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January 1st 2024RedReaperNow that Dream Team is out and the spoiler period is mostly over, can you delve into the relation of Ariem, the Reverie, Illumina, or MaginaryWorld? Or Cyberspace, which contains Dreams?2:10
January 1st 2024happytimesIn Archie, there was a story where an electric shock caused Nicole and Sally to swap bodies. Similar idea, but it's Surge and Sage swapping when Surge tries frying Eggman's computer. How's it go3:13
January 1st 2024MetalSkulkBane PLAmazing fan-film "Project Shadow" just came out. I know you won't watch it (for shame!) but it got me thinking: why do you think GUN attacked their own facility? isn't Shadow what they ordered?4:45
January 1st 2024teleporting lobo​It's the common joke, but given that they're both staying at the Restoration for Diamond Cutter work, are Tangle and Whisper actually ROOMMATES? Who forgets to do the dishes? Who snores loudly?7:30
January 1st 2024Chaos Wind​Sage, wanting to learn more about "family", makes a simulation that resembles a Family Sitcom; featuring herself, Metal Sonic, Eggman, and, somehow, Belle. How many seasons does this show last?9:28
January 1st 2024Mainframe0643​Ian and Kyle, have both of you played any of the Yo-Kai Watch games, if not then I would recommend playing them, they’re fun.11:04
January 1st 2024Professor Ry/KazzieSonamy plush Canon Y/N and also rate cuteness out of 10. Yes and 11 being the only obvious answers. (Totally married)12:24
January 1st 2024HeroesSquadSteamboat Willie has finally entered the public domain. Meaning, they're not in control of their Willie anymore. We have it in our hands! How would you tackle it in your style, as well as Sonic?13:10
January 1st 2024TwilordHow do you feel Harold ranks compared to your pre ""Official-Creator"" fan-characters?15:45
January 1st 2024chocolate watermelon28The Guardians meet Movie Knuckles, how does it go?16:08
January 1st 2024TristenWhat if Team Hooligan and The Babylon Rogues met?18:14
January 1st 2024HollyswackyworldYour thoughts on Hognose Snakes?19:31
January 1st 2024The_Drippy_SimpWhat is Metal Sonic's idea of being the ""one true Sonic?"" How does Metal even rationalize his objective? Sonic is a free spirited hero who loves adventure, the exact opposite of Metal.20:48
January 1st 2024Morlas996Ian if Tangle and Jewel went to the candy shop and saw Rough and Tumble sticking their heads under the candy dispensers would they stop them or join?21:35
January 1st 2024JCR1216can silver sing me Happy birthday?22:42
January 1st 2024Super Sonic FanWhat if Sonic Man met Mark the tapir?23:34
January 1st 2024SuperSharkBaitVector, Jet, Clutch, and Rouge all participate in a Mr. Beast-esque challenge where they must eat 20 ghost peppers while being pepper sprayed for $100,000. Fastest wins. So uh, what happens?24:51
January 1st 2024Ethan T.According to certain powerscaling websites, Cream is somehow solar system level during adventure era, and universe level post Shadow-2005. How OP is the average badnik by such wonky logic?26:49
January 1st 2024vixrsOh no, Amy's secret book she's been working on, "50 Types of Hedgehogs" has been published, what chaos ensues, how do the three other hedgehogs and everyone else react?27:32
January 1st 2024TheLastBabyManCassia & Clove are off the table to reappear anytime soon but what of Pronghorns themselves? Can new character ideas be made using Deer and Antelope species? With some possible ties to Eggman?29:26
January 1st 2024Bone Needle​How do you think might Sage react if she ever found out what Eggman did to the E-100 series?30:07
January 1st 2024Raphael C.Is it possible that the levels in Mania that came after Phantom Ruby's distortion are illusions (GHZ, CPZ, SSZ, HCZ) while every other is real?31:07
January 1st 2024Fox GuyHow would Scourge Superstars go down? Love to know about Fang and Trip.31:52
January 1st 2024Professor ScruffyMattTeam Four Star Vegeta meets Discount Vegeta, aka Shadow the Hedgehog (modern version). Wha happun?34:59
January 1st 2024Scurvy the piratehogIt's a miracle! Cream's father (Insert name and specie) Has returned! He finally found a store that sold milk. How does everyone react?36:07
January 1st 2024Lord Van Oskurorevamp of my Movie Tails goes to Kyoto and his mistaken for a divine spirit question from January. Assume the rest of the Wachowskis are there, how do they each react? And how many pictures of Tails in his little kami outfit will Maddie take?36:43
January 1st 2024ZachdMerry Chirtmas Ian, I recently watched Sonic’s Christmas Blast and wonder, how would the IDW Sonic cast react to finding out that Sonic is actually Sonic Claus?38:25
