Starbound Coordinates (Responses)
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TimestampSectorX CoordinateY CoordinatePlanet NameDescriptionLevelFounderBiomeGame VersionMain Structure
To see old coordinates switch to the legacy responses tab. They still somewhat work with current beta versions.
12/10/2013 4:52:44Alpha6201050789119690Alpha Diadem 028 III CApex MiniKnog settlement a short walk to the left, small lab building just past it.1Nuker1110ForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 9:36:47Alpha-5094494630057798Alpha Ultragon 255 IV aMushroom forest with some mushroom chests and blueprints.

Also a tech chest energy dash, somewhere in the caves, but I don't know the way anymore. Right from spawn there is an Avian house with two glitches.
1AsgarusForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaChest
12/10/2013 9:40:28Alpha59877410-70634402Alpha Umbraxion1207 IIGuns
West: A short journey to the left of landing there's and airship with a merchant selling guns on the top level.
East: Not much for a long distance but a Bone chest containing the blueprints for the Bone Chair and the Bone Table
1LeviathanWakesDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaAirship
12/10/2013 9:46:52Alpha15773746-332544934Alpha Saddalsuud 929 I Cto the right there is a Apex Facility with a Jumping Puzzle. there you get the Energy Dash Tech1HaltzAricBeta V - Annoyed KoalaPuzzle
12/10/2013 10:07:31Alpha-94717180-8356445Alpha Phecda 07 IITech chest immediately left of spawn (Had Dash for me). Avian Airship sells lv1 guns very far left (full day's travel)1RaydalyzeDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaAirship
12/10/2013 10:47:18Alpha85539678-24995299Alpha Zi Sur 032 IXLarger planet so it's a long walk to anything, but there's an avian tower and a geometric chest1ArcticBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 10:53:08Gamma-8306933424089607Gamma Al Kab 457 IShortly on the right there's a surface tech chest, I got butterfly boost out of it.3DefrostDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/10/2013 11:11:23Alpha-94717401-8356513Alpha Dexter 471 V aTo to left: An Apex Village and even more left there is a tech chest with dash in it.1JeffreyForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 11:12:38Alpha-43765049-65850323IIGo left a couple of screen for USCM undergound base1KingBravoForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaUSCM
12/10/2013 11:23:50Alpha8391160-39816791Alpha Eps And Minoris IVaAlmost near to the left..1icallmyselfiForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaMerchants Fair
12/10/2013 12:31:19Alpha-94717180-8356445Alpha Phecda 07 II bGo to the left and you see glitch town. You can steal everything :)6NoetillAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 14:11:41Alpha2657625395457925The Alpha Lambda Cen 242 IIWizard on the right with 4 type of stim and wizard hat1MinikeaForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaMerchant/Vendor
12/10/2013 14:14:14Alpha-2719171590414438Alpha Calliope Majoris II aA laboratory with matter thingy in it and 2 hi-tech chests. Go to the left from warp zone.1BziurAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 15:55:40Alpha32994897-71591837Aplha Aerocia Majoris III aGoing left you can find a giant Glitch castle about 6-7 stories tall with a dungeon underneath1The_ForemanAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 15:56:01Alpha39249583-60313506Alpha Tootooki Minoris IDungeon to the left1jmdajm7DesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 16:04:42Alpha-71294927-55683220Venator 159 IVEnergy Dash Tech in tech chest on planet surface. Also chests with All-Seeing Cape and the recipe for All-Seeing Helmet. Avian merchant village (tiny) to left. Chests scattered left and right across surface. 1EderickForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/10/2013 16:24:14Alpha8208496021813601Alpha Eltanin 716 IHead left at drop point until you reach a huge avian city1Eric HForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 16:31:29X-2402201690193603X Rho Gem 62 IIKeep going left untill you find an entrance to a sewer dungeon10HerbalishAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 16:35:59X23-4Delta Friedstar Majoris IISewer dungeon about half day / full day walk to left. Doesn't contain any real loots, but has few unique decorative items. Such as outhouse and some sewer gauges.4DeltamonDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 17:09:05X58431833-412009X HR 4686 UMi Minoris I ato the left from spawn , Apex laboratory with jump puzzle, At the end got the bubble boost tech in the high tech chest.5DiabloykzDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/10/2013 17:15:31X-70156604-30728853The X 30 Her 6668 II dAvian airship to the left its not that far from spawn10ExileAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaAirship
12/10/2013 17:28:28Beta2389247817196836Beta Decimata 72 I aMatter Block
West: Lab containing Matter Forge and 2 high tech chests
East: Not much, one or 2 chests.
2LeviathanWakesJungleBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/10/2013 17:49:23Beta2389247817196836Beta Decimata 72 I bWest: Average sized glitch town with a few stores.
East: Not much until you get to the glitch town.
2LeviathanWakesAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 18:24:09Alpha-2995833218472688Alnilam 58 III aThere is alot of chests on the surface, with a high tech chest to the far left containing a dash tech. It is just below the surface of the ground so you may not see it during night. also continueing left you will find a lab, likely with two robots in it.1HawklyForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaChest
12/10/2013 18:34:28X44240009-27139621X Eltanin 0317 IIHead West from the warp point for a while and you will find an avian temple, continue left past there and you will find a rainbow forest with a rainbow chest7HerbalishDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 18:47:09X47174921-7428161X 78 Vir 2652 IX bKeep heading left after you get on the planet and you'll pass a shroom biome with some shroom chests, continue going west and you will there will be a pirate airship with a weapon vendor.9HerbalishForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaMerchant/Vendor
12/10/2013 19:07:04X665-666X Zeta Tau Minoris I aHead right when you get to the surface and you will eventually find a tiny cave bit with a tech chest at the entrance I found the Rocket Jump tech inside7HerbalishGrasslandsBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/10/2013 20:32:15Alpha8391160-39816791Alpha Eps And Minoris V aSmall planet, easy to circumnavigate in a day. To the right is tech chest with dash, and a fair sized Floran village with some pretty good loot. 1Lady KiannaForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 20:46:26Beta-4109534-16877342Beta Nao Minoris I aDig just dig straight down at spawn, and you will run into a mineshaft with crazy amount of ores.2PancakezForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaOre
12/10/2013 21:19:26Alpha2811493129491568Alpha Atomilion Minoris III cTo the west of the warp in zone, large Medieval style Glitch castle. Lots of unique decor.1SelceForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 22:17:00Beta2033-2013Beta Kyatz 56 II AUSMC Penal colony just to left of spawn2KingBravoAridBeta V - Frustrated KoalaUSCM
12/10/2013 22:26:37Beta59877279-70634433Beta Heze 835 IV eAirship to the west a fair ways2NoxidJungleBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/10/2013 22:45:25Beta-94717178-8356451Beta 6 Tri 415 I bLeft; Large Floran village - Food vendor - Several lore books2Spaceman SpiffMoonBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/10/2013 23:38:35Beta-94717145-8356460Beta Deneb Al Okab Aus 127 VI A/B?Note: Can't tell if this is planet A or B, the name is too long to fit in the ship's nav console

Large Glitch Castle about halfway around the planet
Left/Right: 2 Apex labs about halfway to the castle in either direction, nothing much to see, very small labs with 1 enemy each
2Spaceman SpiffAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/10/2013 23:49:30Beta-17954239-83244210Beta OV Cep 1634 III AUSCM Military bunker to the left. Several space heaters, tons of decorative items.2Nuker1110ArcticBeta V - Frustrated KoalaUSCM
12/11/2013 0:37:49X-53369083-85343996X Skat 729 IVaHigh-Tech chest (with Butterfly Boost for me) to the left of spawn.10gmousemagmaBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 0:53:29Beta-94717115-8356483Beta Maximus 35 IV bLeft: Just left of beam-in, there is a pretty large Avian settlement.There are half a dozen merchants selling weapons, clothing, and food.2Spaceman SpiffDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/11/2013 1:07:57Alpha-8500476261825631Alpha Yed Posterior 25 IVDont matter, whether left or right. Either way, over a hill and you will come across the facility.1RegistraeForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaPlanet wide Facility
12/11/2013 1:35:14X-55414614-9418414x P Cyg Majoris VHuge Planet With 2 Avian Ships to the left.10gmousesnowBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/11/2013 1:53:42Beta-7300927956255796Beta Beta Hor 7315 IIc3 Tech chest: 2x Pulse Dash, 1x Pulse Jump
All 3 chests are on surface roughly, 1 is just inside a cavern entrance section but visible from surface.

Florian Town with cooking ingredient vendor.
