ASA Mentorship Program (Responses)
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NameClass YearMajor(s)MinorsWhere are you from? (State and/or Country)Do you work? If so, where?Do you volunteer?If so, where?Clubs / Leadership RolesA short description about you! What do you do? Don't be afraid to brag about yourself!What are some things you wish you knew as a new student going into Hopkins ?Contact Info! (Email and/or Phone)
Chinazaekpere "Naza" Nwankpa
2022Biology Illinois/ NigeriaYes, I work at the Athletic CenterNo, but I am looking for such opportunities. BSU. ASA, Knotty By Nature. Anchored. SAAC I am a sophomore, biology major, interested in pursuing a career in pediatric surgery in the future. I love singing and hope to join a black acapella group that will hopefully be starting soon! I am also on the track and field which, of course, is a big time commitment year round. With diligence and good time management skills, you should be able to be apart of so much more on campus including clubs and working and volunteering, if you so choose. I wish I knew how to bargain to get cheaper books. I did not know that Barnes and Noble could price match so I stressed when I was searching for cheaper alternatives. I also wished I did not overload my plate when i first came to campus. I think if I could do over my first semester, I would try to feel out how much I could carry before committing to things and being unable to actually show my commitment. & 6307976198
Fatima Ceesay2021Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringEngineering for Sustainable Development Prince George's (PG) County MarylandHealth Leads (Hopkins Community Connections)Health LeadsEngineers Without Borders (Local Development Committee), ASAI'm very into international studies and relations. I also care a lot about the environment and love to encourage others to think and live more sustainably. I am also very into meditation and spirituality. I try to practice mindfulness every day and love to encourage others to do the same. I also do yoga occasionally. I am both African and Black American so while I do care (a lot) about what's going on in the Continent, I also care about those issues pertaining to the rest of the diaspora as well. Don't overload yourself with so much your first year! ease into things (both credit wise and extracurricular wise). Be social! try new things on campus and go to the big events especially. Talk to upperclassmen, a lot of them are willing to help (like me :) )
Simi Aluko2021Civil EngineeringCivil EngineeringLagos, NigeriaThe BarnNope NSBE: Pre-College Initiative Chair I believe in the power of user-centered engineering for sustainable development, and I'm really interested in doing development work on the continent... I will go on and on about this if you let me.
Other than that, I adore African theatre and I'm looking to put up an African play at Hopkins one of these days
Body no be
Zach Byrd2019Film & Media StudiesMaryland I’m from Baltimore and I write/direct movies and make music!Don’t let other people’s exposure and experiences frighten you! You’re just as great and smart!, 4104992025
Zainub Balla2021International Studies/Africana StudiesCalifornia (origin is sudan) OMABSU VP, community service chair of Rho Omega (SGRho), member of the INternational studies leadership councilBitch i’m A coWhow to navigate classes (esp the ones designed to weed out students) as well as how to navigate the social scene (530)2043271
Olayide Ashiru2022Materials Science and EngineeringEntrepreneurship and ManagementCecil County MD (Nigeria)I work at the Rec Center!Secretary for ASAI am a current sophomore! I'm a Mat Sci major with the intention of going to med school / continuing onto tissue engineering. I work at the rec center as a fitness monitor and I have been a member of the ASA Executive Board for two years now! I like to watch reality TV and cook and socialize when the time is right, while also maintaining 7 hours of sleep a night.It's okay to fail a couple of times, Hopkins is a trying experience and I know it can be rough. Just try not to get behind but also don't 443-907-2426
Ese BowryMaterials Science and Engineering Computer EnglandThreadNSBEMy name’s Ese originally from Surrey, England. I have lived in New York for most of my life. I love coding and have lots of advice for confused freshman who are thinking of engineering. As I took a long time to figure out my major.It is okay to feel overwhelmed by large classes. I went to a really small school so my first proper lecture made me anxious and I thought I was alone9143167188
Faith K. Brown2020Medicine Science, and the Humanities
History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Little Rock, ArkansasLife Design Lab & Student Leadership and InvolvementBest Buddies @ JHUPresident of Mu Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Varsity Track & Field, Her Campus @ JHU, Parliamentarian of Black Student Union, Social Media Chair of Knotty By Nature, Anchored Bible StudyI am a senior who is super busy but always willing to help! I am involved in a ton of orgs so anyone who ever needs a resources knows that they can come to me. I like to think I'm funny(?), and I am currently applying to graduate school to become an occupational therapist. Please ask me about occupational therapy if you are at all interested (or even if you're thinking about an allied health field)!The resources that you need to succeed and to reach your goals are there- sometimes you just have to put in work to find them. Don't think that any goal is too ambitious, and always reach out to upperclassmen to ask if there's a resource that already exists before you work harder instead of, 5016906979
