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BE 100Shelly Dormer - Introducing Organic NomenclatureACS - Kenetia Thompson, Karen Kaleuati - Win the Grant Writing Game: Grant Writing Strategies for You and Your Chemistry Students Cathy Mehl - Can We talk?Allison Tuleo - Teaching Blended Chemistry!John Brodemus - Stoichiometry by Proportionality: The Recipe Multiplier ApproachPatrick Madigan - Integrating Modern Technology into Learning Management SystemsChad Bridle - Thinking Small: An Inquiry-based Curriculum for Particulate-level ChemistryLin Zhu - Industrial Applications of Ink Jet InksChristine Suh - Advancing Science LiteracyBecky Talik Logan - Creating modeling kits and activity binders
BE 108Anjana & Zavacki - NGSS Chemistry for all learnersAnjana & Zavacki - Kinesthetic Chemistry: Get your students up and movingChristine Hermann - My Molecule – Spectroscopy and ModelCorinne Fish - Modeling Chemistry: Cut, Paste and FoldAndy Cherkas - STEAM topics while applying these to the chemistry course, learning how to do library research, proper referencingJulia Komrska - NGSS in "Practice": Aligned Labs and Activities to incorporate into your Acids and Bases UnitKevin Kopack - ACS/AACT Science Coaches Outreach InitiativeSiobhan McVay - STRANDED! A thermochemistry PBL unit for first year chemistry coursesDaniel Radoff - incorporating Non-Majority Chemists Into the High School CurriculumLiz Velikonja - How to Get the Most Out of Your DemoAndrea Van Duzor - Key Elements of the Learning Assistant ModelIbiye Dagogo - “Chemistry was still not in the picture” - Undergraduate students’ decision to major in chemistryTracey Wazenegger - Level-Up: Game-based Learning and Gamification in ChemistryBluky Ng - Inquiry-Based Learning in Senior Chemistry with Minor Tweaks in Your Lesson
BE 114Kristen Gregory - Teaching Chemistry with SOLEMargaret Hoeger - How Video Making Can Make Complex Chemical Processes UnderstandableMani Omprakash Srivastava - A Novel Approach Towards STEM Education: Innovative Cross-Curricular Technology in Green ChemistryJames Goll - Teaching Toxicology Using the Poison Squad and The Poisoner's HandbookTina Lulla - Increasing Diversity in AP Science CoursesJessica Ames - AP Chemistry 5 Minute MadnessACS - Emily Abbott - Using Models to Teach High School ChemistryAna Szuba - Biochemistry Students’ Understanding of Protein Structure using Molecular Visualization SoftwareMelinda Ogden - An improvement over VSEPR through student analysis of WebMO computational chemistry results
BE 120Kim Freudenberg - What exactly is Modeling Chemistry??Ari Myllyvilta - Enhancing student situational engagement via a professional development program in chemistry teacher education: A case study from FinlandMelissa Rathier - Modeling Equilibrium: an Experiential ApproachJennifer Fore - Evaluating success in Chemistry based on Tenets of Student Excellence in ScienceSally Mitchell - Teaching the modern metric system using sound mathematical principlesJanelle Hollingshead - Energy LOL Diagrams (making sense of energy)Janelle Hollingshead - Particle Pictures that help bring Math Problems in Chemistry Alive!Steve Sogo - Sharks and Turtles: Models of Dynamic EquilibriaPhil Culcasi - IFE, Not ICE, TablesRonald Ulrich - Keeping New Science Teachers AliveJulie Isenhower - Enlightening Chemistry: Tools for Teaching Chemistry to Blind and Visually Impaired StudentsAmy Roediger - Meeting Chemistry's Particular Needs with NearpodDoug Ragan - Making Chemistry Visible with MagnetsAlice Putti - Particulate drawings and manipulativesPolly Foley - Filling the Gap: Increasing enrollment of under-represented students in honors and AP science classesAndy Cherkas - Attaining the Straight "A" Class in ChemistrySue Klemmer - Gowin’s Vee: Reworking an “old” lab organizer for the new NGSS Practices
