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NamePlayed ByAgeSexHeightWeightLevelMax HPCurrent InjuriesMoneyFancy PTU 1.05 Sheet - v. 1.3
Aloriana FlintCateranEnforcer17F5'8"135171222$7,040
StatBase StatsFeatsBonusLevel-UpTotalSkill BackgroundCurrent Team
HP104--1226Name:Cheerful Farmhand
ATK581427[Brief Description]
DEF56--11Adept SkillPathetic Skills
SDEF5--5Novice SkillStealth
SPD5--5FocusTechnology Ed
Total APUsed APCurrent APLvl-Up0FeaturesEdges
Athletics2Master66d6+2Martial ArtistAthleteNovice CommandElemental Connection
CharmExpert55d6Athlete Moves INovice Combat Novice Survival
CombatAdept44d6Adrenaline RushAdept CommandLeader
CommandAdept44d6Expert CharmMounted Prowess
General EdUntrained22d6Expert AthleticsMaster Athletics
Medicine EdUntrained22d6Green ThumbAdept Combat
Occult EdUntrained22d6
Pokémon EdUntrained22d6
Technology EdPathetic11d6SteelheartCheerleader
FocusNovice33d6Steel Wind
IntimidatePathetic11d6Reactive Armor
IntuitionUntrained22d6Man of SteelPokémon Wishlist (WIP)
StealthPathetic11d6Commanders Voice
SurvivalNovice33d6Guardian OrdersBonus Skill EdgesMudsdale*Honedge
Training FeatureInspired Training2Novice AthleticsSandshrewScizor
Trainer Advancement BonusesMilestonesDex EXPMISC EXP6Adept AthleticsGollet
Bonus Features/EdgesLevelStatsAttSpAtt1303212Basic Martial ArtsHorsea*
505Bonus Features / Edges From ClassesLapras
1003Focused TrainingSoulbladeSpheal
400*Current Favorite Picks
Physical DescriptionBackground
Aloriana has blue eyes and blonde hair, typically pulled back in long ponytail to keep it out of her way while she works or trains. She is pretty fit from being active on a farm all her life, even if she doesn't do the heaviest of lifting. She tends to wear simple, practical clothes; trousers, tunic, work boots, and heavy leather gloves when needed.
Aloriana grew up an army brat; Her father Marcus and mother Rosalyn are both retired from the military and now own a small farm on the outskirts of a small town in Cinnabar. She has three older brothers ranging from one to five years older than her and a kid sister who is ten years younger. The oldest and middle brothers, Vince and Gerald help around the farm but also serve in the town watch when the need arises, the youngest brother Bernard is an aspiring smith, and Aloriana takes care of her sister Lilian.

Growing up with her three older brothers, Aloriana is used to being the underdog. From a young age she always wanted to play with them while the boys rough-housed and worked in the fields. As the kids grew older, this play wrestling became fighting with sticks, then wooden swords, and finally full on combat sparring with their parents. It's a dangerous world out there and Marcus wanted to be sure his kids would be able to defend themselves properly. All of them showed a knack for it, and they aspired to put their talents to use defending Cinnabar one day like their parents did before them.

Disaster struck the family when Aloriana was fourteen. A rogue magister had decided he needed live human specimens for his experiments. The town in which they lived was a long way from help and remote enough that it may take a long time for anyone to notice something amiss there. He attacked the town with a handful of shadowy minions and the city watchmen took up arms to defend against it.

In this time of crisis, the call quickly went around to evacuate the non combatants and Aloriana carried her four year old sister and fled with her brothers to a long since abandoned mine. Their parents stayed with town to fight off the threat and did not join them later that evening. Aloriana had some nasty dreams that night; she heard screaming voices, some which sounded familiar. No one got much sleep that night.

In the morning when they returned they learned the mage had escaped, but not before doing some damage. There were many wounded and a handful of dead, Aloriana's mother among them. They say she confronted the maniac up close but before she could attack, just fell over in a silently in a heap. She didn't even look wounded. The surviving family was devastated and the community mourned her loss.

