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No VTA120 will likely mean costs and delays will go up
Please keep Route 120 !
Canceling VTA120 will result in a ton of inconvenience and increase commute time by at least 30 mins
Cancel VTA 120 will force more drivers on the road, it will make VTA/RIDERS both losers
Time & financial-wise, it doesn't make sense to use BART and multi-transfers to get to work. This will impact many that commute through Fremont.
Having the line 120 is a convenient option for me to commute, not to memtion that it's the only option for many riders.
keep VTA120 or extent new route from Pleasanton to Lockheed Martin
Your decision to kill 120 will put MORE cars on the road adding to gridlocks, pollution, rider frustration. I will NEVER use VTA in my lifetime if this happens. Don't go backwards, VTA has an obligation to provide improved public transportation. BART+Light Rail does not go everywhere. The only remaining option is VTA 120. So KEEP IT going.
Canceling VTA 120 route is a very very misguided decision. Without route 120 we will not have a viable public transportation option. There is ZERO chance I will ( and most others using this route) will take public transportation without route 120. It's either use the car, try out carpool options, or find another job elsewhere.
Please don't cancel VTA 120! We need this line to continue operating.
VTA120 is very important for my commute. I ride it everyday. if cancelled, I have to drive everyday. Currently the bus is running 6 times per day. It's fine to reduce the number. But Please keep it. Thanks .
I will probably have to find another job if route 120 is cancelled, as it would be too time and energy consuming to drive so I can pickup my kids on time after work. If others do the same, will my employer stop participating in the EcoPass program?
Cancelling route 120 is going to be a major inconvenience. A reduction in the number of trips might be considered instead of completely cancelling the service.
VTA management is totally irresponsible and idiotic.
Remain 120 line in service
It's very inconvenient to discontinue Route 120 for many of us. Please do not do it. Thanks!
Most passengers riding VTA120 aren't making connection from BART. They are folks live in nearby areas or along the route and work in the Moffett Business Park
Less VTA120 can be considered but don't cancel it. We have enough riders to keep this operation going.
(a) We are not commuters of BART catching the VTA (b) we are driving from NORTH Fremont/Ardenwood to catch the 120 in S. Fremont (c) If 120 service is cut off from Stevenson Blvd - we have no alternative but to start Driving SOLO again (d) Defeats the purpose of lowering cars on the Road
Instead of canceling service, you should be increasing bus frequency. It helps to reduce traffic congestion. Please do nit cancel 120 service.
I am not happy with this change.
The BART extension + light rail will not be the option for 120 riders to commute to work nor serve the purpose of today's expressline 120 which is to reduce traffic, commute time and make our environment green
I have been taking this bus for past 5 yrs. The number of riders have increased and also additional busses were introduced in last 3 yrs.
We all are seeing a large number of office building coming up in Sunnyvale. This route is the most efficient way to reach from Fremont to Sunnyvale and back. The riders headcount is only going to grow. Taking multiple connections or BART will at least double or triple the travel time. This leaves only one choice "start driving your own car". And most riders do NOT want to do that. I would request VTA to reconsider their proposal to stop 120.
Another observation to support above request is that, we also now see other new busses (Yahoo, Bauer, ...) taking 120 route. This can only mean more people prefer taking bus along this route.
The alternative offered by VTA is not practical for anyone riding 120 service.
Bus 120 is not just for BART riders. Cancellation of bus routes like 120 would make traffic congestion even worse. Please reconsider and keep bus 120 in service.
BART connection between two points that are not my origin or destination does not change my use of the 120 bus route.
Keep vta120 and the current schedule
Taking BART followed by light rail to get to Sunnyvale from Fremont is not an option for me for several reasons. Top two reasons are: it will take way too long to get to destination, and company does not provide pass for BART.
This bus is the most convenient and well thought out route dropping right next to the various companies. In my opinion there should be more buses like this instead of it being cancelled
I really like the 120 and have ridden it regularly for 5 years. Please reconsider keeping this route.
The 120 route serves a large number of dedicated daily passengers from Fremont, and points north and east. It allows them quick efficient transport to their jobs while reducing traffic and pollution. VTAs alternatives if the 120 route is cancelled do not provide any of these benefits.
