Carolan tune collation
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This sheet © CC-BY Simon Chadwick 2019 - It is a work in progress, and some sections are incomplete or not yet checked. For more information or to ask a question, please see http://simonchadwick.net1724c.1742/65?1747-81778-80178617871792-18001792 on1797c.1800180918101840
myDonal O’Sullivan, Carolan the Life Times and Music of an Irish harper. London, Routlege & Kegan Paul, 1958, 2 vols. Numbers 214 and above are from Bonnie Shaljean’s ’Appendix’ to the 2001 Ossian edition though they are un-numbered there; the numbers above 214 are from Catríona Rowsome, The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs, Waltons 2011.IKHGráinne Yeats, ‘Lost chords’, Ceol 7, 1984Numbers only, no titlesLMNA,ZA, ZOARSTO’FarrellOtherTom MooreFirst lineAttributionNotes
rating(how likely I think this tune is by Carolan) 9= definitely attributed in old harp tradition; 0= no chance, complete fabricationDOSC and Shaljean appendix Rating (tunes marked with * are “doubtful” to be by CarolanDOSC no.Neale: A Colection of the most Celebrated Irish Tunes proper for the violin, German Flute or Hautboy. Dublin: John & William Neale, 1724.Burk Thumoth, Twelve Scotch & Twelve Irish Airs. London, H. Thorowgood (n.d., perhaps 1742 or 1744 or 1765?). Also Twelve English and twelve Irish airs (book the second) (London, H. Thorowgood, n.d.)John Carolan’s book, 1748, the “Carolan-Delaney fragment” (Dublin, National Library of Ireland, LO 1635)Tunes marked with x are said to be likely copied from John Carolan into Lee.Broderip & Wilkinson edition 1799x1808 Lee (1778-80?). I’m using a later reprint: A Favourite Collection of the much Admired Old Irish Tunes, the original and genuine compositions of Carolan the celebrated Irish bard, set for the Harpsichord, Piano Forte, Violin and German Flute Hime, Dublin, [1798] (Dundee, Wighton Collection, W10448J C Walker, Historical memoirs of the Irish bards Dublin 1786
Thompson Hibernian Muse
Harp transcription: field notations of performance by Irish harp tradition-bearers (Bunting Collection, Queens University Belfast MS4/ For more information please see my Old Irish Harp Transcriptions Project via transcription (i.e. not from harp performance, but from singer or other traditional musician) For more info see my Old Irish Harp Transcriptions Project via copy or arrangement (set for piano or otherwise adapted, not field transcriptions). See Colette Moloney, The Irish Music Manuscripts of Edward Bunting (1773-1843): An Introduction and Catalogue (Dublin: Irish Traditional Music Archive, 2000).Bunting printed piano book, 1797. Ms annotations from London BL Add ms 41508Cody ms (in Bunting Collection QUB Special Collections ms4) See Colette Moloney, The Irish Music Manuscripts of Edward Bunting (1773-1843): An Introduction and Catalogue (Dublin: Irish Traditional Music Archive, 2000).Bunting printed piano book, 1809. Ms annotations from London BL Add ms 41508Mulholland Ancient Irish airs 1810Bunting printed piano book, 1840Walker 2nd edPocket Companionsources(see DOSC for details)See Veronica Ní Chinnéide, ‘The sources of Moore’s Melodies’, The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland vol 89 no.2, 1959, pp.109-134Wordsif not in early source
91410.2 Plansty Bourk6564 Plangsty Bourk.Ms33 2 p.48 out of printed book. Part of this tune from Charles ByrneCHECK THIS! p.79 Planxty McDermott1840 p.31N
97010.3 Mr Daniel Kelly
93311.2 Mrs Delany
912812.1 O FlinButler at Alderford attended C on his death bed
94412.2 Mr Wm Eckles
94713.1 Mrs Farrel
917013.2 Genl. Winne & JiggDPetrie got this from the CC book
915914.1 Sr Arthur Shean
96214.2 Mr. Baptist Johnston1797 no.58 Plangstig an Iohnstonach / Planxty Johnston (Carolan) [ms annotation: Harp Byrne]ms36 f103r Meant for Planxty Johns / come live with me and be my love / there are words for it by Carolan in English…See z iii p.54
992p.2315.1 Morgan Mc Gann Esqr & jiggMs33(2) p.66 Morgan Magan – by Carolan – Plangsty / From Printed Book1809 p71 copied from NealAC p.265 Molly Magan Carolan cct – DOS says not by C.
