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District (House) or State (Senate)First NameLast NameSurvey Response StatusQ1: Modern, low-risk products should have a modern predicate date so they are not regulated more harshly than combustible cigarettes.Q2: Vapor products should be regulated like general consumer goods rather than leaf tobacco products so that manufacturers will be able to continue to innovate and improve the safety of these products.Q3: Do you think that the mere presence of nicotine, or the chance that nicotine could be added or used in conjunction with a component, should automatically make a product tobacco?Q4: Vapor products that do not contain nicotine should not be regulated like combustible cigarettes.Q5: Adult consumers should have the freedom to choose the flavors of e-cigarettes that will help them stop smoking and remain smoke-free.Q6: American consumers should have accurate information about all products they consider purchasing, including vapor products.Additional comments.
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AKMargaretStock01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
ARFrankGilbert01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe overreach of FDA is typical of bureaucracies that are not elected by and representative of the people. The congress should utilize its oversight responsibility to rein in all of the 'alphabet agencies', including FDA.
AR-01MarkWest01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
AR-02ChrisHayes01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeI would like more informationRegulation appears more for control than for safetyAgreeAgree
AR-02CharlesNeeley01 - CompletedDisagreeI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationDisagree
AZ-03BillAbatecola01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgree
AZ-08MarkSalazar01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
CA-08RitaRamirez01 - CompletedI would like more informationI do not smoke. However, depending on the vapor product and its effects on the health of individuals, it would determine my vote. Every person who desires to smoke has that personal right. My only concern is their health. I would like more informationIf the effects of vapor and leaf tobacco products are the same, then vapor products cannot be regulated as general consumer goods.DisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
CA-37ChrisWiggins01 - CompletedDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeI am against tobacco/nicotine, cigarettes in their entirety. I have had members of my family use irresponsibly and suffer because of it.
CA-38RyanDowning01 - CompletedI would like more informationAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
CO-02RichardLongstreth01 - CompletedAgreeI would advocate taking it a step further and getting the government out of all market interference. I cannot say whether these types of products are safe or not but what I can say is that the people ought to be able to decide their own fate in the free market. Their decisions in the market should not be influenced by government officials who only act on behalf of the lobbying organization that paid them the most.DisagreeI do not believe that these products, leaf tobacco and vapor products, or any products should be regulated by the federal government at all.DisagreeFirst, this is a yes or no question and my choices are agree or disagree so forgive any confusion on the answer as my actual viewpoint should be made clear with these comments. I believe that nicotine is nicotine and tobacco is tobacco. They are not the same thing. To say otherwise would be similar to saying a glass of milk is equivalent to a glass of 2% milk. Milk contains water therefore it is the same thing as water is simply not an argument that makes sense.AgreeNo product should be regulated by our federal government. That is not the purpose of our government as outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America.AgreeAll adults in the United States ought to be able to live their lives as they see fit, provided they are not hurting anyone or taking their stuff.I would like more informationOne does not have a right to be informed. That said, I do believe that in a free market, if consumers desired to know more about their products under threat of boycott, the company would likely supply that information. There ought not to be a governmental regulation requiring or barring companies to share information with consumers.Taxation is theft.
CO-05MikeMcRedmond01 - CompletedAgreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.AgreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.DisagreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.AgreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.AgreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.AgreeIndividuals own their bodies and have rights over them that no other individuals, groups, or governments may violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life.
CO-07MartinBuchanan01 - CompletedAgreeAm inclined toward your position but also need more info to be sure.AgreeI support a consumer opt-out from FDA requirements for anything not just vapor products.DisagreeDecisions about drugs should be up to voluntary personal and social choices not government prohibitionists.AgreeAgreeIf the flavoring involves chemicals harmful when combusted, provide that information, but leave the choices to consumers.AgreeGovernment mandated editorials on labels are problematic but not as bad as outright prohibition.See my web site section on personal freedom at http://buchananforcongress.org/Policy_Freedom.htm
CTDanCarter01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagree
The presence of nicotine should not automatically make a product tobacco.
