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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankPosition TypeLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
6/12/24 8:41Wageningen University & ResearchNetherlandsAnimal Behaviour7/29/2024 Academic
6/11/24 9:48University of MiamiFloridaMarine Ecology Academic
6/10/24 10:34Tarleton State UniversityTexasEcology/Evolutionary Biology8/9/2024 OpenTenure Stream6/10/24 10:36"We are specifically looking for an individual working in the field of vertebrate ecology and/or evolution although related areas of specialization will be considered."1
6/7/24 14:56Louisiana Department of Wildlife and FisheriesLouisianaWildlife Biologist (Waterfowl focus)6/13/2024 TimeGovernment6/7/24 15:00There are lots of financial resources and equipment (i.e., airboats, boats, etc.) to conduct wildlife/fisheries research at this refuge. However, it is a very remote field office in Grand Chenier, Louisiana (~1 hr from a Walmart), so this is not a position for everyone. However, they provide housing and utilities for refuge biologists, and the region is one of the most biodiverse areas for avifauna in the United States.
6/5/24 16:25Idaho Department of Fish and GameIdahoQuantitative Ecology6/24/2024 19:55
6/5/24 12:26Texas Tech UniversityTexasBehavioral Ecology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/10/24 16:18Wow, these are crazy early deadlines for 2025 jobs!; (2) no they are not. Deadline is almost two months from now, probably at beggining of semester which means committee want to work in no rush to find a candidate for 2025. Job "season" is becoming less of a thing every year... OP) lol, ok 2. I've watched job ads for more years than I care to count and usually the first 'real' job adds with early deadlines are at the very end of August or early September. This is an especially early deadline. 3) Hoping to lock down candidates before the rest of the field. 4) This is going to be the new normal 5) 4, why would you think that? Committees and administrators consistently can't get things shepherded through fast enough to post job ads this early even if they wanted to. x3 6) is this kind of job market complexity ... unique to academic gigs? 7) It could just be they wanted to be early or someone got the ad together or some other idiosyncratic reason and it isn't indicative of anything other than it is a job that is posted that those who might fit could apply for.
6/5/24 12:25Texas Tech UniversityTexasDevelopmental Neurobiology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/5/24 12:25Texas Tech UniversityTexasMicrobial Genetics8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/10/24 13:25Anyone know how this position salary is?1
6/5/24 12:23Texas Tech UniversityTexasGlobal Change Biology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/8/24 15:36Anyone know how these salary codes work for Texas Tech? 2) "Pay grade “800” is our non-classified pay plan which is for positions which are often one of a kind, used by a small number of employees, or faculty-related and allows flexibility to address the university's unique job market. Non-classified positions typically require a specific degree and/or specialized training." So, it looks like it just means that it doesn't follow their standard pay scale at all. 3) fun fact: it rains mud in lubbock if you get a combo of a rain storm/dust storm.. hope the pay scale accounts for those...unique... circumstances1
6/5/24 9:05SylveraUnited KingdomML, Carbon Biogeochemistry, Software6/7/2024 9:11Build global soil carbon models using cutting-edge ML, remote sensing, and field-sensor data. Create and refine pipelines to serve those models to customers through cloud architecture. Remote possible for the right candidate. Also, offices available in NY, London, Serbia, and soon, Singapore.
6/4/24 9:55NIOO-KNAWNetherlandsSoil Ecology & Biodiversity7/1/2024 ResearcherGovernment6/12/24 4:22Fantastic org next to Wageningen Univ. This is a dream job if you like NL. Pay is great, plus internationals qualify for 30% ruling. Work/life balance, good healthcare, and you get to live in the "mountains" of the Netherlands.
6/4/24 4:02Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterMarylandCoastal Landscape Ecology6/27/2024 6:371) This seems to be the same job as the one below with a new deadline and slightly different ad language. Anyone have insight? 2) SC here: it IS updated from below, and broadened to include the following areas of potential expertise: including but not limited to: carbon and nutrient cycling at landscape scales, coastal watershed science and hydrology, integration of coastal data across multiple spatial, temporal, and/or ecological scales, quantitative modeling, and landscape-scale restoration, conservation, and/or ecosystem management 3) Hi SC! Could you give some insight into what happened to the 1st search? If you applied round 1 and got nowhere, is it worth applying again? If so, would a reframe in focus be appropriate? SC: Everyone is encouraged to apply, including applicants from the first round, with an emphasis on landscape level processes in coastal ecosystems as defined in the fairly broad job ad. good luck!
6/3/24 10:14Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeWashingtonFish & Wildlife Research Scientist6/30/2024 ScientistGovernment
5/31/24 14:25Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeWashingtonFish & Wildlife Biology6/12/2024
5/30/24 12:18South Dakota State UniversitySouth DakotaApplied Avian Ecology7/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/9/24 6:38(1) SC here - young, active department; growing grad population, broadly looking at avian ecology but especially interested in those studying conservation/manangement of upland game birds, grassland-obligate species, or waterbirds. (2) could someone speak to starting salary? (3) SC here - all South Dakota salaries are public reported (, you can look up other recent hires in the Natural Resource Management department, also keep in mind cost of living here is low (no state income tax, low housing cost compared to most college towns). (4) Looks like the assistant profs in the department are making around $80k, plus or minus ~$5k 5) how serious is the 'must be authorized to work in the US' statement? I kind of assumed most/all universities would sponser a foreign-born candidate if they were selected by the committee
5/30/24 5:52USGSAlaskaEcology7/9/2024 12-13Government5/30/24 5:53Assistant Unit Leader based at University of Alaska Fairbanks1
5/29/24 21:10SPUNDelawareMycorrhizal Carbon6/10/2024 22:20Remote from anywhere in North America, South America or Europe
5/29/24 14:24Idaho State UniversityIdahoBiology Academic5/29/24 22:20" Idaho Falls campus beginning August 2024."remoe1
5/29/24 12:39Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaPollination Ecology8/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
5/28/24 13:26University of New MexicoNew MexicoNeuroscience & Data Science in Neuroscience7/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/29/24 18:37[review date updated -AP]
5/27/24 13:00Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI)AustriaPhilosophy of Biology or Theoretical Biology6/1/2024 leaderNon-TS Academic5/29/24 13:42no clear review date...1) It's a theoretical/philosophical position, the lack of a review date is part of the screening process. 2) Am I qualified for this position with a theoretical degree in biology? 3) @2, you are theoretically qualified1
5/23/24 15:51University of MontanaMontanaBioinformatics / Data Science6/17/2024 ScientistNon-TS Academic
5/23/24 13:50Bucknell UniversityPennsylvaniaBiology6/7/2024 Academic5/24/24 10:19(1) Faculty member here - Dept is great! Looking to hire ASAP - review of applications is rolling, but expecting to do round 1 Zoom interviews last two weeks of June, so earlier is better. I put June 7th as an estimate. 2) Expected to teach 4 or 5 lab sections per semester, and supervise both undergraduate and graduate students. Is it a typo or does this university expect non-tenured faculty to supervise graduate students? (3) They mean supervise them as TAs I believe.