911415.2 jigg (to morgan mc Gann)6665 Plangsty Connor.Ms33(1) p.33 Billy’s set of P. Conner by Carolan <full transcription> Billy O’Malley was a (?piper) who also gave words to Lynchms33 2 p.50 Plangsty Connor by Carolan / From Dennis Hempson MagilliganBlind Billy O’Malley’s words: Sin chugaibh é ‘nuas le fánaididh
912015.3 Michl Connor Esqr & jigg
910216.2 Mrs Maxwell
911317 Mr Connor & Jigg
95318.1 Doctor Hartms29 p.90 Doctor Hart <full and dots transcription>Ms33 3 p.36-7 Doctor Hart by Signor Carrolini from Hugh Higgins County Mayo also ms33 5 p.62 also ms33 4 p.47 Seághan Ua Revd John Hart Cearbhúlán cct1840 p.23 from Hugh HigginsBhéara mé anois an chuairt so gan bhréig
99718.2 Mr Molone
9195Fairy Queen by Sigr Carrollini19.2 Fairy Queenms29 p.146/143/152 (f71r) just the last few bars. Ms29 p.92/88/97/f43v beginning of second part1797 p.3 Bean righ na sibhrach-Fairy Queen-Carolan (ms annotation: Harp O.Neil / This tune is not Carolan’s but was adapted by him from an original melody, it had two other parts which one in the collection published at Christ Church Yard by Neale / [pencil commentary on Carolan’s music opposite])Bainrioghuin na siothbhraca - Fairy queenCBefore the Battle. By the hope within us springing (Third number, 6, 1810)Annals p.223 “The Fairy Queen of Carolan was not intended by him for words but as a piece of music for the harp”
946 Mr. James Betagh & Jigg to the abovex6059 Mr.. James Betagh / Jigg
917.2 Lady AthenryV, X
9438.1 John Drudyx5655 John Drudy.Ms33(2) p. 46 Faulte goh Kingsland or Plagsty Kingsland from Arthur O NeillB 3 versions, Sorry to Part, Caitín a Stór, Caitín mo Stór. CEFG similar titlesFáilte romhat go Kingsland, a bhinn-bhean na méar lag, See no.42. For DOSB see Z I p.39See also ms29 p20 for title? Cant make out transcription thereAlasdair Codona 2009 setting with text and tune
9918.2 Miss Betty Mc.NealAC p.171 Mo chuairt go Baile Í Sgannláin
91278.3 Mr. Hugh O Donnelms29 p.12: Plangsty O Donnell <copy> Ms33 3 p.13 Planxty O Donnell by Carolan from Charles Byrne, ms 33 5 p.35 Planxty O Donnell (Hugh)1840Lynch ms18p22/ms7no50 words on Hugh O Donnell, but not by Carolan and not the same meter so not for this tune???
9469.2 Mrs Fallenposs Chearbhúlán mé tháinic, chun na h-áite seo a’ déanamh spóirt
91409.3 Mr John Reily1797 no.46 Plangstigh Reilligh - Planxty Reilly – Carolan [ms annotation: Harp Quin]Plangstigh Raigle Plangstigh Raighle – Planxty Reilly [ms annotation: Harp O Neil / By Carolan]The wandering bard. What life like that of the bard can be (tenth number, 4, 1834)DFS Seaghan O Rioghalluuuighe a gCondae na Midh. John Reilly the Active, Co. Meath, by Carolan. AC p.193 Tóigthear mo sheólta agus gléastar mo chomhalta liom
9199Plea Rarkeh na Rourkough or ye Irish weding11 Ple Raca na Rourkaughappendix p.16ms29 p107 (no title) <full transcription or copy?>Ms33(2) p.13 Ple Rakagh na Rourkagh or O Rourke’s noble feast / translated by Dean Swift / from Rose Mooney1809 p.8 Pleidh raca na Ruarcach Pleidh raca na Ruarcach – O Rourke’s Feast [ms annotation: Harp O Neil)p.9 reprint of NealeNKRUby Hugh MacGauran. Pléráca na ɼuarcach I gcuimhne gach uile dhuine
9110p.2622 Grecy Nugent1797 no.65 Grace NugentNCJIs mian liom trácht ar bhláth na finneMiss Owenson 1805 gives tune with title Smeem lhum tracht er vla na femah
97233 John KellyMs33 5 p58 Planxty Miss Burke by Carolan (MOSB says p76 but this seems to be an error? The ms has pencil page 58 written on it)p.67 John Kelly1840 p.43 Planxty Miss Bourke by Carolan from Arthur O NeillN
912544 Mr.. Charles O Connor.P21 Mr Charles O Connor
916555 Mr.. Waller
91036.76 John Moore. / Jiggp.22
916087 Major Shanlyp.27N
94598 Mrs.. EdwardsN
9148109 Toby Peytonms29 p.26-7 Plangty Peyton (or Toby) / Carolan rode crooked <dots and bars transcription, neat copy of transcription, this matches the 1840 Higgins version but is different from the ms33 Byrne version>Ms33 2 p.5 Plangsty Peyton or Toby Peython by Carolan / from Charles Byrne1840 p.97 no.127 Toby Peyton’s Plangsty by Carolan [index p.ix, H.Higgins, harper, 1792]CENDTWAC p.134 Láimh leis an gCéis tá’n siollaire sísta
91361110 Mrs.. O Nealp.4
9811211 Mrs.. Mc.. Dermotp.4see AC p.111 a poem on Mrs McDR by C incorporating lines from Molly MacAlpin (Carolan’s Dream)