BE 124Renee Link Amanda Holton- Transitioning to College Chemistry: In-class activities for General ChemistryRenee Link Amanda Holton - Transitioning to College Chemistry: LaboratoryRenee Link Amanda Holton - Transitioning to College ChemistryScott Milam - Chemistry I've learned while teachingAmy Snyder - Improving your teaching- and their learning- by using the science of learningNancy Peterson - Innovation & Expectations of 1st Year College ChemistryJenna McClanahan - "We Get to Cook Today!?" Teaching Chemistry Concepts Through the Lens of Cooking and Food ScienceJoe Golab - Using Forensics to Introduce IR Spectroscopy & Molecular ModelingRobert Wesolowski - STEM and Polymers an Everyday ExperienceRenee Link Amanda Holton - Transitioning to College Chemistry: In-class Activities for Organic ChemistryRenee Link Amanda Holton - Transitioning to College Chemistry: Course Framework for STEM MajorsRenee Link Amanda Holton - Transitioning to College Chemistry: Course Framework for General, Organic, and Biological ChemistryDaniel Radoff - Developing a Biochemistry Course for High School Students
BE 140ADI - Victor Sampson - Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry: Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12Nathan Johnson - Modeling Energy in ChemistryWilliam Deese - How to Build Models of Atomic OrbitalsTimothy Sweeney - Equilibrium and Reaction Quotient ActivitiesJim Burdick - Rethinking Approaches to Lab SafetyBen North - Challenge LabsKaty Dornbos - ²Using Imagination & Movement to Help Students Visualize ChemistryADI Victor Sampson - Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry: Lab Investigations for Grades 9–12Andy Cherkas - Connect the Units with one Lab/DemoMary Coogan - Using Balloons, Balls and other Toys as Models in ChemistryBecky Matz - Activities that connect core chemistry ideas with biological phenomena
BE 200Danielle Fisher - Play with Your Students to Build Understanding LEGOSPhil Culcasi - Standards Based Grading in Chemistry ClassroomLori Wilson - Building Faculty Support for Assessment in a Multi-Campus SystemDiana Mason - Automaticity is the Key to Success - Mental MathAngela Slater - Red Alert : A Guided-Inquiry Investigation of Reaction RatesChris Cassidy - Turning Labs into Assessments in the NGSS contextRyan Johnson - Teachers As Researchers: Implementing Action Research in the Chemistry ClassroomSharon Geyer Yvonne Clifford - Make Chemistry the Best Class of the DayMichelle Herridge Bailey - Instructor Evaluation of Written Responses to Assessment in Chemical ThinkingNicole Ray - Formative Assessment in the NGSS ClassroomJoseph Lamb - Flipping Out Over Flipped Learning in ChemistryAriel Serkin - Chemistry is for Everyone: Accommodations and Modifications for Teaching ChemistryJennifer Clarke - Using the Lab Practical to Assess StudentsCarrie Alexander - Making Chemistry Inclusive
WSC 013Steph O'Brien - The IB Internal Assessment: Strategic PlanningJaime Flint - AP Chem Big Idea 6Sefia Jilani - Developing a Chemistry Career Seminar SeriesBassam Shakhashiri - Climate Disruption: Carbon Dioxide, Ice, and WaterPASCO (10-11am)Sarah Boesdorfer - Online Master’s in Chemistry Education: Reported Impacts on Teachers’ PracticesBecky Swiontek - Making Students' Thinking VisiblePaul Price - Pre-AP Chemistry PreviewTom Schaefer - Introduction to Polarized Light MicroscopyMargaret Hoeger - Formatively Assessing for the Chemistry Classroom
