IPython user survey 2011
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TimestampOn what platforms do you use IPython?What parts of IPython do you use?How would you like IPython to improve in the future?What country do you live in?How do you use IPython?
20/05/2011 18:37:41LinuxInteractive shellUKHobby programming, along with some use for my PhD (biology). I mostly use IPython as an easy way to test ideas in Python before coding them.
20/05/2011 18:38:05LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresscalability in cloud environments with hundreds or thousands of engines, MPI, etc.

Maybe a Node.js port?
USAParallel computation of document processing.Not entirely sure what you mean by a Node.js port. We are looking at a web notebook interface.
20/05/2011 18:38:09LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI would really like to see the new parallel interface settle down and become useful. Automatic module reload (i.e, if it's changed on disk) would also be very nice.UKI tend to use ipython in conjunction with numpy, scipy, gdal and matplotlib as well as to use fortran codes we have laying about. On the one hand, the shell is very convenient to do day-to-day data exploration, but the parallel features make it straightforward to distribute big processing efforts over the ssh-connected machines at the University.
20/05/2011 19:04:32LinuxInteractive shellUSAI use ipython for my computational research along with other related python packages such as matplotlib and numpy.
20/05/2011 19:27:53Mac OS XInteractive shell, Parallel computing features, qtconsole, notebookUSAFor exploratory scientific computing.
20/05/2011 19:42:39Linux, Mac OS X, WindowsInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI could hardly ask for more than the features currently under development: the qt-based console, the parallel computing features, the refactoring of the library.USAI'm in academia, working at a government-funded user facility. I use ipython all the time for interacting with data, number crunching, and data visualization using matplotlib. I intend to begin using ipython for parallel processing in the future.
20/05/2011 19:58:06LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI have nothing to say concerning IPython itself, maybe work on the htmlnotebook branch which looks quite promising.FranceI am a phd student in physics and I also program as a hobby.
I use python to interface with a fortran simulation code and a little for scraping scientific web databases.
20/05/2011 20:01:22LinuxInteractive shellFor me, the emacs integration is the main feature, so the integraton is the main thing. Too inexperienced to have noticed any other obvious areas of improvement. Great job so far, very much appreciate the effort!UKUsing IPython thanks to the emacs integration, mainly for personal use, occasionally for work related tasks.
20/05/2011 21:05:27LinuxInteractive shellFix problem with seeing ascii when getting help on a method/function.
finish up ipython-qt (and make edit file.py work from there).
notebook-like features.
USAIn industry. Do bioinformatics.
No embbeding.
re: seeing ascii - When does this happen? Can you file a bug report?
20/05/2011 22:16:22LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresUSAUse it distribute number-crunching jobs over LSF.
20/05/2011 22:51:29Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellUKI'm an academic using ipython for research and considering it for teaching. I use Ipython for general scientific computing (statistical pattern recognition, multi-objective optimisation, visualisation, etc).

Although I use it principally on Macs, I also do a significant amount of work on Linux.
21/05/2011 00:15:35Mac OS XInteractive shellMultiline history would be nice. Also, I use vim-like CLI mode for bash and would love for IPython to reflect this option! Clear, easily available information on how eggs and modules are found for import and tab-completion would be nice. I found it hard to trouble shoot why I could not find modules with readline but they were still present in my path.

Thanks for IPython!
USAGraduate student in high energy physics. I use ipython to interactively run analysis, scripting, and plotting programs. It is all numerically intensive.Pressing up will get multiline blocks in the Qt console. Multiline editing in the terminal is tricky, but you can explicitly recall one or more cells with the %recall magic in 0.11
21/05/2011 00:55:24LinuxInteractive shellweb interfaceColombiaAcademic PurposesA web interface is in the works, but won't be ready before 0.11.
21/05/2011 02:46:00Linux, WindowsInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI would like to have a vi command line editting mode available, just like I get when I execute the command: "set -o vi" in bash or ksh. This would greatly improve my reuse of previous commands in the history list.

