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TimestampInstitutionLocationSubject AreaReview DateURLRankPosition TypeLast UpdateNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
2/22/24 12:37Cornell UniversityNew YorkEnvironmental Justice3/15/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
2/22/24 10:13University of California, Los AngelesCaliforniaVertebrate Biology4/1/2024 OpenTenure Stream2/24/24 15:17$74,600-$197,100 1) Wow that is quite a range! 2) i think this is just because Blaire Van Valkenburgh was the prior chair of the collections and she had a large salary, i doubt youd actually get that higher end 3) The UC System has special money to match external offers. The standard FTE will be closer to the lower end of the spectrum for new hires with no counter offer. 4) it is because open rank. the top of the range is for full only 5) Finally, a job ad that includes a salary range! 6) Note that there is off-scale salary. No assistant professor at UCLA would make the low end of the posted salary range. For more information, you can check "How do UC salaries work?" on the General Discussion tab. 7) why is this here? that department is problematic :/ 8) why is the department problematic? Do you guys think that this is more like a senior position or fresh postdocs should try too? 9) @8 it says rank open, so just apply
2/22/24 6:59USGSSouth DakotaResearch Ecologist / Fish Biologist3/22/2024 12 (Asst Unit Leader)Government
2/21/24 16:00The San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve/San Francisco State UniversityCaliforniaEstuarine Biology 16:00The Director of the SF Bay NERR
2/21/24 11:33Purdue UniversityIndianaUrban Entomology2/24/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/21/24 11:36"O.W. Rollins/Orkin Endowed Chair" 1) Dept member here. We begin reviewing on 24th but it's not a hard deadline.
2/21/24 9:28Sweet Briar CollegeVirginiaBiology2/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/21/24 12:18I see this is a really small college and department-does anyone know anything about the school? 1) they almost closed at one point. I gues it says something that they pulled through 2) I would still be hesitant to go there. They came about as close to closing as possible and that was pre-covid.
2/21/24 8:02Texas A&M University - College StationTexasForest Resources3/10/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic
2/21/24 8:00Texas A&M University - College StationTexasApplied Biodiversity Sciences3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/22/24 2:55Why the fast turn around time? 1) Because, every now and then I get a little bit terrified,
and then I see the look in your eyes +1 2) bravo 3) Well now that's in my head.
2/21/24 2:28Appalachian Mountain ClubNew HampshireTerrestrial Ecology & Climate Change ScientistNGO2/22/24 8:14Permanent, full-time position. 1) Anyone know what the science is like at AMC? I can't find any information about other staff scientists or publications, etc. It seems like they want this position to do research but I can't tell if there is really infrastructure for that. 2) where can I find job postings like this? eg indeed? linkedin? I'm looking for more places to look. 3) I don't think there are very many postings like this. 4) I worked for the AMC for years in their high mountain hut system, this is indeed a very new direction for them. Lab infastructure at Pinkham Notch will be limited but it is located at the base of mount washington. Also the 8 AMC high huts nestled across the white mountains could serve as lauching off points for field work. Sounds like a great opportunity. 5) When is the start date? 6) "the terrestrial ecologist" ... are they going to be looking for a freshwater person? 7) Similalry interested to know if they would consider an animal ecologist. 8) Why would terrestrial make you think freshwater? Seems like most of the monitoring is spatial, trees, climate. I'd guess an animal person would need to be much more remote sensing/monitoring focused than organismal/experimental but its an unusual job so who knows. 9) the way the ad is worded makes it sound like they might (someday) to have an ecologist that isn't terrestrial (not this ad)
2/20/24 16:45Oregon State UniversityOregonIchthyology4/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/20/24 8:23University of ArizonaArizonaTree Ring Research3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/20/24 5:54University of FloridaFloridaQuantitative Wildlife Ecology4/8/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2/23/24 16:44Wow, no statements just cover letter, CV, references list. [don't trash the department / university for the state's politics -AP] 1) Student in the dept here. Many faculty in the dept do not sympathasize with state politics/positions, of course.
2/19/24 6:14Michigan State UniversityMichiganWildlife, Natural Resources, Fisheries2/15/2024 Prof InstructorNon-TS Academic2/19/24 12:38Rolling deadline, please apply! [general discussion of lack of salary info in job ads moved to General Discussions -AP]
2/18/24 16:15Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandChair, Earth & Planetary Sciences4/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/18/24 16:16"manage a major growth initiative [that] aims to strengthen existing foci in geology, climate sciences and planetary science in the department and to significantly expand ecological research." Review starts Feb 1, but applications considered until April 15.
2/16/24 10:52Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Benthic Biogeochemistry3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:50Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Vertebrate Conservation Ecology3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:48Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomBioinformatics / Metagenomics / Metatranscriptomics3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:43Michigan State UniversityMichiganConservation Genomics and Molecular Ecology3/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/19/24 10:49This is a replacement for Kim Scribner's old position. 1) Well dang, I wish this one had been posted earlier in the season.
2/15/24 20:34Oregon State UniversityOregonIndigenous and Community Perspectives on Land, Ecosystem, and Cultural Stewardship3/15/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
2/15/24 9:41Ohio State UniversityOhioMolecular Genetics3/1/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/15/24 9:49"Ohio Eminent Scholar in Molecular Genetics" endowed chair 1) Department member here. We are a highly collegiate and supportive department (Testimony: we always finish monthly faculty meetings within 1.5 hours) with diverse biological systems (zebrafish, human, fly, yeast, maize, mouse, arabidopsis). We provide competitive, negotiable start up fundings, compensations, and benefits. Columbus is a clean, family friendly city and you can commute to any part of the city within 25 minutes.
