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4/12/24 12:57North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaSoil Microbial Ecology6/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 13:59The position would have a primary focus on understanding the mechanisms of microbially-mediated transformations and fluxes of soil carbon in the context of climate change.
4/12/24 8:42University of CalgaryCanadaMolecular Genetics for Microbiome Editing5/17/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 14:47Position is a Canada Research Chair Tier II so well supported. (1) Canada's CRC's are often only available to people with one minority identity (no straight cis white men). Not sure if it's the case for this one. (2) SC member - we're open to all applicants 3) Not ecoevo!
4/12/24 6:17University of Hong KongAsia (Other)Ecology and Biodiversity8/30/2024 OpenTenure Stream4/13/24 7:412 positions, review of applications will commence as soon as possible and continue until August 30, 2024, or until the posts are filled, whichever is earlier.2) salary info? 3) Salary is high and tax is low. But it's a toxic environment in this dept, HK has its own issues politically, expectations to get tenure are Nature and Science papers. I'd think very carefully before making a move.4). Following on 3), do not apply, department is toxic-these positions are being advertised because people are leaving and others expected not to get tenure. 5) What is the salary for the Assistant and for the Associate positions? Folks here say 'high', but is there a number? 6) the numbers on glassdoor are correct. But there is no amount high enough to justify the toxicity and the damage taking one of these positions would do to your career. Do yourself a huge favor and *stay away*. 7) Can somebody post the salary? 4) (again) salary will vary based on the position, HK has high salaries so it will be higher than comparable jobs elsewhere. As 3 and 7 note- avoid it, it's seriously not worth it and these positions are only being advertised because they know people will leave, and many of the hires since 2019 have or will leave. Suggest reaching out to current staff (especially more junior staff) if you are considering applying- you should also likely read these for HK as a whole and for HKU other HK universities are getting enquiries from this department in particular about moving within HK for those with families who can't easily leave Hong Kong.1
4/12/24 6:14University of LeedsUnited KingdomEcology4/22/2024 Stream4/12/24 20:31Any insights from internal folks? Specified salary is up to 54k GPB1
4/12/24 6:13University of LeedsUnited KingdomTranslational or Fundamental Plant Sciences/Sustainable Agriculture/Plant-Insect Interactions4/22/2024 Stream1
4/10/24 10:53Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityCanadaEcology4/19/2024 Academic4/14/24 10:07We encourage applications from scholars with teaching and research expertise in a range of ecology subdisciplines, but preference will be given to candidates with expertise in community ecology, sustainability, biodiversity or conservation biology. Additionally, the successful candidate will collaborate with faculty and laboratory colleagues to develop new upper-level ecology courses and participate in the review and revision of the first-year biology curriculum. PUI in Surrey, BC, which is a diverse suburb of Vancouver with a large South Asian population. 2) All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. (3) 9/10 interviews at UBC (one cancelled) were non-Cdn. This position might favor Canadians but it varies by institution and all must say this. 4) I applied! x2 5) do we know the salary range? 6) @5 the link to salary on the page didn't work but I found it in the collective agreement doc (page 40 - depends on degrees + experience) (7) My guess would be about 90K CAD. It will be tight living in the lower mainland on the salary at first. (8) Can somebody internal confirm the salary -- what's this new trend of hiding the salary? 9) it's not hidden, they just accidentally posted an internal link to the salary page. If you look at the linked collective agreement, it is clearly laid out, depending on experience -- probably off by a couple thousand since it is through 2022 though. PhD only starts at ~69k; MS + PhD starts at ~72K. Additional experience increases these numbers. (9 again) ETA here is the updated schedule which changes those numbers I just posted to ~76.5K and ~80K: (10) With rent and childcare, that's 100% of the salary. rough. 9) And that is Canadian $...converted to USD that is really rough... 11) This salary is a joke. 2
4/10/24 7:57North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaNatural Resources (incl. restoration, ecology)5/6/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/14/24 16:18Hiring 2 12-month positions. See also following PDF for full details: 1) Build a nationally recognized research program with a 35% research load (65% teaching load)? Uh huh. Go on. 2) 0% service load. Normally it's 1/3 each. Ask if they count service and teaching as equivalent or if you teach an extra class or outreach program in lieu of service. 3) 0% service load doesn't mean 0% service. 4) nationally recognized that is appropriate for the % is in the job ad. Could simply mean federal funding, national conferences, and journals that are not just regional. would encourage to email chair if wanting clarification of things. 5) SC chair here, please reach out for any questions about appointment. We have very realistic expectations for job duties and how it relates to PTE. We want our people to succeed. 6) TS from the department (but not on committee) - as an asst prof in the department I'm also happy to receive emails, answer questions, or chat. 7) Is this hire related to an EPSCoR program? I know ND is eligible. 8) Salary is "Commensurate with experience", but anyone knows the expected range? 9) @7 not an EPSCoR hire, but EPSCoR opportunities (such as SEED funding) are available. 10) @8 Recent hires were in the mid $80k's with excellent benefits (e.g., fully paid health insurance) and a relatively low cost of living in the area. 11) will DEI efforts be assesed in the application materials?
4/9/24 20:55Oregon State UniversityOregonSoil Microbiology and Ecology4/21/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/14/24 10:091) What is the salary? Ad says 'Pay Method: Salary' And then 'Salary - commensurate with skills' What's the salary?? x2. 2) Can anybody internal clarify the salary range? The ad is very opaque, do better OSU.1
4/9/24 12:04Salisbury UniversityMarylandMolecular and Cellular Biology4/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/10/24 5:411) Looks like an offer was made for this same position on 12/13, anyone know if this is a different listing or if that offer ended up not working out? 2) It is a different position. The other position was filled.
4/9/24 11:36University of FloridaFloridaUrban Entomology5/8/2024 OpenTenure Stream
4/9/24 10:11University of GeorgiaGeorgiaCommunity Forestry and Arboriculture5/1/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
4/9/24 4:54University of FloridaFloridaMolecular Systematics4/26/2024 Scientist IIIMuseum
4/5/24 8:57SUNY ESFNew YorkEnvironmental Data Science4/28/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream4/13/24 14:561) Does anyone know what kind of courses they're hoping to have developed? They said 1 introductory and 1 advanced, but data science is a kind of broad field. @1) Something like "Intro to Environmental Data Science" and grad-level course entirely of choice.
