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Protest against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Protest Against Muslim Ban
IAH (Bush Internatioanal Airport Houston)
IAH Airport, HoustonHoustonTX1/28/20175:00:00 PM1/28/20178:00:00 PM
Sit in for Fair Immigration
Rally or Protest
Yesterday, on 1/27/17 Trump closed America’s doors to refugees, indefinitely, banned immigrants from several countries, suspended the Visa program, and effectively left untold numbers of people stranded–including those with Green Cards and especially those with no where else to turn who had already been approved to come here.\n\nThe ban is specifically geared toward Muslims from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Lybia. It includes a \"religion test\" to exclude Muslims specifically.\n\nRESIST \n\nRESIST FASCISM . UTAH WILL NOT ABIDE AND STAY QUIET TO UNLAWFUL AND HATEFUL BANS\n\nNO HATE, NO FEAR, REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE \n\nMEETING OUTSIDE OF TERMINAL 2 (DELTA)
SLC Airport776 N Terminal Dr
Salt Lake City
UT1/28/20178:00 PM1/28/201710:00 PM
Protest of Muslim Ban - Miami Airport (Terminal D, Arrivals)
Rally or Protest
The US, a nation of immigrants, must not implement entry bans based on religion. A judge has blocked the detention of visa holders who have already landed in the US, but the executive order/Muslim ban still stands.\n\nSend a message that immigrants are welcome here! Our strength is our diversity and our humanity.\n\nOn Saturday, Trump closed America’s borders to refugees. Families fleeing war in Syria are now indefinitely blocked from entering the US. Trump also temporarily suspended immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen). These are not even countries from which terrorists have attacked the US (and note that Trump's order does not include several predominantly Muslim nations in which Trump has had business interests).\n\nFriday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 1939 the US turned away a ship carrying 900 German Jews fleeing the Nazis and Congress rejected a proposal to allow 20,000 Jewish children to come to the US to seek safety. We are doing the same now by not allowing refugees entry.\n\nThis is a PEACEFUL protest to show that Americans reject Trump's Islamophobia and we must ALWAYS welcome refugees with open arms.\n\nGroundgame has said they will publicize this event on their site ( and coordinate a lawyer (no trouble is expected, but just in case).\n\nThere are a few different Facebook events now. People will be out all day but it sounds like the peak hours will be in the afternoon.\n\nPlease spread the word by inviting your friends from the event page and sharing it to your feed!
2100 NW 42nd AveMiamiFL1/29/201710:00 AM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
ALB AlbanyNY1/29/201710:00 AM1/29/2017
Protest Against Muslim Ban at Bangor International Airport
Rally or Protest
We say no to Racism! We say no to Islamophobia! We say no to #muslimban!\n\n\nEvent details: \nParticipants will gather outside near “international arrivals” and line the sidewalk \nPeople are invited to bring signs, candles and drums\nPeople are invited to make speeches and to say why it’s important to stand against hatred, racism, and xenophobia.\n\n\n\nThe ACLU won a major victory by getting a stay of removal granted for the folks who are trapped at airports, but it DOES NOT end the refugee ban, it DOES NOT end the Muslim ban, it DOES NOT make it possible for people to come back if they aren't already on a plane.\nWe need to keep the momentum going. \nAn official at Bangor International Airport told me \"There is no formal permit process. I have notified the Airport Director and he will notify the staff on duty tomorrow. We do ask that you confine your group to areas that will not impact Airport operations and security, passengers, and traffic.\"
Bangor Airport
287 Godfry Boulevard Bangor ME, US 04401
BangorME1/29/201711:00 AM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
DFWDallasTX1/29/201711:00 AM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Sen. Mitch McConnell's OfficeLouisvilleKY1/29/201711:30 AM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
LAXLos AngelesCA1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
San Francisco
CA1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Sacramento Protest of the Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Meet in Terminal B, near the huge rabbit. Let's show Sacramento's solidarity with protests around the country.
