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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankPosition TypeLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
9/22/23 11:57University of MiamiFloridaEcology & Evolutionary Biology10/15/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/22/23 11:58"We welcome applications from candidates who would enhance or complement our existing departmental programs in Biodiversity & Global Change, Tropical Ecology & Evolution, Development & Disease, Neuroscience & Behavior, and Microbiome Biology & Species Interactions."2
9/22/23 8:07Arizona State UniversityArizonaQuantitative Ecology11/4/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 8:40Polytechnic Campus
9/21/23 20:07Chapman UniversityCaliforniaLife Sciences10/25/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 11:121) Help design, implement, and assess innovative new programs that lead to demonstrable advances in diversity, equity, and inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff. Position has resources to help achieve those new programs. We would be excited to bring another ecologist/evolutionary biologist on board! -Biol Faculty Member
9/21/23 18:13Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandBiology10/15/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/23/23 9:33"All areas of molecular, cellular, developmental, genetic, genomic, evolutionary, and biochemical/biophysical biology will be considered." 1) Any idea how long these documents should be? Should DEI be integrated with the teaching statement? 2) @1 I usually go with 1-2 pages as the assumption in these cases 3) The app doesn't want a cover letter...?1
9/21/23 12:36Ohio State UniversityOhioDirector of the School of Environment and Natural Resources 11/17/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/21/23 12:29Georgia TechGeorgiaEarth System Science10/1/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/22/23 1:41"Areas of particular interest to the department include geochemistry and biogeochemistry of oceans, sediments and surface waters, high-temperature and isotope geochemistry, geomicrobiology, astrobiology, Earth system science of carbon removal and greenhouse gas mitigation, and coupling between solid and fluid components of the Earth system." 1) No mention of length/number of pages for application materials?1
9/21/23 11:51Texas State UniversityTexasMicrobiology11/6/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 13:50SC member here- this is a cluster hire of three positions (Microbial Functional Genomics, Microbial Ecology, and Molecular Microbiology); will monitor here for questions! 1) What is the department and the university like? SC) we are a high tier R2 actively pursuing R1 status; new faculty are really well supported (1-1 teaching load, low service, competitive startups). Department has a wide diversity of researchers across subfields! 2) I did my PhD in this department, and LOVED my time there. If I were a fit for this hire, I wouldn't hesitate to apply (state politics aside...). 3) @SC member. Does the department or the university have any solutions for the issues caused by the recent Texas senate bills? x2 SC) this is a complicated question, but in regards to the search: We are a diverse faculty that serves a majority-minority student body (HSI). We hope that qualified candidates will address their “fit” with not only the research we perform but also the culture of our department, and how they will support our ongoing efforts to engage varied perspectives in the biological sciences. Also, it should be noted that the DEI bill does not impact scholarly/creative activities, student organizations, etc.
9/21/23 11:50Cornell UniversityNew YorkPlant Biodiversity & Adaptation10/25/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 23:331) SC member here. Happy to anwser questions! 2) Is it evolutionary-focused? or also considering moleucular stuffs? 3) definitely evolutionary-focused; molecular stuff is welcome 4) is it really an open position? The ad looks like maybe tailored for an internal candidate? 5) agree w/ 4. This looks like they have someone in mind. 6) I've only seen transcripts requested for R01 positions if they are trying to tailor the posting, but maybe I am wrong. Transcript requests seem rare and odd 7) transcripts are normal for Cornell, unfortunately. 7) SC member here - @4 and @5 there is NO internal candidate 5) @7 thank you for clarifying! That's great to hear!
9/21/23 6:03University of Massachusetts AmherstMassachusettsWildlife Ecology11/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/21/23 10:161) SC Member here, I am happy to answer questions as they arise! 2) What is the salary range? 3) @1 Does your department's definition of wildlife include plants, or are you looking for a candidate that focuses on animals? x2 4) The same question as #3. Can a microbial ecologist that works with land-use/climate change apply? @3 and @4: "While taxonomic expertise is not restricted, the ideal candidate will have experience working with terrestrial vertebrates".