I would even be willing to support developing this capability, but my c programming skills are pretty limited.
USAIndustry and for personal uses -- all for number crunching. I consider embedding IPython into applications, but keep running out of time to build GUI's pulling everything together...N.B. IPython is written in pure Python, so hopefully it's possible without C programming
21/05/2011 03:01:47LinuxInteractive shellIt would be great to have the ability to flexibly evaluate only a part of the code in a file. (Maybe designating lines to be executed?) This can facilitate code development.USAAcademia. Using it to do econometric analysis, web data mining, data work.
21/05/2011 03:35:57Linux, Mac OS X, WindowsInteractive shellDocumentation.USAIndustry. Snippet testing, some UI driving, some embedding.
21/05/2011 06:03:23WindowsInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresMore Windows testersacademia; programming as a hobby
21/05/2011 07:15:45LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI feel that IPython is heading in the right direction and see many useful ways to take advantage of the ability to connect several different clients to a long-running IPython kernel.South AfricaMostly academia, but also consulting. I mostly use IPython as a better bash, with the ability to use Python to read and plot data in the same shell. I also make some use of the parallel computing facilities and have plans to use these features more in future research.
21/05/2011 14:46:31LinuxInteractive shellUSAprogramming as a hobby

[Filled in from e-mailed response]
21/05/2011 16:06:54Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellTurn on/off pylab features on the fly... Easier installation of parallelization features, which I haven't been able to test yet.UKAcademia and hobby. Use it fairly extensively for programming for data analysis of ESA's Planck Surveyor Satellite.
21/05/2011 19:47:46LinuxInteractive shellPython 3 supportUKHobby useWill be released with 0.11: https://github.com/ipython/ipython-py3k
21/05/2011 21:00:48Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresnumber one: "notebook" style functionality with history of both console input and visualization results (i.e. Logging plot outputs, etc). Secondly, parallel execution on more diverse platforms (aws, gnu parallel)USData exploration for research purposes, as well as "ide" functionality for developing analysis code.a notebook is in the works, but won't make it into 0.11
21/05/2011 23:22:23Windows, Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellNew zmq branch seems wonderfully promising. I look forward to the collaboration and distributed scenarios that it seems to enable. I'd love some connection to the ggobi system (or something similar) for better interactive/exploratory graphing. Even though matplotlib is great in flattening the learning curve for matlab users, it doesn't enable usage scenarios that matlab doesn't provide, like connected plots. As a minor wish, if this graphing could take place taking advantage of the HTML5 canvas, it would further enhance the collaboration and presentation features that zmq/ipython already includes.

All in all, ipython is a fantastic tool, and I give my heartfelt thanks to the developers and contributors.
USAData analysis in industry and as a hobby. Testing python snippets for (not necessarily data analysis) Python programs.Thanks!
22/05/2011 01:52:54Mac OS XInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresUSAparallel task farming, office sysadmin automation, hobby scripting, interactive plotting (lots of numpy+matplotlib interactive use), basic calculator
22/05/2011 06:59:49LinuxInteractive shellImproved web-interface. Sage notebook like functionality, and automatic parallelization of the code. USAI am in academia. I do lots of number crunching. IPython provides a great interface for rapid experimentation of calculations and bringing up interactive plots. Embedded profiling and timing functionality is great to profile code. a notebook is in the works, but won't make it into 0.11
22/05/2011 21:33:50WindowsInteractive shellSwedenInteractive exploration of scientific, engieering and programming problems.
23/05/2011 00:26:40Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellI don't know but keep the goodness coming.USAI use it when running/developing my aerospace calcs for my employer. :-)
23/05/2011 08:38:23Windows, LinuxInteractive shellSpainInteractive data analysis and visualization.
As a helper tool to test code snippets and to easily access to the python docs. Interactive method exploration and ?.
23/05/2011 12:38:02LinuxInteractive shellI want threading to be clearer, especially with respect to Matplotlib. It's great that I can have live plots at the same time as typing at the command line, but I want those plots to be live while the program is doing a long calculation or making a blocking syscall, ideally without using special plotting APIs.
United KingdomWe use IPython in experimental physics for data analysis and experiment control. This is numerical stuff, lots of numpy and Matplotlib. We do not embed IPython, but might do so in future. For experiment control, we define a customised IPython profile which acts as a rough-and-ready user interface for our control system.
23/05/2011 14:13:59Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shell, debuggingUSA
23/05/2011 16:33:29Windows, LinuxInteractive shell, debuggingYesLuxembourgAcademia, interactive prototyping of scripts for data-analysis.
I use it more or less as a Matlab replacement together with numpy/scipy and matplotlib.
26/05/2011 07:51:58Windows, LinuxInteractive shellI would appreciate if it was easier to re-import modules, especially in the case that the module name is not in the global namespace.ItalyI work for a publicly held company, in charge of developing Intelligent Transport Systems. I use IPython mainly to develop and debug software, e.g. standalone and django-based applications.