We sincerely request VTA to continue VTA 120 service, which is one of the most successful(in terms of riding passengers) compared to other VTA express services like 140 etc. On an average, there were about 125 -150 passengers that commutes to south bay offices located in Java, Mathilda, Caribbean drives and some of these commuters have either a single of no car. Hence please keep the service.
This service (120 Express) is a life saver. I can't imagine myself driving on my own on 237/880 during office hours. Please do not kill this service.
Keep 120
Route 120 is a heavily utilized service. Very high value to keep it going.
Keep vta riders who live in Fremont and work in Santa Clara county in mind for eco pass. Give us a good solution for route 120.
I would like to express that I am rider on the VTA 120 and very disappointed of its cancelling by the end of this year. The cancelling on the 120 will add additional: 1) personal Safety concerns, 2) significant time to my already lengthy commute, 3) unreimbursed already expensive BART costs, and 4) will be less comfortable since 120 had leg rests, reclining seats, overhead luggage compartments, overhead reading lights, felt like a dedicated Coach Bus with limited stops and other riders watched-out for each others’ safety and well-being. It could also discouraged potential future LM recruits from the Fremont/East Bay to not consider LM Sunnyvale as an employer of great choice. Please do what you can to have the VTA reverse its decision. If I may be of service please contact me.
That I would love to see this service up and running
Please don't discontinue VTA 120. Rather may cut the frequency of operations to 3 or 4 instead of 6 buses in the morning. Two buses between 7:42 AM and 8:32 AM may be eliminated. These buses run too close to each other and are mostly empty. This is waste of resources, and money, and adds additional pollution to the environment when we can do without it.
Please do not cancel route 120 altogether in the bigger interest of riders and the environment. If needed, you can consolidate the 6 buses down to a reasonable number.
Bus 120 is the best option to get to Sunnyvale directly from Fremont. Using Bart/Light rail will increase the commute time and is not a logical choice from Fremont to go to south bay and then get to Sunnyvale. This bus has been the best public transportation instead of driving in the worst 880 and 237 traffic at peak hours.
I strongly want to VTA to keep route 120, I have been taking it for 10 years. Over past 10 years, more and more people have started taking it.
Please do not make any changes to the current route.
Keep the VTA120
Please do not cancel the park and ride at Mission Blvd /680 route
VTA options (BART to Light Rail to Lockheed Martin) to the 120 route are unacceptable as they would extend my hour long one way commute to over one and half hours one way with one or two transfers and paid parking. I have been a daily rider for over 20 years, but this is a showstopper. From here on my commute would be either carpool or drive alone.
Please do not cancel 120 route. This bus is very useful for the office commuters from Fremont to south bay. Other public transport options are too long and not feasible on daily basis. Driving in the traffic everyday is not a healthy option either. Please keep the 120 route or please introduce an alternate fast public transport.
I have taken 120 for 10 years. It is reliable and comfortable. It is a model of public transportation. It reduces my stress level. It reduces traffic on CA 237 and carbon footprint. Cancelling a successful and well-like line is not a wise decision.
BART + Light Rail is much more time consuming and expensive. It's not an option.
Please keep vta 120 route running to avoid more cars on the road!
Please keep vta 120 route running to avoid more cars on the road!
Since even an express Light Rail will take longer to get to Milpitas than the 120 takes to go all the way to Fremont, I will drive myself after the 120 is discontinued.
Keep 120, it's convenient for fremont residents directly commuting to office. Bart train not going help.
Please don't cancel Rt 120
Using only the most naively optimistic prediction for the timing of the BART extension (e.g. "Fall 2017") as a thin excuse to completely cancel such established VTA service is not only ludicrous but also dishonest and even cowardly.
I take public transit ONLY because of the convenience that VTA route 120 offers. If there were more express route services like these, I am sure we would have seen more people take public transit. It will be a sad to see this service get cut and add more cars to the already crowded highways.
It will be very inconvenient in not having 120 Express bus. It can't go away without a viable alternative. There is no feasible way for me to find an alternative route that does not involve multiple hops in light-rail, local bus, Bart or other means of public transportation. What is VTA thinking? I have highest praise for VTA until I see the cancellation notice that 120 will be out in fall of 2017. What are VTA doing or smoking? What is it in VTA in cancelling 120?