4/4/24 6:25Smithsonian InstitutionDistrict of ColumbiaMigratory birds5/15/2024 12Government4/7/24 13:40"We seek applicants with demonstrated experience: (a) implementing and leading field research designed to address questions on the ecology of migratory birds (b) publishing lead-authored papers that use or develop pubquantitative and spatial methods to answer questions about wildlife population ecology; (c) applying statistical models to understand wildlife population ecology, as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications; (d) obtaining extramural funding for research on wildlife ecology; (e) training students in wildlife ecology; and (f) presenting talks about avian ecology at a national or international conferences. "[1] Curse them for co-opting the convention we use here to delineate different peopleions on the ecology of migratory birds; 2) Looking through the required documents and questions for this. Does anyone know if it is really only a resume with no other questions or statements? I thought the USA jobs I've applied for in the past at least had some room for a little more or a cover letter etc. I guess there isn't any particular limit on resume length? 3) Federal job resumes should be very long with narrative describing duties, accomplishments, etc for every position and directly connecting to what's requested here. Cover letter is almost always optional; probably good to have one, but no knowing if it has any impact. I've been told from people in other agencies cover letters are meaningless. You should always upload all transcripts. There might be questions to answer in the application but you have to just start working through it. 4) This one doesn't seem to have any substantial extra questions (you can preview them). I can't tell if there is even a place where you could upload a cover letter if you wanted to. Would you just attach it in the same file as the resume? 5) if you make it all the way to the end where the upload documents option usually is and there is no space for cover letter or other documents, you can just combine it and your PDF resume and upload it in the resume area
4/1/24 17:27West Texas A&M UniversityTexasPlant Ecology4/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/2/24 4:27Dr. Ray Matlack is the committee chair. Will review candidates until position is filled. The earlier position on invertebrate biology is also still accepting applications (posted on 2/25)
3/31/24 10:21University of RoehamptonUnited KingdomZoology4/28/2024 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream1
3/31/24 10:20University of RoehamptonUnited KingdomBiological Sciences4/28/2024 / Sr LecturerTenure Stream1
3/29/24 10:30The Land InstituteKansasPerennial Grains5/3/2024 Science Research DirectorNon-Profit Research Organization4/9/24 19:401) had to look up what "Kernza" grain was, and when googling it has a trademark next to it everywhere. Apparently its a proprietary grain made by The Land Institute. Idk if this helps any job seekers but that was interesting at least. (2) It's a non-profit, don't know much about it but it seems like they have good motives. (3) I know some folks that work there. Seems like a great place, very supportive of research, travel, mentoring. (4) Sounds like a great place to support my passion of perineal research (5) @4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7) @4 what a tainted mind to make that slip (7) I am living for this late-cycle job board discussion x3
3/27/24 1:01Queen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomAI in the Biosciences4/9/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/29/24 13:391) FYI for those outside the UK: Queen Mary University was labeled the “worst university employer in the UK” after the way they handled the University and College Union (UCU) strikes in 2022. 2) sounds like my kind of place. I've worked in lots of worst universities! :) 3) I appreciate the honesty when my employer and I hold each other in mutual contempt, it's warm and familiar 4) SC member here: I want to add to the discussion to say that the biology department is very collegial and welcoming, and that there are strong ties to the Alan Turing Institute, Kew Gardens, UCL and many other London institutions 5) @4 would someone who heavily applies AI approaches in their work but doesn't develop new tools be of interest for this position? Or are you looking for folks who will innovate on the computer science side, with applications to biosciences? @4 what about mathematical modeling? 6) @5 We would encourage anyone working with AI in biology to apply, whether it's applying existing AI tools or developing new ones. Re mathematical modeling- yes as long as there are links to AI
3/25/24 14:36Michigan State UniversityMichiganAginformatics Entomology7/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/25/24 14:37The successful applicant will develop and deliver data-driven integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for crop systems. 60% Research/40% Extension.
3/22/24 10:43University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisVertebrate Curator4/19/2024 Research ScientistNon-TS Academic4/2/24 15:30Curator for Ichthyology or Herpetology at the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS). 1) WHAT? They just pulled this search a few weeks back, now a new one that is basically the same? We will have to re-apply, so lame. 1) first post was for a curator of Ichthyology and for a curator of Herpetology, this one is combind into one posetion, kind of a big difference. 2) ooooor one of the people they were going to hire was shopping around for other offers and negotiated this change. This is like the 3rd curatororial-related hire post from them with a short deadline just this Spring. There is definitely something odd afoot. 3) Smells fishy 4) seems like the downside of requiring public advertisements. As much as folks here hate the idea of an internal hire, sometimes if they have worked there for years it makes a lot of sense. Then when they negotiate final title or have a funding change...they have to publicly post some weirdness like this. 5) @2-4: You might be right, and there is a guy there who is a good candidate for this job but that doesn't mean he is applying. I would just apply and not worry about it. Seems like a good place to work. 6) @5 what? academic job searchers shouldn't be suspicious? hahahahahahahah! I agree with you though.
3/22/24 6:41University of FloridaFloridaMolecular Nematology5/19/2024 ProfTenure Stream
3/22/24 5:51Miami UniversityOhioEcology8/30/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 0:16Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecology. "The successful candidate will not currently have primary employment within the state of Ohio." I guess the 2024-25 season is officially open... (1) Wtf? So because I already live and work in Ohio, I can't apply? Wtf? (2) seems perhaps not very legal... 3) I love that the 'Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecology' cannot be a current Ohioan. (4) sounds like a weirdo philanthropic requirement, like "must bring talent to ohio" 5) yes to what 4 says. Sometimes there are pots of money attached to these lines that have recruitment stipulation 6) There are Ohio Eminent Scholars in a variety of disciplines across Ohio's public universities. These positions were partially endowed by the state to help attract faculty from elsewhere. 7) I wonder what the endowment offers. 8) That is up for negotiation, previously that has included reduced teaching load, research funds, and other stuff.
3/21/24 13:41Field Museum of Natural HistoryIllinoisHerpetology / Amphibians4/8/2024 CuratorMuseum4/2/24 21:051) note that you should apply using the email address 2) Time to deadline is very short, is this an internal hire? 3) HMMM with all the strangeness happening at the INHS search and the consolidation to herps+icthy from separate positions there, this may be related 3) You do realize the FMNH is a private institution completely unrelated to INHS or the UI system right? 4)This hire is absolutely not internal, has nothing to do with INHS in any way, and there are zero preferred candidates (and the timeline will be extended if a broad pool of applicants is not received)! If you’re a fit apply! 5) would someone who works on tropical amphibians but not in the neotropics be considered a fit? 6) @5 yes, if the person can/wants to incorporate neotropical amphibians into their work encouraged to apply 7) Is there a specific reason why there is an emphasis on the neotropics? 8) @7 lots of initiatives at the Field have to do with the Neotropics so I have gotten the sense they like to synergize on trips and things that way. 9) the ad says this is a joint hire with the museum's action conservation center which works a lot in the Neotropics specifically. 10) did Sara leave or are they expanding to another herp curator? They had mutiple back in the day, but then were down to 0 for a while... 11) Sara works mainly with reptiles, this is an amphibians job. Honesly it is refreshing to see institutions separate amphibians from non-avian reptiles 12) @10 Sara is the search chair for this hire 13) worth noting the Field Museum has been doing a lot of hires in the last several years and has added 6 or 7 new curators so this seems like continuing that trend3
3/21/24 13:23University of Puerto Rico MayaguezPuerto RicoMarine Aquaculture or Fisheries4/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/1/24 16:191) The main campus is in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico but the position will be based at Isla Magueyes Marine Labs in La Parguera in Southwestern Puerto Rico, equipped with flowing seawater and boat/scuba access to coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass, etc 2) different position than six lines below! 3) Letters up-front (x3).
