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thttp://www.teasource.comVariousLocal tea shop for Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Very good prices and a wide variety of great tea! Try Black Beauty, Evening in Missoula, and some very good puerhs and dark tea. NOTE: does not create their own blends - resells from other companys like Montana Tea, etcYes; Flat Rate to canadaYesBothLoose Leaf
Teaopia'l through "Bongo International"Has since been converted to Teavana locationsYes; fairly expensiveSample packs for saleOrganic baseLoose leaf
Tealuxe, PA5.95, Free Shipping over $50Yes, worldwide shippingYes???Loose
Tealux, Japan,Taiwan, AustraliaMOOSE25 for 25% of all orders of TeaAustralia OnlyCanadian company based in Montreal. I noramlly get 2 free samples whenever I order. Wide selection of teas at very good prices. Excellent teas at reasonable prices. Ships to US. Highly recommended.Yes, UPS InternationalYesYesLoose
Tealish, Ann Arbor, MI Toasty Almond, herbal--very tasty. We call it cake in a glass.yes, international shipping is $10YesBothLoose leaf
teAlchemy (NYC)Yes (to U.S. for $5)YesSomeLoose, bags, tins
Tealeaveswww.tealeaves.comUSA (NYC)Small-batch blenders that supply to five-star hotels and Michelin chefs, also do mail order through website.Yes (via USPS Priority Mail)YesBothLoose, iced, teabags
Tealethttp://www.tealet.comUSA (Las Vegas, NV)Direct trade, transparency. Videos and stories of the growers and origin. Wholesale Sourcing PlatformTealet is a direct from grower marketplace and subscription service that tells the stories of tea culture from all around the world. Yes, based upon weightyesBothLoose
Tea Trekkerhttp://teatrekker.comUSA Excellent premium tea! Delivery is quick and the prices are very reasonable. The two owners are extremely knowledgeable about tea and Asian culture. They also only sell tea that meets their high standards. Each tea has detailed descriptions including where it came from.Yes (Global Shipping)YesBothLoose Leaf
Tea Amohttps://www.tea-amo.caUSAOnline Loose leaf Tea, Canada and USFree with orders over 50$ and 5$ flat rate for the restMontreal based online store. Quality loose leaf tea at reasonable pricesNoYesMIxed Loose Leaf
Silk Road Teas Within Canada - free over $50; under $50, $10 flat rate; to US - free over $100; under $100, $20 flat rateSmall shop with good selection of fresh teasOnly US/CanadaOrganic, direct tradeLoose leaf, a few tea bags
Snake River Tea Company by location, usually $4.95 flat rateExcellent quality of tea (owners sample across the globe) and great customer serviceOnly US/CanadaYes (In-Store Only)BothLoose and Bags
Tea From Taiwanhttp://www.teafromtaiwan.comUSASpecializing in high-mountain oolongs of central Taiwan Free postage worldwide on orders over $60Online tea vendor since 2005. Loose-leaf tea, tea bags, tea utensils.Ships worldwide7 gram samples of all loose-leaf teaorganic teas availableBoth
Sugarplums & Tea 120 loose leaf teas.UnknownNoNo
David's Tea have more varieties of Earl Grey than I've seen elsewhere, which is hopefully "nuff said".YesNot free; stores in NYC let you sample any tea freeloose
MEM Tea Imports over $50. $5.95 for 2 oz. Reasonable increases with additional weights.Only able to to order in bulk...Yes???
Mountain Rose Herb over $55YesNoOrganic
Mountain Tea Co.www.mountaintea.comUSAFree over $75Specialize in High Mountain Tea Oolong from TaiwanYesYesLoose/Satchets
Murchies BC: from $5.95
Canada: from $7.95
USA: from $9.95
Best Tea shop in BC outside of Vancouver Chinatown, in operation since 1894.YesYesYesLoose and Bags
My Matcha Lifewww.MyMatchaLife.comUSA5Specializes in premium ceremonial matcha as well as matcha for blender drinks, smoothies, and cooking. YesNoLoose (ground matcha)
Narien teas over $55Featuring Kilinoe, a tea grown and harvested in Hawaii.Yes???Loose Leaf
Native American Tea Cowww.nativeamericantea.comUSAFree over $55 (international) lYesMaybeAll Natural (not cert organic)bags
New Mexico Tea Company over $60Google reviews five star! Accepts Bitcoin.YesBothLoose Leaf
O-Chahttp://www.o-cha.comUSAFree over $75One of the best green tea shops in japan. Good variety and their Shincha is gloriousYesNoBothLoose Leaf and Bagged
Our daily brewUSAVaries - USPSYes
pekoetea in UK over £35The best tea store in Edinburgh, fine tea's from all over the worldYesIn store they do single cupsLoose Leaf
Peony Tea S.http://www.peonyts.comUSABy weightyesLoose leaf
Perennial Tea Room over $75YesNo???Loose, Bags
Premium Steap over $75Yes
Prestogeorge Over $75YesNoBothLoose, Bags, and Flowering
Puerh Shophttp://www.puerhshop.comUSAGreat pu erh store that ships from the US.YesCakes, Bricks, etc.
