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WebsiteCountryNotePostageCommentsInternational Shipping?Samples?Organic/Fairtrade?
My Matcha USA5Specializes in premium ceremonial matcha as well as matcha for blender drinks, smoothies, and cooking. YesNoLoose (ground matcha)
American Tea RoomCanada5.95#1 Rated Tea Emporium on Great selection of rare teas and custom blends. Beautiful store in Beverly Hills, CA.CanadaYesOrganic & Fair TradeLoose leaf and bags
Sugarplums & Tea 120 loose leaf teas.UnknownNoNo
Verdant Tea $49+ orders free for Canada / US / UK / AUS / China, otherwise $5 flat rate. $100+ free shipping or $18 flat rate other international Excellent tea. Love ordering from them. Hand-written thank you notes!
Sources thier tea directly from individual families / small farms
Amazing friendly service. Tea is marvelous as well plus they have a lot of different teas!
Well curated selection; everything is awesome.
Yes. $49+ orders free for Canada / US / UK / AUS / China, otherwise $5 flat rate. $100+ free shipping or $18 flat rate other international Yes. 5 for $5 plus $5 coupon backBothLoose leaf
Wanja Tea of Kenya Codes($4.00 Standard Shipping to US and $10.00 to Canada)Wanja Tea of Kenya is an online tea store based in Massachusetts that deals solely in high quality and unadulterated loose leaf Kenyan Teas. All of our teas are sourced at a fair price from small-scale farmers in Kenya's most fertile tea growing regions. Our teas are grown using sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods that produce the best teas that Kenya has to offer. From fertile family owned farms to your cup, our mission is to act as a direct link between our customers and small scale tea farmers in Kenya. We also aim to bring about socio-economic development to Kenya's tea growing regions by sourcing and selling the teas at a fair price. Loose leaf
The Teaguy - 110 Fell Ave, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 2J9http://www.theteaguy.comWe import and blend some of the highest quality and organic tea we can find! Leverage our 16 years of experience to help grow your tea programs for your restaurant, cafe, or catering operation!~$10 - Free over $50YesOrganic/FairtradeLoose Leaf and larger 4-5g sachet teabags
8 supplier of green tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, Assam black tea, white tea, English Breakfast, tisanes and many more. sells quality tea and teaware and many herbal infusions from all over the world.~$6.00Yes through some of our eventsOrganicBoth
The TeaCupany $00.00 - $20.00........$5.95
$20.01 - $40.00........$6.95
$40.01 - $70.00........$7.95
$70.01 - $150.00......$8.95
Over $150.00......FREE
Included with purchaseOrganic and fairtradeLoose leaf, with tea bags available
10 Canada$10.95 flat rate; free over $50If you're in Montreal, give them a shag, they're very helpful.International shipping available.YesBothLoose Leaf
Davids Tea China$15 or Free over $50 for Canada or $75 for USAno international shipping, only usa and ca.NoYesBothLoose Leaf
Herbal Infusions Tea Co.Raleigh, NC$4.20 flat rate for USANice selection of teas that are artisan blended in house by their tea master. Unique flavors that are constantly rotating. Uses local ingredients in their blends. Moose Tracks was amazing!will ship to Canada via USPSWith every orderBothLoose and bagged
Upton Tea$4.60 for any order sizeI really enjoy this brand, everything I have gotten has been of good quality. The website style seems outdated, but they have good tea which ships quickly. With a tea order comes a quarterly paper catalogue including detailed articles on various historical or cultural tea events. The number of teas available through Upton's is staggering. The website looks dreadful, but works well, don't let it put you off. You can set up wishlists and store your own personal ratings for teas you've purchased. The chatsford teapots they sell are great.+YesBothLoose leaf
R. Uchiyama$4.95 flat rate shipping; FREE shipping on all orders over $50My local green tea expert. The tea is very high quality as one would expect from the Uchiyama plantation.yesSome organicLoose leaf
U.S. Wellness$4.98 flat rate for 1lb packagesThe best chamomile outhere. $11 for 1 lb :) I enjoy their tea but the price is just outhere. All tea comes from small family owned fields in Bosnia. Yes. Contact themYesNopeLoose Leaf
Tao Tea Leaf over $35$5 flat rate* Great selection of teas and teawares
* Known best for our extensive loose Chinese Tea selection, Tao Tea Leaf offers a variety of other loose teas from Japan, India, South America and Africa as well as an extensive line of USDA-certified Organic loose teas.