3/21/24 12:22Sterling CollegeVermontEcology OpenNon-TS Academic4/9/24 7:041) Salary range of $49,000 - $52,000. The position will remain open until an appointment has been made, but application review will begin immediately. 2) Wow that salary is terrible. 3) This position would start 1-2 weeks prior to the Fall 2024 semester, in August 2024, and is contingent on funding. 4) The salary might be terrible, but at least it's a non-academic appointment with no possibility of tenure. 5) Not to mention a fair chance of going bankrupt at any point. 6) Sure, but living in the Northeast Kingdom? This is the dream! (minus... everything already said above) 7) It also says that a masters or PhD is a "desired" qualification, but not a requirment which is a bit unexpected for a college but may explain the salary range a little bit. 8) Just a few years ago. 9) Is the salary range for real? x2 10) yes. It's a low cost of living area and you don't need a PhD for the position. 11) Not that low. 12) There is a tab for non ts academic jobs and it is not this tab. 13) No, this is the right spot. It is not designed for short term. Personally, if its not tenure track, its not permanent.
3/21/24 11:10ASU Bermuda Institute of Ocean SciencesBermudaMarine Biology4/30/2024 Academic4/5/24 11:56
3/19/24 16:50The Jones Center at IchauwayGeorgiaPlant Ecology4/12/2024 ScientistNon-Profit Research Organization
3/18/24 1:32NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water ResearchNorwayDrone-Based Coastal Mapping & Ecology3/24/2024 Research Organization
3/17/24 18:46University of GuelphCanadaEcological Pest Management4/26/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream3/17/24 18:47Cameron Chair in Ecological Pest Management, funded through a $3 million endowment
3/15/24 18:37University of Puerto Rico at MayaguezPuerto RicoBiology4/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/9/24 10:41Candidates specializing in any branch or field of study within the biological sciences will be considered. 2) Are there any ideas about working at universities and living in Puerto Rico compared to "similar" places in the US? 3) @2, I'm not sure I understand your question. Similar to PR? 4) @3, just asking any ideas about the universities in PR since I've never been there. If there is a pattern, what institutions in the US would be more similar to U of PR? 5) @2 UPRM is the second biggest state university in PR, it has about 12K students. Very competitive, specially in the STEM fields. It is considered an R2. Living in Puerto Rico is very similar to living in Orlando. 6) @5, thank you for the comment. 7) @5 other than the weather, not sure I'd agree that living in PR is like living in Orlando.
3/15/24 10:09North Dakota State UniversityNorth DakotaRangeland Ecology4/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/19/24 17:38Candidates specializing in plant community dynamics, grazing strategies, and/or fire ecology are going to be most competitive.1
3/14/24 14:05Funga PBCTexasForester3/29/2024 OpenIndustry
3/14/24 6:09Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaDept Chair: Ecosystem Science & Management4/10/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/21/24 10:061) This position was filled recently. Why open again? 2) The head who was hired was asked to step down from the headship and is now a full professor in the department. Numerous issues resulted in this outcome.
3/13/24 9:08University of Zurich SwitzerlandBehavioural Biology4/14/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream4/5/24 7:411) Fyi for Profs out there - Uni Zurich has a habit of hiring really senior people. The KMP and Zoo aspects are pretty important to this role. Zurich is an excellent city to live in! 2) This job is fucking wild "The successful candidate will take over the leadership role for the Kalahari Research Centre and take advantage of its unique research opportunities" 3) Is Marta Manzer retiring? x2 4) Can senior postdocs apply or is it only for people who are asst profs? (5) This one almost certainly will not go to a postdoc, and I would say normally its not even worth applying to an ASST prof job as a postdoc here or in switzerland if you're a postdoc without some 'group leader' position.. 1) yes marta is retiring (manditory retirement age). Re postdoc question - yes you can apply if you have a few years under your belt and some high IF papers or *big* grants (it is always worth applying), but UZH often hire really senior (the last hire I saw in this department was open rank and it went to two of the highest cited researchers in the world but recent hires in other departments have been people at group leader level) so temper your expectations. - FYI: The department is pure chaos and I agree that the job is for someone senior. (I finished one year post doc there, recently)
3/13/24 0:57University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisWetland Science and Conservation3/22/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic3/15/24 9:02teaching position 2) weren't they just advertising for a TT position? 3) yes. They just hired someone. 4) is this remote considering all the courses to be taught are online?
3/12/24 11:29University of Notre DameIndianaBioinformatics4/15/2024 Prof of the PracticeNon-TS Academic3/22/24 11:46This is similar to a position posted in 2022, but there were two lines open, only one was filled. Teaching topics are largely open, current courses are applied in nature. Research projects are diverse, with an interest in more single cell and spatial work given recent core investments.
3/12/24 6:13USGSCaliforniaResearch Ecologist3/18/2024 13Government3/12/24 6:13research areas such as "land-use, climate change, and carbon sequestration"1
3/11/24 0:31University of Koblenz GermanyAquatic Ecosystem Analysis 4/5/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/6/24 19:27you are required to speak German. 1) German W2 Professorship (equivalent to a Full Prof.) You are required to speak German. 2) Wenn Sie das lesen können, können Sie hier arbeiten! 3). Be prepared for this to take forever, German positions can take literally years from application to start..... 1) here: to what 3) said, this is not the case for this position. The position has to be filled this year because of the funding bodies financing the position in the first couple of years... 3 here). Yeah heard that with another German position "we need confirmation by the end of the year because of the funding for the position"-was not true, 9 months post interview they still had not chosen between the final candidates...
