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AccidentePulsoLP$8.00Socio-political melodic punk from Spain. Somewhere between the earnest swagger and jangle of Worriers and the infectious, angered energy of La Faction.
AllvaretSkam Och SkuldLP$10.00new!Surf-drenched guitars, powerful vocals, and tuneful hooks take hold of you, drag you deep into their bleak and feral songs and threaten to tear you apart once you’ve been captured.
Apocalypse MeowBaseball and Alcohol7"$3.00Justin from Off with their Heads teamed up with John and Jub from Sundowners to play some catchy and clever songs about, well, baseball!
BackbitterFuck the Bozoscassette$2.50Hailing from PDX and featuring members of local luminaries The Taxpayers, Shitty Weekend, and Tensor; backbiter is a melodic punk 3-piece that are the perfect mix of being more talented that you, more sloppy that you, and more pissed than you all at the same time.
Big DickDissapointmentLP$7.00An anthemic celebration of ineptidude! Propelled by bass, drums, and back and forth vocals, Big Dick manage to deliver a noisy post-hardcore punk sound, while maintaining a clear sense of melody.
Big DickS/TLP$7.00Drum and bass duo from Ottawa. Named after the belligerent and bass-heavy Nomeansno song, Big Dick have cultivated a sound that borders of progressive post-punk while gravitating towards both the melodic and absurdly heavy.
Blank PagesNo Reception7"$3.50Final release from this amazing band from Berlin. Melodic punk that falls somewhere between a darked Marked Men and Red Dons.
Blodad TandControl Alt Delete7"$3.50Straight-forward, no bullshit hardcore with Swedish lyrics. Blodad Tand features members of Regimin, Skitsystem, Martyrdod, and Blisterhead.
Brain AttackS/T7"$2.50Raiging old-school from Austin. Members of Wiccans and Sex Advice.
Brat KingsHypnopediaLP$8.00Catchy as hell, slightly psychedelic and surfy garage rock from Canada featuring members of Sonic Avenues and First Base.
BullnettleS/TLP$8.00There are people in this world who will tell you that This is My Fist! was one of the most exciting and important punk bands of the early 2000s. Bullnettle is TIMF!'s priniciple songwriter, Annie Saunders' return to lo-fi melodic punk after spending some time in the ripping hardcore band Manipulation.
Canadian RifleSexually Fucked7"$3.50Recorded in Germany during a recent European tour, this Chicago band returns with two more bleak, gruff, and misanthropic punk songs.
Canadian RifleDeep EndsLP$7.00The second LP from this Chicago band. Confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawbreaker). Bleak in their lyrical and musical appraoch, this is a pretty great record for a band with "No Dreams and no goals."
CancersDig7"$2.50Lenny from Unfun and Ella from Dead Dog playing 90's lay down a couple college rock/grunge tunes.
Catholic GuiltS/TLP$7.00Catholic Guilt are from Austria, and they play dark, dense, and discordant hardcore punk that fans of classic 80's hardcore like Poison Idea, Die Kreuzen, and Articles of Faith as well as more recent bands like Sickoids.
Chain WhipS/T7"$3.50new!Vancouver "super group" featurning members of Fashnionism, Corner Boys, and Nervous Talk. Snarling and tough as nails hardcore (without the macho knuckle dragging) for fans for Toxic Reasons, DOA, etc.
Chandeli'ersBreakerLP$8.00Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chandeli’ers bring you some pop-soaked rock & roll from ex-members of Ringers, The Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society & more.
Charter Actor7"7"$4.00New project from members of The Ergs!, Night Birds, Full of Fancy, and Black Wine. Poppy punk (but not pop punk) for fans of Descendents and the members previous bands.
ChillerS/TLP$9.00Dark punk for fans of Masshyteri, Hysterese, Allvaret, and The Stops. Members of Feral Trash, Black Tower, and Mother's Children
Chinchees, TheS/TLP$8.00The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive—like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men, Tenement, Future Virgins, and Frozen Teens.
Columna Las Casas Que PerdemosLP$9.00new!Zaragoza, Spain’s Columna formed from the ashes of Warsong. Moody, melodic, and political punk sung in Spanish. FFO:of Arctic Flowers, Terrible Feelings, and Accidente
Corner BoysLove Tourist7"$3.50new!Flawless power pop channeling 1979 Vancouver (Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians) via Northern Ireland (Protex, The Undertones) via Southern California (The Simpletones)
Crow BaitSeparate Stations7"$3.00
The Sun is Down and the Night is Riding In
cassette$2.00Satanic pop punk from Ottawa.