5/22/24 6:44Virginia State UniversityVirginiaGenetics / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/29/24 16:091) faculty member here who used to live on this page; we are hoping to fill this fall. VSU is a primarily undergrad HBCU, teaching-focused with opportunities for research with students. 30 min south of Richmond, VA. Teaching core genetics lecture and lab plus upper division in candidate's specialty. Open to a broad range of backgrounds and specific interests in genetics. Dept Chair can answer questions. 2) Do we need to submit the letters of recommendation in the application? 3) I'm at a different 1890 land grant university. If you are not familiar with them, it can be a really good place to work. I didn't notice if this was in the biology or the ag land grant programs? 3)
5/21/24 8:07Universiteit LeidenNetherlandsQuantitative Ecology6/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/22/24 7:461) Any insights on this university/dept? 2) AFAIK it's the Netherland's premier uni 3) they recently poached some great microbial ecologists: Ákos T. Kovács and Paco Barona-Gómez3
5/20/24 16:14USDA Tropical Pest Genetics & Molecular Biology Research Unit, Hilo, HIHawaiiFunctional Genomics 6/18/2024 / Research BiologistGovernment5/24/24 1:241) are US Nationals same as permanant residents? 2) no 3) permanent residents can be Green Card hodlers. 4) Not in the SC but I lived in Hilo most of my life and have been to the USDA facility. The people are great there. 5) @2 )and @3) so green card holders cannot apply? 6) @5 no. you need to be a national or citizen (ie: passport holder)
5/15/24 14:39Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandInfectious Disease Dynamics6/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/28/24 6:40Bloomberg Distinguished Professor cluster hire. "Using theoretical and computational approaches to understand the epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases." 1) Anyone knows the culture/work-life in John Hopkins? X2 2) I can't necessarily speak to BSPH at large, but the IDD group specifically is wonderful. Very collaborative and a friendly group of current faculty members.
5/15/24 11:05USDA Pollinator Health Research Unit, Davis, CACaliforniaHoneybee Conservation6/13/2024 OpenNon-TS Academic6/12/24 11:13$96,148 - $191,900 per year 2) Good luck buying a house for under $600k 3) Yeah, that really stings. 4) totally doable on that salary if you don't have kids 5) I'm all for salary shaming but this actually looks like a pretty good salary. Plenty of people live in Sacramento or surrounding towns. x6 6) It's also worth noting that the greater Sacramento area is actually working to end the housing crisis. They build tons of new housing and rents are actually falling because of it. This salary would be very livable in that area. 7) Next up - chicken conservation research! x3 8) does the position have possibilities for working with local Tribal governments? 9) not at Davis, but another USDA bee person here - and 8 yes, working with tribal groups is generally encouraged. 2
5/14/24 6:22Trinity College DublinIrelandWildlife Distribution Modelling5/16/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/31/24 12:29Link doesnt work 2) The job ad closed on May 16 at 12pm Dublin time (about 7am eastern time USA) 3) rejection email on May 30. I was really hoping for this one3
5/14/24 6:07University of GrazAustriaBotany / Scientific Lead for Botanical Garden6/6/2024 ScientistTenure Stream
5/10/24 14:21University of California-BerkeleyCaliforniaConservation Science5/17/2024 DirectorNon-TS Academic5/10/24 14:21Executive Directory of the new James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Center for Large Landscape Conservation at UC Berkeley 1
5/10/24 11:48University of MaineMaineOrnamental Horticulture6/17/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/24/24 8:08
5/9/24 10:21Utah State UniversityUtahStatistical Consulting & Ecology8/1/2024 Practice Asst ProfNon-TS Academic5/10/24 10:46
5/8/24 16:54University of BridgeportConnecticutBiology5/28/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic6/10/24 14:25Quick search looks like UB no longer offers TT as of ~2021. "... full-time faculty with broad expertise in organismal biology, environmental science, freshwater or marine biology, and/or ecology" 1) app only asks for a CV and cover letter, which makes the short turn-around easier, but does anyone know much about this school? Their website doesn't have a lot of detail on the department. 2) University used to be owned and governed by the Unification Church, aka the Moonies; still offer degree-granting programs in acupuncture, chiropractic, and traditional Chinese medicine and used to offer doctorates in Naturopathy. 3) Anyone hear from this job yet?
5/8/24 10:55Towson UniversityMarylandSustainability & Environmental Change ProfTenure Stream5/21/24 11:18Rolling review, just posted but review begins immediately. Start date January 2025. 2) Please update if you hear anything from the search committee. x2 @2) The SC chair said they will be reviewing submissions starting in early June5
5/8/24 10:10University of MarylandMarylandInvasive Species Plant Biologist6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/10/24 10:4760% Research, 40% Extension1
5/8/24 9:29University of MarylandMarylandAbiotic Stress Plant Biologist6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/10/24 10:473
5/8/24 3:18Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)FinlandLarge Carnivore Ecology5/13/2024 ProfGovernment5/9/24 4:01This is a readvertisement. Guess the call in the Fall was unsuccessful.
5/7/24 12:40U.S. Military Academy, West PointNew YorkChemistry, Biology, and/or Physics5/20/2024 10:041) If anyone has questions about this position, I formerly had this position and left to pursue my Ph.D., so happy to provide insights and/or details 2) Is the position permanent? And is the instructor expected to teach all subjects, or would just biology suffice?; @2) the position is permanent and the current department teaches chemistry, biology, and physics--the program uses a system similar to quarters, and one quarter is biology, two are chemistry, and one is physics, where all faculty teach all three subject areas @1) If the courses being taught are across science subjects, is it largely introductory courses/ courses for non majors? 1) Courses are largely introductory or non-majors courses. This position is at USMAPS, which is a one-year college preparatory program for cadet candidates who are hoping for admission into USMA (West Point). Some of the cadet candidates need to improve academic skills, so the courses at USMAPS are organized to help bridge gaps in content knowledge. @1 thank you for the information! Out of curiousity, if the applicant wants it is there any possibility of doing research/research support with the role? I know it wouldn't be required, but curious if it could be an option. Thanks! 1) Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question. The department chair is an active research scientist, but does research through a separate university. There are no research facilities within USMAPS. There may be opportunities to conduct STEM education research, but you would want to inquire about this at the interview.