No vapor products should be regulated like combustible cigarettes.
As a legislator, I recognized e-cigarettes and vapor products are not the same as cigarettes and I voted against legislation to regulate them the same way.
DE-ALScottGesty01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgree
DE-ALHansReigle01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
FLPaulStanton01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe misguided crusade against e-cigarettes is driving Americans to the more dangerous cigarettes, which costs lives.
FL-03TomWells01 - CompletedDisagreeNope. The grandfathered combustible products should be outlawed & taxes at social cost applied to All tobacco products. Some people see through the fog of corporate war.DisagreeAgreeI'm sure you simply forgot the addictive potential of nocotine - which fundamentally differentiates it from aspirin.DisagreeI would like more informationAgree
FL-04DaveBruderly01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgree
FL-12GusBilirakis01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more information
FL-19TimothyRossano01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeI am and will always be a proponent of electronic cigarettes and related product s. I will fight for fair regulations.
FL-21PaulSpain01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgree
FL-21MikeTrout01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAs a smoker who would like to quit my cigarette addiction, I believe safer alternatives should be available in the marketplace.
FL-23DonEndriss02 - Alternative ResponseUnlike any other candidate, I believe my personal answers/opinions aren’t very important. I also believe my personal views will not solve any of the problems we have in Congress. I look at the title of “Representative” differently than the other people who are running for the position!

I believe, instead of one person deciding which way to move on Congressional house votes, I believe we should use technology, to collectively as a community, enable the constituents of our district, to instruct me as their representative, which way they want me to vote on every house issue.
Congress has always broadcasted their questions/messages to the people, it is time for the people to collectively as a community, use technology to
respond/transmit their answers back. The question we should be asking politicians is, “What’s wrong with using technology to manage their powers?” Why shouldn’t the people be able to use technology to tell their representatives what to do?

In the evolution of our system of Representative Democracy, TheTechParty.com is the apparent next natural step for society to take. Whether you agree or disagree with constituents using technology to better control the actions of their representatives, it is coming. When I’m elected, I will want only what the people want, and nothing more. That’s my job as a Representative!
The people are tired of agenda driven politicians who seek out self-serving support, from groups that agree with the direction their political party wants to move on a given agenda/issue. Then these "representatives" just surround themselves with nodding heads and let the TV cameras roll.

Nothing will ever get fixed by agenda driven politicians, no matter how correct their questionnaire answers seem. There will never be equal rights or equal pay, until ALL the people have an equal say in our government! The Tech Party gives middle America, the silent majority, a voice to speak with.
If 100% of all registered voters are capable and qualified to hold positions in our government, why shouldn't these people be able to collectively, as a community, make the yes or no decisions in Washington DC that affect them? Our Tech Party answer is the better way, and it's coming.

We care what EVERYONE thinks, not just the rudest people with the loudest voices! How can the current system be called a Representative Democracy, when most elected officials represent only half of their constituents associated with their political party agenda?
Every politician you see likes to say they are better, smarter, more reliable than the person they are running against. I say, who cares! Only the people can fix things in Washington DC, and the easier we make the repair process, the better chance we have at success. Technology is the obvious solution for those of us who are willing to find common ground with one another!

Don’t forget to ask the candidate’s, “What’s wrong with using technology to better manage and CONTROL the actions of our elected officials?” Then watch how uncomfortable each candidate gets thinking about other people telling them what to do. Remember, control freaks/politicians hate the idea of someone being their boss, but that’s Democracy!
You, and your right to influence your representative, should not disappear after election day!

Best of luck to you, and good luck with your work!