6900 Airport Blvd
CA1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/20173:00 PM
Protest Against Muslim Ban at Portland Maine International Jetport
Rally or Protest
Please respect the airport staff, city police, and TSA and do not impede the flow of regular arriving passengers. Make sure to park in the paid parking lot. It is illegal to park and leave your vehicles in front of the airport or leave them unattended in the cell phone. \n\nPlease remain peaceful, and listen to and abide by any instructions from airport officials or city police. Make sure to park legally in the garage and do not obstruct the business of the airport. \n\nKeep in mind that this is NOT about doing anything against the airport, TSA, or police. It's about standing up to the executive order - the airport happens to be symbolic because our international airports are essentially US borders. Treat your presence at the airport as though you are on federal property at a US border.\n\nThere's also a rally at Portland City Hall regarding Susan Collins at 10:30AM, please go to that first, if you can, and then head on over to the airport. Here's the link for that event:
Portland Airport1001 Westbrook StPortlandME1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/20172:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Federal BuildingAnn ArborMI1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Peace and Justice PlazaChapel HillNC1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Protest Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
179 E. Franklin St.Chapel HillNC1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/20172:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Park St. and Main St.CantonNY1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
St. Teresa of Avila
Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow
NY1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally: No to the Ban, Yes to Solidarity!
Rally or Protest
In response to the Trump Administration's illegal and immoral immigration ban targeting people from Muslim-majority countries, we will rally nonviolently to express our outrage and to affirm our solidarity with all those who are affected and all those who are standing up against Islamophobia, bigotry, and hatred. Please share widely and bring signs to show your support for refugees, immigrants, human rights, and the rule of law.
Park Street and Main Street, Canton, NY
CantonNY1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/20171:30 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
PDXPortlandOR1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Rally to protest the Executive Order
U.S. District Courthouse Steps
405 East 8th Street Eugene, OREugeneOR1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/20172:00 PM
Take Action Eugene
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Allen Street Gates
State College
PA1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Capitol SquareMadisonWI1/29/201712:00 PM1/29/2017
Protest against the Muslim ban
Event with Politician Attending
Protest at the state houseRhode Islamd State HouseProvidence, DIProvidenceRI1/29/20171:00:00 PM1/29/20173:30:00 PMGovernor Raimondo
Working Family Party
Rally to Support Refugees
Rally or Protest
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Ste 3300, Phoenix, Arizona 85034
PhoenixAZ1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20173:00 PM
Protest Against Muslim Ban At LAX
Rally or Protest
UPDATE: DON'T RELAX FOR ONE SECOND\n\nThe ACLU won a major victory by getting a stay of removal granted for the individuals who are trapped at airports or in transit, but it DOES NOT end the refugee ban, it DOES NOT end the Muslim ban, it DOES NOT make it possible for people to come back if they aren't already on a plane.\n\nCelebrate the ACLU's win, but don't slack for even one second - this is not over.\n\n-------\n\nTrump's Muslim ban is un-American, unconstitutional, and baseless. We're taking a stand at the Tom Bradley International Teminal at LAX tomorrow at 1 PM. Join us! OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD! In solidarity and support of the organizations we are in communication with we encourage the #NoWallNoBan hashtag. \n\nWe called the airport police... they're aware we're coming. As long as we don't block doorways, traffic, or travelers we are good to go. If it gets big, they'll have officers to help figure out the traffic.\n\nIMPORTANT RULES TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE:\n1) This is a peaceful protest!\n2) NO handouts or pamphlets. This is a general airport rule, not something specific to the protest.\n3) Don't block doors and don't block travellers. Protest with purpose - keep walking and circulating.\n4) Bring signs! Don't bring sticks.\n5) Water is necessary for life. Bring some! Bring extra!\n\nOur Message:\nLA should be Sanctuary City for ALL.\n- We, the people, welcome all Muslims, immigrants, refugees and those who have been subjected to Trump's discriminatory Executive Orders.\n- We demand that Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) release the information of those who are being detained and turned away. They have names, families, and people who love and care for them.\n- We demand that Los Angeles stand as a Sanctuary City that provides safety, justice, dignity, and welcomes all from around the world. We will create safety by coming together, not by isolating, fearing and dividing each other.\n\nLet's all protest with purpose and stay on message!\n\nPublic Transit:\nAlt Public Transit: Green Line Station offers free shuttle bus service\n\nCyclists: A group is meeting at the Wilshire/Western purple line station in Koreatown tomorrow at noon to cycle down the Ballona Creek Bike Path to LAX. \n\nUber/Lyft suggestion: Get dropped off in the Hyatt parking lot and walk in:\n\nParking Suggestion (It is possible to walk to Tom Bradley from offsite parking):\n\nCalling all attorneys: We will need attorneys to go to the US international airports and provide assistance to detained nationals from the 7 countries listed on the visa ban list. If you're interested, please email and Iranian American Bar Association will send you more location specific information.
