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2019 Oregon Solar Energy Conference Session Detail
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Adam Schultz (ODOE)
Tyler Nice (EWEB)
Alan Hickenbottom (LEAN Energy US)
Alexia Kelly (Electric Capital)
Bonnie Lind (Pathion)
MicroGrids: An Important Piece of Community ResilienceSolar+Storage; PolicyMay 8 (Wednesday)NAMicrogrids have the potential to be lifesavers in the face of natural disasters. How are communities in Oregon installing microgrids? This panel explores Oregon case studies and best practices.
Alan Hickenbottom
Steve Hall (Hall Energy)
Rebecca Smith (OOE)
Suzanne Leta (SunPower)
Community Choice Aggregation: is it right for Oregon?Policy; electric gridMay 9 (Thursday)NAA discussion about the potential benefits and challenges included in starting Community Choice Aggregation in Oregon, including lessons learned from other states.
Alex Carter
Aurora Solar
Solar Design for New Construction: Strategies for Serving a Key New MarketSystem Design; Project Management; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)
Designing and installing solar for newly constructed buildings is emerging as an significant business opportunity for solar contractors around the country. This national trend holds true in Oregon as well. The state’s building code mandates that all new residential and commercial construction be “solar ready” by 2020 and 2022 respectively, and the Energy Trust of Oregon offers a variety of incentives and resources for high-performance new construction. A background report to the Oregon Solar Plan, prepared by the Green Energy Institute on behalf of OSEIA, even recommended state adoption of solar building standards, such as a mandate requiring solar installations on new residential and/or commercial construction–as California has done.

While solar for new construction is a momentous opportunity for the solar industry, it also represents a new challenge for contractors whose sales and business processes are focused on solar for existing buildings. Whether you have blueprints for a net zero energy home or plans to include solar carports that offset energy usage at a new elementary school, designing for new construction requires a new set of skills and tools different than the industry has commonly used.
Annie Kendrick (Kendrick Business Services)
Jaime Viramontes (J2J Civil Consulting, Inc)
Project Management takes Team WorkProject Management; Business Management; soft costsMay 8 (Wednesday)NAYou will learn best practices for collaboration between project managers, estimators, accounting and field workers. Understand the key information that is important for all team members to share before, during and after the project is completed to create a smooth, profitable process.
Babak Sardary
Scoop Solar
Reduce Soft Costs With Mobile Workforce Management & AutomationSoft Costs; Project managementMay 8 (Wednesday)Info Coming SoonSoft costs' including installation and inspection make up 64% of solar PV system costs, but are difficult to manage. Operational inefficiencies can total $1,500 in lost productivity per employee each month. Managers are increasingly focusing on streamlining processes that drive soft costs, beginning with field teams who account for 80% of the workforce. Their investments in mobile software that automates field operations are yielding significant improvements in efficiency.

In this workshop we’ll explore whether this technology is for you, and how to determine what your potential savings might be, based on analysis of over 5,000 projects completed using Scoop.
CED Greentech PNWCED Greentech Sponsored Goat YogaMake a Goat Icon!May 8 (Wednesday)N/AThis session will be broken up into two sessions.

The first 30 minutes will be Goat Yoga hosted by CED Greentech. The second 30 minutes will be Goat Mingling.

What is Goat Yoga? Goat Yoga is Animal-Assisted Therapy in a natural setting with unexpectedly smart, social, and profoundly cuddly goats. They might jump on your back, stare into your soul, burp in your ear, or give goat hugs. Most often they'll just lay down on your yoga mat and snuggle up next to you. This session is designed to be accessible for all. Yoga mats will be provided and are yours to keep after the session. Read more at: www.goatyoga.net