9/21/23 0:35Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaBehavioral Ecology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 6:00"investigate animal behavior and life history with an emphasis on the evolutionary processes that influence behavior in natural environments" 1) OMG an actual behavioral ecology job! x11
9/21/23 0:35Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaNeurobiology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/21/23 0:35"investigate the neural circuit basis of behavior using any combination of classical and modern approaches"
9/21/23 0:33Wake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaEvolutionary Biology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 17:25"investigate the evolution of multicellular organisms in natural systems with a research program focused on core questions in evolutionary patterns and processes" 2) There were Evolutionary Biology and Neurobiology searches here last year, did they fail? 3) would this affect your interest in the position? Never understand the logic of this question. Searches fail all the time for mundane reasons. Top candidate dragged feet then declined and Dept was not allowed to make second offer, etc. Failed searches do not signify disfunction or malfeasance 4) I'm not @2, but basic curiosity seems like pretty obvious logic to me. x6. 5) I don't know if the search failed or not. I do know that they went through two rounds of in-person interviews last year, offered the job to people that went elsewhere, and did not offer it to the remainder. I know of people that had a bad experience last year and have still not heard anything back. 6) Here's a basic reason to want to know if a search failed: If I get this job will I have a colleague that started the year before that I can get some immediate mentorship from? 2 here) Curious because last year I didn't even get a zoom interview - and so I might not waste my time again (I know, I know, the pool is different). And if 5 is right, kudos to them for going back into the pool, but that seems to just reinforce my reasoning. 2
9/20/23 16:52Mississippi State UniversityMississippiBiology11/3/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 17:46Multiple positions. Three broad areas: "molecular, cellular, orphysiologydevelopmental biology (including evo-devo and evolutionary cell biology); organismal biology (ecology, evolution, or behavior in any taxonomic group); physiology (in any taxonomic group)."
9/20/23 8:47University of Nebraska, LincolnNebraskaGenes, Genomes, and Evolution10/20/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 8:591) I vagluely remember this from last year, another failed search? 2) No. Search last year was for same broad subject area but was successful. This is just the 2nd of the two positions approved for this cluster hire1
9/20/23 7:11University of MaineMaineSoil Science11/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/20/23 6:16Le Moyne CollegeNew YorkPhysiology / Integrative Organismal Biology10/2/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 7:05Salary 64.8-71.5k 2) There is also a position for an "Ecologist" (previously posted) which seems to be a different position (same review date of 10/2)
9/19/23 20:30Arizona State UniversityArizonaMarine Biology11/7/2023;!!IKRxdwAv5BmarQ!flwIv4_DfjTwBBNm2sXJbsyE5wAuFoGWPR3C7TcI0r0RNXZrs5Njv82cc199SZf6FpUCSCJ1oW4h1We3uMs3t7XNADYHNQ$=Rank OpenTenure Stream9/22/23 8:55Any one have any insight on this department - not a university I typically think of for Marine Biology, although I see they offer a couple classes. 1) I think they just "acquired" Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences 2) 1 page research statement 3) I interviewed at ASU last year and they mentioned the Bermuda Institute and were in the process of expanding a ton in marine biology research, which honestly is a bit strange considering they are land locked and hours away from the ocean, but everyone seemed to be very nice 4) Haven't seen this submission requirement separate from teaching statement " Evidence of teaching effectiveness – e.g., student evaluations, syllabi, peer observation, annual evaluations, etc.". Or does it go into teaching statement? Any experience with this type of submission doc with others? 5) Well it used to be an ocean. It does say Marine in the "broad sense". good luck 6) it is a surprisingly good program from what I've heard. They travel for field work. 7) Hmm, as I was hunting for information on people's research, I realized that the programs mentioned above are in the School of Ocean Futures, but this job is in The School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences... 8) Yes, I can confirm this isn't associated with the new School of Ocean Futures or BIOS, which are associated with the main (Tempe) campus. This position is on the West campus in Glendale. 9) @4, agreed. Unsure.
9/19/23 15:47University of Nebraska at Kearney NebraskaAnatomy and Physiology10/9/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/19/23 15:46University of Nebraska at Kearney NebraskaBiology (any health science related discipline)10/9/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/19/23 15:31California State University, BakersfieldCaliforniaDevelopmental Biology10/25/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/19/23 14:42San Diego State UniversityCaliforniaGeography & Environmental Sustainability11/3/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 6:27
9/19/23 14:12Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaBiology Education11/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 14:14We seek an individual who will participate in the department’s pursuit of excellence in post-secondary education through scholarly activity and practice.
9/19/23 12:32University of Texas at El PasoTexasBiological Sciences10/31/2023 ChairTenure Stream
9/19/23 12:19University of WyomingWyomingOrnithology11/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 13:53SC member here - We invite applications from candidates using diverse systems and approaches to study the physiological or evolutionary ecology of birds. Please reach out if you have any questions.