Marina del Rey
CA1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
White House
Washington, DC
DC1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/2017
No Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
UPDATED. See below:\nJoin us at the White House and say NO to Trump's new policies that will ban refugees, immigrants, and visa holders from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. We won't stay silent. Let's fight!\n\nPlease share this page with your friends in the DC area.\n\nLocation: Meet us at the Marquis de Lafayette Statue in front of the White House on intersection of Madison and Pennsylvania. Find the exact location in our pinned post.\nSuggestions: \n- If possible, don't drive as parking will be difficult to find. The closest Metro stations are Metro Center (Red, Orange, Blue, Silver) and McPherson Square (Orage, Blue, Silver). Or use BikeShare.\n- Do not bring large bags if possible. \n- Wear colorful clothes, scarves, etc.\nStay vigilant, stay motivated!\nSee you tomorrow at 1pm
White House1600 Pennsylvania AvenueWashingtonDC1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20173:00 PM
Protest Muslim Ban and Border wall at the State Capitol
Rally or Protest
A few of us will be gathering across the street from the Capitol Building to protest the Muslim Ban and the border wall. Join us to support refugees, US citizens, and others wishing to become citizens, from the countries who are banned, and all who wish to pursue their dreams in the US! Bring your posters and passion for social justice!
Capitol BuildingTallahasseeFL1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Muslim Ban Protest at Boise Airport
Rally or Protest
Trump has made an executive order for a muslim ban. Syrian Refugees and Muslims are not being accepted into america. we need to stop this and show we do not support this. meet in front of the airport by the winter olympic statue.
3201 W Airport WayBoiseID1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20178:00 PM
Refugees Welcome in Idaho,
Boston Protest Against Muslim Ban and Anti-Immigration Orders
Rally or Protest
In response to the Trump Administration's announced Muslim ban, CAIR Massachusetts is holding a protest in Copley Square at the site of the Khalil Gibran Plaque - Gibran was an immigrant from Lebanon. At 2:30 pm there will be a Muslim prayer in the Square. All are encouraged to attend - please spread widely!
Copley Square560 Boylston StBostonMA1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20173:00 PM
CAIR Massachusetts
Demonstrate Against the Muslim Ban - Amherst Town Common
Rally or Protest
AmherstMA1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20175:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
MSPMinneapolisMN1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/2017
Lambert–STL International Immigration Detention Rally & Protest
Rally or Protest
The Muslim ban is unconscionable and undermines the values of our nation. Stand against against the ban at Lambert St. Louis International Airport at 1:00PM! We will be meeting in the departure section of Terminal 1.\n\nEveryone is welcome. Spread the word.\n\nMedia Inquiries: ~ 310-622-5629
STL Airport10701 Lambert International BlvdSt. LouisMO1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
CLTCharlotteNC1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
2400 John Brantley Blvd, Morrisville, North Carolina 27623
Raleigh Durham
NC1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
CMHColumbusOH1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
CLEClevelandOH1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/2017
Emergency Protest against Trumps ban on Muslims coming to the U.S
Rally or Protest
Updated 12:15pm\n\nThis emergency protest has been called in response to Donald J. Trump's unjust and racist ban on immigrants and refugees, particularly from Muslim countries.\n\nThis is a last minute protest in solidarity with all of the airport protests taking place around the country. Please be aware that logistics can be complicated. \n\n\nCurrent plans:\n\nAfter communication with airport authorities: We can park in the old post office, 4299 Sawyer Road. \n\nIt is near the original meeting spot, the McDonalds: 4250 International Gateway, Columbus, OH 43219\n\nWe will have people at both places and will move ahead from there. \n\nCheck this event description or posts from us for instructions. Others may suggest alternative on this page or elsewhere, but what we say here is our plan.\n\nSolidarity,\n\nReema, Tammy, Pranav
4600 International GtwyColumbusOH1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Palestine Solidarity Group - Columbus, Ohio
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Rhode Island State HouseProvidenceRI1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20173:30 PM
Protest to OPPOSE the Refugee Ban (#2)
Rally or Protest
Protest at Discovery Green to oppose the suspension of the US refugee program and other visa/green card related issues!\n\nWe will meet at the corner of Austin and Walker streets at 1:00 and split into smaller groups if needed to avoid blocking traffic. \n\nYes there is a Super Bowl event at Discovery Green this weekend. It is free to the public and you can enter with bags and small signs but likely not large signs. Large signs will have to stay outside at the entrances.
