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January 2nd 2023S Shining​@BKQA Kid Goku appear in the Sonic world around SA, decide to live there, how would his presence impact the story of the games, how he'll interact with the cast and how it'll handle him as a Ozaru3:45
January 2nd 2023Honey And Lemon​@BKQA Silly hypothetical scenario: For one reason or another Sonic teams up with Rough and Tumble to steal a chaos emerald from a g.u.n facility. In a scenario where they succeed, how do they do it?5:20
January 2nd 2023MapleTea​@BKQA Bit of a noob here. How does Shadows chaos control work? If he was chasing after someone with a chaos emerald could he just use its power or teleport to take it? Can he sense if one is fake?6:50
January 2nd 2023Dellexox *​@BKQA If Tails was kidnapped and held hostage against Sonic in order to posses the chaos emeralds, what do you think Sonic would do? Would he risk the worlds safety or his little brothers?8:13
January 2nd 2023MetalSkulkBane PL​@BKQA If an Encanto-sized miracle happened and Shadow got his own book, how would you handle it? I know the current Shadow is… problematic so describe your "dream scenario"9:13
January 2nd 2023Super Sonic FanIf Rough and Tumble met the villain team, S.O.N.I.C.X., would they try to join them to get revenge on Sonic? If the team let Rough and Tumble join, how would they use them in their plans?14:34
January 2nd 2023testingHave you considered you’re incapable of writing Shadow as he’s supposed to be from the games? Preboot & Reboot don’t line up with game-Shad, so your struggle with IDW-Shad might be a symptom of this.15:41
January 2nd 2023Lord Van OskuroParamount approaches you to write for two Tails movies, with the villains from his games. How would you bump Witchcart and Kukku up to movie threat level and which order does Tails face them?16:03
January 2nd 2023Levi ChurchCan Rouge's new outfit in Sonic Prime appear in the IDW Comics?17:41
January 2nd 2023Meta Mode@BKQA I know this was grandfathered from old western cartoons, but If you had to come up with several explanations as to why male and female mobians dress completely differently, what would they be?18:07
January 2nd 2023Emil Camposdo citizens hate sonic for always sparing the Dr?20:29
January 2nd 2023Solaris StaneHow would a crossover between hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss and Sonic go?21:36
January 2nd 2023Jo MadreWhat are your true, unfiltered thoughts on hedgehogs? The real life animal21:59
January 2nd 2023HeroOfLight13I’d argue that the Cyloop existed in some form pre-Frontiers, Sonic can perform similar loops in Unleashed to grab rings out of reach. Thoughts?23:38
January 2nd 2023TheLastBabyMan​@BKQA For Ian: Are any of the Egg Bosses and Grandmasters actually friends with eachother? Would they become better friends if they spent a little more time together? Some have been paired up by fans.24:29
January 2nd 2023x .Spinexx. x​@BKQA Oddly specific, but where abouts do you think echo mine located? Especially in relation to the chaotic detective agency.28:30
January 2nd 2023PedantiCat​@BKQA If for some reason the Kingdom of Acorn and Sol empire went to war with each other, how would Sonic handle this situation?29:34
January 2nd 2023The Saxon​@BKQA Memento Mori, It's new years, which is a time to both be grateful and improve. To improve, we must acknowledge our failures, so Ian, what would you say is the worst aspect of your writing?30:18
January 2nd 2023Darker​@BKQA Can we hope to one day see Training arcs in Sonic ? For a lot of characters ? Would be cool32:25
January 2nd 2023starlightseq2023 is the year of the rabbit! how's cream and vanilla ringing in this new year? 33:56
January 2nd 2023FrostcanineWhat kind of movies do Tangle and Whisper enjoy in their spare time? What would they watch together? Happy new year all! 34:42
January 2nd 2023The PatrolmanHave you ever watched the Sonic game cutscenes in Japanese? They've been shown to have a different script than the English ones. 35:45
January 2nd 2023Relaxed Hoodie(SPOILS FOR SONIC FRONTIERS MUSIC)
What’s your favorite boss theme in Sonic Frontiers? Undefeatable? Break Through It All? Or Find Your Flame? Out of those three.
January 2nd 2023Oscuro The BearcatHypnobot was one of the best things to come out of Sonic Boom. How would you adapt him in IDW, or make a proxy there of? 37:36
January 2nd 2023HollyswackyworldHi Mr Flynn! Do you know the name Bagbar Breeblebrox's token female crewmate from issue 128? If not would be able to give her a name? 40:16
January 2nd 2023Rhythm RaccoonWhich one?42:11
January 2nd 2023JJ Slider[FRONTIERS SPOILERS]
The End's appearance changes with the foe's perception of death, along with the End having multiple incarnations + being "impossible to stop", is the End meant to embody the concept of death?