2/15/24 4:51FIBLSwitzerlandOrganic Agriculture 3/7/2024 of Institute NGO
2/14/24 12:27Valdosta State UniversityGeorgiaDepartment Head of Biology3/12/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/18/24 16:211) Department member here. We are hoping for a department head who has experience in research and will continue to support us doing our research. Hiring Committee is large, Admins have final say. 2) will you hire Non-US applicants? x2
2/14/24 8:16DuolingoPennsylvaniaOwl Trainer 11:531) I needed a laugh thanks! 2) Don't even bother applying without a CNS paper, honestly 3) what's the teaching load? Anyone hear anything yet? 3) failed search, also any updates? 1) to whoever flagged this cant you just let us have a little fun? I used to handle owls at a nature center and it just made me laugh...4) the skills lists are amazing! 5) No review date? This is clearly an inside hire. 6) Oh the salary is so low AP) "A degree in avian psychology or in a bird-related field, such as ornithology, bird training, or wildlife rehabilitation" - definitely ecoevo 7) Salary so low I'd have to moonlight elsewhere...8) I see what you did there 9) this job looks like a hoot 10) I don't understand. The ad has nothing about willingness to break kneecaps if lessons stop getting completed each week. x3 11) scroll all the way down to the bottom, they ask "What actual positions are you interested in? "... 12) Watch out for the internal hire. The VAP there is amazing.13) VAP = visiting avian predator <- lol (14) Vicious 15) Don't Start Now 16) Expected to teach night classes 16) Preferred candidate must be a real head-turner 17) I wonder hoo they could be looking for... 18) @17 I don't give a hoot 19) department is full of brooding individuals who aren't afraid to ruffle a few feathers 20) I'd consider working for Duolingo, simiply because of their savage reply to the UK!1
2/12/24 16:06Springer Nature GroupNew YorkNature Communications (Ecology & Evolution) 3/15/2024 / Senior EditorIndustry2/23/24 11:52time to revenge (1) Lol x4 (2) Salary is... not good... for NYC. 3) I don't get why jobs like this aren't fully remote. I'd consider applying if so, but yeah I'm not even going to pretend one could live in or even near NYC for that salary. 4) echo this. ~5000 $/article and they publish > 10k/year, let alone their other OA journals in the portfolio. how can they offer such a low salary? 5) That's enough to live in the burbs and train into the city, but would expect more from Springer for sure 6) I am editor in chief of a journal related to this field, wildlife ecology. I applied but I am not a US citizen, I am Asian, hope they support visa issues 7) @3, considering the city's median househeold income is ~$75k, it must be possible. 8) @7 standard of living that someone who put in the years to get a PhD expects vs. possible are two VERY different things. Sure maybe it's "possible" to live on this with roommates and scraping by, but after spending ~10 years working on your degrees do you want to continue living like a poor college student? 9) @7 that median is also skewed by families who have lived in the city either in rent controlled or long-ago purchased apartments. The current median 2br in NYC is $60k/yr. That is more than $75k/yr nets. 10) Do y'all know about the 40x rule? In NYC, to sign a lease, your annual salary must be AT LEAST 40x the monthly rent. 74,000/40 = $1850. It's near impossible to get even a studio that cheap. 11) Guess what: the ad says this is a base rate. offer could be more. I'd bet you all are qualified to receive a higher offer and you won't have to live like the common folk. 12) Well 91,000/40 = 2275. Not going to go very far unless you move to deep Queens or NJ. 13) Pathetic that NPG, a company with some of the highest profit margins on earth, offers such a paltry salary. 14) @13 they wouldn't have those beastly margins if they paid their workers :P 15) How many commenters here have actually lived in NYC? One can live just fine as a postdoc or starting prof at CUNY making somewhere between $75K-95K (and how do you think grad students make it on $35K / year or less). You won't be living in the fanciest neighborhoods but can still be a good life. Whether that salary is worth it to work for a for-profit publishing company is another matter altogether. x3 16) yeah it ain't gonna be Friends, and will be a 50 minute commute on the subway to midtown. 17) Good luck paying for daycare on that salary 18) Incidentally, I am pretty sure Springer Nature's NYC office is downtown (like...way downtown, Battery Park area). Opens up more of Brooklyn, but nearby are mostly the expensive areas anyways. Midtown might have been better because some of the 7 line is still affordable. 19) I love how there is always someone legitimizing low salaries ("that's more than you can make at job X", "you can live just fine"). That is the reason why academics keep being exploited, we settle for so little and accept to live "just fine". It's depressing! x4 20) I once interviewed for one of these positions at a different nature journal and ended up pulling out because of the salary. They also wanted you to review three manuscripts as part of the interview process just to get to the 2nd round. That amount of unpaid work to even interview, for such a low-paying job, is just kinda exploitative. I make more now at a nonselective PUI! x2 21) yikes 22) Yeah, getting the "I slept on my lab floor for two years and was fine" vibes. They are asking for a "senior" position that pays under six figures for NYC. Truly insulting. Also like the "ediitorial experience is not required"…and you wonder why so much bad writing ends up in journals these days. @19) We live in the world as it is. One can work to change it long-term, but reality doesn't change because we wish it so. 23) I wonder if they got paid more if they'd be happier and more likely to accept the papers I send them. 24) Imagine working for such a low wage when your job is to extort gullable researchers into paying 1/10 of your annual salary to publish a PDF online. 25) flagged cause this conversation is off topic and annoying x1 -1 26) @25 then just...don't read this post. Pretty simple. x7 25) if I could unread it, I would. I was hoping to save others the trouble lol. 27) INCREDIBLE - even Nature's editors get screwed! 26) As a recent rejection from one of these positions, I was told they are mainly filled by internal candidates. x 2 27) I would like to ask whether they are willing to sponsor a work visa for non-US citizens. Does anyone know how to inquire about it? I don't see any contact info on the job ad. 28) They have sponsored H1Bs before for editors. 27) again. Thanks @28. @26 who can become internal candidates? Is that the place to start to become a paid editor for a Nature journal? On this ad, there is no contact info to inquire about the position. Does it imply that they already have plenty internal candidates? I would imagine that foregin nationals would be interested in this position and would like to know about immigration situations, but they don't seem to give an option to ask questions. Is this a bad sign? 28) non-internal candidate here, got "desk" rejected for this one job this week!2
2/12/24 11:52California Department of Water ResourcesCaliforniaClimate Change Adaptation and Mitigation2/22/2024 Environmental Scientist (Specialist)Government2/17/24 17:09
2/12/24 11:51California Department of Water ResourcesCaliforniaRestoration Ecology and Conservation2/23/2024 Environmental Scientist (Specialist)Government2/12/24 11:55Tidal Habitat Restoration, Hybrid telework.
2/12/24 9:51UCLACaliforniaEcology & Evolutionary Biology Curriculum3/15/2024 Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic2/16/24 18:20"a full-time faculty position with potential security of employment akin to tenure" 2) its not tenure track, it doesn't have tenure. if it did, they would not say a kin to tenure . AP) Seems blurry but ok; 3) Sounds like B.S. you would be a full time Lecturer with a fancy title. As a recurrent lecturer you will gain priviledges and secure your teaching units (= security) but no salary bumps (e..g, Asst - Assct, etc). Weird. 4) Lecturers in the UC System have automatic renewal after 6(?) years of good performance. It's not considered tenure track in the legal sense, and lecturers don't have a vote on some items at faculty meetings. They could be laid off in a budget crisis but I've never seen it actually happen. Layoffs have rules like it has to go in reverse seniority. I don't know all the rules myself, but effectively it turns inot a permanent job much like TT faculty. The UC has documentaiton and procdures you used to be able to find at the system office. Treat it like a permanent job for teaching. x3 5.) Is it normal to ask for a research statement (including future research???) for a teaching-only position? 6) Some institutions have just-cause status for lecturers after a certain number of years, where your position can't be cut (and you can get sabbaticals, too). There are periodic assessments and you can get raises. So there is some permanency. 7) Is this position a direct result of UCLA suspending one prominent ecology-evolutionary biology faculty? (8) No if I had to guess it might be a targetted hire. 9) UC employee here. I am not on the SC but I am 100% confident that this entry was incorrectly labeled and I will flag this for modification. The "lecturer with potential security of employment (LPSOE)" designation in the UC system is identical to a tenure-track "research" faculty position, but with a teaching focus. They are both senate faculty. They are not lecturers. This is a tenure-track position. 10) LPSOE is not tenure track in the UC system. They are senate faculty but they are not tenure eligible. The security of employment is great (these are good positions), but it doesn't have the same protections as tenure.2
2/12/24 9:19Wayne State UniversityMichiganBiology2/23/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/13/24 5:05"faculty position in the areas of Behavior, Physiology, or Cell Biology... particularly interested in future leaders who employ systems-based approaches to define molecular, genetic, and physiological processes underlying biological function and disease states.", 2) "Applications need to include...three letters of reference" Boo!
