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7/11/24 16:53NOAASouth CarolinaCoastal Ecosystems7/16/2024 3-4Government7/13/24 19:47Watch out for Project 2025... 2) ?????????? 3) @1, yeah but you'll know the outcome by the time hired for any federal jobs you apply to at this late stage. 4) @2, Project 2025 outlines eliminating NOAA and the EPA. 5) Job closed. Looks like they reached 100 apps quickly.1
7/11/24 12:50Aarhus UniversityDenmarkEcology of Soil-Borne Pathogens8/29/2024 ProfTenure Stream
7/10/24 20:36Williams CollegeMassachusettsLand Systems & Environmental Science9/9/2024 OpenTenure Stream7/11/24 9:35anyone know the teaching load? 2) Ask the search chair, their email is in the posting 3) Or read the job ad. 4) from the ad: The teaching load is two courses per semester and a January term course in alternate years, with adjustment made for larger enrollment courses and leading laboratory sections.
7/8/24 13:02Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsBiology8/1/2024 / Assoc Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic7/11/24 7:271) Same comment from posting below -- I wanted to inquire about length of contract and promotion details and contacted HR to ask for who to contact. I got a reply that the search committee remains anonymous, which is fine, but HR then didn't answer my questions about the NTT line. Anyone know anything about these NTT positions at Northeastern? I was told if I am interested, to apply anyway and then I can ask in the interview, but why would I apply if their length of contract or promotion specifics did not align with mine? x3 2) Likely there is not a SC - could be just a decision by the Dept Chair. These types of contracts are usually 6 months to 1year. You should contact the department chair (find their contact in the website) 3) Faculty handbook says one year, no more than 2 1) thank you 2 and 3! 4) Cant find information on salary. Lower average for NTT positions at Northeastern is a mere $69k/yr. I live in Cambridge and can safely say that this is far from enough to live a comfortable life unless you live alone and relocate to deep Sommerville or Chelsea.
7/8/24 13:01Northeastern UniversityMassachusettsIntroductory Biostatistics8/1/2024 / Assoc Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic7/8/24 13:041) I inquired about length of contract / promotion
7/8/24 10:04St. Olaf CollegeMinnesotaCell Biology9/3/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/8/24 10:06To answer the inevitable question: this position was advertised to my ecology-heavy dept and the ad says "We are particularly interested in candidates who study cell biology in the context of multicellular systems and can contribute an elective course about plants, fungi, or animals."
7/8/24 5:19NIOZ Netherlands Institute for Sea ResearchNetherlandsMarine Lower Trophic Dynamics7/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream
7/8/24 4:52University of Tennessee KnoxvilleTennesseeMicrobe-Plant Interactions9/15/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream7/10/24 11:01"study microbes (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, or viral) associated with plants" 1) Yes, this is the same position in the cluster hire that was advertised last year
7/5/24 1:04Naturalis Biodiversity CenterNetherlands(Dutch) Biodiversity8/3/2024 Stream1
7/4/24 9:17University of California-BerkeleyCaliforniaGlobal Change Biology8/26/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/10/24 18:58"emphasis on the ecology and evolution of host-microbe interactions" 2) what is salary ? and startup? 3) 4) @2 salary is right in the ad and startup isn't fixed but depends on needs [review date updated to 8/26 -AP] 5) did the same search last cycle fail x3 6) re salary - off scale supplements are given to make starting salaries much more competitive than advertised along with help with housing 7) re previous search - this is part of a cluster hire of three hires - two (one in plants, one in marine) were hired from the previous global change search in 22/23 - the focus of this hire is microbial-host interactions - so includes infectious disease ecology, microbiome, mutualism etc - 8) if my work is not strictly host/pathogen, but has consequences to host/pathogen (i.e., researching how climate change is impacting virulence of X microbes), would it make sense to apply? 9) can microbial-host interactions be marine or is the search committee thinking more terrestrial? 10) @8&9 search is broad so you should apply, but be certain you can explain well how you fit the job ad. 11) Does preprints on Biorxiv count towards significant publication? The application requires summaries of 3 significant publications.1
7/2/24 11:15Mohammed VI Polytechnic UniversityMoroccoPlant Biodiversity & Conservation8/13/2024 ProfTenure Stream
7/2/24 11:14Mohammed VI Polytechnic UniversityMoroccoSeaweeds Biology8/13/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/12/24 10:50Does anyone have some information on this University? They seem to be hiring constantly.
