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1st Coburg Scouts62456{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62456&All=yes
Municipality:MORELAND1st Coburg ScoutsAlso known as:1st Moreland Scouts (formerly)Location:Carr Street Coburg North VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 17 J9Postal:PO Box 346 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:1800 640 454 Hoadley regional Leader - Mrs Connie TuddenhamArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:Cub Scouts - Thursday, 7pm - 8.30pm Scouts - Wednesday, 7.30pm - 9.30pmFacilities:Hall for hire Kitchen facilities Open to anybody Clubs, social groups and other community organisations are welcome for
ongoing usage Holds approximately 70 people Please contact Connie Tuddenham 0408 320 028 for further information.Parent Body:Scouts AustraliaSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRESCOUTS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 02/11/2015
1st Oak Park Scouts4{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=4&All=yes
Municipality:MORELAND1st Oak Park ScoutsLocation:Rear 81, Loongana Avenue Glenroy VIC 3046Map Reference:Melway 16 D4Postal:PO Box 346 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:1800 640 454 Hoadley Regional LeaderServices:Scouting activitiesArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:AGM Month - August Oak Park Scout Group offers boys and girls aged 6 to 26 an educational
program incorporating fun, adventure and the outdoors. Scouting allows young people to gain confidence in themselves, learn
problem solving, risk management as well as life and leadership skills. 1st Oak Park Scout Group offers Joey Scouts (6-7 yrs) Cubs Scouts (8-10),
Scouts (10-14) and Venturers (14-17) led by adult volunteers. Meeting Times: Cub Scouts - Tuesday, 7pm - 8.30pm Venturers - Monday, 7pm - 9pmFacilities:Hall for hire Kitchen facilities, pie warmer Available for parties Holds 100 people comfortably NOT AVAILABLE FOR TEENAGE OR LARGE PARTIES Please contact Josie La Fontaine on 0409 070 458 or 9306 6154Parent Body:Scouts AustraliaSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRESCOUTS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 26/11/2015
4th City of Brunswick Scouts7{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=7&All=yes
Municipality:MORELAND4th City of Brunswick ScoutsAlso known as:4th Brunswick ScoutsLocation:Jacobs Reserve, 14A Jolley Street Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 D4Postal:PO Box 346 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:1800 640 454 Hoadley regional Leader and Hall Hire Contact - Mrs Jacki Hill (03) 9383 2946
PhoneGroup Leader - Mr Ross Millward 0407 321 803Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Youth activitiesMeeting Times:AGM Month - August Cubs - Thursday, 7.00pm - 8.30pm Scouts - Monday 7pm -9pmEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 6 Maximum Age - 26Facilities:Hall for hire Kitchen facilities Space for 100 seating (fewer for parties) Mainly for children's parties Contact Jackie Hill 9383 2946Transport:Tram in Melville Road no 55 Bus no 503, Albion Street, during daytimeParent Body:Scouts AustraliaVoluntary Work:Scout leading in all sections. Scout helpers and supportersSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRESCOUTS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/04/2016
5th Brunswick Scout Group64639{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=64639&All=yes
Municipality:MORELAND5th Brunswick Scout GroupAlso known as:5th Brunswick ScoutsLocation:213A Weston Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 29 K10Postal:152 Forster Road Mount Waverley VIC 3149Telephone:1800 640 454 Hoadley regional 5th City of Brunswick Scouts VictoriaArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:Joey Scouts - Thursday, 6.30pm - 7.30pm Cub Scouts - Thursday, 7.00pm - 8.30pm Scouts - Tuesday, 7pm - 9pmFacilities:Hall with kitchen available for occasional and regular hire. For bookings contact Please contact the Hall Manager: to make
an appointment or for further information Hire terms and conditions are available on the 5th Brunswick Scouts
website. Facilities: Originally built as one of the older churches in Brunswick over 100 years
ago, now managed by the 5th Brunswick Scout Group. - Northern and Southern halls, 10x20 m each approximately. - Toilets with shower and disabled access - Kitchen with gas stove and gas hot water. - Small refrigerator. - Electric wall urn. - 20 folding plastic tables (1800x700mm) - 72 stacking plastic chairs - heating Activities at the Hall include: Scouting for boys, girls, young adults and leaders. Martial Arts Ball room and Folk Dancing practice Yoga Children's soccer clinic Zumba fitness Social and special events Meetings Music and video/film production and recording Hobby groupsDisabled Access:YesTransport:Lygon Street trams (No. 1 and 8) to Weston Street Nicholson Street trams (No. 96) to Miller Street 506 Bus to Miller Street from Moonee Ponds and WestgarthParent Body:Scouts AustraliaFunding Source:Self funding/feesVoluntary Work:Scout Leaders SupportersPublications:Information available in the foyer Website : Here:Tang Soo Martial Arts Madeira Folk Dancing Kickstart SoccerSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIREMEETING ROOMSMEETING ROOMS - HireSCOUTS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 10/12/2015
9th City of Brunswick Scouts11{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=11&All=yes
Municipality:MORELAND9th City of Brunswick ScoutsAlso known as:9th Brunswick ScoutsLocation:Allard Park, Donald Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 A5Postal:PO Box 346 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:1800 640 454 Hoadley Regional Served:BRUNSWICK EASTMeeting Times:AGM Month - August Cub Scouts - Monday, 7pm - 8.30pm Scouts - Tuesday, 7pm - 9pmEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 6 Maximum Age - 26Facilities:Scout hall for hire No parties Seats 50 plus smaller meeting room Kitchen, fridge, stove, toilet, and disabled toilet Must make own arrangement for rubbish removal Please contact Libby Heywood on 9386 1917Disabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesParent Body:Scouts AustraliaFunding Source:Self funding/feesVoluntary Work:Adult LeaderPublications:Welcome to the Group packSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRESCOUTSYOUTH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 10/12/2015
AA Glenroy Group62068{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62068&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAA Glenroy GroupLocation:11 Cromwell Street Glenroy VIC 3046Telephone:03 9429 1833 Anonymous assists community members to stay soberArea Served:MORELAND, City of Northern suburbs of MelbourneHours:Wednesday, 7pm - 8pmCost:No costDisabled Access:YesTransport:Glenroy StationParent Body:AA VictoriaFunding Source:Self fundedSubjects:ALCOHOL (ABUSE)SUPPORT SERVICESSUPPORT SERVICES - Alcohol (ABUSE)(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
AA Glenroy Womens Group62069{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62069&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAA Glenroy Womens GroupLocation:11 Cromwell Street Glenroy VIC 3046Telephone:03 9429 1833 Michelle Pace 0413 552 589 MobileServices:Alcoholics Anonymous assists female alcoholics stay soberArea Served:MORELAND, City of Norhern suburbs of MelbourneMeeting Times:Wednesday, 7pm - 8pmCost:No costEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Females onlyDisabled Access:YesTransport:Glenroy StationParent Body:AA VictoriaFunding Source:Self fundedSubjects:ALCOHOL (ABUSE)MUTUAL SUPPORTSUPPORT SERVICESSUPPORT SERVICES - Alcohol
(ABUSE)WOMENWOMEN - Mutual Support(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
Aboriginal Community Elders Services18{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=18&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAboriginal Community Elders ServicesAlso known as:Iris Lovett-Gardiner Caring PlaceIris Lovett-Gardiner CentreLocation:5-6 Parkview Avenue Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B6Telephone:03 9383 4244 BH and AH03 9384 1532 Aboriginal Community Elders Services Inc (ACES) is a Not-For-Profit
Aboriginal community controlled organization. ACES have two co-located residential aged care facilities – the Nursing
Home and the Hostel. The other aged care programs are the Koori Community aged Care Packages
(KCACP) Program and the Out of Home and Community Care Planned Activity
Group (PAG). Aboriginal values and respect for Elders are the guiding principlesArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide a high level of quality care in a culturally relevant
environment. Low level care (hostels) cater for people whose needs are assessed as low
level. Hostels provide assistance with personal care and support for people
with dementia.Hours:- Daytime and overnight staff who are actively on duty throughout 3 to 8
hour shifts per day, 7 days a week. - Planned activity group program Monday to Friday, 10am - 3pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - December Management meetings last Tuesday of the monthCost:Full pensioners who become residents pay a base daily care free of $44.92
and there is no additional income-tested charge. Part pensioners who become residents pay a base daily care fee of $21.94
plus an income-tested charge up to a maximum of around $12.98 a day extra.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 50 The service is for people that the Aboriginal Community Elders Services
believe are in need of care.Referral:Self, family and agency referral. Potential Resident requires an Aged Care AssessmentAppointment:Please phone reception for an appointmentWaiting List:Yes Please enquireFacilities:Cultural centre meeting room for 10 people Meeting room for 30 to 40 people Tea and coffee making Outside catering delivered Both facilities have disability access Bookings contact Receptionist on 9383 4244Disabled Access:Yes Building and surrounds are wheelchair accessibleTransport:Tram The service can assist through its own transport serviceParent Body:Aboriginal Community Elders ServicesFunding Source:Victoria. Department of Human Services D.H and A.C.Voluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group SupportPublications:PamphletSubjects:ABORIGINALABORIGINAL - AgedACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION -
ROOMS - HireNURSING HOMESNURSING HOMES - AboriginalNURSING HOMES - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 22/01/2013
Abruzzo Club23{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=23&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAbruzzo ClubLocation:377 Lygon Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 29 K7Telephone:03 8539 612003 9387 4016 President - Mr Ugo PezziGeneral ManagerServices:Gaming Lounge, Restaurant, Receptions & Bistro - Social club - Monday to Sunday - Restaurant open for dinner and lunch Tuesday to Sunday. - Mixed parties held monthlyArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Social, multicultural club, dinningHours:Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 12:00pm Friday - Sunday 10:00am - 1:00am Restaurant Opening Hours Monday - Friday 11:30am - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 9:30pm Friday-Sunday 11:30am - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 10:00pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - JulyEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Membership is open to all with nomination formReferral:Via existing memberAppointment:Appointments preferred during business hoursFacilities:- Function room seats 300 - Conference room seats 30 - Member room seats 75 - Bistro seats 100 - Meeting room seats 40 to 200 Please contact the club with enquiries about facility hire. Baby change facilities for client useTransport:Lygon Street tram Blyth Street bus stopLanguages:ItalianFunding Source:Membership and profitsVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:- monthly social calendar - web siteSubjects:CLUBSHIREITALIANITALIAN - ClubsMEETING ROOMSMEETING ROOMS - HireRECEPTION
FACILITIESSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Italian(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 07/03/2019
Active Mind and Body62124{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62124&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDActive Mind and BodyLocation:1B Michael Street Brunswick North VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G9Postal:PO Box 12 Pascoe Vale VIC 3044Telephone:0419 013 403 - Mr Dean Smith 0419 013 403 MobileServices:Wholistic approach to health care. There are a range of staff based on the site including a psychologist,
naturopath, masseur, herbalist and reflexologist. Run workshops on stress management, relaxation, anxiety and depression.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide high quality, wholistic health care to Moreland residents.Hours:Monday to Thursday, 9am - 8pmCost:Depends on service. There is a concession available for Health Care Card holders. Medicare now available.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 5 Maximum Age - UnrestrictedReferral:Medicare referal for Medicare rebateAppointment:Call to make an appointment.Facilities:Rooms for hire for workshops, yoga etcDisabled Access:There is a step at the front.Transport:There is a Sydney Road tram stop outside.Funding Source:- TAC - Workcover - Victims Referral and Assistance ServicePublications:Refer websiteSubjects:COUNSELLINGCOUNSELLING - DepressionDEPRESSIONHIREHOLISTIC HEALINGHOLISTIC
MANAGEMENT(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Active Moreland Teenage Holiday Program60908{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=60908&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDActive Moreland Teenage Holiday ProgramPostal:Coburg Leisure Centre, Bridges Reserve, Bell Street Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:03 9354 3504 Teenage Holiday Director - Chris Arena (03) 9354 3504 Active Moreland Teenage holiday program is for teens in Years 7, 8 and
9 who live or go to school in Moreland. The program is largely excursion
based with participants transported by bus, out to fun activities including
horseriding, luna park, bowling, rock climbing and movies and others. Programs are run from Active Moreland Leisure Centres and at various
locations offsite. Families and young people are advised to book early as there are only 20
places per day.Hours:Office hours Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm Teenage Holiday Program operates 9am - 3pm during school holidays (10 days over summer and 5 days during other holiday periods)Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 11 Maximum Age - 15 Teenage Holiday Program is for children in years 7, 8 and 9Disabled Access:Teenage holiday program - there are limited places available for young
people with low to moderate support needs. Please call for further
information.Transport:Teenage Holiday Program pick up locations are easily accessible by public
transport. Please call for further information.Parent Body:YMCAVoluntary Work:Contact us to enquire about Volunteer Leader positionsPublications:Teenage Holiday Program brochure Active Moreland website, CARESCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIESSCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES -
YouthSOCIAL SUPPORTSOCIAL SUPPORT - YouthSTUDENTSYOUTH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 22/09/2015
Adult, Community and Further Education - North Western Region58035{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=58035&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAdult, Community and Further Education - North Western RegionAlso known as:A.C.F.E. - Northern Metropolitan RegionAdult, Community and Further
Education - Northern Metropolitan Region (formerly)Location:Coburg VIC 3058Postal:Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:03 9488 9488 Phone03 9488 9400 Provides information and referral to community based adult education
programs, including literacy and numeracy programs - Information regarding eligibility to register as an ACFE providerArea Served:BANYULE, City of DAREBIN, City of HUME, City of MORELAND, City of NILLUMBIK, Shire of NORTHERN (METROPOLITAN) Region WHITTLESEA, City ofEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 15Disabled Access:YesTransport:Tram or bus
Advance Guitar School62077{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62077&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAdvance Guitar SchoolLocation:120 Cardinal Road Glenroy VIC 3046Map Reference:Melway 16 K1Telephone:03 9306 1078 Mario Genovese (03) 9306 1078 PhoneServices:Lessons in: - guitar and bass guitar - mandolin Teach students to play and understand the workings of the guitar and music. Prepare students to sit for guitar/theory certificates and gradings.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Teach practical guitar and the theory of guitar and musicHours:Monday to Thursday, mainly after business hours.Eligibility:Open age groupAppointment:Appointment Required - YesDisabled Access:NoTransport:Train and busLanguages:MalteseVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:GUITARGUITAR - InstructionINSTRUCTION(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Aikido Victoria Brunswick Dojo62192{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62192&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAikido Victoria Brunswick DojoLocation:Brunswick Baptist Church Hall, 503 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G7Postal:PO Box 346 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9484 - Mr Simon Pearce (03) 9484 6904 Phone Office 0401 859 762
Mobilesimon.aikido@bigpond.comServices:Aikido classes - beginners courses - 8-week course teaching the concepts of aikido as both
philosophy and self defence - regular classes for ongoing aikido students - private classes for individuals or groups with specific objectives in
learning aikido concepts - demonstrations or seminars for professional groups with an interest in
aikido for cultural, educational or therapeutic purposesArea Served:MORELAND, City ofEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 12Disabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:AIKIDOAIKIDO - InstructionINSTRUCTIONMARTIAL ARTSMARTIAL ARTS -
InstructionSELF DEFENCE SKILLS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 09/10/2015
Akbas Elele Folk Dancing Group63194{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63194&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAkbas Elele Folk Dancing GroupContacts:Dursun Akbas 0411 151 549 MobileMs Tulay Aziz 0412 995 435 MobileServices:Explore and teach dance traditions of the Mesopotamian region and develop
dances to a performance standard.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Through dance, provide opportunities to the Moreland community to
experience multiculturalism, community connectedness and physical fitness.Meeting Times:Please contact for detailsEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 15 Maximum Age - 45 All welcomeReferral:Not requiredAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:YesLanguages:Kurdish TurkishFunding Source:GrantsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:NoSubjects:FOLK DANCINGFOLK DANCING - InstructionFOLK DANCING - KurdishFOLK DANCING -
TurkishINSTRUCTIONKURDISHTURKISH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 11/01/2011
Al Hadara Club Inc63195{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63195&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAl Hadara Club IncMap Reference:Melway 29 F6Contacts:PresidentServices:Social and cultural activities designed to promote awareness of shared
cultural heritage. Exhibitions, recitals, concerts and demonstrations of traditional arts and
crafts. Television program on channel 31, Sunday 9amArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To have a unifying effect on the various national and religious groupings
within the Arabic speaking community in Australia. Encourage integration of the Arabic speaking community into the mainstream
of Australian life by creating opportunities for social interchange with
other cultural organisations.Meeting Times:AGM Month - December Monthly meetings first week of the monthCost:Membership per year $20Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 16 All Arabic speakers or descendents. The club is non-political,
non-religious and non-sexist. Membership is open to any person, Arabic
speaking or non-Arabic speaking who has an interest in the Arabian culture.Referral:Self referral, universities, other organisationsFacilities:Hall for hire PA system Capacity for up to 200 people with chairs and tablesDisabled Access:No. Can be prepared if neededTransport:Sydney Road tram Hope Street bus TrainLanguages:ArabicFunding Source:Donations acceptedVoluntary Work:- Social services and educational work - Settlement advicePublications:Videos onlySubjects:ARABARAB - ClubsARABIC (LANGUAGE)CLUBSHALLSHALLS - HireHIRESOCIAL
CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Arab(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 07/01/2011
Alevi Community Council of Australia Inc63200{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63200&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAlevi Community Council of Australia IncMap Reference:Melway 17 G8Postal:PO Box 299 Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:03 9354 8154 - Surmeli AydoganMr Serdal CinarMr Ismail TuncerServices:Support the Alevi Community of all ages - social, cultural, education,
youth and the elderly.Area Served:DAREBIN, City of HUME, City of MELBOURNE, City of MOONEE VALLEY, City of MORELAND, City ofAims:Facilitate the Alevi Community to full participation in Australian Society.