Tochi Emeghara2020Natural SciencesPsychology New JerseyJHUnions and Tutorial ProjectGospel Choir, Health Guardians, Tutorial Project, ASAMy hobbies and interests include reading all sort of novels, writing(when I have time), playing basketball, frisbee and soccer, singing in the choir, hanging out with friends etc.That the major and classes you have coming into Hopkins are not set in stone, you can change your mind and take a different pathphone:908-759-3937
Ekaete Ekpo2021NeurosciencePsychologyMaryland / NigeriaResident Advisor / ProHealth (Hopkins-affiliated nutritional research clinic)Believe in Art - Karina Cafe on Saturdays at May's ChapelAlumni & Membership Retention Chair (ASA); Research, History, & Education Committee Member (BSU); Member (Believe in Art)I am interested in human behavior! I am an RA, and I work part-time as a data entry assistant at a research clinic in Baltimore. I enjoy challenging myself and exploring new areas. I like to draw and journal in my free time. This year, I plan to focus more on fitness, nutrition, and outdoor adventures.I wish I knew how to navigate better socially! There were also a few courses I took that I didn't like and that weren't crucial for major requirements; I wish I didn't take those. I wish I was able to find a supportive network sooner (people who genuinely want to make your Hopkins experience the best it can be and vice versa)! / 2404237388
Grace Kanja2021NeuroscienceEllicott City (or Kenya)RA and MailroomjhmiSigma gamma rho, debate teamI'm a pre-med neuro major with a focus on systems. I plan to go to med school after taking a gap year doing something volunteer based such as teaching for america or peace corps. I recently finished the BDP summer research program and will continue with the lab this summer. I'm a huge music fan both listening and playing a couple instruments. I was a cross country runner but I still run non-competitively. When I free time, I enjoy reading fantasy and YA books.I wish I knew how willing people were to help me while struggling. As a black student, it's very easy to seem as if people don't care about you, but there are so many people on campus here that are paid to care about you. My biggest help was the office of case management. They helped me when I missed a midterm. They helped when I had financial trouble. They were my most valuable JHU resource and continue to
Emnet Atlabachew2020NeuroscienceAfricana StudiesDMV area (Ethiopian) Center for Educational OutreachThread and RYPPresident - Eritrean and Ethiopian Student Association, President - Rho Omega Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Thread, and Nu Rho PsiSenior majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Africana Studies and on the Pre-Med Track. I'm current president for EESA and SGRho and I'm also member of Nu Rho Psi and Thread. I also work for the Center for Educational Outreach which is an office on campus that works with organizing different programs for Baltimore City elementary, middle, and high school students! I wish I knew about the many conferences and networking opportunities, especially knowing that they can be funded by different office and departments. Utilizing those resources is really beneficial because building your network from the jump would be great for your future endeavors/career path choices.; (202) 250-1782
Samrawit Getachew2021Neuroscience, PsychologyVisual ArtsFlorida, Ethiopian originsNo I don’t workUndecidedBaltimore First, Believe in Art, FLOC, EESA,I am a second year student at Hopkins. I love to read and draw and I’m always finding new, creative ways to be lazy.All of the many ways to become involved on campus and exactly how easy it is to do so. I also wish I had someone to guide me when it came to exploring majors, networking, and finding communities on campus.8137604265 and
Serwah Afranie2020Public Health and International StudiesAccra, Ghana & Dublin, OhioJHUnions and Event Programming, Mail Room, Center for Aids ResearchHopkins Community Connection (formerly, Health Leads)African Students Association - President, AMWHO - Delegate & Treasurer, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Culture Show Committee - Director of Marketing and Branding, Inc.I am involved in a variety of clubs and I am a Woodrow Wilson Fellow working on my own independent research project. I am a strong advocate for study abroad and have been able to visit various countries during my time at Hopkins. Ask me where I've been :)To never allow the negativity of others influence my perception of my experiences,
Sumera Yego2020
Public Health Studies and International Studies
Islamic Studies KenyaI work as a receptionist at the Rec Center.