* A six-time winner at the 2011 North American Tea Championships, Tao Tea Leaf features over 130 types of tea including more 53 certified Organic teas along with white, green, black, Oolong, Pu-er, Yerba Maté, African Rooibos, and Caffeine-Free Botanical teas.
YesYesBothLoose Leaf
The TeaCupany$5 flat rateFresh teas, great tastes, large variety and low prices with free shipping.YesFairtrad eand some organicloose
18 Canada$5 US ShippingNoyesbothtea pyramids
CoffeeAM Canada/USA$5, but site occasionally fails to charge. expect phonecall.NoNoLoose Leaf & Chai Concentrates
Culinary TeasChinafree shipping for military, code TROOPS$5.00 flat ratebest for black, flavored & herbal teas, with some unique white teas - not the best quality website but good quality & customer serviceNoyes, 1 oz sampleshas a small organic sectionloose leaf & bags
Tea Vivre$5.00 flat rateAll sorts of tea. Seem to be very high quality, but with a somewhat higher priced catalogue. All teas labeled with grow location information and teas listed on website with eurofins safety reports.Yes (through "Bongo International")YesSomeLoose Leaf
TeaVivre they have a points based loyalty program too which works out to be 5% back on orders and you also get to pick your free samples which come with all orders.
$5.00 flat rateShipping can be slow, but the tea and customer service is great.YesYesBothLoose leaf Wholesale
darling dahlia##MISSING URL##China15% discount codeL DARLING$5.95-$8.95 for USA. $14 - $26 CanadaGreat for high quality, gourmet tea leaves, Large whole leaf tea of premium quality. No powder or broken leaf teas. No tea bags or artificial flavours,NoLoose leaf tea
Tee$6 flat rate shippingNoBothBoth/Mostly Loose
Eco-Cha in Taiwanese Teas. Based in Taiwan since 1993. $6 global flat rate. Free over $75. yes Some organic, some all-natural, direct trade. Loose Leaf
Tom's Tea Company$6.95 or in-store pickupSimple Online-Shop, great prices.Nooffers organic teaLoose leaf tea
geWholesale web site$6.95 shipping free over 50My local shop. They have an amazing selection (200+) of both international and locally grown tea. Physical store is located in downtown Lititz, PA. I recommend "Divine Intervention", "Chai Amaricanie".UnknownUnknownBothLoose Leaf
Tea Hong$7 flat rate in CanadaA new shop with an exquisite collection. Very high quality tea. Owner is the author and primary maintainer of the Tea Guardian reference guide ( Leaf
Whittard of Chelsea$7 flat rate shipping including Hawaii, Alaska, and APOs• We have 130 varieties of tea, and still blend our own teas and infusions, just as Walter did.

• We are one of the few places that will grind freshly roasted coffee beans to your individual tastes.

• We have over 18 varieties of luxurious hot chocolate, tempting chocolate lovers with everything from White Chocolate and Strawberry to Chilli.

• We believe that preparation and serving are all part of the enjoyment. So we sell specialist china, equipment and glassware alongside our drinks.
