58:40Cloth Diaper Loving MamasAll of themI love this group, it is the only non-specialized co-op of which I want to be a member. The hosts are very active in conversations with members and are willing to work with almost any reasonable situation. There is light hearted banter between active members and hosts alike, and I love checking in to read discussions even around buys in which I did not participate. For the number of members and the size of the orders, the hosts do an incredible job of getting things accomplished while raising families and even having newborns.
8/6/2013 23:16:52cloth diaper loving mamasseverali think these poor ladies are way too overwhelmed. product sits in their houses for months before leaving the door. they shouldnt take on so much.
8/8/2013 14:23:26Cloth Diaper loving MamasCourtney/Danielle/AngelaThese ladies are all wondeful! And quick to answer any questions you have. This group is rather large so it does take a little more time to invoice/pack/ship, but that is to be expected all of the hosts are wives and mothers before the co-op! You get the best deals on diapers and most other things here, because larger group means higher discount! I absolutely love this group, by far my favortie co-op. :)
7/21/2014 20:50:33Cloth Diaper Loving Mamas Co-opCourtney Brown WrightThis woman scammed me out of a bunch of money. She lied about ordering products and has now disappeared. If you see her name ANYWHERE on Facebook, run the other way! I'm still fighting with paypal to get my money back!
7/21/2014 20:59:28Cloth Diaper Loving Mamas Co-opAngela FarnsworthWhere do I even begin..... This host has been rude and impatient with me, as well as many other members of the co-op on separate occasions. It's ridiculous. Recently a buy (my 2nd ever with the co-op) never showed up. Just getting an actual answer from this host is difficult. She always has a bunch of excuses. Yes, I understand that her life is important. Sure. But the way she behaves is as if no one else has a life! News flash, if your life is uuber busy, maybe don't sign up to be a co-op host?! There are other admins and members that will stick up for her until they die..... Meanwhile, she's treating you nastily, being rude and impatient, and making it seem like asking a question is the most annoying thing in the world. Thankfully I received my refund, but I cannot leave this co-op until I settle things with the other host who scammed me. I just can't wait to be gone! Buyer beware!

Take a look at this-
Member Q- I really don't want to make a stink about this but...I've been told I'd get my refund since the 17th and still have nothing. I understand there is a lot going on at once, but when I'm told that me not receiving my refund yet will be looked in to day after day, it doesn't make me think anything is being done to clear this mistake. I know Angela Farnsworth that your husband is getting ready for a long deployment and there are other life things that come up but I just would like some clarity here on why I have not yet gotten my money back please.

