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Map #CategoryTitleLocationBy (Artist / Sponsor)Project Description
27MuralGa1124 Atlantic AvenueMark Chu
28MuralFind Your Way14 S. Tennessee Ave.Bernie McCabe, Mazing Art StudioThis 40-foot mural states "Life is a maze, find your way." It is a fully functional maze - there are large "Start" and "Finish" signs on the lower level, indicating where you should begin and end the maze, and there are solvable paths between the two. Dark blue, green, orange, and light blue are all separate mazes and can be solved independently. It represents the journey we are all on in life, the complicated, overlapping and tangled paths we are all on, right next to each other. There are multiple arrows pointing in random directions, indicating the upward, downward, and lateral movements we take on our journeys. It mandates that you "find your way" as encouragement to solve your maze and get where you want to be, regardless of how many dead ends you run into.
30MuralWe Call it Home242 S Vermont AveAir Rat
31MuralViva Campensina2nd Ward Firehouse, Atlantic and Maryland AvenueManuela GuillénThis mural will have three female figures looking up at two moon in the sky.
They will be surrounded by hills, tropical plants and cacti.
The plants and hills will have many pattern and filled with bright colors.

This mural is dedicated to working immigrants who leave their homes and sacrifice so much for hope.
Everything about this mural is personal to me. My mother worked in the fields to provide for her daughters.
This is why I choose three figures - they are my three older sisters who waited to reunite with our mother.
The moons represent a timeless moment of staying still and yearning to be together again with family.
I want to create a piece not only to tell my family's history but to tell the stories of my immigrant families.

Atlantic City became my home when I was 16. I've worked their for many years.
The community is vibrant and diverse. I want to represent the immigrant community using my art.
32MuralMural4002 Ventnor AveSydney MountMy design is inspired by the water tower in Atlantic City which used to have fish painted on it; I'm not sure exactly when the water tower was painted over but the old fish design, as well as the "hot air balloon" water tower, were iconic landmarks that I fondly remember from when I was younger. I've taken inspiration from the water tower's design and portray it in my own personal style. It features 5 fish with a blue tie-dye background.
38MuralMural7 S. South Carolina AveCharles BarbinMulti-plane crab or squid "mural", where the crab or squid's body/foundation is "anchored" in one location, then within the same area (block for 48 blocks) each leg (if a crab) or tentacle (if a squid) would appear at a different location (i.e. ascending from a sewer, on a sidewalk, popping up on a wall, utility box,etc. ... the possibilities are many and would be decided when location is determined). Note, the appendages would be in proximity to the body/foundation.
44MuralOcean Recycle MuralAtlantic Cape Community College - Worthington CampusRobert RossielloDid you know the United Nations Environment Programme estimated in 2006 that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic? The Ocean Recycle mural presents an aquatic theme using recycled material to highlight the importance of recycling and the impact of pollution on our ocean. The mural incorporates a painting of sea life including whales, sharks, flounder, jelly fish, octopus, etc. with designs filled in with paper, plastic, metal and cardboard found at the local recycling plant. The Atlantic City Special Improvement District has sponsored and contributed materials for this mixed-media project. Participants will have the opportunity to work on the mural and there will also be a fun questionnaire and coloring-book image to allow visitors to get involved.
48MuralMuralAtlantic City Rescue MissionDara Heston, Atlantic City Rescue MissionA towering lighthouse and oceanscape will cover the entire wall of an old single pour concrete warehouse on Bacharach Blvd. Our concept brings a visual to the everyday work of the AC Rescue Mission- rescuing people, and guiding those who have lost their way safely home. Our lighthouse shines out as a beacon of hope leading the lost to a place of refuge and help.
54MuralMuralBoys & Girls Club, 317 N Pennsylvania AveKelley PrevardA mural featuring the culture of atlantic city. With bright colors and bold patterns
55MuralStill I RiseBuenaVista Beauty Salon & Barbershop, 4209 Ventnor AveLoryn L. SimonsenA reimagining of a 2017 wing mural, "Still I Rise" invites the viewer to interact with the transformative power of the butterfly. The wings patterning is inspired by the textiles from the Kuna in Colombia and the Mende in Sierra Leone. "Still I Rise" is borrowed from Maya Angelou. A powerful poem capturing the steadfast strength she accessed when rising above not only her lived experience but also the history of injustice and prejudice put upon her by our culture. Layered behind the wings the phrase "Still I Rise" appears in several languages, reflecting the diverse population and language of the neighborhood.
113MuralMuralTony Boloney's, 300 Oriental AveAve One
59MuralMuralEl Rincon Del Sabor, 2501 Pacific AveAmor BautistaPainted mural using acrylic/spray paint. Including various plants and flowers from my imagination.
66MuralMuralGem Liquor Store, 1737 Atlantic Ave4saknA visual exploration of the art of typography in a unique and abstract way utilizing a vast genre of complimenting colors on a city wall for the public to view and be inspired.
72MuralFish tank muralHorace Bryant Jr. Park, Horace Bryant Jr. Drive & Ohio AveLinda Brisco Harper, Laura Starrett, Lisa HonakerPlan to paint a mural of a fish tank on a 4’ x 8’ block in the park over the “H track”.
76MuralTake WingBourré, 201 S. New York AvenueMarjorie PrestonI want to paint a giant butterfly mural. I think it could be very interactive and will draw people who want to be photographed with wings.
77MuralMural342 N. New JerseyMichael Gaunt
79MuralJoy to the Fishes in the Deep Blue SeaNoyes Arts Garage, 2200 Fairmount Ave, in Arts AlleyTere Doebley & Lynda DonovanOur project is to create a 6 ft. W X 5 ft. L mosaic mural. We will use opaque and
translucent hand–cut stained glass tessarae. The substrate will be a ¾ inch
lightweight backer board conducive to using in changeable outdoor weather. The
adhesive will be a Mapei Kerabond/Keralastic System also able to withstand our
Atlantic coastal temperatures. Will use a mixture of fine sand and mortar, which will
bond each individual tile to the adhesive, which will bond the entire design to the
substrate. Upon the 24-hour setting of Mapei Ultracolor Plus grout grout, we will
seal the entire mural with an appropriate solution. The entire mural will be
wrapped Schluter System tile edging to ensure moisture will not permeate the
layers of substrate, adhesive, and grout.