Dark/LightKill Some TimeLP$9.00
Members of The Triggers and Sleepwalkers R.I.P. They're older (maybe wiser?) and the songs were reflective of the pains, joys, and adventures of the years one by. Weirder, darker, sadder, angrier. Dealing with loss, stress, trauma, insecurity, anxiety, depression, grief and feelings of isolation. Growing older as a misfit in an insane world.
Dark/LightDark Slash Light7"$3.50
Dark/Light plays dirty garage punk with post-punk vibes that’s dark, looming, pissed the fuck off, and howling at the moon like a maniac. Carrying the pillars of anti-social Portland punk, Dark/Light’s music feels like a celebration of rebellion against the gentrifying city that’s indistinguishable from the one the members cut their teeth on.
Defect DefectMy Life is Like Death7"$3.50The final release from Portland's Defect Defect. Pissed off but cathcy no-frills hardcore featuring ex and current members of The Observers, Clorox Girls, The Stops, Autistic Youth, Public Eye, The Minds, Steel Chains, Dark/Light, etc.
der FadenBest Guess7"$3.00New project from Rob of Statues and Sarah of The Jonnies.
DiversAchin' On7"$3.50Hot of the heals of their highly praised "Hello Hello" LP, Portland's best band (Willamette Weekly) is back with a brand new 7"! Side A is an Divers original, that might just be the best song they've released, while Side B is a deconstructed version of Dead Moon's "Can't Do That."
Earth GirlsSomeone I'd Like to Know7"$3.50Following a killer self-released demo tape and 7" on Grave Mistake/Drunken Sailor, Earth Girls return with 4 new songs of bubblegum garage rock. Fronted by Liz Panella (Libyans. Broken Prayer, Autonomy, Siamese Twins), this Chicago band is a must hear for fans of Marked Men and Peach Keli Pop.
Era BleakDemocassette$3.007 songs of quintessential Portland punk from members of Dark/Light and Piss Test. Angular, energetic, and a little bit snotty, Era Bleak sounds like just about what you would expect if you were to meld the sounds of the members' aforementioned bands. This is an incredibly solid debut
FleshiesIntroducing The FleshiesLP$9.50new! Their first record in 10 years!, “Introducing The Fleshies” represents a return to form, capturing the energy, raw power, incisive lyrical commentary/humor, and brutalist melodicism of their earlier releases
Free MachinesCursive Moon7"$3.00Featuring te long-awaited return of Swing Ding Amigos co-frontman Jimmy to recording and banding. Imagine Swing Ding Amigos slowed down a bit and with a whole lot of Creg Cartwright swagger. Punks agining gracefully.
Fur Coats
League of Extraordinary Octopuses
LP$7.00Awesome power pop from Marc Ruvolo (Johan's Face Records, No Empathy, The Traitors, Das Kapital), Davey Houley (Das Kapital), and Devon Kay (Direct Hit!, Devon Kay and the Sollutions).
Fur CoatsGoddamn, I'm a Handsome Man7"$3.00Debut 7" from this Chicago power pop band from Marc Ruvolo (Johan's Face Records, No Empathy, The Traitors, Das Kapital), Davey Houley (Das Kapital), and Devon Kay (Direct Hit!, Devon Kay and the Sollutions).
Fur CoatsDon't Make Me Beg7"$3.00
Follow up to their debut Don't Make Me Beg 7" released last year on Dirt Cult. Fur Coats is an amazing Chicago power pop band from people who have brought you bands like Das Kapital, The Traitors, No Empathy, Devon Kay & the Sollutions, and Direct Hit!...among others.
Future GirlsMotivation Problemscassette$3.00
“Motivation Problems” is the debut full length from the band. Self described as “Bummer Punk." It balances lyrical themes of gender dysphoria, depression and geographic isolation with sonic elements drawn from college rock and pop punk similar to Superchunk, Measure (SA), and Tenement.
FuturoHabitos RuinsLP$8.00
Futuro (previously known as B.U.S.H.) is from Brazil. When the band's original singer left, he suggested they try a female lead. Less than a year later, Mila made her debut on vocals. They have a long history of playing music together and they've shown a willingness to experiment by incorporating 80s hardcore, post-punk, and 60's garage rock.
