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Tool NameTool TypePrivacy PolicyUser InfoDescriptionWho Can Use ItGrade LevelsUser TutorialsAccount Administrator
Reading PlusAssesment Tool and Students have individual accountsWeb-based program that allows for assesment of reading skills (Primarily used at MS & HS Levels)Teachers and StudentsGr 3-9Barb Marsh
Accelerated ReaderAssessment Tool and Students have accountsStudents in grades 1-4 take book tests based on the AR labeled books. Teachers and studentsGr 1-4Julie Holland and Debbie Tidwell
ACT Pearson Online - Ohio State ACT TestAssessment Tool
HS administrators and the HS guidance staff have access to this site as part of the Ohio ACT test administered to all juniors. This is the website used to order ACT materials and roster students. We currently administer the Ohio ACT assessment in paper pencil format, so students do not access this site.Administrators and GuidanceGr 11Char Shryock and Ken Schroeder
Albert.IOAssessment Tool creates a classAP level course review and practice - AP Computer PrinciplesTeachers and StudentsGr 9-12 Niebecker
CogAtAssessment ToolTeacher loginOnline assessment tool used for Gifted Screening in grades 2,6Teachers and studentsGr 2,6Char Shryock, Debbie Tidwell, GT Staff
DibelsNext - Dibels OnlineAssessment ToolTeacher accountsData warehouse of DibelsNext Assessment data and report generationTeachers, Administratorsk-4Debbie Tidwell and Barb Marsh
easyCBMAssessment Tool Logins by teacherTier 2 Reading and Math Assessment used at the MSIntervention SpecialistsGr 5-8Debbie Tidwell
EdPuzzleAssessment Tool can login with their Bay Google accountsTeachers and StudentsGr K-12Brian Reynolds
Google FormsAssessment Tool Users login to their Bay Google Account and select Google Drive - Then Google Forms
Students can access a Google Form test or survey through Google Classroom or a direct link
Teachers and StudentsGr K-12Tech Team
KahootAssessment Tool site:http://
Student site:
Teachers and StudentsGr K-12Teacher
NWEA Map Assessment ToolTeacher individual login, student individual loginAssessment used as diagnostic test and as a gifted screening test in grades 1,2,3,4,5Teachers and StudentsVariedDebbie Tidwell
QuizizzAssessment Tool can login with their Bay Google accountsTeachers and StudentsGr K-12Teacher
SeeSawAssessment Tool
Study IslandAssessment Tool
Standards aligned tool - Gives teachers the ability to create common assessments, benchmarking tests or just class quizzes. Use a database of questions or create your own from scratch - with attached files too. (multiple choice, short answer and even extended response - students write the answer - submit it to you and you can grade it within the program) Also can be used to review class materials, practice for the Next Generation Assessments. Teachers and students gr 5-12.Gr 5-12 Tidwell
EdciteAssessment Tools with Google AccountCreate assessment items in a variety of item formats - can be assigned in Google ClassroomTeachers and studentsK-12 Shryock
Read AloudChrome Exensions/AppsPre-loaded for all users in Chrome BrowserText to speech voice reader works on all websitesTeachers, studentsTech Team
Share to Google ClassroomChrome Exensions/AppsPre-loaded for all users in Chrome BrowserShare any webpage to Google ClassroomTeachers, studentsTech Team
DesmosChrome Extensions/AppsPre-loaded for all STUDENT users in Chrome Browser and also in the Secure Apps list to be used on any assessment.Virtual graphing calculatorTeachers, studentsTech Team
Dylexia FriendlyChrome Extensions/AppsUser must install from Chrome WebstoreWhen turned on, all font on a webpage is changed to a Dyslexia-friendly fontTeachers, studentsTech Team
GrammarlyChrome Extensions/AppsUser must install from Chrome WebstoreCheck grammar in emails - does not work in Google Docs. You can use Writing Revisor Add-on in Google Docs.Teachers, studentsTech Team
Read WriteChrome Extensions/AppsPre-loaded for all users in Chrome BrowserHighlight text to be read aloud on many sitesTeachers, studentsTech Team
ScreencastifyChrome Extensions/Apps for all users in Chrome BrowserMake quick screencasts for use by students/staffTeachers, studentsTech Team
WeavaChrome Extensions/AppsUser must install from Chrome WebstoresOn any webpage highlight, capture the highlight, annotate the highlight, store highlights, also use it to open PDFs and annotate PDFs.Teachers, studentsTech Team
PerformancePlusData Management warehouse/management system for the district. Keep track of student interventions, look at student test results from SLO/SGMs, DibelsNext, Ohio Tests and more.TeachersGr k-12Debbie Tidwell
PowerTeacher and PowerSchoolData Management the PowerSchool helpdesk if you need assistance Online gradebook, standards based grading option, parent contact, create and link assignments, do attendance, run class reports, do report cardsTeachers, students and parentsGr k-12 Shryock and Danielle Garcia
6 th Gr Eastern World HistoryeTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 6Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
7th Grade World CivilizationseTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 7Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
CMP3 MathXLeTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 6-8Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