5/7/24 11:47Morehouse CollegeGeorgiaBiology10/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/30/24 7:53"Biological sciences... broadly trained..." I worked as an adjunct in the department last year and it's a great place to be. All male, historically black college in downtown Atlanta. 1) 2025 Cycle has started already!! 2) Review date isn't until October so this was posted early, anyone know if that is common for Morehouse or something specific to this posting?
5/6/24 7:41Wolf Conservation CenterNew YorkConservation Biology / Wolf Recovery DirectorNGO5/13/24 9:25Notice was recently posted with 3-4 month time frame. AP) Review date removed.
5/3/24 19:04USGS / Cornell UniversityNew YorkFish Biologist 6/10/2024 Unit LeaderGovernment1
5/3/24 6:24University of CambridgeUnited KingdomPlant Ecology & Evolution6/2/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream6/3/24 2:13Focus broadly on ecology with applicants that use molecular/microbial methods especially encouraged to apply. 2) was this not advertised last year? Also in the UK don't you have to be a Reader to be eligable for this type of position 3) @2 for a "professor" role, yeah. Some departments use US-like titles, so this would be equivalent to lecturer/senior lecturer and suitable for postdocs 4) Looks like the closing date was extended to June 10th2
5/2/24 9:58University of MaineMaineGenetics Facility Manager5/22/2024 (MS required, PhD preferred)Non-TS Academic6/10/24 6:48Professional experience working with eDNA and next-generation sequencing required. Starting salary $65,000-$70,000. 1) I'm not right for this job, but I love that a permanent position as a researcher at a university like this is available, and the starting salary seems pretty good if it will scale with time. Need more positions like these. x2 2) Faculty member who will work closely with this person, but not on the search committee here: happy to answer questions candidly. Can confirm that staff are unionized and so get regular cost of living increases, as well as merit reviews. 3) Sounds like a cool position! @2, do you know if any TT AP or Research AP hiring in the same area of emphasis (eDNA) is planned? 4) @3 Not likely. We just did a big cluster hire around eDNA, and brought on several new faculty in this area as part of an EPSCoR-funded Maine eDNA initiative and the formation of the Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment. Basically, lots of recent growth in that area means we're not likely to hire new TT folks any time soon. 5) zoom interview request 30 May 6) I Zoom-interviewed. Not sure they really know what they want. 1
5/1/24 16:05Eckerd CollegeFloridaMarine Science9/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/28/24 18:11Based on the discussion below (Eckerd job posted Dec 5, 2023) this is a new search for the algal-focused person. "Although the area of expertise is flexible, preference will be given to applicants with research applying molecular methods (e.g., cellular biology and genetics) to the study of marine plants, micro- or macroalgae." 1) Anyone have insight into how feasible it is to keep an undergrad research program going with the 3-1-3 teaching load? 2) @1 Not at the institution but know people there. Seems quite variable prof to prof, but the students are highly motivated. 3) question also on the 3-1-3 teaching load - does this mean the winter term, and in that case are salaries still 9-month? 4) yes there's a winter term [following comments moved from now-deleted dup -AP] 5) Any understanding if an oceanography person without plant biology expertise would fit into this call? 6) I'm guessing oceanography = someone who works on phytoplankton
4/29/24 16:20Arizona State UniversityArizonaComparative Genomics (esp. Evolutionary Medicine)5/17/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/11/24 23:13"Degree should be in hand or expected by time of appointment, not to exceed 4 years post-date of conferral" 2) It's also posted under postdoc. 3) Would conservation genomics be welcome? e.g., a focus on whole-genome comparative genomics of endangered species. 4) @3 my guess is yes, so long as you can work with local desert species 5) It doesn't have to be on desert species, definitely apply if you do whole genome stuff. 6) Any updates?7
4/28/24 5:08Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and TechnologySwitzerlandAquatic Systems & Climate Change Adaptation5/31/2024 LeaderTenure Stream5/15/24 6:224-position cluster hire. At least one involves biodiversity in aquatic systems. Group Leaders in Switzerland are often intermediary steps between an early postdoc and getting a tenured professorship.They can last for may years depending on funding and provide lots of time for research. This institute is similar in role and stature to the major federal natural resources agencies in USA (USGS, FWS, USDA, etc.) and is the major federal research unit dedicted to aquatic systems in the country. 1) this is tenure track, so presumably in 3+ years you'll be made permanent x3. 2) Does anybody know if they'd consider candidates at the permanent level (e.g. tenured already in a U.S. institution)? 3) @2, send 'em an email! 1) yea I am sure they will but send them an email 3
4/28/24 5:00Loyola University of New OrleansLouisianaInvestigating Nature of PracticeNon-TS Academic5/13/24 3:43"As the first natural science course in the Loyola Core, Investigating Nature plays a critical role in introducing non-science majors to the process of science, increasing science literacy, and strengthening quantitative skills. (1) Just curious - does Loyola have faculty that are traditional tenure track or is everyone (or all new hires) a professor of practice? (2) they have tenure system as well, and there is a history of movement between the tracks in the department (visited campus for this position on May first. they plan on making a decision by May 15 (1 again) thanks 2. Good to know. I have family members who went there for university and loved it. I'm soon be an asst prof at a university nearby - just curious how this department works!