Discovery Green1500 McKinney StHoustonTX1/29/20171:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
BDLHartfordCT1/29/20171:30 PM1/29/2017
Stop the Ban Rally
Rally or Protest
Join us in showing opposition to anti-refugee and anti-immigrant executive orders and in showing your support for our community members of all faiths and countries of origin, and for the American values of diversity and refuge. \n\nIf you are able, please consider giving funds (no matter how big or small) and/or goods to the following groups.\n\nACLU Nebraska\n\n\nBenson Area Refugee Task Force\n\n\nCAIR\n\n\nLutheran Family Services of Nebraska\n\n\nRefugee Empowerment Center\n\n\nYates Community Center\n
Turner Park3101 Dodge StOmahaNE1/29/20171:30 PM1/29/20173:30 PM
Women's March on Omaha
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
UVA The Rotunda
VA1/29/20171:30 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
New Orleans City Hall
New Orleans
LA1/29/20171:45 PM1/29/2017
New Orleans in solidarity with our Muslim Community
Rally or Protest
A peaceful rally to show solidarity with the Muslim Community. \n\nObviously as more details come out, we'll be able to determine a time and place for a larger event to show the city's dedication to be a Sanctuary City in Louisiana.
1300 Perdido St
New Orleans
LA1/29/20171:45 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
None Of The Above NOLA
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
BHMBirminghamAL1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
FLGFlagstaffAZ1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Kansas City MCI Protest: Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Travelers from Muslim countries are being detained or turned back – INCLUDING green card holders who are permanent residents.\n\nJoin us at 2PM at the Kansas City Mid-Continental International Airport to protest the blatantly unconstitutional (and horrifically unethical) executive order by President Trump. \nTERMINAL C
MCI - 79 Beirut Cir, Kansas City, MO 64153
Kansas CityMO1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/20175:30 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
JFKQueensNY1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Battery ParkManhattanNY1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/20175:00 PM
Make the Road New York
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Washington Square ParkRochesterNY1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
PITPittsburghPA1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Protest Refugee Deportations at PHL!
