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January 1st, 2022Wisc cheese
who would win in a fight, infinite, void or Mephiles also in your opinion who would most likely to return in any sonic content between these 3
January 1st, 2022Dansam
Can you give Shadow a gun or an type of machinery?
January 1st, 2022SonicMania2099
I heard someone is working on the story for the next major Sonic game. What is your excitement levels? 😊
January 1st, 2022System509
What would Starline have done if he had been in Infinites place in Forces? Phantom Ruby in hand and no tri core/warp topaz
January 1st, 2022Killian McMurphy
Do you miss working with the lighter goofier universes (Boom/Sonic X) or does the Classic Universe feel like a good outlet for those kind of stories?
January 1st, 2022Scurvy the piratehog
Hey! Hope Kyle is doing okay. Best wishes from Scurvy. Ian, just for the fun of it.. how do you think the Sonic cast would react to the Sonic movie 2 trailer?
January 1st, 2022Lloyd
Considering Silver doesnt poof out of existence or has his memories re-written, does his original (messed up) future still exist in some way?
January 1st, 2022Edward9909
hey Ian if you could make a spinoff comic around a main character like knuckles or silver who would you pick and why?
January 1st, 2022Rush?
We all know sonic is the “fastest thing alive”, but seriously, who is faster than sonic? Emerl? Shadow? Anyone else?
January 1st, 2022SonicMania2099
I heard that Surge and Kit were planned before IDW comics started, were they planned Archie characters?
January 1st, 2022Scurvy the piratehog
Something I'm curious about. but, since he is the last Echidna, how would game/IDW Knuckles react if he met another living echidna? (male and female)
January 1st, 2022Dansam
@BumbleKing Videos Does Modern Sonic's eye color evolve from Black to Green or has it been rewritten for him always have the green eyes?
January 1st, 2022Rush?
Considering Modern and classic sonic were able to meet in forces, would you consider the possibility of a sonic multiverse crossover? Which Sonics are your favorites and who would you want to include?
January 1st, 2022testing
Why does IDW have so few developed locations especially original ones? Most are just fairly generic villages and towns with little to set them apart.
January 1st, 2022Scurvy the piratehog
The Sonic 2 movie will give us Tails, Knuckles, and Master emerald. What other characters and concept do you want to see in the movie-verse?
January 1st, 2022jamal s
Ian Finn what your opinion on movie knuckles and movie tails? Do you think knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, and Sliver should get their own game?
January 1st, 20224SONICfan
Scourge and Surge team up, how bad does it look for Sonic?
January 1st, 2022Edward9909
how would 06 shadow react to boom shadow
January 1st, 2022Monokuma
Hi Ian and Kyle! Here is the question: Is E-123 Omega a difficult character to appear in an story without Team Dark?
January 1st, 2022SonicMania2099
Going back to Archie Sonic, why wasn't Boom Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy weren't fully in Worlds Unite? Was this SEGA idea?
January 1st, 2022Rush?
How do Sonic’s more ludicrous feats like outrunning a black hole or outpacing Solaris fit in IDW canon?
January 1st, 2022jamal simmons
Ian Flynn, what your opinion on rally 4sally and freedom fighter?
January 1st, 2022Edward9909
I need to get this off my jest, how would the sonic cast interact with the Thomas and friends cast?
January 1st, 2022Gawdzilla
Due to Sonic's free spirt ; how successful of a Jedi would Sonic? And how fast would Shadow fall to the Dark Side? Also IG-Omega. That is all.
January 1st, 2022jamal simmons
Finn what your opinion on Sonic relationships with Sonic girls friends? don't Dodge this question Finn?😉👍
January 1st, 2022SonicMania2099
In terms of Halloween stories, how could Sonic and friends deal with a Five Nights at Freddy's concept?
January 1st, 2022Edward9909
Ian no offense but all of the Thomas information you had is wrong
January 1st, 2022Monokuma
Was there a reason or mandate on why E-123 Omega took so long to be introduced in the IDW and Archie comics? Does he have specific mandates to be in an story arc? Is he too violent for the comics?