Protect and promote cultural heritage and philosophical values of Alevi
Society in Australia.Hours:11am to 4pm, 7 days a weekMeeting Times:AGM Month - February Fortnightly meetings - Management CommitteeCost:MembershipEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 - General community - Membership 18 years and olderReferral:Self or agencyAppointment:Not required. Please ring the first time.Facilities:Meeting rooms x 3 with18 people capacity each. Room 1 has a kitchen facility and disability access. Room 2 & 3 meeting room (upstairs in the class room) Address: 28 - 32 Williams Road, North Coburg For all enquiries and bookings contact Surmeli Aydogan on 0430 342323 or
9354 8154Disabled Access:Yes Wheelchair accessTransport:Batman train station Sydney Road tram - last stopLanguages:TurkishFunding Source:Donations Membership FunctionsVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Publications:Flyers, brochures, posters and web pageSubjects:AGEDCOMMUNITYHALLSHIREMEETING ROOMSMEETING ROOMS - HirePHILOSOPHIES AND
RELIGIONSTURKISHTURKISH - AgedTURKISH - Community(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 27/01/2015
Alexandrian Friendship (AAHA Social Club53025{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=53025&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAlexandrian Friendship (AAHA) Social ClubLocation:Clarrie Wohlers Senior Citizen Centre, 51 Albert Street Brunswick East VIC
3057Telephone:0421 174 829 MobileEmail:smcapricorn@hotmail.comContacts:President - Mrs Emilie TempleSecretary - Ms Sylvia MarsigliaServices:Senior citizen club for persons originating from Alexandria Egypt. - meetings - lunches - outings - gamesArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To keep friendship and old time memories together and combat loneliness.Meeting Times:AGM Month - October Second and fourth Saturday of the month from 1pm - 6pmCost:$5 joining fee $10 yearly fee $5 for coffee, biscuits, sandwichesEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 55 Maximum Age - 90Appointment:Not requiredDisabled Access:YesTransport:Nicholson Street and Lygon Street tramsLanguages:Arabic Armenian English French Greek Italian MalteseFunding Source:Membership GrantsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Flyers, Monthly NewsletterSubjects:AGEDCLUBSEGYPTIANEGYPTIAN - AgedEGYPTIAN - ClubsSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS -
Egyptian(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 26/11/2015
An Urban Gypsy Belly Dance Studio63210{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63210&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAn Urban Gypsy Belly Dance StudioAlso known as:An Urban GypsyAn Urban Gypsy Belly Dancing StudioLocation:Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Postal:70 Coonans Road Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:0416 031 602 dance studio - Traditional Egyptian Beledi belly dance - belly dance classes from beginners to advanced students. - dance troupe - accredited teacher ANTA A place for women to have fun, get fit in a friendly social environment.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Dedicated dance studioMeeting Times:Monday to Saturday ( refer website )Cost:Casual and discounted term fees. Please call for further details.Eligibility:Should be capable of taking part in light exercise.Appointment:Please call in advance to confirm class times.Waiting List:There is a waiting list at times for some classes.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesPublications:Flyer and brochuresSubjects:BELLY DANCINGBELLY DANCING - InstructionINSTRUCTION(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 31/10/2014
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT63211{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63211&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnanda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)Location:25 Hall Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melways 29 G3Telephone:03 9384 0269 Deven PillayServices:Emergency relief and development. In our local area we provide food parcels for low income families and
individuals. We also train with and are on standby for the SES.
Internationally, we support overseas relief and development projects of
Amurt through fundraising and volunteer placement. These projects cover
both emergency relief and development. See for global projectsArea Served:AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE, City of MORELAND, City of VICTORIA, State ofAims:We feel we can play a useful role in helping the poor break the cycle of
poverty and gain greater control over their lives. For us, development is
human exchange: people sharing wisdom, knowledge and experience to build a
better world.Hours:Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - July Bi-monthly committee meetingsCost:$25 per yearEligibility:Eligibility for assistance - Homeless, poverty stricken, preventative
mental health servicesAppointment:Appointment Required - YesDisabled Access:Yes RampTransport:Train to Moreland Station, Bus or Tram Tram 8 - (Moreland - Toorak) Bus 510 - (Essendon - Ivanhoe via Brunswick)Languages:TamilFunding Source:DonationsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in food distribution, website maintenance and
RAISINGINTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICESVOLUNTEERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/08/2014
Anglican Parish of Christ Church - Brunswick101{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=101&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnglican Parish of Christ Church - BrunswickAlso known as:Bardin CentreChrist Church Anglican ParishLocation:6 Glenlyon Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 H9Postal:8 Glenlyon Road Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9388 0623 Church PhoneEmail:office@christchurchbrunswick.orgInternet:christchurchbrunswick.orgContacts:Vicar - Bishop Lindsay Urwin - Vicar Bishop Lindsay Urwin (03) 9380 1064
Phone (Not on Monday's)Opportunity Shop (03) 9388 0623 Bardin Centre,
10 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick VIC 3056Services:- Church Services Sunday 8am, Holy Communion (Low Mass) 10am, Holy Communion (High Mass). 5pm, Evensong Weekdays Holy Communion (Low Mass) is celebrated at 7am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (8am on Public Holidays) 10am, Wednesday 8am, Saturday and public holidays 12.30pm Friday, Healing Eucharist Confessions are heard by appointment with the clergy - Holy Communion - Choir - Morning teas following 10am service on Sunday - Parish priest is happy to discuss matters of faith and morals and to
prepare people for the Church's sacraments. Phone for an appointment. - Religious Studies - Opportunity Shop Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am - 4pm - Daisy's Family Play Space Monday, 11am - 2pmArea Served:MORELAND, City of BrunswickAims:To support one another in our endeavour to live a Christian life and
encourage others to explore their relationship with God and his people. To
serve the local community. Fundamental to these objectives are daily
celebrations of Holy Communion.Hours:Chruch & garden open daily 7am -6pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - NovemberCost:DonationEligibility:Open to allAppointment:Appointments advisable, please contact 9380 1064 (Not Monday's)Disabled Access:YesTransport:Sydney Road tram no 19 to Glenlyon Road, stop 21Parent Body:Anglican Diocese of MelbourneFunding Source:Parish resourcesVoluntary Work:Assistance in Op ShopPublications:Charivari Weekly pew sheetSubjects:ANGLICANCHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)OPPORTUNITY SHOPS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/04/2016
Anglican Parish of Coburg63214{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63214&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnglican Parish of CoburgAlso known as:Anglican Parish of Coburg/Fawkner (previously known as)Anglican Parish of
FawknerHoly Trinity Anglican Church CoburgHoly Trinity ChurchSt Peter's
Anglican Church FawknerSt Peter's ChurchLocation:520 Sydney Road Coburg VIC 3058Postal:PO Box 222 Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:03 9354 1439 Phone/FAXContacts:Mr Farag HannaServices:Comprises Holy Trinity Anglican Church Coburg - Church services Holy Trinity Coburg 520 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058 9.30am (except first Sunday of the month First Sunday of the month, 2pm (mandarin speaking) Wednesday, 10.45am - Historic site Holy Trinity Church, Coburg is a historic site and is registered by
Heritage Victoria. The Church was established on 30 December 1849. It has
become a place for weddings. The building which is open at Church times has
many historic items. For further information contact the Parish Priest.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAppointment:For information please contact the parish.Facilities:Holy Trinity Church hall, small hall By arrangementTransport:Tram 19 North CoburgLanguages:Arabic MandarinParent Body:Anglican Diocese of MelbourneVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:Diocesan newspaperSubjects:ANGLICANCHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)HALLSHALLS - HireHIREHISTORIC BUILDINGS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Anglican Parish of Pascoe Vale/Oak Park63215{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63215&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnglican Parish of Pascoe Vale/Oak ParkAlso known as:Anglican Parish of Pascoe Vale and Oak ParkHoly Trinity Anglican ChurchOak
Park Anglican ParishPascoe Vale Anglican ParishPascoe Vale/Oak Park
Anglican ParishLocation:Cnr Pleasant and Gyles Streets Pascoe Vale VIC 3044Map Reference:Melway 17 A8Postal:PO Box 544 Pascoe Vale VIC 3044Telephone:03 9354 7259 Phone03 9354 0096 In Charge - Fr Ron Johnson (03) 9354 7259 Trinity Opportunity Shop (03) 9355 7795
Phone 150A Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044Services:Church Services - Sunday 9.30 am - Sung Eucharist (with organ and keyboard accompaniment) - Wednesday 7.00 pm : Healing and Reconciliation Eucharist Religious Services - Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals Please contact the Priest-in-Charge, Fr Ron Johnson, on 9354 7259 or email, for an appointment. Funerals can be conducted at Holy Trinity or a funeral home. The church has a community hall for hire. HALL IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES TRINOS OP SHOP: Our friendly Op Shop is located at 150A Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale. There is a wide selection of affordable clothing, books, toys and bric a
brac for sale. The money raised helps local charities in the area, as well as assisting in
running the Parish. Hours of opening: Monday to Friday 9.30am - 3.30 pm Saturday 9.30 am - 12 noonArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Opportunity Shop 150A Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale Monday to Friday, 10am - 3.30pm Saturday, 9am - 12pmCost:No costEligibility:NilFacilities:Holy Trinity hall for hire (NOT AVAILABLE FOR PARTIES) Please contact the Hall Manager at for information on
availablity and charges.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Craigieburn Train line - Pascoe Vale Station Dysons Bus Route 513 - Stop, Cumberland Rd & Pleasant St - Walk from both
to the ChurchParent Body:Anglican Church of AustraliaPublications:Publications Available - YesLocated Here:Pascoe Vale Drop in CentreSubjects:ANGLICANCHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)HALLSHALLS - HireHIREOPPORTUNITY SHOPS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 21/11/2013
annecto - the people network - Northern Region63223{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63223&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDannecto - the people network - Northern RegionLocation:215-217 Sydney Road Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 29 H2Telephone:03 9386 5686 BH1800 727 280 AH emergency respite service03 9386 4575 - Northern - Mr Lando
Leader - Ms Despina Kovnoudias (03) 9386 8686 community Home care packages, case management, planning, in home support,
community access programs, centre based activities - assessments required
communtiy care packages. - Home Care Packages Levels 2 and 4 for frail older people in the northern
region. - Flexible respite for carers of frail older people and/or with dementia. Behaviours of concern, younger people living with a disabilty. - supported accomodation - individual support packages - Emergency After Hours (EARS) phone 1800 727 280 * provides an after-hours, emergency bridging service providing short-term
personal care, telephone and in-home support when most services are closed.
