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12/1/23 14:04University of Wisconsin - Stevens PointWisconsinWildlife Ecology12/17/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 14:58Well this is certainly someone's dream job. 2) I think the review date is wrong - listed as 1/17 at the attached link?
12/1/23 13:47Saint Louis UniversityMissouriPlant Genetics, Genomics, and Breeding; Geospatial data1/15/2024 OpenTenure Stream12/1/23 13:49Saint Louis University invites candidates who have experience and expertise in quantitative genetics, genomics and/or related fields, some aspects of plant biology including but not limited to plant physiology, morphology, and/or pathology, and potential or actual applications of this knowledge in plant breeding programs. In addition, the successful candidate should have demonstrated skills in geospatial applications that integrate data on environmental conditions with remotely sensed spectral data (multi-spectral, LIDAR and others) that provide information on plant biology, enabling high-resolution spatial assessment of plants required for efficient breeding.
12/1/23 13:30Drexel UniversityPennsylvaniaBiology Department Head2/29/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 13:36"Faculty with active research programs and a strong record of extramural funding pursue research in the areas of molecular and cell biology, neurobiology, organismal and evolutionary biology, and STEM education." Full Professor is preferred but Associate Prof level may be considered in some cases.
12/1/23 13:03Bielefeld UniversityGermanyEcology & Biodiversity1/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 14:24Research focus in ecology, in particular on the processes shaping biodiversity of plants, plants and interacting organisms, or biodiversity in general, and on the dynamics of biodiversity in a changing environment and landscape (both due to natural and anthropogenic causes) 1) "We expect the tenure-track professor to be able to teach in German in the undergraduate programmes within 2 years" Go get it German speakers! Happy for you! 2) Does this place even exist?
12/1/23 10:32UC RiversideCaliforniaEvolutionary Paleobiology2/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream
12/1/23 7:55West Texas A&MTexasVertebrate Ecology ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 7:55"Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled"
12/1/23 7:26University of Colorado, BoulderColoradoEcology and Evolutionary Biology12/15/2023 Academic12/1/23 9:14Online teaching only 1) it actually says one course will be taught in person. But also...68k to teach 5 courses a year in Boulder? I can honestly say thats a bad deal. If this was truly online only and had remote work option it would be more reasonable.
12/1/23 6:39West Texas A&MTexasPlant Ecology ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 6:39"Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled"1
11/30/23 21:08Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriAfrica / Madagascar Conservation / Systematics / Restoration ScientistNon-Profit Research Organization12/1/23 14:11(1) I don't work here and never have, but just want to say that MOBOT is *amazing* and the area of St. Louis (Shaw/Tower Grove) that it's located in is fantastic: vibrant, diverse, affordable, growing, and really fun. Don't overlook. (2) with all due respect and kindness, I live near the area and it was named Americas least safe city (1 again) Won't say more to have whole conversation deleted, except to say that STL city stats are exaggerated due to city + county being separate. most folks would love living here
11/30/23 13:25Cambridge UniversityUnited KingdomZoology Museum ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 11:17Director of the University Museum of Zoology and Professorship of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology
11/30/23 8:47University of FloridaFloridaCurator of Lepidoptera1/5/2024 CuratorTenure Stream12/1/23 11:17Assistant Curator is equivalent to Assistant Professor and is a faculty-rank title at the University of Florida. This is a 12-month and tenure-accruing position. 1) Wow, is Kawahara's position totally admin now? Big shoes to fill if so.
11/30/23 7:39Archbold Biological StationFloridaAvian Ecology / Conservation Biology12/29/2023 / Assoc Research BiologistNGO
11/30/23 6:52University of California Riverside CaliforniaEvolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology1/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 14:57Reference letters up front 1) for context, from the job ad: "We particularly seek diversity-invested applicants who have expertise in DEI issues, a track record of DEI actions, and/or hold DEI as a component of their work." 2) Might be informative to know "This position is the first position in a University of California's Advancing Faculty Diversity Program-funded cluster hire to recruit three ladder-rank faculty to the EEOB department."1
11/30/23 5:13Purdue UniversityIndianaEnvironmental Sustainability2/1/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 5:14"Richard and Suzanne Belcher Endowed Chair in Environmental Sustainability"
11/29/23 17:17University of British ColumbiaCanadaAnimal Welfare2/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 17:19We welcome applications from candidates interested in animals kept by people for different purposes, including food production, companionship and research. We also welcome scholars from both the natural and social sciences.