January 1st, 2022Edward 9909
is IDW in the Archie multiverse
January 1st, 2022Jaychance
If Amy could go super what tips could Sonic give her? How would Sonic or Amy keep themselves from gaining a god complex from ultimate power
January 1st, 2022Monokuma
Imagine that Eggman decided to clone Omega to create an army with the Phantom Ruby. How The Resistance would handle that? (Yep, Omega fanboy here)
January 1st, 2022jamal simmons
Will their be a return of hyper Sonic, hyper knuckles, & turbo tails back in the comics and games?
January 1st, 2022Gyrotor
If there was a zone cop version of Zavok, what would he be called?
January 1st, 2022Jaychance
Would Eggman sabotage a chili cook off judged by Sonic or would he legitimately enter because he believes he can create the superior chili?
January 1st, 2022SonicMania2099
Could Tracy Yardley and Mrs.Aleah Baker do their own stories in IDW Sonic?
January 1st, 2022jamal simmons
can you give a shout out to nick at game apologist
January 1st, 2022HeroOfLight13 - Keyblade Dragon
@BumbleKing Videos If there were a canonical 8th Chaos Emerald, how would you justify its seeming absence from the story and how would the Chaos Emeralds’ nature change with its inclusion? Also what color would you make it?
January 1st, 2022Geoffrey St. John​HAPPY NEW YEAR Ian & Kyle! Here's to the upcoming movie, game and the 50th Issue of IDW Sonic. Speaking of the latter, what is your favourite anniversary issue of Sonic, either Archie or Fleetway.
January 1st, 2022Sajed Choudhury​ Were there going to be any developments about Sonic being the embodiment of chaos or was it just an explanation for plot armor?
January 1st, 2022Pidgeottamer​ So who dies in this issue 50?
January 1st, 2022PC-The- Unicorn​@BumbleKing Videos Are IDW Original characters allowed to have parents? I’m curious to know what Tangle parents are like.
January 1st, 2022SkullxCake​@BumbleKing Videos How was Dr. Starline's childhood? What can you tell us about it? And more importantly, when did he develop his obsession for Dr. Eggman?
January 1st, 2022Madeline BlueStar7​@BumbleKing Videos Happy new year! I love to imagine various Sonic crossovers. The Sonic cast transport to the Hundred Acre Wood and meet Winnie the Pooh and friends. Describe different interactions.
January 1st, 2022Raphael Carneiro​@BumbleKing Videos There is an early concept art showing three types of the Phantom Ruby: one is the "finished product", one is the "prototype", and there is one called "origin stone" (unused). ​According to the concept art, the "prototype" version is the one used in Sonic Mania, while the "origin stone" was not used in Mania. The problem is, it wasn't used in Forces either. Supposedly, Eggman would have found the "origin stone" in Forces in the early script. Were you aware of this during the prequel comics?
January 1st, 2022Darker​@BumbleKing Videos Is Night canon to Sonic, or is the universe of Night connected to Sonic's Universe ?
January 1st, 2022La Ba​@BumbleKing Videos Goku VS Archie Sonic
January 1st, 2022Rez​@BumbleKing Videos So Game Multiverse, Archie Multiverse and Boom Multiverse are absolutely not connected ?
January 1st, 2022L Law​@BumbleKing Videos If the Genesis arc hadn't happened, what would've been different? Would Sally still get BLAM BLAM BLAMd? What would have caused Naugus' past selves to reawaken?
January 1st, 2022Rosemarie Rivera​@BumbleKing Videos I got Sonic The Hedgehog Encyclo-Speed-ia I'm confused about the part about Infinite is consumed by the Phantom Ruby is he dead or not? I think he is not.
January 1st, 2022GABS SAM​@BumbleKing Videos Now that we are close to Valentines day, how does Sonic characters spend that day? (specially Tangle, whisper, starline, silver, blaze)
January 1st, 2022Scruffy Matt​@BumbleKing Videos Hi Ian! I was watching Syn_Fritz's 24 hour Sonic stream, and Professor Ry raised an interesting question during Sonic Adventure. Who took the photo of Birdie and its family?! ...also, while we're on the subject I guess I should ask where Birdie got the Chaos Emerald too.
