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Howto document for SDBN Community:
RegisterUse your institutional address when signing up so that we can determine easily that you're not a spam account. You can also register using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account. This will upload your profile picture there. You'll still need to use your institutional address, and if it is not affiliated with gmail, you'll have to indicate your gmail address so we can add you to the shared Google Drive folder.
***Note that emails from the system will often go into spam filters. After registration, you will be approved within 24 hours. Check your login after that time and email with any issues.***
Logging InNote that we have a "math captcha" at the bottom of registration and login, be sure to solve it. It helps fight spam.
Join GroupOn the main part of the page (left), the groups you are in are listed. If you want to join another group, look in the listing/link for all groups in the sidebar (right), click on the group, click on join, you'll be added immediately. Users will be vetted at the registration stage by SDBN. Of course, any questionable behavior should be reported to
Join ProjectAll projects are run by groups, to see them you will need to join the group. You don't need to "join" a project, you can edit items and assign yourself tasks, etc. once you're a member of the group. We will designate admins for each group, and they will assign admins to the projects, each will be listed in the descriptions of the groups/projects and in various other areas.
FilesThree ways to share a file: profile, group, project. To make a document easy to find, add it to a group, but also make it visible to everyone. Also, add an informative title and tags. Project files are separate from profile and group files, and you can also link to file sharing systems such as google drive. We will use the following Google shared folder, and the SDBN Community administrator will grant you access once you are confirmed as a member. If you are not confirmed, request access and indicate your name or username so we can confirm. Don't put any personal information in the shared Google files such as contact information. General guidelines:
--Google files: files that need to be edited by a group, with NO personal contact information. Use the shared Google directory, and request access if needed.
--SDBN Community files: mostly static files.
--Choose to put a file based on how it will be used: by the whole community (User), by the Group (e.g., group guidelines), or by the Project (e.g., event budget)
ProjectsEach project is associated with a group, and the prefix for the project's name will be the group name. For example, "Science Communication: 2018 Event 1"
Project MilestonesMilestones for a project, with completion date
Project Task ListsList of tasks, can be associated with a Milestone
Project TasksTask within the task list
Project DiscussionsSimilar to status updates--you can comment on them.
ForumsEach group has a forum, where topics can be started and replied to. The moderators of each group will manage.
FriendsIncoming friend requests will be in the "notifications" area.
ActivitiesYou can post status updates, which are an "activity", on your profile or in groups. You can also reference someone by using "@" + their user name.
Finding stuffOnce you register, get approved, and log in, you'll see new items on the 2nd menu below the main menu, and new items on the right sidebar. If you get "lost" you can always return to to find your bearings.
Community software guideBuddyPress is the SDBN Community software, see guide at right
Project manager software guideWordpress Project Manager is our project management software
PrivacyYour registration data, including your profile information and password (never reuse passwords) are protected by the Comprendia Privacy Policy, as SDBN is a part of that company. Be careful to not share personal data on the forums, documents, etc. as we cannot guarantee that this data will be protected. Contact with any issues questions.
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