11/29/23 13:35UC Santa BarbaraCaliforniaEvolutionary Biology1/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 1:03SC: Letters required up front (sorry) b/c we are working on a tight timeline. (1) Application not open to request letters until Dec 1 (2) what is the typical teaching load?2
11/29/23 12:42Tulane UniversityLouisianaEarth & Environmental Sciences12/11/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 12:342 positions - including atmospheric and climate sciences, carbon cycling and other Earth-atmosphere interactions, hydrology and geomorphology, with a demonstrable Earth Systems Science approach 1) what is an "earth systems science approach" does this mean not an ecological approach? 2) @1, I've been doing research in earth system science for a decade and still don't know what an "earth systems science approach" is. I would just apply 1) OK thank you #2!
11/29/23 11:35Hofstra UniversityNew YorkComputational Biology1/30/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 7:12Just posted, part of a computational cluster hire (4 faculty across 4 departments) in addition to the physiology and genetics positions posted earlier this year. 1) there are two dates given for initial review - Jan 2 and Jan 30. Please advise. Thanks. 2) Initial review will happen starting January 30th and Ad is corrected
11/29/23 11:23University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiFisheries Extension Agent1/8/ ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 11:41The University of Hawai'i Sea Grant College Program invites applications for a Fisheries Extension Faculty position to serve in Hawai'i and the Pacific Region. This role is pivotal in connecting scientific research with local fishing communities and stakeholders, facilitating knowledge transfer, and fostering sustainable fisheries management practices. The Fisheries Extension Faculty will play a vital role in advancing the understanding of fisheries in the Pacific and ensuring the ecological and economic well-being of the region's aquatic resources.
11/29/23 11:20University of Hawaii at ManoaHawaiiFisheries1/8/ ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 11:38A successful candidate will have research experience in fisheries oceanography, the interaction between harvested marine species and their environments. In particular we seek a candidate whose research investigates the ways in which climate is altering fisheries such as changes in productivity of stocks, shifting distributions, and reductions in recruitment as a consequence of ocean acidification and/or changing phenology of ocean species.
11/29/23 9:23The Ohio State University OhioLife Sciences; Life Sciences Education12/12/2023 / Full ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 11:09I am familiar with the search and I know they are still accepting applications despite the ad saying Oct 15.
11/29/23 8:26University of Arkansas-Little RockArkansasPlant Biology ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 6:56"Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled." 1) salary $62,930 seems weirdly specific and... kind of low? 2) I was offered a position in this department last year. That salary is essentially non-negotiable. It was a dealbreaker for another applicant offered the job, so I wonder if they are trying to not surprise anyone this year. I liked the people and the area, just didn't work out for me. I was also concerned about grad stipends and insurance. The department chair appears to have left soon after that search failed after only ~2 years there. [link & subject updated per commenter's request -AP] 3) Same - I was offered $62,900 which is not affordable in that area unless your spouse makes similar or more than that. It was a nice area, strange vibes in the department and the chair leaving (who is now in Illinois) was also odd. Apparent falling enrollment didn't help the atmosphere, even though people were very friendly and wanted the place to succeed.
11/29/23 8:02University of WarwickUnited KingdomEcology & Evolution1/3/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 8:33[updated review date -AP]
11/29/23 7:06Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriTropical Plant Systematics and Conservation1/15/2024 3Non-Profit Research Organization
11/29/23 7:04Missouri Botanical GardenMissouriTropical Restoration or Conservation Ecology1/15/2024 1Non-Profit Research Organization12/1/23 13:31This might be replacing a faculty member who recently moved on from academia. 1) Bit of turnover there in recent times
11/28/23 18:24Texas A&M GalvestonTexasMarine Biology1/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/28/23 21:55This might be replacing a faculty member who recently moved on from academia. 1) Bit of turnover there in recent times
11/28/23 16:38Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeWashingtonHerpetofauna Species Lead12/25/2023 & Wildlife Biologist 4Government
11/28/23 13:45University of British ColumbiaCanadaFood, Forests and (Bio)Fuels - Policy1/16/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/28/23 14:11part of cluster hire (see below)
11/28/23 13:43University of British ColumbiaCanadaFood, Forests and (Bio)Fuels - Ecology1/16/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/28/23 13:53"candidates who identify as Black, possibly including expertise in agroecology, soil science, microbial ecology and nutrient/carbon cycling, landscape ecology, and biodiversity monitoring across terrestrial, coastal, and freshwater aquatic landscapes."