4/28/24 4:58Loyola University of New OrleansLouisianaAnatomy & Physiology of PracticeNon-TS Academic
4/28/24 4:55Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaMicrobial Ecology / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/23/24 15:30"Candidates using a diversity of quantitative techniques with empirically generated data are preferred, but research can include empirical, computational, model-based and/or molecular approaches." 1) I'm in this dept and will try to monitor in case there are any Q's. It's a remarkably congenial dept. 2) Is it still worth applying even though the initial deadline has passed? 1) @2, definitely. I don't know where the SC is at, but we've had no campus interviews yet. I've served on SCs, and we often entertain apps after the deadline. 2 again) Great, thanks! 3) Any updates on this one?1
4/28/24 4:52Purdue UniversityIndianaForestry and Natural Resources 4/29/2024 Assistant Professor of TeachingNon-TS Academic
4/28/24 4:49Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaIchthyology, Fish Ecology / Assoc ProfTenure Stream6/9/24 18:43Any news? 2) postion was re-opened after earlier failed search. 3) news1
4/28/24 4:41Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaWildlife Extension Specialist5/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/9/24 18:43"The faculty member will provide leadership in planning, implementing and continually evaluating a state-wide wildlife extension education and outreach program. Program emphasis will include intrinsic values of game and non-game wildlife resources." 2) did anyone else apply? Any news? 3) news?1
4/28/24 4:36Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisianaBiological Sciences5/3/2024 Academic5/2/24 6:43
4/28/24 4:34Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisianaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, or Physiology 5/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream
4/28/24 4:32Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisianaBiology/Environmental Science5/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/28/24 9:38(1) I was invited for a zoom interview 5/162
4/28/24 4:20Tracy AviaryUtahBird Conservation of ConservationNGO4/29/24 12:31Applications are reviewed as received. 1) man i wish i worked on vertebrates.. this aviary is SO COOL.
4/22/24 8:00University of WindsorCanadaCRC Tier II - Environmental and Public Health Genomics 5/10/2024\Asst / Assoc ProfTenure Stream4/23/24 14:56(1) The University is prioritizing applications from candidates who self-identify as women or minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity. [This is directly taken from the job ad. Discussion of CRC priorities moved to General Discussion -AP]
4/22/24 3:54DICE KentUnited KingdomMarine Conservation 5/6/2024 Fixed Term4/22/24 10:00
4/22/24 3:52DICE Kent United KingdomConservation Science 5/6/2024 Tenure Stream4/22/24 6:26two positions, one for three years and one for four with the option to be made permanent. 1) should probbaly be moved to fixed-term
4/21/24 14:54Queens University of CharlotteNorth CarolinaConservation Biology5/1/2024 OpenNon-TS Academic5/22/24 15:48One goal of this position is to give teaching mentorship at a small university to aspiring faculty, has the potential to become permanent 1) should probbaly be moved to fixed-term 2) Line 500 failed? this was posted as a TT earlier this season. 3) Re 2, it appears so. I was 1 of 3 on-campus interviewees. I had to turn the offer down, and 1 other candidate confirms doing so in the notes section of the previous TT position post. The department seemed very supportive, those you'd work closely with were a major plus - genuinely good people, and everyone seemed happy and to have reasonable work-life balance. Salary seems to have been a major obstacle for some finalists ($62k) given the local housing market. But, for someone that can make the salary work (or if they allocate more $ now that the TT search seems to have failed), it is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of a new program in a supportive environment. 4) Confirming what #3 is saying, I also turned down the offer in the TT search. Salary wasn't acceptable for a TT position given the rising cost of living in the area. A major sticking point for me was that there are no annual cost-of-living adjustments - at 2% annual inflation you will make less after 9 years as full professor than you did starting (59k equivalent vs 62k starting), even after accounting for the pay bump at associate and full prof over this time. Can confirm that the department is filled with fantastic, supportive people. Shifting this position to non-TT and one that doesn't require a PhD was the right move given the pay and high teaching load (3:3 / 2:3). 5) Well presumably they will also drop the pay for NTT. 6) I also received this job offer for the TT position 03/11/24, but ended up turning it down as well. I can also confirm the Biology and Chemistry departments were a pleasure to meet. They offered 64k, but the Dean wanted a decision in 72 hours (like seriously offered on a Tuesday, deadline by Friday). I never laughed so hard in my life. 1
4/19/24 16:11FungaTexasClimate, Forest Restoration & Regenerative Forestry7/1/2024 of ProductIndustry
4/19/24 15:10University of CalgaryCanadaMicrobiomes of Large Animal / Livestock 5/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream
4/19/24 11:37Université de SherbrookCanadaEcology9/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/28/24 17:51Two positions (one plant ecology, one animal ecology). 2) Must learn to teach in French. 3) An institutional learning support program is offered to all new faculty wishing to learn French. 4) For these positions, having some background (basic) native language is useful 5) would an algae ecologist be competative for the plant position or is it strictly plantae? x2 6) how much time is allowed to the successful candidate to learn to teach in French, if they are not a native speaker? Normally about a year, maybe less if the first teaching semester is set at an earlier date1
4/18/24 4:56University of Prince Edward IslandCanadaEnvironmental Microbiology (broadly defined) using Metagenomics6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/27/24 8:191) Just want to flag that the actual review date for this posting seems to be April 22nd 2024, based upon the posting on the UPEI website (although it appears applications submitted after the 22nd will still be considered). 2) UPEI still hasn't budged on two TT positions advertized here one year ago. 3) @2 can you clarify what you mean by 'budged'? Just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly! 2) @ 3 coming up on a full year after the interviews for two positions, no hires announced yet. Entirely possible that they don't have funding for any new hires but are trying anyways. The university is currently spending a lot on launching a med school. Great province but tiny population and tax base. 3) Thanks! 4) The above comments about lack of funding for advertised positions are outsider speculation, and are not true. 3) @ 4 thanks for providing taking the time to comment and offer that insight. I appreciate the perspective. 5) Online virtual interview request received on May 24. x 2
4/18/24 4:54Lakehead University - Thunder Bay CampusCanadaMolecular Evolution of Plants5/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/18/24 8:231) Whoa short turnaround from due date to job start! May 30 app due, August 1 expected start!
4/17/24 11:17USDA Agricultural Researh ServiceMississippiDisease Ecology & Epidemiology5/17/2024 Leader, GS-14 or GS-15Government4/17/24 11:20This is a re-listed position from a failed search. Build a new research unit with 4 PI scientists plus their students and postdocs. The unit also has significant funded collaborations with Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and the Geospatial Research Institute. Both the research unit and the collaboration have long-term internal financial support. The Unit is also in a unique position to access and publish derived data from other USDA agencies. It's a great opportunity to make a real impact on the mitigation of animal and zoonotic diseases. Open to PhD or DVM. Salary $122,198 - $186,854. For questions about the position, you can email Apply from 04/18/2024 to 05/17/2024. Open to US Citizens and in some cases permanent residents seeking citizenship.