NoBothLoose leaf, Tea bags, Instant
Davidsons Tea China$7.95 flat rateGreat pricing and selection. Gunpowder Green is solid if you like green teas, have heard great things about their Rooibos. Comes in a resealable foil-lined paper bag, but if you have an airtight container that will probably be better.NoNoBothLoose and Bags
tea daisyhttp://teadaisy.comUSA$8, Free if over $50Premium quality, loose leaf, organic teaYesSometimesYesLoose leaf
Den's Tea China15% off Kukicha with coupon code KUKICHA€4,50 for GER
Free over €17,90
rest check FAQ
The powdered sencha is my favorite on the go tea. Their Gyrokuro Kin is one of my favorite teas. NoYesBothLoose and Bags
Distinctly Tea Darjeeling, India1st 100g is $4.20, each subsequent 100g is $2.40They have samples in little bags for $1-2 depending on teaNoYesLoose
Tealuxe, PA5.95, Free Shipping over $50Yes, worldwide shippingYes???Loose
Apollo Tea$ Ground shipping, free over 75$ orders. If you like earl grey with real bigmont try here. In general they offer high quality loose leafs at very afforadble pricesCanada accepted (12$) must contact for other countries.Loose
Bana Tea Company Canada6.50$, free over 100$An incredible selection of high quality, clean and vintage puer teas from Yunnan, ChinaCanada/ USSample PacksLoose & cakes
Dobra Germany6.95-16NoBoth
Think Matcha very reasonable $3 Excellent selections of Matcha Green Teas, Organic, Cermonial, Cafe Grade and also "Tea Master Recommended" Uji Ceremonial matcha teas. Shipping $3. They are very particular about quality control and freshness, and have a very informative website about how to use matcha in your beverages, cooking and everyday lifestyle. YesSelect Matcha powdered teas from Japan
YUNOMIhttp://yunomi.usAn online marketplace for artisanal Japanese producers and small-scale merchants in the Japanese tea industryAll orders free shipping in North AmericaJapan-made tea, tisanes, teaware. Recently launched private label tea brand YUNOMI Factory Direct, but best teas are from the growers selling on the site.Yes, growers availableLoose and bagged
Yuuki-Cha Products Shipped Directly From ChinaExcellent selection of remarkable Japanese green, oolong, black teas, and authentic teaware; highly recommendedNoSolely OrganicLoose Leaf
Dragon Tea House $2 for orders less than 1 lbThey ship quite quickly for coming from China, though some of their tea seems to differ from what is normal for that tea type. Excellent pictures and descriptions, though.Yes
Tealux, Japan,Taiwan, AustraliaMOOSE25 for 25% of all orders of TeaAustralia OnlyCanadian company based in Montreal. I noramlly get 2 free samples whenever I order. Wide selection of teas at very good prices. Excellent teas at reasonable prices. Ships to US. Highly recommended.Yes, UPS InternationalYesYesLoose
Murchies BC: from $5.95
Canada: from $7.95
USA: from $9.95
Best Tea shop in BC outside of Vancouver Chinatown, in operation since 1894.YesYesYesLoose and Bags
Peony Tea S.http://www.peonyts.comUSABy weightyesLoose leaf
Ego Tea Hong Kong't order online...They ship quickly, and the flowering teas are delicious.NoNoBothLoose Leaf
Eco-Cha Artisan Hong KongFree samples with every order. Flat & free available for tea leavesBased in Taiwan. Direct from family run farms. Taiwan oolong and black tea.
All of our teas come from farmers whom we know personally and visit regularly in their homes and on their farms. We have known most of our sources for many years. We expressly seek out those producers of tea whose farms, methodologies, principles, and quantities of yield remain within the capacity and capability of artisan tea making.