11/28/23 9:25The Ohio State UniversityOhioStream or Wetland Ecology12/15/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream11/28/23 15:24conduct research on ecosystem-level processes that occur within human-impacted streams, rivers and/or wetlands. 1) Could someone with a marine wetland background be competitive if also interested in developing freshwater work? @2) they have marine focused faculty, so I don't think it'd be a bridge too far.1
11/28/23 8:19University of FloridaFloridaLepidoptera Collections Manager12/22/2023 Manager IIMuseum11/30/23 10:37
11/27/23 22:12NOAA Northern Gulf Institute / Mississippi State UniversityFloridaMarine eDNA Barcoding Scientist I-III / Sr Research ScientistGovernment
11/27/23 17:19Algoma UniversityCanadaBiology1/31/2024 OpenTenure Stream11/28/23 14:05"this opportunity is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as Indigenous" [comments deleted -AP]
11/27/23 13:27University of California RiversideCaliforniaDisease Ecology1/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 15:48Letters required up front (sorry) b/c we are working on a tight timeline.
11/27/23 11:52Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMassachusettsApplied Ocean Physics12/31/2023 Rank ScientistNon-Profit Research Organization
11/27/23 11:51Woods Hole Oceanographic InsitutionMassachusettsSensing, Robotics & Machine Learning12/31/2023 Rank ScientistNon-Profit Research Organization
11/27/23 11:50Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMassachusettsOcean Acoustics12/31/2023 Rank ScientistNon-Profit Research Organization
11/27/23 8:42Université de MontréalCanadaFreshwater Community Ecology12/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/27/23 13:23"An adequate knowledge of the French written and spoken language or a strong commitment to mastering the proficiency level required, in accordance to Université de Montréal’s Language Policy." 1) not involved in the search but just because this comes up all the time: yes, there are plenty of anglophone professors in Quebec's francophone universites, but yes, you do have to learn French within a relatively short time (usually < 2 yrs) after being hired 2) Bah ouais [U Ottawa derail deleted; let's keep this discussion relevant to this job -AP]2
11/27/23 7:38Boston CollegeMassachusettsEnvironmental Studies1/19/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic11/27/23 13:561) this call seems fairly vague, does anyone have anything more specific they know about it? x2
11/27/23 6:45University of HoustonTexasNeuroscience11/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/27/23 19:26Non-mammalian systems, eco evo folks welcome 2) "Review of applications will begin by 11/15/2023"? [updated -AP] 3) Reivew has not yet begun (SC, as of 11/27)
11/27/23 6:20University of MississippiMississippiFreshwater Ecology1/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream
11/26/23 9:45University of East AngliaUnited KingdomEcology & Conservation1/5/2024 Stream11/26/23 9:47Two positions.1
11/26/23 9:44The Peregrine FundIdahoQuantitative Ecologist1/31/2024 EcologistNGO
11/24/23 7:11Edge Hill UniversityUnited KingdomEcology & Conservation1/5/2024 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream
11/22/23 17:29Western Carolina UniversityNorth CarolinaForestry12/8/2023 ProfTenure Stream
11/22/23 16:13York UniversityCanadaBiology OpenTenure Stream11/27/23 7:08this position is open only to qualified scholars who identify as Indigenous peoples of Canada (i.e., First Nations, Inuit, Métis). [Discussion of eligibility of non-Canadian Indigenous people removed: the ad is clear who's eligible. If you feel compelled to discuss the general topic of geographically / ethnically restricted searches, go light a dumpster fire in General Discussion -AP]
11/22/23 14:19University of UtahUtahEvolutionary Genetics12/22/2023 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream11/26/23 13:07Just FYI, this is a position in the Human Genetics Department. 2) is this seprate fro the computational evolutionary genetics position posted earlier? 3) Yes. 2
11/22/23 8:54University of BristolUnited KingdomPalaeobiology12/20/2023 ProfNon-TS Academic2
11/22/23 6:23Cornell UniversityNew YorkPlant Pathology1/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/22/23 16:46located at Cornell’s AgriTech campus in Geneva, NY
11/21/23 15:24University of California, RiversideCaliforniaNematology12/21/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/22/23 16:46
11/20/23 19:29Morehead State UniversityKentuckyEcology, Environmental Biology11/29/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/22/23 5:441) 5 references? Is that normal? 2) Ugh. It's likely someone meant to offer space for up to 5 but made it mandatory to have 5. 3) A place I applied to a few years ago required 5 as well. Rare but not unheard of. 4) does anyone know teaching load here?2
11/20/23 17:43University of Central Florida FloridaChair of Biology Department 11/30/2023 / Full ProfTenure Stream
11/20/23 9:11Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research InstituteTexasGeospatial Sciences and Remote Sensing1/15/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