The service is provided free for people with a disability, the frail aged
or unpaid carers. * The service operates outside normal business hours. This is from 5pm
until 9am Monday to Friday, and 24 hours a day on weekends and public
holidays. * Some examples of situations that may be considered an emergency: - - A family member is called away suddenly, leaving a person with a
disability without a carer. - - A carer, looking after a person with dementia, has been up consecutive
nights and needs a break. - - A person with a disability living alone experiences an emergency or
crisis.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Provide community based support services for people with a disability,
older people and their carers to maintain them in their own homes.Hours:Office hours 9am - 5pm After hours emergencies please contact 1800 727 280.Meeting Times:AGM Month - OctoberCost:Please enquire. Depends on the service.Eligibility:Frail aged People with a disability CarersProcedures:Assessment required for non emergency servicesReferral:Varies depending on the serviceAppointment:Please phone 9386 5686Waiting List:Yes Up to 12 months for community care packages.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Train and tram to Albion Street and Sydney Road.Languages:Bilingual workers Telephone and on-site interpretersParent Body:annecto - the people networkFunding Source:Australia. Department of Health and Ageing Australia. Department of Social Services Victoria. Department of Health Victoria. Department of Human ServicesVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteers Various roles availablePublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:AGEDCARERSCARERS - DementiaCOMMUNITY AGED CARE PACKAGESDEMENTIADISABLEDHOME
CAREHOME CARE - AgedHOME CARE - DisabledRESPITE CARERESPITE CARE - Dementia(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 21/11/2014
Anxiety Disorders Association of Vic, Northern Suburbs Anxiety Support Group63227{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63227&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnxiety Disorders Association of Vic, Northern Suburbs Anxiety Support GroupAlso known as:Northern Suburbs Anxiety Support Group (formerly)Location:14-20 Murray Road Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 18 B10Postal:Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria, PO Box 625 Kew VIC 3101Telephone:03 9853 8089 Anxiety Disorders Association of - Ms Anna KouloubosMr Nathan HobbsServices:- Support groups that offers friendship, encouragement and recovery
management in Coburg, Kew, Berwick and Altona - Telephone support and information service that operates from - Regular
lectures and seminars - A regularly updated website - Online Book store - Referral Service to therapists - Information & Support for Carers - Facebook page with daily affirmations, quotes and general mental health
tips and support - Quarterly Newsletter for ADAVIC members only - Free Anxiety Information Booklets for Adults - Free Anxiety Information Booklets for Adolescents - Free Anxiety Information Booklets in Greek, Italian and ChineseArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To help people who suffer from panic disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia,
generalised anxiety disorder and depression.Meeting Times:Monday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm (except Public Holidays)Cost:Membership to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria - individuals $35 - schools and organisations $65 Cost per meeting - members of the association $3 - non-members $5Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18Transport:Bus 526 and 527 (Murray Road and Elizabeth Street)Funding Source:Self fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Welfare Group Facilitators (preferably psychology,welfare or social work students)Publications:- quarterly newsletter - flyers - brochures - ADAVIC Anxiety Survival Guide for Adults ($25) - ADAVIC Adolescent Survival Guide ($25) - Free Anxiety Information Booklets for adults - Free Anxiety Information Booklets for adolescents - Free Anxiety Information Booklets in Greek, Italian and ChineseSubjects:ANXIETY DISORDERSANXIETY DISORDERS - Mutual SupportDEPRESSIONDEPRESSION -
Mutual SupportMUTUAL SUPPORTPHOBIASPHOBIAS - Mutual Support(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 25/09/2013
Anzac Lodge Nursing Home63230{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63230&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAnzac Lodge Nursing HomeLocation:2-12 Anzac Avenue Coburg North VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 17 H7Telephone:03 9353 5000 BH03 9354 0677 (nursing homes) care for people who need 24-hour high level
care because of frailty, complex care needs, and/or dementia. High and low level care for the elderly with 120 residential age care beds. PLEASE NOTE: Delicious rotaing menu cooked onsite. *Large proportion of residents of European descent especially ITALIAN
residents. - RN DIV 1Nurse on duty 24 hours - Holistic care, excellent activities program. - Full accredititationArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Full serviceCost:Cost relative to eligibility criteria and assets base As per plan - variesProcedures:Assessment by Aged Care Assessment Service required.Referral:Normal nursing home policy.Appointment:Appointment preferred Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00pmWaiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram Train - Merlynston Station Bus No 517Languages:Greek Italian Maltese Mandarin TagalogFunding Source:Federal GovernmentVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support Visiting/companionship Assist in - patient care - reading - walks and visitsPublications:Website - - AgedAGEDNURSING HOMESNURSING HOMES - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
Arabic Society of Victoria63232{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63232&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDArabic Society of VictoriaLocation:Various Meeting Locations Moreland VIC 3058Postal:50 Summit Drive Mickleham VIC 3064Contacts:Secretary - Mr Samir Mourad 0417 054 408 Mobile (03) 9305 5841 BHServices:- Support the Arabic community - Arabic radio program - Arabic session on Channel 31 - Yearly family camps - Workshops and conferences - Social activitiesArea Served:VICTORIA, State ofHours:Please contact the Secretary for further informationMeeting Times:AGM Month - SeptemberCost:No costReferral:Not requiredAppointment:Appointment Required - YesDisabled Access:NoTransport:Public Transport - YesLanguages:ArabicFunding Source:Self fundedVoluntary Work:- media and radioSubjects:ARABARAB - CommunityCOMMUNITYRADIORADIO - ArabSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS -
Arab(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/01/2016
Arabic Speaking Women's Group61987{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=61987&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDArabic Speaking Women's GroupLocation:169 Munro Street Coburg VIC 3058Contacts:Group CoordinatorServices:Education and leisure activities for Arabic speaking women.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide awareness, information and support as well as learning exchange.Hours:Wednesday, 10am-2pmMeeting Times:Meet every Wednesday, 10am - 2pm (except during Ramadan)Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Females only Minimum Age - 45 Maximum Age - 75Appointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:Yes Automatic door at carpark entrance, rampTransport:Public Transport - YesLanguages:ArabicFunding Source:Moreland City CouncilVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:Term newsletterSubjects:ARABARAB - ClubsARAB - WomenARAB - Women/Mutual SupportARABIC
(LANGUAGE)CLUBSMUTUAL SUPPORTWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Arabic Welfare Inc63233{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63233&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDArabic Welfare IncAlso known as:Australian Lebanese Welfare Inc (formerly)Location:Level 1, 233 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Postal:PO Box 228 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9380 934603 9387 8811 and Programs include: * General welfare and settlement support * Family relationship support * A referral services for the diverse Arabic-speaking community * Migration advice and support * Case management * Responsible Gambling Support * Youth groups and services * Secondary Consultations * Women's support groups * Men's support groups * Parenting programs * Community Development * Provision of information on matters regarding housing, education,
recognition of overseas qualification, health, social opportunities and etc * Recreational events and activities All of AW services are delivered by Qualified Bilingual/bicultural Social
Workers, Youth Workers, Community Development Workers and registered
Migration AgentsArea Served:VICTORIA, State of Primarily North-West metropolitan regionHours:Monday to Friday 9am - 5pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - JuneCost:No chargeEligibility:The diverse Arabic Speaking communityReferral:Self-referral, Service providers/agenciesAppointment:PreferredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram route 29, stop 21 Train to Brunswick Station on Upfield lineLanguages:ArabicVoluntary Work:Contact Co-ordinatorPublications:Newsletter, brochures, Annual Report, CalendarSubjects:ARABARABIC (LANGUAGE)ASSYRIANCASE MANAGEMENTCHALDEANCOMMUNITY
- ArabSUPPORT SERVICES - YouthVOLUNTEERSWOMENWOMEN - Mutual SupportYOUTH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 21/11/2015
arbias Ltd63234{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63234&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDarbias LtdAlso known as:A.R.B.I.A.SAcquired Brain Injury Assessment UnitLocation:27 Hope Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 E6Postal:PO Box 5002 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 8388 1222 Phone03 9387 9925 - Mr John Eyre (03) 8388 service in alcohol and substance related brain impairment
including: - Consultation - Neuropsychological assessments - Case management - Community Integration support services - Acommodation - Training seminars - Information books and web siteArea Served:VICTORIA, State ofAims:To provide leadership in all aspects of alcohol and other drug related
brain impairment and, in doing so, build the capacity of communities to
support those affected to live to their full potentialHours:Monday to Friday 9am - 5pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - NovemberCost:No charge - except for acommodation and private clinic neuropsychological
assessments.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Maximum Age - 65 - arbias program: People with impairment or disability resulting from
alcohol or substance related brain injury. - NPAIS Unit: People with or suspected as having, impairment resulting from
acquired brain injury particularly alcohol or substance relatedReferral:Hospitals Health Centres/Services HACC GPs Welfare Services Alcohol and Drug services Self Family LegalAppointment:Referral form requiredWaiting List:Yes Waiting lists for Neuropsychological Assessment , Case Management and
acommodationFacilities:arbias has a designated fully equipped training room that is available for
hire at certain times throughout the year to local organisations. Training room available at Brunswick, seats 20, kitchen available,
disability access Bookings contact Tom on email - Access:YesTransport:- Tram route 19 along Sydney Road, stop 24 or 25 - Train to Anstey train station on Upfield lineLanguages:Multilingual web site and translators availableFunding Source:Transport Accident Commission Victoria. Department of Human Services Victoria. Department of JusticePublications:Looking Forward - Information Booklet': that addresses the topic of
SERVICES - DisabledSUPPORT SERVICES - Drugs (ABUSE)(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Arcobaleno Bimbi63235{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63235&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDArcobaleno BimbiLocation:104a Reynard Street Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:0421 356 255 MobileEmail:arcobalenobimbi@gmail.comContacts:Ms Dora Menz 0421 356 255 Mobiledoramenz@gmail.comMs Giusi Galbo 0439
903 205 MobileServices:Pre- School Italian ProgramAims:To give children the opportunity to learn Italian in a fun way using drama,
games, music and danceHours:Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 1pm - 1.45pm and 2pm - 2.45pm Friday, 12pm - 12.45pm and 1pm -1.45pmCost:$20 per session, one off administration feed includes membership to
neighbourhood house.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 3 Maximum Age - 5Waiting List:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesSubjects:INSTRUCTIONITALIANLANGUAGESLANGUAGES - Italian/Instruction(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 02/12/2010
Associazione Donna Calabrese Nel Mondo Inc434{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=434&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAssociazione Donna Calabrese Nel Mondo IncAlso known as:Calabrian Women's GroupLocation:Coburg Elderly Citizens Club Rooms, 21 Harding Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 29 J1Postal:PO Box 154 Fitzroy VIC 3065Contacts:Secretary (03) 9486 3289 Pina Rotondi
50 Silver Street, Cheltenham VIC 3192Services:- Discussions, group sessions and meetings - Outings - Bus trips to International festivals with other communities - Lunches and Italian cookingArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:- First association in Australia representing women of Calabrian
background. - The group was established in 2001 to communicate with similar groups in
Italy and around the world, and to maintain and enrich the Calabrian
culture, traditions and language in Melbourne.Hours:5.30pm - 10.30pm fortnightly - Sundays and MondaysMeeting Times:Monthly meetings. Meet several times a year to organise opportunities for women to socialise,
eg, lunches, afternoon teas and poetry readings in Calabrian dialects,
attending Italian theatre performances or film festivals, and other
activities.Cost:$15 per yearEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Females onlyAppointment:Send contact details to the mailing addressTransport:Public Transport - YesLanguages:Italian (Calabrian dialect)Parent Body:Federazione Calabrese del Victoria IncFunding Source:Self fundedPublications:Information pamphlets, member formSubjects:CLUBSITALIANSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Italian/WomenWOMENWOMEN - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 25/01/2016
Associazione Emilia Romagna Del Victoria Inc156{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=156&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAssociazione Emilia Romagna Del Victoria IncAlso known as:Regione Emilia Romagna Association of Victoria IncLocation:Clarrie Wohlers Senior Citizens Centre, 51 Albert Street Brunswick East VIC
3057Map Reference:Melway 29 K8Postal:50 Darvall Street Donvale VIC 3111Telephone:03 9380 1649 ClubContacts:PresidentSecretaryServices:Social group for Italian senior citizens. Activities include - luncheons - trips to country areas and other parts of Australia.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To maintain regular contact with the older generation that migrated to
Australia from the region of Italy, other parts of Italy and the broader
community.Meeting Times:AGM Month - July Second and fourth Sunday of the month, 9am - 5pm First Tuesday of the month, 10am - 12pmCost:Membership per year - couple $30 - single $15Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Maximum Age - 95Referral:Referral Required - YesDisabled Access:YesLanguages:ItalianFunding Source:Social functionsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Committee/Auxiliary Members do workPublications:Advertising in Il GloboSubjects:AGEDCLUBSITALIANITALIAN - AgedITALIAN - Aged/ClubsSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS
- AgedSOCIAL CLUBS - ItalianSOCIAL CLUBS - Italian/Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Associazione Nazionale Combattenti FF AA Regolari Guerra Liberazione
1943-45 Inc
Municipality:MORELANDAssociazione Nazionale Combattenti FF AA Regolari Guerra Liberazione
1943-45 IncAlso known as:A.N.C.F.A.R.G.LLocation:Richard Lynch Senior Citizens Centre, 27 Peacock Street Brunswick VIC 3056Contacts:President - M E Pasquini 13 Bungay Street, Fawkner VIC 3060Services:Social, recreational and cultural group for war veterans of the liberation
war 1943-45Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide support and organise activities as needed to help prevent
isolation and encourage interaction.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 20 Maximum Age - 95 Ex-service Italian war veterans and theri familyDisabled Access:Yes At the richard Lynch Senior Citizens CentreTransport:BusLanguages:ItalianParent Body:A.N.C. F.A.R.G.L Rome ItalyPublications:NewsletterSubjects:AGEDCLUBSITALIANITALIAN - AgedITALIAN - Aged/ClubsSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS
- AgedSOCIAL CLUBS - ItalianSOCIAL CLUBS - Italian/AgedVETERANS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Australia India Society of Victoria Inc63249{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63249&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralia India Society of Victoria IncAlso known as:Australia India Society of VictoriaLocation:Brunswick VIC 3056Postal:PO Box 482 Brunswick VIC 0417 357 715 and social activities including musical and dance concerts
involving local amateur and professional artists Established the Victorian Indian Community Charitable Trust (VICCT), to
help the underprivileged and aged members of the Indian community. Networking with various government departments.Area Served:VICTORIA, State ofAims:The central purpose of this organisation is to advance the welfare of the
people of Indian origin and those related to them, and provide for them the
means of local community participation. To safeguard interests of its members and to act as a representative for
the Indian community in Victoria at federal, state and local government
levels.Meeting Times:AGM Month - March First Sunday of the month, 4pm - 6pmCost:Membership fees of the Association Life membership $300 Family $30 Single $20 Concession $20Eligibility:Open to anyone interested in India, Indian culture and people.Voluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:AISViews monthly newsletterSubjects:INDIANSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Indian(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/02/2012
Australia Nationwide I-Kuan Tao Headquarters Inc61988{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=61988&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralia Nationwide I-Kuan Tao Headquarters IncAlso known as:Australian Confucius Mencius Morality Society IncLocation:1 Syme Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 F8Telephone:03 9381 2878 Sunday Only, 10am - Susan Lim (03) 9381 2878 HomeMr Bernard Peh 0413 780 947 MobileMr
John Ng 0413 604 568 Chin Moi 0403 179
468 Mobilechinccu@hotmail.comServices:- propagate the consequence of good and badness to discourage the evil and
bad behaviour. - refrain from wasteful and meaningless behaviour and to promote a stable
living environment. - valued mannerism, foster good manners and custom of respecting the old
and the learned. - encourage the carrying out of benevolent activities and utilise reasoning
to reduce the rate of crime. - salvage the poor and helpless and promote charitable giving to alleviate
the sufferings of the unfortunate lot. - do not endeavour in personal wealth, fame and raising of funds from the
public. Promote the happiness of self-content with what one possess. - emphasise vegetarianism, self-cleaning and discourage greed and
unreasonable desire. - eliminate superstition, promote the concept of morality and the
realisation of living. - promote the principle of 'Five Human and Eight Virtues' relationships to
regularise human relationships. - uphold and maintain piety, respect one's master and his teaching, and
establish a comfortable family and society. - the society has no political connection, therefore facilitates her role