If yoga isn’t your thing, join us for the second half of the session to interact with the goats before a busy day at the Oregon Solar Energy Conference
Chad Higgins (OSU)
John Jacobs (Old Sol Enterprises, LLC)
Dual Use PV: Maximize Land ProductivityPolicy; large scaleMay 8 (Wednesday)NALets think of ways that ag and solar can work together for mutual benefit. By utilizing data on water savings, plant productivity, changes in micro climates, power productivity we will explore the ag side and the energy side of dual use PV sites. Projects we will explore include pollinators, apiaries, pasture lands and how they co-exist with PV systems.
Claude Barker
Design and Install using the new ABB PVS175TL String InverterSystem Design; InstallationMay 8 (Wednesday)
ABB has launched the world's largest 1500Vdc C&I and Utility scale string Inverter, the PVS175TL. It's 12MPPTs design and application will be new to many system designers. In this session we will discuss the design and application of this inverter in detail and describe the benefits when using this inverter.
Clifford Schrock
Best Practices for Metal Rooftop Solar InstallationInstallationMay 8 (Wednesday)
Join this session to learn best practices for managing metal rooftop solar installation. Topics covered will include rolled roofing type installations as well as standing seam roofs. In addition we will cover insulated metal roofs and the challenges involved with variable thickness insulations and anchoring to Q deck sub-roofs.
Connor O'Brien
Energy Trust of Oregon - New Buildings
Engaging Commercial Solar Projects in Early DesignSystem Design; SalesMay 9 (Thursday)NAGet at the building design table early with a new incentive that supports the cost of Solar Trade Allies to attend Early Design Assistance meetings. This session will explore effective ways to outline a project’s solar potential to design teams including project owners, architects, engineers and other key players. We will go over which agenda topics are required for the incentive, and discuss the meeting structure in general. This incentive is only available to commercial new construction or major renovation projects. Solar Trade Allies that attend this session will be added to the lead generation list when projects are looking for solar trade allies to join their early design meeting. Relevant Audience: Solar Contractors, Solar Trade Allies, Solar Design Consultants, Business Development staff. Learning Objectives: • Why engaging project teams early in design is beneficial for solar contractors • What the Early Design Meeting is, and the components required to receive the incentive • How to engage project teams effectively through these meetings
Dan Glaser
High Efficiency Solar and Storage Technology for Residential ApplicationsSolar+StorageMay 8 (Wednesday)Info Coming SoonA look at high efficiency solar modules in the residential space, with a technical dive into heterojunction (HIT) technology. Attendees will learn fundamental differences between various leading n-type modules, and a future outlook on global supply. The second part of the presentation will touch on residential energy storage and lithium ion technologies.
Dave McClelland
Jeni Hall
Energy Trust of Oregon
The Future of Solar in Oregon and How to Prepare your Solar BusinessBusiness ManagementMay 7 (Tuesday)NADuring this session Solar program staff will share with attendees relevant information from the Energy Trust of Oregon's forward looking 5-year strategic planning research on the future of energy and the new opportunities and barriers that future will bring solar trade ally contractors. This session will be broken into three parts:
Overview of the future landscape and how the program will be adapting to support solar trade allies and customers in identifying higher value solar applications.
Discussion of increasing the value of rooftop solar using complimentary technologies that can provide grid services. Program staff will involve solar trade allies in an interactive exercise to inform future program design.
Discussion of increasing access to rooftop solar for communities that have historically not been able to participate. Program staff will involve solar trade allies in an interactive exercise to inform future program design.

Target Audience: This session is relevant to Energy Trust solar trade ally business owners and managers who are responsible for developing future business lines and interested in shaping Energy Trust solar incentive program design.
Dean Abney
Abney Solar Electrix
Everything you ever wanted to know about solar plus storage but were afraid to ask.

