Joyful Systems FOSS projects survey 2012: shelltestrunner
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Timestamp1. How much time have you spent using or working with this project in the past ?2. How often do you use/work with this project currently ?3. How much do you need this project, or something quite like it, currently ? 4. How are you likely to participate this year ?5. Why/how did you get started with this project ?6. Why did you stop, if you did ?7. What have you used it for ?8. What do/did you like best about it ?9. What do/did you like least about it ?10. Your contact info, for uniquification and clarification/followup ?
2/23/2012 22:25:511 year or lessOccasionallyStrong needUsing it, Keeping an eye on IRC or mail list, perhaps a bug report now and then, QA, bug tracking, discussion, Debugging, coding, architecture discussionI just searched Hackage for something that did what I was looking for, and shelltestrunner was the only option.For running command-line tests :-)Its simplicity.Its simplicity :-)dreixel
2/24/2012 0:04:531 month or lessOccasionallyModerate needUsing it
2/24/2012 4:53:381 year or lessOccasionallyModerate needUsing it, Debugging, coding, architecture discussionSaw it on hackage, I thinkshell tests for nice and simpleIf I recall correctly the test specs are restricted to one line for the command so you have to write a separate shell script to callHeffalump
2/24/2012 18:12:34More than a yearOccasionallyStrong needUsing itI think I searched on hackage.Testing of my python compiler and MPI bindings.Simple, intuitive, can be used in parallel.It doesn't write test cases for me (just kidding).

In truth I don't have any complaints.
2/27/2012 1:00:411 month or lessOccasionallyStrong needUsing it, Keeping an eye on IRC or mail list, perhaps a bug report now and thenI had a set of unit tests (using hunit) for the internals of 'cblrepo'. Keeping unit test on specific internals was not a big problem, but when I was struggling when it came to integration testing. I realised the easiest solution was to simply run the tool on different inputs, but didn't know of any convenient way to automate it. An announcement of shelltestrunner on haskell-cafe saved me a bit of searching :)Integration testing of 'cblrepo'.Easy to get started with.Haven't used it enough yet to find anything really bad about it. One little annoyance is the lack of support for set-up and tear-down; they end up appearing like normal tests.magnus
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