January 1st 2024vixrsIan Sega has asked you to take on a unique project that you eagerly accept,Full Castle, the family sit-com featuring Blaze, Marine, Silver,he deserves a home,and whoever else you desire,run wild39:59
January 1st 2024ChaosSonic1Say if Sega forces you to bring Eggman Nega back and you cant kill him again how would you do it?42:29
January 1st 2024The NormalPersonWhat is your favorite dinosaur and why are you wrong for not choosing triceratops?43:29
January 1st 2024KaoticKanine(DREAM TEAM SPOILERS) Since Ariem seems to be chilling in Tails' Workshop now, could we expect to see more of her in the future, perhaps in IDW? Would that require Hardlight's approval?45:03
January 1st 2024ZizumTGWhat happened to that pink haired human from Tails Tube? Is she coming, scrapped, MIA?46:39
January 1st 2024Red RebelWe've seen Doc Ock as the Superior Spider-Man, but how about Starline as the Superior Sonic? How does his intelligence, hubris, and morality mix with Sonic's body, power, and desire to help?47:37
January 1st 2024Kasai T.Sorry if I always ramble, just another question for Rough and Tumble? Let's pretend that Clutch is the current father figure for the two, what kind of silly funny scenarios you seen them having50:29
January 1st 2024Uncle Benis' Media Reviews​After last month's kissing debacle ends in break-up, Ian gets run over by a reindeer! Will Kyle be suing the pants off of Santa?51:36
January 1st 2024SonicMania2099Rough and Tumble are seen still working for Clutch, but issue 65 states that the Skunk brothers were fired, is this an error, were The brothers rehired, or did Clutch never fired them and they made a misunderstanding?53:09
January 1st 2024Rhythm & TempoInterpret which one?54:03
January 1st 2024DoveIan, if you got to do a Sonic crossover with the greatest dinosaur films in history, how would you do it? Of course I mean The Land Before Time.55:00
January 1st 2024Oscuro The BearcatSatAm never felt like it needed to be a Sonic show. If you take out Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik, nothing would be lost PLOTwise. If you were to do so, who would you create to replace the three?56:22
January 1st 2024GeoKnucklesWhich Modern Sonic cast can ride /pilot the Mighty Morphin Dino Zords and the Dragon Zords?58:19
January 1st 2024happytimesHow's the Sonic cast when it comes to getting their vaccine shots? Anyone scared of needles? Or do they just lose rings when poked?59:15
January 1st 2024FrostcanineHow do the Sol dimension people welcome the new year?1:00:07
January 1st 2024Jakob V.Have any of the Sonic crew both in Archie and IDW played any TTRPG like DnD, Pathfinder, and so on?1:01:12
January 1st 2024Badpiggieslover123What are the ages of Lanolin, Spike Porcupine, Sonar Fennec, Jian Tiger, Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Don Rooster, Gala Hound, Erma Ermine, Barby Koala, & Thrash? Ask Adam & Leah if needed.1:02:08
January 1st 2024kaydenzzzWhat would dating Shadow be like? Asking for uhhhh a friend!1:03:13
January 1st 2024AlolanFigmentSonic Heroes turns 20 today! If you were to write a Team Chaotix game, how would you do it? I think introducing Clutch to the games would be cool.1:03:53
January 1st 2024EllyWhat are your thoughts on the Sega IP revivals? and are you hoping they're all reboots or would you like to see continuations of their Continuity?1:06:31
January 1st 2024The Might Of GeburahIan! Impossible worlds are mentioned in Isekai Ogiri. With that would you say worlds of all kinds can and/or even does exist in Sonic's worldview?1:10:37
January 1st 2024Truecosmic Digilabs79what your guys thought on an Surge version of Amy to round out are hedgehog group1:11:10
January 1st 2024Cameron D.hi guys, have you ever wanted to explore dark super sonic from sonic X in any way? if yes, how would sonic achieve this super form, and how could eggman, starline or surge explote this? thanks!1:12:43
January 1st 2024FunFloof The Cartoonwill SEGA and the Lore Team give the island of Never Lake and the Sonic 4 Zones an official name? Aaron Webber has acknowledged “Mirage Island”, but I doubt the name’s been considered internally1:13:55
January 1st 2024WarriorsGalaxyfor whatever reason, infinite is forced to join team chaotix. do they all manage to last a minute before it goes horribly wrong?1:15:16
January 1st 2024KnizuuHello! I was wondering….How would the Hooligans think of pasta? I can only imagine the outcomes of the guys! +Glad to be here on my birthday!1:17:02
January 1st 2024Magnus D.Ian, you are appointed Sonicstan's minister of culture and can decide what Sonic song becomes the newly formed superpower's anthem. Instrumental or not, what song do you choose?1:18:05