2/12/24 7:02Rocky Mountain Biological LaboratoryColoradoField Ecology3/15/2024 DirectorNon-Profit Research Organization2/13/24 6:411) Oh, RMBL <3 x8. (2) What sort of person would this be aimed at? Salary is really high to be entry level, so are they looking to get an assoc prof? 3) I don't think this is necessarily looking for a science person so much as a business person who can run a nonprofit. There can be overlap though 4) The high salary may reflect the astronomical real estate prices more than anything. 5) the current ED is David Inouye, who is very much a science person. I don't have inside information, but I assume they're looking for an assoc prof. 6) Current ED is Ian Billick 7) Billick has been ED for 24 years, and has a PhD - for reference. It is strange that the job call doesn't include more info on qualifications.
2/10/24 7:52University of British ColumbiaCanadaApplied Biology / Plant Science3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/13/24 15:04"Applicants must have a PhD in a field related to plant science and relevant to sustainable agriculture. Candidates demonstrating evidence of outstanding contributions in areas related to climate resilience, applied ecology and evolution, ecophysiology, genetics and breeding, plant-microbe interactions, crop management and/or precision agriculture are preferred."
2/9/24 14:12University of Colorado-BoulderColoradoEnvironmental Pollution and Human Health3/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/9/24 9:54University of Maryland Center for Environmental ScienceMarylandEstuarine and Marine Science3/4/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
2/9/24 7:51Cornell UniversityNew YorkUrban Ecology3/10/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2/9/24 18:031) SC member here. This position focuses on ecology and/or management of urban plants and research topics can include various types of plant-human interactions. We are looking for someone that would be qualified to teach a plant identification class.2
2/8/24 16:53Okinawa Institute of Science and TechnologyJapanEnvironmental Science and Informatics Section Leader LeaderNon-TS Academic2/9/24 11:29The Section Leader of the Environmental Science and Informatics (ESI) Section will lead all aspects of the technical and administrative efforts necessary to support terrestrial environmental research conducted at OIST. The section leader will be primarily responsible for managing the daily operations of the ESI Section and to actively engaging with the OIST research community and the environmental research support community both domestically and internationally.
2/8/24 10:50University of New HampshireNew HampshireWatershed Science2/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/8/24 7:56Acadia UniversityCanadaBiodiversity2/26/2024 Academic2/19/24 16:071) Anyone have any insights about the school, program, salary? 2) Any specific questions (1)? You can check the collective agreement for the salary range, looks to be around 60-80K Canadian as far as I can tell. Acadia is a great place, it's a primarily undergraduate university really focused on teaching in a terrific campus town in a beautiful spot in Nova Scotia. It's only about an hour from Halifax.
2/8/24 7:54Acadia UniversityCanadaMarine Invertebrate Biology3/4/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/7/24 9:47University of ReginaCanadaWater and the Environment3/18/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
2/6/24 20:12University of NeuchatelSwitzerlandChemical Ecology3/15/2024 OpenTenure Stream2/7/24 9:53"research in chemical ecology, using methods from ecology, analytical chemistry and, the biology of interactions between plants and insect pests and their beneficials" 2) 'Teaching is in French at Bachelor and English at Master level'
2/6/24 15:02USGSMississippiResearch Ecologist3/20/2024 12-13Government2/6/24 15:55Coop / Asst Unit Leader position at Mississippi State University
2/6/24 15:00Virginia Tech UniversityVirginiaInvasive Species4/8/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2/6/24 15:01"research and management of invasive plants, plant pathogens, and/or arthropods to mitigate the threat they pose to managed or natural terrestrial and / or aquatic habitats"
2/6/24 14:09Montana State UniversityMontanaApplied Quantitative Ecology3/5/2024 ProfTenure Stream
2/6/24 13:49Ohio UniversityOhioGenetics / Genomics3/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/12/24 5:46"Broad areas of research are welcome including genotype-to-phenotype functional genomics; varied aspects of developmental biology (e.g., epigenetics, signaling pathways), ecological and/or evolutionary biology (e.g., responses or adaptation to abiotic or biotic stressors); or disease susceptibility." 1) What is the anticipated start date? 2) mentinos animals specifically in the description. 3) @1 I believe the anticipated start date is August 2024. 4) multicellular animals only, protozoans need not apply lol2
2/6/24 11:33Université de SherbrookeCanadaMolecular and Cellular Biology AND Plant Biology3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/6/24 11:38From Faculty member at UdeS: We are seeking to fill 2 tenure-track positions. Note that professors at the Université de Sherbrooke are expected to be able to teach in French, or to rapidly attain the ability to do so. An institutional learning support program is offered to all new faculty wishing to learn French (I can personally attest to the efficacy of this program!). Here is a link to the english version of the job ad (
2/6/24 6:29University of VermontVermontEnvironmental Policy2/26/2024 Academic
2/5/24 15:14Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A&M University-KingsvilleTexasRangeland and Restoration Ecology5/31/2024 OpenTenure Stream2/6/24 5:13Frances and Peter Swenson Endowed Chair. Reposting of #762. Posting says deadline = Jan 31, can SC verify that it's still open until 5/31? 1) Yes, SC member here, we are readvertising position. Application deadline has been extended to 05/31.
2/5/24 13:17University of North AlabamaAlabamaPlant Biology OR Cell Biology OR Anatomy & Physiology2/21/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/6/24 8:31From search committee: Position is open (depending on fit with department) but priority is given to those with a cell biology, plant biology, or anatomy & physiology background. Looking to start Fall 2024. Teaching load is 12 credit hours per semester (lectures count for 3 cr., labs for 1.5 cr.) with teaching responsibilities generally split between service courses (introductory majors or non-majors bio; a&p) and courses within faculty specialty. Small class sizes, reasonable expectations for tenure (minimum 1 peer-reviewed publication + strong teaching evaluations + service). Located in Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL - Low cost of living area roughly 2 hrs south of Nashville and 1 hour west of Huntsville, AL. Currently reviewing and will remain open until filled. 1) If you can make it to Nashville in 2 hrs you must drive fast. Watch out for the speed traps in Killen and Pulaski.