I use it also for personal projects, for hobby.
Not quite sure I follow your request - do you want to file an issue or bring it up on the mailing list?
26/05/2011 08:08:35LinuxInteractive shellGermanyI write snippets of code, try them, and when tey work, I put them into scripts/modules.

I'm a researcher in astrophysics, and I use python/ipython to work on my data.
26/05/2011 11:40:28Mac OS X, NetBSDInteractive shellSwedenacademia (physics, engineering): basically using ipython and numpy as an alternative to matlab, so yes, number crunching
hobby as well
26/05/2011 18:13:24WindowsInteractive shellCanadaI use it mostly in an exploratory way before including code in scripts
26/05/2011 18:23:50Windows, LinuxInteractive shell, embedded in another appA feature requested by many users -
a way to submit scripts/jobs to an internal queue that were executed sequentially, with the ability to kill and re-arrange jobs.

I use IPython 0.9.1 - I had to hack the wx frontend somewhat mostly for look-and-feel. I wish it was easier to embed and customize. I guess I'll have to try the newest release some time.
USAI work for the government lab (ORNL).
I embed IPython in my own wxPython based app that controls neutron scattering experiments. It provides nice command/debugging shell in addition the gui frontend.
26/05/2011 22:42:27LinuxInteractive shell, ipython-qtconsole, embedding in my own softwareBetter documentation of the ipython qt widget, especially regarding embedding. Also, make it respect the user's config file.CanadaI'm in academia, in neuroscience, using it for quick code prototyping, and also for interactive data analysis.The Qt console should have a config file soon.
27/05/2011 03:06:06Windows, LinuxInteractive shellImprove the documents and make it easier to write our own extension.ChinaI use IPython as a powerful terminal on windows, since it provides some features as dir bookmark, alias and so on. I also use IPython as one of my Python script testing tool.
27/05/2011 17:05:39LinuxInteractive shellHaven't really though about it too much.USAI am a research professor at a university. A very high proportion of my computing is done with Python and the biggest part of that is with an IPython interactive shell. Most of my work is related to astrophysical spectroscopy, including the CHIANTI atomic database for astrophysical spectroscopy. I have recently created ChiantiPy, a Python means to access and manipulate the database.
27/05/2011 23:42:21WindowsInteractive shellI am just starting to use it.RomaniaHobby - Python is my first programming language. I'm just beginning to learn how to code.
28/05/2011 15:39:57LinuxInteractive shellI don't know actually... IPython is almost perfect for me, thank you very much!RussiaI'm occupied with scientific computing in solid state physics. Whilst the core of my number-crunching code is written in C, I use Python+SciPy for pre- and post-processing of data, visualization, etc.

I use IPython from inside Emacs (via ipython-mode). From my viewpoint, this combination is much more convenient than MATLAB that I had previously been using for some years.

Most probably, I'll start to use IPython's parallel computing features in the near future.
28/05/2011 16:51:58WindowsInteractive shellUSAInteractive data analysis in support of algorithm development
I work in industry
Main area of interest is VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral data exploitation
28/05/2011 16:53:20LinuxInteractive shellSloveniaCurrently i use IPython for academic work (i am a student) and for my hobby stuff. After i graduate, i will probably go to industry. I mostly do numerical calculations. I haven't embeden Ipython in my own applications yet.
29/05/2011 14:31:00LinuxInteractive shellMake it start faster.
Improve completion and "?" syntax.
Dunno, it's already so great as it is.
GreeceCalculator on steroids.
Prototyping small, self-contained parts of bigger applications.
Exploring new modules, reading documentation.
Taking advantage of the excellent inline completion.
01/06/2011 08:43:45Windows, LinuxInteractive shellGermanyindustry, hobby
01/06/2011 20:50:42Windows, LinuxInteractive shellSo far I have just scratched the surface of IPython, but if I could select a way to improve this great tool, these would be:
1) Better documentation: it is somewhat difficult to get started using the more advanced features (I agree that I am being a little bit lazy and in a hurry)
2) Better support for unicode in Windows, specially in copy/paste to the shell (I know this is a PITA to do.... :-)
BrazilI use it both in industry and in programming as a hobby (at home). I use it mainly as a better python shell for interactive development.We've recently realised that it's actually impossible to support unicode properly in all contexts on Python 2. It should work better in Python 3.
02/06/2011 18:23:08LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresIDE features (even when using Spyder) are lacking.
1. Debugging facilities - being able to run a standalone script from within IPython shell, set break points, get accurate backtrace info(line num) even when using run, etc. This is semi-supported in spyder, but there are little quirks (e.g. when using %run sys.argv is not updated).
2. Better integration with the user's shell (i.e., '!' should behave exactly like a shell including aliases and user-defined functions)
3. better support of deep reloading, especially when used along with (un)pickle