Angela Farnsworth- Everybody on here takes time for themselves, no? Am I not "allowed" to turn my phone off for one day and spend time with my family? I have apologized now, three times, and said as soon as as I opened my laptop to refund again I would go back through and send any refunds from here that I missed. I however shut my phone and my laptop off and enjoyed something other than staring at a screen while my life passed by. Is that clear enough for you? And now as my 2 year old pinches and bites me, I answer the 40 PMs I got concerning Courtney's mess, I am logging into PayPal to send YOUR refund to make YOU happy. Have a wonderful day.
8/25/2013 19:19:41Cloth Diaper Sewing Supplies and CoopStephanie Borth LaxMany people think highly of Stephanie but I feel that no matter what her character is or how nice she can be I really need product in my hands in a timely manner. Waiting 3 to 6+ months for an item I paid for and was told multiple times shipped or would ship is a little unacceptable. I run a business and can tolerate and handle minor disruptions in shipping or processing of something but beyond a certain point it becomes unreasonable. I have had to message her multiple times regarding items I have ordered and have yet to receive after paying shipping. She recently had some family situations that delayed all her orders. While I understand this, she was not shipping in the order on the spreadsheet not whatever order she feels like going in. I have a business to run and when I invest a large amount of money into something I expect to see a decent return in a reasonable amount of time. I wish her the best of luck in the future with her coops but feel she takes on more than she can handle.
10/20/2013 20:49:18Co ops for moms Samantha and Hilary (more I'm sure)They've been great! Samantha is amazing! So so helpful. They never get frustrated with members asking questions and I've always gotten the items I ordered.
1/24/2013 18:45:54Co-Op for MomHillary ReeseI expressed my discontent for a tote coop i have ordered. when I received the tote was nothing nothing like it was on the picture promoted. I am deleted and banner from the coop and i have paid and ordered 2 other totes... i was very disrespect, mislead and mistreated by words and pictures. it was no real comunication about the mishap but rather very defensive and dismisal trying to make it not big deal. Im very disapointed
10/21/2013 10:22:29Co-ops for MomHillary ReeseI've never had even the slightest issue with this group. The hosts in Co-ops for Mom are all very sweet, & answer your questions as soon as they see them. They are also very honest, and have always returned or credited funds (without having to ask) for any overages or OOS items. I never worry about sending large amounts of money, and I will continue to purchase from this great group of ladies. Highly recommend!
3/6/2013 1:10:08Co-ops for momsHillary ReeseThis is one of my favorite co-ops! The hosts are all nice and run some amazing co-ops. There was an issue with an order for totes, but it was beyond the hosts control. Te manufacturer sent two different pics of totes, and sent dimensions (size). However, what everyone received were a small purse organizer. The thing is, everyone was told re dimensions ahead of time and the "totes" in question were as described so the host couldn't get a refund. Mostly everyone in the co-op understood that it was a mishap and the ones that were unhappy about it expressed it in a very negative and immature way. That being said, this co-op is awesome and the ladies that run it are super helpful and sweet.
10/20/2013 20:12:40Co-Ops for MomsHillary ReeseI think all of the hosts have been great. I have enjoyed being a part of this group/co-op. My only not so great experience has been that if minimums are not met right away, it can take awhile to get the goods desired. I think that is just how things happen sometimes though so I don't think that reflects poorly on the hosts or this group.
10/21/2013 20:20:35Co-Ops for MomsKira LynneI placed a large order for Melissa and Doug toys. All of the necessary spreadsheets and links were easy to find. Ordering was easy. My items arrived 3 days after paying for shipping. I'm very happy with the transaction and look forward to making more purchases through Co-ops for Moms.
10/22/2013 12:53:31Co-ops For MomsHillary Reese, Samantha KimbleThis is my complete and HONEST review of this co-op and these hosts. I've had nothing but fantastic experiences with this co-op, and particularly with these two hosts. They are patient and understanding with questions, concerns, etc., and they're always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with their purchases. I also want to mention their outstanding professionalism - they're able to maintain the integrity of the co-op while handling any issues that may arise. I can't believe the hosts do everything they do without being paid and in such a timely manner!! I only belong to two co-ops, by choice, and this one is my favorite! Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for all you do!!
10/23/2013 17:28:30Co-ops For MomsAll of themThis co-op is great. I've never had an issue with any host. They are always super helpful and are quick to answer questions or address any concerns. All my orders have come in pretty quick except for one that held up in customs but it was shipped to me within a couple of days from the time the host received them. That's amazing considering China screwed the entire order up! I think anyone who joins this co-op will be very happy to have joined. They find great deals and support WAHMs as well. I've yet to see any drama going on and the hosts aren't mean or snarky as I've seen hosts in other co-ops be. They also ship promptly and don't just have all your stuff sitting in their house for weeks. Seriously, join this co-op!!!! :)
3/6/2014 19:03:44Coast to CoastJennifer LookingbillWhen I first joined, Jennifer was an exceptional host. Then, for whatever reason, she started to have medical problems that were interfering in her ability to run a co-op, but still I stood by, even defended her, while she went through whatever it is she was going through. I ordered a handbag back in September. Allegedly, the supplier never sent my handbag in the batch, so she asked if I would like a refund OR she would put the order for my handbag in with the second buy. I opted for the latter as I really just wanted my bag. The handbags came in, she was "less than satisfied with the quality" and was going to send them back, to give us refunds. People began to dispute after no response or updates from her, so her PayPal was allegedly closed and she had to get in contact with PayPal to get refunds released. An array of excuses, and I still defended her. Fast forward to this evening, I go to check on an update and Coast to Coast is gone. So, no refunds for anyone I suppose.
10/14/2013 16:55:13CooCoo for Co-opsAmanda LaneAmanda is THE BOMB. She is very organized, very helpful, and very polite. This is my FAVORITE co-op. The one host, Alexis, seems a little disorganized, but she doesn't seem to be running any more buys either? Back to Amanda...she ships in a very timely manner, and is more than happy to combine shipping whenever possible. She even seems to be aware of what is going on with other hosts' buys and answers questions for them if they aren't available. Come to think of it, the whole group does that. They're very well organized.
11/6/2013 21:22:39Crafty Mom's Buy Ins and DestashRandie EmmonsCrafty Mom's is a coop for crafty items. The coop and all of its hosts are very friendly and drama free. They go out of their way to run buys the members of the group are interested in purchasing. They keep the members up to date with information on all of the buys and ship in a timely matter. I have been a member of the group for almost a year and I have never had a problem with any buy. And I participate in most of the buys! Most of all drama free!
11/7/2013 7:37:55Crafty Moms Buy In and DestashRandie Emmons & Letha CyrI love this coop and these ladies (my bank account, not so much). Lol But seriously, all 5 admins work so hard to make this Co-op run smoothly and they do a great job. I've been in other groups where the admins are barely around and take days to get back to you. I've messaged Randie and gotten a response back in like a minute. It's awesome.