7/2/24 11:13Aarhus UniversityDenmarkMarine Food Webs8/23/2024 Stream
7/2/24 11:08Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NorwayMarine Phytoplankton Ecology8/20/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/2/24 12:59
7/2/24 10:20University of MichiganMichiganBiodiversity Scientist8/31/2024 ProfPostdoc-to-TS7/15/24 13:10Updated deadline (pers. comm. from SC). This is an edge case between postdoc and permanent, but let's put such pipeline positions here for better visibility. - AP 2) Three reference letters upfront 3) Can someone explain to a non-American how these transition positions work? Don't you risk getting brushed off (or stuck) after the alleged post-doc period ends and never get to the TT-part of the job? I am asking because if I consider making (another) international move it has to be for a position that has a high probability of becoming permanant...hence why this hiring structure strikes me a s a bit odd, but it is probably because I am not familar with the US system. 4) @3, such positions are uncommon here, but are a relatively new mechanism designed to diversify the professorate. Technically open to anyone, but there's an emphasis on understanding the experiences of underrepresented groups. How likely is it to advance to a TT position is unclear and depends on the university, but at least its a prestigious postdoc that should open some doors somewhere. 5) Former UM postdoc: Most (if not all) of the presidential fellows I met at UM transitioned to tenure track jobs either at UM or elsewhere. I think some of them even negotiated startup, salary, etc... for the tenure track phase when hired as postdocs. 6) I recently interviewed for a similar program - THEY ARE AWESOME. Everyone gets promoted to TT eventually (some people linger as postdocs for longer though), but the postdoc period gives you time to learn about the department, finish up leftover papers from previous positions, and wrap your head around tenure requirements before the clock starts. 7) Is there a limit on the number of years after obtaining a PhD to be considered eligible? x2 8) When I go to the link it says they aren't reviewing until 12/24 and start date is 01/25. Just checked with committee and deadline is Aug 31st for materials to be submitted. Does the updated review date indicate a closer start date? 9) @8 I think there are two stages, one within SEAS to pick a candidate to apply at the university level 1
7/2/24 8:31Penn StatePennsylvaniaEvolutionary Genomics9/7/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream7/9/24 12:591) 24-25 HERE WE GO, Y'ALL x6 [updated to Asst/Assoc - AP] 2) friendly group of people, looks like a good opportunity 3) I am not emotionally ready for the start of the new job season. x4 4) I'm a postdoc there. In my opinion, it is a great place to do evolutionary genomics and a very collaborative environment. 4
7/1/24 22:23Sarasota Bay Estuary ProgramFloridaEstuarine Science7/22/2024 and Restoration ManagerNon-Profit Research Organization7/1/24 22:26PhD preferred. ...will be responsible for developing and managing projects and programs, will ensure the work of SBEP is informed by current science, and will communicate Bay-related scientific information.
7/1/24 14:56Texas A & M University - Corpus ChristiTexasEnvironmental Science7/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/2/24 1:54Possible research areas include but are not limited: to coastal natural and human ecosystems and communities in the face of climate change, socioeconomic impacts, and disaster planning. Expertise in other environmental-science related areas is welcomed. Ability to teach environmental regulations is required. 2) what is the salary? and startup?
7/1/24 14:52New College of FloridaFloridaMarine Mammal Science7/4/2024 Academic7/4/24 14:131) Any applicants, please please please do your research on what is happening at the Uni in the last 2-5 years, and how the state government is heavily involved. 2) Yeah, they're only gonna want people who have personally driven at least one marine mammal species extinct
7/1/24 6:04La Salle University PennsylvaniaAnatomy and Physiology Coordinator8/26/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic
7/1/24 6:00La Salle UniversityPennsylvaniaMicrobiology 8/26/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic
6/29/24 5:55Aarhus UniversityDenmarkArctic Avian Ecology9/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/11/24 0:43Tenure-track Researchers in Denmark are fully equivalent to Assistant Professors, but position will involve some advisory work (e.g. technical reports for EU and UN environmental programs) instead of teaching. Based at Roskilde campus right outside of Copenhagen 1) Any information on salary? 2) OP here - salaries are standardized by the Danish ministry across all universites and start somewhere around 67-70k US with some wiggle room based on qualifications, seniority, etc. The unions have just re-negotiated with the state though so I believe there is a decent bump happening in the next few months. Pension contributions from the uni are are also quite high so 'final' salary ends up being closer to 75-80k (3) From the description there seems to be a focus on methods, not just avian. Does anyone know if they would consider someone with a non-avian focus but meets all other criteria? 4) not sure but if you have the relevant background skills I'd say apply just in case!
6/28/24 9:24University of BathUnited KingdomVarious, including microbial ecology, host-microbe interactions7/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/1/24 13:47These are 'prize fellow' positions that are fixed term, but success will lead to a permanent position. Fellows can submit grants and supervise PhD students. 1) if I remember correctly from last year, these are very competitive
6/28/24 9:22University of BathUnited KingdomHuman microbiomics7/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/28/24 9:27Position title says 'human microbiomics', but description includes community ecology, evolution, biodiversity and conservation, environmental microbiomes, and disease interactions
6/28/24 9:21University of BathUnited KingdomMicrobiomics, microbial ecology7/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/28/24 9:20University of BathUnited KingdomEnvironmental microbiology, microbiomics7/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/27/24 12:42Vanderbilt University TennesseeSustainability, Energy & Climate8/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/27/24 9:14University of UtahUtahEnvironmental Data Science9/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/2/24 1:55what is the salary? and startup?