The plotting library is still not as good as matlab in terms of speed and ease of use, but that's manageable.
-parallel computing: used for running on a cluster performing cpu intensive tasks.
-as shell: trying to use it as rapid R&D IDE, hopefully replacing matlab

You might want to open issues for 1, 2 and 3.

N.B. The plotting library is matplotlib: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/
02/06/2011 20:49:00LinuxInteractive shelladd a dreload that actually works with numpy. Keep improving the new QT console, that thing rocksUSADeveloping and using holopy, a python package for processing and fitting holograms captured with digital holographic microscopy. Fairly heavy number crunching. Is there an issue open for your problem with dreload?
03/06/2011 04:20:40Windows, LinuxInteractive shellIn Windows, sometimes calling certain functions, if they are not well-behaved, seem to corrupt the terminal interface so that source code, displayed within a traceback get interleaved with iPython prompts. Hitting return a few times sometimes clears this, but usually the shell has to be restarted, which is annoying, because the whole session is then lost. The command history across iPython sessions is sometimes persistent and sometimes not - perhaps I just do not understand when command history is saved.Australiaacademia: physics models and data analysisSaving history is unpredictable in 0.10 if you have multiple instances of IPython open at the same time. This is improved in 0.11.
04/06/2011 00:07:24LinuxInteractive shellBetter website?ItalyI am a PhD student in Fluid Dynamics at Politecnico di Torino in Italy. In my research, i use Ipython for exploring and visualizing data, as well as for testing algorithms and stuff i need.Working on it ;-)
04/06/2011 19:45:20LinuxInteractive shellGermanyAcademia, part time job.
Mainly converting MATLAB codes to Python using NumPy and MatPlotLib.
06/06/2011 19:52:45Windows, LinuxUSAI am a student just learning how to program, and I heard that there is good support in this application for inexperienced users. I come from the world of Microsoft Excel (formula building assistance and documentation, color coding, nesting differentiation. All of which are superb tools, though their documentation could use some improvement) and am making inroads to Python programming.

Thanks for supporting this product as OpenSource. Keep up the good work.
08/06/2011 22:24:12LinuxInteractive shellBetter integration with emacs. USAI am a grad student. I use IPython as an alternative to the Python interactive interpreter. I usually run a script that I write with emacs (%run foo.py) and then explore the output of the script.
09/06/2011 03:41:47Windows, LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresThe version 0.11 is promising, and I expect the parallel part be more efficient and low latency no matter of the size of the cluster (LAN based).Franceuse of IPython for parallel execution of identical test suite with I/O access on a cluster of computer which do data acquisition.
09/06/2011 18:27:39LinuxInteractive shell- more stability
Germany- Interactive calculation involving self developped modules (fitting, graphicall analysis), + scipy, + Mayavi...
- Debugging of code
- As a command line platform used to drive a scientific instrument (neutron spectrometer) as well as for on line analysis
Please let us know what breaks!
10/06/2011 08:03:46LinuxInteractive shellWe are using IPython 0.10. It would be great if you could implement a full API for I/O so that it would be easier to embed the console into a widget (we are using PyQt4)
Also expose the color scheme as an API so that it is easier to create a new color scheme.
SpainSynchrotron light facility (a particle accelerator producing X-Rays to perform experiments).
IPython is used by the control system to provide the users (scientists) with an interactive console through which they can execute remote procedures that perform experiments.
With the help of IPython we successfully emulate the console interface used previously by many institutes like ours called SPEC.
Have a look at the new ZMQ framework and the Qt console widget coming in 0.11
11/06/2011 00:50:14Windows, LinuxInteractive shellJapan
11/06/2011 04:12:59LinuxInteractive shellI'm on it.UKI use it as the basis for my personal project:

The Piousoft, Very High Level, Universal Abstraction Engine.