Also I'm mainly mobile so commenting on the pictures works extremely well for me. I've never had a comment or picture go missing. You won't find a more dedicated or caring group of admins/hosts out there. I promise.
11/6/2013 20:24:05Crafty Moms Buy ins and DestashRandie Emmons Letha CyrThis was one of the very first craft co-ops I joined. Ever since I have had nothing but amazing experiences. Randie and Letha run awesome buys at awesome prices with amazing quality. I have never had an order go bad or a single complaint. I always get my items in great shape and they are shipped quickly once they arrive. Even if I need something not in a buy, one of them is always up to sending me extras they have. They care about their buyers and are always available to answer any questions I, or someone else, may have. I def recommend this group to anyone in search of great quality craft supplies.
11/6/2013 21:29:05Crafty Moms Buy Ins and DestashRandi Emmons, Letha CyrThis was my very first buy in group I was invited to... Not sure how Randi got my name, but I sure am glad!!! It is run with out Drama and is very well organized! They run supply buys quite often for those needing the basics. They try their best to find/accommodate any request someone has. They are also a very caring group of ladies, If someone is in need they do not hesitate to help out! I'm truly not one to be vocal in the group, I order and keep to my self (LOL), however I enjoy the banter that goes on. One of the things I truly like about ordering is the fact that you comment on the picture instead of a spread sheet! This way i can always refer back to the picture (I am in several groups and this helps to make sure i don't Double up on ordering). If you are interest in a very well run group... This is one to join! *kim w*
11/8/2013 7:17:25Crafty Moms Buy Ins and DestashRandie EmmonsSo far Crafty Moms Buy Ins and Destash is the friendliest co-op that I have been in. The hosts are always quick to answer any questions. They joke around with members. They do random give-aways. They have banner contests where the winner gets a grab bag of craft goodies. It's just an all around great group to be in. Also, I love how the ordering is done on photos rather than a spreadsheet because I get confused sometimes matching up pictures to line items on a spreadsheet and end up ordering the wrong thing. By ordering straight on the photo I don't have that confusion and have never ordered something by accident. I would recommend this co-op to everyone!
11/6/2013 20:31:35Crafty Moms Buy-Ins and DestashRandie EmmondsReview:I would just like to take the time to say that the Crafty Moms Buy-Ins and De-stash is an AWESOME coop! they are easy to follow and understand as long as you actually read the rules (which I know about only half the people do if they are not asked to do so) One thing I like about there system is the ease of ordering things if I am on a tablet or cellular device. This is actually a very popular way that A LOT of coops are running their buys now (comments instead of a ss) but CMBID does it in a very organized manner. I also like that it makes me more aware of what I am spending and getting myself into lol. Last but not least their admins are AWESOME!!!! They are so sweet, understanding, and really help you out. If you aren't a member yet....you should be
2/17/2013 2:48:06Crunchy Mama co opKarinthia York I did my first diaper order with Karinthia and had tons of questions. She was super helpful and if she wasnt available one of the other hosts was always available to help. This is a great co op :) ~ Colleen Bennink

9/6/2013 13:59:03Cute Customs Co-opRachael ReevesI joined this group after seeing it posted on co-op reviews. I can only say I'm scared to say anything here. I've seen shouting posts about people posting "paid" on the comments of the item info. Apparently, it's SUPER annoying. And who cares if members do that as reminders to themselves that they've paid so as to save time sifting through emails of their own. Hosts are #1 priority.

The fees seem outrageous at $3-$10! I cannot imagine paying $10 on a co-op FEE. Takes away too much of the "saving" that the bulk prices provide.

Also, just saw a "giveaway" for reaching 2,500+ members. That you had to pay to enter. And then pay shipping. Host responded to one member's inquiry that its like a "raffle". That member said she thought raffles were for charity. Obviously, paying to enter and then multiplying that by even 50 people (a small fraction of their member base), there would be a surplus of money. This is super shady to me. Every other co-op that does giveaways, does them FREE. To show APPRECIATION for their members.