2/5/24 13:02University of New OrleansLouisianaTropical Animal Conservation and Biodiversity OpenTenure Stream2/5/24 18:59Doris Zemurray Stone Endowed Chair1
2/5/24 13:02UMass AmherstMassachusettsGenetics3/5/2024 Academic2/6/24 10:531) SC member here: UMass has great support for NTT faculty. They are part of the same union and bargaining agreement as TT faculty. This could be a great opportunity for someone interested in undergraduate education, but wants to be at a larger institution. Teaching Load: 6 credit hours per semester (2 classes). Classes range from 40 to 150 students.
2/4/24 10:10Babson CollegeMassachusettsNatural Sciences - Environmental focus2/19/2024 OpenTenure Stream2/23/24 6:37"...successful applicant will show a passion for high quality undergraduate teaching of non-majors (business students)" & "...manageable teaching loads (four face-to-face sections per year for all Assistant Professors), small class sizes, excellent technological support, and research funding" 1) Even if you get a decent salary for an assistant prof, how could you ever afford a house here : ( 2) "We have limited science lab research space, but value collaboration across disciplines and between institutions." (1 again) so no actual lab... you have to wonder what research expectations are like then. I might apply anyway what the heck. (3) The salaries for this college on Chronicle are sky-high, but I think it's because Business faculty command huge wages. I am skeptical that the Natural Science faculty are as generously compensated, but maybe I'm wrong? 1 again) Yeah, I agree the large business element probably drives up the mean. I guess you can live in framingham and and find a house for only 750k lol. I would do a lot of math before accepting an offer for sure! 4) Zoom invite 2/22 5) wow that was fast. congrats #4! Do you mind sharing your subfield? Just curious what they would be looking for here. 4 again) trophic ecology, fisheries 5) interesting, thanks! The position is so general, it made me wonder. Best of luck for your interview.4
2/4/24 9:03Mississippi State UniversityMississippiAquatic Disease Ecology2/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/4/24 9:07SC member here: position is focused on fish disease ecology, but we are also interested in applicants working in water-borne diseases that connect water systems with animal health (wildlife and domestic) in a One Health approach.
2/4/24 7:37North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaFreshwater Fish Ecology ProfTenure Stream2/23/24 11:50Anticipated close date: "Open until filled." 1) I didn't see an email posted to address questions regarding the position, only a link about the application. Anyone know whom we can address questions to? 2) SC Chair is Jeff Buckel and all questions should be directed to him - 3) Announcement ciculated from department says they will start reviewing applications March 6, 2024 and Target start date is summer 2024. 4) Does anyone understand this supplemental Q "Do you have comprehensive knowledge of all state, federal, college, University and UNC-General Administration policy and procedures?"? 5) Seconding the question from 4 - is it safe to assume the policies are standard and answer yes? Or does this question mean they are specifically looking for people from North Carolina? x21
2/3/24 14:56Oregon State UniversityOregonWildlife Ecology3/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/4/24 14:36From search committee: position must in part work with small mammal population and community ecology in agricultural systems and includes outreach component. But a broader research program across other taxa and topics is encouraged. 2) What are the chances of sponsoring non-americans for the position? It's always good to know if my application would be binned before being looked at :) 3) This position is funded at 0.75 FTE and the faculty member is expected to fund the other 0.25 FTE from grants and contracts. 4) @3, is this different than a typical 9-month academic appointment? 5) @3 most US positions are 9 month or 0.75 FTE. @2 we have hired international faculty recently. I don't think that's an issue. 4) @5 at my university, a 9-month academic-year appointment is called 1 FTE, so the language might be confusing to some. So basically: nothing weird here? 5) @4 no nothing weird. Rather than 9 months, it's 0.75 of 12 months, but in practice these are equivalent since the university covers 75% of your salary either way.
2/2/24 16:45University of Wisconsin - La CrosseWisconsinGenetics3/4/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/6/24 13:27Any area, including pop-gen, landscape genetics, etc. SC member here- a Jan start date is negotiable. 2) what is the teaching load? 3) Expertise in cell biology or molecular biology required @3) From the job ad: "Expertise in cell biology or molecular biology is preferred but not required" SC) Teaching load is 10 semester-hours, with lab time counting at full credit.
2/2/24 13:07IGZGermanyPlant Biotic Interactions 2/18/2024 LeaderTenure Stream1
2/2/24 8:19UMass AmherstMassachusettsGenetics3/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/3/24 6:33Why don't jobs every list teaching load or salary or really any relevant information to know if its worth our time to apply. I actually know why, but golly, inform us!! 1) Hear you go - teaching load: 1-8 courses/year, Salary: $50-150K 2) Thanks so much! 3) When I was grad student there most profs seemed to teach 2 courses/year and were state employees so salaries are listed maybe? (read: 'most profs' = my advisor :)) 4) You can assume ~2 courses/year at an R1 Biology department, and as 3 said, at least for public schools salaries can be found online. 5) Did this search fail last year? 6) Teaching load = 1.5/year 6) I recently looked up a pre-tenure salary here in biology, and that person was $84k, not including summer salary. 7) Same as 5, I'm wondering if the search failed last year. Though I thought I remember them hiring someone. And I would think if it was a failed search last year, then they would have advertised earlier in the season? 5) Yeah that was my thought as well about earlier in the season, but the search area is the same as last year1
2/1/24 9:05Karlstad UniversitySwedenAquatic Ecology2/28/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
1/31/24 12:21University of Hawaii ManoaHawaiiWater Resources1/31/2024 Specialist (Asst Prof equivalent)Tenure Stream2/3/24 13:23Posted on the review date :'(, 2) might be worth still applying, I've had UH review my application post review date before1
1/30/24 13:13HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology & Colorado State UniversityColoradoGenomics, Plant Breeding4/1/2024 OpenNon-Profit Research Organization2/11/24 17:44This is not a fixed term position. It closest to a research assistant professor, or a junior faculty in the European system. 2) Is it different from the faculty investigator, which is the PI term used in HudsonAlpha? If so, it should be moved to the Fixed-Term Faculty jobs tab. 3) this is a permanent staff scientist position. different from PI, but not fixed-term. 4) OP here, thanks #3, thats right. You'll also have PI status. 5) I am a bit confused. Will this position belong to someone else's funding or lead a group (lab) as a PI?