January 1st, 2022ShinGen​@BumbleKing Videos How would Tangle and Whisper's dynamic change if they were in a relationship? (also, who would confess first and how?)
January 1st, 2022Levi Church​@BumbleKing Videos What is it like adapting characters who don't speak in the games into comics like Heavy King or the Hooligans?
January 1st, 2022S Shining​@BumbleKing Videos SEGA stated Boom is a new branch of the franchise, so wouldn't mean Boom is connected to the Game Multiverse ?
January 1st, 2022Yes​@BumbleKing Videos Does Sonic has Platonic concetp, Carl Jung archtypes, Neoplatonism and quantum mechanics ?
January 1st, 2022EmerlForgotten​@BumbleKing Videos I thought Impostor Syndrome was a pretty good arc but I question the decision to add dialogue of Sonic supporting NFTs in the end. My question to you Ian is: why did you do that?
January 1st, 2022Hao​@BumbleKing Videos In Sonic R it state Radiant Emerald is a CHaos emerald, is it true ? Cause Super Sonic can be in Radiant Emerald so seem strange
January 1st, 2022Nico Carrero​@bumblekast How were the holidays? I hope they went well for you two and tour families. How would Starline react to Finitevious? I think he would like him at first but then find out about his "Kill everything" plan, he would turn on him.
January 1st, 2022Renaissance Girl​@BumbleKing Videos How long did the Metal Virus last?
January 1st, 2022Asta Kamel​@BumbleKing Videos Silverbeat Sonic while he hada emerald(having a emerald boost), then Infinite implied SIlver is superior to Sonic,Silver stop easily few Metal and Shadow, so is Silver above Sonic ?
January 1st, 2022Necro Mage​@BumbleKing Videos Does Kit genuinely care about surge or does he only care because of his programming?
January 1st, 2022happytimes​@BumbleKing Videos How would the Chaotix meeting Boom Vector go? Do you think Charmy and Espio would feel insecure that Boom Vector seems to be more successful without their Boom counterparts?
January 1st, 2022YDK​@BumbleKing Videos I like to ask a question, A lot of people been using Aaron webber statement about everything is canon in sonic was Aaron joking or he was just reffering to Game sonic or something
January 1st, 2022The Uranium Skull​@BumbleKing Videos What would you to like to see in a Ristar sequel? I need to know for a very special project. Hope you get better Kyle.
January 1st, 2022SStudios Alex​happy new year are now the excuse idw sonic comics caracter opening for the game's?
January 1st, 2022Joshua Jones​I've been a sonic comic fan since issue 0 way back in the 90's and you are one of my favorite writers. My question is how would you have handled the Endgame arc? What would you have changed? Thanks.
January 1st, 2022Kitare Station​@BumbleKing Videos In the Encyclospeedia there's an enemy in the called "Red Fruit", but in Shadow the Hedgehog Saikyou Kouryaku Guide it's called "Crimson Seed", is there any reason for that change?
January 1st, 2022Waku WakuPatrol​ do you think theres any way to reasonably explain the 8 emeralds in sonic t fighters? like nack makin a fake one since hes supposedly from the special zone
January 1st, 2022Without A Plan​Do you consider Shadow to be immortal? I understand he is technically fifty plus years old but I always assumed the capsule he was in in SA2 was a status pod and that he will age normally now.
January 1st, 2022Lost Zoro​@BumbleKing Videos It's no surprise that everyone hates Zeena, but what would happen if Zeena turned good in Lost World? How would this affect the events of Forces or even IDW?
January 1st, 2022Scarletchan​@BumbleKing Videos Hey Ian, I always wanted to ask you this since 2013. How would you write a alternate scenario where Sonic and Sally switch roles and powers but kept their personality?
January 1st, 2022CertifiedNobody​@BumbleKing Videos Ian is it true that Dave The Intern is secretly the true villain of Sonic Prime?
January 1st, 2022Damian Acosta​how you think the modern cast would react to the boom cast?
