PSO2 File Directory
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Comment only
English name column is not for item descriptions
Please only put Item Patch names there unless
there is no official name for it yet
Cleanup and mass addition in progress for [the next couple weeks?] ever.

Only most of the new additions are correct. Nobody has time to fact check the whole thing, so inaccuracies are being forgiven. If you find that something is incorrect, please comment on the relevant cell.

Sheets that have yet to receive the mass additions will have a strip of black along their bottom.
Sheets that have yet to receive cleanup (there's nothing to mass add) will have a strip of green along their bottom.
Sheets in progress may have strips of bright green along the tops of some columns as bookmarks.

Also it'd be appreciated if you buttburps would correct all the names after stuff is implemented. Pretty sick of seeing stuff like "Xion Captured" when we've had a name for it for months.
The majority of weapons and weapon camos were contributed by one person,
who said some need confirmation.
Thus, if any weapons or weapon camos appear to be incorrect, please report them by commenting on their cell.
Some that don't seem to exist are SEA/TW exclusives; do NOT remove them.
These sheets were copied from the arks-visiphone document, which was last updated February 5th 2016.
As such, some items may be missing. Missing items and incorrect names are up to the users to fix.
There isn't one person overlooking everything; It's a community effort.
Please resize the columns when added text is too big for them.
We're not worried about the overall order of any lists since anyone using them is just going to be
ctrl+f'ing anyway.
Document is set so anyone can COMMENT, so if you have anything to correct or add, please right-click
the relevant cell and add the information as a comment.
If you want to EDIT, feel free to send a request or leave your google-associated e-mail address here or somewhere
relevant on psow. Sending a request via the document may be met with a denial because of how google runs things, so the most sure-fire way is to leave your google-associated e-mail address where the relevant people can see and grant access.
Light red-colored cells have questionable validity and need to be confirmed. Bright red are known errors.
Green cells are items that are/were unreleased as of their addition to the list. If you notice it's since been
released, please leave a comment saying so on the relevant cell. Yellow cells are SEA/TW only items.
You can request files here if you want via comment, but you're more likely to get an answer in the thread or on Discord.
Please don't use this or the tools in the thread to get around paying for something.
If you're using it for swapping items around,
please only use it for items that you normally wouldn't be able to use,
such as currently unreleased items, or items that aren't usable by your character's race/sex.
Mods are supposed to help, not hurt.
Should also go without saying that you shouldn't post screenshots of using any mods anywhere that might endanger your account, such as twitter or other commonly-used sites.