4/17/24 10:20University of VermontVermontAgriculture / Environment Assessment and Management4/30/2024 Academic
4/17/24 8:46Pennsylvania State University at SchuylkillPennsylvaniaBiology6/1/2024 Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic4/25/24 14:24Update from SC committee member: we start review of applications ~15 May
4/16/24 14:05Victoria University of WellingtonNew ZealandEcology, Conservation Biology5/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/10/24 20:45Noting that closing date (19 May) is NZ local time, which is 18 May in many other parts of the world. 2) So if you select the "No, I am not currently eligible to work (work permit/visa/citizenship) in the country to which I am applying." does it automatically disqualify you? 3) I'm staff here, but not on the SC, no special knowledge. I don't think visas/citizenship are a barrier themselves, but I would assume a very strong preference for work in species/places/systems in or relevant to NZ. 4) Anyone has an idea of the teaching load? 4)@2: At least in US searches clicking that box doesn't disqualify you. 5) keep in mind NZ funding is very sparse compared to USA funding.6) and US funding is sparse relative to EU funding... but presumably this position would have access to DOC funds. 7) @4 typical NZ university faculty split is 70% teaching, 25% research, and 5% service (without external grants). Many NZ grants (Royal Society NZ, MBIE, etc) cover 80% of your time which typically exempts you from all teaching. 3again) VUW standard split is 40/40/20 teaching/research/service. Under the university's current financial situation, you can't buy out your teaching time with external grants. They're not even topping up salary of soft money researchers. 7again) Thanks for the VUW insider info @4. 8) Received an invitation for zoom interview.6
4/16/24 7:38Caney Fork FarmsTennesseeRegenerative Agriculture / AgroEcology4/22/2024 of ResearchNGO1
4/16/24 5:48Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaEnvironmental Social Science6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/20/24 2:25Yes, I know it says "social science", but there are people doing interdisciplinary research in natural resources, wildlife, etc. that this could apply to. Position is in an interdisciplinary wildlife-type department.
4/16/24 5:35Eastern New Mexico UniversityNew MexicoWildlife Biology / Assoc ProfTenure Stream4/21/24 19:461) Does anyone know the teaching workload per semester for this position, and if that changes depending on rank? 2) What is a blind reference call? "Contact information for three references (Blind reference call will be made on applicants who become finalist for the position)"? It's not blind if you give the information, no?! 3) I would assume this means you do not get to see the letters written for you, as is typical for all references in my experience. 4) What is the salary at Associate and entry (Assistant) level??? The 'depend on quals' nonsense is so tiring
4/15/24 19:28Trinity College DublinIrelandAnimal Behavior5/9/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/27/24 9:57Copy-pasting the URL of the actual job announcement doesnt work. I posted the link of the College's job search form. Select "Academic" and "School of Natural Sciences" and the position will show up 1) I previously interviewed here and got the impression that the staff are lovely. I was very sad to miss out. I would encourage people to apply. 2) Any idea of the salary? Dublin is very expensive. 1) says in the ad: 40-100k depending on experience 3) Anyone know if this position would come with start-up funding? Also, what's the typical teaching load? 1) I would reach out and ask, they are really nice 1) Has anyone who has applied heard back re. interviews etc? 4) Got a rejection email 5/24 x46
4/12/24 12:57North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaSoil Microbial Ecology6/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/22/24 12:49The position would have a primary focus on understanding the mechanisms of microbially-mediated transformations and fluxes of soil carbon in the context of climate change. (1) I have a question about the application materials but there is no departmental contact, only what looks like university level HR? (2) What's your question? Search chair contact (1 again) Thanks so much @2 perfect! Mainly some silly clarifications about statement lengths and if there are specific things to highlight in the "Research Statement" vs. the research interests portion of the "Statement of Teaching Philosophy and Research Interests." I have my assumptions but wanted to double check since I'm not sure I've seen this particular combination of statement topics before. (3) Does this seem very specific on what they want? (4) per search chair: "a research statement and a teaching statement will be fine".3
4/12/24 8:42University of CalgaryCanadaMolecular Genetics for Microbiome Editing5/17/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/21/24 10:55Position is a Canada Research Chair Tier II so well supported. (1) Canada's CRC's are often only available to people with one minority identity (no straight cis white men). Not sure if it's the case for this one. (2) SC member - we're open to all applicants 3) Not ecoevo! 4) 2 is wrong about CRCs in general - an online search for stats is easy to do - they have been heavily skewed towards white men, so some more recently ones are potentially more targeted positions to even things out. However, open speculation about demographics for a position "not sure it's the case for this one" is not helpful to anyone. 5) The government has literally said they will no longer approve CRCs that don't fulfill their demographic objectives, so let's not pretend otherwise in this case x4 6) AP - The comments here likely are going off the topic of this particular position. 7) Memorial lost a CRC for that very reason, @5 8) This is absolutely nonesense! At University of Calgary 4 out of the 8 Cummings School of medicine CRCs were WM. Get over your whoa is me attitute. 8) Hold your horses 7!