in promoting good spirit and understanding of the community. - Salvage mankind to adopt good deeds and to unite them together.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Sunday, 10am - 2pm, except Christmas holidaysMeeting Times:Every Sunday 10am-2pmCost:Voluntary contributionsEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 15 Persons of good characterAppointment:Please contact 9381 2878 for enquiries and further information.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Brunswick train station Sydney Road tram no 19, stop 20Languages:Cantonese Mandarin VietnameseParent Body:Bao Guang Jian De (Taiwan)Funding Source:Voluntry contributions by membersVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Cleaning/Housework Dining/Cooking/kitchen staff Fundraising Gardening Visiting/companionship Fetes and sale of vegetarian frozen food to membersPublications:Website and email to AND RELIGIONS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/04/2016
Australian Arabic Council63254{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63254&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Arabic CouncilPostal:PO Box 52 Moreland VIC 3058Telephone:0413 219 141 Mobile03 9629 2611 Officer - Mr Milad Bardan 0413 219 141 MobileContactTreasurer
- Mr Wehbe AbdoServices:Human rights, community relations, public education on the diverse Arabic
culture and civilisation.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To act as a consultative group to government, media and the wider community To campaign against racism To promote the benefits of the Arabic language to all Australians To promote greater Arabic community participation in Australian social,
cultural and political life To undertake community education projectsHours:Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - FebruaryEligibility:Membership by direct applicationLanguages:ArabicVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) ResearchPublications:Arabalia, a triannual newsletter Brochures on Arabic history, culture and contributions to Australia.Subjects:ADVOCACYARABARAB - AdvocacyARAB - CommunityCOMMUNITY(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 19/03/2013
Australian Arabic Speaking Women's Group Inc63255{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63255&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Arabic Speaking Women's Group IncAlso known as:Australian Arabic Speaking Womens GroupLocation:20 Lever Street Coburg East VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 29 E3Postal:11 Lever Street Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:03 9386 2727 BHContacts:Ms Julie Ouaida (03) 9386 2727 Phone 0415 623 451
Mobileouaida@hotmail.comServices:- Social group with outings and social activities. - Casework and community development to assist in settlement of Lebanese
and Arabic speaking newly arrived migrants. - Maintain support for Arabic youth in sport and recreation, from 10 to 25
years. - Meetings held at Newlands Community Centre and Coburg Library - ring for
further informationArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:- To empower isolated women to be self dependent. - To encourage them to participate in general activities and services, with
other community organisations. - To assist women through education and raising awareness to be confident
and not intimidated to access available services.Meeting Times:AGM Month - June Australian Arabic Speaking Women's Group and Multicultural Refugee Women's
Group Friday, 10am - 1pm 11 lever Street Coburg West Meetings also held at Coburg Library -contact Julie Ouaida for details.Cost:Membership per year $1Eligibility:- Open to all Arabic speaking womenReferral:Not necessary.Appointment:Not required.Waiting List:no.Disabled Access:Yes Disabled toilets and full accessTransport:Trams and busesLanguages:Arabic.Funding Source:Self funded.Voluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Community development - Publicity officer - Arabic speaking social worker - Community development worker - Volunteer training course availablePublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:ARABARAB - WomenARAB - YouthLEBANESESOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS -
ArabWOMENYOUTH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 02/03/2013
Australian Breastfeeding Association - Brunswick Group63258{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63258&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Breastfeeding Association - Brunswick GroupAlso known as:Nursing Mothers Association of Australia - Brunswick GroupNursing Mothers
Association of Australia Brunswick GroupLocation:Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9885 0855 General Enquiries03 9885 0866 FAX1800 686 2 686 Breastfeeding
Helpline 24 Hours 1800 MUM 2 MUMEmail:brunswick.vic@breastfeeding.asn.au
InstagramContacts:Breastfeeding Counsellor - Ms Jacinta Covington (03) 9380 2041
AHjacinta@datacodsl.comGroup Leader - Ms Janette Beeston (03) 9386 3738
Phonejanette.beeston@bigpond.comServices:A voluntary organisation that encourages and supports mothers who wish to
breastfeed their babies and gives information and education to enable this
to occur. Trained breastfeeding counsellors run several meetings a month and provide
telephone counselling and breastfeeding education classes. Members have access to these services as well as to supportive local
networks and friendships.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To encourage and support mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies and to
promote skilled and loving mothering while creating an awareness of the
importance of human milk in the community.Hours:Head Office at 1818 - 1822 Malvern Road, East Malvern, Monday to Friday,
9am - 5pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - November Meetings vary from morning to afternoon to night time, weekday to weekend. Held at various locations (member's homes, Maternal and Child Health
Centres)Cost:Membership to the Association - full $65 per year - concession is $50 per year Telephone counselling is free.Eligibility:No specific criteria though it is aimed at pregnant women and parents with
young families.Referral:Not requiredAppointment:Not requiredDisabled Access:Some venues are homes so there may be steps.Transport:Depends on meeting locationParent Body:Australian Breastfeeding AssociationFunding Source:Voluntary OrganisationVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Community education Counselling Membership to the group or organisation is required All workers from the local group level to the national level are unpaid
volunteers. All breastfeeding counsellors and community educators have undertaken
training at Certificate IV level. Volunteers are committed to the aims of the AssociationPublications:- Brochures: Join Us and Breastfeeding Confidence - Breastfeeding Review - Booklets - Breastfeeding Naturally - Essence Magazine - Flyers: Normal Nappies, How long shoud I breastfeed? - DVD's on breastfeedingSubjects:BIRTHBREAST FEEDINGINFANTSMOTHERSMUTUAL SUPPORTPARENTSPARENTS - Mutual
SupportWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/11/2014
Australian Greek Orthodox Community of Moreland63288{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63288&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Greek Orthodox Community of MorelandLocation:148 Bell Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 17 H12Telephone:03 9350 7239 PhoneContacts:English Speaking Committee Member - Mr John Haitidis 0411 705 596 Mobile
(03) 9354 1793 PO Box 210,
Coburg VIC 3058Services:- Provide social and recreational activities for older people of Greek
background residing in Coburg, Pascoe Vale and northern suburbs. - Also decreases isolation and other difficulties experienced by older
people as a result on their non-English speaking background.Area Served:COBURG COBURG EAST COBURG NORTH MORELAND, City of PASCOE VALE PASCOE VALE SOUTH All Northern SuburbsHours:- 7 days a week, 10am - 10pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - September Executive meetings second Sunday of the monthCost:Annual Membership fee $10Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 People of Greek background over the age of 18 years residing in Coburg,
Pascoe Vale and northern suburbsDisabled Access:YesTransport:Accessible by bus, train and tram.Languages:GreekVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: CleaningSubjects:AGEDAGED - ClubsCLUBSCOMMUNITYFRIENDLY VISITINGFRIENDLY VISITING -
GreekGREEKGREEK - Aged/ClubsGREEK - CommunitySOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/07/2014
Australian Greek Welfare Society63289{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63289&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Greek Welfare SocietyLocation:7 Union Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G9Telephone:03 9388 9998 BH03 9388 9992 Counsellor - Ms Kia AndoniadisServices:- Provides services to the Australian Greek community - Marital and family counselling, information provision, advocacy and
referral, community development focus on families, women, carers,
disability and frail aged. - Counselling service and community programs - Computer classes (fees apply) - Greek planned activity groups - Provides a free legal, information and referral service to the Greek
speaking community relating to matters of family law, criminal law, civil
matters, personal injuries, wills, taxation, and employment law - Information and education for the elderly community - Respite care - Children's services - Child Care Centre in Richmond - Community Visitors Scheme - Social Support Program - Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in partnership with Royal Melbourne
Hospital - First half of session includes educational information and
second half includes physiotherapy activities Richmond Office - Child Care Centre 8 Corsair Street, Richmond Vic 3121 BH: 9429 1488 FAX: 9429 3889Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Office hours Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Generalist casework services Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9am - 1pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - NovemberCost:Costs associated to planned activity groups, brokered services, computer
classes, cultural training programs.Eligibility:CALD - predominantly Greek speakingReferral:Self, family, professionals or organisations. Services must speak to the
duty worker prior to referrals.Appointment:Appointment required for legal service, counselling service and casework
services.Waiting List:Yes Varies from program to program: - For some programs in the aged and disability services - counselling service - Greek legal & information serviceDisabled Access:Yes Disability access to building, toilets and meeting rooms.Transport:Jewell train station (Upfield train line) Local bus service Tram 19 stop number 20Languages:Greek Bi lingual workersFunding Source:State and Commonwealth fundingVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Planned Activity Group Volunteer Greek volunteer programsPublications:Pamphlets, Newsletters, Manual and Cultural booklets, E-newsletter and
SERVICESSUPPORT SERVICES - Greek(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 25/03/2014
Australian Lebanese Cultural Association63299{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63299&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDAustralian Lebanese Cultural AssociationAlso known as:Australian Lebanese Women's AssociationLocation:11 Lever Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 29 - Ms Ana Karam (03) 9386 2727 BHPresident - Mr Ali Ouaida
(03) 9386 2727 Phone 0415 623 451 Welfare work - Translating and interpreting - Teach English and Arabic - Teach Lebanese cooking on second Sunday of the month - Sewing classes, Thursday 10am-1pm - Internet classes, Tuesday and Thursday - Involved in helping with the problems of children at school. - Promoting sports including football to people under 10s and to seniors - Promote non-smoking, non-drinking environment for all. - Bridge the gap between the two cultures - Australian and Lebanese. - Creche available - fee $2 - Lebanese women's association meet Thursday, 10am - 1pm - Mens group located at 145 Sydney Road, Coburg open 7 days a weekArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm After hours service by appointment, please ring first or leave a messageMeeting Times:AGM Month - JulyCost:$2 for cooking and sewing lessonsEligibility:Open to anyoneReferral:Self, agency, otherAppointment:Please ring first for class availability and creche.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Reynard Street location - Sydney Road tram no 19 - Coburg train stationLanguages:Arabic LebaneseFunding Source:Self fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Teacher aidesPublications:NewsletterSubjects:ARABARABIC (LANGUAGE)ARABIC (LANGUAGE) - InstructionCOMMUNITYCOOKINGCOOKING
WomenSUPPORT SERVICESSUPPORT SERVICES - LebaneseWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 08/07/2014
Bakarzala Women's Group268{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=268&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBakarzala Women's GroupTelephone:0423 438 438 Mobile03 9350 6386 FAXEmail:elzeinmilia@hotmail.comContacts:Coordinator - Ms Milia El Zein (03) 9354 7155 FAX 0423 438 438
Mobileelzeinmilia@hotmail.comContact - Ms Laurette Dabaghi (03) 9304
1884 PhoneServices:Social, recreational, cultural, excursions, speakers on different subjects.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To help non-English speaking women to improve their skills. To bring Lebanese women together to socialise and reduce isolation.Hours:Monday to Friday 9am - 5pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - September Friday, 11am - 1pm One day trip per month.Cost:No costEligibility:Male and females for trips and parties.Referral:Agency referralAppointment:NoDisabled Access:Yes There are 2 steps separated with level bit in between.Transport:Sydney Road tram, Bell Street busLanguages:Arabic LebaneseFunding Source:DonationsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Letter and information to members Occasional advertisements in newspapersSubjects:ARABARAB - WomenSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Arab/WomenWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Bakarzala Youth Group46431{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=46431&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBakarzala Youth GroupLocation:49 Berry Street Coburg VIC 3058Contacts:Chairperson - Ms Rachelle Elzeinrachelle_elzein@hotmail.comContact - Mila
(03) 9386 8272Services:Social and cultural activities to promote awareness of shared cultural
heritage. Concerts and demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Activities to gather Lebanese youth togetherMeeting Times:First Monday of the month, 7.30pmEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 13 Maximum Age - 30Disabled Access:Yes RampsTransport:Public Transport - YesLanguages:Lebanese SpanishFunding Source:DonationsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersSubjects:ARABARAB - YouthCLUBSSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - YouthYOUTHYOUTH - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 28/02/2014
Baptcare Community Nursing Service63323{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63323&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBaptcare Community Nursing ServiceAlso known as:Church Nursing Service (formerly)CNSLocation:33 Blyth Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 H7Telephone:03 9385 6565 BH03 9387 9236 Manager - Ms Joan LearmontServices:District nursing and clinical podiatry - general nursing care - technical nursing care such as wound dressing, injections and medication
management - personal care, such as assistance with showering - health education - carer support - podiatry care - podiatry home visits for housebound clientsArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide quality home nursing, personal care and podiatry services to
people within the City of Moreland.Hours:Church Nursing Service hours Monday to Friday, 8am - 4pm Office hours Monday to Friday, 8am - 3.30pm After hours answering machineCost:Ring for detailsEligibility:Frail, aged and disabledProcedures:After initial referral, a time is arranged for first assessment visitReferral:Self, health professionals, family and friendsAppointment:Referral made to Church Nursing Service and a visit will be organised at
that timeWaiting List:Podiatry home visits - up to 2 monthsDisabled Access:YesTransport:- Tram no 19 along Sydney road, stop 24 - Bus route 508, stop 17Languages:Interpreters can be accessed as requiredParent Body:BaptcareFunding Source:Home and Community Care (HACC)Voluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Information pamplet available in English, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Maltese,
DisabledPHYSICAL DISABILITIESPODIATRISTSPODIATRY(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/04/2012
Bibak Melbourne63334{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63334&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBibak MelbourneAlso known as:Brunswick Filipino Senior Citizens (formerly)Filipino Senior Citizens of
AustraliaFSCALocation:Richard Lynch Senior Citizens Centre, 27 Peacock Street Brunswick West VIC
3055Map Reference:Melway 29 B4Contacts:Chairperson 0431 748 279 Support to isolated elderly, of Filipino and other backgrounds, through
social, recreation, educational activities, organise trips to countryside
and leisure places. - Have guest speakers on health and welfare issues.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To help our elderly keep active, mentally, physically and sociallyMeeting Times:AGM Month - August Second Sunday quarterly, March, June, September and December, 1pm - 7pmCost:Membership per year $5 individual, $10 familyEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 12 Maximum Age - Unrestricted All are welcomeAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:NoTransport:BusLanguages:Igorot Ilokano Spanish Tagalog Basic SpanishFunding Source:MembershipVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:Only minutes of meetingsSubjects:AGEDAGED - ClubsCLUBSSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/10/2014
Bicycle Recycle Shed63336{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63336&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBicycle Recycle ShedAlso known as:Brunsbug Shed GroupLocation:CERES Community Environment Park, 8-10 Lee Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B7Telephone:03 9387 2609 CERES Community Environment Joel Assist people to recycle a bicycle for themselves at relatively low cost
(mostly $30-$100). - Provide facilities for people to maintain and repair their own bicycle.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To make cycling more sustainable through: - helping cyclists become more self-sufficient. - helping people make their bicycles more useful. - providing a place where cyclists can network and exchange ideas. - increasing the modal share of bicycles in the local transport mix, so
making it safer for all cyclists.Hours:Friday, Saturday and Sunday,11am - 5pmMeeting Times:Meet to work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as occasional other
days for working bees.Cost:Membership fee - full $10 - concession $5 - family $13 Fee for use of the shed for non members Varied costs for bikes and parts sold at the shedEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Bicycle usersDisabled Access:Yes Wheelchair accessible but cluttered work environment.Transport:Tram no 96 Bus 508 Blyth Street Direct access from the Merri Path for cyclists and walkersVoluntary Work:Helping people to work on their own bikes. It's important that people want to work with other people. The bicycle
maintenance aspect can be taught.Subjects:BICYCLESCYCLINGRECYCLING SERVICES(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/12/2014
Bluecross Monterey Aged Care Facility62229{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62229&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBluecross Monterey Aged Care FacilityAlso known as:Monterey (formerly)Location:858 Pascoe Vale Road Glenroy VIC 3046Telephone:03 9304 540003 9304 4388 Manager - Ms Joan Lowney (03) 9304 5400 BH (03) 9304 4388
