1Le mans ( Commodor 64 )19882The first computer game I ever played. Not much to talk about it was a racing game but the time was passing, you were racing in both daytime and night, it was so fun and easy to play too I guess. I learn typing my name in this game much before I could write anything.
2Frak! ( Commodor 64 )19893A platform game, one of my favorites of the time. Something that I realized when I was writing this sheet is that the main character was a prehistorc human, I always thought it was a bird of some kind… However the way the enemies fly away when you hit them was a cool feature for me at that time.
3Trashman ( Commodor 64 )19893I don’t remember much about this game, my parents says I played it :)
4Donald Duck's Playground ( Commodor 64 )19893This game was putting me in control over a character that I saw on tv all day. And I was really excited when the Donald Duck bought all kinds of toys to play with. One more thing I remember is that when Donald Duck is working in grossry and when you cannot catch the watermellons thrown at you he was getting angry and making a wierd sound, it really scared me at that time.
5Boulder Dash ( Commodor 64 )19893This was a game where you dig ground and rocks could fall over you if you dig wrong, I can say the difference of this game is that you need to do some kind of planing when compared to other two I played.
6Super Mario Land (Game boy)19915A nintendo console without mario would be a waste. If I'm not mistaken the gameboy came with the mario game. It was fun and I remember asking my father to pass one level.
7Tetris (Game boy)19915Again a game boy classic although it was not my favorite game I spent some time with it.
8Super R.C. Pro-Am (Game boy)19915Another of my favourutes. A RC car racing game it had a isometric perspective camera and it had some kind of pysics. You could crash into other cars to force them out. Also there were lots of power ups that helped on the way.
9Ghostbusters ( Commodor 64 )19915I remember my cousin playing this game a lot, maybe I loved playing becouse he did, who knows. In this game you could progress gain money and change your car and buy more gear.
10Darkwing Duck (Game boy)19915This game really had a charm about it the character the way it jumped around. Now when I think about it, it is a simple platform game; but theming impressed me a lot at that time.
11PC Pool Challenges19926A Pool game we had, wasn't very special.
12Snowboarding game19926Another Floppy disk game. I don’t really remember the actual name but you could select from which part of the mountain you want to ski down and there were trees and slopes you had to avoid.
13Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (Game boy)19926Another of my favourutes, here instead of mario we were in charge of Wario his evil twin :) His evil look and the power to smash everything was so amazing for me.
14Alley Cat19926This was kind of an advanture game. Where you were controling a cat and go into houses and try to catch something. After some time you were catching a lady-cat.
15Lotus 19926This was one of the first games I played on a real pc. And most posibly the first game I played multi-player. The game could be played in split screen mode.
16Ghosts 'n Goblins ( Commodore 64 )19926What is weird about this game is I was not afraid of ghosts and zombies when I was 6.
17Felix the Cat ( game boy )19937Characters with super abilities are always fun and when there is magic involved it is better. This game had it a cat with a magical umbrealla. An advanture game with puzzle pieces in it.
18Prehistorik 219937I remember this game for the detailed character and his idle animation. It had a huge club and was hitting bears and gathering fruits. It had really fun and nicely done graphics and a cartoonish finish.
19Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers ( game boy )19937I was a fun of Ninja Turtles and an advanture about them.. They all had different specialities ( one could attack longer other was faster not that much but still something ) and they could spin on their backs.
20Tom & Jerry19937In fact when compared to Prehistorik the graphics and gameplay was very low quality but when I finished a level a got a writing "well done" I had no idea what it meant at that time as it is english but somehow I liked seeing that in the screen.
21Bubble Bobble ( game boy )19937This game you could use one weapon ( creating bubles ) to both attack and help youself. It reminds me the gravity gun in Half life 2
22Hide and seek19937Traditional hide and seek. I really loved shadows and hiding. Maybe becouse I was agile and good at hiding.
23The Addams Family 2: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt ( game boy )19937What I first remember about this game is the music. Of course it was the crappy game boy speaker but you can easly change it to the one you know in your brain.
24Contra ( game boy )19948A shooter game. Different shooting power ups like three bullets at a time or huge bullet was very fun.
25Jurassic Park ( game boy )19948Another themed game. I kinda hate the themed games later in my life but in this part I loved them. In fact this game had some sort of story to tell which was cool about it.
26Mortal Kombat II ( game boy )19948One of the best fighting games I played. I played this game for a very long time. I had the game boy connection cable and with I could connect to other game boys to do duels. I remember doing a duel in the class at fifth grade.
27Cop and the thief19948Some kind of hide and seek. The difference is that the cops need to catch the thieves not just see them. Later when we were older I realized there was area problem with the game, all the thieves were just hiding in some place as they had no task and I introduced putting an object in a place and the thieves were trying to steal it while cops catches them.