WSC 015AACT 8-11:15 breakoutKim Duncan ACS Heather Weck - Building a Periodic Table Unit Plan Using American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) ResourcesAACT 8-11:15 breakoutCaleb Evans - Making Thinking VisibleJamie Flint - Engaging ReviewsKatie Wibby - What Happens When Your Students Make the Lab Safety Video
WSC 040Edward Wang - Playmedia - Engaging Students with Chemistry GamesJohn O'Donoghue - ²Storytelling for Chemistry Education and Public EngagementMelissa Eaton - Integrating Literacy and Hands-on Science in the Elementary Classroom Using TechnologyStacey Hamamura - Chemistry Technology ToolkitDana Hsi - ²STEM Education for Social JusticeBruce Mattson - Flip Movies All Grown UpKim Freudenburg - MODELING Gas Laws with Graphs and Particle DiagramsJanelle Hollingshead - Ed Puzzle...Flipped Classroom that is Manageable!Amy Roediger - Differentiating Instruction with Google FormsJohn O'Donoghue - ²Storytelling for Chemistry Education and Public EngagementMelanie Shedd - Chemistry Collaboration: Workshop a LessonKim Duncan - ACS - Incorporating Simulations, Animations, and Videos into your Chemistry Curriculum
WSC 101Bob Worley - Anything you can do, we can do smaller!Regina Rueffler - The Secrets of MixturesACS - Karin Kaleuati - Marvelous Metals & ACS ChemClubsJanelle Hollingshead - Classroom Management: How to talk so students will listen, and how to listen so students will talkKen Lyle - After 48 years of teaching, I still don't know what I'm doing, but here's what I learned along the way.Andy Cherkas - How is that again? Discrepant Events DemonstrationsAndy Cherkas - Remembering Harvey GendreauLee Marek - Humor in Chemistry, or Lack ThereofPaul BonVallet - Results of the 2019 AP Chemistry ExamBinyomin Abrams - Replacing the Bohr atomic model with an accessible picture of how atoms and light truly interactBinoymin Abrams - Skipping Bohr: a modern (math-free) quantum mechanics approach to teaching atomic structureKaty Dornbos - ²Using Imagination & Movement to Help Students Visualize ChemistryBob Worley - Anything you can do, we can do smaller!
WSC 104Cassandra Knudson - Microscopic Mycelium: Growing Sustainable SolutionsJohn Eix - Mini Electrolysis of Sodium Sulphate(VI)(aq) and Micro Electrolysis of Copper(II) Chloride(aq)Anne Schmidt - Using LEGO's to understand ionic reactions and stoichiometrySusan Zawacky, Jonell Kerkhoff, Neal Dando - Hands-On Actvities to Show that Light Energy is QuantizedStefan Panzilius - Make n take - Mass Spectroscopy Explained with a Straight Forward DemonstrationEdward Wang - Game-Based Learning in ChemistryLinda Cummings - AP Chemistry Mock ReadingJim Burdick - The Greener, Quicker Copper Cycle LabAdrian Dingle - AP Chemistry - Everything you need, and nothing you don't
WSC 115Cassandra Knutson - ²Building Sustainable Solutions: Blackberry Solar Cells
WSC 215Robyn Shipley-Gerko - Chemiluminescence Enlightens KineticsDori Hess - Using polymers to get the attention of today's learners
WSC 217Nurset Hisim - Gas Laws with Two Sensors or LessNurset Hisim - Discover the WavelengthNurset Hisim - Food Chemistry ActivitiesNurset Hisim - Equilibrium and Kinetics in AP Chemistry Using SpectroscopyNurset Hisim - Forensic Chemistry: Poisoned Wine and Mystery PowdersJanelle Ball - Particle Interactions: From Observation to StructureHolly Garcia - Chemical Bonding and "Rainworks" Sidewalk ArtJanelle Hollingshead - Student Driven Rich Post Lab Discussions (using white boards and Density labs)Erika Check - It’s a Gas: Making the Invisible Visible!