R. Uchiyama$4.95 flat rate shipping; FREE shipping on all orders over $50My local green tea expert. The tea is very high quality as one would expect from the Uchiyama plantation.yesSome organicLoose leaf
Red Blossom Tea Co.www.redblossomtea.comUSAFree over $75Physical store in San Francisco's Chinatown. They are very personable and willing to let you taste anything they have before you buy.Yesnobothloose leaf packed in foil bags
Red Leaf teaUSAFree over $47Huge selection of flavored Matcha tea including a large variety of all common tea types. Intercontinental shipping (US > EU) of a few days. 50% discount code for new customers: FYR54YesNoBothLoose Leaf
Remedy Tea over $75 within the USAYes???Loose Leaf
Ringtons & Tea Bags
Riverteahttp://www.rivertea.comUSAFree shipping all over the world for orders over $49/ flat rate of $3.99 under $49The most inspiring tea in the world!YesInclude 3 free samples with every orderLoose Leaf
Royal Puer over $75, $4.95 flat rate (USA)Ships from China.Yes???Loose leaf and cakes
Samovar Tea Loungewww.samovarlife.comUSA over $75, $6.75Samovar Tea Lounge has been serving up premium loose leaf teas and food in San Francisco since 2001. With three locations as well as an online store, we are passionate about promoting Positive Human Connection through tea. Enjoy our exclusive organic tea blends, herbal infusions, and small-farm, artisanal teas, and enjoy reconnecting with yourself and others. www.samovarlife.comYesNoBothLoose Leaf
SAtya Teapersimmontreetea.comUSA
Varies by locationGreat quality tea and awesome customer service. YesYesBothLoose Leaf
Satya Teahttp://www.satyatea.comUSAFree over $75; Flat $20 for <$39 orders; Flat $8 for $39-75 ordersHQ in Halifax.Dartmouth, NS (Canada), Ships from facility in Tucson, AZ (USA)YesYes (Wholesale Only)SomeLoose Leaf Premium Tea
Seattle Best Tea Co. over $75; Free over $40 for TexasYesFree in-storeYesLoose Leaf
Shang Tea Companywww.shangtea.comUSAFree over $50; Under $50, $6 ground shippingOwner directly oversees production in the southeast mountains of China every year and specializes in White Tea. Shang Tea also has green, wu-long, red(black), and aged teasYesLoose Leaf
Shanghai Tea Shopwww.ShanghaiTeaShop.comUSA$10 Off - RETAIL10Free over £30Link does not work.YesSampler (5 Types, 3.2 ounces each)Loose Leaf
Shanti Tea over £35Organic Teas! Lots to chose from, and great websiteYesYes
Shanvalley Teahttp://shanvalley.comUSAFree over 35 EURYesBothLoose, sachets, mostly green tea
Silk Road Teashttp://silkroadteas.comUSAFree over US$36 - worldwideYesNoBothLoose Leaf
Silk Road Teashttp://www.silkroadteas.comUSAFree over 50Great selection of artisan Chinese teas with good prices. Yesnobothloose leaf
Simpson & Vailhttp://svtea.comUSAFree UK over £25, they only charge the cost of internationalYesNoBothLoose and Bags
Steven Smith Teamaker
Founded by the man who started Tazo and Stash. Bags are made of a Japanese starch, so they are compostable (but still strong). Their focus is primarily on Indian black teas and minimal additional ingredients. Peppermint and Spearmint are grown in the US. They have a brick-and-mortar teahouse in Portland, OR that sells and offers samples of their current lineup.YesYes (In-Store Only)Both ( again whoever wrote's not fair trade or organic...)Loose, Bags, and Bottles
Still Water Teahttp://www.stillwatertea.comUSAhttp://www.stillwatertea.comVaries by locationLuxury loose leaf tea. Free samples with every order. Free shipping on orders over $50. Lovely family owned business.YesYesBothLuxury Loose Leaf and Pyramid Tea Bags
Strand Tea Companyhttp://www.strandtea.comUSAVaries by locationYesBothLoose Leaf
Sullivan St Tea and Spice CompanyxUSAFree Shipping, All OrdersHundreds of organic teas and spices. Good quality. Good customer service.yesYesLoose leaf
t8 by weight and regionWe Are Tea offers a range of award winning whole leaf black tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, and an exclusive range of super tea.YesNoLoose Leaf, Tea bags, Wholesale
TanLong Teahttp://TanLongTea.comUSAVaries by countryTanlong Tea is founded in Yunnan, the origin of tea. Yunnan’s tropical climate is the ideal home for tea trees. The aboriginal tea tree has been growing wildly in the rain forest for thousands of years. In fact, a limited number of thousand years old tea tree can still be found in remote areas. These thousand year old tea trees are truly a living fossils!