4/12/24 6:17University of Hong KongAsia (Other)Ecology and Biodiversity8/30/2024 OpenTenure Stream5/10/24 2:032 positions, review of applications will commence as soon as possible and continue until August 30, 2024, or until the posts are filled, whichever is earlier.2) salary info? 3) Salary is high and tax is low. But it's a toxic environment in this dept, HK has its own issues politically, expectations to get tenure are Nature and Science papers. I'd think very carefully before making a move.4). Following on 3), do not apply, department is toxic-these positions are being advertised because people are leaving and others expected not to get tenure. 5) What is the salary for the Assistant and for the Associate positions? Folks here say 'high', but is there a number? 6) the numbers on glassdoor are correct. But there is no amount high enough to justify the toxicity and the damage taking one of these positions would do to your career. Do yourself a huge favor and *stay away*. 7) Can somebody post the salary? 4) (again) salary will vary based on the position, HK has high salaries so it will be higher than comparable jobs elsewhere. As 3 and 7 note- avoid it, it's seriously not worth it and these positions are only being advertised because they know people will leave, and many of the hires since 2019 have or will leave. Suggest reaching out to current staff (especially more junior staff) if you are considering applying- you should also likely read these for HK as a whole and for HKU other HK universities are getting enquiries from this department in particular about moving within HK for those with families who can't easily leave Hong Kong. 8) I was a previous faculty at another university in Hong Kong. I was there for three years. Salaries are rougly comparable among the UGC-funded eight Hong Kong universities. Here you can see the salary range at Lingnan Univ. My salary was exactly around the mean salary given in page 2, and those of my colleagues were too. You usually get 20,000HKD as housing allowance in addition to that salary. Salary is really good, but recruiting overseas postdocs are very difficult (housing is too expensive), basic science is not well-funded, research space in HK is generally very limited, and PhD student quota is very limited (even if you have funding, it doesn't mean you can just employ them as many as you want). It's true that my department was really toxic and a lot of faculty left (including two deans), but I don't know whether HKU is toxic, and I cannot generalize that all universities in HK are toxic. Hong Kong universities are now under a very strong control from the mainland government, and university leaders are now mostly from mainland China. In general, you are expected not to make political statements there. I would say that the pro of HKU is that it is one of the best schools in Asia. The students there are VERY smart and has a very good pool of PhD candidates. I may consider applying to HKU, but I am very curious how toxic it is and whether they can provide decent space for research. 9) This department in particular is incredibly toxic, which likely caused the statements above. As they said, faculty are leaving this department for other HK universities because it is particularly noxious. It's true the undergraduate students are excellent, but undergraduate teaching is not valued. Space distribution is highly variable - some have excellent space and facilities, others are in conditions not conducive to conducting research. It seems to depend on personal relationships and stochastic factors. I would go to CUHK, CityU, HKUST over this particularly dire corner of HK.10). Yeah this department is very very toxic, and the housing allowance is lower than what is quoted above (about 12-14k for Assistant Profs, and 18 for Assoc profs), and may only last for the 1st few years someone comes to HK, plus assistant professors are not allowed to be in the staff housing as they are "not senior enough" (that housing is a bit more subsidised). If you are considering HK, go to South China-startups are likely higher and cost of living lower, plus many packages to attract international talent or literally any other HK uni, as many HKU staff are. Annual salary rise also likely below the rate of inflation. To be honest- this thread has at least 2 current members of faculty commenting-it is always wise to heed warnings of staff in a place, I would not recommend anyone consider joining this department at present, there is no space or support, and newer staff were all told misleading (erroneous) information during negociations, which is one reason one left in under a year. Also important to note, serious issues with health and safety in the workplace, constant construction for over a year, black mold round the building-including airvents, poor ventilation and regular noxious gases in corridors and some offices due to ineffective ventilation 11) Sounds like it's literally toxic! 12) 8 again. It's true that construction is being done everywhere endlessly in HK unis, making workplaces noizy and dusty all the time. 13). Yeah, every definition of toxic, and if we have important zoom meetings we have to just work from home as its so noisy (over a year of work on the building so far, including often drilling into walls above your head or behind you, or hammering metal-which noise cancelling headphones does not block), toxic chemicals, and no one with power cares about employee health or welfare. 14) Did anyone hear back? 15) Any information about start-ups of recent faculties? 12). Likely won't start shortlisting until August. Startups also went down, so about 1/2 of those in South China now- limit will likely be 2 million HKD, maybe lower (and yeah, anyone considering it is crazy given the warnings- the conditions literally make staff sick) 1
4/12/24 6:14University of LeedsUnited KingdomEcology4/22/2024 Stream5/23/24 11:56Any insights from internal folks? Specified salary is up to 54k GPB (1) I don't know anything about Leeds, but >1/3 of UK universities are reducing faculty. I don't think Leeds is one of them, but it seems to be a systemic problem. 2) I have no specific info, but Leeds is supposed to be a good school. They're in the Russell group, so they have a bit more research funding to go around than most UK schools. 3) Any News? 4) Rejection 5/15 x42
4/12/24 6:13University of LeedsUnited KingdomTranslational or Fundamental Plant Sciences/Sustainable Agriculture/Plant-Insect Interactions4/22/2024 Stream5/15/24 13:31Any updates? 1) Rejection 5/15 x33
4/10/24 10:53Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanadaEcology4/19/2024 Academic5/21/24 10:59We encourage applications from scholars with teaching and research expertise in a range of ecology subdisciplines, but preference will be given to candidates with expertise in community ecology, sustainability, biodiversity or conservation biology. Additionally, the successful candidate will collaborate with faculty and laboratory colleagues to develop new upper-level ecology courses and participate in the review and revision of the first-year biology curriculum. PUI in Surrey, BC, which is a diverse suburb of Vancouver with a large South Asian population. 2) All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. (3) 9/10 interviews at UBC (one cancelled) were non-Cdn. This position might favor Canadians but it varies by institution and all must say this. 4) I applied! x2 5) do we know the salary range? 6) @5 the link to salary on the page didn't work but I found it in the collective agreement doc (page 40 - depends on degrees + experience) (7) My guess would be about 90K CAD. It will be tight living in the lower mainland on the salary at first. (8) Can somebody internal confirm the salary -- what's this new trend of hiding the salary? 9) it's not hidden, they just accidentally posted an internal link to the salary page. If you look at the linked collective agreement, it is clearly laid out, depending on experience -- probably off by a couple thousand since it is through 2022 though. PhD only starts at ~69k; MS + PhD starts at ~72K. Additional experience increases these numbers. (9 again) ETA here is the updated schedule which changes those numbers I just posted to ~76.5K and ~80K: (10) With rent and childcare, that's 100% of the salary. rough. 9) And that is Canadian $...converted to USD that is really rough... 11) This salary is a joke. 12) Converting the salary to USD isn't really relevant; if you want to make USD, you should work in the States. Stipends 8-11 would be enough for a single person or a family to live in the city if a partner made a similar income. 13) As an American who lived in BC for awhile, converting to USD is absolutely relevant. Also, "if a partner made a similar income"? Congrats for normalizing runaway capitalism, exploiting labor, academia not paying people their worth, and financial burden being passed on to partners when every individual is entitled to a liveable wage. 13 again, I should mention that even with the highest salary listed (which let's be real, admins will do everything they can to pay step/stipend 1 and not 8-11), it would never support home ownership. I know from experience living in the Vancouver area. 14) re-13 discussions of the American-Canadain exchange rate, acidemia's contribution to the destruction of the single-family model, the inclusion of home ownership within a calculation of a liveable wage, and how teachers at small non-TT colleges are 'owed' over $110,000 seems more fitting for the venting tab on this message board. x3 14) in-person interview request 4/23 (all interviews on one day in less than 2 weeks?) (15) An offer has gone out2