January 1st, 2022boney CHEEEZE​@BumbleKing How do you think Surge and Kit would react to the Metal Virus?
January 1st, 2022Hyper Metaru​@BumbleKing Videos What would happen if Scratch & Grounder are sent to the SatAM universe, but Sally & Bunnie were sent to the AOSTH universe?
January 1st, 2022B1 - 7567​@BumbleKing Videos The Separatist Alliance invades Sonic's World, how Sonic and friends fights back General Grievous and the droid army? What is Starline's opinion of them?
January 1st, 2022YDK​@BumbleKing Videos Does sonic have a hell, platonism and Jung Architype
January 1st, 2022ExcelHedge ​Hello Ian, Get well soon Kyle. In M25YL Part 2 It was Implied Shadow Ended the Eggman war and Possibly Killed Eggman. My Question is what did Eggman do to push Shadow over the Edge?
January 1st, 2022Pizza Imperial​@BumbleKing Videos Hi, is Ian 54 years old?
January 1st, 2022EllyPlaysGames: Ian are you a fan of Ben 10 at all? would you like a Sonic Ben 10 Crossover since Man of Action is making Sonic Prime?
January 1st, 2022Tony Corona​@Bumblekast Would Starline and Infinite work together, or that relationship wouldn't work?
January 1st, 2022MSP169​@BumbleKing Videos Favorite Sony Spider-Man Universe film that's not Spider-Man2?
January 1st, 2022Francisca Araos​@BumbleKing hey, during Christmas and New Year what did the villains did for the holidays? stole presents, ruin someone's day or what?
January 1st, 2022Commander Cody​@BumbleKing Videos Is it possible to have DRAGON Sonic Worldians in IDW?
January 1st, 2022• Sahi •​@BumbleKing Videos Do you have some sort of rankings in your mind in terms of power for the Sonic cast ? Or do you consider that everyone is pretty much on par with each other to avoid power creeps ?
January 1st, 2022Gareth Spriggs​ Not sure if this would be allowed, but did officially working with SEGA on Frontiers give you a better understanding of all the internal logic/lore for the franchise?
January 1st, 2022Gracie Cee​@BumbleKing Videos I don't know if this has already been answered or not, but can Mimic breathe underwater due to being an aquatic creature? Also, I hope Kyle gets well soon!
January 1st, 2022Kanoka Club​@BumbleKing Videos All right, time for the most important question, possibly of all time: If you got turned into a Mobian/Sonic Worldian, would you wear pants?
January 1st, 2022The ark ​I would like to know if you like to use the sol dimension or other characters from more obscure sonic games like Sonic and The Black Knight?
January 1st, 2022Gawdzilla​@BumbleKing Videos Pick your three Sonics for Into the Sonicverse
January 1st, 2022starscrambled​@BumbleKing Videos Are Knuckles & Rouge still an implied romance in IDW? It seems more subtle so far, but I’m wondering what your take is on em! Do you enjoy writing them that way? Pretty curious.
January 1st, 2022Vlad C​@BumblekingVideos Why was Sonic Runners Adventure left out of the Encyclospeedia?
January 1st, 2022Jonathan Castillo ​It was good to see the trailer for the movie and the video game for when will the Netflix series come out?
January 1st, 2022Steven Allan​@BumbleKing Videos Hey Ian, in terms of Star Wars, do you think Empire is the best film because of the stakes? What is your favourite star Wars moments?
January 1st, 2022Sam S​@BumblekingVideos Do you think a Sonic pitch where you use a hero character to be a villain for a story arc would be accepted, or is there some rule about how “heroes must stay heroes at all times”?
January 1st, 2022System509​Would knuckles even care about repopulating the echidna race? @bumbleking videos
January 1st, 2022ExcelHedge​Hey Ian, We know Shadow can keep pace with Sonic due to his Jet Shoes. My Question Has Sonic ever tried to "Borrow" Shadow's Shoes? Has he ever bugged Tails to make copies of them?
January 1st, 2022Biostar96​So was the change in head writers really just a whim of the editors or did it have anything to do with your role on Frontiers?