FAX 0400 579 474 - Ms Angela
Hyland (03) 9304 5400 Phone (03) 9304 4300 care aged accommodationArea Served:MORELAND, City ofCost:As per Federal Government guidelinesEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 60 Require Aged Care AssessementAppointment:Appointment Required - YesWaiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:300 metres from Glenroy train stationParent Body:Blue Cross Community & Residential ServicesFunding Source:Federal GovernmentVoluntary Work:- Activities programPublications:Brochures and Bluecross websiteSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AgedAGED(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
Bouverie Centre, Victoria's Family Institute63347{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63347&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBouverie Centre, Victoria's Family InstituteAlso known as:The Bouverie CentreLocation:8 Gardiner Street Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9385 510003 9381 0336 WorkerServices:* Family therapy where there is a significant behavioural emotional or
psychiatric difficulty which is not improving and which is of a serious
nature. This includes parent and child/adolescent difficulties which are
entrenched; the impact of someone in the family having a serious mental
health issue; or having been sexually abused, or experienced other types of
abuse, problems with alcohol and other drugs; and problems with gambling * Consultations to mental health organisations to support professionals in
their work with families and other carers * Work force development/professional development training in organisations
and service development * Award courses and Professional Continuing Education CoursesArea Served:VICTORIA, State ofHours:Monday to Friday 9am - 5pmCost:No charge. Compensable clients charged via compensating bodyEligibility:Statewide service. Entire family unit preferred. DO NOT REFER clients who wish to discuss family problems on their own. No emergency services are available.Referral:Professional and self-referral by phoneAppointment:Appointment Required - YesWaiting List:Waiting time for appointments is variableDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram - Route 19 North Coburg from Elisabeth Street, City to Stop 23 Train to Brunswick Station on the Upfield lineLanguages:Interpreters available on requestParent Body:La Trobe UniversityFunding Source:Victoria. Department of Health and Human ServicesSubjects:ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURYCOUNSELLINGCOUNSELLING - FamiliesFAMILIESHEAD
ASSAULTTREATMENT(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/08/2017
Box Forest Wesleyan Methodist Church63348{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63348&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBox Forest Wesleyan Methodist ChurchAlso known as:Boxforest Wesleyan Methodist ChurchLocation:23 South Street Glenroy VIC 3046Map Reference:Melway 17 E5Telephone:03 9354 4374 Church - T Harris 0452 256 276 MobileServices:Service - Sunday 10amArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Church office - Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 3.30pmMeeting Times:Sunday Worship, 10amDisabled Access:Yes Wheelchair friendlyLanguages:SwedishVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersPublications:The Australian WesleyanSubjects:CHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)WESLEYAN METHODIST(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/03/2012
Boyne Russell House63349{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63349&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBoyne Russell HouseLocation:184-186 Victoria Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 J7Telephone:03 9381 1900 BH03 9381 1902 - Ms Maricar CarewAdministrative Coordinator - Ms Christine LincolnServices:High level residential aged care facility with 30 beds, operated by
Melbourne Health.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To facilitate the hightest possible individual quality of life for
residents of the facility.Cost:As per Department of Health and AgeingEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 64 Aged Care AssessmentProcedures:Must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Service for high level
residential care. As per Department of Health and Ageing.Referral:Aged Care Assessment ServiceAppointment:Please phone during business hours for an appointmentWaiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:Sydney Road and Lygon Street trams are the nearest public transport.Languages:Central health interpreter service as requiredParent Body:Royal Melbourne Hospital - North Western Mental HealthFunding Source:Commonwealth/State governmentVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support - Assistance with social, leisure and musical activities - Volunteer register maintained at Melbourne Health - Must undergo thorough screenng by Melbourne HealthPublications:- Information brochureSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AgedAGEDNURSING HOMESNURSING HOMES - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 07/10/2014
Break Thru People Solutions - Employment Services63354{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63354&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBreak Thru People Solutions - Employment ServicesAlso known as:NEPS Centre (formerly)The NEPS Centre (formerly)Location:711 Pascoe Vale Road Glenroy VIC 3046Telephone:03 8311 230003 9300 3294 Services Australia: - Streams 1, 2, 3, 4. Provides employment services for mainstream clients
who are looking for work and for clients who have major barriers to
employment * Assistance provided for disadvantaged students who are seeking after
school employment, school base apprenticeships and mainstream employment * Disability Employment Service: - Provides a specialist employment service for people affected by
disability - Specialists in employment for people suffering with a mental illnessArea Served:NORTHERN (METROPOLITAN) Region Calder Regions Offices in: Coburg, Glenroy and CraigieburnAims:To increase the participation rate of people who experience disability or
are disadvantaged in the mainstream employment marketHours:Monday to Friday 8.45am - 5.06pmCost:No chargeEligibility:Anyone looking for employmentReferral:JSA: Referral from Centrelink and some are eligible for direct registration DES: Referral from CentrelinkAppointment:Appointment Required - YesDisabled Access:Yes Ground floor accessTransport:Train to Glenroy Station BusesLanguages:Interpreters used for all languagesFunding Source:Australia. Department of Employment Australia. Department of Human ServicesVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, etc) Employment ConsultantPublications:Jobs! jobs! Jobs Magazine Service]: Coburg OfficeLocation:Unit 4 240 Sydney Road Coburg VIC 3058Telephone:(03) 9384 9500 (03) 9386 Service]: Craigieburn OfficeLocation:Shop 31 Craigieburn Shopping Centre Craigieburn Road Craigieburn VIC 3064Telephone:(03) 8311 2300 (call Glenroy) - DisabledEMPLOYMENT - Mental HealthEMPLOYMENT
Health(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 02/12/2015
Broadmeadows and District Garden Club63359{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63359&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBroadmeadows and District Garden ClubLocation:Wiseman House, Cnr Melbourne Avenue and Widford Street Glenroy VIC 3046Map Reference:Melway 16 J2Contacts:Secretary (03) 9304 1827maggiepalmer@bigpond.comServices:- Monthly gathering of interested people to promote recreational gardening
and learning. Gathering includes a guest lecturer and supper. - Garden show held at Wiseman House, Glenroy with professional judges.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:7.30pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - July Second Tuesday of the month (except January), 7.30pmCost:Membership per year $20 Family $25 per yearEligibility:Any person interested in gardeningAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:YesTransport:Glenroy train stationPublications:Monthly newsletterSubjects:CLUBSGARDENINGGARDENING - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 03/12/2009
Broken Mirror Productions63361{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63361&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBroken Mirror ProductionsLocation:2c Staley Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melways 29 H7Telephone:03 9380 2943 BH03 9380 2260 Director - Mr Douglas Montgomery 0400 501 944 MobileCreative
Officer - Ms Jennie GloverCreative Officer - Ms Alicia Benn-LawlerArea Served:MELBOURNE, City of MORELAND, City of NORTHERN (METROPOLITAN) RegionAims:Production support for theatre, film and television rehearsal space etc.Hours:Monday -Friday 9am - 5.30pm and after hours by appointmentAppointment:Appointment Required - YesFacilities:Three large rehearsal space Dance studio Function room with kitchen Conference roomDisabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration and office dutiesPublications:Monthly newsletter to subscribersSubjects:ARTISTSDANCE HALLSFILMSSUPPORT SERVICESTHEATRESWRITERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/08/2009
Brosnan Centre357{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=357&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrosnan CentreAlso known as:Brosnan Centre (The)Location:10 Dawson Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G8Postal:PO Box 284 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9387 1233 BH03 9387 1178 Manager - Mr Daniel ClementsServices:- Provides short and medium term accommodation for youth recently released
from correctional institutions through the Centre's supported accommodation
service and links with Transitional Housing Management (THM) - Special accommodation for young men with an intellectually disability at
risk of offending, provided at purpose-built premises in the northern
region - Programs run by youth workers for young people with backgrounds in
correctional institutions - Counselling and referral, help finding jobs, encouragement to improve
living skills and help finding accommodation - Drug and alcohol referral serviceArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Transition into community livingHours:Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm After hours telephone on call service.Cost:No costEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 17 Maximum Age - 25 Ex-prisoners or people who have been in correctional institutions, aged
between 17 to 25 years. Priority is given to people coming directly from prison or youth training
centres. Unable to accommodate couples or people with children.Referral:Referral Required - YesAppointment:Not requiredDisabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesParent Body:Auspiced by Jesuit Social ServicesFunding Source:Department of Human Services Department of Justice Jesuit Social Services (JSS)Voluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Publications:Jesuit Social Services Newsletter quarterly Brochures and websiteSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - YouthACCOMMODATION -
WORKERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 05/02/2014
Brosnan Services62624{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62624&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrosnan ServicesAlso known as:Jesuit Social Services Housing ProgramJSS Housing Program (formerly)Location:Brosnan Centre, 10 Dawson Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G8Postal:PO Box 284 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9387 1233 BH03 9387 1178 Social Services through Brosnan services has experience specifically
working with young people, individuals and families involved in the justice
system who present with multiple and complex circumstances including
inappropriate and sometimes violent behaviours many whom have been rejected
by the broader service system. We have extensive experience in negotiating
their engagement with support services and working with them to establish
pathways to social and economic inclusion.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Monday to Friday 9am - 5pmReferral:Referal through DHS, DOJ, courts and other community servicesAppointment:Please contact reception for appointmentWaiting List:Please contact reception for further informationDisabled Access:YesTransport:Jewel Train Station, Tram and BusFunding Source:State and Federal GovernmentVoluntary Work:Reception workPublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - Ex-OffendersBOARDING
Ex-Offenders(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 23/03/2015
Brotherhood Bargains63363{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63363&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrotherhood BargainsLocation:109 Brunswick Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 J10Telephone:03 9387 9519 Phone/ (Brotherhood of St Laurence)Contacts:Manager - Ms Helen AlexiadisServices:- 2 opportunity shops sell clothing, furniture, bric a brac, books, shoes,
CD's and white goods. - Can walk between shopsArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9.30am - 5pm Thursday, 9.30am - 7pm Sunday, 10am - 4pmDisabled Access:YesTransport:Lygon Street and Sydney Road tramsVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:- handoutsSubjects:OPPORTUNITY SHOPS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
Brunswick Athletic Club Inc362{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=362&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Athletic Club IncAlso known as:Brunswick Athletics ClubLocation:Brunswick VIC 3056Postal:342 Albion Street Brunswick VIC Athletics VictoriaContacts:Secretary - Ms Ronda Jenkins (03) 9386 5031 BH (03) 9383 1002
FAXPresident - Ms May Burling (03) 5368 1817 BHServices:Outdoor sports - track and fieldArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:AGM Month - SeptemberCost:VariesEligibility:Any person interested in athletics. All agesParent Body:Athletics VictoriaVoluntary Work:- Assistance with club functions - Helping as officialsPublications:Newsletter and flyersSubjects:ATHLETICSATHLETICS - ClubsCLUBS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 17/10/2015
Brunswick Auskick60398{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=60398&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick AuskickLocation:Alex Gillon Oval, 133A Hope Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melways 29 E6Email:brunswick.auskick@gmail.comContacts:Secretary - Mr Jonathon Sherlock 0430 288 956 MobilePresident - Mr
Steven Milne (03) 9041 5203 PhoneTreasurer - Mrs Louise MilneServices:Provides AFL clinics to primary school aged childrenArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Provide AFL clinics to primary school aged childrenMeeting Times:Saturdays, 9am - 10.30amCost:$75 for 2015 (2016 to be advised - check following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 5 Maximum Age - 11 Boys and Girls WelocmeSubjects:AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALLAUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL -
ClubsCHILDRENCLUBSSPORTSSPORTS - Children(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 17/09/2015
Brunswick Baptist Church363{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=363&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Baptist ChurchLocation:491 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G7Postal:PO Box 1103 Brunswick VIC service Sunday 10am. Women's sewing Group Wednesday, 12.30pm and Saturday, 2.30pm (see
individual entry)Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To share what they have to help meet needs of others as Christ would. Our
church is open, inclusive, and multicultural and welcomes newcomers.Meeting Times:Church service Sunday 10am. Women's sewing Group Wednesday, 12.30pm and Saturday, 2.30pm (see
individual entry) OMID (Farsi for Hope) Thursday 6.30pm English class and dinner, 8pm Bible
studyCost:No costEligibility:All welcome.Facilities:Hall for hire Kitchen, disability access, toilets Please phone the Administrator on 0432 402 372Disabled Access:Yes Side door to church Ramp access to hallTransport:Tram no 19, stop no 24 (opposite Blyth Street)Languages:All services are in English but many languages are spoken in the
congregation.Parent Body:Baptist Union of VictoriaVoluntary Work:Sewing group - teaching and childcare (must have references and working
with children check)Located Here:Aikido Victoria Brunswick Dojo Multicultural Women's Sewing GroupSubjects:BAPTISTCHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)HALLSHALLS - HireHIRE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Brunswick Baths60909{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=60909&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick BathsAlso known as:Brunswick City Baths (formerly)Location:14 Dawson Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G8Telephone:03 9381 1840 Manager - Mr Ashley BartholomewServices:Managed by Victoria YMCA on behalf of Moreland City Council - Indoor heated 20 metre pool - Outdoor heated 50 metre pool - Childcare facilities - Aquaerobics - Swimming lessons for adults, children, private - Health Club - Function Training/Programs/Personal Training Studio, Outdoor Training
Zone - Separate Cardio Room - Group Fitness Class including, Cardio Classes, RPM/Bike Classes and
Wellness Classes (100+ classes per week) that of which include Les Mills
Programs such as body pump, body attack, body step and body balance - Personal Training/Small Group Training - Active Adults classes - Teen Gym allocation - Pre/Post Natal Classes - Community Programming for special populations. - Run and swim squads - Steam room, sauna and spa - Stroke correction class - Wide variety of aerobics programs - Women's only bathing - Aquaplay Area - Splash Pad Aqua Area Tour of facilities available any timeArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:We are bound by a common mission and committment to build strong people
(irrespective of age, race, religion or ability), strong families (however
they are structured) and strong communities (wherever they are located and
whatever their make up)Hours:Brunswick Baths Monday - Friday 6 am - 9.30 pm Weekends 8 am - 8 pm Public holidays As per weekend times unless otherwise statedCost:Varies according to program or service usedEligibility:Physically soundAppointment:Appointment required for induction and consultationDisabled Access:Yes Disabled changerooms, entry ramp and indoor pool hoistTransport:Sydney Road no 19 tram Upfield train line - Brunswick and Anstey StationsPublications:Publications Available - YesSubjects:AEROBICSAQUA AEROBICSCHILD CARECHILD DAY CARE
POOLSSWIMMING POOLS - HireTRIATHLONTRIATHLON - ClubsWOMEN ONLYYOGA(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 26/11/2015
Brunswick Bowling Club63366{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63366&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Bowling ClubAlso known as:Brunswick Bowls ClubLocation:104 Victoria Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 29 K8Telephone:03 9380 - Mr Malcolm MoorePresident - Mr Cameron FoleyTreasurer - Mr Ryan
WinneyVice President - Mr Danny MichelServices:Lawn bowling club - social and pennant bowls - big screen and pool table - members of all ages welcome - barefoot bowling - corporate functions - family events - party hireArea Served:MELBOURNE, City of MORELAND, City of NORTHERN (METROPOLITAN) RegionAims:- To increase our membership and service - To recruit more people from different backgrounds to the game - To promote, encourage and recruit youth and children to the game - To provide a Community hub for social activitiesHours:- Bowling days (season Oct-May), 7 days a week from10am - till dusk (approx
8.30pm) - Non bowling season, contact the club for details Opening Hours Monday to Thursday, 3pm - 8pm Friday3pm - 9pm Saturday11am - 9pm Sunday12pm - 8pm Note: You can book other times by appointment For further information on activities offered please contact the Club.Meeting Times:AGM Month - May Committee meets first Monday of the monthCost:Contact Club to enquire about membership feesEligibility:All age groups Female, male and mixed events By applicationReferral:SelfWaiting List:NoFacilities:Clubrooms for hire For birthdays, weddings or any social event Capacity 80 people seated Bookings - please contact the Operations Manager - Hailey Martin on 9380