Don Endriss
Active Candidate For District 23
U.S. House of Representatives
(954) 278-3215 - Office
(954) 562-2792 - Cell
FL-25AlinaValdes01 - CompletedAgreeI quit smoking myself due to vaping. These products have a definite place and market for many and should not have the same regulations as combustible cigarettes.AgreeAbsolutely! If you can buy nicotine containing products over the counter, vaping should be a consumer good.AgreeNo since the main problem with the tobacco leaf is all the other toxins contained in it.AgreeThis is done to help the tobacco lobby and is wrong since it contains nothing but vaporized flavor.AgreeSo many could benefit from this product to stop the psychological addiction smoking provides.AgreeConsumers are entitled to know what they are putting into their bodies.I support vaping products as a reasonable alternative to regular nicotine containing substances especially when they are used to quit and addicting and dangerous cigarette habit.
GA-04VictorArmendariz01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeI would like more informationAgreeAgreeAgreeWe must put people first and get back to the 10th Amendment giving more power to the States and people and in turn reduce the power of the federal government.
GA-05DougBell01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeIn most all cases, I will only agree to support or oppose anything when I have had time to thoroughly research all perspectives. Having written that, almost every question seems to point to the favoring of the tobacco industry by the U.S. Congress and the F.D.A. and not truly caring about people's health. If that is the case, after adequate research, rest assured I will do what I am able to ensure that the F.D.A. regulations truly put the health of Americans first.
GA-11DonWilson01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeIt's my thinking we'll be able to move forward with the promotion of Vape style units to pursue a real change in the near future.
HIMichaelKokoski01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeI am in favor of deregulation of vapor products
IAJimHennager01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgreeI recommend increasing the sale tax on all smoking products as well as increased health and life insurance rates...for smokers.
IDJerrySturgill01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationDisagreeI would like more informationAgreeIf the flavoring used in e-cigarettes does not cause health issues or concerns for users, consumers should be able to have the freedom to choose the flavors.Agree
IDRayWritz01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
ID-02AnthonyTomkins01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would leave regulatory authority like this to the States.I would like more informationThis is a concern of the States and should not be determined on a Federal level.DisagreeAgreeAgreeI would like more informationThe source of accurate information must be a private entity and not the Federal government.I personally do not use any tobacco or other products, but do not believe the Federal government has authority to regulate these products.
ILKentonMcMillen01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
IL-13MarkWicklund01 - CompletedI would like more informationAgreeDisagreeI would like more informationAgreeAgreeI am in favor of adults using e cigarettes, my worry is the liquids being accessed by children.
INLucyBrenton01 - CompletedAgreeGovernment should NOT regulate what adults can do with their bodies or put into their bodies.AgreeRequire transparency from manufacturers and sellers so that consumers can make informed choices.I would like more informationI'm not sure if the presence of nicotine = tobacco. I believe that people own their own bodies and should maintain control over their own bodies free from government interference.AgreeTransparency and disclosure of risk for the consumer should be required. Then adults can make good decisions for themselves about which products to use.AgreeAgreeThank you for asking for my comments! As a Libertarian, the concept of self ownership is central to my belief on why government should not be able to interfere into the behavior of adults. Government only exists to prevent force and fraud. If manufacturers are transparent, there is no fraud, then government has no business interfering with the seller/buyer relationship.
IN-03PepperSnyder01 - CompletedAgreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. AgreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. DisagreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. AgreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. AgreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. AgreeDeregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry. Deregulation is needed to help the small business in the Vaping industry.
IN-04SteveMayoras01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
IN-06BarryWelsh01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgreeAgree
IN-07CatPing01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeThere should be a labke to the product describing it's contents and any associated risks.AgreeAgreeAgreeI am a strong advicate for e-cigs. My own employees use them inside the workplace, where as, cigaretts are not allowed.