9951312 Bryan Mc.. Gwyer Esqr..
9571413 Capt.. Higgins. / Jigg
91181514 Mrs.. O Connor.
91671615 Mr.. Wm.. Ward.p.80
91071716 John Nugent of Colambar.NAC p.198 Cor Rince, no Ghig. Fáilte dhuit féin go h-Éirinn, Inghin na séad ‘s na bpéarlaífor wedding of John Nugent and Lady Margaret Plunkett
91551817 Mrs.. Trench.Ms33 3 p.15 Madame Trench or or Fanny Power by Carolan from Charles Byrne. ms29 p.22 Mrs Trench or Miss Fanny Poer NOT A TRANSCRIPTION?p.51 Inghin ni Pudhar Miss Power1840 no 67 p.49 from Arthur O NeillN Thompsons Hibernian Muse Mrs Trench, Owenson Planxty PowerAC p.158 Is mian liom labhairt ar óg-mhnaoi shuairc. Another version from Lynch in ms7 no 9
91532019 David Poer Esqr.N
91572120 George Reynolds Esqr.ms29 p.199 Plangsty Lough Skur Reynolds <full transcription>Ms33 2 p. 32 Plangsty Reynolds of Lough Skur by Carolan / from Hugh Higgins county MayoNms29 p.38 Plangsty Reynolds Lough Skur title only (is tune of Ned Dodwell)
9242221 Mrs.. Crofton.Ms33 5 p.46 Mrs Crofton by Carolan in imitation of Corelli from Charles Fanning1840 no 22Is mór mo spéis san óig-mhnaoi
91152322 O Connor.NIs iongantach an chúis é ‘s is nuaidheacht sa’ tírDoS the only air suiting the words
91222423 Dennis O Connor.Go mba slán beó bliadhnach éHead of Belnagare. Sung there by Carolan on xmas day 1723
91082524 Mrs.. Nugentp.58N
91662625 Mrs.. WallerN
9642726 Loftus Jones.Ms33.3 p1Ms33 2 p.38 Loftus Jones by Carolan from Charles Fanning1809 p.41 Loftus Iones Loftus Jones – Loftus Jones [ms annotation: Fanning Harp / composed by Carolan in imitation of the Italian school, like his Concerto in which there is nothing Irish.]
9202827 Mrs Costeloe.
91529 & 6828 Madam Cole. Also 67 Planksty by Carolan.ms29 p149 Madam Cole <dots transcription some notes, some B markings>1797 no.16 Maighistreas Cole Madam Cole – Carolan [ms annotation: Harp Oneil]DWBCIs aoibhin, is sáimh í, is síothamhuil gach lá í
9653029 Bumper ’Squire Jones.xvims29 p199 Jones <full transcription>1809 p.26 Pleidh raca na Iones. Pleidh raca na Jones – Bumper Squire Jones [ms annotation: Harp Oneill]NP'Se an compliment ceóil, Don óigfhear breágh tréan Thar uaisle na h-Éireann
9313130 James Daly.N
91013231 Madm.. Maxwell.ms29 p.98 Maxwell <notes transcription>ms33 3 p.52 Madam Maxwell by Carolan from Hugh Higgins (different version of tune?)1840 p.68 Mrs Maxwell from Charles Fanning Carolan
91623332 Mrs.. Sterling.ms29 p.203/201/210/f100r Madam Sterling <full transcription>Ms33 2 p.4 Madame Sterling by Carolan / from Charles Byrnep.65