solar+storageMay 8 (Wednesday)NADean will lead a interactive question and answer session on battery based systems for ON and OFF grid applications. If you want to know what battery system is better based on the customer’s needs. Or if you've ever wondered how AC coupled systems work with battery based inverter/chargers. Bring your questions, Dean's got answers.
Elise Kittrell
Green Empowerment
Off-Grid Household Solar in Indigenous Communities – Jumping the Energy LadderInternationalMay 8 (Wednesday)NAThe Awa are a binational indigenous community straddling the Colombia and Ecuador border. Green Empowerment is working with them to demonstrate the critical role of small-scale PV systems to help rural communities gain access to renewable energy and develop the technical skills of community leaders. This session has an optional plug n play solar PV system training.
Evan Ramsey (BEF)
Jaimes Valdez (Spark NW)
Oriana Magnera (Verde)
Lizzie Rubido (Energy Trust)
Ernesto Fonseca (Hacienda CDC)
Making Solar Accessible: Community Solar, Portland Clean Energy Fund, Solar Within ReachPolicy; community solarMay 9 (Thursday)NADuring this session attendees will hear about current programs to bring solar to low-income ratepayers include Community Solar, Solar Within Reach, state and federal grant programs, and the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Attendees will hear successful case studies in Oregon and brainstorm potential projects.
Greg Welsh
Stimulus and Response---How to Best Handle Common Residential Solar QuestionsSales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NAOur residential customers have questions---new and old. How would you rate your ability to answer them succinctly for maximum sales value? Do you wing it? Do you rattle on? Do you sense confusion? In this course we cover 10 of the most current and common questions asked of residential sellers and give strategy to responses.

Join sales expert and veteran solar sales trainer Greg Welsh as he lays out a method to improve your chances of a great response- that leads to a sale.
Greg WelshSales ConnectionSales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NAWhat’s the secret to gaining a ‘connection’ with a residential solar prospect? We all have experienced the magic when it happens and the frustration when it does not. In this course we go ‘behind the words’ and into the ‘psyche’ of how to connect with almost all of your customers. Don’t leave this important part of the residential solar process to chance.

Join 35 year residential sales veteran and solar sales trainer Greg Welsh in this insightful 90 minute session.
Greg WelshThe Fundamentals of Selling Residential Solar in the Pacific NorthwestSales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NAProcess-Strategy- Structure- Results. In this course we cover the fundamentals for taking an interested prospect down the road to a sale--from lead contact to close. New sellers can find their path. Veterans can find what they are missing.

Join solar sales veteran Greg Welsh--- sales trainer of thousands of solar sales professionals--- as he uncovers the best method for selling residential solar in 2019.

Greg WelshSales PushbackSales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NAOk… so you ask for the sale and get some sort of customer ‘pushback’. What is really going on here? From ‘I need to think about it’ to ‘What else can you do for me on the price’… this course gives you strategies for all the varieties of stalls and objections we hear every day.
Jen Rouda (7Skyline LLC)
Jamie Daggett (DNV GL)
Jim Corboy (Calvert Advisors LLC)
Nathan Sandvig (National Grid)
Claire Carlson (Replacement TBD)
Options for the future of Large Scale PV Storage Options
Large scale; storageMay 8 (Wednesday)NAEnergy storage is a critical component of our short and long term renewable energy future. Come learn more about some of the different energy storage technologies available including, battery storage, pumped storage, and hydrogen storage. These can provide value to the electric grid, impact consumer rates, and impact reliability and service. The panel will address energy storage feasibility and siting, as well.
Jerry Henderson
Energy Assurance Company
Solar Permitting Plan Review Coursesystem design; project managementMay 7 (Tuesday)
An interactive, in-person course designed to provide a practical process for consistent solar plan review, with an emphasis on how to catch the most frequent solar installation errors. Taught by a national expert in solar plan review, the course will walk you through the review of a complete permit plan application.

Learning objectives: After completing this training attendees will be able to evaluate a complete solar permit package quickly to ensure it is compliant with building, fire and electrical codes relevant to your jurisdiction.