I was happy this member called them out on making money on a "giveaway" because I thought of it too but was too scared to say anything. I'm sure she will be torn apart and booted but I hope other members read her logic and smell the fish. Goodness knows, I won't trust them with my money.
9/18/2014 6:23:23Cute Fluff and Mama StuffNikki WheatonChristina and Jessica have always been great but I got SCAMMED by Nikki Wheaton. I ordered a $32 vinyl from her and she made excuses not to ship until 45 days have passed. I've messaged her several times since then and have been in contact with Christina but have not had one reply from Nikki. Most recently, she blocked me.
12/17/2013 19:30:23Daddy's Diapershttp://daddysdiapers.com/I ordered quite a few diapers from Daddy's Diapers back in the middle of July. We are still missing a diaper and I haven't heard from them since the week of Thanksgiving when they said it would finally be going out the next week. They refuse to respond to my emails and I don't know what else to do because it is way over the time period to do a paypal dispute. The lady who purchased this diaper is very patient and understanding, but I don't have any way to settle the issue other than to warn others.
7/24/2013 12:07:09Dalek Table DealsVeronica, Stacy, Rita & CoralThis is one of the best co ops I've ever been a part of. The hosts are super friendly and fast at invoicing, packing, shipping and answering questions. They also have recommended several co ops that are just as great as they are.
1/14/2013 1:27:07Deal Mamasmelanie c.Small co-op, but the host is very friendly and very upfront about everything. She is starting to do more buys and really listens to what people want and trys hard. although its a new co-op its one of my favorites already- She appericates the people that are in the co-op. I would love to see more join to reach miniums on the buys faster!
11/13/2013 13:16:23Diamonds and dirtSarah MartinezVery smooth and flawless transaction. Product arrived in excellent condition. Works well. Excellent communication and shipped promptly. I would definately use this co op and host again.
4/29/2013 9:02:17Discount Fluff and BeyondAllI joined this co-op and was excited by the different products that were offered. I asked a few simple questions (after reading the files and rules thoroughly) and was given rude short answers. Not impressed, will never purchase from this co-op.
10/24/2013 23:00:39Discounts~R~usSonya BryantLove Love Love Discounts~R~Us. Recently,an item that I received was damaged enroute to me. It was a personalized item that I was super excited about. After letting Sonya know, she jumped into action to rectify the situation. She could have easily blown me off or delayed her responses, but she didn't. I am so impressed and happy with her handling of the situation. Especially since it wasn't even her fault and I know how busy she probably is. She is a Co-op Angel in my book.
10/12/2013 19:55:51Eco-shoppeTiffany Wilson/Suzzi Wagner It was the worst experience I have ever had with a co-op. The buy was run incredibly poorly. The order was placed towards the end of July- the products arrived at the end of August and then no more information was given. Tags for more information went ignored until the middle of september- and this was only for a few lipglosses, not a huge order by any stretch. The host informed everyone she would be sending extra lipglosses and covering shipping to make up for the mess, but never took any steps to do so. At this point, the other host (suzzi) stepped in and attempted to fix the mess. The product ended up being shipped to Suzzi, who charged a high amount of money for shipping three lipglosses (4.64 for three???)- on the exact same day that I was charged shipping for three small lip glosses another host invoiced me for 3 stain sticks, which are bigger and weigh more, and they only cost 2.62. This was a Saturday. Suzzi said she would send them out on Monday. The stain sticks I ordered from the other co-op where the hosts are 6 hours away from me arrived Tuesday. No lip glosses arrived Tuesday or Wednesday, and Suzzi lives less than two hours away from me, in the same state. Finally I asked if they had been sent out and was told they were sent on Monday. When they finally arrived almost a week after I paid shipping, the tracking showed that they were sent the day I asked about them, not Monday as I had been told. From start to finish, everything was mismanaged and handled badly. It took from mid July to the beginning of October to receive three lip glosses. I left the group the day my products arrived.
10/14/2013 17:11:31Erika KimberlinSavanna McGrewI love how she is there to answer your questions that you may have about a product (ship time, updates, etc). She packages em right away for you to receive the product faster. She is always finding new products that she thinks we well all love and is always up for requests on what we might be looking for.
9/8/2013 22:09:57Family DealsMommyJenna GoodwinI am very sympathetic to the busy lives of a mother who takes care of her family & has time to run a co-op. With that in mind, however, I still expect a level of professional courtesy with being an admin/host. A few of us did not realize we had not filled out the member database & the rules clearly stated to fill out upon your first purchase. She began tagging ladies in a snarky status she had posted; kept saying she would be removing members who have not filled out the database ASAP, then within 24 hours. When myself & a few others could not figure out what was going on, she became defensive & rude. I asked if I removed myself what would happen to the order I made & paid for. No response, just continued to be brash & rude to those who were offended at her post. She subsequently deleted the comments after seeing members becoming upset. Made a new status calling the actions "childish" & she "won't be updating anymore this evening". I messaged her in private asking what would happen if I left the group before receiving my shipping invoice & my merchandise, as I would just like my purchase & then I can get out of her hair, but now I cannot do that, as she has booted me from the group without any explanation as to why. I understand there's a certain amount of stress that comes with being an admin/host, but when you're barking at members, being brash about the questions, & then pushing them out, it begs the question of: Should you maybe step back for a while? I will not be purchasing with Family Deals anymore, nor will I recommend them to anyone. There are other co-ops who offer similar items, & I just noticed my item is cheaper elsewhere. Blessing in disguise I suppose.
9/26/2013 1:02:35Family DealsMommyJenna GoodwinThere was a buy that had been open for awhile. Jenna was trying to get it filled for a long time so I decided to help out a little and pick up a few. I guess I did not notice that I already had put an order in on the spreadsheet. Rather then letting me know that she had me down 2 separate times for 2 separate orders, she combined them. Understandable as it was my mistake. When I told her about what happened and apologized I got nothing but attitude back. She then proceeded to message and threatened that if I did not pay for my order, I was banned from the group AND she was going to tell every other co op host about me. What ever happened to the 3 strike rule?!? I did not appreciate the attitude at all so I left the group.
10/10/2013 21:11:35Family DealsMommyJenna GoodwinI put my order in to buy my son a Transformer watch about a week and a half before the buy closed and a min. of 5 had to be purchased for them to be ordered, which is completely understandable....but apparently I was the sixth person (which I'm pretty positive I wasn't) to put my order in for that watch so when she got around to closing the buy she also deleted my order. I noticed I never received an invoice, so I went to the spreadsheet and noticed my order had been removed. I had noticed in some of her past buys that she would warn some people that their order might get dropped if the minimum wasn't reached, but I got no warning. I was completely surprised that she didn't even have the common courtesy to give me a heads up. I just think that's rude. I don't know, maybe all the other co-ops have just spoiled us a little with just canceling the WHOLE buy if minimums don't get reached instead of deleting random orders so they can go ahead and send out invoices. I honestly think my order got deleted over the people who put in their orders AFTER me because I only ordered one watch and it was more convenient. Everyone else bought more than one watch and of different characters so that just would have messed up the minimums of the other different watches.
10/15/2013 10:20:23Family DealsJen Goodwin I love this Co-op. I am a member of some others and love how this co-op uses events vs files. I think they are much easier to find thing. I also think Jenna is great at answering questions on all the product she posts. Jenna also gives people more than ample time to pay for buys and shipping. I also think she markets the buys very well and is always updating them before they end and if they are going to be closed due to not enough interest. For me being someone that buys frequent she is great at keeping up with everything.
10/15/2013 10:51:04family dealsjenna goodwinGreat coop! When you order its not like ordering from a store. You always get notified and the spreadsheets are amazing. When I can't fifure it out someone is allways there too help. The products take awhile to get here but we all know why and there's never been a problem with timing. The products in the co op are great!
10/15/2013 11:04:56Family DealsJenna Goodwin/Nina SayI love this co-op!! I have gotten some great deals here. Nina & Jenna are prompt to answer questions. I have always received exactly what I have ordered & received it in a very timely fashion. If there is a hold up on the end of the manufacturer then that has always been communicated several times & updates have been given through out the process. The forum is easy to navigate. I love that buys are put into the events section of the group. The spreadsheets are easy to use & if I ever have a problem adding an order I simply tell Nina or Jenna & they add the order for me. Been very happy at Family Deals!
10/15/2013 11:14:23Family DealsJenna Goodwin & Nina SayI have had the pleasure of buying from both Jenna and Nina. They are very professional and caring. They try hard to fill so buys can close. They ship fast. When the product comes in I have received info about shipping within a couple of days. Depends on how big the buy is. I know with both ladies I have been involved in big buys and I seem to have gotten my items fast. They have been very kind and have held items to be shipped with others that are coming in. Overall, I love this co-op and this is the main co-op I buy from. After my products come in from another co-op I will not be ordering from anywhere else but from Family Deals.
10/15/2013 13:12:11Family DealsJenna Goodwin and Nina SayThis is by far, one of my favorite co-ops. I order the most from this co-op and if there are ever any issues, the girls try their best to make things right and that everyone is happy. They want to make sure they are finding us the best deals and best rates shipping. Quite a few of the members have openly said, this is the only co-op they will by from and I understand why.
10/15/2013 13:44:28Family DealsJenna Goodwin and Nina SayI have had nothing but good dealings with this group. I find the hosts available to answer questions and expectations of the group are clear. I would recommend them to others.
10/15/2013 16:39:31Family DealsJenna and NinaI love this coop. It's the only that I order from now. I've always got my stuff and it's exactly as described. I found that Jenna and Nina find great deals and there always on top of things. There's been many times they've gone out of there way to find stuff people wanted.
10/17/2013 6:57:03Family DealsJen and NinaI have only been in the group a short time, but have purchased many items and have been very pleased with the items! The host here are all awesome to work with!
11/1/2013 9:18:11Family DealsJen Goodwin and Admin TanyaI was STRONGLY upset and i felt as if i was double teamed by Jen(the host) and Tanya (an admin). An item kept getting pushed back repeatedly and all i wanted to do was cancel my order because i needed it sooner rather then later. Tanya began digging at things i would say to start drama and then Jen jumped in as well. All becuase i wanted to cancel my order. The run was not closed yet and i was still allowed too. So i did not break any rules. I emailed Nina (another host/admin) bc i have an order with her and i commented on the page that i had PMed her and it was in her others folder. Jen commented that Nina is in a different time zone and she is sick as well.