4/10/24 7:57North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaNatural Resources (incl. restoration, ecology)5/6/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/10/24 7:15Hiring 2 12-month positions. See also following PDF for full details: 1) Build a nationally recognized research program with a 35% research load (65% teaching load)? Uh huh. Go on. 2) 0% service load. Normally it's 1/3 each. Ask if they count service and teaching as equivalent or if you teach an extra class or outreach program in lieu of service. 3) 0% service load doesn't mean 0% service. 4) nationally recognized that is appropriate for the % is in the job ad. Could simply mean federal funding, national conferences, and journals that are not just regional. would encourage to email chair if wanting clarification of things. 5) SC chair here, please reach out for any questions about appointment. We have very realistic expectations for job duties and how it relates to PTE. We want our people to succeed. 6) TS from the department (but not on committee) - as an asst prof in the department I'm also happy to receive emails, answer questions, or chat. 7) Is this hire related to an EPSCoR program? I know ND is eligible. 8) Salary is "Commensurate with experience", but anyone knows the expected range? 9) @7 not an EPSCoR hire, but EPSCoR opportunities (such as SEED funding) are available. 10) @8 Recent hires were in the mid $80k's with excellent benefits (e.g., fully paid health insurance) and a relatively low cost of living in the area. 11) will DEI efforts be assesed in the application materials? 12) @11 SC chair again, DEI related efforts are part of two preferred qualifications so will be evaluated at every step of the process. 12) Does anybody know if good candidates at the Associate level would be considered? 13) @ 12 SC chair again, all applications will be considered. Decisions on rank or time towards tenure will be negotiated between chosen candidates and director. 14) Zoom interview requested 5/9 x4 15) rejection email post zoom interview 5/30 16) on-campus interview requested 6/3 x24
4/9/24 20:55Oregon State UniversityOregonSoil Microbiology and Ecology4/21/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/7/24 13:371) What is the salary? Ad says 'Pay Method: Salary' And then 'Salary - commensurate with skills' What's the salary?? x2. 2) Can anybody internal clarify the salary range? The ad is very opaque, do better OSU. 3) Confused by this ad/app too - only requires CV, cover letter, DEI statement, and references? No research or teaching statements?! x3 4) Does the strange nature of this application make it seem like they have an internal candidate in mind? 5) Any updates? 6) Nothing here (5/6) x2 7) zoom interviews have been completed.5
4/9/24 12:04Salisbury UniversityMarylandMolecular and Cellular Biology4/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/6/24 6:591) Looks like an offer was made for this same position on 12/13, anyone know if this is a different listing or if that offer ended up not working out? 2) It is a different position. The other position was filled. 3) The search is over 4) @3 Do you know if this was an internal hire? No judgement, just asking since 2 weeks is so short 5) @4 The search failed. I believe they plan to advertise again this fall. 1
4/9/24 11:36University of FloridaFloridaUrban Entomology5/8/2024 OpenTenure Stream4/22/24 6:231) integrated pest management of insects 2) This is an 80% Research position , "Research areas could include, but are not limited to behavior, ecology, genetics, physiology and toxicology of urban/structural pests"2
4/9/24 10:11University of GeorgiaGeorgiaCommunity Forestry and Arboriculture5/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
4/9/24 4:54University of FloridaFloridaMolecular Systematics4/26/2024 Scientist IIIMuseum5/21/24 7:571) reopened until May 29th
4/5/24 8:57SUNY ESFNew YorkEnvironmental Data Science4/28/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream5/23/24 13:401) Does anyone know what kind of courses they're hoping to have developed? They said 1 introductory and 1 advanced, but data science is a kind of broad field. @1) Something like "Intro to Environmental Data Science" and grad-level course entirely of choice. 2) Looks like they want someone who will design a new major and certificate program - sounds like a lot of admin 3) @2 definitely - clearly are looking for someone to lead that program. 4) In application questionnaire, first question asks "Do you have a PhD in Economics, Finance, Energy Regulation, or related field?" Is this a typo? Should this have asked about whether I have a PhD in "data science, or in fields such as engineering, biology, ecology, social science, geography, and information science with commensurate experience in data science" as per the job description? 5) Zoom interview requested 5/7 6) any news after Zooms?
4/4/24 6:25Smithsonian InstitutionDistrict of ColumbiaMigratory birds5/15/2024 12Government5/2/24 12:15"We seek applicants with demonstrated experience: (a) implementing and leading field research designed to address questions on the ecology of migratory birds (b) publishing lead-authored papers that use or develop pubquantitative and spatial methods to answer questions about wildlife population ecology; (c) applying statistical models to understand wildlife population ecology, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications; (d) obtaining extramural funding for research on wildlife ecology; (e) training students in wildlife ecology; and (f) presenting talks about avian ecology at a national or international conferences. "[1] Curse them for co-opting the convention we use here to delineate different peopleions on the ecology of migratory birds; 2) Looking through the required documents and questions for this. Does anyone know if it is really only a resume with no other questions or statements? I thought the USA jobs I've applied for in the past at least had some room for a little more or a cover letter etc. I guess there isn't any particular limit on resume length? 3) Federal job resumes should be very long with narrative describing duties, accomplishments, etc for every position and directly connecting to what's requested here. Cover letter is almost always optional; probably good to have one, but no knowing if it has any impact. I've been told from people in other agencies cover letters are meaningless. You should always upload all transcripts. There might be questions to answer in the application but you have to just start working through it. 4) This one doesn't seem to have any substantial extra questions (you can preview them). I can't tell if there is even a place where you could upload a cover letter if you wanted to. Would you just attach it in the same file as the resume? 5) if you make it all the way to the end where the upload documents option usually is and there is no space for cover letter or other documents, you can just combine it and your PDF resume and upload it in the resume area 6) I have applied to similar federal jobs, they are very restrictive on what they can ask for. The advice I was given was to follow #3 above with much more detailed resume that very specifically ties experience to language in advertisement and also include a cover letter just like you would for any academic job.2
4/1/24 17:27West Texas A&M UniversityTexasPlant Ecology4/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/2/24 4:27Dr. Ray Matlack is the committee chair. Will review candidates until position is filled. The earlier position on invertebrate biology is also still accepting applications (posted on 2/25)
3/31/24 10:21University of RoehamptonUnited KingdomZoology4/28/2024 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream5/26/24 18:15interview invitation 5/242
3/31/24 10:20University of RoehamptonUnited KingdomBiological Sciences4/28/2024 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream5/24/24 6:30Interview request 5/241
3/29/24 10:30The Land InstituteKansasPerennial Grains5/3/2024 Science Research DirectorNon-Profit Research Organization4/17/24 3:401) had to look up what "Kernza" grain was, and when googling it has a trademark next to it everywhere. Apparently its a proprietary grain made by The Land Institute. Idk if this helps any job seekers but that was interesting at least. (2) It's a non-profit, don't know much about it but it seems like they have good motives. (3) I know some folks that work there. Seems like a great place, very supportive of research, travel, mentoring. (4) Sounds like a great place to support my passion of perineal research (5) @4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7) @4 what a tainted mind to make that slip (7) I am living for this late-cycle job board discussion x3 (8) @3 I agree. I work with the TLI scientists and they're a great group. They're developing many different perennial crops, Kernza is just the first one to be commercialized.