January 2nd 2023RazorSONIC FRONTIERS SPOILERS!!,
What would Sally and Nicole think of Sage and how she views her Eggman as her father?
January 2nd 2023bleedingthumbs97Who do you think Clutch would be more likely to seek vengence on? Cream and Amy for releasing his Chao? Or Shadow for giving his head Le Boote? 44:48
January 2nd 2023The Flopdoodle Chloe Bean Trick Dog Team​@BKQA From STARLINE'S POGGER GIRLFRIENDThe Mandalorian, starline, tikal and shadow all end up at Downton Abbey. What ensues, who wins the fight for tikal's affection?46:31
January 2nd 2023Raphael C.​@BKQA In S3K/Origins, why was the Master Emerald already hidden in Hidden Palace (before the events of the game) instead of being in the Altar?50:03
January 2nd 2023Bro​@BKQA If Eggman is able to makes a robot completely equal to Sonic in every way, aka Metal Sonic, how come 99% of his other robots are nothing compare to Sonic ?52:04
January 2nd 2023boney CHEEEZE​We’re there ever Synapsids on Sonic’s World? Since it seems like Sonic’s world tends to squee more mammalian and Synasids are in our world the ancestors of all mammals.53:02
January 2nd 2023Asta Kamel​@BKQA Can Shadow combine Chaos Boost with removing his limiters ? He would be a monster of strenght if he can54:03
January 2nd 2023HeroOfLight13Let’s say a Legend of Zelda anime is announced, what do you want to see!? Also have you read the manga? Twilight Princess’s is really good!55:15
January 2nd 2023GawdzillaDo you think Sonic's personality would better fit as a Power Ranger or Kamen Rider? (And no he is not a Big Bad Beetle Borg that would be Jewel). 57:30
January 2nd 2023AusJam HFRONTIERS SPOILERS ,
but first, Happy New Year Dudes, but with a certain badger being confirmed, what that entail for other characters, namely Amy, and will this be explore knowing smiling later on.
January 2nd 2023Lord Van OskuroMovie Tails travels to the Kyoto Fox Shrine, where he is mistaken for a divine spirit. How does he react to this new level of adoration and worship?59:44
January 2nd 2023Jo MadreIn Frontiers, Sonic is able to float in mid air by parrying, shoots energy slices,and in Forces, flies alongside the Buddy when they use their hook. Was this done to hint at Sonic being Silver's father?1:00:32
January 2nd 2023Heyzbeauz !if you could rewrite one sonic game, which one would you write, and what would you change?1:01:09
January 2nd 2023John Little@BKQA FRONTIERS SPOILERS?:
When writing the game, did they come to you with the basic "seven emeralds on each island" structure before you wrote it?
January 2nd 2023smiley 21- [ ] Surge and Kit vs. Rough and Tumble? Who shall win this glorious fight? 1:04:38
January 2nd 2023Micheal Bounds​@BKQA – Cast aside by Eggman, Starline decided to team-up with the Doctor's greatest enemy, so how would a team-up between with Momma Robotnik go?1:05:10
January 2nd 2023Tyulenin​@BKQA Hey daddy. How's it shakin'? Any news regarding the Eclipse boy?1:07:03
January 2nd 2023Blue Dragon​@BKQA How would react Shadow if Maria is resurected, how would the cast interact with her and will Shadow change with her being here ?1:07:30
January 2nd 2023Yes​@BKQA How would be a fusion of Sonic and Knuckles ? And then how would be a fusion Archie Knuckles and Archie Shadow ?1:08:52
January 2nd 2023Sajed Choudhury​@BKQA How would the Movie Sonic Cast react to playing the main line Sonic Games and their stories? (let's also include the storybook, Riders, and Rush series)1:11:32
January 2nd 2023Isaac Argesmith​@BKQA Is the average furry as strong/fast as one of sonics friends or are they more like humans and if so is that why the Avatar is special? Also are humans able to be super powered like sonic friends1:13:47
January 2nd 2023AstronoIf the Sol Emeralds are the antithesis to the chaos emeralds, would their power be related to order where the chaos emeralds power is....well, chaos?1:16:20
January 2nd 2023testingSince IDW is considered canon now, where is it place existing timeline going forward, especially since it was once a split timeline from after Forces1:17:52
January 2nd 2023Frost The HobidonI'm not sure If I ask this already, How would happen if Rath from Ben 10 and Sonic and his friend meet each other?1:18:41
January 2nd 2023Emil Camposblinx the time sweeper vs silver. who wins?1:20:29
January 2nd 2023AusJam HWhat are your guys' favorite universe from Sonic Prime, or is it on the list of shows to watch for you Kyle?1:22:44