1808Disabled Access:Yes Disabled toiletsTransport:Tram 1, 8 and 96Parent Body:Royal Victorian Bowling AssociationFunding Source:Fundraising Membership Moreland City Council SponsorshipsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Gardening Handyperson/Maintenance Lawn/green maintenancePublications:Quarterly newsletter Information in local newspapersSubjects:BOWLING (LAWN)BOWLING (LAWN) - ClubsCLUBSHALLSHALLS - HireHIRE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/03/2019
Brunswick City Soccer Club63367{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63367&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick City Soccer ClubAlso known as:Brunswick City Sports Club LeonidasLocation:Dunstan Reserve, 22 Peacock Street Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 B4Postal:PO Box 56 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9386 4021 Club Phone/ - Mr Koloithas 0409 021 092 - Mr George Koutoulis 0411
316 416 - Mr Con Matzaris
0414 250 894 club - juniors boys and girls - open age men and women - veterans (over 35 years of age)Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:At junior level aim is to provide the opportunities for juniors to become
better players and to enjoy the game. At senior level aim is to seek
promotion to higher leagues.Hours:Monday, 5.30pm - 9pm Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm - 10pm Wednesday and Friday, 6pm - 9pm Saturday, 12pm - 6pm Sunday, 8am - 6pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - DecemberCost:Registration and membership feesEligibility:Caters for men, women, junior and veteran soccer players and soccer
supporters or spectators. - No restrictions for access to service - Voting members must be 18 years or overReferral:SelfAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:No waiting list for access to service One month waiting list to be a voting memberDisabled Access:Yes New pavilion has toilets for people with a disability.Transport:Albion Street bus - get off at Peacock Street. Melville Road tram - get off at the corner Albion Street and Melville Road. Upfield train line - get off at Anstey station and then take the Albion
Street bus.Languages:Between the players and members more than 15 languages are spokenFunding Source:Fundraising Membership Sponsors, members, canteen sales, and donations.Voluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Coaching Committee/Auxiliary Team managerPublications:Weekly newsletter during the soccer seasonSubjects:CLUBSSOCCERSOCCER - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 05/02/2010
Brunswick Community Chook Group at CERES63368{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63368&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Community Chook Group at CERESAlso known as:Brunswick Community Chook Group (formerly)CERES Chook GroupLocation:CERES Environmental Park, 8-10 Lee Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B7Telephone:03 9389 0100 CERES community group concerned with raising and looking after chooks guided by
a permaculture framework. Work on a fourteen day roster system. On each day, one person lets the
chooks out, feeds and waters them, and then at the end of the day lock them
up and collect the eggs. Once a month, members participate in a working bee to maintain the chook
shed and runs.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:Working bees on first Sunday of the month, 9am - middayCost:$144 per year or $96 concession, plus CERES membership - $60, single membership - $80, family membershipEligibility:Open to anyone interested in chooks subject to waiting listWaiting List:YesTransport:Tram no 96 Blyth and Albion Street busesParent Body:CERES - Centre for Education and Research in Environmental StrategiesFunding Source:Self-fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: * Not seeking volunteersSubjects:CHICKENSPERMACULTURE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Brunswick Community History Group Inc42488{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=42488&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Community History Group IncAlso known as:Brunswick History GroupLocation:Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub, 29 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G10Postal:PO Box 8 Brunswick VIC - Ms Francesca Folk-Scolaro (03) 9387 1194Mr Paul
ConstantinidisServices:PLEASE NOTE : Temporary change to venue meetings. Our meetings will continue to be held in the Private Function Room of
Bridie O'Reilly's Irish Pub (the former Sarah Sands Hotel) until further
notice. Corner Brunswick Rd & Sydney Rd Brunswick 1.30-4pm (First Sat of
the month) Enter Bridie O'Reilly's Irish pub either via door in Brunswick Road or via
beer garden at the rear. The group promotes local history and friendship. - Conduct walks, talks and other activities regarding Brunswick's heritage
which are open to all. - Have input into the preservation of Brunswick's built environment. - New members are welcome. For further information, please contact FRANCESCA FOLK-SCOLARO on 9387-1194Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To promote the awareness and support of Brunswick's heritage through talks
and publications, websit and wikinorthiaMeeting Times:AGM Month - October First Saturday of the month from 1.30pm - 4pm, except January.Cost:Membership $10 full, $5 concessionEligibility:We expect all who wish to join to behave in a civil manner at all times.Disabled Access:Yes Please enter via Counihan Gallery In Brunswick entrance and use lift.Transport:Tram 19 Brunswick train stationLanguages:German Greek ItalianFunding Source:Self fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Research Recording the history of Brunswick Assisting older members with afternoon teaPublications:- Fusion, a local history magazine, 4 times a year on Brunswick and
Moreland history. - 10 publications on Brunswick and Brunswick history. - Website and WikiNorthiaSubjects:HISTORIC BUILDINGSLOCAL HISTORYVOLUNTEERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Brunswick Cricket Club374{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=374&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Cricket ClubLocation:Gillon Oval, Cnr Pearson and Victoria Streets Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 E6Postal:PO Box 9 Brunswick West VIC 3055Telephone:0407 910 078 Mobile (Secretary) - Mr Ron Sahlberg (03) 9338 1585 Phone 0417 585 944
MobileSecretary - Mr Ian Moss 0407 910 078 - Mr Brenton AllanJunior
Coordinator - Mr Scott McKenzie 0438 890 224 MobileServices:Cricket club - Juniors boys and girls cricket - Seniors men cricket - Senior women's cricket - conduct competition cricket matches - junior cricket development squads - milo cricket - In 2 cricketArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:AGM Month - July Matches Saturday or Sunday during season Practice Monday to Thursday evenings Milo cricket at Gillon Oval, Friday nightsCost:$200 senior member player $180 junior member player $150 Non playing membershipEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 6 - juniors boys and girls - seniors menReferral:Not requiredAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:Yes Access to social clubTransport:Tram 55 Melville Road Tram 18, 19, 20 Sydney Road Brunswick train station Victoria Street bus serviceParent Body:Victorian Sub-District Cricket AssociationFunding Source:Club activitiesVoluntary Work:- All activities of the clubPublications:Annual report Monthly newsletterSubjects:CLUBSCRICKETCRICKET - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Brunswick Cycling Club375{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=375&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Cycling ClubLocation:Brunswick Velodrome, Roberts Reserve, Harrison Street Brunswick East VIC
3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B5Postal:PO Box 2027 Brunswick East VIC 3057Telephone:0412 230 936 MobileEmail:secretary@brunswickcyclingclub.comInternet:www.brunswickcyclingclub.comContacts:Clubroom hire - Mr Alf Walker (03) 9469 4296 PhoneServices:Cycle racing at the Brunswick velodrome all year. Road racing from April to October. Cycle Racing at DISC all year round. Cycle Training at DISC all year round. Cycle Training at Velodrome all year.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Cycle Training at Velodrome all year. Promote all levels of competitive road and track cycling amongst all ages
and abilities in the local community. Strongly supports inclusive safe and
educational riding environment for all members.Meeting Times:AGM Month - October Training Monday evening Training and cycle racing Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday
afternoons Junior 'novice' clinics Sunday mornings and training available at DISC in
DarebinCost:Sliding scale $66 to $327 Children's KIDZ Licence $32 for under 13 yearsEligibility:Juniors, seniors and mastersAppointment:Not requiredDisabled Access:No access at Brunswick Velodrome but access is available at Darebin DISCTransport:Public Transport - YesParent Body:Cycle Sport VictoriaVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:Monthly newsletterSubjects:CLUBSCYCLINGCYCLING - ClubsVOLUNTEERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/11/2016
Brunswick Dog Training Club Inc377{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=377&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Dog Training Club IncLocation:Wylie Park, Cnr Union and South Daly Streets Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 FacebookContacts:President - Ms Maria President - Mr Stephen
ValeTreasurer - Mr Malcolm BurnsServices:- Promote responsible dog ownership in the local community. - Classes range from beginners to class 4 for very advanced dogs. - Club members range in age from 12 years to 70 years old. 2019 TRAINING DATES: Training resumes first Sunday of February 2019 Feb: 3rd, 17th March: 3rd, 17th, 31st April: 14th (three weeks' break) May: 5th, 19th June: 2nd, 16th, 30th July: 14th, 28th Aug: 11th, 25th Sep: 8th. 22nd Oct: 6th, 20th (three weeks' break) Nov: 10th, 24th Dec: 8th (Breakup)Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:The opportunity: - To promote responsible dog ownership in the local community - To train local community member's dogs to a standard through obedience
class levels - To train your dog to be a well behaved part of the community Every dog deserves an educationMeeting Times:AGM Month - August Promote responsible dog ownership in the local community. Classes range from beginners to class 4 for very advanced dogs. Club members range in age from 12 years to 70 years old.Cost:Membership is from 1st of June to 31May each year. Annual Membership Fees apply Adults - $70 Children, Pensioners and Concessions - $40Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 12 - Dogs must be vaccinated C5 Vaccination and the owner must show proof
through dog vaccination certificate to the club; - Included with vaccination your dog must be vaccinated against Canine
Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parvo Virus, Kennel Cough etc. - Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all training
sessions.Procedures:New members welcome from 9.15am and must provide a copy of current
vaccination certificate. Appropriate closed-toe footwear required (no thongs or sandals)Appointment:Not required.Waiting List:NoDisabled Access:Footpath from Union Street and Collier Crescent to club roomsTransport:Grantham Street tram service - 500 metre walkLanguages:Some members speak ItalianFunding Source:MembershipVoluntary Work:Distributing publicity material. Flyers distributed to vets, pet shops,
council offices and libraries each year with training dates and information
for new members. Social media platforms kept up to date with latest
information and training dates, check out, Social Media MarketingSubjects:DOGSDOGS - InstructionINSTRUCTION(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 17/10/2016
Brunswick East Bocce Association37840{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=37840&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick East Bocce AssociationLocation:98-100 Victoria Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 A8Telephone:03 9380 1352 BHContacts:President - Mr Salvatore Volpe 0407 474 316 MobileSecretary - Mr
Pasquale Spataro 0438 345 516 MobileServices:- A community group for retired Brunswick residents. - Bocce and social club - Ladies day. Contact the President for detailsArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To promote bocce games for retired personsHours:12pm - 6pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - October Meet dailyCost:Membership per year $20 per coupleEligibility:Male senior citizens, preferably Brunswick residentsReferral:SelfAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:No waiting list currently - membership is limited to 300 peopleDisabled Access:Yes Ramp in driveway and one disabled parking space.Transport:Lygon Street and Nicholson Street tramsLanguages:ItalianVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Committee/Auxiliary Gardening Handyperson/Maintenance - Counter dutiesSubjects:BOCCEBOCCE - ClubsCLUBSITALIAN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/12/2015
Brunswick English Language Centre382{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=382&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick English Language CentreLocation:47 Dawson Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 F8Telephone:03 9380 6889 BH03 9381 2756 - Ms Toula Arkoudis (03) 9380 6889 PhoneServices:Full time intensive English language courses for newly arrived young people
prior to attending secondary school. - Cocurricular activities are offered. - - Free travel pass provided to permanent residents who live more than 4.8
kms from school. - Temporary residents must be approved by the Victorian Department of
Education and may be required to pay fees. The centre has links with all
secondary colleges in western and northern regions.Area Served:MORELAND, City of NORTHERN (METROPOLITAN) RegionAims:English language courses for new arrivals to Australia.Hours:Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pmCost:Free for permanent residents.Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 12 Maximum Age - 18 New arrivals to Australia and temporary residents aged 12 to 18 years.Referral:Schools, families and community agenciesAppointment:Please ring the centre for an appointmentWaiting List:Yes There are 4 intakes per year at the beginning of terms. Spaces are usually
available for mid term intakes.Facilities:- 6 classrooms available for bookings after hours.Disabled Access:NoTransport:Jewell train station Dawson Street bus 506 Victoria Street bus 508 Tram no 19 (Sydney road) Tram no 55Languages:Arabic Chinese Greek Somali Vietnamese Access to any other languageParent Body:Victorian Department of EducationFunding Source:Victorian Department of Education via Commonwealth New Arrivals ProgramPublications:- Parent handbook - Newsletter per term - Brochures available in 6 main languages.Subjects:ENGLISHENGLISH - InstructionINSTRUCTIONLANGUAGE SCHOOLSLANGUAGE SCHOOLS -
EnglishLANGUAGE SCHOOLS - English/YouthLANGUAGESYOUTH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/04/2015
Brunswick Guides63370{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63370&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick GuidesAlso known as:Brunswick District GuidesBrunswick Girl GuidesLocation:Brunswick Scout Hall, Jolley Street Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 Leader - Ms Laura Coshanlaura.coshan@hotmail.comServices:Educational and recreational programs consistent with the principles, aims
and philosophies of Guides Victoria, for girls 6 - 15 years. Adventure and fun, challenges, team work, self reliance, developing
leadership skills caring for the environment, community service, awareness
and tolerance, and initiative. Indoor and Outdoor Camping Cooking Craft Outdoor AdventuresArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To help girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting,
responsible community members; and - to value physical fitness and a healthy life style; - to develop their creativity and learn practical skills; - to enjoy the satisfaction of good human relationships; - to appreciate our natural environment and be committed to preserving it; - to seek international friendship and understanding; and - to be keen to be of useful service to the community.Meeting Times:AGM Month - June Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm During school terms onlyCost:To Brunswick Guides - $30 term To Guides Victoria - $160 Guides Victoria membership (Annual)Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Females only Minimum Age - 6 Maximum Age - 13Appointment:Please contact the Guide Leader.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Melville Road Tram - between Moreland Road and Albion Street, Brunswick Local busParent Body:Guides Victoria (phone 8606 3500)Funding Source:Fundraising MembershipVoluntary Work:- Leadership of youth and adults Leadership training is provided by Guides Victoria. A police check is
required. Working with Children check requiredPublications:Information brochures availableSubjects:GIRLSGUIDES(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/10/2014
Brunswick Hockey Club Inc63371{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63371&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Hockey Club IncLocation:Wylie Reserve, Collier Crescent Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 C8Postal:PO Box 101 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:0430 559 530 - Mr John Vincent 0407 101 181 - Ms Erin Welton
0430 559 530's Section - Ms
Maz Stonehouse 0416 365 900's
Section - Mr Ian Kermonde 0438 376 130 Mobile Master's Section - Mr Alex
English 0433 898 755 Mobile Junior's Section - Mr Eddie Castaner 0488
772 273 Mobile Services:All year round hockey - men's teams - women's teams - juniors teams - veterans teams over 40 and over 50 (men and women)Area Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:AGM Month - October Monthly committee meetingsCost:Arranged on an individual basisEligibility:Men, women, seniors, juniors and veteransAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoFacilities:Dawson Street (Brunswick Secondary College) Synthetic Hockey Pitch with
Lights. Contact Ground Manager - John Vincent Email: jvincen2@ford.comDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram no 55Parent Body:Hockey VictoriaFunding Source:Self fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Publications:Team Managers Club newsletter. the Black & White Rag available via emailSubjects:CLUBSHOCKEYHOCKEY - Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/05/2014
Brunswick Industries Association63372{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63372&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Industries AssociationLocation:3-7 Syme Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 F7Telephone:03 9380 7400 BH03 9381 2240 Executive Officer - Mr Jason Beamish (03) 9380 7400 BHServices:Employment for people with a disabilityArea Served:MORELAND, City of VICTORIA, State ofHours:Mon - Thurs, 8.30am - 3.30pm Friday 8.30am-12.30pmReferral:Self, Centrelink or AgenciesAppointment:Appointment Required - YesWaiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesFunding Source:Australian Federal GovernmentVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:E newsletter on websiteSubjects:DISABILITIESDISABLEDEMPLOYMENTEMPLOYMENT - DisabledJOB PLACEMENTJOB
DisabilitiesSUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT - Disabled(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/01/2016
Brunswick Junior Football Club63373{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63373&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Junior Football ClubLocation:Gillon Oval, Pearson Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melways 29E6Postal:PO Box 120 Brunswick West VIC - Mr Luke Wilson 0402 279 041 - Ms Libby O'Connor 0458 317 222
MobileServices:Brunswick Junior Football Club fields teams in the Yarra Junior Football