6/25/24 11:25University of RichmondVirginiaIntegrative physiology (multicellular organisms)8/16/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/11/24 8:42(1) Does anyone has a sense of the teaching load? (2) yes. Five teaching 'units' per year where a lecture/lab course is two units. Class sizes rarely exceed 20 students. (3) does anyone have any intel on whether this is an internal hire? Looks like the department currently has a physiologist as a VAP (4) @3 you worry too much. The only time an internal candidate has a significant advantage is if that individual is a spouse of an employee, hence placebound and often negotiated in previous hire. Internal candidates have an advantage in that all the good points are seen internally. HOWEVER, the disadvantage is that all the bad points are seen internally too! If you are a VAP and looking for a perm job, you can not give 100% to the current position, or at least you shouldn't. Some insitututions regualarly hire VAPs, others seldom or never do. See how many of the current faculty were VAPs. Probably next to none. The added advantage to a non-internal candidate is that they are the bright-shiny-new thing. Even if not better, they are shiny new. Keep that in mind. Also, if you look at your CV vs the VAP, you can make sure you call out things (without being obvious) that you definitely do or have done better than that candidate. An internal candidate is not something to be afraid of. Most do not become permanent. (5) @3 and @4 I would tend to agree with @4, but I applied to a position at UR last year, got invited for a campus visit and full day interview with teaching presentation. Was praised highly by the dean for the narrative of my teaching statement. They eventually hired the VAP that had been there for 5+ years. So I think it depends. That being said, I agree with 4 that you should not worry too much or let it deter you from applying. Worry about your packet, not your competition. There are A LOT of scenarios that can play out. This is a gorgeous school and a great group of faculty. They are helpful, answer question thoughtfully, and treat their interviewees very well during campus visits! 6) I would say that, on average, internal candidates have an advantage simply as known entities. But that rarely means they are a shoe-in - many candidates have their own advantages/elements that make them stand out.
6/25/24 11:20SPUNSouth America (Other)Mycorrhizal Field Ecologist - South America6/28/2024 12:213 year fixed term (full time employee for 3 years) 1) think these two belong on the fixed term page
6/25/24 10:59SPUNCaliforniaMycorrhizal Field Ecologist - North America6/28/2024 11:13From the ad: "full-time, 3-year fixed-term contract"
6/25/24 10:41Texas State UniversityTexasBiology Department Chair10/1/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream6/25/24 10:42Yes, the previous search failed; many in department would be enthusiastic about eco/evo folks applying
6/24/24 19:59Montana State UniversityMontanaEntomology8/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/26/24 13:35We seek a highly qualified and enthusiastic extension/research entomologist to contribute to our programs. This is a full-time, tenure track renewable fiscal year contract; 55% extension, 35% research and 10% service.
6/24/24 8:10Towson UniversityMarylandAnimal Physiology ProfTenure Stream6/24/24 8:11Position open until filled, review of applications expected to begin mid-August.2
6/23/24 21:10Kenyon CollegeOhioEcology9/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/8/24 18:56We seek a broadly trained biologist with expertise in ecology at or above the community level. To complement current faculty expertise, we seek candidates whose primary research focus is on plants, invertebrates, fungi, and/or microbes. Especially interested in an ecologist with a strong quantitative component. Five courses per year. Department member here clarifying the teaching load since this differs a lot between institution: labs count as full courses towards that 5. (1) Is this the permanent version of the VAP posted earlier this year? Dept member here: No.
6/21/24 12:29North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaHoney Bee Entomology7/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/24/24 7:011) The last one stung a bit ... this one is meant to bee. 2) Sweet. Can't wait to send in my app. 3) Guess I'll apply as a plan-Bee 4) there's a lot of buzz around this opening
6/20/24 8:14Stephens CollegeMissouriAnimal Behaviour ProfNon-TS Academic6/24/24 7:152
6/18/24 14:38The Natural History Museum KarlsruheGermanyEntomology7/15/2024 of EntomologyMuseum7/1/24 16:00Emphasis of the research work should be the groups of Hymenoptera and/or Hemimetabolous insects. 2) "Unfortunately, interview costs cannot be covered or reimbursed." 3) Ah yes I've heard about German institutes not paying for interviews, very weird/annoying...1
6/18/24 13:49USGSColoradoAvian Ecology7/3/2024 13Government6/19/24 20:15Applicants must be U.S. Citizens [sic].1
6/16/24 20:50University of California, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesCaliforniaIndigenous Food Systems and Foods Sovereignty Advisor (Applied Research and Extension)8/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/16/24 8:28North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaNematology8/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/23/24 14:29Can anyone say "ecoevojobs 24-25"? ;-) . . . soon, right?; "The target start date is August 2024" - I'd say so.; 2) Oof, reminder of how I'll be endlessly refreshing this page for another year; OP) @1 the target review date is until August 2024; the start is "March 1, 2024" so you are just not reading and they are mixing something up. It doesn't change the fact that this year is coming to a close. But you are right, few if any Fall 24-25 postings, so sorry for being hasty. OP) Okay I missread that and now made a mess of this cell . . . I failed again. I am sorry everyone. Mods feel free to erase my garabge text. 3) do'nt be so hard on yourself OP. It's ok. AP) Don't worry OP, the ad says both March and August as target start dates ;) Anyhow, I plan on setting up the new version in a month or so, so that we can continue to get updates here. Stay tuned!