IN-08AndrewHorning01 - CompletedAgreeThe FDA is an executive agency and has no constitutional lawmaking authority (see the federal constitution's Article I Section 1). I want to see that agency on a leash.AgreeDisagreeYou know that there's a lot of corruption behind all this, right? More than anything else, it's corruption I'm hoping to address.AgreeAgreeAdults should be free to do what they want as long as they don't steal anything, or harm or defraud anybody.AgreeOur government is ungoverned and that's a huge problem. We need to get the whole crony mess back under public control.
KS RobertGarrard01 - CompletedAgreeI would prefer that the FDA be abolished and that all food, drugs and any other products currently regulated by the FDA be certified by private agencies similar to the way Underwriters Laboratories certifies electrical appliances.AgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe Libertarian Party is unique in that we believe every individual adult is the sole owner of his or her body and therefore no government should have the power to force any adult to consume or not to consume anything. We believe in the Non-initiation of Force Principle: It is immoral for one person, or group of people, to initiate force (or fraud) against another person. Force is to be used only in self defense against those who initiate force, in defense of other innocent people, or in retaliation for a crime, for example, to imprison a convicted murderer or to force a convicted thief to return stolen property, provided that due process is followed.
KS-02JamesBales01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
KY-03HaroldBratcher01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeI would like more informationAgreeAgreeAgreeI am for safer alternatives.
LABerylBilliot01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
LAVinnyMendoza01 - CompletedAgreeUpon being elected as your new Senator, I will propose new bills that ensure FDA enforcement and consideration of new products having modern "predicate date."AgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeEverything that is on the market should have a label.for additional information go to: www.vinnymendoza.com
LA-01HowardKearney01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeI believe there should be no law restricting the sell and use of e-cigarettes, real tobacco, etc. This is a private matter. Additionally there should be no support of the government to help tobacco farmers or e-cigarette manufacturers. Free markets should be free.
MA-01ThomasSimmons01 - CompletedAgreeI would like to see far fewer regulations on vaopr products, PERIOD.AgreeVapor products should barely be regulated AT ALL.DisagreeAdults have a right to choose their own smoking products without govenrment interference.AgreeAgreeAgain, adults should have the right to use whatever they substances they choose.AgreeI have always opposed prohibition of any kind. Adults should have the freedom of choice to purchase, possess and use products, whether it be nicotine, vaping substances, alcohol, or cannabis.
MDArvinVohra01 - CompletedAgreeI would take this further and eliminate any FDA involvement in this issue at all.AgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeI would work to abolish the FDA, and legalize all drugs.
MD-03AnnDalrymple01 - CompletedDisagreeI would have to be convinced that vapor products serve health significantly in a positive manner. My preference would be to remove the grandfather clause on combustible cigarettes. DisagreeAgain, the product should show a significant positive effect on health.AgreeNicotine is addictive.DisagreeVapor products need to show a significant positive effect on health.I would like more informationSome flavors may have carcinogenic effects and each new flavor would have to be tested for such.Agree
MD-03NnabuEze01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeHave to understand that Congress is being bought by the Big tobacco organizations with large campaign contributions.AgreeHave to understand that Congress is being bought by the Big tobacco organizations with large campaign contributions.AgreeAgree
MD-04GeorgeMcDermott01 - CompletedI would like more informationAs a non-smoker I have heard conflicting evidence as to the tar and nicotine put out by these products I need more information do you have the most recent scientific studiesAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeI agree but I have a son and a daughter who have tried to products seen no real results and transferred back to the addictive cigarettes of their choice in my opinion cigarettes should be classified as a narcoticDisagreeI don't believe those adequate information out there for the average smoker to see what the long-term effects of these devices are given their short time on the marketIn my lifetime I've seen too many people die from smoking cigarettes until these devices are shown to be safe and long-term studies are done which will verify whether or not they are a benefit to society are not I would classify them as cigarettes with the same labels thank you for the opportunity to join a survey candidate George McDermott Maryland's fourth congressional district
MI-02DennisMurphy01 - CompletedDisagreeDisagreeAgreeDisagreeI would like more informationAgree
MI-05AllenHardwick01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeI would like more informationNot sure on this since there hasn't been enough time to test properly of long term health problems associated with use of these products.AgreeAgreeAgreeThose products that contain nicotine should not be available to minors except under a doctors advice as a stop smoking aid only.