January 2nd 2023James The RedneckSo Mr. Flynn-Man here’s a follow-up to my question from last month’s livestream. So what is the weirdest thing that you’ve written for Archie Sonic, and looking back at it makes you go “WTF was I on!”1:23:08
January 2nd 2023DrHax1488We once had an official tease of Duo interacting with Megaman X and the crew through a canceled mega man online game and I gotta ask, would you like to see Duo or even King make it to the X timeline?1:25:26
January 2nd 2023DrHax1488Also gimme your most wanted mega man interactions, Duo and King, Bass and Zero, whatever God intends you to get away with if you ever got to write it.1:26:41
January 2nd 2023Solaris StaneHow well would Rouge and Deadpool get along?1:29:01
January 2nd 2023Super Mairo !Hi, in a previous episode it was asked how a Sonic and Owl House crossover would play out! I'd like to ask a similar question but with amphibia instead? Also,Happy new year and I Loved frontiers story1:30:10
January 2nd 2023Lord Van OskuroWhisper comes home and is about to sleep when Chaos, Illumina, Chip’s spirit, and other gods appear to request her mercenary services. How does she react? (For some reason I picture Chaos sounding like Korg from MCU)1:31:21
January 2nd 2023PedantiCatDynamic of Nine the Fox and TMNT Rise Donatello? 1:33:13
January 2nd 2023ChaosSonic1Happy new year let's hope it is better then last1:35:36
January 2nd 2023Frost The HobidonSeeing how powerful Sonic has become in Frontiers, His Speed, Defense, & Attack power increased with the moves sets, does he keep those increased of power in the future or no? funny he gain more speed only to be taken away1:35:55
January 2nd 2023lycara hunt@BKQA It's the battle of the brains! Tails vs Eggman vs Nicole vs Starline... but in an RTS like Starcraft 2. Who goes for fast cheese, who goes air, and of course, who wins in the end? FFA, no teams.1:36:49
January 2nd 2023testingwould there have been a reason for what kept Hershey away that would justify her having to fake her death to the point that Geoffrey would believe it?1:39:11
how would Sage perceive Maria or any other Robotnik Family members, even Shadow to a small degree?
January 2nd 2023GNRWhich sonic show do you think deserves a game1:42:45
January 2nd 2023smiley 21What are Surge & Kit doing in their free time when they are not fighting Sonic & friends?1:44:52
January 2nd 2023BuTTered nOOdlEs@BKQA does chaos still have his "god" status or no1:45:20
January 2nd 2023Meta ModeIf Chaos can transform with the emeralds, could the ancients do that too? Or was that a side effect of the Master Emerald radiation?1:46:26
January 2nd 2023Emil Camposhow would sonic deal with a group who wanted to kill eggman not imprison him? he did start an apocalypse after all. (you can take this idea no charge)1:47:21
January 2nd 2023Shining 4​@BKQA You said you don't like Super form being hurt, but what if it was Super Form VS Super Form ? Would you still mind ? By the way when we'll see 2 Super fighting each other ?1:48:34
January 2nd 2023Void​@BKQA Do you think it would be epic to see a fight between Giganto and Kid Goku Ozaru ? How do you think it'll go ?1:49:40
January 2nd 2023Yo​@BKQA Imagine a team made of Metal Sonic, Omega and Emerl, what do you think about it ? Then imagine how good would they be if they have the same goal like fighting someone1:50:17
January 2nd 2023Bob​@BKQA Why Game Shadow's personality is not like Archie Shadow's personality ? he had the greatest personality we ever saw for Shadow and everyone would love if Game Shadow act the same way1:51:32
January 2nd 2023_my.small.corner _​@BKQA What is the modern Sonic world called? I'm not sure how to describe it in a fan story... Just.. "the world"? Or is mobius still cannon? Help! Also happy new year from the future! (its 4am here!)1:52:07
January 2nd 2023lalalei2001​@BKQA [Spoiler?] In Sonic Shuffle, Amy told Illumina that her dream was to be like Sonic. Was this inspiration for her refocused goal in Frontiers?1:52:43
January 2nd 2023J W​@BKQA If the Battle Bird Armada where to return would their connection to the Babylonians and Tails and Speedy's rivalry remain. Would they return as classic or modern?1:53:14
January 2nd 2023FunFloof The Cartoon​@BKQA Eggperial City was established after the events of the Metal Virus. Bad Guys showed a place called “Dr. Eggman’s HQ”. Can confirm or deny if the HQ and the city are the same place?1:54:09