I volunteer through the Tutorial Project, at a patient's home and soon through the program No One Dies Alone.
I am currently the co-leader of a humanities research cluster on force migration. In the Past I have been the Consulting Chair in AKPsi ( the business fraternity) and held a variety of positions in ASA including Vice President, Research, History and Education Chair and Freshman Representative.Hello! My name is Sumera and I am from Kenya. I was born and raised in the US until I was 14 and my family decided to move back to Kenya. This move has shaped me fundamentally as it as made me more connected to my culture and interested in learning all that I can about the world and spaces beyond just the United States. Many experiences including reading one of my favorite books Decolonizing the Mind have made it so that I want to give back and connect with cultures that are developing and evolving on their own terms.

I am very interested in learning languages. Currently, I am conversationally fluent in Swahili and have been studying Arabic (mainly Modern Standard Arabic and some Egyptian colloquial) for three years. I am also intrigued by spirituality and religion in general. Currently, I am beginning research that looks at intersections between spirituality and in end of life care and for individuals suffering from chronic conditions. Though by the end of my research hopefully, I will have looked at a more specific aspect in this field.

I love to travel and have been to 12 countries and hope to visit more. In my free time, I love to exercise, have long random fun conversations, walk around, cook, eat out and sleep.

If you ever see me around or have any questions feel free to reach out, say hi and ask away!
This may sound cliche but your time is so valuable. I would try to be more intentional with the extracurriculars that I picked up and who I chose to spend my time with. It is really important to value yourself and make sure that you only invest your time in effort into things you think will help fulfill your purpose and with people that value and respect you.

Also, there are soooooo many funding opportunities at Hopkins. While I definitely used some of them, I wish I had more. Frankly, anyone who is interested in travel and/or research should get Hopkins to fund their trips. Funding opportunities to consider include FLAS (foreign language area studies) fellowship, Aronson grants, PURA, DURA and more, not to mention the money that you can get from your departments even if it is your minor., 571-474-7995
Mariama Morray2022SpanishWomen and Gender StudiesRaleigh, North CarolinaCo-Sustainability Director of WingsHelllooo!! I am majoring in Spanish here at Hopkins. My family is from Sierra Leone and Liberia if you ever want to try some goooood African food that's not jollof rice. I'm really passionate about the environment/sustainability, reproductive health/sexual education, and women's health. I like to spend my time thrifting, talking about skincare and makeup, lowkey sewing (but i'm not that good tho), going to the farmer's market, and making/drinking tea. 1)You were admitted for a reason no matter how you got here. Any grade or gpa doesn't take away from that fact so just keep going even when you feel like you've been knocked down or don't belong
2)Going off campus is one of the best forms of self-care
3)Not everyone or everything is worth your energy and time
Lara Uthman2021Writing Seminars & EnglishPhilosophyNew Jersey (Nigerian)JHU Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Content CuratorFood as Medicine: Waverley Elementary SchoolEnglish Club (Co-President), Thoroughfare Literary Magazine (Layout Chair), African Students Association (Events Chair), Blue Key Society (Minor Member)I’m an aspiring writer with interests in literature, movies, social media, and music!I wish that I had a mentor in my field who looked like me. It would have been easier to forge my own path and feel less lost.
Email: / Text me at 201-953-6434