9/19/23 10:16UC DavisCaliforniaAvian Ecology / Waterfowl Conservation & Management11/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 10:12Don't duck this one. 2) :) 3) I don't have any experience with waterfowl so I'll be a total quack applying for this one 4) If I don't get an interview it'll be water off a duck's back. 5) @1-4 very funny. But seriously such a narrow search. Surprisingly so for a UC. 6) My guess is it's a replacement for retirement and has money earmarked specifically for ducks. There is a lot of waterfowl research support in WFCB with connections to long running projects and an endowed chair connected to it who I think recently retired. 7) person 6 is correct; I know the retiree.
9/19/23 8:16Western Carolina UniversityNorth CarolinaForestry / Fire Ecology11/10/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 13:16SC member here, let me know if you have any questions 1) What is the typical teaching load in this department? 2) SC: We have a relatively high teaching load (3/3, class size is ~20 students) with minimum requirements for scholarships/external funding. First-year teaching load is 1/2, and you can reduce your teaching load for the next years by securing some internal or external grants. AP) Extended deadline on advice of SC.
9/19/23 7:40Oregon State UniversityOregonMicrobiology 11/2/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 7:57"Key focal areas may include: pathogen physiology and genetics; host-pathogen interactions, either with a human host or with non-human reservoir and vector hosts; impacts of global climate change and human migration on the epidemiology, evolution, and transmission of emerging and/or tropical pathogens or zoonoses; development and study of vaccines and therapeutics to combat these pathogens; research into mechanisms for antimicrobial resistance and development of alternative therapeutics."
9/19/23 6:22Austin Peay State UniversityTennesseeDisease Ecology / Biology10/25/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 20:23Does anyone know about the teaching load? 2) heavy. 3) Two classes (w/ labs) per semester, with new faculty getting a release of one lab
9/19/23 6:21Austin Peay State University TennesseeAquatic Biology10/25/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/21/23 8:44[review dates added -AP]
9/19/23 6:20Austin Peay State UniversityTennesseePlant Evolutionary Biology10/25/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/18/23 19:05Columbia UniversityNew YorkEvolutionary Biology / Evolutionary Ecology10/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 15:48This is a very short this an internal hire? (1) Probably 2) Looks like rolling application consideration. Not necessarily short. It would be helpful if an SC member could confirm. (3) wasnt there a similar job post a few years ago? Did that search fail? (4) Yes, that search failed. (5) SC member here. Evaluation of applications will actually begin OCTOBER 6--it took a bit longer than usual to get this posted becasue of new NY laws to post salary range. 6) Thanks SC! x3. 7) Shouldn't this new deadline be updated on the job posting? 8) already 3 applied dang it is going to be a popular one. anyone know about the salary? seems low for NYC but some bay area ones have discussion about the range not being a real range, same here? (8) Should the app be addressed to anyone in particular? 9) this was a listing last year for the same job IIRC. Also--I'll just say it here cuz I applied in the past, but they required a DEI statement but as far as I can tell nobody in their department has lifted a single finger on a DEI initiative--I searched the website for hours and found nothing. Makes writing this statement a huge burden. (10) To SC member - can you share any info about the SC's feeling towards pre-tenure assistant professors vs straight outta postdoc applicants, if there was any discussion about that? (11) @10 All schools like this will favor pre-tenure asst profs no matter what they say in response. (12) 10 here - not necessarily, they can be harder to convince to move depending on the situation 13) @10, I would guess Columbia is in a position both in prestige and location that they don't worry to much about having to convince applicants to move to them. (14) @11, can you share why you think a school like this would favor a pre-tenure asst prof over a postdoc? (15) I think they probably worry - area is expensive, crowded, and salary is potentially meh. someone with a TT spot in a smaller town might ask for a lot of resources (personal and professional) to make the jump.8
9/18/23 14:30The University of Texas at AustinTexasBiodiversity Science10/30/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 10:40"we seek a candidate who possesses outstanding capacity and motivation to devote time and effort to mentorship" 1) What is biodiversity science? This seems more broadly defined here than in the Stony Brook job below. 2) Sounds like all EEB, so yes, very broad. 3) Yes, this is a broad search in terms of research focus, but note the emphasis on mentoring 4) is the "mentoring statement" and emphasis on mentoring basically a way to get around the TX DEI ban? I'm thinking about interpreting it as so 5) @4 - yes. 6). This was a failed search last year becuase I got an email saying "As a result of personal life changes", but unclear what were the reasons? It would be great if the SC can explain more here, thanks. (7) nice to see UT can still swing a DEI search with the political climate of texas. kudos to cmte for passing the GOP smell test x2 8) It really isn't that hard to do, and it's often part of grant writing. Global Warming -> Climate Change; DEI -> Mentorship and Student success. 9) @6 I don't understand - you applied for this job previously and got that email? 10) This is a new search, not a failed search from a previous year 11) Does this job have different tenure requirements? Or is this just a way to add more pre-tenure work to someone who shoulders a lot of mentorship/DEI burden? 12) I'm on the SC; @2 and @3 are correct, the search is broad in terms of research focus. @4 and @5 No, the emphasis on mentoring is meaningful, that said even though we are not allowed by law to use certain terms, the department is committed to a climate that includes everyone. @10 you are correct, this is not a failed search from a previous year. @11 college & department both value mentorship and yes, it is considered in T&P.