It's just Ubuntu with a novel paradigm and a focus on total hackability through Python. It'd be good for non-programmers who want to do some scripting.
11/06/2011 04:36:38Windows, LinuxInteractive shellUSAI use ipython as a front end for my statistical data analysis of metrology data for the semiconductor industry.
11/06/2011 07:58:14Windows, LinuxInteractive shellPython 3 supportCzech Republicpython development assistance (school/work/hobby)Python 3 support is coming with 0.11: https://github.com/ipython/ipython-py3k .
12/06/2011 14:28:35Mac OS X, LinuxParallel computing featuresNo exact idea. I think it's really great to receive fast feedback from the developers when I have a problem or need advise.

GermanyI'm developing DrQueueIPython, a port of DrQueue (open source rendering queue management software) to Python using IPython.
13/06/2011 07:33:46WindowsInteractive shellNo suggestions yet. How do you improve software for newbies? I'll dive into that question later.Hollandprogramming as a hobby and I try to teach myself the basics of data visualization. As I need to learn that in the voluntary work that I do. Let's call it civic statistics
13/06/2011 15:35:59Windows, LinuxInteractive shellSupport for more versions of python - 3.x, Jython, IronPython, PyPy.UKI am in the software development industry.

I use ipython both professionally and in my personal programming projects for trying out snippets of code and testing code interactively. It is especially useful for investigating new third-party modules.
Python 3 support is coming with 0.11: https://github.com/ipython/ipython-py3k . Other interpreters should work if they support Python 2.6+ - PyPy seems to work if you turn colours off (%colors nocolor)
13/06/2011 17:36:35WindowsInteractive shellIt's good as it is.RomaniaProgramming as a hobby.
Importing some useful modules and testing things I create.
I guess mainly for testing things.
14/06/2011 03:01:05Mac OS XInteractive shellIt would be nice if the %timeit functionality were available as a module, so that I could easily do smart timing of a bunch of code and do things with the results (like plot it).

Pasting code does not work if there is too much whitespace in the code. I know about %paste, but it would be nice if it just worked.

None of the color schemes are ideal for a terminal with green text on a black background.
USAI use IPython mostly with isympy.timeit is in the standard library! http://docs.python.org/library/timeit.html

Pasting works better in the Qt console coming in 0.11.
14/06/2011 12:14:22Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellI like IPython as ist is, but I did not take the time to read up on all the features.GermanyI develop web applications and use IPython mostly for debugging, probing the database through the orm etc.
14/06/2011 17:30:21LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI programmed in matlab during last 15 years. Now I completely move to python but I still have some bad issues due my matlab background.

I think that part of parallel documentation could be better explained (for newbie) user. I spend a long time just working around to have ipython and ssh working properly.
BrazilI have been using ipython for biomedical data analysis most of time for intense statistical simulations.
I am Prof in Signal Processing at Univ of Sao Paulo and I am trying to use this in my undergraduate and graduate courses.