Rally or Protest
THE PROTEST IS STILL ON! PLEASE SHARE AND INVITE WIDELY!\n\nLess than 24 hours after Holocaust Remebrance Day, U.S. border officials at Philadelphia International Airport have begun implementing Donald Trump's illegal executive order to refuse entry to refugees from the Middle East. Today two Syrian refugee families, both in possession of visas and green cards, were denied entry and deported from PHL. (Read more:\n\nWe will NOT be silent as human beings fleeing war and terror are denied sanctuary. Tomorrow we will gather at the PHL International Terminal A West (Arrivals) to voice our opposition and to call on all relevant federal, state and local government agencies to refuse compliance with the racist, inhumane, and illegitimate executive orders issuing from this shameful president.\n\nSPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS (SO FAR):\n\nJewish Voice for Peace - Philadelphia\nNew Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia\nCAIR - Philadelphia Chapter\nHIAS Pennsylvania\nPOWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild)\nPennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition (PICC)\nLiberty City LGBT Democratic Club\nBlack Lives Matter Pennsylvania\nNationalities Service Center, NSC\nPhiladelphia Student Union\nPhiladelphia South Asian Collective\nCaucus of Working Educators\nThe Office of Councilwoman Helen Gym\nReclaim Philadelphia\nPhiladelphia Socialist Alternative\nAsian Americans United\nTemple Fight for $15\nThe CHARLES Foundation, Inc.\n32BJ SEIU\nWest Philly Coalition Against Islamophobia\nPhilly DSA\n215 People's Alliance\nWomen's March PA\nMake the Road Pennsylvania\nNational Organization for Women - Philadelphia\nPhilly Showing Up for Racial Justice - SURJ\nFirst Unitarian Church of Philadelphia\nTikkun Olam Chavurah\nPhilly BDS\nChristian-Jewish Allies Working for Justice in Palestine\nFor Pennsylvania's Future\nPhilly Socialists\nUnite Here Local 274\nEQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team)\nWomen's International League for Peace and Freedom, Greater Philadelphia Branch\nDemocracy Spring\n\nStay tuned as more details and cosponsors are announced. Please reach out if your organization would like to cosponsor/help us mobilize!
PHL, Terminal APhiladelphiaPA1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PM
Jewish Voice for Peace - Philadelphia
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Northwest Detention CenterTacomaWA1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/2017
Austin Airport Protest against the Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
We have to stand up against the Trump administration and his executive order on refugees and Muslims. Please join tomorrow in a peaceful protest to show that AUSTIN will not stand for this.

**We will be meeting downstairs in front of the garage outside the arrival terminal**
AUS - Austin Bergstrom International Airport
3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, Texas 78719
AustinTX1/29/20172:00 PM1/29/20175:00 PM
Shane Terenzi - public event on Facebook
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
State CapitolLittle RockAK1/29/20172:30 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Washington, DC
DC1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Grand Rapids
MI1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
City HallHamtramckMI1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Sen. Bob Corker's OfficeNashvilleTN1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
VCU Compass PlazaRichmondVA1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
IADDullesVA1/29/20173:00 PM1/29/2017
Emergency Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Now is the Time to stand up for immigrants and refugees! Bring your candles and signs as we hold a peaceful rally against the Muslim ban and welcome the rest of the world to our borders
Peace Archpeace arch park, Blaine, WABlaineWA1/29/20173:30:00 PM1/29/20175:30:00
A Stand for Refugees and Immigrants
Rally or Protest
Good afternoon everyone,\n\nWe are in contact with the Airport Communications Director who is working with APD and Homeland Security. We are working with them to make sure that this is a nonviolent and safe protest. All of the lines of communication are open. They are expecting us to overflow into some of lanes and will have barriers for us to keep us safe from cars. \n\nWHEN YOU GET OFF OF MARTA, PLEASE GO STRAIGHT OUTSIDE. WE WILL NOT BE PROTESTING INSIDE THE TERMINAL. I RECEIVED CONFIRMATION FROM THE AIPORT THAT INSIDE THE TERMINAL IS THE ONLY RESTRICTED AREA. \n\nHere is an exciting list of speakers:\nAsma Elhuni, local organizer\nSa Kay, local organizer\nAzadeh Shahshahani, Legal and Advocacy Director of Project South\nSarah Owings, Chair of the local American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA)\nAndrea Young, ACLU