9/18/23 12:03Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaEvolutionary Biology9/30/2023 / Sr LecturerNon-TS Academic
9/18/23 10:05Stony Brook UniversityNew YorkClimate Change & Biodiversity10/23/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 6:421) "employ innovative computational and data science approaches"
9/18/23 9:48Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College GeorgiaForestry10/20/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 9:481) Tenure track or instructor
9/18/23 9:45University of AlaskaAlaskaMarine Policy10/14/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 9:461) two positions, one at UAF due by Oct 15, other at UAS due by sept 24.
9/18/23 9:42Chadron State CollegeNebraskaRangeland Management & Ecology ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 14:40
9/18/23 9:39Texas A&MTexasRange Management Prof & Extension Specialist Tenure Stream
9/18/23 9:37Stanford UniversityCaliforniaFreshwater11/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/23/23 6:071) Yes! We have a role below for 'Ocean' Ken -- now one for 'Freshwater' Ken (he come's with waders and a snorkel mask!) 2) My lake has a beach, yo. 1
9/18/23 9:36University of Minnesota CrookstonMinnesotaForestry10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 9:401) Tenure track or instructor
9/18/23 7:53University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandApplied Quantitative Ecology10/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 10:00This is apparently a different position from the Wildlife Population Ecologist position also at URI. Seems like pretty similar positions, but notice the different review dates!! 2) Weirdly, this ad also targets research on terrestrial vertebrates.
9/18/23 7:08Ursinus CollegePennsylvaniaNeurobiology10/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/18/23 6:43Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaEcology at the Landscape or Larger Spatial Scales11/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 12:15
9/18/23 5:48Stetson UniversityFloridaBiology10/13/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 20:41"Specifically, we seek a candidate who can support the Molecular and Cellular Biology program. We strongly prefer candidates who can teach one or more of the following courses: developmental biology, genetics, immunology, and microbiology."
9/18/23 3:17West Liberty UniversityWest VirginiaOrnithology / Aviculture / Asst ProfNon-TS Faculty
9/17/23 14:54MarsCaliforniaCacao Genetics & Breeding ScientistIndustry9/19/23 11:27Now if it were a job *on* Mars I might apply (like X2). Pay could be higher considering its an industry job IN California. 2) "including access to our in-house Mars University" is this a Futurama reboot tie-in? <-LOL 3 ) Just would recommend looking carefully at contracts and benefits for this when being hired
9/16/23 12:52Simon Fraser UniversityCanadaBiological Control11/10/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/16/23 11:47University of North TexasTexasMicrobial Genomics10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 19:20(1) Faculty member in the department, here. Environmental research is one of our major areas. We have a very diverse student body. Teaching statement should address engagement with students from diverse backgrounds. 2) This was a failed search last year becuase I got an email saying "As a result of personal life changes", but unclear what were the reasons? It would be great if the SC or UNT faculty can explain more here, thanks
9/16/23 6:45University of Wisconsin MadisonWisconsinForest Ecosystem Ecology11/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 14:23"preferably with a focus on energy and material (e.g., water, carbon and nutrient) transformations and fluxes within and across biotic and abiotic ecosystem components." 1) Failed search from last year? 2) Yup, search failed last year
9/15/23 15:22NatureServeVirginiaEcological Modeling & Biodiversity Data Science9/29/2023 Research Organization9/19/23 7:401) houses cost ~2 million in Arlington, yet this position is paying 80,000 in salary? 2) August 2023, the median listing home price in Arlington, VA was $775K 3) It's listed as a remote job. 4) Where is the 9/29 deadline coming from? I see nothing on the link stating a date.1
9/15/23 13:23Grants Community CollegeNew MexicoBiology10/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 7:101) teaches Anatomy & Physiology Microbiology; and Cellular and Molecular Biology. this position does no require a PhD so not sure if allowed on this page? AP) If it's a permanent faculty job, that's OK. 2) It really is rough for those interested in teaching positions that such a high percentage of community college jobs want someone who can teach Human Anatomy. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing more *permanent* CC jobs here. Some CCs do have a tenure system and some even have opportunities for undergraduate research. 3) I totally get that people don't want to teach anatomy, but I genuinely think anyone with a life science phd is qualified to teach human anatomy. 4) Agreed, @3! A lot of paleontologists teach human anatomy!