Gloom SleeperLuminous GalaxiesLP$9.00Gloom Sleeper return to the fray with a mighty sophomore album – a manic collision of driving pop melodicism, post-punk sang-froid and four-to-the-floor garage rock energy.
God Equals GenocideRattled MindsLP$7.00Thrashy pop pun thats equal parts Crass and The Bananas. Features members of Together Pangea, Spokenest, and Marriage Material.
Hard FeelingsSide WaysLP$8.50Despite being from Duluth, MN Hard Feelings carry the tourch of "region rock" with a healthy dose of Midwestern punk (i.e. Frozen Teens, Dillinger Four) but also reminicent of California (think Hickey)
A little bit hardcore - a little bit garage, Hysterese is from from Tübingen, Germany and they play dark, melodic, and powerful punk rock. I've been struggling with a point of reference on this one (they have a pretty unique sound!). So lets go with The Soviettes and Marked Men getting together to form a hardcore band.
Iron Chic/Low CultureSplit7"$3.50Iron Chic: Existential, anthemic, and melodic punk rock. Low Culture: Garage rock from members of Marked Men and Shang-A-Lang. 2 songs from both bands.
Lenguas LargasLonely Summertime7"$2.50Gloomy, reverb drenched garage-pop from this Tucson, AZ powerhouse featuring members of Shark Pants, Swing Ding Amigos, Sexy, and more!
Low CultureS/T7"$2.50Low Culture plays catchy garage punk that while not far removed from half of the band’s previous project, Shang-A-Lang, has a lot less emphasis on riffs and blown out recordings, and more emphasis on melody and crisp (while not necessarily “over-produced”) recordings
Magnificent, TheBad LuckyLP$7.00The Magnificent are a punk rock trio from West Yorkshire, England. I think they sound like Billy Bragg, Smalltown, Ringers, The Clash, and so on.
ManiacDead Dance ClubLP$10.00new!
On the band's second full-length the twelve new tracks snap and bop by like any high quality vintage LA and Pacific Northwest punk but without any sense of nostalgia or fetish for a particular scene. Members of The Girls, Cute Lepers, Clorox Girls, Telephone Lovers, L.A. Drugs, etc.
Marriage + CancerKilljoy7"$3.50Described by the Portland Mercury as, "crooked, anxious, punk-flecked rock," Marriage and Cancer writes disturbing songs about the real things that keep paranoid and aware people up at night.
Marriage MaterialMaking the Worry Worth It Part 17"$3.50
3 brothers all raised by their father who taught them how to play their instruments. Their message is one of acceptance and persistence. Their sound is the reflection of their personal taste in the many diverse sounds that punk has to offer. Bands that get brought up in band meetings like Hot Snakes, Fleshies, Radioactivity, Wire, and Toys That Kill.
MuhammadaliFuture Songscassette$2.50Imagine old Flaming Lips and Butthole Surfers mixed with Hickey, but not the poppy side of Hickey that most bands tend to emulate...more like the wacked out stoner stuff that I always sorta preferred.
Needles//PinsGoodnight, TomorrowLP$9.00Drawing from classic punk roots like the wiry pop of The Buzzcocks and the gravely anthems of Stiff Little Fingers, but has a unique West Coast approach that would align itself with the catchiest of the Lookout! or Dirtnap Records catalog
Neighborhood BratsClaw MarksLP$10.00new!Neighborhood Brats plays a brand of punk that, had they existed in 1977, would have been right at home on Dangerhouse Records alongside The Bags and The Avengers.
New SwearsFunny Isn't RealLP$8.00
Imagine Mean Jeans partying with the Black Lips. Jangly garage punk from these Ottawa party animals. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones.
New Swears
Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever
Ottawa party animals are back with their 2nd full length. The band has been said to sound like “Mean Jeans partying with the Black Lips,” and that description continues to be pretty spot on. However, in addition to the revved up; surf tinged; catchy as hell garage rock, the band experiments with country, riffy space rock, and indie pop .
PandemixIn CondemnationLP$10.00new! Political, peace-punk edebted hardcore. Unapololgetic outsider anthems in the tradition of CRASS Records , with flashes of angular inconclastic Flux of Pink Indians or Poison Girls juxtaposed against the jarring heavy textures of Profane Existence style crust punk.
PandemixRank & File7"$3.50
Formed with the intention of being a peace punk band, but the end result was something harder to pin to a specific sub-genre. The musical and visual aesthetic of the band references foundational punk bands while speaking to something more contemporary. The music is paranoid and the lyrics explore the vulnerabilities of living in society.