The only reason my commute is affordable is my BART ride is the minimum fare and I get to use the Eco pass into Sunnyvale. If the 120 goes away, the cost of BART will increase and driving will now be cheaper. I'd have to quit using transit.
Bart + light rail is not able to be as convenient as 120. Please do not cancel it.
I've been riding the 120 (and 520 while it was in service) since 1988. I'm very disappointed to hear about the potential cancellation of service from the Fremont BART station. Doing away with express service will force me and many fellow bus riders back into our cars. Thank you for reconsidering this action.
I am completely dependent on 120. If stopped I will be highly impacted.
I do not quite understand the proposed cancellation of VTA120. The website makes it appear that the BART connection to Berryessa replaces the need for VTA120. However, BART is not a replacement or viable alternative for the 120 route. A light rail connection from Berryessa to Lockheed takes over an hour by itself. In fact, taking BART to Berryessa does not get me any closer to the Lockheed area than the soon-to-open Warm Springs station, and only marginally closer than the Fremont station. Nobody using VTA120 today will transition to BART as an alternative, because it is not a viable replacement alternative. VTA 120 is a successful bus service that always operates at greater than 75% capacity. It should be an example of what we strive toward in public transportation, not cancelled in favor of inferior options.
I take VTA 120 every single weekday for work. It is my main and favoriate transportation to work place. So I really hope you can keep VTA120.
Please keep Route 120 in service.
Good cross county public transportation frequently is neglected. VTA has been transporting talented people across county line to come and work in Santa Clara county for decades. Maintaining the 120 allows the edges of our bay area counties to work well together. I've been riding the 120 bus for 15 years and the removal of such a service which is frequently filled to capacity would greatly congest the 880 237 commute. Please reconsider.
BART is not the answer because BART is overloaded as is. There is 0 parking at BART stations after 7:30am, if you add VTA commuters how is that going to work? Considering the popularity and use of 120 I'm surprised it's under consideration for being shut down.
If 120 got cancelled, it will affect my commute a lot. I can't choose bart and light rail. It will take much longer time to commute to my company and very hard to keep 8 working hours in office
I've been riding the 120 for three years now. The bus has allowed me to make better use of my time since I'm able to work, read, and study on the bus rather than waste my time behind the wheel. My overall stress level is much reduced because I'm not dealing with traffic everyday. Most importantly, I'm not adding to the traffic problems along the 237 and 880 corridors, and I'm able to reduce my carbon footprint.
I have fibromyalgia, which makes it painful to drive. I use vta120 to be able to get to work reliably. Taking multi hop AC transit and light rail will make it very time consuming and painful, affecting my work life. Please keep vta120 route going.
Do not cancel VTA 120
Bus service is a public service. If there is enough ridership to support a given route, there is no reason to cancel it. It is not a good practice to postulate the future impact of BART. It is better to wait for the solid date to justify any change.
It's a very popular route, we should keep it
Request to continue 120 service to avoid more traffic on the road and encourage more people to use public transport
People highly depend on this route to get to and from work.
VTA 120 is the only public transport I ever used for commute. Please dont take it away. Its very effective in keeping less cars on the road.
Been taking this bus to commute to work for over 10 years. Hope that it would not be discontinued.
It would be great if this route is continued as it saves lots of time and money.
Just replace VTA120 with a bus that connects Warm Springs BART with the Lockheed portion of the route. The 680 bottleneck on Mission makes the VTA120 north route a terrible ride and an unpredictable mess for both the driver and riders.
With all the new businesses opening in the Sunnyvale area, it's important to encourage bus riding. If the 120 doesn't' run, many more cars will commute Fremont to Sunnyvale.
It really helps if there is bus like 120 to take me to where I work( 101 and Shoreline )
Service Continuity
Please keep 120. Willing to pay doublr-triple fare.
120 Express is a good example of good public transportation- efficient route and always good ridership. Please keep it.
VTA 120 bus has reduced daily stress of commute and also reducing carbon footprint. This will however change once the 120 bus is discontinued!
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