6/15/24 13:54Stanford UniversityCaliforniaEarth System Science8/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/28/24 9:08"Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, hydrologic science, global ecology, biodiversity, climate adaptation, human & planetary health, and sustainable food systems. We also welcome applicants who are advancing approaches to environmental data science, systems science, and/or Indigenous environmental (or ecological) traditional knowledge." 1) What am I missing about this job? It seems like a broad posting at an Ivy League R1, yet there are no comments or listed applications. 2) @1 It was posted 12 days ago and the deadline isn't for another month.
6/14/24 4:13ETH ZurichSwitzerlandPlant Disease Dynamics9/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/13/24 19:23The University of South Carolina BeaufortSouth CarolinaEcology / Evolutionary Biology ProfTenure Stream7/10/24 7:40Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position has been filled. A start date of January 20, 2025 is preferred but earlier and later start dates are possible. 2) any salary information for this postion?? 3) "We are particularly interested in those with expertise in botany, ornithology, or mycology, but all areas will be considered" 4) Search committee members include Mercer Brugler (chair), Kim Ritchie, and Daniel 'Tye' Pettay 5) @2 might expect $67k for Assistant Prof. at USC-B 6) Does anyone know the teaching load here? @6) 4/4 7) @2 you can look up all SC state employee salaries over $50k at Find a recently hired Assistant in Biology or other STEM fields and you could likely expect something simlar.4
6/13/24 19:16University of Maine at MachiasMaineMarine Biology8/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/14/24 9:12January or September 2025 start. I was excited about this one until I looked up the pay (current AP make ~$52900 -- I make more than that now working part time in an area with only 5% higher COL). But I will probably still apply and see what happens... 1) I grew up in Machias. COL is extremely low, although Covid refugees are pushing up housing costs. One of the most beautiful and wild parts of the USA. Truly special. OP) Thanks for the info #1 - I was kind of hoping someone might give more insight! 2) job ad removed? June 30 3) Hmm, it won't let me log into my account to check the app either...ETA, I was able to login and it just shows that my app has been submitted. 4) any insight on whether this search is still active / will it be reposted? 3 again) I haven't asked, but the search co-chair is Eric Jones OP) looks like they migrated to a new employment website. Here is the new link:
6/13/24 11:24Alberta Ministry of Arts, Culture & Status of WomenCanadaFossil Marine Reptiles6/26/2024
6/12/24 8:41Wageningen University & ResearchNetherlandsAnimal Behaviour7/29/2024 Academic
6/11/24 9:48University of MiamiFloridaMarine Ecology Academic6/21/24 11:00Note: Tropical Marine Ecology
6/10/24 10:34Tarleton State UniversityTexasEcology / Evolutionary Biology8/9/2024 OpenTenure Stream6/10/24 10:36"We are specifically looking for an individual working in the field of vertebrate ecology and/or evolution although related areas of specialization will be considered."2
6/7/24 14:56Louisiana Department of Wildlife and FisheriesLouisianaWildlife Biologist (Waterfowl focus)6/13/2024 TimeGovernment6/7/24 15:00There are lots of financial resources and equipment (i.e., airboats, boats, etc.) to conduct wildlife/fisheries research at this refuge. However, it is a very remote field office in Grand Chenier, Louisiana (~1 hr from a Walmart), so this is not a position for everyone. However, they provide housing and utilities for refuge biologists, and the region is one of the most biodiverse areas for avifauna in the United States.