28Donkey Kong ( game boy )19948The donkey kong. Throwing barrel couldn't be more fun.
29Crazy Vehicles19959A game invented by me. You need to evade all the vehicles with different tasks. For example when the train passed you should lie down. When a car pass you should hide behind something. When a plane or an helicopter pass you need to take cover under a roof. You were safe when you were sleeping as you lie down under a roof where no car can see, but other then that the game was all the time active.
30Prince of Persia19959Another Floppy disk game of mine. I still remember the prince taking the sword, and the cheat that allowed you to pass a level but decrease 5 or 10 minutes from your time. The first game I cheated.
31Hugo ( interactive TV show )19959Hugo was also a tv show in Turkey, I had signed up as a member and then I was chosen to be a player. I played the underwater level and intentionaly losed one life to gain breath once( losing all the breath would finish the game immediately. ). Then I succesfully finished the game and they had send me some education cd's as a price. The problem was I didn't have cd-rom at that time..
32Street wars19959I really don't know how it started but all the boys in our neighborhood start dividing into two gangs, and we had a base near the lake which we build up with branches and leafs. I was more into the role play of the game, didn't like fighting :)
33Tennis ( game boy )19959I was analasing this game to learn the rules of the tennis game so we could play in real life with rules. Also we played this game mutliplayer with that connection cable of gameboy.
34Dr. Mario ( game boy )19959Some kind of tetris game with mario theme. Not a great gama but still it was kind of addictive.
35Otohello ( game boy )199610A mind game in gameboy I was really a fan of this game. Creating new strategies and beting the different levels of CPU. You could also play this with a friend on the same game boy.
36Mortal Kombat Trilogy199610After my first introduction to mortal combat in game boy I was a fan of it. And there were more characters and more moves to do in this game. Raptile was my favourte character with the ability to hide.
377 up199610Chinese Checkers with cool animations and different patterned play grounds. This was a nice way to improve an old traditional game.
38Time Commando199610First time I played this game was not on my own pc it was my neigbours. Traveling in time really get our attention.
39Chess ( non-pc )199610I don't really remember when I first learned about chess but at fourth grade I was in a chess group of some kind I really enjoyed creating strategies and beating other peoples strategies. What I later hate about the game is people who memorise opennings and patterns and play over them.
40MDK199711A character with a super suit that I really wanted. He could change his suit in some ways to help him like parachuting v.s. and there was a sniper vision which was new to me.
41Shadow Warrior199711A first person shooter with a asian theme. You could use both shrunkens and mini-nukes.
42The Adventures of Lomax199711A funny character with a magical hat. As I said before I love magical things and this hat had it. There were different types of magic for different hats which allowed him to fly and attack, I remember a burning hat altough not sure what it does.
43Sub Culture199711A game totally underwater. You could dock into cities to buy items then travel the ocien. Freedom is the key in this game.
44Mortal Kombat III ( Game boy )199711As an already mortal combat fan I really need to get this game. But I was disapointed a little it wasn’t as good as mortal kombat 2 on game boy. The characters were smaller and they were less detailed.
45Little Big Adventure 2199711I can say that this is the first rpg I played. You were kinda leveling up getting new weapons and there was a huge world you could explore. All in complate 3d. There were nicely placed puzzles, funny cut scenes. I later played this game over and over again.
46Sonic R199711I loved sonic. I know this game seems so stupid now but I loved it back then. The abilty to roll around was something I could do all day. In fact I really wanted to be like sonic and have thorns on my back. Maybe this is the reason I keep my hair long. :)
47Quake II199711I must admit altough I enjoyed, it wasn't a big game for me.
48Blood199711I remember my father not allowing me to buy this game. Then I was so sad that I couldn't get it he went back to the store ( it was kind of far ) and bought one the next day. I don't remember if I first played this or Duke Nukem first. By this time I start reading gaming magazines.
49Interstate '76199711I remember this cd broken in an argument. In the game you could modify your car to add weapons on it. And there was a story going on which I had no clue becouse they were talking in english :)
50Tennis ( non-pc )199711I started getting tennis lessons in summers. It was a nice activity we were playing for hours with my friends. This should be the time when I start playing the game boy game tetris again to learn the rules.
51Worms 2199711Little worms blowing up each other. Putting a banana bomb under your enemy worm. What else you could want. Destructive enviroments, ability to construct walls, this game allowed a heavy amonth of planning with pure destructive ego.
52Carmageddon199711One of the best games I have ever played, it had cars, it had speed and more importantly it had destruction! What else a boy can want? You would crush humans ( they were zombies in US version ) to gain more time and try to crash other cars before time runs out, it really fulfiled my needs for that time.
53Duke Nukem 3D199711Shake it baby.. I cant forget duke saying that. And a secret passage in one of the walls. This game was amazing.