Target audience: This session is relevant to plans examiners, reviewers, engineers, and inspectors who are responsible for reviewing solar PV system plans for authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ)
Jim Spano
Long-Term Solar Financing to Transform the Developer Business Model
large scale; salesMay 8 (Wednesday)NALong-term financing that covers the operational life of a solar asset has the potential to upend the current industry paradigm where developers sell projects to aggregators. Learn about emerging financial vehicles, like the solar mortgage REIT, that are opening debt markets and enabling developers to maintain ownership of profitable assets
Johan Alfsen
Everest Solar Systems
Everest: Innovative Solar Mounting Solutions (resi/comm)system design; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
NABCEP accredited presentation from Everest. This course will overview how to successfully mount to various roof types with truly engineered products from Everest Solar Systems. Standard and shared rail options for both residential and commercial will be covered. New product introductions!
John Patterson
A World Powered by Sunshinegeneral interestMay 8 (Wednesday)NAFor decades solar energy has been used to heat domestic hot water and power electrical loads in buildings. Now a new opportunity emerges. Solar powered electric vehicles provide an exciting proposition for the renewable energy industry. The environmental benefit to society is even greater.
Jon Haeme
Best Practices on Small Flat Roofs system design; installationMay 9 (Thursday)
IronRidge presents some of the key challenges and considerations when dealing with flat roofs, especially smaller ones, and how to install flush and tilt mounted solar array on them.

Topics Covered: Evaluating roof types and materials, determining attachment types and capacities, selecting and performing flashing methods, receiving structural and roofing approvals, assembling and grounding mounting structures.
Jonathan Crowley
Univest Capital
CED Greentech Sponsored Commercial Financing DIscussionSales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NALearn how to identify financing opportunities and the different types of financing available. Jonathan Crowley will help solar installers identify the best financing options for commercial projects. This informational session is sponsored by CED Greentech.
Josh Peterson Frank Vignola
University of Oregon
Building a Bankable Solar Radiation Databasegeneral interestMay 8 (Wednesday)NADescription on how to build a bankable solar radiation dataset based on combined satellite-derived and ground-based solar irradiance data. A bankable dataset is designed to document and characterize the 50% and 90% confidence level of exceedance required when seeking project funding. The discussion includes information on uncertainties and systematic biases in irradiance datasets.
Ken Nichols, EQL Energy
Caroline Moore, Oregon PUC
Jason Salmi Klotz, PGE
Distribution System Planning in developmentElectric Grid; policyMay 9 (Thursday)NATBA
Kyle Bolger
Solar Energy International
Multimode Energy Storage System Designsolar+storage; system design; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)
Multimode systems are complex energy storage systems (ESS) that can operate in utility-interactive or island mode - and the market for these systems is experiencing exponential growth. Whether providing backup power when the grid is down, operating in self-consumption mode, or reducing peak demand charges, there are numerous use cases for PV systems with energy storage that interact with the utility grid. We will explore these use cases in this four hour course. We will also cover multimode system configurations and equipment specifications, review load analysis and battery bank sizing, and a walk through an example of an ESS design.