1/30/24 12:55Auburn UniversityAlabamaDisease Ecology2/13/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2/12/24 14:24SC member note: there is a typo in the title of the job ad but this is an open rank search. The ad should be updated in the next couple of days. 1) Was this a failed search from last year? The same position was posted last year, I think. SC member again) no, this is a new search building on the success from last year and looking to expand in this area. 2) Where should application materials be uploaded? There are only spots for cover letter, CV, and transcripts.1
1/29/24 13:20Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaForestry and Environmental Conservation2/26/2024 Academic2/16/24 8:17SC member here, please ask any questions! Most courses to be taught are wildlife or -ologies. (1) What is the budgeted salary? SC) I can't answer that. That would be between candidate and department chair. But, faculty salaries should be publicly available; maybe check for those to get a range. (2) I assume desired start date is August 2024? SC) Fall 24 would be the ideal start date. (3) why is is non-ts? is the a 100% teaching role? (SC) Yes, it is 100% teaching appointment, which is non-ts at Clemson.
1/29/24 9:13University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesMinnesotaForest Systems Social-Ecological Spatial Analysis2/25/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/31/24 2:57Any SC members here that can provide more insight into this search? Thanks!2
1/29/24 7:18University of Illinois ChicagoIllinoisBiology3/1/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic1/29/24 8:45Faculty position coordinating Biological Sciences Teaching lab. 2) why does it say "clinical" in the title but its just an NTT teaching position? Answered my own question: apparently UIC calls all NTT teaching-exclusive positions "clinical" 3) A lot of institutions call teaching positions "clinical"
1/28/24 5:11Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorwayEvolutionary Genomics of Vertebrates3/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
1/27/24 10:57University of FloridaFloridaMicrobiology and Cell Science2/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/27/24 10:57"preferred areas of environmental microbiology or natural product interactions between host and microbe". Based in Ft. Lauderdale.4
1/27/24 9:29Michigan State UniversityMichiganAgroecology3/15/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/1/24 6:25Based at Kellogg Biological Station. 1) If only I were more senior! This seems like a great place to work. X3
1/27/24 7:25USGSCaliforniaCenter Director2/16/2024 15Government2/5/24 9:24A center director within the Western Ecological Sciences Center 2) GS employee here. This is not an academic job, and these positions are extremely vetted. Unlikely anybody can get this unless you are already a senior-level fed. 3) Another fed employee here - agree with #2. For this GS-14 will be required. This is common on this board to see GS positions posted which is weird because academics with no prior time in the level below the posted GS level will not be competitive. And yes, you'll get passed over for somebody without a PhD but they had the time in the right GS level
1/26/24 11:32Leibniz Universität HannoverGermanyVegetation Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics3/6/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream1/31/24 10:28Department member here: Bioinformatics broadly defined, including: stochastic/mechanistic modeling, genomics/proteomics, artificial intelligence (AI), global environmental change, or other big data computational subfields relating to biomedical or environmental sciences. Additionally, ad says screening begins on January 18 but the applications are still open due to the ad going out over the holidays, and the job will remain posted until filled 2) PhD by Dec. 15th 2023 seems random with a start date of August 2024. 3) Probably because the search committee doesn't want to invest time in reviewing apps for people that plan to but may not actually have a PhD by the start date.
1/25/24 21:45University of WashingtonWashingtonBiology teaching2/22/2024 Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic2/12/24 8:53Two positions. "The initial appointment is for three years, with the possibility of renewal. Successful candidates are expected to contribute to teaching efforts in any area of Biology. The base salary range for this position will be $7,277 - $8,700 per month on a 9-month basis ($65,493 - $78,300 annually)" 1) note that the app requires a 10-minute teaching demo video... 2) virtually impossible to live off that salary in Seattle x3 3) Wowza. 4) Salary definitely sucks, but funny to say it is 'virtually impossible to live' on a salary that is above the median for the city. 5) Virtually impossible for someone with a PhD to live on that salary 6) People with PhD's have exactly the same basic needs as people without PhD's. The classism of #5 is appalling. x2 7) @6 - pretty sure that is the point 5 was making 8) Speaking from first-hand experience (I lived in Seattle and did a postdoc at UW), that salary is barely more than what a postdoc makes (several years ago). Additionally, you could NEVER afford a house on that salary, even if one is fortunate to have dual-income. I'm gonna say it: that salary is a straight up joke. Give people livable wages. Take from your grossly overpaid provosts and athletics coaches. 9) Some (like #5) might be joking around, but right or wrong it is common here that livable wage means livable firmly within the bounds of upper middle class that I have come to expect. 10) 8 again here, @9 I understand where you are coming from, and some people might be classist. But I can say for myself, having grown up on welfare, in section 8 housing, and going without meals, when I say livable wage, I mean a wage where one can afford a house, a car, and the basic necessities of life. I'm not speaking from a place of wanting extravagance. I grew up dirt poor, paid and clawed my way through a PhD, and I just want to earn a fair wage. This wage ain't that (neither are most professor positions TBH), and I feel that it is a disgrace for places to pay such little money (from working class to advanced degree positions) when they pay their coaches 4.2 million per year. 11) @4, apparently you are not familiar with a thing called a cost of living. 12) Shouldn't this go in the fixed-term tab? AP) Three-years plus possible renewal is pretty permanent? 13) Pretty sure public K-12 teacher salaries in Seattle are higher than this one.14) Public K-12 salaries are higher in Seattle. This salary demonstrates the department's priorities and the amount of respect they have for undergraduate education. 15) As a former post doc at UW, who made 73K/year, it's livable if you live in a small apartment on a budget, and are okay with never saving much and having no chance at ever purchasing a home. x3 16) current UW postdoc with 65k/year currently living in a basement where the temperature of my living space is up to the folks upstairsx2 17) Yeah, you're not going to get rich with this, but also don't compare it to a postdoc salary. 9 month vs 12 month is a big difference when it is only teaching.Those three month could be used to earn extra income or just as time off, which is a very valuable arrangement for certain people x2 18) It's also a lot more than most teaching only positions.19) @17 please check your bias- "only teaching" is pretty harsh 17) @19, sorry, that definitely came across wrong. I meant the only obligations are for the teaching/academic year. I currently have a job without summer obligations and I value that aspect. 20) It's fair to compare it to a first-year teacher with a BA who will earn $70K teaching in public schools, have far more job security, regular pay increases, and maybe a decade's head start on retirement. 21) median school teacher salary in seattle is 63k, typical range extends from 55 to 70. Folks on the higher end of that scale will have a Master's degree. 20) 21) postding a poorly annotated spreadsheet with no context or explanation is not the slam dunk you think it is... 22) Normalize people NOT defending shamefully low wages. And to the point, normalize tenured professors actually using their power to advocate for better wages for others. And before anyone starts with a rebuttal, I am very familiar with the workings/politics at UW and the subtext here is definitely well-informed. 20) @22, I posted the link for brevity. Step 1 (lowest step) BA salary is in the top row, left column, $70,307. Chill, no one's trying to dunk on you. 21) Another potentially apt comparison is to a TT assistant prof salary in the same department. This is not a *little* lower. And that the median earnings for someone with a bachelor's degree in Seattle in 2022 was $90,159. 23) I put the typical starting salary for a lecturer at my insitution into a couple of cost of living comparision calculators. It translates to $70k in Seattle. If you think it is low, it is definitely not a problem unique to this university or city.
