Application/PlatformAdobe IllustratorAdobe Systems Incorporated industry-standard vector graphics app lets you create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile.visualisation;interactivefree trial;paid
Application/PlatformApktool tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications. It also makes working with an app easier because of the project like file structure and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.APKextractionfree
Application/PlatformATLAS.tiScientific Software Development GmbH Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software. For those who want to see the big picture. For those who appreciate details. Reveal meanings and relationships. Ground your findings in the data. ATLAS.ti makes it easy for you. Gain rich insights with the most intuitive and powerful QDA;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformAugentwitt【囻】Koumin Grabber from Twitter.Twitterextraction;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformAppcestryJason Chao abundance of mobile apps may mean redundancy. Appcestry helps you study the relations between apps.Google Playanalyticsfree
Application/PlatformCartoCarto THROUGH LOCATION. CARTO is an open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our;visualisationfree;paid
Application/PlatformCatwalk a CSV with at least a column with tweets idanalytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformChartsGoogle Developers charts for browsers and mobile devices.Various/Multiplevisualisation;interactivefree
Application/PlatformChorus Chorus is a free, evolving, data harvesting and visual analytics suite designed to facilitate and enable social science research using Twitter data.Twitterextraction;analyticsfree
Application/PlatformColorBrewerCynthia Brewer;Mark Harrower;Pennsylvania State University Advice for MapsNonevisualisationfree
Application/PlatformConsumer BarometerThink with Google Consumer Barometer is a tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformContropediaDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam); Eurecat; Médialab Sciences Po; Politecnico di Milano and visualization of controversies within Wikipedia articlesWikipediaanalytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformCrimson HexagonCrimson Hexagon Hexagon is an enterprise big data company providing social media analytics to leading brands and agencies.Twitter;Facebook;Instagram;Weibo;Webmonitoring;extractionpaid
Application/PlatformDarcy RipperNarrowteq, Efficient Website DownloaderWebextractionfree
Application/PlatformDD-CSSDD-CSS Computational Social Science. DD-CSS is an effort to build new computational tools to help collect and analyze social media data. With the advance of computational technologies, new paradigms in the social sciences have emerged. Also, more recently, popularity of social media platforms opened new windows for researchers to study human social life, groups, organizations and societies.Twitter;Facebookextraction;analyticsfree;open source
Application/PlatformDigital FootprintsDigital Footprints Research Group (Aarhus University) Digital Footprints software in your research project to collect closed Facebook data with user consent. The web-based software does not require any programming skills and makes it possible for you to: invite participants; retrieve data from the selected profiles; view statistics and search for specific content or patterns; sort and filter content according to research interests. Everything without having the slightest programming interest or skills.Facebookextraction;analyticsfree;apply for access
Application/PlatformDiscoverTextTexifter expertise in qualitative methods, text analytics, linguistics, statistics, and computer science contributes to a comprehensive software solution. DiscoverText delivers benefits to public, private, and academic users. Texifter LLC has lowered the barriers to entry that prevent many people from utilizing powerful text analytic software. Register for the 30-day free trial and start working in the cloud instantly. There is no set up time or credit card required to start.labelling;cleaning;analyticsfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformDMI-TCATDigital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) provides robust and reproducible data capture and analysis, and interlinks with existing analytical software.Twitterextraction;analyticsfree;open source
Application/Platformdraw.ioJGraph Ltd Maker & Online Diagram Software.Google Drive;OneDrive;Dropboxvisualisationfree
Application/PlatformFacepagerstrohne was made for fetching public available data from Facebook, Twitter and other JSON-based APIs. All data is stored in a SQLite database and may be exported to csv.Facebookscraping;extractionfree;open source
Application/PlatformFusion TablesGoogle Developers Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables.Google Spreadsheetsanalytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformFusionChartsInfoSoft Global Private Limited charts for web & mobile. The most comprehensive JavaScript charting library, with over 90+ charts and 1000+ maps. Loved by 24,000 customers in 120 countries.visualisationfree trial
Application/PlatformGephiMédialab Sciences Po is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. Gephi is open-source and free.exploration;network visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformGoogle Books Ngram ViewerGoogle Developers Booksextraction;analytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformGoogle Maps API Styled Map WizardGoogle Developers maps allow you to customize the presentation of the standard Google base maps, changing the visual display of such elements as roads, parks, and built-up areas.Google Mapsvisualisation;mapsfree