2Ogre SamanosukeAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVillage/Town
12/11/2013 2:01:01Beta-94717048-8356513Beta W Boo IThree Apex bunkers across the surface, all with tech chests. Also a elite spawn not far right of the beam-in.2Spaceman SpiffDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaVarious
12/11/2013 2:11:07X3270454441511041X 29 Cyg 00 IILegendary Grenade Launcher (for me) in second brown chest to the left10gmousetundraBeta V - Frustrated KoalaChest
12/11/2013 2:12:22X32994813-71591774X Muscida 6263Tech chest containing Targeted Blink for me. To the left, through the flesh biome.9CkaustroJungleBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 2:42:07Beta-94717048-9356513Beta W Boo 96 II aLeft: Large Apex facility w/ tech chest at the end
Right: Several small Floren houses
2Spaceman SpiffAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/11/2013 2:50:43Delta630-676Delta Horsebutt 01 IIButterfly tech east of spawn.4YukiJungleBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 3:47:15Delta630-676Delta Horsebutt 01 IIIBubble boost. Head west of spawn.4YukiArcticBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 4:07:17Alpha5907220563878058Alpha Mu-2 Gru Majoris I aLeft from Spawn after a medium walk is an Avian Temple and in a chest that was in a pit before the temple I found a Rum Barrel Back.
Right from spawn 2 bridges out of light metal and 3 small apex labs without anything special.
Also right from spawn a bit after the first metal bridge is a chest with 5 Diamond Ore.
1VallitsevaForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 4:51:15Gamma22031989-28091991Gamma 14 Her 91 I- Hard terrain with lots of bird enemies
- Mineshaft left from spawn (a day walk)
- Platinum Ore, Diamond Ore and Titanium Ore on Surface
- Sand Chest Right from spawn (Sandstone Table BP, Chair BP)
- Morphball Tech far right from spawn (you can see it from surface)
- Softbrick Biome if you dig deep enough from mineshaft
3MundaleDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaOre
12/11/2013 5:51:49Delta-71889902-51179284 Delta Alderamin 572 I- Bubble Boost Tech Left of spawn
- Avian Ship Far Left of spawn
4MundaleGrasslandsBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/11/2013 5:52:50X-7344079-91407986X Oatem 95 III bAvian prison to the left. lots of ores underground.10RafaDesertBeta V - Irritated KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 6:18:17Delta-70156577-30728840Delta Ankaa 069 III ago left - Human mech in chest and blue pistol in one of next chests.4RoonMoonBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/11/2013 6:25:22X-8638648092985836X Tau Pup 71 ITwo HUGE glitch castles (wizard robes and pants), rare shotgun and legendary bonehammer in chests, miniboss, and lots of ore close to surface. also huts (some with chests). Took me over 2 days to circle it.10RafaForestBeta V - Irritated KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 7:43:32Beta-9012862-203449976Beta 54 Leo 892 II aTo to left: Glitch village2JozzForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaVillage/Town
12/11/2013 8:40:15Beta604-2930092Beta 32 Ori 2832 II BShort walk left for a tech chest (Energy Dash) just under the surface of a water pool. Then a little further left is an Avian Temple. 2KingBravoAridBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 10:02:29X-6497019117264727X Malkut Majoris IITo the left: small apex lab with nylon guitar. More to the left: small chast with oboe. More to the left: avian temple complex (?)10NightFantomSnowBeta V - Frustrated KoalaInstrument
12/11/2013 10:55:26Alpha-94717024-8356502Alpha Orabelli 12 I bGlitch Village almost immediately left of spawn, just over a big slope.1McHeathMoonBeta V - Frustrated KoalaVillage/Town
12/11/2013 12:04:25Alpha-45918590-47929898alpha sadalmelikPlenty of ore underground once you get past all the snow and ice in the caves!1Spaceman SpiffArcticBeta V - Frustrated KoalaOre
12/11/2013 12:28:40X9163831377820962X labbah 610 IPirate ship on the left7FUNnatikTentacleBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/11/2013 14:29:34Beta-7300927956255796Beta Beta Hor 7315 IIdTech chest in the third cave entrance to the east, near the surface.
A lot of iron on the surface. A mine to the west. Very cold planet.