1/25/24 11:20University of Nebraska - LincolnNebraskaBiology2/26/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic1/25/24 11:27This is an Assistant Professor of Practice position: teaching-focused, promotable, non-tenure track position with a multi-year renewable contract.
1/24/24 13:44Georgia Southern UniversityGeorgiaBioinformatics2/2/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/31/24 10:29Department member here: Bioinformatics broadly defined, including: stochastic/mechanistic modeling, genomics/proteomics, artificial intelligence (AI), global environmental change, or other big data computational subfields relating to biomedical or environmental sciences. Additionally, ad says screening begins on January 18 but the applications are still open due to the ad going out over the holidays, and the job will remain posted until filled 2) PhD by Dec. 15th 2023 seems random with a start date of August 2024. 3) Probably because the search committee doesn't want to invest time in reviewing apps for people that plan to but may not actually have a PhD by the start date.3
1/22/24 16:27Bowling Green State UniversityOhioWatershed Sciences / Aquatic Ecology / Limnology2/8/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream1/23/24 9:16Hiring the Founding Director of the Center for Great Lakes and Watershed Studies at BGSU. Seeking internationally recognized scientists whose research expertise is in any area related to aquatic systems or watershed science. Position could come with named endowed professorship.
1/22/24 9:51University of Missouri – St. LouisMissouriBotanical Studies 2/15/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream1/22/24 9:521) "E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professorship in Botanical Studies. Successful candidates will have an active research program that incorporates ecology, evolution, and conservation approaches to understanding plant diversity. The application review process will start in mid-February 2024 and will continue until the position is filled."1
1/19/24 12:37Natural History Museum BernSwitzerlandEntomology / Malacology / Arachnology3/15/2024 11:29"Very good linguistic skills in German and English, French desired" 1) bern is a lovely place! 2) Do they want someone fluent in 3 spoken languages? Or someone able to translate museum records/labels with a dictionary? 3) As the spoken language in Switzerland is both Swiss German and French they have notoriously very strict requirements for other language skills besides English. 4) I am from the USA doing a postdoc in Bern right now. It is common for people to only speak one of the national languages + English. You would want to learn German anyway, since that is the common vernacular and helps to fit in over the long term. Also, getting a permanent residence permit requires at least an intermediate level. Beware that the Bernese German is quite different from High German. French is also useful as the neighboring Cantons are French speaking. Bern is a beautiful city, the museum is great, and the Curators are very nice. I would highly recommend looking into this if you are up for the cultural change. 5) Yea to support 4's statement you shoudl apply if you know either but knowing German does not mean you know Swiss German. Each valley has a slightly different dialetc that becomes quite a bit different when high mountains are involved. Also just to note Italian is also a national language and I feel like if you know that you should also add it on an application. The language requirment will be there so you can speak to staff - it will be more than just reading 1
1/18/24 12:34University of New HampshireNew HampshireHorticultural Food Crop Physiology2/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/19/24 16:12plant-environment relationships, responses to abiotic and biotic stresses, nutritional quality and postharvest physiology, climate change adaptation, and/or related research
1/18/24 12:27University of New HampshireNew HampshirePlant Pathology2/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/19/24 16:13Using a variety of biological, biorational, evolutionary, or other approaches, the successful candidate may focus on sustainable approaches to plant disease management, strategies to enhance crop biosecurity, or understanding and improving host plant resistance to pathogens. 1
1/18/24 12:24Idaho Department of Fish and GameIdahoQuantitative Wildlife Ecology1/31/2024 8:03The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking a Principal Wildlife Research Biologist to plan, supervise, and conduct research for wildlife projects. This position will be part of the Wildlife Research team and will supervise the Data Analytics program to guide and facilitate methodological development and applied wildlife research projects on a wide variety of wildlife species (e.g., elk, deer, wolves, etc.) and a broad array of topics relevant to wildlife conservation and management (e.g., silviculture and wildlife, wind energy and wildlife, etc.). The position will be stationed at the headquarters office in Boise. Although the position only requires an MS, they are looking for a PhD-level researcher. 1) Salary not bad right out of postdoc, but a bit of a bummer compared to federal PhD level.
1/17/24 7:27University of WinnipegCanadaQuantitative Ecology2/25/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/23/24 10:47Canadian Citizens and Permanent residents will be given priority. (1) I think it can be argued that this requirement works against canadians and not for them. eg apparently the UBC job has nobody who is Canadian (I haven't confirmed this). Just apply 2) How can it work against Canadians? (3) Say a US American ranks first and Canadians rank 2, 3 and 4, all hirable. The institution, after offering the job to the US-American, cannot formally offer it to any of the Canadians because they would have to be 'non-hirable' in order for the US-American to get the job over them. If you just interview all non-Canadians, you don't encounter this sort of disqualification If the US-American declines, they'd have to fail the search 4) what about Asian applicants is there any chance for them? for example applicants from Turkey and IRAN 5) @3 technically this is true, but for the search committees I've been on (including ubc), whether candidates were canadian or american did not factor into compiling the short list. I've only seen this come into play when making the initial offer, which if anything ended up working in favour of the canadians, as the committee had to consider if it was worth the risk to offer the job to the american if it seemed like they might not accept. (+1) (6) for what it's worth I know some universities will pretty much only interview Canadians because they can't get americans past HR. *shrug* 7) The job posting says that candidates who submit by Feb 16 will get full consideration, so perhaps better to submit by then2
1/16/24 16:05University of VictoriaCanadaScience3/4/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/26/24 13:19Specifically targeting Indigenous scholars. Open to all sciences (including EcoEvo). (1) I love this town x3. 2) the selection will be limited to Indigenous peoples. (3) As a cis white male, it's nice to see tenure jobs targeting Indigenous scientists. (4) Glad it's a call for a scientist who is Indigenous, not a call for a professor of "Indigenous Science" like I've seen below