WSC 219Susan Zawacky, Jean Wallace - Three Quick Heat Capacity DemonstrationsDennis Burkett - Chemistry Break Out GameMichael Welsh - Reflectance Spectroscopy of a Sugar Cookie BakingFelicia Cherry - Keep Calm and Chemistry On: Successful Lab Activities for the New Chemistry TeacherNicole Williams - Using Lab Tests to Demonstrate Mastery a First Year Chemistry Class With an Emphasis on Acids and BasesMelanie Shedd - Stoichiometry Exploration: Baby Bottle Boat ChallengeDiana Mason - Transition Metal Chemistry is in the BagDiana Mason - Chocolate Hot SpotsJoanna Yanaga - Silk Scarf Tie-DyeAlice Putti - Particulate activities for teaching chemistry
WSC 221Steve Sogo - Hydrogen-powered Soda Bottle RocketsBruce Mattson - Microscale Precipitation Reactions in 10-drop Puddles.Phil Culcasi - Modeling Instruction in the AP Chemistry ClassroomBernoli Baello - Adding T-E-A in ChemistryBruce Mattson - Microscale Gas Chemistry WorkshopGreta Glugoski-Sharp & Sally Mitchell - Safe and Engaging Demos for the New Chemistry TeacherCindy Protus-Edelstein - Escape Boxes- Escaping from an ordinary day in Chemistry!Sally Mitchell - Incorporating Food Chemistry into your curriculumKatherine Lynch - NGSS Kinetics Redesign for 1st Year High School Chemistry
WSC 223Mary Coogan - Polymer LabDebbie Goodwin -
Polymers: Teaching Science and Math Concepts with Gooey Labs
Chris Cassidy - The Science of the Scientific Revolution: A cross-curricular project with English and World HistoryTanya Katovich - A few of my favorite things Doug Ragan - Target Inquiry - Avogadro's AirbagLynda Rupp - Inquiry Approach to TitrationsDeanna Cullen - An Electrochemistry Lab developed as part of Target InquiryTom Kuntzleman - Construction of a Simple Device to Measure Kinetic Data in the Coke and Mentos ExperimentTherese Youel- Demonstrations for Chemical EquilibriumCassandra Knutson - Replacing Traditional Labs with Greener AlternativesShelly Dorner - Self-Inflating Balloon Challenge
WSC 254Maria Maderal - Bridging the Gap between the School and the Community through STEMEd Escudero - Solids – The Ignored Phase – Materials Science to the RescueEric Pantano - Flipped and Active ChemistryKaren Levitt - Teaching Science with Toys for Grades 6-8Alex Scheeline - Active and Discovery Learning Using Open SpectrometrySDSU (10-11am)Michelle Kramer - Water, Water EverywhereJohn Eix - Gases - Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something NewMeg Young - Triple Double -
Precipitation reactions at three different levels including both a micro-scale wet lab and particulate modeling of reactions
Bonnie Bloom - Teaching IR and NMR in an advanced chemistry courseDanica Esquivel - Cary Grove - Keep your hands (and eyes!) on the ions!Ken Lyle - Liquid nitrogen ice creamBassam Shakhashiri - Climate Disruption: Carbon Dioxide, Ice, and Water
WSC 256Bernadette Harkness - SuperActive Learning with Superstore ItemsSabrina Collins - Chemistry and Pop Culture: Frankenstein, Black Panther and VibraniumMike Offutt - Using Chemistry Songs in the ClassroomPeggy Au - Mastering Chemistry through formative assessments and different hands-on learning strategiesMatt VanDuzor - Classroom technology to support inquiry-based small group discussionsSunil Malapati - Food in the Chemistry ClassroomKim Duncan - ACS - Ionic and Covalent Compounds – Composition, State and ConductivityKim Duncan - ACS- Ionic Bond Strength – Solubility and Melting PointKim Duncan - ACS - Covalent Compounds—Melting Point, Viscosity, and Vapor Pressure
WSC 301Diana Mason - Cold Finger DistillationKathleen Holly - Texas - The Great Bowling Ball Float-OffYvonne Clifford - Eurekaville! - Do you want to have more “Eureka” moments in your classroom?Linda Cummings & Greta Glugoski-Sharp - College-level labs that can be done in 50 minutes or lessAriel Serkin - Law of Conservation of Mass: How to Teach Science Practices through ContentRoxie Allen - Driving Forces: Thermodynamics Activities and ExperimentsChris Koutros - Inquiry coffee solution chemistryLinda Cummings - ²College-level labs that can be done in 50 minutes or less