6/5/24 16:25Idaho Department of Fish and GameIdahoQuantitative Ecology6/24/2024 19:551
6/5/24 12:26Texas Tech UniversityTexasBehavioral Ecology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/10/24 16:18Wow, these are crazy early deadlines for 2025 jobs!; (2) no they are not. Deadline is almost two months from now, probably at beggining of semester which means committee want to work in no rush to find a candidate for 2025. Job "season" is becoming less of a thing every year... OP) lol, ok 2. I've watched job ads for more years than I care to count and usually the first 'real' job adds with early deadlines are at the very end of August or early September. This is an especially early deadline. 3) Hoping to lock down candidates before the rest of the field. 4) This is going to be the new normal 5) 4, why would you think that? Committees and administrators consistently can't get things shepherded through fast enough to post job ads this early even if they wanted to. x3 6) is this kind of job market complexity ... unique to academic gigs? 7) It could just be they wanted to be early or someone got the ad together or some other idiosyncratic reason and it isn't indicative of anything other than it is a job that is posted that those who might fit could apply for.1
6/5/24 12:25Texas Tech UniversityTexasDevelopmental Neurobiology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream
6/5/24 12:25Texas Tech UniversityTexasMicrobial Genetics8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/27/24 12:41Anyone know how this position salary is? 2) $99K? 3) startup would be 600K 4) 99K salary would be incredibly high for the area; I'm guessing more like 85-89K1
6/5/24 12:23Texas Tech UniversityTexasGlobal Change Biology8/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/8/24 15:36Anyone know how these salary codes work for Texas Tech? 2) "Pay grade “800” is our non-classified pay plan which is for positions which are often one of a kind, used by a small number of employees, or faculty-related and allows flexibility to address the university's unique job market. Non-classified positions typically require a specific degree and/or specialized training." So, it looks like it just means that it doesn't follow their standard pay scale at all. 3) fun fact: it rains mud in lubbock if you get a combo of a rain storm/dust storm.. hope the pay scale accounts for those...unique... circumstances2
6/5/24 9:05SylveraUnited KingdomML, Carbon Biogeochemistry, Software6/7/2024 9:11Build global soil carbon models using cutting-edge ML, remote sensing, and field-sensor data. Create and refine pipelines to serve those models to customers through cloud architecture. Remote possible for the right candidate. Also, offices available in NY, London, Serbia, and soon, Singapore.
6/4/24 9:55NIOO-KNAWNetherlandsSoil Ecology & Biodiversity7/1/2024 ResearcherGovernment6/12/24 4:22Fantastic org next to Wageningen Univ. This is a dream job if you like NL. Pay is great, plus internationals qualify for 30% ruling. Work/life balance, good healthcare, and you get to live in the "mountains" of the Netherlands.
6/4/24 4:02Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterMarylandCoastal Landscape Ecology6/27/2024 12:381) This seems to be the same job as the one below with a new deadline and slightly different ad language. Anyone have insight? 2) SC here: it IS updated from below, and broadened to include the following areas of potential expertise: including but not limited to: carbon and nutrient cycling at landscape scales, coastal watershed science and hydrology, integration of coastal data across multiple spatial, temporal, and/or ecological scales, quantitative modeling, and landscape-scale restoration, conservation, and/or ecosystem management 3) Hi SC! Could you give some insight into what happened to the 1st search? If you applied round 1 and got nowhere, is it worth applying again? If so, would a reframe in focus be appropriate? SC: Everyone is encouraged to apply, including applicants from the first round, with an emphasis on landscape level processes in coastal ecosystems as defined in the fairly broad job ad. good luck! 4) Hi SC ! I'm surprised to see no requirement for a resarch statement or even a cover letter. Am I reading the USAJobs portal correctly? 5) SC here: correct, USAJOBS requires relatively few documents like your resume and transcripts, as outlined here:>BIG HOWEVER: if you want to upload other documents you think might be relevant, which could include a cover letter, research statement, etc., these could be uploaded either as the latter part of your resume, or as separate documents in the 'other documents' section of the USAJOBS portal. hope this helps! 6) Has anyone heard anything yet ? 😬7) Federal jobs are slow and it's probably hasn't made it through the initial HR screening and to the search committee yet. 9) @6,7, I did get an email from the "recruitment representative" that said they'd recieved they application and would update when information is available.
6/3/24 10:14Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeWashingtonFish & Wildlife Research Scientist6/30/2024 ScientistGovernment
5/31/24 14:25Washington Department of Fish & WildlifeWashingtonFish & Wildlife Biology6/12/2024
5/30/24 12:18South Dakota State UniversitySouth DakotaApplied Avian Ecology7/31/2024 ProfTenure Stream6/13/24 8:00(1) SC here - young, active department; growing grad population, broadly looking at avian ecology but especially interested in those studying conservation/manangement of upland game birds, grassland-obligate species, or waterbirds. (2) could someone speak to starting salary? (3) SC here - all South Dakota salaries are public reported (, you can look up other recent hires in the Natural Resource Management department, also keep in mind cost of living here is low (no state income tax, low housing cost compared to most college towns). (4) Looks like the assistant profs in the department are making around $80k, plus or minus ~$5k 5) how serious is the 'must be authorized to work in the US' statement? I kind of assumed most/all universities would sponser a foreign-born candidate if they were selected by the committee. (6) SC here - I would encourage any foreign-born scientists to contact the committee.1
5/30/24 5:52USGSAlaskaEcology7/9/2024 12-13Government5/30/24 5:53Assistant Unit Leader based at University of Alaska Fairbanks3
5/29/24 21:10SPUNDelawareMycorrhizal Carbon6/10/2024 22:20Remote from anywhere in North America, South America or Europe
5/29/24 14:24Idaho State UniversityIdahoBiology Academic5/29/24 22:20" Idaho Falls campus beginning August 2024."remoe1
5/29/24 12:39Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaPollination Ecology8/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream
5/28/24 13:26University of New MexicoNew MexicoNeuroscience & Data Science in Neuroscience7/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/29/24 18:37[review date updated -AP]
5/27/24 13:00Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI)AustriaPhilosophy of Biology or Theoretical Biology6/1/2024 leaderNon-TS Academic5/29/24 13:42no clear review date...1) It's a theoretical/philosophical position, the lack of a review date is part of the screening process. 2) Am I qualified for this position with a theoretical degree in biology? 3) @2, you are theoretically qualified1
5/23/24 15:51University of MontanaMontanaBioinformatics / Data Science6/17/2024 ScientistNon-TS Academic1
5/23/24 13:50Bucknell UniversityPennsylvaniaBiology6/7/2024 Academic5/24/24 10:19(1) Faculty member here - Dept is great! Looking to hire ASAP - review of applications is rolling, but expecting to do round 1 Zoom interviews last two weeks of June, so earlier is better. I put June 7th as an estimate. 2) Expected to teach 4 or 5 lab sections per semester, and supervise both undergraduate and graduate students. Is it a typo or does this university expect non-tenured faculty to supervise graduate students? (3) They mean supervise them as TAs I believe.