Environmental Science -HSeTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 10-12Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
GovernmenteTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 11Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
Gr 7 and Gr 8 Science FusioneTextbookTeachers distribute lisc. to studentseBook version - with read aloud capability, interactive videos or simulations, clickable glossaryTeachers, studentsGr 7-8Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell
Easy AccentsGoogle Doc Add-onsPre-loaded for all users in Google DocsAllows students to use the appropriate accent marks in French and SpanishTeachers, studentsNo Admin Needed
Highlight ToolGoogle Doc Add-onsRecommended add-on in Google Docs - can be added by any user.Highlight in different colors within a Google DocTeachers, studentsTech Team
Writing Revisor Google Doc Add-onsPre-loaded for all users in Google DocsAnalyzes any Google Doc and includes sentence types, word usage, tone, grammarTeachers, studentsGr 2-12Tech Team
Discovery Streaming VideoInfo Text HS or MS Library Homepage - get new user code info from the library staff100s of video resources searchable by content area. You can choose to show only segments of videos. Many of the videos come with lesson plans. Create your own video library. Assign videos to students. Searchable by grade level band - including all grades k-12 which would be good for students who may be working on a modified curriculum. This is a web based tool accessible from home or school - and through the filter without a bypass.Teachers and studentsGr 5-12Librarian
Gale DatabasesInfo Text from the Bay HS or MS library homepage. District login info required to access from outside the district - see library staffSearchable resource databases that includes Opposing Viewpoints as well as current research articles in a variety of content areas. This is an excellent starting point for any research project....much better than starting with a Google search!Teachers and studentsGr 7-12Librarian
Learn360 VideoInfo Text and Westerly - get access info from library staffVideo resources searchable by content. TeachersGr k-4Librarian
InfohioInfo Text
District login info required to access some resources from outside the district
Online resources including primary source materials, images,games, videos, research documents, can be searched by Lexile scores. Many of the resources have "read out loud" capabilities.Teachers and studentsAll grade levelsLibrarian
Common Sense MediaLearning Resources Online Safety curriculum and resources for parentsTeachersAll grade levelsNo Admin Needed
Achievethecore.orgLesson Resources and AdministratorsTeachersGr k-12No Admin Needed
Interactive Coherence MapLesson Resources Admin Needed
PlatoLesson Resources information available upon request - contact Mary Jane Hull at the BOE All MS/ HS teachers in the district can access the courses to use the material in their classrooms. Segments of courses can be assigned as "fill in the gap" lessons for students with learning gaps. At home instructors will be able to use the lesson materials. Courses can be modified to meet the Bay curriculum. This web based tool will allow us to offer credit recovery for students who have failed courses.Teachers and studentsGr 8-12Char Shryock and Holly Nye
NearPodProductivity create a free account - can sign in with Google acct. info. for formative assessment, in class quick assessment or student engagement in discussions. Upload ppt slides, iimport presentations from Google Drive or create a presentation directly in NearPod - then add the response slides. Track student response data.Teachers, studentsGr k-12Teachers
PadletProductivity can login with their Bay Google accountsTeachers and StudentsGr K-12Teacher
PearDeckProductivity - sign in with GoogleUse for formative assessment, in class quick assessment or student engagement in discussions. Import presentations from Google Drive or create a presentation directly in PearDeck using the Slides Add-on - then add the response slides. Track student response data.Teachers, studentsGr k-13Teachers/Administrators at MS/HS
ReadworksProductivity have individual accounts provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly.TeachersGr K-12No Admin Needed
Bay Google Drive - includes Gmail, Classroom, Calendar, Blogs, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, DrawingsProductivity/assessment based tool that allows for virtual file storage - "cloud" storage- of any picture, movie, document, presentation, pdf files. Use it to collaborate on documents and presentations live, in real time. Share work with colleagues or students. Use the calendar, create a website. EasyBib and Lucid Mapping are included in the tools that can be accessed through Google Drive. Eric Curts has many good tutorials and ideas here Google Drawings can be used to create a wide range of images and interactive graphics. Learn more here Bay students and employeesK-4: no Gmail
5-12: all apps Reynolds, Danielle Garcia, Rich Toth, Michael Streets
ABCyaStudent Tools
Brain Pop - MS EditionStudent Tools Teachers can set up an account to monitor student progress, set up quizzes etc. Find teacher help resources here Teachers and Students Gr 5-8