WSC 315Katy Dornbos - Formative Assessments Online and in Person: Giving Timely and Meaningful FeedbackJodi Hansen - Edpuzzle: Interactive Video ToolSherri Wang - Teaching Chemistry Using Tablet with OneNoteDavid Yaron - Online Scenario-Based Chemistry Activities for High School ChemistryDavid Yaron - Open Learning Initiative General Chemistry CoursewareTina Sabatello - Google Drawings for the Chemistry ClassroomTina Sabetello - Google Forms : Autograded Quizzes with Feedback & DifferentiationTina Sabatello - Creating Interactive Videos with Edpuzzle & ScreencastifyTina Sabatello - Tech Talks : Creating an Interactive ClassroomDana Hsi - ²STEM Education for Social Justice
WSC 319Alice Putti - Particulate activities for teaching chemistryKatie Krallik & Bill Grosser - "Cool" Chemical Engineering ChallengeJesse Bernstein - An Inquiry and Forensic Approach Towards ExperimentationRegina Rueffler - Teaching Entropy with FunDianna Kennen - Battery Buzz in Your Chemistry ClassroomSue Klemmer - Soap Making: Good for Teaching Basic Concepts and Good for your CommunityRyan Schoenborn - A Very Cool InvestigationBette Bridges - "SIMPLE"Y THE BESTEric Bahaveolos-Wolf - "Global" Chemistry & the United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsEric Bahaveolos-Wolf - Copper Etching via 2 Methods: Ferric Chloride & ElectrolysisLaura Kopff- Putt putting around - using putt-putt boats in high school chemistry
WSC 321James Kessler - ACS - American Chemical Society K-5 Classroom Activities from Inquiry in ActionKim Duncan - ACS - Elementary & Middle School Chemistry: Demonstrations and Lab Activities on a Shoestring BudgetMargaret Hoeger - Using a Thinking Routine for Greater Understandings of DemosDebbie Goodwin - Solids - The "Neglected" State of ChemistryChad Husting - Target Inquiry Periodic Table TrendsetterGreg Dodd - Color, Chromatography, and SpectroscopyCharles Abrams - Chemical Entomology: Signaling Molecules of the Spined Soldier BugGreg Dodd - What is the Oxidation Reduction Potential Change of Household Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Permanganate?Steve Sogo - A Few of My Favorite LabsSarah Boesdorfer - Integrating Engineering: Activities, Ideas, and Tips
WSC 323Greta Glugoski-Sharp - Sally Mitchel - Safe and Engaging demos for the K-8 teacherSally Mitchell - Paper Science for K-8Robert Paysen - Light, Color & Spectroscopy for KidsCassandra Knudson - ²Building Sustainable Solutions: Blackberry Solar CellsEric Knispel - Five Favorite Phase Change/Triple Point DemosEric Knispel - Carbon Chemistry as a High School Elective-Lab Ideas that FitJanelle Hollingshead - Effective Student Led Investigation and Post Lab Discussion with WhiteboardsJesse Bernstein Paul Price - Inquiry Problem Based Laboratory ExperimentsChristina Beatty - Activities for your Forensic Science Class
WSC 354Rose Clark - Elementary Rural Outreach Chemistry For Kids (R.O.C.K.): We Will ROCK You!Bassam Shakhashiri - Fostering Community Appreciation of Science In and Out of the ClassroomLiz Velikonja - Laying the Foundations for Chemical Thought in the Elementary ClassroomBarbara Manner - Teaching Elementary School Science Using Children's LiteratureKristen Drury & Steph OBrien - Intro POGILLaura Trout Melissa Hemling - POGIL in the AP Chemistry ClassroomMelissa Hemling - Differentiate using Google Form Formative AssessmentsEdward Zovinka - Rural Outreach Chemistry For Kids (R.O.C.K.): We Will ROCK You!Juleen Jenkins Whall - Chem Games and Manipulatives for Formative AssessmentElaine Kollar - It's all Fun and Games in High School ChemistryHeidi Park - Photoelectron Spectroscopy in an Honors Chemistry ClassLaura Trout & Paula Butler - Introduction to POGIL
WSC 356Karen Levitt- Teaching Science with Toys for Grades K-5Danielle Moore - All Flowers Need a STEMADI - Victor Sampson - Argument-Driven Inquiry in Grades 3-5: Three-Dimensional Investigations that Integrate Literacy and MathematicsJames Kessler - ACS - Particles of a Liquid and Changes of StateJames Kessler - ACS - The Water Molecule and DissolvingJames Kessler - ACS - Chemical Reactions – Breaking and Making BondsChris Cassidy - Students Doing Outreach: How to establish community partnershipsJames Kessler - ACS - Chemical Reactions – Ocean AcidificationChad Bridle - Modeling Energy in ChemistryIrene Cesa - Teacher's Toolbox for Lab SafetyWilliam Deese - Phlogiston and CombustionAimee Hansen - AP and General Chemistry Challenge Labs/Demonstrations