NoYesCertified Organic, All natural (non-certified), direct from the farm. Loose Leaf and Bags
ESGREENJapanSTP001204 10% off for tea ordersFlat RateSelect countries onlyYes, free for tea tastersYes, free for tea tastersLoose Leaf
Eilles Idaho, USAFlat rate $6One of the best tea retailers in GermanyNoNoBothLoose Leaf and Bags
English Tea LeavesIndiaFree sample with every orderFlat rate $7; Free over $60Not YetYes, in Parker, COLoose Leaf
Bitterleaf Teas ChinaFlat rate international shipping: $13.95Specialize in Puer and teas from Yunnan. Teas are from as direct a source as possible and carefully screened before selecting.YesYesNot certified, but direct from farmer in some cases.Loose Leaf
Enjoying Tea Indiairon: 15% till 31/03/2013Flat-varies by distance, cheapest on east coastLarge selection, fast shipping. Free shipping $60+.Pretty good prices for CanadaYesBothLoose, Bags & Cakes
Gong Fu Tea jingFreeHigh quality selection, fast shipping and exellent customer serviceUSA only
loose leaf and cakes
Ringtons USAFreeYesLoose & Tea Bags
Tip Top Tea friendly service. Tea is marvelous as well plus they have a lot of different teas!Loose Leaf
55 after $50Alaskan based tea and spice shop, good varieties. Free samples with every orderYesYesLoose
Tao of Tea after $50 , 9.97 underYes
57 delivery for orders over $25, $3.75 for shipping in the USAyesyesloose and silk pyramids
All Tea US (Cambridge, MA)Free delivery for orders over 50$Call for outside USNoOrganicLoose leaf only
Discover Teashttp://www.discoverteas.comColorado, USAFree for orders over $60 ($70 required for free shipping to Canada)Nice quality and selection. King Hsuan Oolong is outstanding.US and CanadaYesBothLoose Leaf
The Tea Company shipping on SamplesFree for samples and purchases over $50North American tea company specializing in flavored, loose leaf tea. Friendly staff, live chat support on site.Yes, $2 each free shippingBothLoose leaf
pekoetea in UK over £35The best tea store in Edinburgh, fine tea's from all over the worldYesIn store they do single cupsLoose Leaf
Golden Tips Tea JapaneseFirst time customers can buy 15$ samples free of international shipping.Free International Shipping on orders above 49 USD.Wide selection of Indian Teas. Their specialty is Darjeelings, selling from almost all 87 plantations in Darjeeling. USA and CanadaSometimesSome.Both
What-Cha Intl. shipping over $40 orders/35 eurosGood quality loose leaf teas. Carries also teas from lesser known countries, such as Vietnam and Russia.YesYesLoose leaf
Blackflower and Company CanadaFree On $40 or more to USA. ($20+ shipping elsewhere)Known in Bay Area for their chai, which is served at a number of coffee shops. Other teas are good as well, my favorites are the Ceylon and Earl Grey. Best prices I've found on Bee House teapots/cupsFlat Rate to N.A. Overseas contact for more informationSample PacksBothLoose Leaf
Darjeeling Tea Boutiquehttp://www.DarjeelingTeaBoutique.comChinaAdagioFree on orders above $75Selection of Darjeeling Teas loose leaf typeYesYESYesPremium Loose Leaf grade
California Tea and Coffe Brewery CanadaFree over £25.00 to UKThey have a good selection of black, green, oolong, rooibis, herbal/herbal blends, yerba mates loose leaf teas. Their Orange Cinnimon Spice is excellent. My personal favorite is coconut oolong.GlobalLoose leaf
Great Lakes Tea & Spice Montreal, CanadaFree over $100Windy City Irish Blend is superbUSA onlyNoBothLoose, Flowering, Bags
Griffin Tea Montreal, CanadaFree over $100, $4.95-6.95USA only ($15 flat rate)Sampler Set
113Loose Leaf
Hibiki-an SingaporeFree over $25High quality Gyokuro & Sencha straight from JapanYesNoBothLoose Leaf & bags
In-Tea Sri LankaFree over $30 "Best Tea House" in Denver Colorado three years running.YesNoBothLoose Leaf
Indigo Tea Co. TaiwanFree over $35Inexpensive, offers two free one cup samples with your orderYesSomeLoose leaf
Infinitea Teahouse TaiwanFree over $40 NA ($65 International)Closed - rebranded as Half Moon Tea and Spice. Resells TeaGschwender, Rishi, etc. leaf
Red Leaf teaUSAFree over $47Huge selection of flavored Matcha tea including a large variety of all common tea types. Intercontinental shipping (US > EU) of a few days. 50% discount code for new customers: FYR54YesNoBothLoose Leaf
Harney & Sons Pittsburgh, PAGood selection for beginnersFree over $50New York City based, family owned company. They have a brick and mortar location and online store. Their black flavored teas are pretty good.YesYesSome Organic ChoicesLoose and bagged
Infusions of Tea Taiwan Free over $50*Site appears to be closed* Online arm of an excellent former teahouse in San DiegoYesNoBothLoose Leaf
Ippodo Taiwan Free over $50Green tea shop in Japan. Very good tea, appears to be focused more to the foreign market( fancy packaging, booklets with tea,etc.). Some teas are quite expensive.YesNoConventional Loose Leaf
Ito Tokyo, Japan (office in Odawara)Free over $50 YesBothNo.