5/22/24 6:44Virginia State UniversityVirginiaGenetics / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/29/24 16:091) faculty member here who used to live on this page; we are hoping to fill this fall. VSU is a primarily undergrad HBCU, teaching-focused with opportunities for research with students. 30 min south of Richmond, VA. Teaching core genetics lecture and lab plus upper division in candidate's specialty. Open to a broad range of backgrounds and specific interests in genetics. Dept Chair can answer questions. 2) Do we need to submit the letters of recommendation in the application? 3) I'm at a different 1890 land grant university. If you are not familiar with them, it can be a really good place to work. I didn't notice if this was in the biology or the ag land grant programs? 3)
5/21/24 8:07Universiteit LeidenNetherlandsQuantitative Ecology6/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream6/29/24 13:481) Any insights on this university/dept? 2) AFAIK it's the Netherland's premier uni 3) they recently poached some great microbial ecologists: Ákos T. Kovács and Paco Barona-Gómez3
5/20/24 16:14USDA Tropical Pest Genetics & Molecular Biology Research Unit, Hilo, HIHawaiiFunctional Genomics 6/18/2024 / Research BiologistGovernment5/24/24 1:241) are US Nationals same as permanant residents? 2) no 3) permanent residents can be Green Card hodlers. 4) Not in the SC but I lived in Hilo most of my life and have been to the USDA facility. The people are great there. 5) @2 )and @3) so green card holders cannot apply? 6) @5 no. you need to be a national or citizen (ie: passport holder)
5/15/24 14:39Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandInfectious Disease Dynamics6/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/28/24 6:40Bloomberg Distinguished Professor cluster hire. "Using theoretical and computational approaches to understand the epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases." 1) Anyone knows the culture/work-life in John Hopkins? X2 2) I can't necessarily speak to BSPH at large, but the IDD group specifically is wonderful. Very collaborative and a friendly group of current faculty members. 1
5/15/24 11:05USDA Pollinator Health Research Unit, Davis, CACaliforniaHoneybee Conservation6/13/2024 OpenNon-TS Academic6/12/24 11:13$96,148 - $191,900 per year 2) Good luck buying a house for under $600k 3) Yeah, that really stings. 4) totally doable on that salary if you don't have kids 5) I'm all for salary shaming but this actually looks like a pretty good salary. Plenty of people live in Sacramento or surrounding towns. x6 6) It's also worth noting that the greater Sacramento area is actually working to end the housing crisis. They build tons of new housing and rents are actually falling because of it. This salary would be very livable in that area. 7) Next up - chicken conservation research! x3 8) does the position have possibilities for working with local Tribal governments? 9) not at Davis, but another USDA bee person here - and 8 yes, working with tribal groups is generally encouraged. 2
5/14/24 6:22Trinity College DublinIrelandWildlife Distribution Modelling5/16/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/31/24 12:29Link doesnt work 2) The job ad closed on May 16 at 12pm Dublin time (about 7am eastern time USA) 3) rejection email on May 30. I was really hoping for this one3
5/14/24 6:07University of GrazAustriaBotany / Scientific Lead for Botanical Garden6/6/2024 ScientistTenure Stream
5/10/24 14:21University of California-BerkeleyCaliforniaConservation Science5/17/2024 DirectorNon-TS Academic6/24/24 11:02Executive Directory of the new James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Center for Large Landscape Conservation at UC Berkeley 1
5/10/24 11:48University of MaineMaineOrnamental Horticulture6/17/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream5/24/24 8:08
5/9/24 10:21Utah State UniversityUtahStatistical Consulting & Ecology8/1/2024 Practice Asst ProfNon-TS Academic7/10/24 11:28(1) does anyone know what the pay and contract length is? 2) It's a permanent position. Salary is comensurate with experience... I would guess $65k-100k
5/8/24 16:54University of BridgeportConnecticutBiology5/28/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic7/7/24 16:02Quick search looks like UB no longer offers TT as of ~2021. "... full-time faculty with broad expertise in organismal biology, environmental science, freshwater or marine biology, and/or ecology" 1) app only asks for a CV and cover letter, which makes the short turn-around easier, but does anyone know much about this school? Their website doesn't have a lot of detail on the department. 2) University used to be owned and governed by the Unification Church, aka the Moonies; still offer degree-granting programs in acupuncture, chiropractic, and traditional Chinese medicine and used to offer doctorates in Naturopathy. 3) Anyone hear from this job yet? @3 Phone and Zoom interview happened already. Final (Zoom-based) interview is scheduled.