MI-09MatthewOrlando01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
MI-12TomBagwell01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeThese products should be able to be sold to consumers without unnecessary regulation. DisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
MI-12JeffJones01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeplease consider participating in my campaign financially, www.jeffjones4congress.com
MN-02PaulaOverby01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
MN-05DennisSchuller01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
MO-03DanHogan01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeMy neighbor, who operates a local vapor store, made me aware of this issue several months ago. As I did not know much about e-cigarettes and other vapor products, he gave me a brief education on the matter. As a former smoker I understand the challenges of trying to quit, it took me several attempts over the course of a few years. I believe that if we have a safer option available for people who truly want to quit smoking, we should encourage that industry, not regulate it into submission to the benefit of big tobacco.
MO-06DavidBlackwell01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more information
MO-07BenBrixey01 - CompletedAgreeI would argue to repel the Tobacco Control Act, because nobody should tell you how to run your business.AgreeThese laws are going to centralize the production, and squeeze the little shop owner out. End all regulation of electronic tobacco products.DisagreeIt seems the question is worded wrong, however nicotine does not guarantee a tobacco product. AgreeVapor products should not be regulated like combustible cigarettes, period. AgreeIf they regulate the flavor of your e-juice. Immediately name it something different, and do not stop production. You are a free human being, you own a business, and you own the inventory inside that shop. You do live in America, regardless if the Federal Government has forgotten, do what you feel is morally correct. AgreeE-ciggarettes should not be subject to labeling, and I trust the producers to keep making them healthier. I am proud of the CASAA for being the voice of the people. The voice of the people does not reside in the chambers of Washington, instead the voice of the people dwells in communities, associations, consumer advocacy, and consumer watchdog groups. I hope your members understand the FDA is not working for the people, and is working for crony capitalists. Thank you CASAA for bringing true market forces to the table, for being a better FDA. I have flooded my answers with additional comments, and I will continue to say the world is indebted to consumer watch dog groups, and associations just like yours, thank you. This nation was not built by the brows of government bureaucracy. This nation was built by strong communities, driven by individuals, and ran by shop owners just like you. The marketplace came up with the e-cigarette first, and second the government came in to regulate the situation. Not for your benefit, but to benefit the few crony capitalists at the top.Referring to my degree in History; much of history has a very similar path, where the people make something and then the government takes it away. The most important take over was the monopoly of the education system, and someday I hope your cause for freedom will extend past the obviousness of electronic cigarettes. Benjamin T Brixey, Candidate for the 7th District of Missouri, Secretary of the Greene County Libertarian Party - BenBrixey.com - Brixeyb@yahoo.com
MO-08DaveCowell01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeI am an ex-smoker. I started vaping 8 years ago. My health is much better now than it was than. I feel vaping has added many years to my life. I support CASAA and the work they have done. I have seen so many new business develop in the vaping industry creating so many new jobs. I assume I'm one of few people running for Congress that truly understands this industry.
NCMarciaAbrams01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNone
NC-02JohnMcNeil01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeNo. I understand the concern for the consumer but labelling alternatives as tobacco is neither true nor justified.AgreeAgreeAgreeI'm an old Marine who smoked for many years. I tried every prescription/patch/pill under the sun and failed to quit. Using e-cig I have been tobacco-free for almost 5 years.
NH-02JohnBabiarz01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
NJ-02JohnOrdille01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeThese products are in no way tobaccoAgreeAgreeAgreeBeing honest is keyAs a Libertarian, I am very reluctant to place frivolous regulations on any product.