This is where we come in, our passion is bring you 100% natural, handcrafted tea **from the hundreds and thousands year old tea trees. Currently, we are operating in Toronto and China. If you have more questions please visit our website at or ask us a question at! Talk to you soon=)
Tao of Tea after $50 , 9.97 underYes
Tao of Teahttp://www.taooftea.comUSAVaries with weightProvides teas from China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, among other countries, with a wide variety of popular teas as well as boutique varietals, pu-ers, and house made blends. Teaware and accessories, as well as unsweetened, microbrewed bottled teas are also available.YesYesBothLoose, Bags, and Bottles
Tao Tea Leaf with weight; free after $35Emphasis on high quality Chinese tea.YesBothLoose, Bags
Tao Tea Leaf over $35$5 flat rate* Great selection of teas and teawares
* Known best for our extensive loose Chinese Tea selection, Tao Tea Leaf offers a variety of other loose teas from Japan, India, South America and Africa as well as an extensive line of USDA-certified Organic loose teas.
* A six-time winner at the 2011 North American Tea Championships, Tao Tea Leaf features over 130 types of tea including more 53 certified Organic teas along with white, green, black, Oolong, Pu-er, Yerba Maté, African Rooibos, and Caffeine-Free Botanical teas.
YesYesBothLoose Leaf
tea daisyhttp://teadaisy.comUSA$8, Free if over $50Premium quality, loose leaf, organic teaYesSometimesYesLoose leaf
Tea Desire with weight; no free offeringYesNoLoose
Tea District sells tea accessories including cast iron pots, various cups, strainers, etc.YesYesBothLoose, Bagged
Tea Emporium sells tea from various plantations in Darjeeling, India. Almost all black teas. Shipped direct from India in a hand sewn package. Best source for first-rate Darjeeling tea that I've found.yesNoBothLoose
Tea Forté USPS works out to. Usually a couple bucksPretty sure they put crack in the Sweet Orange SpiceYesNoBothLoose and Bags
Tea Gschwendner, varies with weight.Great selection of herbal, green and dried fruit teas. Awesome Dragonfruit teayesYesBothLoose Leaf
Tea Hong$7 flat rate in CanadaA new shop with an exquisite collection. Very high quality tea. Owner is the author and primary maintainer of the Tea Guardian reference guide ( Leaf
Tea Lady, Free over $35yesBothBoth
Tea Manwww.teaman.etsy.comUSA55Yes Yes???Loose and bags
Wild Orchid Teas is a brick and mortar tea shop in Toledo, Ohio. Run by Elaine Terman. Very knowledgable woman in the area of tea. The website isn't great, but it features a large variety of teas. Loose leaf
Mellow Monk over $50, $6 flat rate.
yesNo???Loose Leaf and Bags (Silk Pouch)
McIntosh Tea Company, teas sourced directly from Yunnan, China
Free over $50, $4.75 flat rateNew business owned by a former apprentice at "Seattle Best Tea Co." & "Denong Tea Co." Very friendly and insightful. Carries a large selection of both raw and wild Puer teas.!/teaimportsYes
All Teahttp://www.alltea.comUS (Cambridge, MA)Free delivery for orders over 50$Call for outside USNoOrganicLoose leaf only
Mariage Frereshttp://www.mariagefreres.comUS
Margaret's Fine Imports you're in the area stop by. Margaret is a dear.USA OnlyBoth availableBoth available
Adagiohttp://adagio.comUnited StatesFree shipping over $49 or $3.7510% of orders are awarded as credit on future orders ($100 spent gives you a $10 redeemable credit certificate). Quite a few promotions and bonus freebies given. New customers are eligible for a $5 gift certificate from any existing customer - just ask around and someone will send you one. YesLoose leaf and bags
Mandala Tea but US/International available from top right drop down menuImporting from China since 2005. Online sellers with retail tea room in Rochester, MN. Exclusive Pu'er offerings. Fast shipping, personalized service.Loose, Cakes & Bricks
Jade Panda Teahttp://www.JadePandaTea.comUKFree over $50Online loose leaf tea shop / reseller of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.YesNot at this timeLoose Leaf
JING Tea shipping on first order for signing up for newsletter. over $50YesStarter setsBothLoose and Bags.