9113433 Honble.. Thos. Bourkp.53
9493534 Mrs.. Garvey.
91193635 Doctor O Connor.
9803736 Harry Mc.. Dermottroe.poss Is mian liom triall feasda ar Hanraigh óg mac Séarluis
91343837 Mrs.. O Donnel.Ms33 3 p10 Seabhac na hEirne / from Arthur O Neill with words English and Irish. also ms33(5)1840 p.13Loads of versions. CPC book 8 p.45 Port Atholl. B p.200Port Atholl. CDFS. Words and music together in JIFSS vii p.21 [1909]DFS So féirin deagh-mhná is áille JIFSS Ag so feairin deagh mna sille. Máire Ní Arbhasaigh recording 1931, Sung verse spoken verse
9503938 Mrs.. Garvey
91054639 Miss Murphy.N
9344040 Lord Dillon.
91214141 Mr. Michl. Connor.B Michael Ward or Michael O Connor by Carolan
9354242 Young Lady Dillon. / JIGGms29 p.88-9 Miss Dillon and Jigg by Carolan. Includes bass clef sections. Seems to be a transcription, dots re-worked with stems, dots turned into minims. Some time issues.1797 p.13 Rois Dilloun – Rose Dillon - Carolan (ms annotation: Harp Oneill) and 1809 p. 18 Roise Diolun – Rose Dillon (ms annotation: Harp Fanning)
N, M-C p32-3 Miss Dillon of Loch Glen, Roscommon by Carolan
9894343 Bishop of Clogher.Ms33(2) p48 No.93 Lord Bishop of Clogher by Carolan / From Printed Book Published by Carolan’s Son
91944444 Elevation.
938x5345 Councellor Dillon.Counsellor DillonN
9544546 Mrs.. Harwood.NB
91264747 Col: Manus O Donnel.
91244848 Mrs.. O Connor of Balynagar.AC Is mían liom trácht an uairsi ar Mhallae. DOS says Cannot be sung to the tune. But Alasdair Codona 2009 reconstruction works well.
91544949 Mr. Poer. (the [1780] John Lee has the title as Mrs. Poer. See The Complete Works of O'Carolan, Irish Harper and Composer (1670-1738) Suitable for all melody instruments, Ossian Publications 1989 (2nd edition), pp. 13-14 for facsimile pages1797 p.23 Carolan’s ConcertoLots of versions
9775050 Lord LouthNFor Matthew Plunkett Lord of Louth. Go Baile an Talúnaigh rachad don réim-se
960x5151 Colonel Erwyn.ms29 p.20/20/29/f9v Colonel Irwin <copy>MALSO s33 3 p.14 Colonel Irwin by Carolan from Charles Byrne County Leitrim1809 p.39 (ms annotation: O Neil / This excellent imitation of a Highland air, by Carolan, to ingratiate himself with Colonel Irwin who was a Scotchman, is a proof of the versatility of his geniusRacha mé ar cuairt suas gan spás / Ue mhill tace our mhadh mhithout deladh (We will take our way without delay, to see a noble brave and gay) (DOS says these are the words for tune no. 59 but I think he must be wrong)See Z v p45
9189x5252 Carolan’s Maggot.N
974x5453 Mr.. Patrick Kelly.p.78N
9117x5554Mr.. Maurice O ConnorLposs Uí Chonchubhair, míle slán leat, ní sgarfuinn féin go bráth leat
9106x5756 Miss Noble.
985x5857 Mr.. Edmond Mc.. Dermot RoeN
932x5958 Docr.. DelanyN
9116x6160 Young O. ConnorMs33 (2) p.47 Plangsty – Young O Connor – Carolan / from Printed Book no opinion of this tune tho’ a pretty oneUí Chonchubhair, míle slán leat, ní sgarfuinn féin go bráth leatMaurice O’Connor.