11/20/23 8:35Indiana State UniversityIndianaBioinformatics12/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 16:28"The successful candidate will be expected to develop a vibrant bioinformatics research program to address questions in regulatory genomics, comparative genomics, transcriptomics, systems biology, statistical genetics, or evolutionary biology" 1) does anyone have a sense of what the research environment is like here? @ 1) I did my masters here, It is not a top notch research institute but does support M.S and PhD students. There will be a few good labs in the university to collaborate with and the school does reward / support those that try hard. I won't be applying because Terre Haute is a pretty boring place to live. 2) I worked with some great researchers here - but nobody has anything good to say about Terre Haute. 3) I have spent some time there and know quite a few of the faculty members. They've had a fair bit of turnover, and most don't have a lot of good things to say about the department. And yes, Terre Haute isn't great. 4) 3 straight comments about Terre Haute being not great, are we suprised there is high turnover? Not that the comments are wrong...2
11/20/23 1:25APOPOAfrica (Other)Scent detection animals11/20/2023 of DepartmentNGO11/27/23 6:13They are re-advertising this position. I've interviewed for this position before and was one of the most hostile interviews that I ever had. Although the mission of this NGO is cool everyone looked really unfriendly. 2) Thank you for sharing your feedback. We regret to hear that you found the interview process to be challenging and apologize if it left you with a negative impression. Our intention is to ensure that every candidate has a positive and constructive experience throughout the selection process. If you would be open to it, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns. You are correct that we are re-advertising the position, emphasizing our dedication to find the ideal candidate. We believe that ensuring alignment between the expectations of APOPO and those of prospective team members is crucial for a successful and long-term hire. 3) (Not OP) The "apology" comment on this cell rubs me the wrong way. x3 4) Located in Tanzania, where LGBTQ relationships are illegal. AP) @4 thanks! Since it's not a specific policy of this organization but rather of the country, we can leave this entry up, but this is good info to have here.
11/18/23 14:33Northwest Missouri State UniversityMissouriBiology, Natural Sciences ProfTenure Stream11/19/23 17:13(1) Anyone have insight into salary? 2) Assume low.
11/18/23 4:08University of LincolnUnited KingdomZoology12/3/2023 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream11/30/23 2:52Lecturer salary from £37,099 per annum. Senior Lecturer salary from £42,978 per annum. 2) uhhhhh I'm not normally one to complain about pay, but that's lower than what most postdocs get, even in the UK. No wonder lecturers are on strike... 3) UK immigration fees are an order of magnitude higher than other countries in Europe I've lived in. It's really hard here (UK) if you're coming from outside. 4) Does anyone know if this salary meets the minimum requirement for foreigners to apply for a skilled work visa? 5) @4 yes, but as @3 mentioned, the cost is quite a burden and many unis don't like to sponsor foreigners for financial reasons 6) Is it true that UK universities provide food/meals for faculty? I think that would effectively double the salary, if true. (7) Former post-doc at Lincoln here, and I know the Faculty well. To answer 6, no, you don't generally get food at UK universities - Oxford and Cambridge colleges will give you free meals, but that's very much an exception. Regarding pay, you would be able to negotiate somewhere into the Senior Lecturer scale, around £46k perhaps, which won't make you rich but is certainly enough to live on, and Lincoln is a cheap city by UK standards. 8) review date changed to 1/5/2024 9) On what planet would providing meals "double the salary"? 10) @9, on the planet that's serving caviar and filet mignon for lunch every day. My off the cuff calculation would put a year of free cafeteria lunches at ~4% of salary at best, but I'm not aware of any unis that even do that (7 again) As I mention above, some Oxford and Cambridge colleges provide a free meal allowance to their Fellows, but it's very much the exception at UK universities. 11) Review date needs to be updated to 1/51
11/17/23 20:36University of AveiroPortugalEcology & Biodiversity12/11/2023 ResearcherResearcher11/17/23 20:37CESAM-Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies. Not an actual opening, but a call for expressions of interest. Not sure how that works!
11/17/23 18:06University of HawaiiHawaiiMicrobiome12/18/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/22/23 12:323 positiion cluster hire, comes with grant funding. 1) This is NOT Asst. Prof, but is Assistant Researcher (unclear if tenure track). 2) SC member: It's equivalent to a Asst. Prof, but has fewer teaching responsibilities (hence researcher classification) YES it's tenure track. 1) Thanks for clarification! What length are you looking for for the statement of research/teaching? 3) Thanks! Also, is it best for the teaching/research/diversity statement to be integrated throughout or is it okay for them to be separate sections of the same document? 4) Format is open. Length not determined, but my (SC) personal preference would be <4pg. 5) How does this differ from an Asst Prof? 6) research:teaching split is 75:25 as opposed to ~50:50, but it's really just a question of semantics, it's the same tenure/promotion process. About 50% of faculty in this dept are Researchers and the other half are Professors.