Application/PlatformGoogle SheetsGoogle Developers a new spreadsheet and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an internet connection.extraction;storage;analytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformGoogle TrendsThink with Google the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google. Find out what's trending near you right now.Google Searchanalytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformGraph CommonsGraph Commons Commons is a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing and publishing data-networks. It empowers people and organizations to transform their data into interactive maps and untangle complex relations that impact them and their;visualisationfree;paid
Application/PlatformGUESSEytan Adar is an exploratory data analysis and visualization tool for graphs and networks. The system contains a domain-specific embedded language called Gython (an extension of Python, or more specifically Jython) which supports the operators and syntactic sugar necessary for working on graph structures in an intuitive manner. An interactive interpreter binds the text that you type in the interpreter to the objects being visualized for more useful integration. GUESS also offers a visualization front end that supports the export of static images and dynamic;network visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformHighchartsHighcharts JavaScript charts for your web pages.Various/Multiplevisualisation;interactivefree;paid
Application/PlatformHoaxyIndiana University the spread of claims and fact checkingvisualisationfree
Application/PlatformHypheMédialab Sciences Po is a web corpus curation tool featuring a research-driven web crawlerWebscraping;crawling;extraction;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformIBM SPSSIBM Analytics with confidence what will happen next so you can make smarter decisions for your organization. What if you could get deeper, more meaningful insights from your data and predict what is likely to happen next? IBM SPSS predictive analytics software offers advanced techniques in an easy-to-use package to help you find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformIFTTT gives you creative control over the products and apps you love.Various/Multipleextractionfree
Application/PlatformigraphThe igraph core team network analysis package. igraph is a collection of network analysis tools with the emphasis on efficiency, portability and ease of use. igraph is open source and free. igraph can be programmed in R, Python and C/C++.R;Python;C;C++analytics;network visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformImagga image recognition APIs for automated categorization & tagging in the cloud and on-premisesvisualisationfree
Application/PlatformImageJNational Institutes of Health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Processing and Analysis in;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformImagePlotSoftware Studies Initiative is a free software tool that visualizes collections of images and video of any size. It is implemented as a macro which works with the open source image processing program ImageJ.visualisationfree
Application/PlatformImageSorter AND AUTOMATICALLY SORT MASSES OF IMAGESvisualisationfree
Application/PlatformImport.ioImport.io web data the easy wayWebscraping;crawling;extractionfree;paid
Application/PlatformInfoExtractorChirag Shah relevant information from various sources like blogs, YouTube, and Wikipedia.Web;YouTube;Facebook;Wikipedia;extractionfree
Application/Platforminfogr.am infographics & online charts.visualisationpaid
Application/PlatformInstagram ScraperBernhard Rieder Instagram images for hashtags, locations, or user names.Instagramscraping;extractionfree
Application/PlatformInstagram ScraperRichard Arcega is a command-line application written in Python that scrapes and downloads an instagram user's photos and videos. Use responsibly.Instagramscraping;extractionfree
Application/PlatformiScience MapsUlf-Dietrich;Reips & Pablo Garaizar;Universidad de Deusto tool to research Twitter content. iScience Maps is a free Web service for scientists interested in using Twitter content in their research. This service allows one to assess the effects of specific events (e.g. a natural catastrophe or a political election) as they are voiced on Twitter. For example, make comparisons between cities, regions or countries for terms or combinations of terms and monitor their evolution in the course of an event.Twittervisualisationfree
Application/ Foundation IssueCrawler is web network location and visualization software. It consists of crawlers, analysis engines and visualisation modules. It is server-side software that crawls specified sites and captures the outlinks from the specified sites. Sites may be crawled and analyzed in three ways: co-link, snowball and inter-actor. Co-link analysis crawls the seed URLs and retains the pages that receive at least two links from the seeds. Snowball analysis crawls sites and retains pages receiving at least one link from the seeds. Inter-actor analysis crawls the seed URLs and retains inter-linking between the seeds. The Issue Crawler visualises the results in circle, cluster and geographical maps.Webscraping;crawling;extraction;visualisationfree;apply for access
Application/PlatformKeyholeKeyhole real-time Twitter and Instagram metrics to guide your social campaigns, content strategy and overall digital marketing approachTwitter;Instagrammonitoring;dashboardtrial;paid
Application/PlatformKNIMEKNIME.COM AG for Innovation. Navigate complex data with the agility and freedom that only an open platform can;visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformLexisNexis AcademicReed Elsevier Inc.