3/10/24 6:16Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNorwayMarine Phytoplankton Ecology3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream1
3/8/24 6:40Bangor UniversityUnited KingdomZoology4/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream1
3/7/24 11:03Université du Québec à ChicoutimiCanadaDynamic and Spatial Ecology of Large Terrestrial Wildlife4/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/8/24 12:01University in a French-speaking environment, where teaching and supervision happen in French and are a pre-requisite.2
3/7/24 10:36Boston UniversityMassachusettsEcology and Marine Biology4/1/2024 Academic4/4/24 14:551) Are reference letters immediately requested and needed for submission? 2) I applied to a similar position at BU and it did automatically email my references, so possibly. 3) Does anyone know what the salary is? DM the search chair for that info. 4) Page 17 gives an idea since they are unionized: ... also, there is only a spot to upload a teaching statement but the prompt says statements of teaching philosophy and I guess we combine them into one file? 5) Should not put non TS jobs on this page. There is literally a page for these jobs and this is not it. 6) This tab is called "permanent jobs" and there are plenty of jobs that are permanent but non-TS x21
3/6/24 15:28University of FloridaFloridaEnvironmental Education and Behavior4/30/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/13/24 4:17While the job is not explicetly an ecology position, it is related, as it focuses on research and teaching pertaining to environmental education and behavior.
3/6/24 13:26Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and TechnologyVirginiaBiology; Biotech3/11/2024 School3/15/24 15:59Seeking fulltime Biotechnology Lab Research Director with preferred experience in post-AP Biology coursework. Lab Director supports research in some or all of these areas of microbiology, cell culturing, next generation sequencing of environmental samples, advanced microscopy. Send resume and cover letter to Assistant Principal Yaara Crane at 1) This is one of the top high schools in the nation, but isn't the typical job post for this board. Does the applicant need a degree in education? (I can't get the job post to load.) - A degree in education is not necessary for initial hire, but is generally needed within 3 years. The school has facilities that rival a small university and the position truly requires someone with research experience to be successful. Feel free to email Yaara Crane for additional details if you're interested. The salary and benefits are more competitive than most starting positions at the university level, particularly if you have some teaching experience coming in. 2) Did the sight of this post cause anyone else to seriously reconsider the value of a PhD in today's market? Maybe that's just me. 3) The pay doesn't make me like the idea of teaching 14-18 year olds any better. 4) My high school had (and still has) many PhD's teaching and it's been that way since the 80's and possibly longer. It only represents other's career choices, not the "value" of your degree. I thought we were beyond poo-pooing other's careers. 2) again. I apologize if my comment came off as poo-pooing others' careers. I don't intend to judge. But the opportunity cost of a PhD is high, and I wish there were more routes to bring good scientists into k-12 education without spending years gaining specialized research skills in a PhD program. Perhaps we need more D.A. degree programs (and wider recognition of the D.A. track).
3/6/24 11:08Auburn UniversityAlabamaConservation Social Sciences3/11/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
3/6/24 11:05Auburn University AlabamaForest Health 5/1/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/12/24 13:531) 12 month appt, 65% extension and 35% research, 2) new to this, finishing postdoc and looking for jobs - what does extension mean? 3) Extension is part of the Land Grant Univeristy mission - generally with faculty positions it means working with stakeholders, doing outreach, and/or doing very applied research. I'd guess this position would work closely with whatever Alabama's version of a department of natural resources is
3/6/24 11:02Western Michigan UniversityMichiganBiology2/1/2024 Specialist ITenure Stream3/6/24 11:13(teaching + service, but no research)
3/6/24 11:00Winona State UniversityMinnesotaEnvironmental Biology3/26/2024 ProfTenure Stream
3/6/24 10:58Mississippi State UniversityMississippiApplied Big Game Research and Instruction3/20/2024 OpenTenure Stream
3/5/24 8:51SPUN.earthNew YorkGeospatial Data Scientist3/12/2024 Data ScientistNGO3/5/24 13:12SPUN is seeking a Geospatial Data Scientist to accelerate progress on mapping pipelines, spatial analytics, and data product development. You can work remotely from anywhere in N. America, S. America or Europe. 2) Why not Africa, Australia, or Asia? 3) Can international (non-Americans) applicants apply for this?
3/5/24 7:11Arcadia ScienceCaliforniaComputational Evolutionary Biology 6:161) Was dissapointed to see "on site" for a computational position. x2 (2) Can international (non-American) applicants apply for this? (3) @1, it's their company and if they want to limit apps by requiring on-site for reasons of company culture etc., can't fault 'em! 4) Being dissapointed doesn't not mean faulting the company. (3 again) I see—sorry! 5) re 1: probably a comment that belongs in venting, is not really a productive discussion piece on this page. 6) Is there a deadline or review date for this position? @5 I would disagree, very helpful to know before clicking the link. 7) I applied (and was rejected) from the open editor position, which has been listed on the company website since at least december when I first saw it. Seems like there aren't hard deadlines for these positions as a start up company, and they are waiting for the right people to fill them. There's multiple jobs including "choose your own adventure scientist" and "open scientist" so seems like they're generally expanding and looking for people-but the focus seems largely on the biomedical side 8) This a science-based, for-profit, start-up company that is part of the highly competetive Silicon Valley world that is looking for scientists whose research and discoveries have a clear practical and profitable end-point
3/5/24 5:57SPUN.earthNew YorkFungal Conservation Scientist / Restoration Scientist (Remote)3/12/2024 6:00Join the science team’s efforts in developing an advanced understanding of key features and threats to mycorrhizal biodiversity.. You can work remotely from anywhere in N. America, S. America or Europe.
3/4/24 15:48University of IdahoIdahoLand-Based STEM Education3/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/5/24 12:171) McCall is wonderful for outdoorsy folks
3/4/24 9:02Texas Tech UniversityTexasDepartment Chair, Natural Resources Management4/5/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/5/24 12:05Review date is actually 5 April and not 15 April. AP) Fixed!
3/4/24 8:33University of FloridaFloridaInvasive Aquatic Plant Management4/12/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/5/24 10:55[Florida DEI conversation removed. If you want to start a civil discussion of it, go ahead over in General Discussion. -AP]
3/4/24 6:14University of MinnesotaMinnesotaTribal Forest Systems Management, Fire & Ecology3/29/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream3/9/24 17:381) a non-password protected link to the job.