11/17/23 13:56Oakland UniversityMichiganSustainability1/1/2024 OpenAssociate Provost11/19/23 13:30Anyone have any insight on this position? 2
11/17/23 13:34University of Colorado, BoulderColoradoEcology / General Biology / Plant Biology11/30/2023 Academic11/26/23 18:011) Having lived in Boulder and seen how quickly the cost of living has increased, I find the salary a bit disappointing. 2) I am at another Colorado uni where the median home price is 1/3 of Boulder and our starting salary is similar... 3) this salary is insulting!! I was a postdoc at CU and made this much 4) the salary isn't a typo, I called to ask...and that's dissapointing! (5) Oh my goodness, that salary is INSANELY LOW. I'm well qualified and would love to live there, but this would be a pay cut from my postdoc with no change in COL. 3) grew up in the area and this just supports a lack of family and community support
11/17/23 9:31Northern Arizona UniversityArizonaBotany, Systematics12/11/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 13:22ics 1) anyone on SC know if this Botany sensu lato or stricto, curious if experience in non-plant herbaria would be appropriate? 2) @1 are you asking if mycologists are encouraged to apply?
11/17/23 9:12Colby CollegeMaineEvolutionary Biology1/25/2024 ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 15:08"We are seeking a candidate (...) using non-animal multicellular organisms" 2) so... plants and fungi? 3) Macroalgae too I guess 4) protists! 5) Are they using the IACUC definition of animal? If so, insects count! 6) I'd totally apply if insects count! 7) Insects don't count. They are replacing a retiring plant biologist. 8) then they should put the word "plant" in the ad somewhere? 9) yea, isn't it a waste of literally everyone's time to not just advertise they are looking for a plant biologist? People apply with no chance, committee has to read those apps, etc. x 2. 10) I mean it says 'non-animal' in the job ad. Up to you how seriously you want to take that. 11) my gut feeling is that if they wanted a plant person specifically, they would say so. I would take the wording seriously. 12) Fungi are not plants, and neither are macro-aglae, so "non-animal" seems like a fine way to describe, well, "non-animals." X3 (13) Anyone know the area? What's it like there?
11/17/23 8:25Michigan State UniversityMichiganEcology, Evolution, Genetics1/16/2024 Academic11/19/23 8:27The initial appointment is for one year, with the expectation of extension contingent upon satisfactory performance and continued funding. The selected candidate will play a key role in delivering Integrative Biology 341: Fundamental Genetics, alongside a dedicated team of faculty and graduate teaching assistants. In addition, the candidate will be required to teach at least one other core Integrative Biology course in Ecology or Evolutionary Biology. The selected candidate will also actively participate in collaborative endeavors with faculty members engaged in enhancing undergraduate STEM education at MSU. 1) Should this be under fixed-term jobs? AP) Since there's expected extension, I think it's fine here. 3) It literally says "fixed term" in the category tags on the posting.
11/17/23 7:32Minot State UniversityNorth DakotaWildlife Biology12/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream12/1/23 1:06This postion--terrestially-focused--will concide with the opening in aquatic biology/fisheries in the same department...includes lab space, relatively robust mammal/avian teaching collections, and the oportunity to teach as well as develop any offerings in the candidate's area of specialty...9-month appointment. 1) The website bugs out for me and doesn't load, anyone else? x2 2) If the direct link isn't working, go to its listed on page 4 of Faculty/Staff openings. If still a problem, email the chair at
11/16/23 22:18Auckland War Memorial MuseumNew ZealandCurator, Marine Invertebrates11/28/2023 6:37You must be eligible to work in New Zealand to be considered for this role.
11/16/23 14:58Colorado Mesa UniversityColoradoCellular & Molecular Biology12/3/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/16/23 15:2912 credit teaching load, research (called scholariship in the ad) is secondary, supportive department. Happy to answer questions.
11/16/23 12:45Southern Oregon UniversityOregonBotany / Plant Physiology1/2/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/20/23 8:39"Because SOU is located within the botanically diverse Klamath Mountains ecoregion, preference will be given to candidates whose teaching and research integrates [local] botanical resources."