Most relevant audience: Solar installers, designers, salespeople
Learning objectives: Describe the numerous use cases for PV systems with energy storage, evaluate multimode system configurations and available equipment on the market today, review best-practice procedures for load analysis and battery bank sizing,
Laird Sanders
Energy Automation with the sonnen ecoLinxsolar+storage; system design; salesMay 8 (Wednesday)Info Coming SoonWith the sonnen ecolInx and Adapt package, home owners are able to take further control of their energy within their home. Imagine being able to not only power your home through clean, renewable energy, but also dynamically controlling loads through home automation and breaker level control. The sonnen ecoLinx provides a robust solution for the homeowner and additional support to utility company.
Leslie Shiner
The ShinerGroup
Five Easy Pieces – to Financial Success!business management; soft costsMay 8 (Wednesday)NAAs a solar contractor profits must be based on a process, not accidental. This session focuses on 5 strategies for better financial management to improve profitability. Topics include change orders, tracking costs, the value of using an executive dashboard and more.
Leslie Shiner
The ShinerGroup
The Power of Breakeven Analysisbusiness management; soft costsMay 8 (Wednesday)NAA breakeven analysis can help you determine which path will work best for you. Learn how to create a breakeven analysis to help make crucial strategic decisions. Play the “what-if” game to forecast the consequences of changes in overhead, margin, and sales volume.
Lones Tuss
Outback Power
Retrofitting Grid-Tied PV Systemssolar+storage; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
With the release of frequency-response AC coupling functionality for the Radian as well as the introduction of higher voltage products, such as SkyBox and the FM100, you’ve got options when it comes to adding batteries to existing PV systems. This presentation will discuss the methods, advantages and limitations of each approach.
Lou Long
Apprenticeship Committee meetingMay 8 (Wednesday)NARenewable Energy Committee meeting
Maggie Clark (SEIA)
David Brown (Obsidian)
Angela Crowley-Koch (OSEIA)
Ann Beier (Crook County)
Damien Hall (Ball Janik)
Utility scale meets Oregon Land use - challenges and potential solutionslarge scale; policyMay 8 (Wednesday)NAUtility scale solar is facing multiple land use and siting hurdles in Oregon. While there are challenges, focusing on local efforts may bring the most success. Attendees will hear both Oregon perspectives and case studies in addition to best practices from other states.
Marissa Johnson
Twende Solar
Let's Go! EmPOWERing Communities in NeedinternationalMay 8 (Wednesday)NAAccording to the World Bank, “access to energy is at the heart of development”, though one billion people don’t have access to electricity and another billion don’t have reliable access. This is a barrier to economic development and Twende Solar is here to change that! Come hear about the two projects completed by volunteers since last year’s OSEC and learn about upcoming opportunities to be a part of the solution.
Matt Getchell
Energy Trust of Oregon
Energy Trust Solar Incentive Application Process Improvements (Feedback Session)project management; soft costMay 9 (Thursday)NADuring this interactive session, solar program staff will discuss plans to simplify and speed up the incentive application process. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback on proposed changes to help the program prioritize process improvements.
Matthew Mills (ETO)
Tyler Moffet (Moffet Energy Modeling)
Dan Wildenhaus (TRC)
Nathan Braun (Sunlight Solar)
Planning Solar into New Homes: What Does it Mean to be Solar Ready?system design; sales; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)NAAll new residential construction in Oregon must be built solar ready beginning in October 2020 - according to Gov Kate Brown's Executive Order 17-20. Come learn what makes a home Solar Ready and how to take advantage of incentives designed to support the process. You’ll hear 3 distinct perspectives: a solar trade ally, an EPS New Construction third party verifier, and a building science expert. This session will share insights based on experience and will wrap up with a Q&A to make sure you get your questions answered!
Mia Devine (Spark NW)Grant-Writing Tips and Trickssystem design; salesMay 9 (Thursday)NASpark Northwest will provide lessons learned based on years of experience both writing and evaluating grant applications for solar projects in Oregon and Washington. Topics will include eligibility criteria, how applications are scored, and templates that can be used to streamline the application process. The presentation will focus primarily on the USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grants, but will also touch on the ODOE Renewable Energy Development (RED) and Blue Sky grant programs. Attendees will receive specific guidance on how they can best prepare their clients for successful grant applications. The relevant audience is solar contractors, grant-writers, or entities who are considering applying for a grant.