3/1/24 7:58University of ManitobaCanadaQuantitative Biologist in Ecosystem Resilience4/22/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/6/24 8:511) We're a fun, collegial department with lots of recent hires. I'm on the search committee and am happy to try to answer questions 2) Do theoretical approaches to biomedical applications fit this call? 3) What's the teaching load? 4) 1 from above here. @2 no, biomedical would not fit @3 typical teaching is 1 course in fall and 1 in winter.5) Do you hire non citizens and provide visa sponsorship? 6) @5 yes 7) Do population geneticists and evolutionary biologists focused on the impact of anthrogoenic activities fit in the call? 8) @7 yes for sure I'd say. genetic diversity is important for population resilience so make sure to frame it in that light@5) I applied and immediately received an email and a link which asked about my citizenship, and they stated that Canadians would be highly prioritized! So it seems that there is no chance for non-Canadians! 9) Every job at a canadian university asked about citizenship, there is a thread in general discussion on the topic I believe. These jobs often go to non-canadians. 10) search committee member from comment 1 again. 9 is spot on. We hire candidates we think are best fit and give everyone an equal evaluation. Eyeballing our website 4 of our last 7 hires were non-canadians with lots of other internationals in the department. I have never been on a search committee where nationality was even mentioned. 11) What does this title mean? Seems like a lot of jargon -- looking for an ecosystem ecologist or a biologist? 12) the search committee member from above here again. with apologies I'm not completely sure what is jargony but would be happy to try to clarify if you give more details. I think we thought biologist was all encompassing. we would certainly consider an ecologist a biologist. there are many ways to tackle ecosystem resiliance scaling from genetics to communities and beyond. I think we hoped biologist would cast the widest net. @SC, thanks for answering so many questions from folks here. My research addresses the resilience of coral reef ecosystems through reproductive biology. Some non-coastal departments shy away from reef research, would your department be interested? 13) @reef researcher... no problem happy to try to help! There is no regional preference for research subject in this particular search so I'd go ahead and apply if you are interested. We've got folks that work on marine fishes, mammals, birds, and inverts (and we've got a coast to the north! :) ). The central/Arctic DFO research group is also on campus.
3/1/24 5:20University of PlymouthUnited KingdomMarine Conservation3/28/2024 Stream4/4/24 20:051
2/29/24 23:19University of GuamAsia (Other)Crustacean Biology4/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/6/24 0:211) There is an internal candidate on soft money. This will turn that position permanent. AKA don't apply. 2)Do not take a random comment as reason not to apply. Who knows what politics are involved.
2/29/24 22:50University of Guam Marine LaboratoryAsia (Other)Vertebrate Morphology4/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/1/24 18:041) Ph.D. in Marine Vertebrate Biology from a U.S. regionally accredited institution or foreign equivalent with expertise in comparative vertebrate morphology, phylogenetic analysis, and specimen curation
2/29/24 16:16University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign / Illinois Natural History SurveyIllinoisDirector of Illinois Natural History Survey, Prairie Research Institute4/30/2024 Research ScientistNon-TS Academic3/13/24 16:261) given that the curator positions (below) failed even with a tailor made applicant currently working there...I am suspicious of this. but Idk.
2/27/24 7:08Mercer UniversityGeorgiaBiology OpenTenure Stream3/21/24 10:311) faculty in the department, they are accepting and reviewing until a candidate is found, interviews planned for April. Please apply if interested. 2) I've never heard of this school. Anyone has any impressions? 2) very heavy teaching load 7 courses. 3) posting says adjunct not tenure track? 4) and not open rank - moderator pinging. 1 again) the adjunct is a mistake, I will let the person who posted it know, please read the listing, which reads tenure under the job details section, or see the Mercer internal posting, at 2, this is a private university in georgia that is a PUI AP) There is no mention of rank in the ad, so presumably open? @1 1 again) yes, i believe it is open, probably more in line with an assistant prof, but this position is replacing a recent retiree who was at the professor level, 5) Former graduate of Mercer, amazing school with two campuses. This position says it is not on the main campus but on the Atlanta campus, which is new and lacks the old-university feel. 6) Love me an old-university feel 7) Anyone have more details about what they're aiming for with this position given that it's open-rank and at the Atlanta campus? I assume the standard mix of teaching, discipline-specific research, and service that would be typical of a PUI. Or is there something different or more specific that the department is looking for? 1 again) they want someone who is committed or would be committed to non-traditional learners, our college at Mercer focuses on adult learners, we do a lot of online and blended delivery of instruction, evening classes, with undergrad experiences being important across Mercer for both traditional and non-traditional learners. The ATL campus is the grad campus, it is where the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy are located, compared to the tradiational undergrad campus in Macon. 7 again) Thanks for the additional info!
2/27/24 6:08Uppsala UniversitySwedenPlant Population & Community Ecology3/27/2024,i38006,n8587113.htmlAssoc ProfTenure Stream3/5/24 2:231) "If the successful candidate is initially not able to teach in Swedish, they will be expected to develop this capacity, and will be offered support for language acquisition" 2) This language statement should be taken as a goal and not a barrier to non-Swedish speakers
2/26/24 22:05University of Alaska, FairbanksAlaskaAnimal Ecology / Wildlife Biology3/24/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/18/24 7:401) Is this different from the wildlife ecologist position posted in December or does it suggest that search failed? This looks like the same position except less emphasis on teaching in the actual call. Answer: This is a different position with a lower teaching load with more research expectation. 2)There is no information about the applicant citizenship, if they accept non-US applicants? Answer: The position is not restricted to US citizens.4
2/26/24 14:20Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS)CanadaMicroorganisms & Biotechnology3/24/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/26/24 14:21"particularly in the study of microorganism-host interactions (plant, insect, animal, human, etc.), environmental microbiota (soil, water, etc.), or agri-food microbiology. Research topics involving big data analysis, modeling, synthetic biology, or systems biology approaches will be considered assets." And they will teach you French.
2/26/24 8:25New Mexico State UniversityNew MexicoForest Ecophysiology3/22/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream3/1/24 13:10Any idea where folks at this location actually live? 2) Looks like Mora, NM 3) I imagine the question is "where can you reasonably live that's NOT Mora, NM but close enough" 4) Mora area would be a dream for someone who seeks a ranching/farming lifestyle in beautiful (albeit recently scorched) mountains 5) Looks beautiful, but not much in the way for spouse and kid(s) to do. 6) Santa Fe and Taos NM are an hour away.7) Las Vegas is ~40min and has NMHU1
2/26/24 2:40UC RiversideCaliforniaGenetics / Genomics of Arthropod Vectors of Human Diseases1/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/29/24 20:23why put this here when the deadline is long over?; 2) maybe he/she is getting interviewed and wants to brag. LOL 3) I placed it here simply want to know if there is any update for this position. Because there is no update for other positions (agroecology) from the same department with the same deadline. 4) It serves a purpose to record what positions were being offered - many people here comment on similarity between newly posted positions and those advertised perviously (perhaps indicating a failed serach), or simply to better understand the job market. +1 5) @3 they sent out in-person invites already. Hope this helps. 3)Thank you for the update @5 In this case they might also interview the other position. Do you know when did they send the invitation? 4) Early February. They are done with on-site interviews now.2
2/25/24 17:11West Texas A&M UniversityTexasBiology ProfTenure Stream4/1/24 18:431) anyone know anything about this position? No review date posted, and no reply from the search chair... 2) Seems...messy: 3) the link to the job posting is no longer functional for me, the site says the page I am looking for does not exist. Hi the job is still there! I am the search chair I never got an email I apologize. The professor listed has left WT and we are looking to build a strong program with several new hires in recent times.