Piss TestLP2LP$9.00
Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can’t help but sound a little bit like The Wipers). PISS TEST have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren’t really going for, but don’t complain about
Pretty Flowers, TheWhy Trains CrashLP$9.00
On their debut LP, Why Trains Crash, The Pretty Flowers continue in the tradition of bands like Superchunk who blurred the lines between punk and indie rock. While the band is too “indie” for studded belt crowd and a bit too gritty for the average indie rocker, they’ll be a welcome respite for those who have little use for the boxes genres can create.
RadonMore of their Liescassette$3.25new!The classic Gainesvill, FL band returns with their first recording in 12 years and best batch of songs since their debut.
Scrams, TheZodac7"$2.50The sounds on this two-song 7-inch lie somewhere between surf, garage and the soundtrack from Dr. Phibes Rises Again.
Shark PantsAutomatic Pinner7"$2.50
Criminally underrated punk rock powerhouse from Tucson, AZ. If there were any justice in the word Shark Pants would be bigger than Jesus while (insert shitty radio rock band here) languishes in obscurity, but there isn't and they aren't, so I guess this will just be our little secret.
Steel ChainsS/T7"$3.50
Following an absolutely brilliant demo tape, Steel Chains is back with their first 7" record! The band plays great melodic minor chord punk in only the way a PDX band can. FFO: Red Dons, The Wipers, The Stops, etc. Members of The Observers, Drunken Boat, Clorox Girls, Defect Defect, PRF, and more.
Stops, TheNameless FacesLP$8.00
Self-described as “5 ladies playing punk rock.” The band plays driving distorted punk that is at times informed by power pop. Think of a band that somehow combines the seemingly disparate influence of The Adolescents, The Wipers, and The Go-Gos and you’re in the right place. Members of Red Dons, The Pedestrians, and Pataha Hiss.
SundownersLarger Half of WisdomLP$7.00DIY punk from Minneapolis for fans of Frozen Teens, Future Virgins, Toys That Kills, etc.
SundownersS/T7"$2.50DIY punk from Minneapolis for fans of Frozen Teens, Future Virgins, Toys That Kills, etc.
SundownersGnome & GlacierLP$5.00Debut LP from this melodic punk band that does more than hint at the greatness of the preceeding releases.
Turkish TechnoNumber TwoLP$8.00
Riverside, CA’s most notorious slacker punks are back with their second LP! And, honestly, the fact that this it took 5 years lapsed between records isn’t really as much of a surprise as it is a running joke among their friends and fans. For fans of The Dopamines, Dillinger 4, etc.
Unwelcome GuestsAnything You WantLP/cassette$9.00/$2.50
Buffalo, NY's Unwelcome Guests return with their third full length (second for Dirt Cult). Mixing the raw energy and heartfelt lyrics in the vein of Husker Du and catchy vocal melodies that are akin to those found on a Springsteen album, this might just be Unwelcome Guests best effort to date
Unwelcome GuestsWaveringLP$7.00This record has everything from the poppy drunken sing-along style, to the slow heartbreak songs, to the country tinged mid-paced rockers
VVhileMoreLP$7.00VVhile is duo from Belgrade, Serbia and plays atmospheric, psychedelic, and shoegazey rock reminiscent of early Ride and My Bloody Valentine while remaining true to their hardcore pasts.
VVhileIs Vanity7"$3.00
Hailing from Serbia, VVHILE began as a simple punk duo, playing Wipers like riffs, but soon started gravitating towards more experimental and noisy sounds.VVHILE deserves your attention whether you're a fan of the swirling psychedelic shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine or the angular punk of Hot Snakes.
WarsongControlLP$8.00Spanish punk band with few musical contemporarie. I heard a convergence of diverse elements such as The Only Ones, early New Order, The Wipers, Sonic Youth, and The Ramones blended together and spewed out against neoliberal end times.
Weird NumbersMinotaur Dreams7"$4.00new!Members of Maniac and The Girls, the band blends angular post-punk with a pop sensibility, conjuring memories of early augths sweat and beer drenched Seattle basement shows.
Wide AnglesKeep SmilingLP$7.00Melodic, urgent, & rough around the edges Chicago punk rock! Similar to classic Chicago bands like Naked Raygun and Pegboy while fans of their contemporaries like Canadian Rifle and Das Kapital will love this as well.
Your Pest BandAutomatic Aspiration12"$9.00new!Garage punk from these Japanese legends!