Im sorry but you do not DOUBLE TEAM your members for wanting to cancel an order! This harassment is not okay!
11/25/2013 22:09:48Family DealsTanya and JenI am fairly new to this co-op. Actually this was the first co-op that I have ever been involved in. I was really excited to get started. I have only ordered one thing from this co-op and I am just waiting to get my order and I am ready to leave this group. I understand that life happens, things come up. But these ladies are so rude, and like a previous comment before they double team. I am terrified to ask about an update. If an update is asked you automatically get Tanya in your face (well on your post) talking about how Jen is sick and needs to take care of herself. Which i totally understand and I do sympathize with. But it makes it really uneasy to be in the group. I would never buy from this co-op again and CAN NOT WAIT to get my order resolved so i can leave. I hate how they talk to the group members and I actually feel bad for a lot of them. My buy was minimal, but it was still money that my husband worked hard to get.
They also do a lot of deleting people before, and posts but are allowed to post the nasty remarks and basically wont let anybody else say what they want to say, or defend themselves. Can't wait to get the heck out of this one.
1/2/2014 17:19:00Family DealsJen GoodwinStill waiting on merchandise paid for back in the middle of September. She had a miscarriage and got sick. I am very sorry but it has been done and over with for awhile now. No communication. No answer for updates. Can be extremely rude. Minions will also attack anyone who asks a question. The hostesses will post messages about understanding and respect but that is about it. Practice what you preach. I know I won't ever get my stuff. That is fine though. Live and learn.
10/15/2013 13:33:09Family Deals Co-opJen Goodwin and Nina Marie SayThese hosts are amazing to work with. Friendly, clear rules and expectations. They run a great group. They keep us informed of what is going on with the sellers they are working with and provide great quality merchandise for us to purchase. I love that they try to make sure to run buys from WAHMs so that we're not getting just a bunch of cheap stuff, but good quality, handmade cheap stuff. :)