1/16/24 10:56University of CambridgeUnited KingdomBiotic Interactions1/25/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/21/24 7:46(1) Jeez, does this place ever hire at Asst Prof equivalent level? 2) in the UK (and in some parts of europe) it's often more common for junior folk to get jobs through grant fellowships rather than advertised positions 3) yeah, in the UK it's *very* common for people to get onto the TT through independent fellowships (which exist for both research and teaching career paths). To my knowledge there's not really anything equivalent in the US. There are also non-TT group leader positions that pop up now and again at the fancy research institutes. Open calls for TT lecturers/asst profs are pretty rare across the UK. 4) I'm not sure if this is true in the past, but recently there have been many permanent EEB-related lecturer / assistant professor postions advertised, perhaps due people moving away from the UK after Brexit 3) @4, I'm not sure how much Brexit has to do with it, but the UK is losing research talent to other countries. Low salaries and limited funding opportunities make research difficult here. 4) don't know if it is super appropriate here, but they also have a nation-wide ban on certain dog breeds and mixed breeds. 5) @4 lol "If I can't own a pitbull, I'm not taking that TT position at Cambridge!" (6) Only Bully XL! 7) @6 I thought Bully XL was a grime MC. 8) These comments are very entertaining - UK academic. 9) The data don't lie- there's a clear relationship between pitbull declines in the UK and decline of research funding. x3 10) UK academic from the US system: there are many assistant professor positions that are advertised each year. The funding for EcoEvo research is very nice--access to Horizon Europe and specialized calls through the UK NSF equivalent. Moreover many foundation funders have open calls (Wellcome now has >5M grant calls on climate change). Sure salary is lower, but in many cases the cost of living is lower. No healthcare bills. The idea of brain drain because of Brexit is anecdotal. 11) The position is closed in UK time now...and I must be the only applicant! I'm a shoo-in. <just kidding> 1
1/16/24 10:56University of CambridgeUnited KingdomEvolutionary Networks1/25/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
1/16/24 10:56University of CambridgeUnited KingdomIntegrative & Systems Neuroscience1/25/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
1/16/24 7:41US Airforce AcademyColoradoBiology2/5/2024 ProfGovernment2/24/24 13:591) Does anyone have insght into the work environment here as a civilian? 2) I've heard positive things. Specifically, they are restructuring their promotional approaches to be more similar to tenure systems which are only for civilians, not for enlisted faculty. Also, I've heard that the students salute you when you walk into the classroom/lecture hall which would be kind of cool. 3) Does anyone know if this is a second hire or if the search from August failed? 4) Seems to be different. The previous search was for a course coordinator kind of role. This seems to be more specific for an evolutionary biologist instructor. 5) Updates? 6) Nothing yet, says applications are in review on my USAjobs portal 7) Good to know. Also, it says 48 applicants, which is slightly more than 10x the # that say they appilied here. A bit of validation that 10x # applied works (roughly).4
1/16/24 5:55Indiana University BloomingtonIndianaMolecular and cellular biology2/15/2024 Academic2/23/24 12:37Non-tenure track lecturer position to teach an experiential research course; additional respsonsibilities include teaching introductory and/or upper-level undergraduate courses; research expertise in Eukaryotic Molecular and Cellular Biology is preferred; initial appointments are for three years, though this is intended to be a long-term position with a promotion track.
1/15/24 12:43Wageningen UniversityNetherlandsLand Remote Sensing1/22/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
1/13/24 10:56University of TurkuFinlandEnvironmental Ecology / Conservation Biology2/13/2024 OpenTenure Stream2
1/12/24 11:25University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisVertebrate Curator1/16/2024 / Assoc Research ScientistNon-TS Academic2/19/24 7:351-2 positions in Ichthyology or Herpetology. 2) well, I missed that vacancy. What was it open a week, not widely advertised. I bet one of two people will get this position, and one works there, the other graduated from there. The INHS never has major vacancies like this open for such a short window. 3) Sus 4) tailor-made for one of the people currently working there, though I know they have applied elsewhere. 5) @4 and @1, are they herp or fish people? @5) Yes, both. But, like #4 said. At least the person I know deserves it, big time. 6) Anyone hear for sure if this was an inside job? 7) No news 16 Feb x24
1/12/24 5:54Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of NewfoundlandCanadaMarine & Fisheries Ecosystems4/1/2024 ScientistNon-TS Academic1/16/24 16:30Successful applicants will be required to develop a dynamic, internationally recognized and grant supported research program focusing largely on Atlantic or Arctic marine ecosystems, have excellent communication skills, and a strong commitment to supervise graduate students. The ability to work collaboratively with industry, fish harvesters, academic colleagues, and government agencies is also important. (1) This is a permanent, faculty position with minimal teaching requirements (only graduate program in School). Seeking experience in at least one of: Biological Oceanography, Marine Invertebrate Ecology, Quantitative Fisheries Stock Assessment, Coastal Ecology 2) the advert reads like they are recruiting multiple people? Also is it really just a resume/CV when I click the apply button there are no additional instructions, just a document upload option…
1/12/24 4:14Uppsala UniversitySwedenAnimal Ecology - Evolutionary Ecology2/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/12/24 11:18How strict is the Assoc Prof level? Can Assist. Prof half way through their TT time apply? (1) Even post-docs can apply for Assoc Prof prositions in sweden. 2) Thanks! 3) Note though the requirements for teaching for this add. Specific course work in pedagogics, or equivalent, is required, and this is rarely acheived at the postdoc level. They also specify that they are looking for a "senior lecturer". 4) despite what 3 says I second that postdocs can be competitive for these types of positions. Even if you don't have the exact pedagogy experience, just explain what you do have (TA training or whatever). 5) @1 & 4 I just read the "Instruction for applicants" and holy moly that is extensive! Especially the documentation required for pedagogics. Is this normal for Sweden? (6) Yes—I think this is part of the reason why they get fewer applicants. I spent about 1 week full time converting my NA application for Sweden. 7) I didn't see the specifics of teaching/research ratio, but this seems like a teaching intensive position, am I right? 8) Had the same question. But as they listed "research" before "teaching" throughout their job description I tend to believe this is a research-focussed position but that the teaching has to be excellent nevertheless 8) From my experience this is NOT a teaching intensive position; 25% - 30% teaching is common for this type of positions 9) Is this position filled? I can't find the job advertised anymore 2/8/24 10) I hope not. I already spent a huge amount of time bringing everything into the requested shape. In their application submission system, it says "Please Note: The last application date has passed and your application has not been sent." 11) I contacted the chair. The search has been cancelled and will be re-openend by the end of the year 12) Thanks @11 (+1)1