January 2nd 2023Uncle Benis' Media Reviews​@BKQA Word on the street is that money doesn't exist on Sonic's world, but the Chaotix still have money issues. So, how do they go about trying to convince people that money is real?1:54:55
January 2nd 2023Fang​@BKQA Hey Kyle and Ian! My question is a Prime related question, according to the writers it is canon somehow. Where do you think in the timeline does Prime take place? After Frontiers? Before?1:57:01
January 2nd 2023StarSprite​@BKQA is cyberspace an alt universe?1:57:33
January 2nd 2023Lord Van Oskuro​@BKQA What would a Neo Tails Doll be like? Would it be a bigger stuff animal or more akin to the FNAF animatronics?1:58:03
January 2nd 2023Thevius​@BKQA Who would win in a race? Sonic or Santa?1:59:01
January 2nd 2023Sunblister16​@BKQA Two Words: Boom Starline. What's he like?2:00:19
January 2nd 2023Overlord X​@BKQA If Kit got a hold of all 7 Emeralds, would he become Perfect Kit to match up with his water buddy Chaos?2:01:40
January 2nd 2023FlamingSnotWad​ Is there a chance in the near future that OCs such as my own will be able to camio in future side story comics for IDW? Or perhaps get a comic of their own, given the right opportunity? @BKQA2:02:37
January 2nd 2023Scruffy Matt​ @BKQA (possible Sonic Frontiers spoiilers?) What do Sonic and Big use as bait when fishing in Cyberspace? For that matter, what does Big usually use as bait in the real world?2:03:57
January 2nd 2023_ ѕтυdy vιвeѕ _ ​@BKQA SPOILERS: Will Tails whole thing about the hero he’ll become continue? What is it implied he meant by that and how long would he hypothetically leave sonic for? :02:05:07
January 2nd 2023SmashZapper85 ​@BKQA What are the main influences of the Sol Dimension’s look and design2:06:29
January 2nd 2023Elly​ @BKQA Tyson Hesse has said that Mania Adventures happens during Encore Mode's Angel Island Zone since status quo is restored at the end of adventures,is this the canon timeline of these continuations2:07:08
January 2nd 2023Shonen Bois ​@BKQA Hey Ian and Kyle which Maverick or Robot master is your favorite in terms of design/abilities?2:07:30
January 2nd 2023AggressivelyMediocre ​@BKQAQuestion: For some incomprehensible reason you had to write a redemption arc for a current Sonic villain who isn’t Surge or Kit who would you pick and what would be the general approach?2:12:48
January 4th, 2023Alphamon_OuryukenIn issue 216 [of Archie Sonic] Mammoth Mogul mentions that Silver is training to become a Knight of Kronos, but we get little info on what that is aside from it being connected to. Little is known about it besides the fact that it's connected to time traveling. So I just have to know: Just who are these Knights of Kronos? Why does Silver wish to become one? Do they have some sort of connection to the Time Stones and the power of Chronos Control? Were there plans to introduce more of them down the line?1:51
January 4th, 2023Andrew DI keep hearing that Sonic Prime is canon to the games, which makes sense considering how you had stated that there seems to be an effort to bring together the various Sonic media into one canon. This makes me wonder, though, when would this take place? Also, any thoughts on Sonic's comment in the show about how he's never seen a Badnik that wasn't being powered by a Flicky? We already know there have been plenty of those before.2:57
January 4th, 2023Batman69lolSince you said surge is only doing this because this is the only thing she has, what if she just found a hobby constructive and meaningful, like writing? she becomes a writer what [would] she write about and would that stop her rampage?3:47
January 4th, 2023ChaosSonic1If you did get Archie Mario to become a series, how would you do Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy? Would Mario get all the Stars? And had you been allowed, would Wart from Mario 2 have been a servant to Antasma from the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team?5:00
January 4th, 2023Cody GIan and Kyle, you’ve been handed a contract which allows you to pick 1 game remaster for Tee Lopes to work on. Whatever game you choose is guaranteed to be remade. What game would you choose to hear in his amazing musical style? (Hard mode, no Skies of Arcadia or Daytona)8:08
January 4th, 2023DominoAre there any plans to expand upon Shadow and Amy’s relationship? I feel like the last meaningful interaction they had with each other was in Sonic Adventure 2, they have potential for a very interesting dynamic in my opinion.10:03