BrainPop Jr EditionStudent Tools Normandy Library Staff for info. Check out a sample at comic style videos for all core subject areas and phys ed/health (with an archive to go back and see all videos in the collection) There are quizzes, vocab word wall, writing ideas and games that go along with the video. There is an iPad app for BrainPop that allows you to see the video of the day without a subscription. Teachers and studentsGr k-2
CanvaStudent Tools can login with their Bay Google accounts. Students 13 years old or younger must use the service under the supervision of an adult.Users can create posters/infographics that can be used for advertisements.Teachers, studentsGr 2-12Teacher
Code.orgStudent Tools login with their Bay Google is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra. Teachers and studentsGr K-12No Admin Needed
CommonLit.orgStudent Tools creates a class or can share in Google ClassroomText sets with embedded supports and questionsTeachers and StudentsK-12 Shryock and Teachers
HMH Ed Your Friend In LearningStudent Tools are distributed to teachers and studentsTeachers and Students who are accessing the Gr 7 and 8 Science Fusion Materials and the Gr 6,7 History materialsTeachers, studentsGr 6-8Debbie Tidwell
Iditarod TrackerStudent Tools accountsWebsite used to follow Iditarod participants in real time - part of the gr 3 curriculumTeachersGr 3Teacher
iMathStudent ToolsMS mathGr 5-8Teachers
Khan AcademyStudent Tools may create accounts through Google Classroom. Students may use any of these resources without creating an account. Khan academy tools are also connected through the College Board - PSAT site.Includes videos, practice items in multiple content areas.Teachers and studentsGr 6-12
mathleticsStudent Tools mathElective classGr 5-8Teacher
NewselaStudent Tools Westerly, MS and HS has a building wide pro account. Teacher and Students have individual accounts https://newsela.comNewsela presents a wealth of current articles that can be seperated by category. After arriving at an article, the student can select the word count that they would like to read. They can also take a quiz on the article that the teacher can see if they created a class the student as enrolled in. The teacher can also pose writing response questions.Teachers and StudentsGr 2-12 (MS Sugesstion) Shryock
OhioMeansJobs.orgStudent Tools is for HS Students who are looking at future career paths and building job skillsStudentsGr 9-12
Students 13 and under need parent permission
No Admin Needed
QuizletStudent Tools and Students can sign in with Bay Google accounts's flashcards, tests, and study games make learning fun and engaging for students of all ages.Teachers and StudentsGr K-12Teachers - MS, HS
Reading EggsStudent Tools manage student accounts Awareness game based program for all students k-2.Teachers and StudentsGr k-3 Brax
SAS Curriculum PathwaysStudent Tools name wash33mind no passwordInteractive lessons, web based lessons, audio tutorials, inquiry activities for English, Math, Science,Social Studies and Spanish grades 6-12. Some of the tools may be appropriate for younger students. My favorite is the Writing Reviser which allows students to copy and paste their work into the reviser and have it analyze it for grammar, mechanics and style.Any Bay Schools employee or student.6-12 Admin Needed
ScratchStudent ToolsTeacher
Spelling City Student Tools working in class or with a parent at homeWord lists - focus on vocabularyTeachers, studentsGr 3-12Teacher
ST Math (JiJi Math)Student Tools based program to build conceptual understanding through procedural fluency in math. Students can acccess at home and school, can be used individually or as whole class instruction.Teachers, students, parentsGr k-8 Shryock and Brian Reynolds
StarFallStudent Tools
TinkerCadStudent Tools
Turnitin.comStudent Tools
Need district account info - available through the library staff
Students submit papers through the website - which checks for possible plagiarism.Teachers and students Gr 9-12Teachers
Wordsift.orgStudent ToolsNo account is needed. No personal info is collected. or paste text into the WordSift box and a Word Cloud will be created. You can sort words, highlight words from various content areas, access related google images and identify related words as a web. The TEXT view tab will provide word counts, sentence analysis and reading level - using a number of readability measures. In addition, the word is viewed in context.Teachers, studentsGr K-12No Admin Needed
GizmosStudent Tools/Assesment Tools Science teachers have class accounts Gizmos have lesson plans and simulations that are directly tied to Ohio's standards.Teachers and StudentsGr 5-8 Science Teachers - MS/HS
MathXL for SchoolStudent Tools/Assesment Tools and Students have individual accounts, Assesment, and Tutorial program. Allows teachers to cteate lessons and assesments, as well as assign skill practice work (Primarily used at MS Level)Teachers and StudentsGr 6-12Teacher at MS
McGraw Hill ConnectEDStudent Tools/Assesment Tools have individual accounts a testing component and student interactives that can be used on the smartboard/promethean board. Find the online teacher edition and student editions of EM 4 and Wonders K-2 here. Teachers,studentsGr k-5Char Shryock and Debbie Tidwell