I would like to embed ipython in my applications but I still dont know how to do this.
14/06/2011 22:03:31Windows, LinuxInteractive shellPick one configuration system and stick with it. I'd prefer the ipy_user_conf.py system over the ipythonrc system.
USAI use it mainly for its features as an enhanced python shell. At work, I do a lot of data analysis and the tools I've built up largely revolve around looking at data in an interactive session. At home I also do some hobby coding on occasion.
I like the nice-to-have features like prompt coloring, enhanced stacktrace, autocomplete/suggest, ordered set/dict display, etc that aren't available in the standard python shell.
Config is being redone (again) for 0.11, with the aim that we will now have one good system we can stick with.
16/06/2011 02:56:18Windows, LinuxInteractive shellIt looks like you are getting there with the qt console. I'd like to do a simple keystroke paste from clipboard. I need to study it more, but I would think it would nice to have a tighter integration with an editor, such that I could collect a bunch of history commands and edit those to create a file and then not execute the file. Also, it would be great to be able execute only a portion of a file. I am thinking of Matlab, where I can edit a file, highlight a few lines and press F9 and it will execute those lines.USAI am currently using it as an extended command shell.
18/06/2011 16:40:01Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellTaipeiFirst of all, I like the interactive nature of IPython. It works really well by auto-complete, which is the initial reason interests me. And then, we combine IPython with Autodesk Maya Python modules to help us making use of this interactive goodness. I have already replace official Python shell by IPython.
20/06/2011 21:03:51WindowsInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresUSA
21/06/2011 16:29:37Windows, LinuxInteractive shellGermany
21/06/2011 23:01:51LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresbetter support for parallel computing with sungrid USAfinance industry
21/06/2011 23:57:22Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresUSAAcademia (cognitive neuroscience).
22/06/2011 10:07:06LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresUKAcademia (computational biology). Linear algebra code with numpy & scipy
22/06/2011 14:12:58LinuxInteractive shellNorwayBioinformatics, statistics, interactive graphics, collaborative work.
23/06/2011 02:42:44Mac OS XInteractive shell, pylabNo comment. I've only yet explored a small part of IPython.USABriefly: As a matlab replacement for data analysis and as a repl to test Python code in development.

I'm a grad student in chemical physics. Most of my IPython calculations are moderately light, finishing in at most seconds and using no more than 500MBs. I need to explore the parrallel computing features for interaction with our clusters and I'd be interested in driving some of heavier calculations from IPython. All of my data analysis and generation of figures for publication are down with scripts that I %run through IPython.

I run IPython in a emacs buffer with ipython.el mode. With the addition of python-mode.el, this serves as a great Python repl with tight integration into emacs. While its a bit of a hack, I've found it very useful to write emacs commands that interact with IPython through the prompt.
23/06/2011 15:25:11Windows, Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellIt would be nice to have an IPython-based shell to embed in my Tk application, based on IPython, so that Windows users would have a good way to use command-line features within the GUI application.UKAs a better shell for the Topographica neural simulator (topographica.org).It would be possible to write a Tk frontend to the new two-process model, although it would be quite a bit of work.
24/06/2011 08:24:22Windows, LinuxInteractive shellUSASoftware QA. Exploratory, interactive testing of APIs. Also test frameworks.
25/06/2011 08:46:08LinuxInteractive shellAustralia
27/06/2011 09:22:06Windows, LinuxInteractive shell, Embedded shellIPython console "widget" for Tkinter.UKI'm in academia. IPython is embedded in a program I use. IPython is great!
27/06/2011 16:04:32Mac OS XInteractive shellBroadly, it is fine as it is, but there are some stability issues that need to be worked out.

Some minor features that I would really like are:

1. Make the code completion more intelligent such that when an object is a list element we can still see the attached methods
i.e if objects is a list of objects we can type objects[0].<tab> and get completions

2. When we print a dictionary, perhaps there could be an option not to print the whole dictionary but just the keys and the data types recursively (so we can see the structure of the dictionary/list but are not cluttered up by the data contents)

USAI work in academia. I use python+matplotlib to do data analysis. My preferred shell is iPython.Please check there are issues open for any stability issues you find.
27/06/2011 19:31:38LinuxInteractive shellIt's really quite remarkable as it is right now. I have no outstanding needs for IPython.USAAs a shell for scientific computing (pylab+scipy) in my job in academia, and for GTK development as a hobby.
28/06/2011 17:45:20Windows, Mac OS XInteractive shellUSAIn industry and programming as a hobby. I use it mainly for the help features, the '%run' feature, and history. I have yet to embed it in my own application.
29/06/2011 07:19:54LinuxInteractive shelleasier interaction with some sort of a programmer's editor to deal with blocks of code that finally make up batch scripts that are developed in ipythonSwitzerlandPostprocessing data from scientific computing and doing quick and explorative plotting
29/06/2011 14:28:32LinuxInteractive shellmaking the use of the debugger easier (like in matlab) ?GermanyIt is great. I would not want to miss it.

02/07/2011 12:39:27LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresWith the IPython at university a sometimes encounter bugs in the Matplotlib integration (e.g., closing a plot window doesn't really work without the use Ctrl-C afterwards). I would like the Scipy/Matplot integration to improve further.