Honestly, I'm part of several other co-ops but I only purchase from Family Deals. They're that awesome.
8/14/2014 7:01:41Five and DimeMadilynn Kallyne SanoThis was my first co-op I joined and I have been very happy with all items and hosts until this past buy. It was for gel polish, top and base coat, and a dryer. I paid for all of these items on June 7th, and still have not received the adapter for the dryer along with the top and base coats. What am I supposed to do with HALF of the kit? There has been much communication back and forth - first broken bottles, then a death in the family, then her scale broke and she is sending what she can. I have PMed her many many times and only get vague responses. I am wondering now if I should just file a claim with paypal?
9/6/2013 14:38:28Fluff and HappinessMelissa SueI was fairly new to this co-op and was contemplating putting in an order for some fitted diapers. When the buy closed there were members that were canceling their orders because the same buy opened up in another co-op that had the diapers $2 cheaper. What completely turned me off about this co-op is that Melissa decided to attack a member of the co-op who canceled their order. Given the member did lie about her finances and said she was waiting for a check to clear (or something along those lines). She called the member a liar saying that the co-op world is small, that she is everywhere, and that she doesn't tolerate liars (went off on a rant) and straight out told her to leave the co-op. She then proceeded to ask someone to "tag the liar" so she could see her post. It was completely unprofessional!! I realize the member violated the rules of the co-op by canceling a buy after it was closed but she could have just pm'd her and told her that was against the rules and that she knew she was lying, even kick her out but PRIVATELY!! Her goal was to humiliate this member and make her look bad causing huge drama but at the end she stated she didn't want drama on the thread and anyone who started it would be banned when she was the one who started the drama!! Moreover, she was aware that there was a cheaper supplier for these fitted diapers and did not say anything until people started canceling and then her solution was to ask the other co-op host for her supplier instead of trying to talk to her current supplier and ask for a cheaper price. I am glad I did not place and order and proceeded to remove myself from this co-op as I could not believe how unprofessionally Melissa dealt with this situation. Hosts should be friendly and avoid drama at all costs not try to attack and humiliate their members.
5/13/2013 14:36:27Fluffy ButtsMichelle DayOrdered off a co-op through Michelle and paid my invoice the end of February for my order. The product still has not been ordered and there hasn't been any updates beyond the runaround. Many others have also been asking about it and have not received a response on the feed beyond the "it is out of our hands, they haven't been responding to emails" response. I have mentioned that I would like a refund and was never given a response. MANY other orders have come through over the past two months, and if I paid through paypal I would not have been able to file a dispute. Luckily it was paid through wepay, so I still have a chance to dispute in order to receive a refund.
6/14/2013 13:22:07Fluffy Mama'sDarbi, StrellaIn this coop it takes forever to receive product. When approached about issues they claim that it is not "wal-mart" they always have excuses of sick kids, can't drive, post office is far away as to WHY they take forever to ship product. I paid for my shipment once and it took over a week for her to even ship the product.
10/13/2013 21:03:07Friends and Family coopAll This coop is amazing always helpful and has respect for everyone! They always help out and answer everyone in a timely matter. I would recommend this group to anyone. PS their buys are amazing :)
4/14/2014 17:19:55Friends for Trends Buy InRenee Rutherford The host has been caught on multiple occasions joking about 'scamming' members with the astonomical upcharge on these products. I bought one item and ended up having to open a case with Paypal. Very poor communication.
2/17/2013 22:36:46frugal fluff & stuffCandice & EmilyI have had nothing but a great experience with this co-op. So for all of Kyle orders have arrived in a reasonable amount of time, one arrived a lot faster then I had expected! I will defiantly continue to buy from them!
10/6/2013 21:14:45Frugal Fluff N stuffFelisha MartinDo not under any circumstances buy from Felisha martin. FFNS is now gone along with product and money. This is he third or fourth time she has scammed and run off. She has opened three mor coops in the past three weeks and then deleted them. Stay far far away from her.
1/2/2013 9:02:35Frugal Fluff n' StuffFelishia MartinThe group and the hosts are rude, they are always belittling the members, unless you are one their favorites they do not care and their answers to concerns on items that take weeks to arrive and the prices are increased are "you do not like it leave" this is the worst co-op ever and they changed their name from "green mamas" trying to run from their horrible reputation...i do not suggest you go to that group, we are all moms that just want to get good deals and be treated with respect and spoken to as the adults we are, i feel so bad for the moms in there that do not realize there are better more honest groups put there.
10/13/2013 22:17:21FrugaliciousBeckyIts extremely obvious that these hosts are making 5-$20 off of each order for most buys. This is one of the highest priced co ops I've seen. Becky is rude and very short with her answers.
12/24/2013 21:47:50Frugalicious Co-OpBecky KimaniExtremely disorganized and little to no communication. She has posted on her page a few times about being done with the co-op, and being frustrated with people contacting her with negative comments, but she does not keep up on her communication and it leads to a lot of frustration in coordinating receiving the items that have been paid for. This was especially frustrating on her flash buys that were guaranteed by Christmas.
8/15/2014 23:28:23Girls GalleriaKati LongBeware that this group is NOT a co op! They prefer the title "buy in group" ... Do not shop their group thinking you might get the best deal and save money as their banner suggests. Double check items with the cost on ebay or amazon.