NJ-03LarryBerlinski01 - CompletedI would like more informationI don't see how the Federal Government has the authority to regulate this business.I would like more informationThe FDA is an un-Constitutional regulatory agency, it acts as a legislative body and makes regulations that are enforced as if they were law.DisagreeAgreeVapor products should not be regulated by the Federal Government at all.AgreeAgreeI agree, however the Federal Government has no authority to do this, it would require State legislation.
NJ-08DanDelaney01 - CompletedAgreeThe government shouldn't regulate these anyway - we own our own bodies and should be free to do to them whatever we please.AgreeLet's get the government out of the way of innovation.I would like more informationI don't know enough about this topic at this time to make a decision here.AgreeAgreeAgreeI would love to see the government get out of the way of this obviously great innovation with e-cigarettes and vapor products.
NJ-11JeffHetrick01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeJust to be clear, I do NOT think that vapor products should be regulated the same as "tobacco" products.AgreeI don't believe that vapor products that DO contain nicotine should be regulated like regular cigarettes.AgreeAgreeQuite frankly, I don't particularly like many of the labeling laws in our country. I've used e-cigs as a "stop" smoking tool. There is no doubt in my mind that they are safer than traditional tobacco products. I absolutely oppose additional regulations on the industry that make it more difficult for small businesses to compete and drive up the cost of such products.
NJ-12MichaelBollentin01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgree
NJ-12StevenUccio01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAs a general rule, I want adults to be allowed to make decisions as to what goes into their body with as little interference from the government as possible.
NM-02MerrieSoules01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
NVTomSawyer01 - CompletedI would like more informationMany vapor products contain a high level of nicotine even though they are listed as non-nicotine products. When tested they show very high levels of nicotine.DisagreeLabelling must be accurate. If there are any harmful additives they must be listed, such as nicotine.AgreeYes, that changes the product from safe vapor to a harmful and addictive product.DisagreeManufactures of vapor products have all ready shown they want to deceive the public, these products are inhaled in to the lungs and must be regulated and tested.AgreeMany of the flavors also include nicotine, making them as harmful as what they think they are getting away from and should be noted for their own education,AgreeEducation and full product disclosure is important in any product being inhaled in to our lungs.
NVJarrodWilliams01 - CompletedDisagreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
NV-02JohnEverhart01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgree
NV-03DavidGoossen01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe government is only interested in tax revenue and control over your daily life .
NV-03WarrenMarkowitz01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgree
NV-03DannyTarkanian01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeWhat we've learned so far about Vaping suggests it is relatively safe for thousands of enthusiasts, and it has inspired many to become entrepreneurs in an emerging market. Yet the FDA is intent on regulating and taxing the Vape industry out of existence. I would hate to see the harm done to mom-and-pop businesses who are striving to grow a new market - a Vape market which ten years ago did not exist and today is valued around $3.7 billion in the US alone. The Vape industry is an example of economic growth, but if the Democrats and regulators are in power, they may kill the Vape market, putting thousands of Vape enthusiasts at risk of turning to tobacco. This is a classic example of Big-Government-Knows-Best Bureaucrats forcing their judgment onto people and taking away our rights. To me it's a question of liberty and personal freedom, and that's why I'm opposed to FDA overregulation of Vaping. - Danny Tarkanian, Republican nominee for Congress in Nevada's Third Congressional District.
NY AlexMerced01 - CompletedAgreeI'm against regulation of VapingAgreeVaping doesn't require any special regulationsDisagreeVaping is not the same thing as SmokingAgreeAgreeAgreeGiving False information is Fraud, you don't need special regulationsPlease read the rest of my platform at AlexMercedforNY.com
NY-27KevinAleong01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
OHScottRupertAgreeI'd like to see federal government out of the business of aiding existing businesses at the expense of emerging ones. They are stifling the power of the free market. AgreeRefer to the comment on question 1.DisagreeIn case there is any confusion, NO.AgreeAgreeAgreeIt's my goal to restore the free market, period, my position has nothing to do with vaping products, in particular. But, I think you will be happy with my vote on anything that comes up regarding your issue.