of Georgia\n\nUPDATE: Just received news that Congressman John Lewis cannot make the rally. We are thankful that he was considering and was in attendance last night to give support to those detained.I\n\nMPORTANT INFO FOR RALLY:\n\nHi everyone! First I want to say that Asma Elhuni ( ) and Sa Kay are co-organizers with me. They are two wonderful, Muslim organizers in Atlanta. I've admired these two women's work for a while now, and I'm so thankful that I can assist them. And, Azadeh N. Shahshahani from Project South is co-organizing as well ❤️\n\nFirst. We HIGHLY recommend taking MARTA to the airport. We changed the location to the Domestic South Terminal, so public transportation would be accessible. \n\nI just got off the phone with the American Lawyers Guild. Here are recommendations for tomorrow:\n\n-We will gather at the median in the drop-off and pick-up area at the Domestic South Terminal. We cannot block doorways for passengers. \n-There will be legal observers in GREEN caps. \n-do not put wooden sticks at the end of posters. Do not have anything out that may look like a weapon. \n-We will NOT be entering the airport\n-Before the March, there will be a picture posted on this event page for pro-Bono aid if there are any arrests. \n-We are contacting the airport tomorrow to let them know we will be rallying and to discuss logistics. \n\nAlso, please remember that this time was changed to march in solidarity with the Native people of Standing Rock.\n\nAtlantans who stand with Refugees and Immigrants:\n\nAs many of you know, the AJC reported that 40 people are \"in limbo\" meaning that some people may be struggling to return home due to Trump's executive order. According to 11 Alive News, there are no detainees at Hartsfield Jackson. There has been an official lawsuit filed by the ACLU and other organizations that is trying to gain class certification, but, in the meantime, Atlanta will be standing in front of Hartsfield Jackson DOMESTIC South Terminal to show that we do not stand with the biogtry and hateful ideology that triggered Trump's orders. \n\nAtlanta is the home of the Civil Rights Movement and home for thousands of immigrants from nations including those that Trump has targetted. Our neighbor city, Clarkston, Georiga, is home to hundreds of refugees who have risked so much to find safety in our state.\n\nBring signs and posters so our message is understood and heard. \n\nThere are legal observers offering their help, but if you know anyone who can offer legal services, please post below. There will be no permit to protest, so please use your best judgement. \n\n*Exact meet-up location for protest will be posted on the event page tomorrow closer to the start*\n\n**I have pushed the time back so those who are marching with the Walk to Protect Our Environment would not feel torn between the two. This action stands firmly with America's Native People and is against the DAPL**\n\nUPDATE: \n\nAfter the AJC's report of 40 detainees at Hartsfield Jackson, 11Alive is now reporting that there are no detainees there. \n\nHOWEVER, we will still show up to let Gov. Nathan Deal, Mayor Kasim Reed, and Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue that we stand with refugees and immigrants from all countries.
Hartsfield-Jackson AtlantaAtlantaGA1/29/20174:00 PM1/29/20176:00 PM
No Ban, No Wall
Rally or Protest
Bloomington Friends: Let's meet together tomorrow, Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 4pm @ the Courthouse Square to support our immigrant and refugee communities of all backgrounds and statuses who are being criminalized, dehumanized, and endangered by the violence of the Trump administration. Please bring your own signs. #NoBanNoWall
IN1/29/20174:00 PM1/29/20175:00 PM
DTW: Emergency Protest against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
BREAKING: We have secured a permit with the airport!\n\nMichigan *was* the state receiving the second highest number of Syrian refugees. I know many of our hearts are breaking. We are angry at the recent executive order and reports that people are being detained at airports, including Detroit. \n\nHere's a chance to show we will not stand for this.\n\nBRING A PHOTO ID (advice from JFK protest)\n\nBring signs and posters (no signs larger than 24x26\") . Please note that this is an intentionally nonviolent protest.\n\nMeeting outside International Arrivals (McNamara Terminal). Make sure to dress warmly!\n\nPARKING: There's going to be a lot of us there (way to go!) so the best option is to park in one of the remote/color lots and shuttle in. You can reserve cheap parking off site, and take free shuttle! *tip your driver*\n\n$5 DTW Parking Coupon - Use Coupon Code DTW71 & Save‎\n\n\n\nCarpool if you can to streamline traffic and be eco-friendlier!\n\nPRESS RELEASE:\n\nHOST ORGS: Women March in Michigan & The Michigan Muslim Community Council\n\nPartnering Organizations: EmergeUSA Michigan, Michigan Roundtable, MDPAN, Motorcity Muckracker, Orphans War, Michigan Immigrants Right Center, Michigan United, ACLU Michigan, APIA-Vote, Detroit Jews for Justice, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, Michigan Peoples Defense Network, United Hispanic Workers of Detroit, Women for Humanity, Anti-Defamation League, ADF on ACCESS and Take On Hate, Al-Awda Dearborn, Syrian American Rescue Network, JCRC-AJC, CAIR Michigan & Welcoming Michigan\n\n#nobannowall #muslimbandefense #refugeeswelcome
