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MilesBags of TrashOfficial Segments CompletedFirst on Official SegmentOnly to complete Official SegmentSegments
CHECK THE MAPOverland Trail from US 287B to MichaudOverland Trail from Michaud to VineOverland Trail from Vine to LaporteOverland Trail from Laporte to MulberryOverland Trail from Mulberry to ProspectOverland Trail from Prospect to DrakeTaft Hill from US 287B to VineTaft Hill from Vine to MulberryTaft Hill from Mulberry to ProspectTaft Hill from Prospect to DrakeTaft Hill from Drake to HorsetoothTaft Hill from Horsetooth to Cathy Fromme PrairieShields from US 287 to WilloxShields from Willox to VineShields from Vine to MulberryShields from Mulberry to ProspectShields from Prospect to DrakeShields from Drake to HorsetoothShields from Horsetooth to HarmonyShields from Harmony to TrilbyCollege from Willox to VineCollege from Vine to MulberryCollege from Mulberry to ProspectCollege from Prospect to DrakeCollege from Drake to HorsetoothCollege from Horsetooth to HarmonyCollege from Harmony to TrilbyLemay from Vine to MulberryLemay from Mulberry to ProspectLemay from Prospect to DrakeLemay from Drake to HorsetoothLemay from Horsetooth to HarmonyLemay from Harmony to TrilbyTimberline from Vine to MulberryTimberline from Mulberry to ProspectTimberline from Prospect to DrakeTimberline from Drake to HorsetoothTimberline from Horsetooth to HarmonyTimberline from Harmony to KechterTimberline from Ketcher to TrilbyZiegler from Environmental to HorsetoothZiegler from Horsetooth to HarmonyZiegler from Harmony to KechterStrauss Cabin from Horsetooth to HarmonyStrauss Cabin from Harmony to ZieglerLemay from Willox to VineLemay from Country Club to WilloxGregory from Hwy 1 to Country ClubTurnberry from Douglas to Richards LakeTurnberry from Richards Lake to Mountain VistaTimberline from Mountain Vista to VineBingham Hill RdCentennial from Bingham Hill to Lodgepole / CR25GCentennial from Lodgepole/CR25G to Soldier Canyon DamCentennial from Soldier Canyon Dam to Rotary ParkCentennial from Rotary Park to Dixon Canyon DamCentennial / Dixon Canyon from Dixon Canyon Dam to Maxwell Natural AreaDixon Canyon from Maxwell Natural Area to Overland TrailVine from Overland Trail to Taft HillLaporte from Overland Trail to Taft HillMulberry from Overland Trail to Taft HillElizabeth from Overland Trail to Taft HillProspect from Overland Trail to Taft HillStuart from Overland Trail to Taft HillHampshire from Prospect to DrakeYorkshire from Stuart to Overland Trail to ProspectDrake from Overland Trail to Taft HillHorsetooth from Spring Canyon to Taft HillHarmony from Taft Hill to ShieldsSeneca from Harmony to HorsetoothWabash from Seneca to ManhattanHorsetooth from Taft Hill to ShieldsDunbar from Horsetooth to DrakeSwallow from Dunbar to WorthingtonDrake from Taft Hill to ShieldsConstitution from Drake to StuartStuart from Taft Hill to ShieldsProspect from Taft Hill to ShieldsElizabeth from Taft Hill to ShieldsCity Park/Bennett from Mulberry to ShieldsMulberry from Taft Hill to ShieldsLaporte from Taft Hill to ShieldsMountain from Grandview Cemetery to ShieldsVine from Taft Hill to ShieldsWillox from Shields to CollegeLaporte from Shields to CollegeMountain from Shields to CollegeMulberry from Shields to CollegeLaurel from Shields to CollegePitkin from Shields to CollegeProspect from Shields to CollegeCentre from Prospect to ShieldsDrake from Shields to College
Trashed Runners1,189.1450.1554277XXFFFFXF
Mommy Maids932.7171.739432118XXFFFF
The Running Condors405.062.962316103XXFXFFX
Trash Dogs286.677.6101275
Nature Flailing162.0528521F
Will Run For Trashy Things
Lone Wolf0.000000
*F designates the first team to submit completion of a segment
Last Updated: 11/1/17142
*X designates all additional teams who completed a segment
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