54Beasts & Bumpkins199711The first strategy game I played, you started with a bunch of people and create them houses where they could mate and have babies, create nursery for the child, create barracks to transform your villigers into soldiers and fight huge bees. The only problem was it was too hard after some level.
55Redneck Rampage199711The first thing I remember is chicken when I tought about the game. And a double barral shotgun.
56Warlords III: Reign of Heroes199711
57Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian199711
59Theme Hospital199711
60Norse By Norse West: The Return of The Lost Vikings199711
61Atomic Bomberman199711
62Monster Truck Madness 2199812"Graphics can advance no more this is great" -Bulut & Inanc
We thought at that time this was the end point for graphics and no better one could be done. The game had reflections over water there was lights coming out of the trucks the models they were so high poly that was amazing!! When I look now I think they had like 50 polies each but still I remember being so stunned by the graphics. This was the first game I saw on a pc with a seperate graphic card in it. It was again my neigbours computer.
63Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now199812A new game of Carmageddon! The gods should be loving me crashing things. This was even better then the first game you could select two different cars there were more cars to trash and more power ups.
64Powerslide 199812I still don't know how they did this but the game had better graphics then most of the games made in 2002 or 2003 maybe. It had great pysics, every wheel was on a separate suspansion system and was acting accordingly. It had a post nuclear war theme and you were getting fruids as tropies.
65Half-Life199812Man I finally had my own graphic card. And I remember the computer guy came to our house and put in the graphic card then I opened half-life. I played it before I got the card too by the way. The game opened and I was stunned by the clearness of the graphics it was amazing. Then the guy said I only change it to 800*600 I didn't even open the hardware acceleration. Then he opened the hardware acceleration and ... Nothing changed.. it was still perfect with 800*600 but I didn't really see much difference between software and hardware on the first train of half-life.
66Magic: The Gathering ( Card game )199812When I entered secondary school I was introduced magic cards by a friend there. Wow it took so much of my time later but it was so fun. I had a green deck at first I bought from a friend then I start doing a white-green deck then I turned into white altogether. With my white deck I was one of the best two players. The other guy had a black deck ( whites nemesis ). The strategy component sitting down and doing little calculations about how to create the perfect deck I was really into the game. But with new cards and rules introduced every 6 month ( usually stronger then before ) it was expensive to catch up, so I quit playing actively. But every now and then I still play with friends if I found a deck lying around.
68Need for Speed II199812
69Tomb Raider 2199812
70Lords of Magic199812
71Heroes of Might and Magic II199812
72Heretic II199812
73Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee199812
74Byzantine: The Betrayal199812
75Detektif Fırtına199812
76Thief: The Dark Project199812
78Police Quest: SWAT 2199812
79Future Cop: LAPD199812
80Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines199812
81StarCraft: Brood War199812
82Beavis & Butt-Head: Bunghole-in-one199812
83Blood II: The Chosen199812
84Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft199812
85Motocross Madness199812
86Heart of Darkness199812
87Mortal Kombat 4199812
88Warhammer: Dark Omen199812
89Micro Machines V3199812
92Aliens versus Predator199913A first person shooter where you can play an alien, walk on walls jump onto humans eat their heads! This game had it and the multiplayer of it was also great.
93Fallout 2199913After the first one I didn't skip the second fallout, and I enjoyed this more then the first one maybe becouse I get familier with the after war setting. The VATS system was amazing altough it didn't change much in graphics I could imagine it.
94Pizza Syndicate199913Pizza mafias
95Planescape Torment199913The best game in my life. Really I mean it. I still listen to its sound track and feel the sorrow. It had such a strong story, I was nearly crying when the game ended. I wondered days around thinking only about it. Later in my life I finished this game two more times and started it countless times. All the characters their stories, you other lifes, their stories. The power of their actions on your life. I really haven't play another game that influence me this much.
96Counter Strike199913The first game I played against more then one player. Creating teams and fighting other people in an internet café was a great fun. Socialasing through a computer game, I realise now that I did it much much before with gameboy but later forget it with pc and now refind it.
97Final Fantasy VII199913There was an huge earthquake in 1999 and out summer house was just in the middle of the center of the earthquake. There was a hotel which collapsed about 2 km from our house. But another thing I remember about the earhquake was after one day we had electricity and I took my pc out into the garden ( we weren't going into the house just in case ) and played Final Fantasy VII. Another thing about the game is that the main characters name is Cloud. And my name means Cloud :)
98Fallout199913War, war never changes.. I somehow skiped this game when it was released for the first time after nuclear war senerio didn't interest me that much. On my friends advice I played that and It was so amazing to have total freedom. Altough I must confess at some parts it was boring to have that much of freedom.
99Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun199913