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FTC Online Complaint Assistant (CIS)
EnglishComplaintConsumerNFTCCIS-FTCUSER06/20/2011CRSS\rmiller06/21/2011Internet06/20/2011(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)Oregon CityOROregonUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)70 - 79
Federal Bureau of Consumer rights, corp
10380,port sw Village Center DR
#201Port Saint LucieFLFloridaUSAUNITED STATES34987MichaelST. James?Phone Call: Landline
Phone: 800/888 number
$1500.00Bank Account Debit$1500.009001
Telemarketing, Other
TSR: Other Deception or Abuse (note in comments)
Telemarketing Sales Rule
Michael St JAmes assured me that a refund checck had been mailed (this was 2 weeks ago). None has been received and now they do not answer the phone. I faxed them a cancellation on 05/26/2011. PS9000: telemarketer,took 1500$ from my accountand I cancelled service with them. They have still not return Other-Other Update
4078317810/01/2012FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNEPINON10/01/2012EPINON10/01/2012Phone10/01/2012Y(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)LanderWYWyomingUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)50 - 59
Military Retiree/Veteran
U.S. NavyDigital Rights CorpUSAUNITED STATES4242343150TeronSuttonInternet/E-mailInternet/E-mail$500.00$0.009000
Other (Note in Comments)
Consumer had his internet turned off and he called his service provider and they told him that Digital Rights Corp sent them a warning telling him that they would shut off his internet if he didn’t contact them and he did and they told him that they had 34 counts against him of uploading a children’s song and they told him that it could be $150 thousand dollars per each count and they have admitted that he didn’t do it but he has to pay it because his service was used to do this and he has to pay teh consumer was told if he gave them $500 they would make everything go away. Advised Consumer to call the State Attorney General.
Internet Crime Complaint Center
I1212211633033322EnglishComplaintOrganizationNIC3-USER12/21/2012External Agency12/21/2012(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)CONNELLSVILLEPAPennsylvaniaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)50 - 59Digital Rights Corp
3100 Donald Douglas Loop NORTH
SANTA MONICACACaliforniaUSAUNITED STATES904054242343150nonePhoneBank Account Debit$3000.002122Music: All Formats
NOTE: To prevent interference with pending law enforcement action, prior to any investigative action, please contact the IC3 at SEARCH@IC3.GOV. Please check the "CSN Record Details page - Data Reference field" link for further details on IC3 data. --- Incident description: The Digital Rights Corp. has charged us with 216 illegal down loads. They said that 153 sucessfully down loaded. They first wanted us to pay 3,000 dollars. Now everytime we speak to them the amount changes from 3,000, 560.00, 500.00, and the last amount was 390.00,. They just keep calling us and having our cable co Armstrong send out a list of the infringments.Can you please tell me if this co is a real corporation?
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
140516-000017EnglishComplaintOrganizationNCFPB-USER05/20/2014External Agency05/20/2014(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)EUGENEOROregonUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)50 - 59Rightscorp Inc
3100 Donald Douglas Loop North
Third Party Debt Collection
CFPB Sub product: Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) --- CFPB Issue Type: Debt is not mine --- What Happened: I paid one year internet as a gift at another person's home. Got email notice to settle his copyright matter. I paid the $20. Then they started with robot calls, emails and a letter trying to collect another $280 even though I said it was a third party. I demanded they cease harassing me. I even paid the $280 (extortion). Not my IP address or service provider! Again an arrogant email asking me to contact them about unpaid claims. I should not have to put up with unwanted calls from anyone. --- Fair Resolution: Refund of all payments, apology for false accusation and harassment. Guarantee to never contact or harass me or my wife again or pay $5000 per future violation of the donotcall registry.
5436418406/25/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNCJONES106/25/2014NLAZAR06/25/2014Phone06/25/201401/01/2014N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)HammondLALouisianaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)30 - 39
Digital Rights Inc|Rights Corp Inc
|||Santa Monica|CA|California|USA|USA
|||888|3108513801|7517510|||rightscorp.com||||||Phone Call: Landline01/01/2014Answer cold call$300.00Unknown$0.002122|9000
Music: All Formats|Other (Note in Comments)
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
Consumer reports that he is receiving calls from Digital Rights Inc, claiming that he is infringing copyrighted music. Consumer states that the company is demanding that he pay up to $300 to settle these charges. Consumer has paid no money and believes this is fraud. UPDATE: 6/25/14 Consumer called to report that a company called Rights Corp Inc has contacted the consumer claiming that the consumer owes money to BMG for copyright infringement. NLazar.
North Carolina, Department of Justice
1307522EnglishComplaintOrganizationNNC01-USER06/07/2013External Agency06/07/2013(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)VALENCNorth CarolinaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)Digital Rights Corp
3100 Donald Douglas Loop North
Telemarketing, Other
5481266007/16/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNBNICHOLS07/16/2014Mail07/16/2014N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)BlandonPAPennsylvaniaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)Rightscorp, Inc
3100 Donald Douglas Loop N
Santa MonicaCACaliforniaUSAUNITED STATES904053107517510PhonePhone: other$100.00Unknown$0.000332
Computers: Equipment\Software
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
MAIL: The consumer's complaint was forwarded to us by the PA State AG. He received a call from Rightscorp, Inc, telling him that they seek out and monitor peer-to-peer file sharing networks for illegal downloading. They claim that someone in this house used a torrent program to download music illegally, and that he must pay $100. He argued with them, but never paid. He seems convinced it is a real company after researching it.
5505037507/25/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNNLAZAR07/25/2014Phone07/25/201405/26/2014Y(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)Cedar RapidsIAIowaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)50 - 59
Military Retiree/Veteran
U.S. ArmyRights CorpUSAUNITED STATES3104050102Phone Call: Landline05/26/2014Unknown$400.00Unknown$0.000350Impostor: BusinessDDM
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
Consumer is receiving repeated phone calls from a company claiming to be from Rights Corp and the company claims that the consumer has illegally downloaded music and the company is trying to collect money for the illegal downloads. Consumer states that the company states that the consumer must pay immediately and they tried to obtain a cc number. Consumer states that the company claims that if the consumer does not pay over the phone the amount of the money owed would be mulitplied by 100% and that they would terminate the consumer's internet services.
5564153108/22/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNJBROWN08/22/2014Mail08/22/201412/01/2013N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)SelmaALAlabamaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)65 - 69RightscorpUSAUNITED STATES3107517510
Chief Operating Officer
Internet Information Services
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
MAIL: Forwarded by the State of Alabama Office of the Attorney General: Consumer received an email from Rightscorp Inc stating that her internet account was used to illigally distribute (fileshare) copyrighted works such as downloading music. Consumer responded to first email and paid $20 for the fee requested. She received 27 more emails each requesting $20. She contacted company to tell them she did not downloan any music and to stop contact. Consumer found company not licensed in her state. Consumer received another email threatening to shut down her internet service demanding settlement. Consumer states she is now getting phone calls from this company.
5585346109/02/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNEDELACERDA09/02/2014Phone09/02/201408/20/2014N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)SUTHERLINOROregonUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)30 - 39Rights CorpUSAUNITED STATES3104050093
Phone Call: Mobile/Cell
08/20/2014Answer cold call$20.00Unknown$0.009001
Telemarketing, Other
TSR: Other Deception or Abuse (note in comments)
Telemarketing Sales Rule
Consumer reports that she received calls from Rights Corp. asking for money for movies that were unlawful downloaded from her address. Consumer did not pay the money. Consumer was told that her cable system could be disconnected. Consumer called her service provided and was referred to FTC.
5631082509/19/2014FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNDTOMS09/19/2014EPRITSCH109/22/2014Phone09/22/201409/04/2014Y(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)JamestownKYKentuckyUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)30 - 39
Military Retiree/Veteran
U.S. NavyRights Corp IncUSAUNITED STATES9726463449
Phone Call: Mobile/Cell
09/04/2014Phone: other$400.00Unknown$0.000350Impostor: BusinessDDM
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
The consumer receiving calls to his cell phone from someone posing as a business, Rights Corp Inc. They are stating they are representing Orchard Enterprise of NY. They are trying to collect money for copy right infringement. No money was paid. 09/22/14 UPDATE They are still calling. epritsch.
Internet Crime Complaint Center
I1409231923365981EnglishComplaintOrganizationNIC3-USER09/23/2014External Agency09/23/2014(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)METAMORAILIllinoisUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)20 - 29RightsCorp
3100 Donald Douglas Loop N
SANTA MONICACACaliforniaUSAUNITED STATES904058888513801PhoneBank Account Debit$0.009000
Other (Note in Comments)
NOTE: To prevent interference with pending law enforcement action, prior to any investigative action, please contact the IC3 at SEARCH@IC3.GOV. Please check the "CSN Record Details page - Data Reference field" link for further details on IC3 data. --- Incident description: Rightscorp sent me a letter for copyright infringement so I called the number on the paper they sent and they said that it carries a fine of $150,000 but if I gave them $20 they would settle it. Now they call me every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and are continuing to send me the same letter.
FTC Mobile Complaint Assistant
EnglishComplaintConsumerNFTCCIS-FTCUSER10/28/2014CRSS\bross10/28/2014Mobile10/28/201410/02/2014N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)Carson CityNVNevadaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)30 - 39RightsCorpLos AngelesCACaliforniaUSAUNITED STATESLeslie
Phone Call: Mobile/Cell
Internet Information Services
Deception/Misrepresentation|Other (Note the Violation in the Comment Field)
Rule\Other|FTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
I am being harrassed by Rightscorp for an infringment that was placed on my fiance through his ip address. The infringement was not on me I only called them to try and find out what this was about as we do not download anything. Since I called them in trying to be helpful and find out the information they are continuously calling demanding that I give them the ip address and money. I have never recieved a notice so I do not know the ip address as this was not on me nor in my name. The phone calls are becoming harrasment and I cant tolerate it any longer they are affecting my work my home life and my sanity. I cant give them information I do not have. If they sent the notice they should have it while demanding money from me. Please help me to get this to stop. I refuse to pay them a dime and even if I was willing to they cant link it to any notice as I dont have the ip address. It makes no sense. What do I do? Thank you. Other-Other Update
FTC Mobile Complaint Assistant
EnglishComplaintConsumerNFTCCIS-FTCUSER01/30/2015Mobile01/30/201501/29/2015NrightscorpNVNevadaUSAUNITED STATESrightscorpmediaInternet/E-mail01/29/2015Bank Account Debit$340.009044Unsolicited EmailCS4|CS6
SPAM: Subject or From line is false or misleading|SPAM: Other\general annoyance
They said if i didn't pay that i would sued.
Michigan, Attorney General
EnglishComplaintOrganizationNMI01-USER02/02/2015External Agency02/02/2015(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)SAGINAWMIMichiganUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)RightsCorp, Inc.
3100 Donald Douglas Loop N.
Credit Information Furnishers|Credit Bureaus
I received notification from my internet provider that a report had been made of illegally download. I contacted Charter who offer no assistance they were "only relaying a message" I then contacted the RIGHTSCORP. I was hesitant to give them information but was coerced into giving them our name and phone number. Initially they said they wanted 20.00 or else they would sue us for 150,000.00 dollars. I told them I had checked with the entire family and they did not believe they had downloaded these songs. She , Cecilee, called back and stated the charges were now 180.00. I was able to determine that a family friend had potentially downloaded music from what he thought was Google Play. I retuned a call to Cecilee who continues to insist an 180.00 dollars. I explained that the young man had done this in error and that he makes minimum wage working at the (b)(6) in Ludington Michigan. She continue to attempt to extort 180.00 from us. I feel that this is inappropriate. I will have the network in my home secured but there is little else I can do. I offered to settle for 50.00, (against my better judgment but they continued to refuse) My concern is that these sites are not clearly mark and they take no responsibility for misleading these young people. Please help (b)(6)
6058044403/24/2015FTC Call CenterEnglishComplaintConsumerNBNICHOLS03/24/2015BSIMS04/02/2015Phone04/02/201503/23/2015N(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)IndianapolisINIndianaUSAUNITED STATES(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)(b)(6)65 - 69Digital Rights CorpUSAUNITED STATES8885654329
Internet/E-mail03/23/2015Phone: other$160.00Unknown$0.000335
Internet Web Site Design\Promotion
PFTC Act Sec 5 (BCP)
Consumer received an email from his ISP from Comcast which was alerting him that he downloaded some copyrighted material owned by DigitalRightsCorp.com. He called them and they wanted $160 ($20 an instance). He knew it was a scam.04/02/2015: The consumer called to report that he received a call from an individual from Digital Rights Corp, the consumer states that they had his IP address.:BPSIMS
As a Consumer Sentinel Network member, you must properly protect any information printed, downloaded, or otherwise removed from the Network as stated in OMB Memo M-06-16. Please delete or destroy this information within 90 days unless its use is still required for law enforcement purposes. When destroying the information you should burn, pulverize, or shred the information saved in paper format and destroy or erase information that has been saved electronically so that it cannot practicably be read or reconstructed. Proper erasure of electronic information must include the overwriting or "wiping" of the information from the electronic media on which it is stored.