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RIDOH Academic Center
Public Health Scholar Project Repository
updated: 10/17/2018
Project ID#Center/ Division and ProgramProject NameProject Summary (max. 100 words)Minimum Candidate Education Level DesiredOther Skills or PreferencesDesired hours per weekAcademic Supervisor Needed?Compensation
17-045CHE/CCDM/Asthma (and Kresge ELPH initiative)Health Equity Dialogue SeriesThe Health Equity Dialogue Series are presentations and trainings around social justice issues related to health equity and the socioeconomic or environmental determinants of health. Support from a public health scholar(s) is needed to identify and confirm presenters, reserve presentation spaces, develop communication materials, conduct outreach and recruitment for attendance, and to solicit feedback from participants.No requirements5NoUnpaid
18-004CCDM/ CHESOGI Equity Support ProjectThis position will assist the RIDOH Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equity Work Group and its committees with various projects and the documentation of its work. Supervision will be provided by project managers and, where necessary, by C. Kelly Smith. Projects will vary, but might include literature reviews, taking minutes, helping to develop training programs, helping to organize meetings, helping to plan PRIDE, etc.Undergraduate studentExcellent writing and editing skills, prior experience with research (lit reviews) helpful, good people skills, and commitment to social justice2-5, depending upon projectNoUnpaid
18-005Center for Food ProtectionBeach Water Quality Predictive ModelingThe project involves modeling to characterize the relationship between environmental conditions and microbiological water quality at individual RI beaches to predict health risks. Prerequisites for the scholar include some background in statistics and data analysis, and an interest in gaining experience using a somewhat sophisticated software package called “Virtual Beach” to forecast environmental conditions. “Virtual Beach”, provided by US EPA, supports advanced statistical analysis of historic beach monitoring data sets, including indicator bacteria enumeration and associated environmental (mostly weather, tide and current) conditions. One of the developers of the program, Chris Cyterski (EPA, Athens, GA), will provide technical support as we build our capabilities with Virtual Beach. Virtual Beach was developed with MS Visual Studio and written in C#. It uses R Statistics packages, and other freeware, including three types of regression models (Multiple Linear Regression, Partial Least Squares and Generalized Boosted Regression).

The project will test the utility of Virtual Beach using existing data from the Beach Monitoring program. It will ultimately involve analysis of policy for protection of human health relative to risk uncertainties and the socio-economic factors that beach closures encompass.
Undergraduate studentExperience in applied environmental statistics is preferred.Flexible and changing as the project progresses. More time would be required at the initiation of the project. Minimally, 5-8 hrs (at least half of the total time committment) should be in the office.Maybe/ TBDUnpaid
18-011Health Equity Institute2018 Health Equity SummitProvide administrative and event management support to planning committee of 2018 RIDOH Health Equity Conference.Undergraduate studentHigh level of professionalism; demonstrated customer service skills; good with prioritizing and multi-tasking; exceptional attention to detail and well organized; experience with Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; willingness to handle administrative conference planning details such as data entry, drafting correspondence, contacting speakers, and recording meeting minutes.10-20 hrs p/weekNoStill to be determined
18-021RIDOH Center for Food Protection2018 R.I. Summer Food ProgramAssist in communication between RIDOH Food Protection and sponsors, food preparation sites and feeding sites participating in the 2018 Summer Food Service Program, a cooperative program between the USDA and RI Dept. of Education for providing no cost lunches to eligible children during the summer months when school is not in session. Tasks to include: identify sponsors; identify and organize food production sites and menu; feeding sites on and off premises; delivery schedules; tracking inspections and sample gathering at food production and feeding sites; tracking sample results.No requirementsCommunication and writing skills; MS Word; MS ExcelopenMaybe/ TBDUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-023Center for Professional Licensing, Boards and CommissionsRegulations and Compaints Process Review (Summer Sessions)Assist in the administration of health professional boards. Duties to include:

• Reorganization of existing database for boards and complaint process
• participation in the regulation review and revision process,
• preparation and maintenance of recordkeeping protocols for board administration
• assist in creating an effective complaint processing protocol
• attendance at meetings of health professional boards
Undergraduate studentComputer experience working with Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs, Access and Excel spreadsheets10-15NoUnpaid
18-024Center for Vital RecordsVital Records Annual Report (Summer Session)This project will allow for an intern to look at and analyze the Vital Records Annual Report. This project is heavily focused on data and analyticsUndergraduate studentData, analytical and computer skills required10-15NoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-028Center for Health Facilities RegulationSurvey and Certification ProjectThis project will come in two parts.
Part 1: Mission and Priority Document Expert - The scholar who comes on board will become the subject matter expert on the CMS Mission and Priority Document. This document contains deliverables that each state agency must fulfill. The scholar will be responsible for identifying and developing ways in which Rhode Island can ensure these deliverables using the current resources we have.
Part 2: Facility Complaints Process - The scholar will be tasked with reviewing the facility complaints and triage process and identifying methods in which we can better utilize resources to reduce the number of backlog complaints. Additionally the scholar will review the state and federal regulations to see how those regulations impact the complaints process.
Master's studentMaster's in Public Health preferred. Strong desire to interpret and forumlate policies and procedures pertaining to federal healthcare mandates10-20NoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-030CPHCMedia relations and public health communicationsThe project entails working with the Rhode Island Department of Health's Public Information Officer on developing material promoting initiatives of the Department's various programs, including the development of video, social media content, communications plans, press releases, material for media interviews, and talking points for speaking engagements.Master's studentSomeone with an interest in communications8, though this is very flexibileNoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-033LaboratoriesEfficiency of Laboratory Supply OrderingTo review the inventory of common supplies that are currently in the laboratory stockroom, recommend order points based on normal usage as well as practices for efficient, consolidated ordering.

Outcome: Order points established for stocked items and recommendations made for efficient ordering (ex: consolidation orders by vendor)
Undergraduate studentJr or Sr Undergrad or Masters in Supply Chain Management or similar discipline21-35NoPaid- RI State Government Intern Program, Unpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-055Preventive Services - Oral Health ProgramGeneral Oral Health ProjectsProvide assistance to the Oral Health Program on various projects including: assist in planning dental provider events, community outreach, research on oral health topics, analysis and reporting on new data, etc. The Oral Health Program focuses generally on improving the oral health of all Rhode Islander, but specifically on: pregnant women, infants, school based sealant programs, fluoridation, older adults, young adults, and oral health workforce activities.No requirementsProficient in: Word, PowerPoint, Excel Would be helpful to know data programs. We ask for a minimum of 10 hours per week.At least 10NoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-090Director's OfficeArts and Health Practice InventoryThis scholar position supports the Rhode Island Arts and Health Network. The Network is comprised of over 20 organizations representing arts and health practitioners statewide, and is co-chaired by the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. The purpose of the Network is to “promote understanding of the powerful role that the arts can play in health and healing, and to expand the engagement of arts and health in our state.”
As part of the state plan for arts and health, the Network is committed to conducting an inventory of current Rhode Island arts and health programs and practices, including but not limited to, arts intervention and program descriptions, providers, and any evaluative or research data collected by those programs. The Arts and Health Scholar will work with the Network Steering Committee to create the survey questions and data collection methods, and then create the instrument, implement the survey process, and synthesize the results. The Scholar will then review the results with a communications design person to clarify the information and ensure it is ready for the designer to use for a web and/or hard copy design process, and dissemination to the public.