11/16/23 11:45Northern Michigan UniversityMichiganBiology (any field including Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology)1/7/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/29/23 9:23Search committee member here. We really are looking for a new faculty member in any area of biology that is committed to teaching excellence and is excited to develop a competitive MS-level research program and engage undergraduates in meaningful research activities. This position is one of several positions that will be searched in the coming year to replace multiple retiring faculty and grow the Biology Department. We are an AAUP Union institution with an incredible retirement/benefits package. This is a 9 mo. tenure-track position with a typical teaching load that includes 2 courses per semester. Happy to answer question! 1) As this is a 9 month role, what is the expected salary and do most professors take seasonal jobs in the summer or..? 2) @1, almost every tenure track professor job in the US is a 9 month role. You might be able to get extra money by summer teaching or grants, but usually people still work on their own research in the summer in order to meet tenure expectations. 3) @2 I think you might be misinformed. Many TT jobs are in fact 12 month appointments. It varies greatly from institution to institution. 4) The vast majority are 9/10 month contracts but virtually all of these have an option to pay out over 12 months. @1 in regards to salary, starting is ~ $64,000 for the 9 mo with NMU contributing 15.46% towards your retirement (~$10,000 annually). 5) @1, most TT jobs are 9 months paid over 12 months, super standard, so that you can get NSF summer salary 6) Yikes, 64k is so low! 7) Lower than most postdocs, but if housing is super-cheap in this area then it may be fine. I'm not familiar with it though 8) lol that would be a raise for me and I'm a third year asisstant prof :-( x4 (second year but same!) 9) @1 thanks for all the information! Could you please clarify the '2 courses per semester' teaching load? The faculty contract says 24 credit hours per year (which I generally assume to be ~4 courses per semester). Wondering how you count '2 courses per semester' to get to 12 credits or if I am mistaken. 10) I am not associated with this search in any way, but consider cost of living - a $64,000 salary in Marquette, MI is equivalent to ~$150,000 in NYC. Plus a 15% retirement contribution is very generous. My impression is that salary could go very far in that location. 11) I wouldn't consider it generous. Look at the homes available around here on Zillow. There's not much available and much of it is really expensive or in disrepair. 12) @11 its the yoop dude. rural af. but lakeshore properies are inexpensive relative to the mitten (and elsewhere for that matter. 13) Amazing place to live, but yeah, that salary is somewhat low. 14) Well hell, I'll go ahead and apply if everyone's talking themselves out of it. Lake Superior is my favorite place on Earth x2 15) @14 shhhhhhh don't let the word out on how nice it is. Let them keep thinking its a frozen wasteland up there. x2 15) I'm also curious about the teaching load re:9. I was under the impression that NMU had higher teaching loads than 2 courses per semester. Along those lines, how are labs counted towards teaching load? 16) Search committee member here: @15 and @9: in the Biology Department we teach 2 classes/semester because we have graduate students (and undergraduates working in our labs), which brings us up to 24 contact hours per year. Faculty in the Biology Department has the lowest teaching load at NMU. Faculty typically teach the lectures and we have TAs teaching the lab sections and grading labs. During your first year you get a reduced teaching load (1 class per semester) and then in your second year you teach the full load (2 classes per semester). 17) @ committee member: Can you speak to how references will be used for this applciation. I see names and contact info is required for three references. Will referees be contacted and expected to supply a letter to complete this application? 1
11/16/23 8:35UNC CharlotteNorth CarolinaBioinformatics ChairTenure Stream11/17/23 14:19Department chair search is being redone b/c a candidate bailed at the last minute after signing. Searching for strong leadership, problem solving chair who can help faculty achieve top research at a growing R2 (almost R1) institution. Most departments on campus have hired 1-3 faculty per year since 2016. Opportunities exist to lead recruitment. Candidates must use the search firm. Ok to email RL Rogers to discuss informally, but I'm not on the committee. Strongly recommend adding a section on coding or data analytics to the standard job app/talk. Including listing coding languages or use of stats packages like R. 2) "About the department of bioinformatics and genomics" in the job ad has a picture of a physics cleanroom with diagrams of silicon chips on the white board. :'D 3) We've been roasting the job ad stock photos internally too.