January 1st 2024Oscuro The Bearcat​Is Erazor not bound to the three genie rules or was he so powered up by absorbing the arabian nights that he could get around at least the resurrection one?1:19:29
January 1st 2024Shadow the Destroyer​How would the both of you bring sonic.exe into the canon?1:20:40
January 1st 2024Lord Van Oskuro​Tails creates a machine that allows NiGHTS into the physical plane. How do Surge, Kit, and Mimic react to NiGHTS’ reality defying powers, and when they realize they may have to fight such power?1:23:24
January 1st 2024The SaxonHey Ian, can you tell Evan that, even though there are a lot of people who want to rip into her, I am hoping and praying for her to keep doing well and that I love her Comics? Thanks.1:24:19
January 1st 2024Auric the Cat​Hello Ian Flynn. In Ares Island, there is a shrine that Sonic sees has a “broken off-color Master Emerald”, and behind that what looks like a blocked path by stones. Would you explain these two?1:25:05
January 1st 2024BluAre the sonic cafe mobile games canon? I would assume so as they were developed by sonic team, but I want to know what you think.1:26:09
January 1st 2024VEXERWhat were the D6 doing before the events of Lost World?1:27:31
January 1st 2024Disco DrawsHow would Shadow react if he found out him and Sonic had a kid and Sonic didn't tell him? If that's not something you can answer, would Sonic adopt Harold if him and Shadow got into a relationship?1:28:11
January 1st 2024SonicFighter 09will Sonic ever get to return to Station Square?1:30:16
January 1st 2024GawdzillaHey Ian and Kyle, since this is the year of Godzilla (2 movies and a TV Show) so is only natural I ask this: could Tikal summon Mothra? I mean isn't the Mystic Melody/Prayer just the mothra song?1:31:04
January 1st 2024DDRMASTERMUh-oh, someone forgot to take down the mistletoe. How do the duos of Blaze x Omega, Sonic x Jet, Knuckles x Rouge, and Sonic x Tangle handle it?1:32:02
January 1st 2024Heartz13Sonic Boom meets Teen Titans Go, how badly does this crossover go and how many references of the 1990’s Sonic Animated television series (AoSTH, SatAM, Underground) does Control Freak make during that crossover?1:34:10
January 1st 2024Domino AUWhat Sonic characters would listen to heavy metal?1:35:04
January 1st 2024MediaMuncher69Is Sonic 4 1/2 canon? lorewise it makes no sense!?1:36:19
January 1st 2024David C.Sonic travels to the manga universe and see this version of himself actually dating Amy Rose and being her boyfriend, would he consider dating his own version of Amy?1:36:54
January 1st 2024TheLazy EngiBot.Since Eggman is Ian's self insert, How would you aquire the Master Emerald and deal with Rad Red?1:37:42
January 1st 2024spoiler 1001would Fang let tails work on the marvelous queen if the two were to have a truce?1:39:33
January 1st 20244SONICfanIan and Kyle, you guys have to live with Scourge and Fiona in a house for a week, how will this go? Will you guys survive?1:40:21
January 1st 2024AusJamHappy (early) New Years! How would the events of Superstars and Frontiers go if the Sage and Trip switch roles? Take any approach to this idea.1:41:19
January 1st 2024Shibumi T.hi guys! happy almost new year! What are some of the IDW cast celebrates New Year? especially now with Surgeas a part of the team, how does she and Kit react to the yucky feelings of friendship and eugh *hope for the future*?1:44:22
January 1st 2024CoyotixHow would an interaction between Whisper and mighty go?1:46:28
January 1st 2024Joedoughboi fanIf Mario and Sonic switched games, could Mario complete Sonic's levels and vise versa?1:47:18
January 1st 2024Jara B.Doctor Fukurokov, Marine, Wave, Starline, and Belle entered into a science fair against one another! What do they enter, who would win, and what hijinks would ensue?1:47:54
January 1st 2024origialtychStarline gets Isekai'd into the Alan Wake Universe how long does he last before a Taken/The Dark Presence yeets him into another world? I have another but I want to know how this one ends.1:51:21
January 1st 2024No_0riginalityYou guys got any last words for 2023?1:52:57
January 1st 2024Steven ALet's finish the year with a song. Pick an Animaniacs song. Any Animanics song. Happy new year folks!1:54:24