2/22/24 12:37Cornell UniversityNew YorkEnvironmental Justice3/15/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream
2/22/24 10:13University of California, Los AngelesCaliforniaVertebrate Biology4/1/2024 OpenTenure Stream4/12/24 8:52$74,600-$197,100 1) Wow that is quite a range! 2) i think this is just because Blaire Van Valkenburgh was the prior chair of the collections and she had a large salary, i doubt youd actually get that higher end 3) The UC System has special money to match external offers. The standard FTE will be closer to the lower end of the spectrum for new hires with no counter offer. 4) it is because open rank. the top of the range is for full only 5) Finally, a job ad that includes a salary range! 6) Note that there is off-scale salary. No assistant professor at UCLA would make the low end of the posted salary range. For more information, you can check "How do UC salaries work?" on the General Discussion tab. 7) why is this here? that department is problematic :/ 8) why is the department problematic? Do you guys think that this is more like a senior position or fresh postdocs should try too? 9) @8 it says rank open, so just apply 10) Apply for sure but I'd be pretty surprised if it went to a fresh postdoc. Good curator jobs are pretty rare. 10) @9 and @10 yes, I thought the same... I'd love a curator job!! Ps.: just sent an inquire, they asked: "The job ad is open rank, meaning that we will consider all candidates equally and will assess their application according to their current position. It is indeed exciting that we got the search approved as open rank for an endowed chair." 11) Not really a "vertebrate biology" -- focus on mammalogy and/or ornithology, herpetologist won't likely be considered (my guess, not based on internal knowledge). 12) Invited for Zoom interview 4/10/24 (x2)3
2/22/24 6:59USGSSouth DakotaResearch Ecologist / Fish Biologist3/22/2024 12 (Asst Unit Leader)Government3/20/24 12:40looking for an aquaculture faculty to join our department!1
2/21/24 16:00The San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve/San Francisco State UniversityCaliforniaEstuarine Biology 16:00The Director of the SF Bay NERR
2/21/24 11:33Purdue UniversityIndianaUrban Entomology2/24/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/21/24 11:36"O.W. Rollins/Orkin Endowed Chair" 1) Dept member here. We begin reviewing on 24th but it's not a hard deadline.
2/21/24 9:28Sweet Briar CollegeVirginiaBiology2/28/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/22/24 9:03I see this is a really small college and department-does anyone know anything about the school? 1) they almost closed at one point. I gues it says something that they pulled through 2) I would still be hesitant to go there. They came about as close to closing as possible and that was pre-covid. 3) I have friends that went there (grew up locally) and they have wonderful things to say. Super tight alumni groups etc. 4) I would avoid at all costs—they have a history of firing TT faculty @4 can you elaborate? Under what circumstances did they fire TT faculty? 5) I saw that when they almost closed they got a new president who restructured the whole uni and got rid of about half the majors and made it more STEM focused- was it that when they fired TT, or another instance? 6) Weren't they just hiring for like the same position last year or the year before? I'm kind of surprised that they need/can pay this many new bio profs unless the other search failed1
2/21/24 8:02Texas A&M University - College StationTexasForest Resources3/10/2024 ProfNon-TS Academic
2/21/24 8:00Texas A&M University - College StationTexasApplied Biodiversity Sciences3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/4/24 12:56Why the fast turn around time? 1) Because, every now and then I get a little bit terrified,
and then I see the look in your eyes +1 2) bravo 3) Well now that's in my head. 4) position description requests a "detailed CV" and 2 page cover letter, but doc upload says CV limit is 2 pages- is this just an error on interfolio? 5) Zoom interview request 3/28. 6) Zoom interview - 4/3
2/21/24 2:28Appalachian Mountain ClubNew HampshireTerrestrial Ecology & Climate Change ScientistNGO3/19/24 13:28Permanent, full-time position. 1) Anyone know what the science is like at AMC? I can't find any information about other staff scientists or publications, etc. It seems like they want this position to do research but I can't tell if there is really infrastructure for that. 2) where can I find job postings like this? eg indeed? linkedin? I'm looking for more places to look. 3) I don't think there are very many postings like this. 4) I worked for the AMC for years in their high mountain hut system, this is indeed a very new direction for them. Lab infastructure at Pinkham Notch will be limited but it is located at the base of mount washington. Also the 8 AMC high huts nestled across the white mountains could serve as lauching off points for field work. Sounds like a great opportunity. 5) When is the start date? 6) "the terrestrial ecologist" ... are they going to be looking for a freshwater person? 7) Similalry interested to know if they would consider an animal ecologist. 8) Why would terrestrial make you think freshwater? Seems like most of the monitoring is spatial, trees, climate. I'd guess an animal person would need to be much more remote sensing/monitoring focused than organismal/experimental but its an unusual job so who knows. 9) the way the ad is worded makes it sound like they might (someday) to have an ecologist that isn't terrestrial (not this ad) 10) they do have an ecologist there who does a fair amount of aquatic research 11) anybody hear anything? also, Q for #10 - how do you know this? I couldn't find much info on staff via their website, but would love to learn more if this info is on the web somewhere. thanks! 10) this link: .12) their director used to be faculty at university of maine and this place has a reputation for high research activities in conservation and well funded programs all around (I went to UMaine). 13) zoom interview invite 3/193
2/20/24 16:45Oregon State UniversityOregonIchthyology4/14/2024 ProfTenure Stream1
2/20/24 8:23University of ArizonaArizonaTree Ring Research3/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream3/25/24 16:19
2/20/24 5:54University of FloridaFloridaQuantitative Wildlife Ecology4/8/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 8:55Wow, no statements just cover letter, CV, references list. [don't trash the department / university for the state's politics -AP] 1) Student in the dept here. Many faculty in the dept do not sympathasize with state politics/positions, of course. 2) Letters requested 04/124
2/19/24 6:14Michigan State UniversityMichiganWildlife, Natural Resources, Fisheries2/15/2024 Prof InstructorNon-TS Academic2/19/24 12:38Rolling deadline, please apply! [general discussion of lack of salary info in job ads moved to General Discussions -AP]
2/18/24 16:15Johns Hopkins UniversityMarylandChair, Earth & Planetary Sciences4/15/2024 ProfTenure Stream2/18/24 16:16"manage a major growth initiative [that] aims to strengthen existing foci in geology, climate sciences and planetary science in the department and to significantly expand ecological research." Review starts Feb 1, but applications considered until April 15.