DTW- Macnamara Termial- Intl Arrivals
DetroitMI1/29/20174:00 PM1/29/20176:00 PM
Women's March on Washington - Michigan
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
NM1/29/20174:00 PM1/29/2017
San Antonio Students Speak Out: A Rally for Our Friends
Rally or Protest
Now is our time to speak out and stand up! Over the last week, fear and anxiety have overcome our friends, our families, and our colleagues on San Antonio’s campuses. We’ve watched executive actions order border walls, attempt deportation of our classmates, and restrict our freedoms. State officials threatened to remove a sheriff elected by the people for standing up for immigrant rights and write laws to discriminate against our LGBTQ friends.\n\nEnough is enough, San Antonio. Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S and the most diverse in the history of our country. Now is the time for our voice, our power, and our vote! \n\nJoin us for a grassroots, youth-led rally on Sunday, January 29th at 4:00 pm at Main Plaza! Stand with our DACA, Muslim, undocumented, Black/Brown, and LGBTQ friends together in solidarity and demanding our community be declared a welcoming, inclusive city for our generation. \n\nOrganized by MOVE San Antonio and collective participation is highly encouraged! Bring signs, bring your friends, bring your voice! Family-friendly, peaceful/non-violent, all ages welcome. \n\nContact: \nH. Drew Galloway \nExecutive Director\nMOVE San Antonio\
San AntonioTX1/29/20174:00 PM1/29/20176:00 PM
MOVE San Antonio
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Lafayette Park
Washington, DC
DC1/29/20174:30 PM1/29/2017
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Centennial Park, Ybor CityTampaFL1/29/20174:30 PM1/29/2017
No Ban No Wall! Solidarity March & Protest Against Immigrant Ban
Rally or Protest
PTP stands in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.\n\nIf we turn away refugees and immigrants who are coming to this country in search for a better life, we would be undoing the fabric of this country. Our diversity is what makes America great. Inclusion makes America beautiful and great. We are better than this.\n\nThe Albuquerque Muslim community is requesting all of the ABQ community, organizations and activists to join in solidarity.\n\nOn January 29th (TODAY) We'll gather at the Sheraton Hotel at 4:45 PM, at the north side parking lot and march directly to the Airport together. There will be guest speakers & open mic.\n\nPlease attend and/or encourage your friends and family to attend.\nWe need the support from our very diverse community.\nHelp us send a message to the new administration.\n\nAll are loved.\nAll are welcomed.\nNo hate and no fear.
2910 Yale Blvd SE
NM1/29/20174:45 PM1/29/20177:00 PM
Power Through Peace
Protest Muslim Ban San Diego SD Day 2
Rally or Protest
Hello, we are coordinating this based on a previous event that happened today. We will be meeting at terminal two, check the specifics in the comments section. Our theme is NO BAN NO WALL.\n\nWe are at cross walk International arrival- police and airport security is awesome. Just keep an aisle open for wheelchairs and people -- as the crowd grows - it gets a bit difficult.\n\nIf you decide to join an airport protest, please remember that Federal, Department of Homeland Security enforcement are in place at our airports. This means, if you are detained, you will likely be held without recourse to an attorney and can be transferred and held indefinitely. Please make sure your people know to look for you and do regular check ins with them.\n\nImmigration attorneys advise that only US Citizens can participate without grave risk.\n\nIf you are a US citizen, this is one way for you to leverage your privilege to help those with less.\n\nDo not go to the airport if you are not a US citizen, even if you have a green card or work visa. \n\nThere is a need for Arabic and Farsi speakers at all airports but check to make sure that you go to the International terminal. \n\nIf you are detained, you should not answer any questions until there is an attorney present; there are attorneys at all of the major airports. \n\nDo not sign anything until you have an attorney present.\n\nAnd, h/t to a commenter who knows: Protesters can be and have been charged with terrorism. Know your risk.