League ( Teams play on Sunday. Boys and girls are
welcome.Hours:Teams play on SundayCost:Membership $230 per player and $165 for siblingsTransport:Public Transport - YesSubjects:AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALLAUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL - ClubsCLUBSFOOTBALL
GROUNDS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 06/01/2015
Brunswick Library63375{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63375&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick LibraryAlso known as:Moreland City Council - Brunswick LibraryLocation:233 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G8Telephone:03 9389 8600 BH03 9387 4853, magazines, talking books, CDs, DVDs, CD-Roms available for
borrowing. Other library services - Children's activities - eBooks and eMagazines - Deliveries to housebound people and institutions - English as a second language collections - School holiday activities - Word Processing facilities - Family history resources - Internet access - WiFi access - Local studies collections - Reference and information service - Free access to online databases - Study areas - Notice boards and display facilities - Photocopiers Materials available in other languages at this library - Arabic - Chinese - Greek - Italian - Sinhalese - VietnameseArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Monday to Thursday, 10am - 8pm Friday, 10am - 6pm Saturday, 9am - 4pm Sunday, 1pm - 5pmCost:Free to joinDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram 19, Sydney RoadPublications:Library information brochure Moreland Reading Project brochure listing library activities eResources brochureSubjects:AUDIO BOOKSBOOKSCOMPUTERSGENEALOGYINTERNET ACCESSLARGE PRINT BOOKSLIBRARY
SERVICESLOCAL HISTORYPHOTOCOPYINGSCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 04/08/2014
Brunswick Lodge63376{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63376&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick LodgeLocation:17 Loyola Avenue Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 J8Telephone:03 9388 0144Contacts:Manager - Mr Jack LuoServices:Supported Residential Service 25 rooms available all with en-suites, 2 are double rooms. 24 hour care Permanent and respite places available. Personal care attendants Residents are taken on outings etc.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Designed and operated to provide the highest possible standard of care and
comfort to the residents.Hours:Visiting hours Monday - Friday, 10am - 8pmCost:Range from$415 to $665 per week for pensioners only Pensioners welcome. Rates can be negotiable. Respite rates available on applicationEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 30Procedures:When seeking to become a resident, please contact the supervisor to arrange
suitable times to visit.Referral:Referral Required - YesAppointment:Please ring 9388 0144 for inspection.Waiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:Lygon Street tramLanguages:Cantonese Chinese ItalianFunding Source:PrivateVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support Drivers and transportation Personal care assistance - Shopping assistance for older people in the lodge - Organising activities including playing table games and reading, weekly
mini concert - Transporting and accompanying people to appointmentsPublications:Brochures availableSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AgedAGEDRESPITE CARESUPPORTED RESIDENTIAL
SERVICESVOLUNTEERS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 23/12/2014
Brunswick Mallet Sports Club42705{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=42705&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Mallet Sports ClubAlso known as:Brunswick Croquet ClubLocation:Brunswick Park, 425 B Victoria Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 E7Postal:PO Box 154 Brunswick West VIC 3055Telephone:03 9387 9239 - Ms Kate Patrick 0403 108 215 MobileVice President - Ms Donna
Appleby 0417 572 232 MobileServices:Play all mallet sports including croquet, gateball, and golf croquet
socially and competitively. - expert coaching available - barbeques and social activities.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To provide the Moreland community with the pleasure and fun of mallet sportsMeeting Times:AGM Month - July Monday evening from 7pm Wednesday morning 9-12 Sunday afternoon social play, 1-7 (Association croquet) Saturday morning 10-12Cost:Coaching is free. Membership fee $170/concession $115 Day visit $5 Night visit $7 (Free for Financial members)Eligibility:Anybody interested in playing croquet or any mallet sport. Men and women of all ages.Appointment:Please contact for further information.Waiting List:NoFacilities:Club contact Donna Appleby 9387 923 Club rooms and lawns for hire 20-50 people includes croquet instruction.Disabled Access:Yes Access to club houseTransport:Trams 55 and 19 Brunswick train station Bus 508, stop 6184Parent Body:Victorian Croquet AssociationVoluntary Work:-To assist with maintenance & cleaning - To assist with yearly tournament. To learn coachingPublications:Monthly publication 'Mallet Sports Victoria' Monthly newsletters or members (sent by email)Subjects:CLUBSCROQUETCROQUET - ClubsCROQUET GREENSHALLSHALLS - HireHIRETRUGOTRUGO -
Clubs(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 30/09/2015
Brunswick Manor396{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=396&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick ManorAlso known as:Brunswick Nursing Home (Formerly)Location:17 Egginton Street Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 B5Telephone:03 9383 7603 BH03 9383 7604 FAXEmail:brunswickmanor@bigpond.comContacts:Director of NursingDeputy Director of NursingServices:High level care nursing home with 39 beds.High level care accommodation
(nursing homes) care for people who need 24-hour high level care because of
frailty, complex care needs, and/or advanced dementia. Low level care 21 beds.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:24 hours a day, 7 days a weekAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:YesDisabled Access:YesTransport:Public Transport - YesVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - YesPublications:BrochuresSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AgedAGEDNURSING HOMESNURSING HOMES -
AgedRESPITE CARE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 27/04/2010
Brunswick Neighbourhood House392{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=392&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Neighbourhood HouseAlso known as:Brunswick Neighbourhood House - Warr Park Community CentreLocation:18 Garden Street and 43A De Carle Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 H9 Garden St and 29 H5 De Carle StPostal:43A De Carle Street Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9387 9901 Garden Street Venue BH03 9386 9418 De Carle Street Venue BH03
9386 3209 De Carle Street Venue - Mr Michael Fitzgerald 43A DeCarle Street, Brunswick VIC
3056Childcare Coordinator - Garden St - Ms Nelly CabalaAdministration
Officer - De Carle St - Ms Donna BoyleServices:Provide educational, recreational and social support programs to people who
live in Moreland and surrounding areas. Also provide a variety of services for people, childcare, occasional
childcare, computer and internet access, venue and equipment hire, referral
and information. Education programs include - English classes - English for work - computers - Introduction to Advanced levels - MYOB - using internet and email - first aid Levels I and II - iPad for beginners - Wordpress - First Aid courses Recreation programs - yoga and meditation - Low impact excercise - sewing - pottery - drawing and painting - Introduction to Drawing - line dancing - community choir - creative writing - animation - walking group - book group - after school activities - tap dancing - Programs for people with disabilities - creative movement and dance - general education and life skills - mixed media for moderately disabled adults and teenagers Social and family support groups that meet at the house (individual entries
for the following groups) - Association of Civilian Widows - Turkish Women's Social Group - Italian Women's Social Club Children - occasional childcare - Venue hire for children's birthdays & group meetingsArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Brunswick Neighbourhood House is a place where people come together to meet
other people and share or gain skills, knowledge and support. It plays a
significant role in linking the Brunswick Community by providing programs,
training and activities for all community members.Hours:Monday to Thursday, 9am - 4pm Friday, 9am - 2-30pm Some classes after hoursMeeting Times:AGM Month - DecemberCost:Between $0 and $235 for most courses Childcare $27 per session Internet access $3 per hour Computer for community use $3 per hourEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18Referral:Not requiredAppointment:Appointment required for all English language and literacy classes.Facilities:Baby change facilities are available at Garden Street venue. House is for hire. Two rooms for small groups (10 - 15 seats), kitchen
facilities, child care room, toilets and playground area. Both venues available for hire - contact Donna Boyle 9386 9418Disabled Access:YesTransport:Sydney Road tram number 19 and Lygon Street tram number 1 Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick Rd and Victoria Street buses Jewell train station on Upfield lineLanguages:Spanish conversationFunding Source:Victoria. Department for Victorian Communities Victoria. Department of Human ServicesVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Committee/Auxiliary Fundraising - Advertising and promotion - Tidy up the venue, pack up equipment - Become a committee of management member - TutoringPublications:Brochures and flyers and newslettersSubjects:ADULT EDUCATIONADULT EDUCATION - MigrantsAGEDARTS AND CRAFTSARTS AND CRAFTS
HIREVOLUNTEERSYOGAYOGA - Instruction(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 11/02/2014
Brunswick Poets and Writers Workshop57816{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=57816&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Poets and Writers WorkshopAlso known as:Brunswick Poetry (Workshop)Location:Campbell Turnbull Library Meeting Room, 220 Melville Road Brunswick West
VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 Fonda Zenofon (03) 9384 1277 Phone/FAX 0405 390 930
MobileSecretary - Ms Kathleen MoorePublic Relations - Mr Kelvin BelletteServices:Brunswick Poets and Writers Workshop includes Brunswick Poetry Workshop - Readings of different styles and forms of literature, own or established
poetry or literature and all forms of writing, prose, short stories,
articles - Yearly Anniversary competition for poetry and prose. Award certificates
and prizes.Free memberships, critques and subscription. (Winners published
in Matilda Muse N/L and anthologies. - Special guest speakers and contributors from local area, interstate and
overseas - Workshops - Critique service, editing, advice on markets and publication - Resources for members - Contributions and reviews for Anthologies - Copywriting, lecturing and graphic design - People can write or phone for contacts, quotes, services, information or
writing dilemmas and problems - Guest speakers on passionate topics welcomed. If you have a project in
mind, a poetry book, art piece, etc, you want to promote, bring it in. Brunswick Poetry Workshop is the 1st Official Poetry Body in Victoria.
Innaugurated in 1972 by Brunswick Poetry Workshop Chairman Larry York
(former Brunswick Mayor). Brunswick Poets and Writers Workshop has been incorporated to attract both
poets and writers.Area Served:DAREBIN, City of HUME, City of MELBOURNE, City of MOONEE VALLEY, City of MORELAND, City of Members are welcome from any areaAims:To spread the love of poetry and literature and foster the ability to write
in both poetry and prose. To provide a service for and to encourage local Moreland residents and
others.Hours:Office is open business hours and after hours until 8pm. Individual classes, tuition or advice by appointment.Meeting Times:First Thursday of the month, 7pm (February to November)Cost:Membership levels include casuals, members, full members and concessional
membership. - General membership $25, includes quarterly newsletter Matilda Muse. - Concession $20 - Subscription to Matilda Muse $14 - No cost to casuals For further enquiries about latest rates and benefits please contact 9384
1277.Eligibility:Open to anyone of any age, to socialise and appreciate art and creativity
with like minded people. Workshop instructors work with artists to enhance
and refine their current skill levels. Interest in writing, poetry and literature or all forms of writing and
creativity (membership includes the budding through to professional to social contact
for like minded people.)Appointment:Please ring for detailsDisabled Access:YesTransport:West Coburg tram 55Parent Body:Brunswick Poetry WorkshopFunding Source:Donations Fundraising Membership Sponsorships Affiliates, subscriptions and services to customers.Voluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Data entry Mail out Proofreading Work experience Coordinating workshops. Reading, editing, compiling accepted material for publication: computers,
database, illustrators, photographers, sub editor, country correspondents Inhouse printing and publishing. Some part-time work available in freelance or barter (exchange for a
service) and depending on funds. Workshop coordinators Judges for our competitionsPublications:- Booklets, books and newsletters - Promotional flyers and market updates - Monthly newsletter Matilda Muse - lists trade secrets, tips
opportunities, markets, information reports, reviews, poetry, anthologies,
essays, articles,cartoons, artwork, letters to Ed etc Member subscriptions include noticeboard and new publisher's details and
EvaluationPOETRYPUBLISHERSREADINGWRITERSWRITING (AUTHORSHIP)(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/09/2011
Brunswick Police Station399{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=399&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Police StationLocation:630 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 H6Telephone:03 8378 6000 Phone03 8378 6066 Sgt Michael MoloneyServices:Police station and services.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:24 hoursAppointment:Not requiredTransport:Sydney Road tramLanguages:Phone interpreting service used when requiredParent Body:Victoria PoliceSubjects:ASSESSMENTCRIMECRIME - AssessmentLAW ENFORCEMENTPOLICEPOLICE STATIONS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 23/09/2015
Brunswick Private Hospital63378{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63378&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Private HospitalAlso known as:Vaucluse HospitalVaucluse Private HospitalLocation:82 Moreland Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 J4Telephone:03 9385 1111 BH03 9385 1199 medical /RehabilitationArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:24 hours, 7 days a weekCost:Health benefit membership recommendedReferral:Doctor's referralDisabled Access:Yes Disabled parking and entrance on Moreland Road ReceptionTransport:Tram and busLanguages:Chinese Greek Italian Mandarin Turkish KoreanParent Body:Healthe Care Australia Pty LtdFunding Source:Private health benefitsPublications:Rehabilitaion Programs and Services Brochure Rheumatologist and General Physician FlyersSubjects:ALCOHOL (ABUSE)ALCOHOL (ABUSE) - TreatmentDENTAL SERVICESDRUGS (ABUSE)DRUGS
PROGRAMS(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
Brunswick Public Tenants Association Inc401{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=401&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Public Tenants Association IncAlso known as:Brunswick Public Tenants AssociationLocation:331 Barkly Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G9Telephone:03 9387 5477 BH03 9387 4252 FAX0425 727 767 Mobile AHContacts:Chairperson - Mr Maurice BraatServices:Support for public housing tenants or people seeking public housing living
in Moreland.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:- support of potential public tenants - support homeless community - appropriate and affordable accommodationHours:Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. After hours answering machine.Meeting Times:AGM Month - October General meetings quarterly, as required.Cost:FreeEligibility:Any person needing help with public housingReferral:Not requiredAppointment:Not requiredDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram and trainLanguages:Interpreting service can be accessedVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Publications:Annual report.Subjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AdvocacyADVOCACYINFORMATIONPUBLIC
HOUSINGPUBLIC HOUSING - Tenants/InformationTENANTSTENANTS - Advocacy(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 02/11/2015
Brunswick Scottish Society63379{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63379&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Scottish SocietyLocation:Bowls Hall, 98 Victoria Street, (Next to Brunswick Bowling Club) Brunswick
East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 29 Secretaryhayleyroseaway@hotmail.comPresidentServices:Social group and activity nightsArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To maintain and uphold Scottish sentiment, character and tradition. To
cultivate a love of Scottish music, art and literature.Meeting Times:AGM Month - October Social evenings third Saturday of the month, 8pm - 11pm (except January and
June) at the Victoria Street Hall (next to the Bowling Club). Committee meets third Saturday of the month at the Victoria Street Hall,
West Brunswick. Annual Ball held on the last Friday of June.Cost:Annual subscription $5Eligibility:Full member - Scottish descent Associate member - all welcomeParent Body:Victorian Scottish UnionPublications:Annual syllabusSubjects:SCOTSSOCIAL CLUBSSOCIAL CLUBS - Scots(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016
Brunswick Spiritual Lyceum Church Inc63385{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63385&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Spiritual Lyceum Church IncAlso known as:Brunswick B.S.L.C.Brunswick Spiritual ChurchLocation:259 Victoria Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 H7Postal:PO Box 149, Retail Mail Centre Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:03 9387 5515 BH answering machineEmail:info@brunswickspiritualchurch.comInternet:www.brunswickspiritualchurch.comContacts:Secretary (03) 9731 7344 Phone 0425 777 115
Mobilejeanzzemail@hotmail.comMinister - Reverend Faye Fretwell (03) 9354
7710 Phone 0488 614 990 - Ms
Lorraine CordellPresident - Mr Troy ClaytonServices:Sunday service 3pm - 5pm Meditation circle 6.15pm - 8.30pm approximately Readings days - first Saturday of the month (excluding January), 12.00pm -
4pm (Gate opens at 11.30am) Workshops - as advertised in annual booklet (free of cost) Tarot classes by appointment Private readings - clairvoyant or tarot by appointment Spiritual counselling (Church closes Easter and Christmas periods Closed Mother's Day and Father's Day also)Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Sundays 2.30pm - 9pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - September Sunday 3pm - the last Sunday in January to second Sunday in December in
each yearCost:Membership per year $15 full, $10 concession Workshops vary in cost DonationsEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Committee approvalAppointment:Not requiredWaiting List:Committee approvalDisabled Access:Yes Toilets and side entrance to church Rear entrance via carpark and lanewayTransport:Sydney Road tram 19 to Victoria Street Upfield train line to Brunswick train stationParent Body:Victorian Spirtualists' Union, A'Beckett Street, MelbourneFunding Source:Self-fundedPublications:Free booklet published annually. (Late November) Brochures for advertising.Subjects:CHURCH ORGANISATIONSMEDITATIONSPIRITUALISM(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 19/10/2014