1/11/24 18:06University of the Virgin IslandsUS Virgin IslandsBiology ProfNon-TS Academic2/6/24 4:44The expected closing date is the end of February. 1) $60-65K. Wow. Just wow. 2) I don't know that I've seen "assistant prof" positions before that aren't tenure-track, anyone know what that means? Are you just an assistant prof forever with no promotional opportunties? 3) I was told by a faculty member that one year their contract was not renewed and they had to wait until the next year to work again. They went a full year in the USVI unemployed. 4) I have worked at UVI and I am now an adjunct (TT elsewhere). I spend about a month per year there. It is an odd place. Some folks thrive, and others cannot wait to leave. @2, Research faculty are not TT - only teaching faculty (very strange). I only know of one research faculty member who was fired, and have been working with UVI folks for ~15 yrs. Not sure about the bio dept's expectations (worked mostly with the marine department), but there seems to be a lot of flexibility to flesh out your program with research/teaching - if you get a bunch of grants, awesome, if not, teach more... May not be true across departments. They have trouble holding on to good people - living in the VI can be challenging. But I have lifelong friends who could work almost anywhere who would never leave... Happy to discuss more. I will add @2 that promotion still occurs for non-TT faculty, on similar schedules to what you'd expect. 2) @ 4 thank you for your perspective on this - are you able to comment on how it is for faculty on that $60-65k salary for local cost of living/quality of life? 4again) @2 - it would be tight. That's about what I made as a postdoc there almost 10 yrs ago. I do assume it's a 9mo salary -- $85k would obviously be better. Rent is not cheap, and neither is property. Another consideration is whether you'd want to live in the VI on any salary -- some love it, some hate it. I loved it (but aknowledge the difficult aspects, like clean water, electricity, grocery shopping, etc.) -- my partner was over it. 5) I am a current faculty and second everything said by #4. 60-65k is not much, but it is doable if you don't have kids (I currently make less than that because I am under an older contract). As #4 mentioned, this value is for a 9-month contract and you can make more if you have grants or are willing to teach during the summer. USVI has its challenges (it is an island, you don't have many choices, and everything is more expensive) but also its advantages (it is a tropical island and you can enjoy tropical beaches and snorkeling with turtles in just a few minutes). As USVI, the UVI also has its pros and cons. Sometimes, things move too slowly, and papers get lost somewhere. However, I have received every salary on the correct day so far. Colleagues, including the Dean and the Chair, are friendly and always willing to help (e.g., sharing material from previous courses you may teach). The educational system in the Territory is not the best, so many students get into the university underprepared. But they are overall super kind and classes are small. The teaching load is high and it is challenging to do research. That said, you will not feel pressured to have many publications or get several grants. My general advice: if you like to teach and are looking for a laid-back place, UVI may be the right place. If your priority is research or making money, go somewhere else. @5) Can you comment on what the typical teaching load generally is each semester? 7) #5 again. The teaching load is 12 credits per semester. You can buy release time with grants.
1/11/24 8:05USGSMarylandWaterbirds1/17/2024 12Government1/14/24 7:11Permanent federal reseach position; promotional potential up to GS 15. Two nearly identical listings (2) They are for the same job-- one is the link for current/former employees I think (3) both are open to the public but it seems like they are the same job so idk if this was just an hr error 4) not *all* public :} 'Open to current or former Federal employees w/perm comp status; OR those eligible under a special or noncomp appointing authority (e.g., disabled,...'
1/10/24 15:17Laurentian UniversityCanadaEntomology3/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream1/24/24 15:00Candidates with expertise in zoonotic pathogens and vector-borne diseases will be prioritized. (1) All applicants should familiarize themselves with this institution's recent firing of many tenured faculty x8 (2) (3) Also need to be bilingual (English and French) 4) Not to mention they took/spent money from faculty federal grants and were (still are?) in debt to NSERC; 5) How do they measure 'functional bilingualism' vs. 'pasive bilingualism'? I have previously been assessed at the intermediate level in French and am fluent in English, making me want to say I am 'functional' rather than just 'passive'.
1/10/24 11:31Saint Mary's UniversityCanadaGlobal Change Biology1/19/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2/22/24 12:07Tier 2 Canada Research Chair. This position is designated for members of the following equity-deserving groups as defined by CRC: racialized individuals, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, and women and gender equity-seeking groups. Only candidates that self-identify as belonging to one of these groups will be considered. [general discussion of how CRCs are allocated moved to General Discussion -AP] (2) Here is a link straight to posting 3) Any updates? 4) I haven't heard anything yet x4 5) still nothing on 2/15 x4 6) still nothing on 2/22. This is taking a long time, unless the people who have heard are not on this board9
1/10/24 9:06BioBusMassachusettsSTEM Education and Outreach1/17/2024 10:28This is not a PhD-level job so not sure it applies here? 1) There are no rules saying that all jobs here must be at the PhD level. This job requires an advanced degree so it may be of interest to some PhD holders. 2) I don't have any problem with this job being here, but the instructions at the top of the sheet do ask for PhD-level jobs. AP) It's listed as "masters or above" so let's leave it
1/10/24 2:04University of HelsinkiFinlandTerrestrial Ecology2/29/2024 OpenTenure Stream2/5/24 23:59Helsinki is such a lovely city to live in x3 2) Anyone have experience preparing the kind of documents they're looking for and have advice to offer? Pretty different from the "standard" US/Canada documents I see.1
1/9/24 7:30fRI ResearchCanadaWildlife Biology1/15/2024 BiologistNon-Profit Research Organization2/23/24 11:46Grizzly bear monitoring biologist, based in Hinton AB. Open to candidates with PhD + field experience, main focus will be conducting/coordinating fieldwork during summer field season, with opportunity for candidates to develop role based on their interests/skills. Position open until filled. 2) 1 year term 3) (possible extension of the term based on performance and funding) 4) extension also based on not getting eaten by a bear. 5) @4 yeah but that's true for every position 6) @AP - since this is a fixed term position, shouldn't this go in the fixed-term tab? 7) Can confirm that our department at an R1 will not give you tenure if you get eaten by a bear. 8) To add to @7, I was eaten by a bear and never got tenure. 9) Back when I went through tenure, we had to get eaten by at least 3 bears - kids these days with their soft lifestyles AP) @6 maybe but let's leave it here since it's possible to be extended and I can't bear to miss these puns. 6) @AP makes sense to me! It's bearly an issue, honestly. @7My suggestion is to send the applicant to the winter dens, to measure the den dimension while the bear is sleeping inside, then if he/she could publish the den site selection paper, she/he can be a tenured track faculty member 7) ha, finally got the rejection email for thisone !!! 1
1/8/24 13:57Paul Smith's CollegeNew YorkWildlife Science3/4/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/15/24 20:2450-60k salary...yikes. x4. Paul Smith's College may be closing in the next few years, FYI 2) what makes you say so? Its a small school, but they seem to have found their niche as a small liberal arts school in the Adirondacks. Its a desirable area to be for the right person, though I have no interest in dealing with NY winters ever again...3)Offers of employment are made only to candidates authorized to work in the United States 4) Paul Smith's does not offer tenure. They have a system of promotion, but without the safety of tenure. The faculty there are amazing human beings, too. They really know their stuff and are fun to hang out with. 4) PSC has had several articles written about their financial woes, they have been asked to craft a closure plan (but don't have plans to close as far as I know), and they have requested acquisition by The Fedcap Group. I'm not entirely clear on what that means -- just seems weird. 5)
1/8/24 12:25Mississippi University for WomenMississippiEcology ProfTenure Stream