That was three years ago. Aloriana is still haunted by the memory to this day and she can still hear her sometimes in her dreams, screaming the screams she couldn't when she was struck down. Her father tells her to keep such nightmares out of her head, and focus forward. Tomorrow is Bernard's eighteenth birthday and their father has managed to used his clout as a veteran to get one of the Charizard Knights to fly out and evaluate her brothers. She would be too young yet, so says her father, but the four of them have trained together for years, and she wasn't about the let them have all the fun.
PersonalityGoals / Dreams / Obsessions
Aloriana is a bit happy-go-lucky sort. Most often she is cheerful and goofy, though having been through hardships herself, she knows when to put humor aside to get things done. She is also naturally friendly and eager to meet new people and learn their stories. Excited by new things and exotic locales, Aloriana is truly struck with a strong sense of wanderlust.Mainly, Aloriana has dreamed of being a prestigious knight and really just wants to prove herself. She also is extremely curious of the world at large having spent her entire life in a small farming community. Lastly, she seeks to learn more about the night her mother died, as the nightmares she has, suggest that her mother's 'soul' may yet be trapped somewhere. She's not even sure it's possible and would be happy to find out her fears to be unfounded, but she has to find out for her own peace of mind.
Knight Info
Vladimir Ward – the Iron Sentinel
So named for his preference for heavy plate armor, Vladimir spends much of his time traveling the length and breath of Cinnabar. He and his Charizard Reinhardt patrol the wilds and the roads for trouble, keeping them as safe as he can for the common folks. He had a special set of armor made for his Charizard that he wears like a second skin and the two of them are symbols of a stalwart defense in these troubled times.
RP Sample
Aloriana woke with her head throbbing, as the sound a clanging metal reached her ears. Suddenly she remembered what day it was and quickly threw back the covers and rushed over to her dresser to remove her sleeping gown and put on her work trousers and tunic. She splashed a bit of water on her face and dried it a towel making sure she was clean in the mirror, her blue eyes staring excitedly back at her. She raced down the hall hopping into one boot at a time while simultaneously trying to tie her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. She grabbed her late mother's bush knife hanging beside the door as she ran out and stowed on her belt. Not only a useful tool, it is was a nice memento. Rosalyn had told her stories of those long, dangerous treks in the wilderness carrying tools like this all over the country-side.

Outside the metal clangs rung out across the green fields under the noon day sun. Aloriana really hadn't meant to sleep this long so she hurried from house and looked around for the source of the noise. Were they already sparring around back? Moving around it became more and more clear these weren't the sounds of clashing blades, but of hammer on steel. Bernard must be at it again. He'd been working on his forging to have something of value to show Knight Vladimir Ward when he arrived today. She slowed her pace a bit and caught her breath trying to pretend like she hadn't just been running wildly around the house.

Aloriana rounded the corner of the open, wooden workshop that they used as a smithy. Bernard was indeed hammering away at what looked like a lumpy bowl of steel. Her oldest and middle brother Vince and Gerald had their training vests and padded head wear on and were sparring with wooden practice swords a short distance away. The family Machoke was back against the wall stacking crates of supplies, uninterested in the proceedings. Aloriana sneaked right up behind her brother still hammering away and looked over his shoulder.

“Watcha got there, Benny?” she asked slyly, clasping her hands behind her back, “Did Dad say we needed a new garbage can?”

Bernard jumped “Oh look who's finally awake! Needed something to do to drown out your snoring. And I'll have you know it's a breast plate, like the one Knight Ward wears. I just can't get the shape right.” he frowned at the hammered slab of metal put his hammer down. “But I suppose you're right, I'll never finish it in time. Here though...” he rushed excited over to a rack on the wall, “This sword is my best work yet, I'm sure this'll impress him.”

Aloriana reached out to grab the blade, but Bernard pulled it away, “Hey, I just wanted to hold it. Besides, you think the knights are looking for smiths? You gotta be able to use the sword too ya know!” She held out an invisible sword and took up a guard stance facing her brother. “I could disarm you with a stick!” Walking over to a pile of discarded iron bits she picked up a partial helmet and asked, “What do you think he is looking for anyways?”

“What does it matter to you?”Bernard shot back. “You're too young anyways, Dad's orders.” Aloriana was about to say something back when a shadow passed over them with a loud flapping of bat-like wings. The siblings looked at each other a moment and wordless scrambled out of there back to the house where the large dragon-like pokemon made a landing.

The Charizard was very large, and looked incredibly intimidating adorned with a plate-like barding covering his chest and a open face helm with ram horns protecting his head. The tall man getting of his back wore a matching breast plate and had a sword on his hip. He wore no helm and his short greying hair wafted slightly in the breeze. Her father Marcus was already there to greet him with seven year old Lilian hiding behind his legs, she saw Aloriana approach and waved happily. “Hiya Lori! He's here! Isn't that pokemon neat?” Aloriana shushed her sister as her father and Knight Ward appraoched.”