Besides that, I think IPython used as the better Python shell is a great product. I cannot come up with any suggestions for further improvements.

Also, I found out about the parallel computing facilities of IPython just recently. Maybe some more documentation on how IPython distinguishes itself from scripted MPI usage with mpi4py would be great to have.
GermanyI use IPython mainly as the better Python shell for developing and testing. Besides that, IPython serves as a better calculator/Matlab replacement for quick computation (using the pylab option).

I am in academia. I mainly use Python for non-time-critical things. Cython and F2PY take care of the rest.
05/07/2011 03:46:02LinuxInteractive shell-Syntax highlighting
-Better execution of pasted code; for example, letting the cursor go up a line
-Not separating pasted code into fragments and executing each when it has two newlines
-Not saving the exit prompt in the readline history
CanadaProgramming as a hobby and working a part-time job programming a scanning system for a hospital.

I sometimes use it in conjunction with a text editor; editing a file and executing it with "run".

I use it for automating tasks, such as web scraping, as well.

I also use it as part of the Sage mathematical software (it is the built-in shell).
Most of these things are tricky to do in the terminal, but have a play with the new Qt console.
05/07/2011 22:54:46Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shell- Robustness, it does crash on occasionUSAIndustry for number crunching. I like the interactive shell.Is there something that always makes it crash?
06/07/2011 18:27:59LinuxInteractive shellUruguayI use IPython as my default python shell with python numpy etc
08/07/2011 05:39:41Mac OS XInteractive shellBetter handling of reloading modules after changes have been made to the source; Cleaner windows management.USAI'm a postdoctoral fellow in biological sciences doing computational biophysics. I use IPython as my primary shell to prototype analysis code.
08/07/2011 10:12:06LinuxInteractive shellNotice : As I don't use the full functionnalities of ipython, my requirements might allready be implemented !

I really like the history feature. But I would like something like the "histyory" command of unix shell, to show a number a lines of the history, then I could copy/cut them to paste it in a test/code implementation.
FranceAt work, developping web applications using Python, mainly Pylons framework.
IPython is used as the base shell interpreter when debugging or testing.
You're right, we do already have a %history command. Type %history? for more information.
09/07/2011 21:25:30LinuxInteractive shellUSAI use IPython to analyze and plot large numerical data (via h5py and scipy). I also use IPython for learning new Python packages.
09/07/2011 21:35:30Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellSome of the commands are the same as standard linux commands. I'd like to change the keymapping to avoid conflicts.
I want a Python 3 compatible version too. I've been using Python 3.x for a long time now.
USATelecom business. Use it for many things, mostly related to software development.Python 3 compatibility is coming with 0.11
11/07/2011 13:36:59Mac OS XInteractive shellBetter support for python3 in ipython.el. I haven't been able to make it work very well if at all. Still crashing when I try to access py-shell.USAI'm currently a student in Computer Science. I'm learning python and I like IPython as a shell to my system for it's extendability. I'm an old perl guy learning python.
11/07/2011 22:26:47Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellUSAI am an astrophysicist and have been using IPython for data analysis, plotting, statistics. I switched from the commercial data analysis environment IDL to Python and IPython.
12/07/2011 10:11:41Mac OS XInteractive shell, magic commands, shell commandsbpython style suggestions and expected parameter list, like shown here:

Even more integration with the shell
12/07/2011 21:55:57Windows, Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shell, Parallel computing featuresI love the direction IPython is going in 0.11 I've like in the past to embed it and use it to communicate with other simulation programs. Embedding looks cleaner in 0.11. I think the zmq features are going to be great for this.

I'm intrigued to see if I can easily communicate from ipython to parallel processes with a non-threaded version of python. I tend to prefer these for their, efficient, low-latency responses as I try to follow erlang's model of parallelism when I can.
USAI use it as an all-in-one matlab replacement and code exploration tool.
13/07/2011 21:18:56Mac OS X, LinuxInteractive shellExcited about 0.11!! Looks like it has everything we want. We plan to leverage the distributed processing features in the future. And its great not to need twisted anymore. Web based engineering notebook concept will be super.USAUse ipython as an engineering shell for interacting with our simulation system. Rely on helpers like completion, help(), matplotlib,...
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