5/8/24 10:55Towson UniversityMarylandSustainability & Environmental Change ProfTenure Stream7/8/24 13:30Rolling review, just posted but review begins immediately. Start date January 2025. 2) Please update if you hear anything from the search committee. x2 @2) The SC chair said they will be reviewing submissions starting in early June 3) anyone have any updates? 4) nothing yet x2 5) nothing either 6) Any updates?6
5/8/24 10:10University of MarylandMarylandInvasive Species Plant Biologist6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/10/24 10:4760% Research, 40% Extension1
5/8/24 9:29University of MarylandMarylandAbiotic Stress Plant Biologist6/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/8/24 13:481) Anyone get any updates yet? 2) Nothing yet 3) Another check... anyone? 4) nothing here6
5/8/24 3:18Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)FinlandLarge Carnivore Ecology5/13/2024 ProfGovernment5/9/24 4:01This is a readvertisement. Guess the call in the Fall was unsuccessful.
5/7/24 12:40U.S. Military Academy, West PointNew YorkChemistry, Biology, and/or Physics5/20/2024 10:041) If anyone has questions about this position, I formerly had this position and left to pursue my Ph.D., so happy to provide insights and/or details 2) Is the position permanent? And is the instructor expected to teach all subjects, or would just biology suffice?; @2) the position is permanent and the current department teaches chemistry, biology, and physics--the program uses a system similar to quarters, and one quarter is biology, two are chemistry, and one is physics, where all faculty teach all three subject areas @1) If the courses being taught are across science subjects, is it largely introductory courses/ courses for non majors? 1) Courses are largely introductory or non-majors courses. This position is at USMAPS, which is a one-year college preparatory program for cadet candidates who are hoping for admission into USMA (West Point). Some of the cadet candidates need to improve academic skills, so the courses at USMAPS are organized to help bridge gaps in content knowledge. @1 thank you for the information! Out of curiousity, if the applicant wants it is there any possibility of doing research/research support with the role? I know it wouldn't be required, but curious if it could be an option. Thanks! 1) Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question. The department chair is an active research scientist, but does research through a separate university. There are no research facilities within USMAPS. There may be opportunities to conduct STEM education research, but you would want to inquire about this at the interview.
5/7/24 11:47Morehouse CollegeGeorgiaBiology10/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream5/30/24 7:53"Biological sciences... broadly trained..." I worked as an adjunct in the department last year and it's a great place to be. All male, historically black college in downtown Atlanta. 1) 2025 Cycle has started already!! 2) Review date isn't until October so this was posted early, anyone know if that is common for Morehouse or something specific to this posting?
5/6/24 7:41Wolf Conservation CenterNew YorkConservation Biology / Wolf Recovery DirectorNGO5/13/24 9:25Notice was recently posted with 3-4 month time frame. AP) Review date removed.