However, in discussions with the admin Kati Long, she has proven to be very respectful and courteous. She provides security through her buys as she only allows items she knows are quality tested.

Love the selection on plus size clothing. The price could be beat if you did a little shopping on foot however.
1/16/2013 12:48:24Green LivingCandi and CheriseBEST CO-OP EVER! The ladies are fabulous. Never any drama. One of the only co-ops I dare order from because I know it will be RIGHT and HONEST! Love it.
1/15/2013 16:05:40Green Living CoopCherie and CheriseThese ladies are amazing. This coop is awesome. I ordered Anamalz from them, they communicated everything very clearly, got the order out days after it came in and I received them like a week before the timeframe given. They are super nice and I will definitely be ordering from them again!
12/13/2012 13:05:18Green Mama's AKA Frugal Fluff n Stuff Felisha MartinI had a very bad experience. This coop host does not disclose the "lowest price" and makes a profit (more than the coop fee) off of her customers.

continuous excuses are made when orders are supposed to be packed (my printer broke, Im out of ink, i need a break, I have to do laundry etc).

She expects payment ASAP but doesnt feel she needs to pack orders as quickly as you should pay for them. Money needs to be on her time, but merchandise is on her time too...no where near the speed it should be.

The maturity level of the host is lacking and I personally do not ever want to be a part of her buys again. The other admins - excluding Rachelle (i think that's her name) are rude to people and ask that if you have a problem with a sale or question, you pm it to the host...

yet when you pm a host, she states you are harassing her and threatens to report you. Only to post lies about the conversation in her own group for others to bash...