9/15/23 11:52Miami UniversityOhioBehavioral Biology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 16:11Although listed in "Teaching" category on this site, the Behavioral Biology position is like all other TT faculty positions on the Oxford campus; research productivity is equallty important to teaching. There are excellent research facilities and support from the Biology department. College of Arts and Since and the University.
9/15/23 11:18California State University, BakersfieldCaliforniaBiology - Physiology10/13/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/14/23 17:50Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)SwedenMycology10/17/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/14/23 15:23Salisbury UniversityMarylandCellular/Molecular Biology10/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream1
9/14/23 13:02University of CopenhagenDenmarkCommunity Ecology of Plants & Fungi10/29/2023 OpenTenure Stream
9/14/23 11:38Emory UniversityGeorgiaTheoretical Biology11/1/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/18/23 17:021) Would this positions consider for candidates with expertise in genomics? Ans: Possibly yes. Recommend reaching out to Dr. Gordon Berman ( directly. 2) "Applicants should arrange to have three confidential letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf." At the time of application or sometime later? Ans: At time of application.
9/14/23 11:37Emory UniversityGeorgiaHuman Anatomy & Physiology or Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy11/10/2023 OpenNon-TS Academic9/14/23 21:44
9/14/23 11:23UC BerkeleyCaliforniaGenetics, Genomics, Evolution and Development11/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/16/23 15:291) dept is pretty cell/molecular, ideas for the focus? 2) The department has a ton of people studying evolution. Focus on evolution. 3) Someone told me it's unlikely to get past the rest of the department unless you have cellular mechanisms. That's unofficial but seems likely good advice 4) yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if specifically want people who can connect functional genetics with evolution. That's what the big papers from the department seem to be doing these days. 5) Any idea if a plant biology candidate would be competative? Seems most of the department studies other systems. 6) I hope so. I'm applying as a plant person. They just poached Moi Exposito-Alonso from Stanford, so I assume they're cool with plant science 7) that was a different dept... dont think any plant people in mcb 8) Noah Whiteman is in MCB and works on plant defense evolution 6) whoops. my bad. he's affiliated with the genomics institute though, and it looks like this position could be too1
9/14/23 8:37University of MaineMaineMicrobiology10/13/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 13:37Any details from the committee? 2) I am the one that posted this job - I just saw it on twitter, not sure if committee is on here
9/14/23 8:32Appalachian State UniversityNorth CarolinaDevelopmental Biology, Immunology, and Molecular Biology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/19/23 5:181) cluster hire for three asst. prof positions in Developmental Biology, Immunology, and Molecular Biology, from department member on twitter "Areas of specialization are open to any model so the net is very broad." 2) Carnegie classifies this as a master's college so is this university more of a regional PUI or the equivalent of a research intensive SLAC? Because I've never seen a 3 person cluster hire in a regional PUI before. 3) It is a larger masters regional university that is trying to keep up with record enrollment (over 21k now). 4) Likely to be related to a new dept chair? Common for Sr hires to request cluster hires in their field during negotiation. 5) I know the areas of specialization are open, but can any SC members comment on whether the Molecular Biology focus should be on model species?
9/13/23 20:27Missouri State UniversityMissouriHost-microbiome interactions, microbial pathogenesis, microbial metagenomics10/30/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/14/23 6:441) I don't see a search chair
9/13/23 15:40Southeastern Louisiana UniversityLouisianaMicrobiology10/31/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/13/23 15:25Cal Poly PomonaCaliforniaMycology11/10/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/13/23 15:26Area of research specialty is open
9/13/23 8:09Illinois State UniversityIllinoisPopulation or Community Ecology10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/17/23 17:491) Does anyone know the teaching load here? 2) for #1, teaching load is 4 credits per semester, 1 semester teaching realease the first year 1) Thanks @ 2! Would that be like 1 course that's lecture + lab, for example? 3) Lecture + lab coordination or Lecture + graduate seminar.