9156x6261 Mervyn Spratt EsqrNDOS says surname is Pratt
922x6362 Sir Edward Crofton.BSláinte Sir Éadbhaird sí fhéadas gach uile dhuine a ól
923x6463 Mr. James Crofton
967Tom Judge6766 Carolans Frolick.Ms33 (3) p.58-9 Plangsty – Tom Judge – by Carolan / From Charles Fanning1809 p.47 Tumais mhac a Bhreithamhain / Tumais Mhac a Bhreithamhain – Planxty Thomas Mc. Judge [ms annotation: Mooney Harp / In this tune the harp was tuned in C / the Bass EE raised a semitone to F natural or high bass keyBCJSx Piv p.130 Thomaus a Moumpus'Sé chualas dá rádh ‘réir ráidhte na tíreDOSB references to Bunting mss are wrong
916169 Carolans Receipt / also 1968 Carolans Receipt also no.18 John Staffords Receipt defective (missing first few bars)p.15 Carolan’s ReceiptMs33 2 p.89-901840 p.54 Carolan’s Receipt or Staffords Receipt for Whisley. From Daniel BlackNBCEQMá’s tinn nó slán do thárlaidheas féinMany versions and attributions to C
971ms29 p.10-11 Planxty Kelly Madam Sterling1797 no.21 Plangstigh Cheallaigh Planxty Kelly – Carolan [ms annotation: Harp Byrne / composed for the Kelly’s of Cargins in the county Roscommonp.46iii p.21 planxty KellyFly not yet, tis just the hour (first number, 7, 1807)Possibly Béarfad cuairt go Béal Atha Feórain though Kelly attributions differHardiman (vol I p.liii) refers to "Mr Kelly at Cargins, near Tulsk, in the county of Roscommon, an old and hospitable friend (of Carolan) whom he celebrated in his 'Planxty Kelly'".
966ms29 p.162/160/169/f79v Bob Jordan <full transcription>1797 p.32 Bob isordan Bob Jordan – Carolan [ms annotation: Harp Fanning / The only tune composed by Carolan in the style of Ocaghan wanting the 4th]
969 and 150ms29 p.172/170/179/f84v Madam Keil <full transcription>Ms33 2 p.62 Madam Keel by Carolan from Hempsonms5 p.18 cearbhúlán cct, ms6 p.72 Cearbhúlán a chann with words and music. ms6 p.39 Nelly an Chúil Chraobhaighms5 p72 with score. A Nelly an chúil chraobhaighis Eleanor Pluckett (Ann Heymann points out the two tunes the same at
986ms29 p.191/189/198/f94r M Plangsty Dermot <full transcription>Ms33 2 p.27 Planxty Dermot by Carolan from Charles Byrne Also ms33 5 p.72 Plangsty Dermot by Carolan also ms27 p48 Planxty Mc Dermott from Paddy Quin in 1802ECUY (Hudson, Joyce, Petrie
918ms29 p.202/200/209/f99v Charles Coote Esqr. <full transcription or copy?>Ms33 3 p.50 Charles Coote by Carolan from Rose Mooney1840 p.26
998ms29 p.234/232/241/f115v-235/233/242/f116r Madge Malone <notes and full transcription>1809 p.20 Mreagud Ni Maoleoin – Madge Malone. Carolan. From Rose Mooney
975ms29 p.24/24/33/f11v-25/25/34/f12r Miss Saely Kelly or Sally / Miss Saely Keley <dots and full transcription, copy>Ms33 3 p.16 Sally Ní Cheallaidh or Sally Kelly by Carolan. From Charles Byrne. Also ms33 4 p.12 Celia súl-ghlas iní Cheallaighe also ms33 5 p.74 Miss Saely Kelly1840 p.27 by ConnellanSusanna Kelly Carolan cct. Is I mbarúnta Bhaile Átha Luain
940ms29 p.40 <dots and bars transcription> (no title, page says “plangsty Reynolds”)Ms33 3 p.21 Emon Dabhal or Ned Dodwell by Carolan from Charles Byrne also ms33 5 p.781840 p.77Slán linn siar go bruach an chuain
910ms29 p.45/41/50/f20r Lady Letty Burke proper time <full transcription with B markings>Ms33 3 p.23 Leti ni Buirc or Lettice Burke by Carolan with Harp Bass / from Dennis a Hempson – Magilligan1809 p.55 Letitia Burke [ms: Carolan certainly / Mooney Harp]
926ms29 p.64/60/69/f29v-65/61/70/f30r Breed doag / Young Bridget (or Breed Doag) <dots and full transcription, copy of transcription>Ms33 2 p.9 Brithcit Óg or Young Bridget by Carolan / from Donald Black / I have the wordsAC p.180, A Bhrighid bhéasach, is duit an bhéarsa is creid an méid úd a dhearbhaim (DOS suggestion, confirmed by Bunting writing the start of verse 3 in ms33.2 p9: Struan a roon gan ma agus too / cugea moon a neanagh
9111Ms29 p108 Betty O’Brian <full transcription>, also ms29 p.185/183/192/f91r-186/184/193/f91v Catty Brians / Catty O Brians <full transcription>1797 no.38 Catigh in brian – Kitty O’Brian. Carolan [ms annotation: Harp Fanning]ms5 p.6 Bettí Ní BhriainAC p159 Atá stáid-bhean mhodhmhar I láimh le BóinnBettí not Kitty