Michael Nieman (Yaskawa Solectria Solar)Commercial Project Design with Solectria String Inverterssystem design; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
As the industry moves more towards string inverters for commercial applications, more and more manufacturers are supplying higher power inverters. This training will walk you through commercial design considerations when using high-power string inverters and the different applications for ground mount, rooftop and carport systems. This training will feature Solectria String Inverters and include installation details, string sizing, AC/DC connections, rapid shutdown, and monitoring.
Nathan WonderHow Smart Large Scale Solar Companies Use Surety BondsUtility PV
May 8 (Wednesday)NAA practical overview of how surety bonds are being used today by large scale solar developers, owners, and operators to enhance capital on a wide variety of solar contracts including power purchase agreements, interconnection agreements, decommissioning obligations, construction contracts, and photovoltaic module purchase orders.
Parker Mullins (BEF)Power Grid Education & Solar Integration: Opportunities to Inspire Next Generation Energy Talentgeneral interestMay 9 (Thursday)NAIntegrating distributed energy resources into our energy mix provides an exciting entry point for students to understand energy systems and how they might contribute to the growing array of climate solutions. To deploy these solutions, our power grid needs to be flexible and dynamic, incorporating new technologies, some of which we have yet to envision. To prepare the next generation of industry professionals, we must take an approach that fosters the development of transferrable skills across multiple sectors of the energy economy and highlights the many viable career pathways in clean energy, including solar.
Evan Sarkisian
Folsom Labs
Solar Design Trendssystem design; project management; soft costsMay 9 (Thursday)
As the solar industry matures, designers are dealing with new challenges and opportunities that they didn’t deal with five years ago. These include: picked-over rooftops, saturated grids, lower component costs, and more complex utility rates. As a result, system design trends are changing, and the optimal design of today is different from what it was even two years ago. In this training, we will describe the biggest trends we see in system design, and how developers can embrace them to lower cost or improve customer service. Note that while this training may use output from HelioScope for many of the analyses, the results will be generally applicable, regardless of whether the audience uses HelioScope.
Rachel DeHaven (PGE)
Dan Janosec (PGE)
Berit Kling (PacifiCorp)
Robert Wyllie (ETO)
How to build a better solar grant applicationsales; project managementMay 9 (Thursday)NAThe session will cover the basics including eligibility, preferences, funding and timelines for applying for grant funding from Portland General Electric and/or Pacific Power during the 2019 grant season. Presenters from Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, and Energy Trust of Oregon will be available to answer questions
Ramsey Zimmerman
Generations, a division of community 1st, Credit Union
Financing for Faster, Smoother, Bigger Projects
sales; business managementMay 8 (Wednesday)NARecommending financing is a great way to empower your residential customers to get the right system without draining their bank accounts. Today’s best financing tools are online, user-friendly, low-interest, same-day approved, free from dealer fees, and managed by friendly people. Learn the ins and outs of the application, approval and funding processes.
Richard McAllister (Western Energy Board)
Cameron Yourkowski (Renewable NW)
Richard Goddard (PGE)
Dennis Desmarais (Recurrent Energy)
Interconnection Challenges and Possible Paths Forwardelectric grid; large scale; policyMay 9 (Thursday)NAInterconnection in Oregon is a challenge for projects large and small. Come hear how other states are addressing these challenges and discuss possible Oregon solutions.
Rob Del Mar
Oregon Solar Dashboardpolicy; general interestMay 9 (Thursday)NAThis session will provide an introduction to the Oregon Solar Dashboard developed by Oregon Department of Energy, Oregon Utilities, OSEIA, and other regional partners. The dashboard includes more than 16,000 solar projects in the state totaling over 570 megawatts of capacity. Data is shown on maps and charts providing a comprehensive snapshot of Oregon solar projects. The dashboard was partially funded through the USDOE regional Solar Plus Grant.
Rob Madden (Green Leaf Realty)
Greg Field
Solar and Real Estate: Don't Get Solar 'Cause My Realtor Said SosalesMay 8 (Wednesday)NAPanel discussion between green real estate broker and experienced solar installer on the common real estate objections homeowners have to getting solar for their home. Topics to include resale issues, lower property values due to solar, buyer solar lease and loan transfer hurdles, and other common objections.