9/13/23 8:08Illinois State UniversityIllinoisEcology of Human Impacted Systems10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/13/23 9:561) fail search last year? I applied for the same position name last year and stopped at Zoom interview
9/13/23 1:07University College LondonUnited KingdomEcosystems and Biodiversity10/26/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/12/23 15:33University of BaselSwitzerlandEcosystem Ecology10/5/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/21/23 16:371) any intel on this one? I'm not familiar with this university... seems analogous to a PUI or maybe R2 in the US? 2) No, it's a pretty serious research-intensive university.
9/12/23 14:33Sewanee: University of the SouthTennesseePhysiology10/20/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/12/23 14:15Auburn UniversityAlabamaVertebrate Physiology10/20/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/12/23 7:59Duke UniversityNorth CarolinaTerrestrial Ecology10/20/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream9/12/23 8:012 positions: 1 Asst. Prof and 1 at Asst/Assoc. "Research on both plants and animals is encouraged as are technical frontiers in modeling, geo-spatial methods, experimental networks, and/or remote sensing"
9/12/23 6:17Princeton UniversityNew JerseyEcology, Evolution, and/or Behavior10/25/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/22/23 13:44"particularly ecology or behavior" 1) Why can't these searches just use the normal application materials. 2) yeah, this is a lot: a vision statement [for] their first five years in the context of one or more major unsolved problems. also include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, three reprints, contact information for three references, and a one-page statement describing the broader impacts of the candidate's professional activities (similar to NSF) 3) Seems pretty standard to me, just worded differently. Vision statement = research statement. BI statement = DEI statement. Having 3 published papers to attach as reprints should be easy. Cover letter and CV are standard job packet components. x2 4) I like the vision statement (despite the cheesy name). The instructions are very clear about what that document should contain, moreso than for most research statements.x3 5) Have to agree. Sometimes the top tier schools are pretty agregious but this seems like a fancy way of describing the standard materials. 6) That vision statement request is pretty different from nearly every research statement I've read x2 7) I guess this answers the question from the Venting Tab, "Who determines the standard?" 8) Is this worth applying to for folks who study evolution? 9) In their last round, lots of people were notified as 'tier 1' applicants who then somehow were not interviewed - is there any point in re-applying, or does this mean that those folks simply did not meet the search criteria and should let it go? 10) How many is "lots of people"? From the message I saw, it read as if there were only ~10.. 11) @9, if the last search had a different focus, worth reapplying. Also worth reaching out the SC if you made the long list but weren't called to see if you fit for this search. (like x1) 12) Is this worth applying if i dont have a CNS paper? 13) @12 tbh no, look at who got hired last time and make your decision that way. 14) CNS isn't required, but a previous stint at an Ivy, specifically Harvard, definitely helps. 15) It's an open rank position. They may be hiring someone with tenure, so I think it's reasonable for them to ask for a little more in the way of an application. 16) GREAT department. Lofty goals, but the support and community to enable it. 17) anyone know the geographic area? whats it like living there? 18) I was a grad student at Princeton and found it to be a really nice place to live. Lots of convenient amenities on Route 1, but also a lot of nice ruralish green space. ~1 hour from both Philadelphia and New York. Some faculty lived in Princeton proper, others a bit further away in other townships. Seems like a nice place to have a family, but students/postdocs/faculty who were more into big city settings found it a bit quiet. 18) close to the ocean too (45 mins). 19) For those interested, there will be a Q&A webinar hosted by the search committee on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 12 PM EDT - no registration required.1
9/11/23 18:14University of Maryland Center for Environmental ScienceMarylandEnvironmental Science / Ecology / Sustainability11/1/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream9/14/23 7:451) In case a SC member sees this - I believe AL is the freshwater arm of UMCES, but the ad mentions marine work. Does it make sense for marine folks to apply? There don't appear to be any marine focused faculty, so I may have answered my own question... 2) faculty member at AL here...research at AL emphasizes terrestrial / freshwater environments, but some faculty do cross over into marine systems (though probably not much beyond estuaries). Several faculty collaborate with our marine colleages at other UMCES labs. It is a great place to work. 1) @2 - Thank you! If I apply I will do so understanding that my work my be at the periphery of AL's focus.