“As you know,” the knight explained in a confident, level tone “my visit here will be brief. I have many other places to be today. I don't mean to disrespect, of course. I've heard of your exploits years ago during the war.” He stopped as the the siblings approached, “Ah, these must be your children. Good afternoon! I am Knight Vladimir Ward and this is Reinhardt. ” He bowed to them while gesturing to his Charizard. “I hear one of you has something to show me.”

Bernard looked back at his brothers nervously and took out his sword and presented it awkwardly on one knee. Vlad took it and swung it experimentally a few times and nodded, “Fine work. Good steel. A proper warrior can feel the strength in a reliable weapon. You made this yourself?”

“Yes sir,” Bernard stammered simply. Come on, Aloriana thought, don't look like a fool up there.

“Good, let's see how you handle it.” Vlad flipped the blade over and presented the hilt to the kneeling boy.

“Sir?” Bernard stood and took the blade and looked questioningly at the knight as he drew his own and took up a ready stance.

“Just a quick demonstration. Attack when you are ready. I do have but a short time here so I'll just need a moment to test you.”

Bernard took a moment a to do a couple of warm up stretching. Aloriana heard Vince whisper “Told him he should have been practicing with us.” She watched Benny move forward and strike tentatively at the knight, who parries easily. Once he realized that he was not too intent on attacking, Bernard got a bit bolder with his attacks. A few more exchanges later and suddenly Vlad moves to attack and cuts at Bernard's shoulder, leaving a shallow cut and coming away bloody. Bernard backed off holding his arm looking shocked and crestfallen.

“Not bad.” Vlad said calmly, “Now let's see how the rest of you fare.” Vince and Gerald each took a turn sparring with the knight using the forged sword. Vince seemed to last the longest, but both of them were unable to really threaten any damage and both got themselves a controlled, minor cut for their troubles. The sword clattered to the ground after Vlad expertly disarmed Gerald. Aloriana rushed to pick it up, eager to have a go at the knight. Her father saw this and called out to her.

“Aloriana, remember what I said? You're too young for that kind of life.” He started to walk over when Vlad spoke up.

“There's never a right age for the kind of life a knight leads. Now come, let's see what you can do.” Aloriana moved forward to cautiously to attack. She knew stood no real chance, but she had to figure out what it was he was looking for in a recruit. He hadn't seemed to pleased yet. As expected he was quick with his defense and nothing she could do would get phase his blade. Like her brothers he went of the offensive after a while and though Aloriana parried a few times, Vlad's sword pierced her defenses and gave her a slice across her hip. “Well, I've seen enough. Truly your children are skilled fighters, but...”

Vlad was cut off short as Aloriana lunged forward. It was only a small wound, why should that stop her? Yeah it hurt, but she had to at least get one good hit on Vlad to impress him. Even caught off guard, Vlad parried the attack and faster than she thought possible sent her blade flying from her hands. He reached with his hand to hold her still but Aloriana's other hand came up holding her mother's bush knife, clanging up against Vlad's breastplate. Before she could attack further, Vlad's Charizard rushed up and shoulder tackled her to the ground, knocking the wind out of her.

The family watching in the side lines gasped and Marcus rush over to her. Vlad walks over calmly, patting Reinhardt on the shoulder. “You've got something special about you. I could feel it when your blade touched my armor. You have a strong connection to that knife, and the steel within in. Take this medallion and meet me in the city. You'll know where to go. I'll have more for you then.” With that Vlad straightens and climbs atop Reinhardt and the two fly off with a powerful flap of wings, sending dust high into the air.

Marcus helped his daughter up. “You know don't want you to go,” He looked at her in her determined eyes and sighed, “but I know I can't stop you. So if this is your choice, I'm going to make sure you do this right. I'll take you the city tomorrow. Let's help you pack and have one last dinner here, together.” Aloriana smiled and hugged him. She had expected an argument, but he did have a point. She had already been running a few get away plans through head the moment Vlad handed her the medallion.

Bernard bent over to pick up his sword and walked over to his sister. “I guess this is yours now. You're going to be the real knight here.”

“Aww Benny I can't take your sword!” she started but he stopped her.

“Besides you wouldn't get very far without me to protect you, sooo...” he trailed off as Aloriana punched his shoulder playfully.

“Don't worry, I won't forget about you when I'm big and famous!” she shot back as the family walked back in the house to help send their fledgling charizard knight on her way.
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