5/3/24 19:04USGS / Cornell UniversityNew YorkFish Biologist 6/10/2024 Unit LeaderGovernment1
5/3/24 6:24University of CambridgeUnited KingdomPlant Ecology & Evolution6/2/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream6/3/24 2:13Focus broadly on ecology with applicants that use molecular/microbial methods especially encouraged to apply. 2) was this not advertised last year? Also in the UK don't you have to be a Reader to be eligable for this type of position 3) @2 for a "professor" role, yeah. Some departments use US-like titles, so this would be equivalent to lecturer/senior lecturer and suitable for postdocs 4) Looks like the closing date was extended to June 10th2
5/2/24 9:58University of MaineMaineGenetics Facility Manager5/22/2024 (MS required, PhD preferred)Non-TS Academic6/17/24 14:08Professional experience working with eDNA and next-generation sequencing required. Starting salary $65,000-$70,000. 1) I'm not right for this job, but I love that a permanent position as a researcher at a university like this is available, and the starting salary seems pretty good if it will scale with time. Need more positions like these. x2 2) Faculty member who will work closely with this person, but not on the search committee here: happy to answer questions candidly. Can confirm that staff are unionized and so get regular cost of living increases, as well as merit reviews. 3) Sounds like a cool position! @2, do you know if any TT AP or Research AP hiring in the same area of emphasis (eDNA) is planned? 4) @3 Not likely. We just did a big cluster hire around eDNA, and brought on several new faculty in this area as part of an EPSCoR-funded Maine eDNA initiative and the formation of the Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment. Basically, lots of recent growth in that area means we're not likely to hire new TT folks any time soon. 5) zoom interview request 30 May 6) I Zoom-interviewed. Not sure they really know what they want. 7) completed second interview 14 June, and reached out about references 17 June.1
5/1/24 16:05Eckerd CollegeFloridaMarine Science9/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/4/24 14:52Based on the discussion below (Eckerd job posted Dec 5, 2023) this is a new search for the algal-focused person. "Although the area of expertise is flexible, preference will be given to applicants with research applying molecular methods (e.g., cellular biology and genetics) to the study of marine plants, micro- or macroalgae." 1) Anyone have insight into how feasible it is to keep an undergrad research program going with the 3-1-3 teaching load? 2) @1 Not at the institution but know people there. Seems quite variable prof to prof, but the students are highly motivated. 3) question also on the 3-1-3 teaching load - does this mean the winter term, and in that case are salaries still 9-month? 4) yes there's a winter term [following comments moved from now-deleted dup -AP] 5) Any understanding if an oceanography person without plant biology expertise would fit into this call? 6) I'm guessing oceanography = someone who works on phytoplankton
4/29/24 16:20Arizona State UniversityArizonaComparative Genomics (esp. Evolutionary Medicine)5/17/2024 ProfTenure Stream7/5/24 6:07"Degree should be in hand or expected by time of appointment, not to exceed 4 years post-date of conferral" 2) It's also posted under postdoc. 3) Would conservation genomics be welcome? e.g., a focus on whole-genome comparative genomics of endangered species. 4) @3 my guess is yes, so long as you can work with local desert species 5) It doesn't have to be on desert species, definitely apply if you do whole genome stuff. 6) Any updates? 7) Got an invitation for a Zoom interview (6-13) x3 8) anyone know how many hires this search will result in? It seems unclear if it'll only be one or if there's money for a couple. 8) They are only hiring one person 9) any word post-Zoom?7
4/28/24 5:08Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and TechnologySwitzerlandAquatic Systems & Climate Change Adaptation5/31/2024 LeaderTenure Stream7/12/24 6:364-position cluster hire. At least one involves biodiversity in aquatic systems. Group Leaders in Switzerland are often intermediary steps between an early postdoc and getting a tenured professorship.They can last for may years depending on funding and provide lots of time for research. This institute is similar in role and stature to the major federal natural resources agencies in USA (USGS, FWS, USDA, etc.) and is the major federal research unit dedicted to aquatic systems in the country. 1) this is tenure track, so presumably in 3+ years you'll be made permanent x3. 2) Does anybody know if they'd consider candidates at the permanent level (e.g. tenured already in a U.S. institution)? 3) @2, send 'em an email! 1) yea I am sure they will but send them an email 4) invited for zoom interview 11-Jul-2024.3
4/28/24 5:00Loyola University of New OrleansLouisianaInvestigating Nature of PracticeNon-TS Academic5/13/24 3:43"As the first natural science course in the Loyola Core, Investigating Nature plays a critical role in introducing non-science majors to the process of science, increasing science literacy, and strengthening quantitative skills. (1) Just curious - does Loyola have faculty that are traditional tenure track or is everyone (or all new hires) a professor of practice? (2) they have tenure system as well, and there is a history of movement between the tracks in the department (visited campus for this position on May first. they plan on making a decision by May 15 (1 again) thanks 2. Good to know. I have family members who went there for university and loved it. I'm soon be an asst prof at a university nearby - just curious how this department works!
4/28/24 4:58Loyola University of New OrleansLouisianaAnatomy & Physiology of PracticeNon-TS Academic
4/28/24 4:55Louisiana State UniversityLouisianaMicrobial Ecology / Assoc ProfTenure Stream7/8/24 14:16"Candidates using a diversity of quantitative techniques with empirically generated data are preferred, but research can include empirical, computational, model-based and/or molecular approaches." 1) I'm in this dept and will try to monitor in case there are any Q's. It's a remarkably congenial dept. 2) Is it still worth applying even though the initial deadline has passed? 1) @2, definitely. I don't know where the SC is at, but we've had no campus interviews yet. I've served on SCs, and we often entertain apps after the deadline. 2 again) Great, thanks! 3) Any updates on this one? 4) @ departmental member, any news on this?1
4/28/24 4:52Purdue UniversityIndianaForestry and Natural Resources 4/29/2024 Assistant Professor of TeachingNon-TS Academic
4/28/24 4:49Southeastern Oklahoma State UniversityOklahomaIchthyology, Fish Ecology / Assoc ProfTenure Stream6/9/24 18:43Any news? 2) postion was re-opened after earlier failed search. 3) news1