9/11/23 17:36Baylor UniversityTexasComputational Biologist / Biosystems Modeler11/15/2023 / Full ProfTenure Stream9/20/23 3:18Seeking an individual with experience in some or all of the following: Model the dynamics and interactions of biosystems to predict phenotypic response; Integrate multi-omics data to enable the understanding and prediction of functions in complex biosystems; Focus on using biologically informed data science to build models that identify phenotypic signatures for predicting and controlling the function of complex biosystems; Build predictive models for cellular-and community-level phenotypes that require integration of biological domain knowledge. Develop predictive models that cross scales from molecular to ecosystem. 1) Is this not for assistant professor level? 2) @1 "tenured faculty position... at the associate to full professor level" 3) realy hope they consider AP as well, which i think i might be a very good fit.
9/11/23 8:55Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaChemical Oceanography / Biogeochemistry11/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/11/23 8:571) SC member - Although the eco/evo is thin in the ad, our search is very broad, and chemical oceanographers/biogeochemists who can collaborate with our diverse physical/ecological focused faculty are encouraged to apply. Will try to monitor for questions.
9/9/23 14:38University of MississippiMississippiMolecular Evolution10/9/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 18:20"We seek candidates using genomic and/or computational approaches to study consequential questions in evolutionary biology." SC Chair: I'll watch for questions. This is a broad call. Don't hesitate to apply or reach out with questions ( 2) Are you looking for candidates working with any particular system? 3) Is Oxford MS safe for racial minorities/ LGBTQI+ ? x3 4) I think you mean Oxford MS! @4 Woops, fixed!
9/8/23 11:51Skidmore CollegeNew YorkPlant Biology10/2/2023 ProfTenure Stream
9/8/23 10:58University of Tennessee at KnoxvilleTennesseeMicrobial Physiology11/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream1
9/8/23 10:56University of Tennessee at KnoxvilleTennesseePlant-Microbe Interactions11/1/2023 / Full ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 20:34This is part of a cluster hire in the Dept. of Microbiology along with the Dept. of Entomology & Plant Pathology. We're interested in plant-microbe interactions very broadly, including ecological and evolutionary questions. 1) Should someone who focuses on a plant pathogen apply to this as well as the microbial physiology search or no? Don't know if SCs are the same.
9/8/23 10:35California State University San MarcosCaliforniaBiology (Physiology)10/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/13/23 10:46Does anyone know anything about this search? Looking at their faculty page, this department already has two physiologists. Are they really looking for a third physiologist? 2) Does plant physiology count or is this an animal-focused search? 3) Department member here: the department has 5 physiologists and is replacing a recently retired physiologist. We are seeking a physiologist that is able to teach our core physiology course which is Comparative Animal Physiology (lecture and lab), but the area of research is flexible as long as the candidate can develop upper division electives in their area of expertise.
9/8/23 10:24University of VirginiaVirginiaMicrobiology / Infectious Disease10/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/22/23 5:19Hiring multiple positions in this search 1) any idea if immunological research would fall in the scope of this search or are they looking for people specifically on the microbe side? 1
9/7/23 16:35University of British ColumbiaCanadaBiostatistics & Data Science (Teaching)12/15/2023 Prof of TeachingTenure Stream9/22/23 16:28Tenure-track educational leadership position in the Zoology department. (1) Wow, both searches failed at UBC last yr? x3 (2) What's the salary range? 3) any insights into why the search failed last year? 4) Is it true they heavily favor Canadian applicants? 5) No @4, it's not true. They're "supposed to", but it's not enforced in any practical sense. Apply if you want the job! 6) SC member here. We encourage applicants to read through the educational leadership criteria linked in the ad, and encourage applicants of all nationalities to apply. 7) Hi SC member. What's the salary range? 8) expected starting 12-mo salary is $105,000 8) why doesn'tt the 12-mo salary align with research-oriented assistant professors in the department? (9) @8, The position doesn't require a Ph.D., so the qualifications and training time are significantly less than the research-oriented assistant professors.