OH-09DonaldLarson01 - CompletedAgreeThe Tobacco Control Act and the subsequent regulations generated by the FDA need much more reform than just a predicate date. The pattern of the FDA to infringe, restrict and deny Americans choice must be reversed.AgreeShort, simple and cost free regulations are appropriate. The current set of regulations must be repealed by Congressional Action and sent to the President in the first 100 days of the next Administration.DisagreeThe definition is so broad as to include virtually all Nightshade products such as tomato and Italian food. This must be repealed.AgreeAgreeAnd consumer should be able to choose the type of milk and other diary products they wish regardless of the FDA's stance on them. The overreach of the FDA is far wider than just Vaping products.AgreeShort simple and objective pieces are appropriate.I support the efforts of CASAA and other consumer groups to protect the freedom of their members to choose to spend their money improving their quality of life as they see fit. This is America. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
OH-12J.Baumeister01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationDisagreeI do get concerned about the adding of anything that can become addictive. I would like more informationOnce again it is the ability to add additive ingredients that is the big concern to me. I would like more informationAgreeHowever, I would need more than one study to verify.I am for anything that is safe, nonaddictive, and will help people to stop smoking.
OK-04ChristinaOwen01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgree
ORMarkCallahan01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
OR-01KyleSheahan01 - CompletedAgreeI would like more informationI believe the FDA should regulate less but require corporations to clearly label all dangers associated with their product.DisagreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeI believe all information about a product should be made available to all consumers so they can then make an informed decision on what they put in their own body.
OR-03DavidDelk01 - CompletedI would like more informationSeems that the predicate date needs to be eliminated so that the old tobacco products become subject to the newer tougher standards.I would like more informationSeems like this makes sense but since this is only thing I have read on this, I hesitate in agreeing. I would like more informationAgain seems like this should be the case, but I have no other information to review in makng a decision.I would like more informationDoes the FDA only regulate because of the nicotine? I would like more informationAgain seems like I would agree but need to learn more about.it. AgreeAccurate information should always be available.
OR-05MarvinSandnes01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAddiction is illness, and nicotine is among the most additive substances consumed and must be recognized as a profound health problem. Not only the substance but the profile of addictive disorder
PA-12ErinMcClelland01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
PA-15PaulRizzo01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeI would like more informationI would like more informationAgreeAgreeYears ago I was a heavy smoker if these products were available back then it might of made it easier for me to quit smoking.
PA-17MattConnolly01 - CompletedI would like more informationAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeThe gov't wants to tax vapor products like tobacco. I'm opposed to that.
SC-01DimitriCherny01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
TN-03TopherKersting01 - CompletedAgreeObviously, the predicate date is only part of the problem. The big picture is that research indicates that vapor products are almost completely safe when compared to tobacco products, so they should be treated differently.AgreeDisagreeBy disagree, I mean that the presence of nicotine should not automatically subject the product to regulation as a tobacco product.AgreeAgreeAgreeWith all products, informed consumers are the best consumers.I am fully in support of the freedom to use vapor products, but I also support the right of private businesses to restrict their use--even if it is misguided in many cases.
TN-03CassandraMitchell01 - CompletedI would like more informationI would like more informationDisagreeI would like more informationAgreeI would like more information
TN-05StacyRies Snyder01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgree
TX-02PatBryan01 - CompletedAgreeDisagreeAgreeYou omit that it is very addictive. DisagreeAgreeAgree
TX-03PaulBlair01 - CompletedAgreeAgreeDisagreeAgreeAgreeAgreeAs a reformed smoker, after heart surgery, I'm all for e products. They should be allowed in offices, airplanes and bars. They should not offend non users because there is little to no smell and little chance of negative health impacts on other non users. I sure could have used this product on my long flight to Australia. As it was, I suffered horribly from my addiction during the 25 hours in the air or in airports where smoking was prohibited.
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