11/15/23 18:33University of California - DavisCaliforniaPlant Pathology (Plant Disease Ecology)10/23/2023 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 17:10Texas A&M University - KingsvilleTexasConservation Biology ProfTenure Stream11/30/23 12:27emphasis in herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, or a closely related field 2) when's the review date? 3) I think the job ad said 12/11
11/15/23 17:09Texas A&M University - KingsvilleTexasConservation Biology ProfTenure Stream11/28/23 14:18emphasis in ichthyology, parasitology, aquatic biology, marine biology, or a related field. 3) They will begin reviewing applicants in December with initial interviews conducted in January
11/15/23 16:51University of Hawai'i at ManoaHawaiiCoastal Fisheries Management & Policy12/18/2023 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 16:32Texas A&M University - College StationTexasAvian Ecology & Management12/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 15:46Iowa State UniversityIowaGlobal Wildlife Conservation1/7/2024 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 15:36California State University, FresnoCaliforniaEnvironmental Science12/31/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/26/23 10:031) The typical teaching load is 6 weighted teaching units (WTU) per semester for the first two years and 9-12 WTU thereafter. WTU can be bought out usually through funding by the college or external grants. -> anyone knows what this means? Sounds like a lot. 2) WTU = weighted teaching unit; usually 1 WTU per hour of lecture and 2 WTU's for each 3 hour lab. So a class with 3 hours of lecture where you taught one lab would be 5 WTU's. 1) Thanks! 2) I will also add that my CSU only does a 3 WTU course release for the first year (from 12 to 9), so 6 for the first two years is nice 3) so that would be 1.5-two classes per semester the first two years and 2.5-3 after that? That seems a lot for a research university 4) Not sure what you are thinking of in terms of a research university, but all of the Cal States have a pretty high teaching load. They are not R1s. 3) I had seen it as a R2 and was expecting less teaching - my bad 4) the default teaching load for a cal state is 4/4 (that's the 12 WTUs). If your dept chair is good at scheduling, that means you're spending about 10hr per week face to face with students. If your dept chair is unkind with scheduling and tries to absolutely maximize teaching hours (speaking from experience), you can easily wind up with 14-16 hr face to face with students via the use of labs and activity sections which do not carry as many WTUs per hour as lecture. Source: I worked at a cal state for a while and was on a curriculum committee so I saw all the ways WTUs get assigned to different class types
11/15/23 15:30University of MissouriMissouriConservation Education11/1/2023 Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic
11/15/23 15:13Chadron State CollegeNebraskaRangeland Management & Livestock ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 15:09University of West FloridaFloridaGenetics1/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 14:37East Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeForest Ecologist1/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/16/23 13:33Search committee member here. We had a failed search this fall and are re-opening this position for another review that will start January 8. Happy to answer any questions. We are looing for a forest ecologist (broadly defined) to help teach in our new Natural Resources Ecology concentration. This is a very cohesive department and Johnson City is a great place to live. 2) @1 What is the expected teaching load for this position? 3) Teaching load is generally two courses per semester for a total of between 12 and 15 contact hours per year (labs and lecture count the same). There is a strong expectation for research as well and generous start up package is available.
11/15/23 13:40Michigan State UniversityMichiganPlant Resilience2/1/2024 OpenTenure Stream11/27/23 10:53Search committee member here. This is a search in the area of Plant Resilience defined broadly, not just plant response to the environment as posted. There are multiple open positions at all ranks and the successful candidates will have the opportunity to join any of the plant departments at MSU.
11/15/23 12:50University of Colorado BoulderColoradoPhysical Geography12/11/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/15/23 12:51"Specific areas of research include, but are not limited to, soil science, biogeography, climatology, watershed science, and cryosphere science."
11/15/23 12:48University of MaineMaineMarine Biology1/2/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/17/23 10:47Successful candidate "to focus on the American lobster (Homarus americanus), a species of immense ecological, cultural, and economic significance in the Gulf of Maine. We encourage candidates who bring expertise in invertebrate zoology, ecology, physiology, or related fields, and who are dedicated to pursuing both fundamental and applied research that bridges laboratory, field, and modeling studies." 1) hyper-specific candidate research focus = inside candidate 2) Or maybe Maine has a huge lobster industry, IDK x2 3) SC here... no inside candidate! We are looking for someone who can help inform our local fishery. 4) this department has had multiple retirements recently, including one by a legendary ecologist that worked a lot with lobsters. certainly not an inside job. this department is also associated with a lobster institute. 5) Can confirm, this isn't an inside candidate. Many Land Grant/state universities with natural resource industries have very specific requirements for searches, and as others have said, we just had Bob Steneck retire. The endless "inside hire" comments aren't helpful. Please try not to jump to conclusions. 6) Is this to replace Bob? I ask because I do a lot of related work (although, not right now with lobsters). 7) @6 Bob and a couple of other retirements, yep!
11/15/23 11:11University of HawaiiHawaiiEntomology1/31/2024 SpecialistTenure Stream11/16/23 4:26Similar to asst prof. 1) Minimum qual is masters with exp, desirable is PhD. I wonder if that means the pay is lower than usual TT? 2) it would be for someone with just a masters, but I suspect it'll be higher for someone with a PhD/postdoc experience. This job seems to be very applied and quite unlike other faculty jobs I've looked at
11/15/23 10:52Cornell UniversityNew YorkEcophysiology of Field Crop Systems2/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 10:51Cornell AgriTechNew YorkSeed Biology and Technology1/2/2024 ProfTenure Stream
11/15/23 3:40Tougaloo CollegeMississippiEvolutionary Biology or Environmental Science ProfTenure Stream11/15/23 3:41Confusing ad. Job just posted but start date January 2024. Also states that although the position is for evolutionary biology or environmental science, "strong interest in developing biomedical research projects" is a preferred qualification.