9/7/23 14:08University of UtahUtahClimate Change Science & Impacts10/16/2023 OpenTenure Stream9/15/23 6:221) anyone know the review date? 2) Oct 16 was mentioned in an email sent to a mailing list, but yes, nothing in the job ad itself 3) I emailed, will report back; email response: "While no formal deadline is listed, you are encouraged to submit your materials before mid-October, since review of applications will start by then." So Oct. 16 as mentioned above sounds reasonable. 4) The deadline is now in the job ad: "Our review of applicants will begin on October 16, 2023." Admin, can you please add the review date? Added! - AFP
9/7/23 11:46Southern Illinois UniversityIllinoisEcology & Biostatistics10/6/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 11:46Emphasis on plant community ecology
9/7/23 11:40Baylor UniversityTexasBiology11/15/2023 / Full ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 11:41Department Chair.
9/7/23 10:29Lake Superior State UniversityMichiganNatural resources / forest conservation ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 12:281) no review date included in job posting, "Responsibilities include teaching core courses in Forestry and Soils, and additional courses [..] Conservation Biology, Natural Resource Technology, Fisheries and Wildlife Management, and [GIS]" 2) UP of Michigan is beautiful. You'll have to be fine with lots of snow, though
9/7/23 10:23Ohio Wesleyan UniversityOhioNeuroscience10/4/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 11:161) Emphasis on Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience.
9/7/23 9:54US National Park ServiceFloridaMarine Ecology9/12/2023 9:551) in Everglades National Park "responsible for developing and implementing a broad and complex program in coastal, estuarine, and marine ecology as it relates to Everglades Restoration and resource stewardship; and for directing operation of the Florida Bay interagency Science Center", only open to US citizens and closes after 100 applicants
9/7/23 9:51U.S. Army Corps of EngineersMarylandInterdisciplinary Biologist / Ecologist9/18/2023
9/7/23 9:35University of Wisconsin - Eau ClaireWisconsinConservation Biology10/9/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 11:381) Preference given to candidates working with invertebrate systems 1
9/7/23 7:42Baylor UniversityTexasBiology (any area)12/1/2023 Academic9/7/23 7:50Application materials include statement on "how you will contribute to the Christian mission of Baylor University."
9/7/23 6:05University of North DakotaNorth DakotaQuantitative Conservation Biologist10/16/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/8/23 17:331) 69k isn't great, though matches about a GS11 government research starting job in ND, so I suppose is reasonable (though that's more of a postdoc level. a GS12 would be more Assistant Professor level) 2) GS-12 is considered postdoc level 3) @2 both GS 11 and 12 can be post doc level depending on experience. #2 again) so I was shortchanged by only being a GS11 for my two year postdoc? Thanks for insights. I was told GS12 was ~ beginning Ast. Prof. 4) USDA here- most of our post docs are 11s, with 12s being ast. prof. 1
9/7/23 5:39Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaDiscipline-Based Education Research10/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 9:251) Posted by SC member. Will check in periodically to answer questions.
9/7/23 5:38Oberlin CollegeOhioCommunity Ecology10/23/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/16/23 14:06Standard teaching load (4.5 courses per year) 1) The ad lists three reference letters among the documents but then says "**By providing three letters of reference, you agree that we may contact your letter writers." Do we need completed letters to apply, or just provide references? It seems like the latter based on looking at the application. Any SC members on here to answer? Thanks! 2) Please stop asking for letters of recommendation at the application stage. It's such a waste of time for anyone that isn't among the 10-15 people chosen for initial interviews. Committees need to stop putting convenience (or whatever justification) before being considerate to potential candidates.
9/6/23 10:45University of TampaFloridaBiophysical Oceanography10/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream2
9/6/23 8:46University of Rhode IslandRhode IslandWildlife Population Ecology11/10/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/7/23 8:541) Terrestrial vertebrate focus. Open until filled
9/5/23 13:53Rhodes CollegeTennesseeOrganismal Biology10/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/8/23 10:231) "qualified applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in organismal biology (including but not limited to plant biology, freshwater biology or invertebrate biology)". 2) any idea on salary? Looks like it might be low ($58k for an assistant prof. bio). 3) 60-65k in Memphis TN. 4) listed as 66.5K at
9/5/23 13:52Rhodes CollegeTennesseeEvolution10/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream9/18/23 19:101) This required an undegrad transcript. My undegrad was from a different country so that isn't straightforward for me to obtain. So I just uploaded my grad transcript twice. SC member if you're seeing this, please don't trash my application! I promise I'll obtain the undedgrad transcript if I get shortlisted! 2) Is it common for an institution to ask for your undergrad transcript when applying for a faculty position? 3) Not common, but I've definitely seen it. Probably some kind of weird HR requirement1