Application/PlatformMapboxMapbox NEXT GENERATION OF MAP DESIGN.visualisationfree;paid
Application/PlatformMATLABMathWorks language of technical computing. Millions of engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB® to analyze and design the systems and products transforming our world. MATLAB is in automobile active safety systems, interplanetary spacecraft, health monitoring devices, smart power grids, and LTE cellular networks. It is used for machine learning, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, communications, computational finance, control design, robotics, and much;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft data analysis tools help you track and visualize your data for greater insight, plus there are more ways to share your;analytics;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformMondrianMartin Theus is a general purpose statistical data-visualization system. It features outstanding interactive visualization techniques for data of almost any kind, and has particular strengths, compared to other tools, for working with Categorical Data, Geographical Data and LARGE Data.visualisation;interactivefree
Application/PlatformMozdehStatistical Cybermetrics Research Group (University of Wolverhampton);CREEN;CyberEmotions Mozdeh is a free Windows program that can gather tweets and run time series analyses of tweets for a topic of your choice, including sentiment analysis and gender analysis. Mozdeh works in conjunction with SentiStrength for the sentiment analysis.Twitterextraction;analyticsfree
Application/PlatformMr. Data ConverterShan Carter will convert your Excel data into one of several web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON and XML.Microsoft Excel;Webtransformationfree;open source
Application/PlatformNaoyun【囻】Koumin Live Twitter Activity.Twitter;Gephiextraction;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformNarrowifyMace Ojala ObservationsGephitransformationfree
Application/PlatformNetlytic.orgNetlytic.org sense of online conversations. Netlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize and discover social networks from online conversations on social media sites.Twitter;Facebook;Instagram;YouTube;Webextraction;analytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformNetvizzBernhard Rieder is a tool that extracts data from different sections of the Facebook platform - in particular groups and pages - for research purposes. File outputs can be easily analyzed in standard software.Facebookextraction;analytics;network visualisationfree
Application/PlatformNVivoQSR International Pty Ltd THE #1 SOFTWARE FOR QUALITATIVE DATA ANALYSIS. Smarter Insights. Better Decisions. Effective Outcomes.Web;Twitter;Facebookscraping;extraction;analytics;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformOpen Refine (formerly Google Refine)Google (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.cleaningfree;open source
Application/PlatformOSCityOSCity planning of the futureanalytics;visualisationfree;paid
Application/PlatformOutWit HubOutWit Technologies the Web.Webscraping;extractionfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformFacetsGoogle & PAIR initiative for machine learning datasetsMachine learning dataanalytics;visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformParseHubParseHub data from any website in minutes with ParseHub. Easily extract data from any website. Build your own dataset or API, without writing code.Webscraping;extractionfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformPiktochartPiktochart Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentationsanalytics;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformQGIS Free and Open Source Geographic Information System. Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD (Android coming soon).analytics;visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformRAWDensity Design missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics.visualisationfree
Application/PlatformRegex101 regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScriptcleaningfree
Application/PlatformRStudioRStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. It includes a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, as well as tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management.scraping;cleaning;analytics;visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformSentiStrengthCyberEmotions estimates the strength of positive and negative sentiment in short texts, even for informal language. It has human-level accuracy for short social web texts in English, except political texts.labelling;analyticsfree;apply for access
Application/PlatformSocioVizSocioViz.net is a social media analytics platform powered by Social Network Analysis metricsTwitteranalytics;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformsolrwaybackNetarchiveSuite is web-application for browsing historical harvested ARC/WARC files similar to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.Wayback Machine;Webextractionfree;open source
Application/PlatformStataStataCorp LP about Stata® 14, a fast, powerful statistical package designed for researchers of all disciplines, or explore our other products, including books, journals, and training courses. Bayesian analysis, IRT, Unicode, more in treatment effects, integration with Excel®, more in multilevel models, and much more.Microsoft Excelanalytics;visualisationpaid
Application/PlatformStorify;Storify 2Storify Engagement Cloud just got bigger, better.Twitterextraction;analytics;reportingfree;paid
Application/PlatformTable 2 NetMédialab Sciences Po a network from a table. Set a column for nodes and a column for edges. It deals with multiple items per cell.transformationfree
Application/PlatformTableau Desktop;Tableau PublicTableau Software powerful data visualizations using any data. Fast and;visualisationfree;free trial;paid
Application/PlatformTagClouderMind Design is a software for academic research developed by Niels Schrader and Michał Ejdys. The software allows to visualize and examine the distribution of relations between listed items categorized by the user.visualisationfree
Application/PlatformTexifterTexifter improves efficiency by streamlining the process of sorting large amounts of unstructured;analyticsfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformTiddlyWiki non-linear personal web notebookorganisingfree
Application/PlatformTileMillMapbox beautiful interactive maps.visualisation;interactivefree;paid
Application/PlatformTumblr AnalyticsUnion Metrics any blog or topic to see just how far content can spread on TumblrTumblrextraction;analyticspaid
Application/PlatformTweet ArchivistTweet Archivist analytics for tracking and archiving Twitter.Twitterextraction;analyticsfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformTweetMapper.usDavid Byman your own TweetMap.Twittervisualisationfree
Application/PlatformTwitonomyDiginomy Pty Ltd #analytics and much moreTwitterextraction;monitoring;dashboardfreemium
Application/PlatformUrlcheckr free URL checker toolWebanalyticsfree
Application/PlatformWayback MachineInternet Archive Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.Webhistorical explorationfree
Application/PlatformWebometric AnalystStatistical Cybermetrics Research Group (University of Wolverhampton) searches in Webometric Analyst uses the Bing API so please sign up for a Bing key to run web searches.Bingextraction;analyticsfree
Application/PlatformWizardEvan Miller Finally Clicks. Wizard is a new way to analyze data on your Mac. No programming, no typing. Just click and;visualisationfree trial;paid
Application/PlatformWolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for FacebookWolfram insight on yourself and your social network. Connect with Facebook, sign in for free, and get unique, personalized information and analysis on your social data—computed by Wolfram|Alpha.Facebookextraction;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformWolfram|Alpha ProWolfram Research knowledge engine.analyticspaid
Application/PlatformWORDijJames A. Danowski Semantic Network Toolsanalytics;network visualisationfree
Application/PlatformYouTube Data ToolsBernhard Rieder collection of simple tools for extracting data from the YouTube platform via the YouTube API v3.YouTubeextraction;analyticsfree
Application/PlatformprocspaceBernhard Rieder is a collaborative outliner software enhanced with data-mining and agent technology.analyticsfree
Application/PlatformVoyagervega Exploratory Analysis via Faceted Browsing of Visualization Recommendationsanalytics;visualisationfree;open source
Application/PlatformVoyant ToolsStéfan Sinclair & Geoffrey Rockwell Tools: See through your textTextanalyticsfree
Application/PlatformGoogle Data StudioGoogle data stories start here. Google Data Studio (beta) provides everything you need to turn your data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Data Studio lets you create up to 5 custom reports with unlimited editing and sharing. All for free — currently only available in the;visualisationfree
Application/PlatformSeealsologyMédialab Sciences Po is a simple tool that allows you to explore in a quick and dirty way the semantic area related to any Wikipedia Page. To make it simple, it extracts all the links in the "See also" section producing a graph. The tool works currently only for the following versions of Wikipedia: english, french, italian.Wikipedianetwork visualisationfree
Application/PlatformCondorMIT Center for Collective Intelligence to the Condor dynamic social network analysis tool page. Condor is free for academic use. For commercial service, please contact galaxyadvisors or Peter Gloor.analysisfree