Ryan Mayfield
Mayfield Renewables
Solar PV Systems based on the 2017 NECinstallation; system design; project management; soft costsMay 7 (Tuesday)
The 2017 edition of NFPA 70 National Electrical Code dramatically changes the practical safeguards for PV systems. It introduces more changes to Article 690, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, than any revision cycle since 1984, when the NEC first adopted Article 690.This course will review all of the critical requirements for the proper installation of PV systems by the NEC and will focus on significant changes made in the 2017 versions.
Sandra Herrera
Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro smart inverter functions- UL1741-SAsolar+storage; system design; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
On this session I will cover the new Schneider Electric Conext XW Pro features and functions. Including UL 1741-SA compliances with California rule 21 also known as smart inverters.
We will discuss the battery- based inverter modes and types of applications such as grid-tie net metering, self-consumption, and off-grid system.
In addition, I will show the new communications and control available with Conext Gateway.
Serilda Summers-McGee
Workplace Change
How to Diversify your Solar WorkforceBusiness management;May 7 (Tuesday)NALike many companies in the Northwest region, your company is likely looking for innovative ways to embed diversity and inclusion in to its bottom-line. To truly be an inclusive organization requires strong leadership that understanding how to weave equity and inclusion tenets in all they do. Join the charismatic and solutions-oriented Serilda Summers-McGee of Workplace Change in an interactive session geared toward providing you with specific strategies to diversify your workforce. Change is unavoidable, so attend, be engaged and let’s grow together.
Shannon Ellis-Brock
Solar Financing - Life Beyond ROI:sales; May 9 (Thursday)NAHow to effectively use financing options as a tool and ways to move beyond the ROI. Installers.
Shannon Souza (Sol Coast)
Jaimes Valdez (Spark NW)
Angela Crowley-Koch (OSEIA)
Joni Bosh (NWEC)
What's new in Oregon and Washington state policypolicyMay 9 (Thursday)NAOregon and Washington have both considered innovative new policy for solar energy in their 2019 sessions. This panel will discuss passed and pending legislation and what it could mean for the solar industry.
Steve Higgins
Rolls Battery
Energy Storage - Battery Bank Sizing, Installation & Ongoing Carestorage; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
This intermediate training session will focus on proper selection and sizing of deep cycle battery banks for off-grid and grid-connected systems. Installation, inspection, proper system setup and programming of charging set points for flooded and maintenance-free AGM & GEL models will be outlined, as well as ongoing battery maintenance and care.
Steve Higgins
Rolls Battery
Energy Storage - Advanced Commissioning, Care & Troubleshooting of Battery-Based Systems storage; installationMay 8 (Wednesday)
For the experienced Installer, this session will offer an advanced overview of battery-based system design, product selection, setup and commissioning. Techniques and examples will also be outlined to assist in identifying and troubleshooting system-related issues which often result in decreased battery performance or failure.
Thomas Enzendorfer
American Home Energy
Importance Of Values And Emotions In Running A Successful Businessbusiness managementMay 9 (Thursday)NAThomas Enzendorfer is a solar leader, former President of Soligent, on the board of Fronius, and current CEO of American Home Energy. His presentation will concentrate on why having a heart-driven mission is so dire to your business's strategy and how you can only succeed in this industry with true company-wide values towards the mission and will detail his 10+ years of running successful operations in the solar industry.
Troy Daniels
Simpliphi Power
Energy Storage Applications from A to Z: Lead Acid Replacement, Solar+Storage, Diesel Offset and Moresolar+storage; sales; system designMay 9 (Thursday)Info Coming SoonThis session will examine the diverse and growing number of residential and commercial applications for lithium ion battery storage solutions, including backup-power, utility rate mitigation, off-grid living and lead acid/fossil fuel replacement. The discussion will include how to choose the right battery chemistry and form factor for each application, installation and integration best practices, and economic arguments that can be used in the sales process.
Wayne Chow
Partnering with the IBEW - Your gateway to a skilled workforceBusiness Management
General Interest
Soft Costs
TBDNACome visit with the President of IBEW Local 48, Wayne Chow as he will be providing an informative presentation on partnering with our highly skilled electrical and solar workforce in the US and Canada.
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