2KodapaMoonBeta V - Frustrated KoalaChest
12/11/2013 14:42:10Alpha-34495467-64800718Alpha 67 Ooph 413 IVGo Left, it is a long walk. I would estimate 5 plus minutes. Massive Penal Colony. 1Khameleon21DesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaUSCM
12/11/2013 15:15:27Beta-10901097-6325127Beta Vaastolaan 70 IIGo Left or Right to find 6 Apex Research labs. Also include "Fleshy" Biome and Stimulate Salesman.2JetbootJungleBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 15:18:53X-3811553614013358X Garnet Star 62 1 bGo left.10RiceKunForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/11/2013 15:19:06X-3811553614013358X Garnet Star 62 1 bGo left.10RiceKunForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaAirship
12/11/2013 15:25:03Gamma-5352873169505199Gamma Horsebutt Minoris I b7+ Ape labs. A lot of resources, if you want to build your own lab.3DrawgirlGrasslandsBeta V - Frustrated KoalaLabs
12/11/2013 15:34:57Beta-7300927956255796Beta Beta Hor 7315 IIaA scientist's structure full of lava that I don't know the name (sorry) with 2 high tech chests to the west.2KodapaDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/11/2013 16:10:37X47174886-7428157Eta Sco Majoris ILegendary Star Sword in chest to left in floran village10fencedinSnowBeta V - Frustrated KoalaChest
12/11/2013 16:25:07X47174886-7428157Eta Sco Majoris ILegendary Assault Rifle to right in surface chest10fencedinDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaChest
12/11/2013 16:41:13X61747777-28284176X Cancri 748 II ALarge Floran Village to the left. Accordion in a chest. 10Sniper26AridBeta V - Frustrated KoalaInstrument
12/11/2013 17:16:22X-18820030-65193896X Alpheratz Majoris III B7 Apex Facilities with a full set of Scientist Stuff. A hobo hat outside in chests. Just at on of stuff. All to the left 10Sniper26AridBeta V - Frustrated KoalaVarious
12/11/2013 19:13:11Alpha-4087762281911019Alpha Gamma Mon Minoris IISeveral screens left from spawn, medium sized USMC Underground Lab. Good for decorations and early pixels [I cleared it with starter weapon and Racial Tier 1 Armor]1CLEVERSLEAZOIDForestBeta V - Annoyed KoalaUSCM
12/11/2013 19:24:59Beta666664Beta V1334 Cyg Majoris IIaLeft to spawn : Rainbow trees, rainbow chest with rainbow cape

Avian Temple connected to a small cave with 6 diamond ores inside (See to find the entrance, it's to the extreme left of the temple). Nothing in the temple except the ennemies, and a couple of chests behind the walls (Found an accordion in one of them)

2MirukuDesertBeta V - Annoyed KoalaOre
12/11/2013 20:03:09Delta650-674Delta Sabek Majoris ILarge Desert planet, houses and bandits scattered across the surface.

Mine structer to the left of spawn, Tech chests with Targeted Blink and Human Mech on the surface further left.
4AgeOfPwnDesertBeta V - Indignant KoalaTech
12/11/2013 20:57:31Alpha7303188582540563Alpha Albali 3463 I aGo left from spawn and you'll encounter the first science base really quickly. Several others once you keep proceeding left and all have the same lay out.1NathanAridBeta V - Annoyed KoalaTech
12/11/2013 21:02:11X-48368570-50564814X Leela Minoris VJust left of spawn there is a tech chest, contained gravity bubble for me, farther (much) left is a miniboss.10DerpTundraBeta V - Indignant KoalaTech
12/11/2013 21:48:32Alpha-7880604730264986Alpha 10 SGB 6119 IFrom spawn, go to west, in 2~3 minutes you'll find an apex labo.
Total count of labos: 14 (if i'm not wrong)
1StardomDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 22:06:10Alpha2934688-11227666Alpha Necrocia 9060 I bHead left from the landing zone and you'll run into a hill shaped like a bird head. Enter the door and explore the dungeon!1NathanMoonBeta V - Annoyed KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/11/2013 22:39:26Gamma648645Gamma Nu Oct 7416 VI aOne screen right of the spawn, down a hole there's a Hi-Tech Chest, got Gravity Bubble.3Mog-WhyDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaChest
12/11/2013 23:09:31Beta66854488-17696858Beta Hyperion 4029 II aBig glitch village to the left, lots of shops.2JanGamesForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaVillage/Town
12/11/2013 23:50:42Beta88180221-91122712Beta BQ Gem 4042 IIWalk left for about 1 min to find the entrance to a deep man-made mine with shafts that lead to caverns for silver, gold and platinum.2RizzoForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/12/2013 0:22:58Alpha13077918-81393926Alpha 29 Cyg 6410 IVTo the left from the spawn1RakishkesForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaAirship
12/12/2013 0:29:57Alpha56657889-49944852Alpha Ruchbah 791 IVA magicians shop that sells all four color stim packs to the left of Beamdown point, He also sells a Magic Hat. Left of that are Two back-to-back USCM Prisons (Large) with a lot of stim packs & simple prisoners, lots of entry level weapon drops (30+ on my run). A few chests on top of the planet. Found a "watersword" somewhere on planet surface and never ventured into any caves. Also has a small camp with guards and a hostile monkey in a cage with a chest, again to the left of the prison.1Chris BForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaUSCM
12/12/2013 1:39:47Beta633672Beta Oatem Minoris I bLarge Avian village just to the left of spawn.2WigginnsAridBeta V - Indignant KoalaVillage/Town
12/12/2013 2:42:47Beta-4109534-16877342Beta Naos Minoris IAt the spawn is a chest with a blueprint for a flora lamp. Left of the spawn is a tech chest on the surface with an Energy Dash blueprint. Further left is an abandoned research facility with a Pulse Jump blueprint.2B1ueLeaderJungleBeta V - Indignant KoalaX2 Tech Chests
12/12/2013 2:46:51Beta-22161271-89802099Beta 16 Cyg 55 III a/bThere is a glitch castle to the left of both spawns. The one on a contains some nice loot including a full wizard suit and an extra pair of pants in the hidden chest in the top right gold room. The castle on b contains a complete white chess set and ANOTHER complete wizard suit as well as an accordion (everyone's favourite instrument).2Talekk & IsamaruKenzoForestBeta V - Frustrated KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/12/2013 3:33:20Delta-32620282-44346704delta nekkar I aapex town to the left4ushyaridBeta V - Indignant KoalaVillage/Town
12/12/2013 3:53:37X-70443925-9507693X Beta Mon Minoris III bGo left. Two Tech chests. First one is visible inside a small cave? in the mountain (Slightly). Second one is left further past the first.10RiceKunDesertBeta V - Frustrated KoalaTech
12/12/2013 4:15:56Beta-1532359282186680Beta Castor 780 IIILeft of spawn is an abandoned research facility with an electrified maze and a Pulse Jump blueprint as a reward for traversing it.2B1ueLeaderAridBeta V - Indignant KoalaTech
12/12/2013 4:55:00Alpha481119149990092Alpha Almaaz 19 ITo the left is a Aplex lab bunker. Contains Matter block generator and 3 Hi-Tech chests.(I located a Ushanka(Russian hat) in one of the chests)1GojuWillForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaVarious
12/12/2013 5:57:36Gamma-6582638859887839Gamma Araxis 051 V aLeft:
- Hi-Tech Chest (Phoenix Emblem)
- Avian tomb (half day walk)
- Small Apex Lab (half day walk)
- Small Apex Hospital (not too far from lab)
3MundaleJungleBeta V - Indignant KoalaDungeon/Temple
12/12/2013 6:22:02Alpha57943636-88817922Alpha Kaffaljidahma 8429 Iright1ForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaAirship
12/12/2013 8:00:08X-12119X Leela Majoris VI aLegendary Grenade Launcher in first chest to the right. The chest is quite far away of the spawn and it's on the surface of the planet.10RawXenonMoonBeta V - Indignant KoalaChest
12/12/2013 8:38:27Beta-2675464830352653Beta Eps Equ Majoris v bEye Chest with "all seeling Cape" right on the spawn2gmouseForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaChest
12/12/2013 8:55:21Beta-2675464830352653Beta Eps Equ Majoris v aHigh-Tech chest to the righ (Energy dash for me)
Huge Glitch city to the left
2gmousesnowBeta V - Indignant KoalaVarious
12/12/2013 9:44:29Alpha-34226237-80646342Alpha Euterpe 87 VILarge high-tech facility with Matter blocks, Glitch cultists and mini-boss. All to left of beam-down point.1AeisharatForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaTech
12/12/2013 10:49:07Beta5481329Beta Eta Leo 57 IaVery cold moon with lab, two high tech chests, a matter fabricator.

Cave with crystals and a crystal chest at entrance to the right (Can't be seen from the surface, but it's at the entrance of a cave), more stuff inside I guess, as it's wide.
2MirukuMoonBeta V - Indignant KoalaVarious
12/12/2013 10:52:06Gamma1157679568496246Gamma Kalodox 8344 IIThere is a High-Tech chest containing a Morphball tech in a pond to the right3Weasel On DieselJungleBeta V - Indignant KoalaTech
12/12/2013 10:57:21Gamma2-2Gamma Shedar Majoris V bStim vendor directly to the left of spawn.3RyteJungleBeta V - Indignant KoalaMerchant/Vendor
12/12/2013 11:07:10X-71890040-51179315X Rho Oph 441 IIIRARE SHIELD Button Shield ( Mushroom Skin ) in a mushroom chest to the left, after a town avian. You can also find the city a strange book with an X at the top called "Progenitors" and add it to your Codex, and food vendors, clothing, weapons and recipes.9NoidForestBeta V - Indignant KoalaChest
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