3225 N Harbor DrSan DiegoCA1/29/20175:00 PM1/29/20179:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
INDIndianapolisIN1/29/20175:00 PM1/29/2017
Refugees/Immigrants Are Welcome! BWI - Baltimore
Rally or Protest
Folks in NYC, DC, and elsewhere around the country are gathering at airports to show our support and solidarity with refugee and immigrant communities, and all others effected by Trump's recent executive orders banning travel from various Muslim countries.\n\nEarlier today we heard word in the media that people with visas and green cards are being detained and held up at customs across the country. We will gather at the International Arrivals gates (near the Light Rail stop). Feel free to bring warm signs, even flowers and balloons, for those we meet. \n\nWe will resist Islamophobia with love and solidarity as a community. Messages include #NoBanNoWall, Refugees/immigrants are welcome here, I ♥ My Muslim neighbor, Welcome home.
BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI), International Arrivals
BaltimoreMD1/29/20175:00 PM1/29/20178:00 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Westlake ParkSeattleWA1/29/20175:00 PM1/29/2017
Stand Up For Immigrants And Refugees
Rally or Protest
ALL TSA STATIONS\n\nPLEASE STAY PEACEFUL\n\nWe will not tolerate the racist and illegal executive order banning refugees and immigrants from certain countries. We will stand up for immigrants.\n\nWe will gather for a peaceful demonstration at SeaTac at 5pm to show our support for the people currently being detained at SeaTac.\n\nThe plan is to gather at arrivals starting at 5pm.
17801 International BlvdSeaTacWA1/29/20175:00 PM1/30/201712:00 AM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Washington, D.C. Islamic Center
Washington, DC
DC1/29/20175:15 PM
Day 2: Continue the emergency Protest at Ohare Terminal 5
Rally or Protest
We stand again in Chicago as people continue to stand all over the US. Day 2 of an emergency protest for our community facing interrogation and being held because of their status! We say no to Racism! We say no to Islamophobia! #NoBanNoWall We say #NoMuslimBan #100DaysofResistance
Chicago O'Hare International Airport - Terminal 5 Departures (Upstairs)
10000 W O'Hare Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60666
ChicagoIL1/29/20176:00:00 PM1/29/201711:59:00 PM
Arab American Action Network
No Ban - Welcoming Nation Action
Rally or Protest
Central New Yorkers will join with those across lthe country in opposition to Trump's Ban on Refugees and Muslims. Our message to arrivers is \"Welcome to Syracuse, a sanctuary city, we stand with immigrants, refugees and Muslims, and against Trump\"\n\nMeet at Terminal A side Syr Hancock
1000 Colonel Eileen Collins BlvdSyracuseNY1/29/20176:30 PM1/29/20179:30 PM
Refugees, Immigrants, and Congressional Democrats Press Conference and Vigil
Rally or Protest
House and Senate Democrats will be joining with outraged citizens demanding that the Trump Administration rescind the refugee and muslim ban executive order.
Steps of the U.S. Supreme Court
1 First St, NE Washington, DC 20003WashingtonDC1/30/20176:00:00 PM1/30/20177:00:00 PMHouse and Senate Demorats
House and Senate Democratic Leadership
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
State CapitolAustinTX1/31/20179:00 AM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
Minneapolis Federal BuildingMinneapolisMN1/31/20174:30 PM
Rally Against Muslim Ban
Rally or Protest
UN Plaza
San Francisco
CA2/4/20174:00 PM
KC Interfaith Vigil for Immigrants and Refugees
Rally or Protest
KC for Refugees hosting an interfaith vigil in response to EO immigration ban
Overland Park Christian Church
7600 W. 75th Street, Overland Park, KS 66204
2/5/20172:00 PM2/5/20173:30 PM
KC for Refugees
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