3/27/24 1:01Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomAI in the Biosciences4/9/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/15/24 2:031) FYI for those outside the UK: Queen Mary University was labeled the “worst university employer in the UK” after the way they handled the University and College Union (UCU) strikes in 2022. 2) sounds like my kind of place. I've worked in lots of worst universities! :) 3) I appreciate the honesty when my employer and I hold each other in mutual contempt, it's warm and familiar 4) SC member here: I want to add to the discussion to say that the biology department is very collegial and welcoming, and that there are strong ties to the Alan Turing Institute, Kew Gardens, UCL and many other London institutions 5) @4 would someone who heavily applies AI approaches in their work but doesn't develop new tools be of interest for this position? Or are you looking for folks who will innovate on the computer science side, with applications to biosciences? @4 what about mathematical modeling? 6) @5 We would encourage anyone working with AI in biology to apply, whether it's applying existing AI tools or developing new ones. Re mathematical modeling- yes as long as there are links to AI 7) Current staff - it's a great place to work. UK universities are under substantial governmental pressure and QM has been handling that better than most!
3/25/24 14:36Michigan State UniversityMichiganAginformatics Entomology7/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/25/24 14:37The successful applicant will develop and deliver data-driven integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for crop systems. 60% Research/40% Extension.
3/22/24 10:43University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisVertebrate Curator4/19/2024 Research ScientistNon-TS Academic5/16/24 18:37Curator for Ichthyology or Herpetology at the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS). 1) WHAT? They just pulled this search a few weeks back, now a new one that is basically the same? We will have to re-apply, so lame. 1) first post was for a curator of Ichthyology and for a curator of Herpetology, this one is combind into one posetion, kind of a big difference. 2) ooooor one of the people they were going to hire was shopping around for other offers and negotiated this change. This is like the 3rd curatororial-related hire post from them with a short deadline just this Spring. There is definitely something odd afoot. 3) Smells fishy 4) seems like the downside of requiring public advertisements. As much as folks here hate the idea of an internal hire, sometimes if they have worked there for years it makes a lot of sense. Then when they negotiate final title or have a funding change...they have to publicly post some weirdness like this. 5) @2-4: You might be right, and there is a guy there who is a good candidate for this job but that doesn't mean he is applying. I would just apply and not worry about it. Seems like a good place to work. 6) @5 what? academic job searchers shouldn't be suspicious? hahahahahahahah! I agree with you though. 7) any news? 8) Zoom invite 5/3 x3 9) Did the zooms go well? 3
3/22/24 6:41University of FloridaFloridaMolecular Nematology5/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream
3/22/24 5:51Miami UniversityOhioEcology8/30/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 0:16Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecology. "The successful candidate will not currently have primary employment within the state of Ohio." I guess the 2024-25 season is officially open... (1) Wtf? So because I already live and work in Ohio, I can't apply? Wtf? (2) seems perhaps not very legal... 3) I love that the 'Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecology' cannot be a current Ohioan. (4) sounds like a weirdo philanthropic requirement, like "must bring talent to ohio" 5) yes to what 4 says. Sometimes there are pots of money attached to these lines that have recruitment stipulation 6) There are Ohio Eminent Scholars in a variety of disciplines across Ohio's public universities. These positions were partially endowed by the state to help attract faculty from elsewhere. 7) I wonder what the endowment offers. 8) That is up for negotiation, previously that has included reduced teaching load, research funds, and other stuff.
3/21/24 13:41Field Museum of Natural HistoryIllinoisHerpetology / Amphibians4/8/2024 CuratorMuseum5/20/24 12:231) note that you should apply using the email address 2) Time to deadline is very short, is this an internal hire? 3) HMMM with all the strangeness happening at the INHS search and the consolidation to herps+icthy from separate positions there, this may be related 3) You do realize the FMNH is a private institution completely unrelated to INHS or the UI system right? 4)This hire is absolutely not internal, has nothing to do with INHS in any way, and there are zero preferred candidates (and the timeline will be extended if a broad pool of applicants is not received)! If you’re a fit apply! 5) would someone who works on tropical amphibians but not in the neotropics be considered a fit? 6) @5 yes, if the person can/wants to incorporate neotropical amphibians into their work encouraged to apply 7) Is there a specific reason why there is an emphasis on the neotropics? 8) @7 lots of initiatives at the Field have to do with the Neotropics so I have gotten the sense they like to synergize on trips and things that way. 9) the ad says this is a joint hire with the museum's action conservation center which works a lot in the Neotropics specifically. 10) did Sara leave or are they expanding to another herp curator? They had mutiple back in the day, but then were down to 0 for a while... 11) Sara works mainly with reptiles, this is an amphibians job. Honesly it is refreshing to see institutions separate amphibians from non-avian reptiles 12) @10 Sara is the search chair for this hire 13) worth noting the Field Museum has been doing a lot of hires in the last several years and has added 6 or 7 new curators so this seems like continuing that trend 14) It was indeed a short timespan, particularly for those in the Neotropics who are not primarily targeting tenure positions in the USA. Starting an application from scratch while managing work commitments and/or applying for other positions in one's home country can be quite challenging; 15) letters of reference requested April 18. 16) Were you contacted by the FMNH, or did you hear from your letter writers? 17) Contacted by the Museum. 16) Cool, looks like I'm out then :-/ 18) Interviews ongoing3