Jade Panda Teahttp://www.JadePandaTea.comUKFree over $50Online loose leaf tea shop / reseller of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.YesNot at this timeLoose Leaf
JING Tea shipping on first order for signing up for newsletter. over $50YestttttttBothLoose and Bags.
Leland Tea Company over $50Wonderful tea shop in San Francisco. Excellent service and a great atmosphere.YesLoose leaf
Local Coffee and Tea over $50Local business in Sarasota Florida with huge variety of teas. Located in town's Botanical Gardens and at weekly farmer's market. YesBothLoose Leaf
Low Arts TeaUKFree over $50 (domestic and international), $5 shipping in North AmericaReally good specialty teas with unique blends not found elsewhere.YESBothLoose Leaf
Mad Hat Tea UKFree over $50 in USA. $30+ ship for CanadaYes
McIntosh Tea US Company, teas sourced directly from Yunnan, China
Free over $50, $4.75 flat rateNew business owned by a former apprentice at "Seattle Best Tea Co." & "Denong Tea Co." Very friendly and insightful. Carries a large selection of both raw and wild Puer teas.!/teaimportsYes
Mellow Monk US/UK over $50, $6 flat rate.
yesNo???Loose Leaf and Bags (Silk Pouch)
Shang Tea Companywww.shangtea.comUSAFree over $50; Under $50, $6 ground shippingOwner directly oversees production in the southeast mountains of China every year and specializes in White Tea. Shang Tea also has green, wu-long, red(black), and aged teasYesLoose Leaf
MEM Tea Imports USAFree over $50. $5.95 for 2 oz. Reasonable increases with additional weights.Only able to to order in bulk...Yes???
Virtuous Teashttp://www.virtuousteas.comFree samples with every orderFree over $50. USPS priority.Indie tea shop in business 18+ years. Over 300 loose leaf teas, new and antique tea ware, brick and mortar shop and web store. Check out our 5 star yelp reviews!NoFree in store, free samples included with all web ordersWide selection of and fair trade.Loose leaf
Mountain Rose Herb USAFree over $55YesNoOrganic
Narien teas over $55Featuring Kilinoe, a tea grown and harvested in Hawaii.Yes???Loose Leaf
Native American Tea Cowww.nativeamericantea.comUSAFree over $55 (international) lYesMaybeAll Natural (not cert organic)bags
New Mexico Tea Company over $60Google reviews five star! Accepts Bitcoin.YesBothLoose Leaf
Mountain Tea Co.www.mountaintea.comUSAFree over $75Specialize in High Mountain Tea Oolong from TaiwanYesYesLoose/Satchets
O-Chahttp://www.o-cha.comUSAFree over $75One of the best green tea shops in japan. Good variety and their Shincha is gloriousYesNoBothLoose Leaf and Bagged
Perennial Tea Room over $75YesNo???Loose, Bags
Premium Steap over $75Yes
Prestogeorge Over $75YesNoBothLoose, Bags, and Flowering
Red Blossom Tea USAFree over $75Physical store in San Francisco's Chinatown. They are very personable and willing to let you taste anything they have before you buy.Yesnobothloose leaf packed in foil bags
Zhi Teahttp://www.zhitea.com over $75 or $4.95 Flat
Free in-store sampling at 4607 Bolm Rd.
Austin, TX 78702
Organic and Fair TradeLoose Leaf, Biodegradable tea bags, Wholesale Iced tea filter pouches
Remedy Tea USAFree over $75 within the USAYes???Loose Leaf
Internet Tea Shops
Teaware (Online)