11/14/23 14:06Denver Museum of Nature and ScienceColoradoGenomics1/5/2024 ScientistMuseum11/15/23 13:05research program that uses genomic and genetic approaches, spans human (e.g., human biology) and non-human systems (e.g., zoonoses, microbiomes, parasitology, etc.) required. 2) Looks like they might be targeting someone relatively advanced ("This role provides scientific oversight, direction, and management of a multi-disciplinary laboratory"), any thoughts on applying as a postdoc? Absolutely will consider postdocs. The lab has a full-time lab manager that takes care of all the nuts and bolts. The lab manager will report to the genomics scientist. 2 again) Thanks! 3) is it a requirement to have experience with human genomics?
11/14/23 11:06Institut Jacques MonodFranceBiology2/16/2024 LeaderNon-Profit Research Organization11/23/23 9:282 positions. "biophysics, cell and developmental biology, evolution and genome biology". 2) How do these compare to CNRS positions in salary and conditions? 3) "Upon their selection, successful applicants will then be expected to obtain research funding as well as a position with the CNRS or Université Paris Cité": Is the research position with CNRS or UPC just a formality if you get the group leader position or would obtaining such positions be challenging? 4) Just a guess but this page doesn't even exist in French. So maybe that's the Institute trying to promote access to relevant foreign applicants by providing mentorship through the process of being employed in the CNRS or UPC (which is rather obscure, coming from abroad). The process will remain competititve but they will be hands on guiding the candidates. Maybe? 5) From what I understand in this ad, the selected candidate will have to apply for a CNRS position to obtain a salary. CNRS is very competitive and will not hire older candidates (~40+), although they will not say it because it is illegal. While there are other temporary grants that could pay for the group leader's salary for a few years, normally: no CNRS = no lab in France. 6) How is this even a job if you have to apply for another (competitive) job to get salary? I'm so confused. 7) it is very complicated to apply to the CNRS from abroad/as a foreigner, they are basically proposing to hold your hand through the process if you work in that area of expertise (that's how I understand it). 5) @7 Exactly. @6, yes, the French research system is odd. You basically need to secure two positions: one at the institution, and another one at the CNRS for the salary. The institute will provide lab space to the chosen candidate and help the candidate with the CNRS application. There is no guarantee that the CNRS will choose the same candidate, though. 8) This seems similar to the fellowship-to-faculty opportunities in the UK. If you get a big external grant, they let you start a lab. 5) @8 I am not aware of the UK system, but I think it's different as the CNRS is not a grant, it's your position and salary. It seems like in the UK you could start a lab as a fellow and THEN apply for funding. In France, if you don't land a CNRS position FIRST, you cannot even start your lab, as the institute will not pay for your salary, only the CNRS will (except for a few exceptions as stated above).
11/14/23 10:24Francis Marion UniversitySouth CarolinaChemical Ecology / Ecotoxicology11/15/2023 ProfTenure Stream
11/13/23 15:58Clemson UniversitySouth CarolinaTurf & Ornamental Entomology11/30/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/14/23 6:171) This takes the cake for the best job title. x2 2) just in time for the holidays, Ornamental Bugs! 3) bug off everybody, this area of entomology is my turf.
11/13/23 14:50University of Hawai'i ManoaHawaiiMarine Biology12/1/2023 ProfTenure Stream11/21/23 9:21Seems like a similar position as they've posted previously. 2) were these due to failed searches? 3) Yes, last year's search failed. 4) Any idea about salary and cost of living in Hawaii? @3, I did my PhD in Hawaii. Cost of living is very high. Many professors only afford to live in faculty housing (condos/apartments). If you want to own a home, Hawaii is not the place to do it. Awesome department otherwise! 5) Anyone with info on whether the search failed due to internal issues or the candidates? That is should I bother to reapply if I had a zoom interview last year? x3 6) I have absolutely no info, but would encourage y'all to reapply (assuming you have new and improved application packets, maybe don't try again with the exact same materials) 7) Not sure about this search, but a different biology position at UH failed because they didb't feel like they had a satisfactory fit and/or ran out of time to expand the pool8
11/13/23 12:39University of OttawaCanadaEvolutionary Ecology1/10/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream11/24/23 10:58"Candidates must be able to teach in both French and English at the time of hiring at undergraduate and graduate levels" [French-language discussion moved to General Discussion -AP] (1) Review date updated to January 10th2
11/13/23 7:38American Museum of Natural HistoryNew YorkMammalogy1/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream
11/13/23 6:25Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyMicrobial Evolution1/2/2024 ProfTenure Stream11/13/23 6:27Part of a three year cluster hiring initiative in Evolutionary Medicine
11/13/23 5:31Augusta UniversityGeorgiaEcology OpenTenure Stream11/28/23 14:38"The ideal candidate will conduct research in Chemical Ecology, Disease Ecology, Vector Ecology, or a related field that impacts human health."
11/12/23 8:56Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaInsect Systematics1/5/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream2