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WorkerIdSeconds To AnswerAnswer VerifiedWould They Use The Service?What Other Services?Why Or Why Not Use?Price
AYQIC9T7B3Q2X1412008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000YesI think they should just ensure reliability and a reasonable price.It is very convenient. I will also get it for the discounts.24.99
ACXJJ6IIY722O1062008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000YesSearching for the best deal for tickets to events.I would use this service because it would help me cut down the time it takes me to set up events with my friends. It would also help me find out more information about the city I am going to for an event.19.99
ABPDE5IAM0OCM322008/11/27 20:24:17 +0000YesProduct researchIt would give me more time to do stuff I want to do, instead of waste my time with details.19.99
AAH70GCAG0VTR362008/11/28 03:13:31 +0000YesReminders of what to pack or bring or buyConvenience19.99
A89BF2LRW2UV7832008/11/27 22:42:20 +0000YesPerhaps an "event calendar" that could remind you of the important events happening in your life.It sounds like a good way to get tasks done. And it has lots of options already.19.99
A7RD9MGX61OPZ562008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000Yesi would love for someone to do my shopping and gift shopping for me. i'm a new mom and stuck at home quite often.19.99
A7P9J0S60C0AN802008/11/27 05:26:26 +0000YesIt could give advice as to what companies would be the best choice to work with.I would use this service because it saves me time and energy. I can get things done from my home.24.99
A6BLJ6MRNTXAD1312008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000YesPick up packages and take them for shipping at post office or UPS, delivering prescriptions to your houseSounds like a great time-saver. I like the convenience of making just one call to take care of my needs.24.99
A3T2SLBUSWR6KQ982008/11/27 05:18:43 +0000YesI can't think of anything. You've listed alot of benefits of this service.This sounds like a great idea. Seems like a good way for the 'common folk' to get the treatment that rich/famous people get.29.99
A3OOJUVU497XY5682008/11/28 02:47:05 +0000YesDinner reservationsHelps me remember things I usually have to write down. I will focus on things more important than if I remembered to set my alarm clock29.99
A3L9PGWTJHH5OJ1312008/11/27 16:26:41 +0000YesHow about attraction and theater tickets?Because alot of times I don't have the time to be searching and booking for trips and its alot easier to have someone else do it for me. Virtual is even a better idea because the computer can search much more than any human.19.99
A3DZGDF9HCTAOB492008/11/27 23:47:28 +0000YesMobile (cell phone) recharge coupons for saleThe common man would find it easy to reserve flight or train tickets through such service. It would be effective with the elderly and disabled persons. I can get details about discounts and directions from the comforts of my home and virtual concierge would be useful during tours.19.99
A32GGWT439QPY41702008/11/27 16:26:41 +0000YesCar rentalWith the spread of mobile internet this service would be great for the business traveller. No need to worry about the hotel booking or late changes, finding directions to an office or train times, etc.
A2Z4V217BUZH0B120Thu Nov 27 21:10:21 PST 2008YesI would have the concierge check stocks and financial information for me.I would use this service because it would help me become more efficient. I would like having someone online that I can count on to help me with anything I need. 19.99
A2PXRE6HJDRCPE772008/11/27 17:29:40 +0000YesI can;t think of any other services to offer.I would like the sense of having a safety net to help when I needed. It is like having AAA for your car in case you ever need it.24.99
A2BW45FE02Z16T1082008/11/27 05:18:38 +0000YesRestaurant Reservations/Confirmations
Doctor's Appointments/Confirmations
Reminders about Dry Cleaning or other pick-ups
I am a busy person. I would like help managing my time without hiring a personal assistant. My husband typically outsources these jobs to me. It would be nice to outsource them to someone else! 29.99
A23328P6Z3HVVF1402008/11/27 16:26:41 +0000YesPhone ServiceDaily we need of the above services and its useful to get all services in one site.29.99
A21KTDHX7QUI29872008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000YesSending cards such as birthday or thank you notes.I would use this service for travel bookings and directions.19.99
A1RATFICCKLCQ1512008/11/27 20:24:16 +0000YesThis service could offer secretarial services such as transcription, faxing and emailing help.It would b very convenient and would save me time.19.99
A1IVM1KOKBHDSB1502008/11/28 02:47:05 +0000YesPick up and drop off errands (i.e., dry cleaning, prescription renewals etc.)I might, depending on the cost. All of the offered services can be done on the Internet, so it would have to be fairly inexpensive for me to subscribe. Certainly less that $
A1DQ7T6BB0VJDP852008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000YesJust general information look-upYou can't be in front of a computer all the time, and cell phone internet is difficult to use, so this "answers" service would be great - like a super-advanced ChaCha or Google Answers.19.99
A18298Z52P8GN41422008/11/27 05:34:16 +0000YesPerhaps offering on advice on different things, like which gifts to buy.It seems like a very helpful service. I can see how this would help to save on time. This also seems quite convenient. 19.99
A3BTIF5RBIXLWB19Wed Nov 26 20:41:32 PST 2008YesIt would take so much off of my plate|19.99
A6PQRWQK036HN115Wed Nov 26 20:41:31 PST 2008YesI like the idea of having a service to help buy tickets and having tickets to special events. I also like the idea of getting discounts and directions. Another thing I like is that you can book tickets or make travel arrangements easily.|This service could offer the ability to take photos.24.99
A1QRQZWBL1SVEX113Wed Nov 26 20:41:32 PST 2008YesBecause in emergency situations, this will be a huge help.|insurance coverage19.99
A1Q294XDURFOKK55Wed Nov 26 20:41:32 PST 2008Yesfree weather updates daily,listing of the best places to eat at the places you will be,gas stations,or roads to avoid because sometimes you are just in a hurry and need help to get things done, a little extra help is good to pick things up if you're in a bind24.99
A102LZJI6XVOGG157Sat Nov 29 04:14:44 GMT 2008YesI don't know. This is the type of service that I wouldn't need.First, I don't really trust someone else to do things exactly the way I want them, as I am somewhat OCD. Also, I am cheap and would do all these myself to save money.19.99
A19M8RX03RQ6AA94Fri Nov 28 20:33:22 GMT 2008YesEntertainment at vacation destinations, reservations.It seems like a huge convienence. It would save me time dealing with the hassle of aeroport online customer service these days.29.99
A19ZW40FBYWUBU16Sat Nov 29 06:46:41 GMT 2008YesNot sure, but I'd reccommend a free 2-week trial, and if they don't cancel, bill them automatically. People will sign up, and then forget to cancel, so yeah, some will be upset. But at the same time, you can really get people hooked in two weeks.I might use this service. Trust would be a huge factor, since to do things like ordering flowers would require my credit card number. Also, since I live in a small town and travel only a bit, I'm not sure how much use I'd get out of it.29.99
A1AKZM6924CIOZ133Fri Nov 28 20:47:21 GMT 2008YesNothing the service is good enough for me.It would make things easier for me. I would be able to get more things done.19.99
A1I00OACSJOUBP179Fri Nov 28 20:26:42 GMT 2008Yesconcert theatre and movie ticketsAssuming price appropriatelty, my time is more valuable producing oncome or spending quality time with family and friends. In addition, service would probably have expertise @ these task and perform them better than me.19.99
A1M6FJR4UBP11P149Fri Nov 28 20:32:40 GMT 2008YesIf it could pay bills for me and send out letters that would be awesome! I would use this service just to help me keep up with things I've forgotten to do. I would also like because it could help me do research on ticket prices that I don't have the time to do. 24.99
A1PULG665KFDCH36Sat Nov 29 04:17:55 GMT 2008YesIt could have offers that increase in value the more you use the service.It would make life easier. It seems like a solution to help save time.19.99
A23328P6Z3HVVF158Sat Nov 29 02:07:36 GMT 2008YesIt can also offer shopping online and door delivery.we are getting All-in-one services in one site. Its good to be to have34.99
A272WURGUVSWC7158Fri Nov 28 21:00:01 GMT 2008YesI do not see anything else that the service could possibly offer, it seems to have all the bases covered.It would be nice to be able to schedule the tickets and such ahead of time. Also, the directions and travel booking seem extremely helpful. (I answered yes to question #1 but it filled in both bubbles)19.99
A28U3H5TPV5QNG89Fri Nov 28 23:44:21 GMT 2008YesIt could also offer help about the transit system or bus system of the city being vacationed in.It is indeed a very convenient service. If this service is cheap or free and quick, it would be helpful and even ensure the safety of travelers.19.99
A2A7WE9NOMWIH9145Sat Nov 29 03:37:35 GMT 2008YesRecommendations of what restaurants, services, and other city features would be nice. For example, if friends and I wanted to go to eat italian food, you could recommend a featured restaurant, instead of just listing available ones.I often get lost, and directions would be nice to have. 24.99
A2I07KQRE9WK4E141Fri Nov 28 22:04:52 GMT 2008YesPerhaps recommendations for things like movies, books, etc. After a period of using this concierge it should be able to guess some of your likes/dislikes and should then be able to give recommendations.I'd try anything to make my life easier. This sounds like a nice idea.19.99
A2L124PEJT5NBS163Sat Nov 29 03:22:43 GMT 2008YesI think it would be nice if you had attractions listed for specific cities that you covered.(museums, shows, etc)I would use this service if it was affordable, and the service had a proven track record.19.99
A2R4GE9OVPH50120Sat Nov 29 03:31:26 GMT 2008YesExclusive productsI like attending exclusive events. I also like to save money.19.99
A2TD689I9QXAE851Fri Nov 28 21:43:52 GMT 2008YesEmergency shopping service for birthdays, etc.Cause I forget a lot of things!24.99
A3292OJB5WRGSG48Sat Nov 29 01:54:11 GMT 2008YesLocal entertainment based on location.Life is busy and anything that helps would be great.19.99
A38AU3ZGI80I2T94Sat Nov 29 08:40:15 GMT 2008YesThis service could also offer a premium option with pick-up or drop-off services.I think that this would be a great service because it would save me a lot of time personally. I think that this would save many people a lot of time because booking flights and hotel reservations is quite tedious these days.24.99
A3AUQ4L45BLGTF129Fri Nov 28 20:34:52 GMT 2008Yesbirthday or anniversary reminders.It would make birthday or christmas shopping a little bit easier. And would help if I don't have an alarm.24.99
A3E2YEQFJQUEA6142Sat Nov 29 03:29:07 GMT 2008YesBirthday and anniversary phone calls or other special occasion greetings. (Or regrets to someone you want to "brush off.")A service like this would fill a great gap for those who are absent-minded or who have too many other things on their plate. The anonomous nature of the virtual assistant is also an asset, since there is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed of not being able to do these tasks yourself.19.99
A3GQDJEDL2TG8140Sat Nov 29 00:58:33 GMT 2008Yestow down the car if it breaks down in the middle of the roadWell that will surely make our life easier. I would love to use your service.24.99
A3GWM5WHCEPVQQ64Fri Nov 28 20:58:52 GMT 2008YesReminders of special occasions. Such as a call two weeks before a birthday or anniversary.This would be a great way to save time more than anything else. Having someone else do all the work for you would be great.24.99
A3P317OWMKNEYU112Fri Nov 28 20:43:29 GMT 2008Yespersonal assistance, like picking up laundry or other errandsI would use it as I could see it getting me out of a trouble here and there. I would not want to pay a large monthly fee though.. more like a small sign up fee and then pay per use19.99
ABLGLGW8Y3RIR67Sat Nov 29 11:44:19 GMT 2008YesFor people who travel internationally, it would be great if it offered to do all of your visa arrangements. It is fantastic. I'd save a lot of time looking for cheap airline tickets and travel arrangements. I won't have to deal with the hassles of it all.19.99
ACH9W0ARCSTN563Fri Nov 28 21:10:26 GMT 2008YesPossible substantial discounts to whatever services recommended.As long as they were accurate and up to date, I would have no problems using. 19.99
AMVLCSXXXLFRA68Sat Nov 29 02:35:17 GMT 2008YesA blackberry app.I would use the service because it sounds very convenient. I often book flights online so it wouldn't be a huge change.19.99
AOFEG66KXA1QC66Sat Nov 29 09:01:55 GMT 2008Yestv listingsBecasue it makes your life easier.It solves yor important things instead of you29.99
APJ8K4EPHVCXW61Sat Nov 29 08:23:49 GMT 2008Yescredit monitorNot everyone can afford a human secretary19.99
AVYSHZH7EO8IJ129Sat Nov 29 00:00:48 GMT 2008YesThe best thing it could offer would be to find the best deals for any of the services above, and guarantee that.I would use this service only when I was too busy to do something for myself. But if it would save money by finding me the best deals, I would give it a try.24.99
AZ4BWNQSX5PFV65Sat Nov 29 06:49:08 GMT 2008YesI am not sure that it should or could offer anything else.I would use it if it was a free service and if it truly provided accurate results.19.99
AZJJQ8IBUN6H41072008/11/27 20:24:17 +0000NoResearching the best prices for items that you want to buy yourself. Menu planning.I can do all of the above tasks myself. I can see how this service would be helpful for, say, a busy executive or working parent, but I don't really need it.19.99
AV5SX9W0TY9N7302008/11/28 03:48:46 +0000NoNo service seems likely to add value close to the charge being suggested.Internet services are already available that do all of this. All this seems likely to add is confusion between making the request (e.g. booking tickets) and having it executed. For directions, unlikely it will be better than Google Maps.19.99
AUZQ39S4SUXU562008/11/27 22:42:21 +0000NoIf it was online, computer help.All those services are easily performed online. Anyone who knows how to use the internet could easily do them themselves.19.99
ARDF0Y0KL7M2F1002008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000NoRental car delivery nationwide.Its a good offer, but I can generally take care of this myself. I think you could be successful with others who have extra responsibilities, though.19.99
AA90GOYL2MEHS662008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000NoAnswers to questions.I think that I would do a better job of getting deals by myself. I might consideer using the service if they offered a plan like a set amount of money for so many tasks, kind of like a punch card.19.99
A3VVEDIPSLQBR11012008/11/28 02:47:06 +0000NoTaxi serviceI don't travel much so booking reservations and travel items would be pointless for me and the same goes for event tickets. Plus I have a TomTom so directions are never needed. I don't really have any use for any of the mentioned items.19.99
A3QRYMPR0ADQ2J1372008/11/27 05:18:38 +0000NonothingI usually always have my laptop with me. Therefore, it is easy and quick for me to do these things on my own. Either way I would not pay a service fee for this as I could do it myself at home for no charge.19.99
A3JLUHKTYNT2Y6432008/11/27 20:24:16 +0000Nocoupons and price checkWe already have sufficient services. We have a travel agent.24.99
A3GPGSHQY2JGPY1662008/11/28 03:48:46 +0000NoDelivery of any food service or product.I would only use the service for select things. Such as finding emergency service while on vacation and the other things only if I forgot to do something.19.99
A3DX2LFMFV4TZS482008/11/27 22:42:20 +0000NoGrocery shopping.Global recession - I'm cutting any costs I can. I would if I could afford it though.34.99
A3D051PX376SCE1092008/11/28 02:47:06 +0000NoFood shopping online?Probably not but only because I assume that I would save more time and money by doing it myself. If it was reasonably priced and saved me time then I would definetly consider it.19.99
A36XQ4TW3OMW0N262008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000NoI think the list of services above is great and I don't know what could be added to it.I think it is a good service. I would probably not use it because I like doing most of the services listed, but I know a lot of people who would use it.19.99
A31PSON0DCNJ4O552008/11/28 02:47:06 +0000NonilI perfer to do those things myself.19.99
A2ZGUOBPNKQBCN1462008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000NoIt might be helpful to some if it scheduled doctor's visits and called in prescription refills.I don't buy many tickets to events.I also don't travel that often.I don't think I would use this service enough to warrant me paying for it.19.99
A2ZF5VOLTMA2LI1432008/11/27 16:12:36 +0000Noyou would have to offer substantial discounts equivalent to buying something at Sam's Club or Coscos to really lure people in.easy access to different services, information, or directions by using my i-phone19.99
A2X27VMFOJI1D91262008/11/28 02:47:06 +0000NoCleaning services, moving servicesI can do these things myself. My secretary can do them as well.19.99
A2KK0HB33IYIH6722008/11/27 05:35:51 +0000NoMaybe food delivery service.I don't really book tickets for events or rent cars a lot. I would feel bad having to pay for things that I can do myself.
A1SYZMGSETQW9I125Thu Nov 27 21:10:21 PST 2008NoHelp in finding fun things to do during the day, similar to Hotel people. I think it would be great for people that camp to use this service, because they wouldnt have a hotel helping them out. Just a thoughtI can do all this myself. I probably wouldn't use this service enough to get my money out of it. And i dont need a middle man to increase all the prices.19.99
A154ZIJETJNVNX922008/11/27 05:42:58 +0000NoVery good deals.I do not travel very much. If I do, I do not mind doing it myself.19.99
A11IUBGSLN8Z45752008/11/27 16:12:37 +0000NonothingIn this day and age, anyone can do this himself with the click of a button - even the most technologically inept and those who think they have no time on their hands.19.99
A26A3WWGG1I28657Wed Nov 26 20:41:31 PST 2008NoIsn't something i would need|Help with hotel reservations19.99
A1NDN4PWDD1W0B141Wed Nov 26 20:41:31 PST 2008NoI could see some people using this, I just don't have enough money to justify this.|Sending personal birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. 24.99
A37YDDMRHM8XLQ69Wed Nov 26 20:41:32 PST 2008NoI don't trust that I would get the best deal. I am too cheap. |Reminders of upcoming events, needed things like oil changes. 19.99
ADAGUJNWMEPT658Wed Nov 26 20:41:32 PST 2008NoI can do all of these tasks simply on my own. I can't justify paying extra to have something do it for me.|Suggestions for restaurants/dining or entertainment.19.99
A18B5QL328E02A132Fri Nov 28 20:47:00 GMT 2008NoSigning for deliveries, professional "contact me" email address account checkingTickets booked on my behalf may be based on their kick backs, not the best rate for me. Searching can be useful, but we should have that kind of information before leaving home. Asking for directions is probably better through Onstar.19.99
A1B5AUJVO394S148Sat Nov 29 07:45:16 GMT 2008NoA physical location to ship packages to, (such as UPS) that I might then schedule a specific time to have shipped to my house. UPS does not guarantee the time of delivery.Most of these services are easy to perform online, or are something that I would use so often as to make a monthly fee useless. This service might be useful to someone who is not always connected to the internet, but many phones (including mine) have internet access, which means it would be no easier for me than to just go to the websites directly and save money.19.99
A1ICRWOSZD1A10117Fri Nov 28 20:48:30 GMT 2008NoI think you can offer also personal assistants, somebody that take care of the bussines of the customersI would use this service because it would save me a lot of time browsing on internet. Also the delivering service is something amazing.19.99
A1U7CVDXYU2635111Fri Nov 28 20:38:35 GMT 2008NoInformation/reminders (news, birthdays, etc.)These benefits sound nice but they are things that I don't consider worth while paying extra for. Most of it I'm willing to do myself to save the fees.19.99
A21DVCXNH1CF5X15Fri Nov 28 22:12:47 GMT 2008NoMostly due to the expense of such a service it would be better for me to take care of things myself. However, if money was not an issue I would probably still be unsure of using this service as I would need to have complete confidence in the people helping me. Therefore the service would have to be well-established and highly regarded before I would began using it.19.99
A2548NTP8OHYD850Sat Nov 29 07:08:18 GMT 2008NoI don't see the need to pay for a service like this, I could handle all of these issues on my own.19.99
A2ARR1U07NSBFH170Sat Nov 29 09:16:48 GMT 2008NoResearch for information the person wants.I'm sure it would be more expensive than I could justify when our need for these services isn't very great.19.99
A2IJ40KSXKEKNO96Sat Nov 29 05:00:50 GMT 2008NoVirtual assistant evoicemailPersonally I would not but I have researched becoming a virtual assistant and their maybe a market in higher end consumers.34.99
A2L6QR7U7KBM1E154Fri Nov 28 20:19:54 GMT 2008NoI don't see this as a feasible business model given the current economic situation world wide.Economy is down world wide. The cost of such a service would be an additional fee that most people, myself included, will be unwilling to pay. The only way I can see this working would be a niche market.19.99
A2OSE3H9HMEABS61Fri Nov 28 23:23:48 GMT 2008Nodrive kids to practice, school etc.I'd like to run this business!19.99
A2Q3I5XE5N4TER159Fri Nov 28 22:18:34 GMT 2008NoI really can't think of anything as this service would not be geared to anyone that I know. I like to take care of those tasks myself. I do not want to depend on someone I do not know to take care of my personal business.19.99
A36EOEBVBUTO8588Sat Nov 29 13:24:22 GMT 2008NoTracking down hard to find presents at the holidays.I like to have control over things. Many of those things can be done by myself with just a few clicks of the mouse. Also would be concerned about the price.19.99
A37JQWRRV7IS37144Fri Nov 28 20:26:25 GMT 2008NoI think you've got it covered really well, actually.I personally wouldn't because I'm too poor and I don't need any of those services. However, if I had money; I would definately use it.24.99
A3D3M433R94QYF124Fri Nov 28 21:02:44 GMT 2008NoTraffic jam info, routes around the jam.I would probably just do the search/purchase myself and save the money. But, if I had a very busy lifestyle, I might consider it.19.99
A3GESS1T86LKMD178Fri Nov 28 23:58:24 GMT 2008Nolove matchesi wouldn't pay for something i could do for myself. even if i did have the service i'm not too busy to find out for my self19.99
A3KQRCQOM3BQ5C155Sat Nov 29 09:23:11 GMT 2008NoReminders / todos -- i.e. you have them send you an e-mail when you need to make a phone call a certain day I live with my parents, who act as that for me. Also, I live in New York City, so most of these tasks are not the hassle they might be in a more spread out area. Also, I cannot afford such luxuries. (I WOULD use it if I were rich and in the suburbs, though.)24.99
A3L0D7I2AWZU9B57Sat Nov 29 00:29:45 GMT 2008NoLive conciergeI like the personal experience of a in person communication. virtual will not cut it.19.99
A3MT13W9QQKFSG89Sat Nov 29 08:16:26 GMT 2008NoNone of these things are things I do frequently. Plus, most of my magical-internet-helper duties are already fulfilled by an iPhone and Google services.19.99
A7WU0CEVM9GOM93Fri Nov 28 20:21:06 GMT 2008NoWhat about purchsing things for you--e.g. need a nice cushion the next day, it ships it to wherever you are.Just that I wouldn't use such a service frequently enough to justify it--but it looks like a good range of services.24.99