January 3rd 2024Bind of EdgeIf the main sonic and idw cast were to be summoned as servants in the fate series what would their classes be. If you're unfamiliar with the fate series there are seven main classes being the saber class people who excel at swordplay, the lancer class people who use polearms such as lances, spears, and staffs, the archer class people who use projectiles and ranged based attacks, the rider class people with a mount of some kind such as sailors, pilots, and cavalrymen, the caster class which contains magicians, scientist, artists, writers, and musicians, the assassin class people who use more underhanded tactics such as poisons or ninja, and the berserker class people who have been consumed with rage or have some sort of extreme obsession. There are more classes than this but they tend to be used for fate's own original characters. In my opinion I'd put Tangle in the lancer class and 2000s Amy in berserker with how those games portray her love for sonic.1:33
January 3rd 2024ChaosSonic1Since you are not head writer anymore, what was your favorite thing to write in IDW till now?2:24
January 3rd 2024DavanthallI noticed on the holiday TailsTube that Omega once again mentioned the term "Eggman's Robots", which gave me war flashbacks to that infamous line Tails said in Heroes. But the name "badniks" was canon to the games, wasn't it? I thought they were actually called that in the genesis games. Is that name no longer usable in official stuff?4:34
January 3rd 2024Dawsonthedachshund During the Holiday party at restoration hq, surge accidentally got some mistletoe stuck on the tip of her quills and everyone notices EXCEPT her and kit. The question is, who DARES?5:51
January 3rd 2024ExidelIn the Archie Comics, we've seen Sonic transform into his Ultra Sonic form by both absorbing a massive quantity of Power Rings, and using a Super Emerald. Do you think that it's fair to say that if Scourge absorbed a comparable number of Power Rings, or used some kind of Super Beryl that he would be able to become Ultra Scourge as well? Imagine how terrifying THAT would be. (Hop on that, fan artists!)7:16
January 3rd 2024GeoKnuckles Question: What would movie Vector sound like if he was voiced by Jack Black the voice of Bowser in the Mario movie?9:37
January 3rd 2024GideonW Sonic wakes up with a metaphorical bug in his ear and decides to change his life's pace. He starts to go to Nermiebucks daily to write while slowly working on his novel. How well does those around him handle this change?10:45
January 3rd 2024Heartz13 Josh Brolin’s SatAM Robotnik #2: Please Say these three SatAM Robotnik Quotes in the Voice of Josh Brolin (Thanos-like voice)! "A nice dream, but dreams are meant to be… Broken." "If nothing else, you have been a most worthy adversary. But, in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And as you know, in this game...losers...get Roboticized!" "I really hate that hedgehog!”12:59
January 3rd 2024Jara B.Lyric the Ancient has found out about....Metal Gear and intends to infiltrate the facility where it is held using the advanced technology known as cardboard boxes! Only one group of people stand in his way of opposing him. The original Diamond Cutters! Can they stop this snake's solid plans of obtaining Metal Gear and using it to dominate the world?!?14:54
January 3rd 2024milesprowerdavis What would sonic talk about on a ranty run podcast or any of the main cast. What would they rant on about?17:02
January 3rd 2024Morlas Amy decides that kissing all of her friends sounds very appealing so she tries to form a polycule. How successful is she?19:10
January 3rd 2024NovaPollyDuoAlright, there's only so much secrets we can keep! We the people must KNOW! How does Boom Sonic keep his lunch down while going so fast?19:58
January 3rd 2024JCR1216 yo ian flynn can you sing the firefly theme20:55
January 3rd 2024WaffleWatched an Archie Sonic video, and the background music got me thinking. What Classic Era songs do you associate with Sally? If no Classic songs come to mind, do you have any song that do?22:33
January 3rd 2024picklypacDoes scourge's father have a name? If not, what name would you come up with now?24:16
January 3rd 2024rabbithaverSince like, 90% of the Sonic cast knows how to drive, let's get silly with it. What were their driving lessons like? Who do you think crashed the most while learning? Whose car has a traffic cone (or unfortunate civilian) lodged in the wheel well?! Does Silver even actually know how to drive or is he just using his telekinesis to move the car while making 'vroom vroom' noises with his mouth?25:16
January 3rd 2024scourgetime Moebius 30 years later, what is going on over there? We know Sonic had to deal with king Shadow, and became king himself, but what happened to Scourge in this timeline? Or did you already have something in mind back in the day?27:58
January 3rd 2024Snow PearIn your opinion, what's a general rule of thumb to keep in mind when writing Starline? Any tips for maintaining voice and characterization?31:19