Undergraduate studentYesAcademic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-091Director's OfficeRIDOH Employee Safety and Health ManualThe scholar will work with members of the RIDOH Health and Safety Committee to develop an employee safety and health manual and associated training materials and implementation strategy.No requirementsGood writing and research skillsNoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school), Still to be determinedSteven BoudreauN/A
18-102Division of Community Health & EquityCommunity Health & Equity Communications InitiativesThe Division of Community Health & Equity (CHE) is seeking a scholar with a strong interest in communications to assist the Division with various projects to promote CHE public health programs. Examples of projects include developing educational and outreach materials for CHE programs, using data to create policy briefs and PPT presentations, working with staff to update program websites, developing talking points for events, and reorganizing and standardizing CHE’s shared drive.Master's studentPreferred skills include strong written and oral communication skills, experience or strong interest in social media, graphic and web design, ability to work with multiple partners, and an interest in doing research and literature reviews.20-30Maybe/ TBDStill to be determined
18-105Center for Professional Boards and LicensingNursing License and Board AssistantRIDOH utilizes the State's online licensing system to process and issue health professional licenses to Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses and Midwives. This process involves receiving licenses, verifying that all requisite qualifications for the applicant have been met, appropriate fees paid, and license verifications from other jurisdictions received. Interaction with the State Board of Nursing and other State boards is required.Master's studentComputer experience, including Excel spreadsheets, Outlook and Word.12 to 20NoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school), Still to be determined
18-109Boards and CommisionsRedistributing excess medicationExcessive medication in Long Term Care facilities is an expensive problem for the facilities and a bio burden on the environment. Numerous states in the USA have implemented policies and procedures for collection of these excess medications and redistribution to needy patients. RI has not instituted any of the policies. We need an academic scholar to write the regulations and the policy and procedures of the excessive medication retrieval and distribution plan.Undergraduate student7YesUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)Ellen BalascoAcademic credit, Volunteer/Unpaid
18-110Preparedness, Response, Infectious Disease and Emergency Medical Services (PRIDEMS)EMS Opioid Project SupportProvide assistance to the Center for Emergency Medical Services on the EMS Opioid grant including: assist in program planning, community outreach, research opportunities, analysis and reporting on new data. Mayor project will be data entry of all EMS providers into TRAIN for opioid training.No requirementsFull time preferred10 - 35 hoursMaybe/ TBDPaid- Seasonal staff (Note: This type of position is limited to a 6-month work period.), Still to be determinedTo Be Determined
18-112RIDOH Academic CenterConnecting RIDOH Staff with Academic OpportunitiesThis position will analyze data from a survey of RIDOH staff to understand the scope and content areas of past, present and future collaborations between RIDOH and academic intuitions, inventory programs of study at academic institutions and identify related RIDOH programs, and assist RIDOH Academic Center Director with related projects.Undergraduate studentStrong verbal and written communication skills; strong organization and project management skills; able to multi-task and be innovative; knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and methods for conducting online research7-15+NoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-114Policy Development & StrategyInfection Control Regulations ProjectThe scholar would assist with research and development of infections control regulations for health care professionals. The scholar would work under the administrative direction of Cheryl LeClair, Chief, Center for Policy Development & Strategy and under the clinical guidance of James McDonald, MD, Medical Director, Center for Professional Regulation.Master's studentThe scholar should have strong research and writing skillsEnough to get the work done - 10 -15 hours per weekNoUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
18-117Health Equity InstitueResearching Historical Policies Leading to Health InequitiesThe Health Equity Institute is committed to advancing the health of Rhode Island residents by reducing disparities in healthcare and addressing the social, economic and environmental determinants of health. One important facet of addressing the social determinants of health is to gain a better understanding historical factors leading to current disparities in health. This information can then give valuable context to our current data and health disparities.

This project will involve researching specific historical events and policies that have likely led to current health disparities and writing a white paper on this topic which will hopefully also lead to a peer reviewed publication. Topics of interest include: history of marginalization of indigenous people, history of slavery, redlining, racist/sexist policies etc. The specific scope of research will be based on the scholar's personal interests. Students that may find this of interest include those studying History, Sociology, Anthropology, American Studies, Public Health, Economics.
Undergraduate studentScholar should have experience conducting thorough literature reviews, writing academic papers. Project can be completed remotely.flexibleMaybe/ TBDUnpaid, Academic Credit (if applicable to student's school)
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