2/16/24 10:52Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Benthic Biogeochemistry3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:50Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomMarine Vertebrate Conservation Ecology3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:48Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited KingdomBioinformatics / Metagenomics / Metatranscriptomics3/22/2024 OpenTenure Stream
2/16/24 10:43Michigan State UniversityMichiganConservation Genomics and Molecular Ecology3/8/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/10/24 13:46This is a replacement for Kim Scribner's old position. 1) Well dang, I wish this one had been posted earlier in the season. 2) Would you assume 3 page research statement, 2 page teaching, and 1 page DEI if their lengths are unstated? 3) I did 2 pages for each of the socuments. 4) there was only room to add 2 manuscripts. did peopel find a way to add three? 4) I wrapped them into a single, collated pdf and submitted just one file...hope that is okay 5) my collated file was too large for the HR system, so only uploaded 2 pubs :( 6) not that it helps now, but I used and it shrunk mine down from 45mb to 4mb. In any case, I wouldn't worry. I imagine if you're a good fit, they'll take the time to look at your other publications. 7) Any updates 8) nothing as of 30 March 9) Zoom interview invite received 3/21 (sorry for not updating) x2 10) congrats! 11) notification of not being selected for on campus (but said kept in system as an alternatve, not holding breath though) - so those invites must have gone out this morning 12) I got the same email, but it did not say anythgin about being kept in the system as an alternative. 5
2/15/24 20:34Oregon State UniversityOregonIndigenous and Community Perspectives on Land, Ecosystem, and Cultural Stewardship3/15/2024 / Assoc ProfTenure Stream
2/15/24 9:41Ohio State UniversityOhioMolecular Genetics3/1/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream2/15/24 9:49"Ohio Eminent Scholar in Molecular Genetics" endowed chair 1) Department member here. We are a highly collegiate and supportive department (Testimony: we always finish monthly faculty meetings within 1.5 hours) with diverse biological systems (zebrafish, human, fly, yeast, maize, mouse, arabidopsis). We provide competitive, negotiable start up fundings, compensations, and benefits. Columbus is a clean, family friendly city and you can commute to any part of the city within 25 minutes. 1
2/15/24 4:51FIBLSwitzerlandOrganic Agriculture 3/7/2024 of Institute NGO
2/14/24 12:27Valdosta State UniversityGeorgiaDepartment Head of Biology3/12/2024 / Full ProfTenure Stream3/6/24 8:491) Department member here. We are hoping for a department head who has experience in research and will continue to support us doing our research. Hiring Committee is large, Admins have final say. 2) will you hire Non-US applicants? x2 3) @2, officially everyone is welcome to apply. In the past, administration has not been supportive of legal concerns regarding immigration status of international faculty or grad students. If you were offered the job, I would absolutely negotiate any lawyer fees, etc. for green card/immigration things
2/14/24 8:16DuolingoPennsylvaniaOwl Trainer 11:531) I needed a laugh thanks! 2) Don't even bother applying without a CNS paper, honestly 3) what's the teaching load? Anyone hear anything yet? 3) failed search, also any updates? 1) to whoever flagged this cant you just let us have a little fun? I used to handle owls at a nature center and it just made me laugh...4) the skills lists are amazing! 5) No review date? This is clearly an inside hire. 6) Oh the salary is so low AP) "A degree in avian psychology or in a bird-related field, such as ornithology, bird training, or wildlife rehabilitation" - definitely ecoevo 7) Salary so low I'd have to moonlight elsewhere...8) I see what you did there 9) this job looks like a hoot 10) I don't understand. The ad has nothing about willingness to break kneecaps if lessons stop getting completed each week. x3 11) scroll all the way down to the bottom, they ask "What actual positions are you interested in? "... 12) Watch out for the internal hire. The VAP there is amazing.13) VAP = visiting avian predator <- lol (14) Vicious 15) Don't Start Now 16) Expected to teach night classes 16) Preferred candidate must be a real head-turner 17) I wonder hoo they could be looking for... 18) @17 I don't give a hoot 19) department is full of brooding individuals who aren't afraid to ruffle a few feathers 20) I'd consider working for Duolingo, simiply because of their savage reply to the UK!1
2/12/24 16:06Springer Nature GroupNew YorkNature Communications (Ecology & Evolution) 3/15/2024 / Senior EditorIndustry3/20/24 11:13time to revenge (1) Lol x4 (2) Salary is... not good... for NYC. 3) I don't get why jobs like this aren't fully remote. I'd consider applying if so, but yeah I'm not even going to pretend one could live in or even near NYC for that salary. 4) echo this. ~5000 $/article and they publish > 10k/year, let alone their other OA journals in the portfolio. how can they offer such a low salary? 5) That's enough to live in the burbs and train into the city, but would expect more from Springer for sure 6) I am editor in chief of a journal related to this field, wildlife ecology. I applied but I am not a US citizen, I am Asian, hope they support visa issues 7) @3, considering the city's median househeold income is ~$75k, it must be possible. 8) @7 standard of living that someone who put in the years to get a PhD expects vs. possible are two VERY different things. Sure maybe it's "possible" to live on this with roommates and scraping by, but after spending ~10 years working on your degrees do you want to continue living like a poor college student? 9) @7 that median is also skewed by families who have lived in the city either in rent controlled or long-ago purchased apartments. The current median 2br in NYC is $60k/yr. That is more than $75k/yr nets. 10) Do y'all know about the 40x rule? In NYC, to sign a lease, your annual salary must be AT LEAST 40x the monthly rent. 74,000/40 = $1850. It's near impossible to get even a studio that cheap. 11) Guess what: the ad says this is a base rate. offer could be more. I'd bet you all are qualified to receive a higher offer and you won't have to live like the common folk. 12) Well 91,000/40 = 2275. Not going to go very far unless you move to deep Queens or NJ. 13) Pathetic that NPG, a company with some of the highest profit margins on earth, offers such a paltry salary. 14) @13 they wouldn't have those beastly margins if they paid their workers :P 15) How many commenters here have actually lived in NYC? One can live just fine as a postdoc or starting prof at CUNY making somewhere between $75K-95K (and how do you think grad students make it on $35K / year or less). You won't be living in the fanciest neighborhoods but can still be a good life. Whether that salary is worth it to work for a for-profit publishing company is another matter altogether. x3 16) yeah it ain't gonna be Friends, and will be a 50 minute commute on the subway to midtown. 17) Good luck paying for daycare on that salary 18) Incidentally, I am pretty sure Springer Nature's NYC office is downtown (like...way downtown, Battery Park area). Opens up more of Brooklyn, but nearby are mostly the expensive areas anyways. Midtown might have been better because some of the 7 line is still affordable. 