The theme we have chosen is local fish, which have provided Atlantic County
residents with much outdoor sporting enjoyment and sustenance for hundreds of
years. The mural will depict Bluefin tuna, striper, ocean perch, flounder, and a
school of spot looking up toward the underside of a boat enticed by the hook while
streams of light shine down from the surface of the water. The mosaic fish will be
stylized but recognizable of the species to those familiar with fishing.

I believe our design will provide a bit of whimsy and beauty to Atlantic City and a
deserved recognition to the fish that provide “joy to you and me!”
81MuralFree for all wallKelsey's, 1545 Pacific AveCasey BCreating a mural in collaboration with 2-6 artist using various modes of application
86MuralMuralLittle Water DistilleryChristian CorreaInspired and assisted by the ideas of the students at Uptown School Complex, in collaboration with Art Teacher Francie Josephsen, this large mural hopes to evoke the spirit of Atlantic City through words and images.
87MuralBefore I DieM&M Auto, N. Sovereign AveGenesis SandovalI would like to recreate one of the "Before I Die" walls in Atlantic City. The following is a description from the original artist's website describing the project, "Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to contemplate death and reflect on their lives. Originally created by the artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved, today there are over 2,000 walls around the world." The wall is composed of chalk paint as well as stenciled spray painting of the phrase, "before i die" followed by a blank line which allows people to write down whatever they would like in chalk, available at the mural.
90MuralMuralNoyes Arts Garage, Arts Alley Fence, 2200 Fairmount AveSaskia Schmidt, Vanessa Spollen, Sarah Lacey, Stockton UniversitySeveral art majors (Vanessa Spollen, Sarah Lacey and one other former student), recent graduates of Stockton University, will be creating a mural on a board that will be mounted on the fence next to the Arts Garage that divides the Arts Alley from the Arts Corral on Mississippi Avenue. They have started sketching their design that is inspired by two different paintings (see attached images). The mural will be a colorful abstracted view of Atlantic City.

I am working with them to refine their sketch ideas and to help them to organize the production of their fence mural.
107MuralACNJ Another City Needing justiceDolphin Field, Kuehnle & N. Ohio AveKenneth FaulkMurals celebrating Atlantic City’s history
108MuralMuralSwapz AC, 526 Atlantic AveMarcus HughesI use spray paint and graffiti letter styles to convey messages of positivity and encouragement through my works.
57MuralAbstract Street Art125 S. Texas AvenueLuv OneA large scale abstract painting using sprap paint and latex with brushes and rollers. What my aim is is to create a mural with all the movement, texture and color of abstract expressionism thru the tools and techniques of graffiti
121MuralMuralChina Inn, 3301 Atlantic AvenueEdwin Rivera
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