Nothing but silly games in my opinion. Good luck with this group and happy buying.
12/31/2012 20:46:56Green MamasCandaceOrdered squeaker shoes and got them less than 10 days after placing my order. Fastest delivery ever in a co-op so far. Will definately do business again.
12/22/2012 15:17:49Green Mamas (now known as Frugal Fluff and Stuff)Felisha MartinThis coop was not very honest. They did not disclose accurate prices, lied when questioned, and later admitted to the lies that they told.

Before I left the group, there was a lot of rude talking to members, it seemed like you would get personally attacked if you defended the member that was being unfairly treated or if you questioned what any of the hosts were saying. Felisha, in particular, was rude to me when I defended a member and mentioned that there was no need to cyber yell at a member or to have other admin jump in and start cyber attacking a person.

Felisha was very defensive if simple questions were asked, such as, asking for any updates, asking about what kind of pricing was being received, or other coop related questions. I left this coop because of her behavior.
1/2/2013 11:38:08Green Mamas aka Frugal Fluff and StuffFelisha MartinI just wanted to share a comment I saw today from the host of this co-op, in response to someone who asked about an update. The first response was from admin Sabrina McCall and was quite short and rude, when she could have easily been helpful. When someone else remarked how rude Sabrina's comment was, this is how host Felisha Martin responded:

"Felisha Martin Next time someone says "rude" when there was no rude... I'm going to break off a piece of rude and shove it up their ass! I'm so tired of people throwing around "dispute" and them wanting us to kiss their ass!

Yeahhh Candice has had these the wholeeee time and is keeping it from us all!!! That's the cool thing hosts like to do to piss people off!! Hold 1000 large items at their house!!!! I mean really!!!!!!!! UGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!
about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1"

Fair warning that cursing at and disrespecting members is apparently acceptable treatment in this co-op. The immaturity is unbelievable. Green Mama's has opened a new co-op under a new name (Frugal Fluff and Stuff) because of bad reviews here but so long as it's the same hosts, the treatment of the members will not change.

This is NOT someone who I would EVER entrust with my money again!!!! I completed one buy with Felisha and it was my last. I can't imagine paying someone to treat me this way. If you are in a co-op and are spoken to this way, you should leave immediately!! This is not how you should be treated as a human being, let alone as a co-op member.
12/3/2013 12:51:41Happy Bottoms Happy BabyJessica StutesI participated in a buy of advent calendars. This was my first buy with this co-op. I paid same day as the deal closed(even purchasing more just so the deal could close). I also paid shipping(on Nov. 14th) on the very day it was posted. As the 1st of December was quickly approaching I went back to the original post and see Ms. Jessica Stutes has posted in all caps that she was on vacation and PM'ing her was rude and disrespectful. My thoughts on that were...1st lighten up, 2nd- if you host a sale that is ongoing through the holidays it is crazy to expect no one to PM you.3rd I only came across this all cap post because I was taking the time to research back. Anyway I posted the word XANAX...yea I know it was probably wrong...and I did apologize. Anyway, she sent me a PM tearing into me for the Xanax word, I apologized and she gave me a tracking number. OK...so I pulled up the tracking number- it was a preshipment number. So I went back to her thread and found a SS she had made (on the 19th) showing all the non paid shipping and in bold it said all these packages were left at her house unshipped while she was away because of nonpayment. My name was on that list. Grrr...so I then actually PM'edher telling her I found my name on a SS that said non payment. I told her I paid and produced the payment id # and date. To that she responded that her husband had checked, my name sounded familiar and he was sure mine was shipped (2 day priority). Meanwhile others in the thread are saying they received theirs. I posted in the thread I was disappointed to not receive before the 1st (to send back with my grandson). In the thread she openly attacked me, said she had done all she could do, she posted pic of the (preshipping ) label and said she was done with me. She pm'ed me and said I was the rudest and most disrespectful person she had ever come across. I told her as soon as I received the stuff I would exit the group. She booted me from the group leaving me looking like a trouble maker and still without the calendars and no further shipping info. Now I need Xanax...LOL.
10/13/2013 1:53:59Hippydippy Michelle Ludwig This is by far the BEST co-op! Michelle keeps everyone informed during a buy regarding when the order was placed, received and shipped. She is super nice and all of the buys I participated in were extremely fast! I got my items with in 3 weeks from when I placed the order or buy closed! That's amazing! The Hippydippy is a good sized co-op as well. So minimums are met but the group isn't excessively large, like some others, where it strains hosts invoicing packing and shipping, which I have turn has you waiting unnecessarily long for items. Buy at the Hippydippy from Michelle! !