19) I love how there is always someone legitimizing low salaries ("that's more than you can make at job X", "you can live just fine"). That is the reason why academics keep being exploited, we settle for so little and accept to live "just fine". It's depressing! x4 20) I once interviewed for one of these positions at a different nature journal and ended up pulling out because of the salary. They also wanted you to review three manuscripts as part of the interview process just to get to the 2nd round. That amount of unpaid work to even interview, for such a low-paying job, is just kinda exploitative. I make more now at a nonselective PUI! x2 21) yikes 22) Yeah, getting the "I slept on my lab floor for two years and was fine" vibes. They are asking for a "senior" position that pays under six figures for NYC. Truly insulting. Also like the "ediitorial experience is not required"…and you wonder why so much bad writing ends up in journals these days. @19) We live in the world as it is. One can work to change it long-term, but reality doesn't change because we wish it so. 23) I wonder if they got paid more if they'd be happier and more likely to accept the papers I send them. 24) Imagine working for such a low wage when your job is to extort gullable researchers into paying 1/10 of your annual salary to publish a PDF online. 25) flagged cause this conversation is off topic and annoying x1 -1 26) @25 then just...don't read this post. Pretty simple. x7 25) if I could unread it, I would. I was hoping to save others the trouble lol. 27) INCREDIBLE - even Nature's editors get screwed! 26) As a recent rejection from one of these positions, I was told they are mainly filled by internal candidates. x 2 27) I would like to ask whether they are willing to sponsor a work visa for non-US citizens. Does anyone know how to inquire about it? I don't see any contact info on the job ad. 28) They have sponsored H1Bs before for editors. 27) again. Thanks @28. @26 who can become internal candidates? Is that the place to start to become a paid editor for a Nature journal? On this ad, there is no contact info to inquire about the position. Does it imply that they already have plenty internal candidates? I would imagine that foregin nationals would be interested in this position and would like to know about immigration situations, but they don't seem to give an option to ask questions. Is this a bad sign? 28) non-internal candidate here, got "desk" rejected for this one job this week! 29) I applied the day it was open, and haven't heard anything yet. I did have an HR interview for a different position (Journal of Communications Biology) last week and am waiting to hear. On the website there is currently a listing for a "Locum" editor for Nature Ecology and Evolution, which is a fixed term position, although it doesn't say for how long. Could be a way to get a foot in the door and become an internal candidate in the future. 30) rejection, no interview 03/18, 27) same, rejection 3/18. I applied on 3/10. @29 may I ask what background you have? I wish to know what they are looking for. I have been an associate editor for one of the Wiley journals (no pay) for more than three years. I feel my work is appreciated by the journal and authors. I really like the job and put serious efforts. I am not a native English speaker, so I suspect that it is the problem. @29, did you apply for the Communication Biology position or did they interview you for the position because you applied for the Nature Communication position? 29) I have a marine biology/neurophysiology/ ecology background from my PhD and I am a current postdoc, but no editor experience-although I am a native English speaker. I would have thought that would have put you ahead for sure to have editor experience @30. I applied to multiple editor positions (and have been rejected from a few other ones), and applied seperately to communications biology. As of 3/20, no word from Nature Communications which is still listed as in review on the portal, or follow up from HR interview from Communications Bio.3
2/12/24 11:52California Department of Water ResourcesCaliforniaClimate Change Adaptation and Mitigation2/22/2024 Environmental Scientist (Specialist)Government2/17/24 17:09
2/12/24 11:51California Department of Water ResourcesCaliforniaRestoration Ecology and Conservation2/23/2024 Environmental Scientist (Specialist)Government2/12/24 11:55Tidal Habitat Restoration, Hybrid telework.
2/12/24 9:51UCLACaliforniaEcology & Evolutionary Biology Curriculum3/15/2024 Teaching ProfNon-TS Academic4/9/24 23:48"a full-time faculty position with potential security of employment akin to tenure" 2) its not tenure track, it doesn't have tenure. if it did, they would not say a kin to tenure . AP) Seems blurry but ok; 3) Sounds like B.S. you would be a full time Lecturer with a fancy title. As a recurrent lecturer you will gain priviledges and secure your teaching units (= security) but no salary bumps (e..g, Asst - Assct, etc). Weird. 4) Lecturers in the UC System have automatic renewal after 6(?) years of good performance. It's not considered tenure track in the legal sense, and lecturers don't have a vote on some items at faculty meetings. They could be laid off in a budget crisis but I've never seen it actually happen. Layoffs have rules like it has to go in reverse seniority. I don't know all the rules myself, but effectively it turns inot a permanent job much like TT faculty. The UC has documentaiton and procdures you used to be able to find at the system office. Treat it like a permanent job for teaching. x4 5.) Is it normal to ask for a research statement (including future research???) for a teaching-only position? 6) Some institutions have just-cause status for lecturers after a certain number of years, where your position can't be cut (and you can get sabbaticals, too). There are periodic assessments and you can get raises. So there is some permanency. 7) Is this position a direct result of UCLA suspending one prominent ecology-evolutionary biology faculty? (8) No if I had to guess it might be a targetted hire. 9) UC employee here. I am not on the SC but I am 100% confident that this entry was incorrectly labeled and I will flag this for modification. The "lecturer with potential security of employment (LPSOE)" designation in the UC system is identical to a tenure-track "research" faculty position, but with a teaching focus. They are both senate faculty. They are not lecturers. This is a tenure-track position. x1 10) LPSOE is not tenure track in the UC system. They are senate faculty but they are not tenure eligible. The security of employment is great (these are good positions), but it doesn't have the same protections as tenure. 11) A research statement is required including future research. Is this supposed to be geared towards inclusive teaching and montoring research mentioned in the job post? There's no formal research component to the position that I can see 12) My experience is that in LPSOE hires, the committee wants someone with a strong research background. Might be why they are asking for a research statement. 13) Invited for initial Zoom interview 3/26 x34
2/12/24 9:19Wayne State UniversityMichiganBiology2/23/2024 ProfTenure Stream4/12/24 13:45"faculty position in the areas of Behavior, Physiology, or Cell Biology... particularly interested in future leaders who employ systems-based approaches to define molecular, genetic, and physiological processes underlying biological function and disease states.", 2) "Applications need to include...three letters of reference" Boo! 3) Emailed search chair and was told they have begun on campus invites.1
2/12/24 7:02Rocky Mountain Biological LaboratoryColoradoField Ecology3/15/2024 DirectorNon-Profit Research Organization3/29/24 8:321) Oh, RMBL <3 x9. (2) What sort of person would this be aimed at? Salary is really high to be entry level, so are they looking to get an assoc prof? 3) I don't think this is necessarily looking for a science person so much as a business person who can run a nonprofit. There can be overlap though 4) The high salary may reflect the astronomical real estate prices more than anything. 5) the current ED is David Inouye, who is very much a science person. I don't have inside information, but I assume they're looking for an assoc prof. 6) Current ED is Ian Billick 7) Billick has been ED for 24 years, and has a PhD - for reference. It is strange that the job call doesn't include more info on qualifications. 8) deadline was actually 3/29 on ad, not 3/15.1