Julius Meinl specific: YesNoneSome teas are OrganicLoose and Bags, the Organic teas are in loose form.
Leland Tea Company over $50Wonderful tea shop in San Francisco. Excellent service and a great atmosphere.YesLoose leaf
Local Coffee and Tea over $50Local business in Sarasota Florida with huge variety of teas. Located in town's Botanical Gardens and at weekly farmer's market. YesBothLoose Leaf
Low Arts TeaUKFree over $50 (domestic and international), $5 shipping in North AmericaReally good specialty teas with unique blends not found elsewhere.YESBothLoose Leaf
Lupicia US Shipping On All OrdersOver 400+ teas available online and at least 125+ teas available in their bricks and mortar stores. Free sampling of any of their teas in store - brewed on the spot or to take home. Free sample with every purchase. All tea are packaged in individual packs to ensure freshness until you open them. Very good quality tea for a low-moderate price. Excels in (East Asian) fruit infused teas and Japanese shincha. Their matcha is top notch but it is always sold out very quickly and many people are on the waiting list. :(

Lovely japanese teas, i went to their stores in japan and loved it :)

Store locations in both Costa Mesa and Torrance Mitsuwa Marketplaces.
Mad Hat Tea over $50 in USA. $30+ ship for CanadaYes
Maduramaduratea.comUKMadura is a tea estate located in Australia. YesNot Disclosed by the estate.Both
Man Cha Teashttp://www.manchateas.comUKArtisanl teas from small independent farmers in Taiwan and China. Only Tea company that actively gives back to education for local children.YESOn larger ordersLoose leaf
Koyama-en Not certified as US Organic, standard exceedLoose
Ito Enwww.itoen.comTokyo, Japan (office in Odawara)Free over $50High quality matcha, very good other Japanese greens.YesNo.Bothloose, bags and bottles
Infusions of Teahttp://www.infusionsoftea.comTaiwan Free over $50*Site appears to be closed* Online arm of an excellent former teahouse in San DiegoYesNoBothLoose Leaf
Ippodo Free over $50Green tea shop in Japan. Very good tea, appears to be focused more to the foreign market( fancy packaging, booklets with tea,etc.). Some teas are quite expensive.YesNoConventional Loose Leaf
Indigo Tea Co. over $35Inexpensive, offers two free one cup samples with your orderYesSomeLoose leaf
Infinitea Teahouse over $40 NA ($65 International)Closed - rebranded as Half Moon Tea and Spice. Resells TeaGschwender, Rishi, etc. leaf
In-Tea LankaFree over $30 "Best Tea House" in Denver Colorado three years running.YesNoBothLoose Leaf
Hibiki-an over $25High quality Gyokuro & Sencha straight from JapanYesNoBothLoose Leaf & bags
TeaBoxhttp://www.teabox.comShips Globally to 65+ countriesWork with 150 tea growers in India and Nepal to source the best tea deliver fresh tea to its consumers within a week or less from production which otherwise typically takes three to six months.Yes YesLoose and Bagged both
Herbal Infusions Tea Co.Raleigh, NC$4.20 flat rate for USANice selection of teas that are artisan blended in house by their tea master. Unique flavors that are constantly rotating. Uses local ingredients in their blends. Moose Tracks was amazing!will ship to Canada via USPSWith every orderBothLoose and bagged
Harney & Sons, PAGood selection for beginnersFree over $50New York City based, family owned company. They have a brick and mortar location and online store. Their black flavored teas are pretty good.YesYesSome Organic ChoicesLoose and bagged
Happy Earth Teahttp://happyearthtea.comNorth Carolina, USAFree US Delivery above $50; Free ReturnsSpecializes in Organic Darjeeling, Nepal and Taiwan teas
USA/Canada/UK YesYesLoose leaf
Great Lakes Tea & Spice, CanadaFree over $100Windy City Irish Blend is superbUSA onlyNoBothLoose, Flowering, Bags
Griffin Teahttp://www.griffintea.comMontreal, CanadaFree over $100, $4.95-6.95USA only ($15 flat rate)Sampler Set
113Loose Leaf
Internet Tea Shops
Teaware (Online)