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General Commission Info
Aside from badges, multi-page sequences, and ref sheets, most commissions include up to two characters in the base price. See the Add Ons section at the end for additional character, background, and other charges. Any item with additional notes has been highlighted in yellow for convenience. Please contact me if you have any questions, or for a more exact quote. My prices are negotiable *within reason*. Just ask if you're interested in something I don't have specifically listed, and we can work out a price. I will also accept art supplies in trade for art. Ask about my Amazon Wish List! Otherwise, accepted payment can be in the form of PayPal or Square Up (any major credit card), or mailed money order if you make arrangements ahead of time. Please email (NOT a payment email!) to contact me with any questions.
Shipping is additional for most items unless otherwise stated. Digital pieces only incur shipping if you want a physical copy printed out and mailed to you. Any commissioner is welcome to the full rez version of their piece on request so that they may print their own personal copies (not for resale). Multiple pieces of art may be shipped in the same package. Just let me know if you want me to start a collective envelope for you, to be mailed at your discretion. Shipping is per envelope I mail off, not per piece. ***Free shipping is contingent on the finished item fitting in a maximum 6"x9" envelope. Anything bigger requires upgrading to a larger envelope and may incur a shipping charge. Anything under $5 shipping is sent First Class mail.
While I will make every attempt to ensure items sent with stamps (such as artcards and ATCs) arrive safely, I am **NOT** responsible for post office mishaps. If you are concerned about tracking numbers or insuring your item, please include a minimum $7 for Priority Mail shipping or ask about First Class package rates, which also have tracking data. Items $50 and above, and items which do not fit in smaller envelopes MUST BE SENT Priority Mail with USPS tracking and delivery confirmation, and will come with cardboard to prevent bending or folding. Priority Mail packages include insurance up to $50. Additional insurance and services are on you. Please contact me if you have any questions! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PRICES LISTED ARE BASE PRICES. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR AN EXACT QUOTE BASED ON YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.