Brunswick Sports Stadium53495{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=53495&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Sports StadiumAlso known as:Bill and Les Barnes Sports HallLocation:Gardiner Street Brunswick VIC 3056Email:brunswick.stadium@gmail.comServices:The stadium is available for hire by community groups wishing to run
activities. It is suitable for sports such as badminton, volleyball,
Futsal, basketball, netball and aerobics.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Available 7 days a week, day and eveningMeeting Times:AGM Month - AprilCost:$15 per hour for courts $15 per hour for mezzanineFacilities:Court area and mezzanine for hireDisabled Access:Yes Disabled toilets available. No access to mezzanineTransport:- Train station - Tram stop - Local busParent Body:Oak Park Stadium Committee of ManagementFunding Source:Hire feesVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Subjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/04/2016
Brunswick Town Hall62520{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62520&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Sports StadiumAlso known as:Bill and Les Barnes Sports HallLocation:Gardiner Street Brunswick VIC 3056Email:brunswick.stadium@gmail.comServices:The stadium is available for hire by community groups wishing to run
activities. It is suitable for sports such as badminton, volleyball,
Futsal, basketball, netball and aerobics.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Available 7 days a week, day and eveningMeeting Times:AGM Month - AprilCost:$15 per hour for courts $15 per hour for mezzanineFacilities:Court area and mezzanine for hireDisabled Access:Yes Disabled toilets available. No access to mezzanineTransport:- Train station - Tram stop - Local busParent Body:Oak Park Stadium Committee of ManagementFunding Source:Hire feesVoluntary Work:Voluntary Work Available - Yes Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc)Subjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/04/2016
Brunswick Uniting Church52464{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=52464&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Uniting ChurchAlso known as:South West Brunswick Uniting Church (formerly)St Andrew's Uniting Church
(formerly)Location:212-214 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29 G9Postal:PO Box 293 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:0438 547 842 Phone0407 096 - Rev Ian Ferguson 0438 547 842iferguson@icloud.comDrop In
Centre for Adults - "The Olive Way" (03) 9387 5049 0431 193 810Asylum
Seeker Welcome Centre (03) 9388 2459Services:- Church Services - Sunday Morning Program for children and Youth Group - "The Olive Way" Drop In Centre for adults. Adult socializing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1.30pm including Art Stop & Community lunch on Wednesday and Writing Workshop on
Thursday (Volunteer opportunity - contact Peter Blair, 0431 193 810) - Student House Program, residential community for country students - Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre, drop in centre for Asylum Seekers hosted on
our siteArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Proclamation of the Gospel by: providing a welcoming space for worship supporting people of all ages and abilities on their faith journey working for peace & seeking justiceHours:Worship service Sunday, 9.30am - Bahasa Indonesian service Sunday, 5:00m - "The Olive Way" Drop In Centre for adults Tuesday -Thursday 10am to
1.30pm - Community Kitchen - lunch every Wednesday at noon (optional gold coin
donation)Eligibility:Open to allFacilities:Buildings (worship space, hall, youth hall, Olive Way) available for hire
subject to availability. Public liability insurance required. Multiple bike racksDisabled Access:YesTransport:Tram no 19, stop 21 Train - Brunswick or Jewell stationsLanguages:Indonesian Languages are only available at Church services.Parent Body:Uniting Church in AustraliaSubjects:CHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)FOOD CO-OPERATIVESINDONESIANLANGUAGESLANGUAGES -
IndonesianUNITING CHURCH(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 01/02/2017
Brunswick Waste Transfer Station63386{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63386&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Waste Transfer StationAlso known as:Whelans Transfer Station (formerly)Location:32 Kirkdale Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B8Postal:PO Box 208 Brunswick East VIC 3057Telephone:03 9389 5100 PhoneContacts:Whelan Kartaway (03) 9389 5100 Phone (03) 9380 2986 FAXServices:Accept all waste except for prescribed and hazardous, liquid waste
including paint, either all together or separated (preferential pricing if
waste is separated for recycling).Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To ensure a sustainable future by reducing Moreland CC's carbon footprint
through environmentally friendly recycling techniques.Hours:Monday to Friday, 7am - 3.45pm Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 2.45pmCost:Fees applyEligibility:Open to the publicFacilities:Waste containers available - 2 metre cubed to 31 metre cubed. Mobile garbage bins, 240lt, 660lt and 1100lt, available for permanent hire
or sale. Factory front lift bins available 15.30. 4.5 M3Disabled Access:YesLanguages:Hindi TaiwaneseParent Body:Whelan Kartaway Pty LtdSubjects:EQUIPMENTEQUIPMENT - HireHIRERECYCLING SERVICESWASTE MANAGEMENT(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Brunswick Women's Choir Inc416{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=416&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Women's Choir IncLocation:425 Victoria Street Brunswick VIC 3056Map Reference:Melway 29E6Postal:PO Box 307 Brunswick VIC 3056Telephone:0478 005 988 Administrator - Ms Lizzy Sampson 0478 005 988 Director - Ms Cathy
NixonChairperson, Committee of Management 0419 113 731 MobileServices:The Brunswick Women's Choir is a dynamic community of women who aim to
achieve public recognition as a first rate singing group while maintaining
a commitment to an open membership policy, distinctive performance style
and dynamic organisational structure. These policies reflect the Brunswick
Women's Choir's emphasis on musical excellence, celebration of community
and commitment to social justice.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:- Women of all ages with a love of singing come together with a choir
director to sing. - Available for performance at your event, conference, launch, function. - Repertoire includes songs reflecting women's lives, loves, pain and
triumphs; we also sing about social justice issues and aim to sing songs by
Australian musicians and/or from a wide range of cultures. - Have a wide variety of English and non-English language repertoire.Hours:After Hours Services - YesMeeting Times:Rehearsals Monday, 7.30pm - 10pm during the school termsCost:Per school term $155.80 ($85concession)Eligibility:Women Only Open membership (no audition) - to join people must be on the waiting list
- intake once or twice yearly New members accepted in chronological order.Waiting List:Yes Please ring or preferably email the choir to have your name put on the
waiting listDisabled Access:Yes Disabled access for rehearsals and wher possible for performancesTransport:Tram No 55 or No 19 to Victoria St 508 Victoria Street Bus to Pearson Street (Buses limited at night) Brunswick Station on Upfield LineLanguages:No, except for in repertoireFunding Source:Self fundedPublications:Assistance with website auditing History Book "Seeking Harmony" Brochures and flyersSubjects:CHORAL MUSICSINGINGSINGING - WomenWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 20/07/2016
Brunswick Zebras Junior Football Club Inc63388{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63388&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBrunswick Zebras Junior Football Club IncAlso known as:Brunswick Zebras Junior Soccer Club Inc (formerly known as)Location:Sumner Park, Alister Street Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 C9Postal:PO Box 795 Brunswick Lower VIC 3056Telephone:03 9486 3618 FAX03 9489 9819Email:clarezeb@gmail.comInternet:www.brunswickzebras.comContacts:President - Mr Carlo CarliSecretaryclarezeb@gmail.comTreasurerServices:Soccer club - juniors and subjuniors boys and girls, aged 6 to 18 years. - Open womens team - Senior mens teamArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:AGM Month - October Usually Wednesday and Friday evening during soccer seasonCost:Full year membership - existing members $480 - new members $530 - Small sided games -a sixteen week training program for 6-8 year oldsEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 6Appointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:NoParent Body:Football Federation of VictoriaFunding Source:Membership SponsorshipsVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Coaching CanteenPublications:Newsletter for membersSubjects:CLUBSSOCCERSOCCER - ClubsSOCCER - WomenVOLUNTEERSWOMEN(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 08/12/2010
Bupa Coburg Aged Care Facility63392{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63392&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDBupa Coburg Aged Care FacilityAlso known as:Emily LennyEmily Lenny Aged Care Facility (formerly)Emily Lenny Nursing
Home (formerly)Location:24 Sutherland Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 17 G11Telephone:03 9354 7875 BH03 9354 4195 High level aged care facility with 75 beds. Extra services for high care. - Staff include nursing, physiotherapy, admission staff, aromatherapy,
diversional therapist, cooking and cleaning personnel, laundry, activities
and hairdresserArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:Bupa is passionate about making a difference in aged care. Our aim is to
ensure residents are treated with dignity and can maintain their
independence where possible. We also aim to : - cherish the quality of life - encourage friendship, harmony and understandingHours:24 hours dailyCost:Costs by enquiryProcedures:Must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Service.Referral:Current ACATAppointment:Tour of the facility is welcome. Please call on 9354 7875 for enquiriesFacilities:Lounges available for community groups to conduct meetings - up to 20
people. Please call Bupa Coburg on 9354 7875 to enquire.Disabled Access:Yes Disabled access at front door (Sutherland Street).Transport:Coburg train station Sydney road tramLanguages:Arabic Chinese Greek Italian Maltese Polish Spanish TagalogParent Body:Bupa Care ServicesVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support - Social activities and visits with elderly residentsPublications:NewsletterSubjects:ACCOMMODATIONACCOMMODATION - AgedAGEDHIREMEETING ROOMSMEETING ROOMS -
HireNURSING HOMESNURSING HOMES - Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 07/08/2014
Campbell Turnbull Library63397{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63397&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDCampbell Turnbull LibraryAlso known as:Moreland City Council - Campbell Turnbull LibraryLocation:220 Melville Road Brunswick West VIC 3055Map Reference:Melway 29 D4Telephone:03 9384 9200 BH03 9383 1639, magazines, talking books, CDs, DVDs, CD-Roms available for
borrowing. Other library services - children's activities - school holiday activities - word Processing facilities - Internet access - WiFi access - reference and information service - free access to online databases and e-Resources - photocopier - small meeting room - holds 25 people - large print books Selected materials available in other languages at this library - Greek - ItalianArea Served:MORELAND, City ofHours:Monday and Thursday, 11am - 5.30pm Tuesday, 11am - 8pm Wednesday and Friday,11am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 1pm Sunday closedCost:No fee to join the libraryFacilities:Meeting room for community groups. Capacity 25 people. Refer Central Bookings Coordinator on 9240 2280 or book online at: Access:Yes Automatic door at carpark entrance, rampTransport:Tram 55, stop 39/40Languages:ItalianParent Body:Moreland City LibrariesPublications:Library information brochure Moreland Reading Project brochure listing library activitiesLocated Here:Brunswick Poetry Workshop Brunswick Poets and Writers WorkshopSubjects:AUDIO BOOKSBOOKSCOMPUTERSHIREINTERNET ACCESSLIBRARY SERVICESMEETING
ROOMSMEETING ROOMS - HirePHOTOCOPYINGSCHOOL HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 14/10/2016
Carinya Society24734{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=24734&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDCarinya SocietyAlso known as:Carinya Society - Coburg (Formerly)Coburg Helping Hand Association
(Formerly)Location:10 Bellevue Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 29 F1Postal:PO Box 175 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:03 9354 3337 BH03 9354 3947 Executive OfficerServices:Provider of Day Services for adults with a disability providing programs
that includes independent living skills. - Also operates a residence at 26 Nelson Street, Coburg.Area Served:BRIMBANK, City of DAREBIN, City of HUME, City of MOONEE VALLEY, City of MORELAND, City of YARRA, City ofAims:Provide guidance and development for people with a disabilityHours:Service Office hours, Monday to Friday, 8am - 4.30pm.Meeting Times:AGM Month - OctoberCost:Varies with programsEligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 18 Adults with a disability client attached fundingReferral:Department of Health Human Services and Individuals themselves, selfAppointment:Please ring the centre to arrange a time to visit & tour the service.Facilities:Information is available from the Service Office during office hours Phone 9354 3337 Large hall for hire Meeting & Training room with kitchen facilities and disability accessDisabled Access:Yes Full accessabilityTransport:Coburg train station Bus 512Parent Body:Disability Services ProviderFunding Source:Victoria. Department of Health and Human Services Self fundedVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Activity Group Support - Assisting in programs with clients who have a disability, under the
supervision of an instructor. There are more than 40 programs including,
arts and craft, music, older adults programs, cooking, community access,
education programs. - Volunteers must be approved and have current police checks.Publications:Annual report, services booklet, brochure and DVDSubjects:ADULTSDISABLEDDISABLED - AdultsEDUCATIONEDUCATION - Intellectual
Intellectual Disabilities(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 12/10/2016
CERES Community Environment Park63422{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63422&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDCERES Community Environment ParkAlso known as:Centre for Education and Research in Environmental StrategiesCentre for
Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES)Location:Corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets Brunswick East VIC 3057Map Reference:Melway 30 B7Telephone:03 9389 0100 Office03 9389 0101 FAX03 8673 6288 Fair Food03 9389 0111
Nursery03 9389 0144 Education Program Bookings03 9389 0166 Merri Table &
Bar03 9389 0188 Venue Hire & Events03 9389 0133 Education Outreach03 9389
0122 Market & community environmental park located beside the Merri Creek The site includes Educational programs for schools - Global education - Sustainability education (land, water, energy and resources) Education Workshops for Adults - organic gardening - cooking - lifestyle - Permaculture Design Certificate - Accredited training in hospitality horticulture Community groups operating on site - Community Gardens - Brunswick Community Chook Group - Bike Shed Group - LETS Group (Local Exchange and Trading System) - Sophia's SpringUniting Church - Urban Orchard Festive events - Harvest Festival - Solstice Training programs and adult education - Work for the dole - Permaculture course - Horticulture - Food - Arts - Chook care - Beekeeping Nursery Open Hours, everyday 9am - 5pm - specialising in permaculture, bush foods, indigenous and open pollinated
cottage garden plants. - CERES horticultural services The Merri Table & Bar - OPEN Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 4pm Environmental education for general public - Book in for a Site Tour - 2030 Trail - Waste Wise Trail - Water Trail Eco House - Display water and energy conservation in the home, every Saturday every
month 10am - 1.30pm - Energy Park grid - interactive wind/solar power generation Market and Grocery - Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 2pm - Organic fruit and vegetables - locally made craft items - recycled goods - bulk dry good, groceries, bread, eggs etc Organic Farm - specialising in sustainable practices - chickens Sustainability Projects - focusing on waste water re-use and renewable energy - Sustainable schools programArea Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:A place which exists to initiate and support environmental sustainability,
social equity, cultural richness and community participation.Hours:Site hours - 7 days a week during daylight hours Office hours - Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30am - 4pm, Saturday, 8.30am - 4pm Sunday to Monday, 8.30am - 1.30pm Nursery - Monday to Sunday, 9.30am - 5pm The Merri Table & Bar, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm, Saturday and Sunday,
9am - 4pm Events - Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm Education program bookings - Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm Market and Grocery - Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday, 9am
- 2pmMeeting Times:AGM Month - November Management Committee Meeting held monthlyCost:Site entry by donation Membership - lifetime $750 - household $80, concession $30 - individual $60 - organisation $250 - organisation (not for profit) $125Facilities:CERES Van Raay Centre - indoor meeting rooms Lower Merri Room - indoor meeting room Community Kitchen - indoor commercial kitchen space Multicultural classroom - indoor meeting room Namalata William - outdoor undercover area Barbecue facilities General site hire for festivals and events Please contact the CERES Venue and Events on 9389 0188 for further
information, bookings and payments.Disabled Access:YesTransport:Tram 96 South Morang Train (Northcote Station) Bus - Blyth and Albion StreetFunding Source:Funded by its membership, education programs, enterprises, project grants
from State and Commonwealth Governments, trust funds, and Moreland City
Council.Voluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) Gardening Handyperson/Maintenance Professional skills Festivals and events Environmental projectsPublications:- CERES Water Trail brochure - CERES Sustainable Food Trail - About CERES booklet - CERES Waste Wise Trail Activity booklet - Primary Greenhouse Activities - CERES Greenhouse Trail - CERES Primary Maths Trail - CERES Secondary Maths Trail - AYO KE CERES Resource Kit - Folk Tales and Fortitude - Monthly update These publications are available from the CERES Office.Located Here:Bicycle Recycle Shed Brunswick Community Chook Group at CERES Moreland LETS GroupSubjects:ANIMAL HUSBANDRYCOMMUNITY GARDENSCONSERVATIONENERGY
FARMINGPERMACULTUREPUBLIC EDUCATIONSOLAR ENERGYTHEME PARKSWIND ENERGY(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 08/12/2014
Chapman Avenue Scout Hall62460{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=62460&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDChapman Avenue Scout HallLocation:687 Pascoe Vale Road Glenroy VIC 3046Postal:PO Box 346 Pascoe Vale South VIC 3044Telephone:1800 640 454Contacts:Distict Leader Development - Distict Lead Chris
Ballarddld.moreland@vicscouts.asn.auSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRE(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 10/12/2015
Church of God - Coburg63434{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=63434&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDChurch of God - CoburgAlso known as:Coburg Christian Fellowship (formerly)Location:Harry Atkinson Arts and Crafts Centre, Lake Grove Coburg North VIC 3058Map Reference:Melways 17 J10Postal:77 Yarcombe Crescent Craigieburn VIC 3064Telephone:03 9308 3938Contacts:Mr Socrates Karagiannidis (03) 9308 3938 Phone 0417 361 551 Vanaja Karagiannidis 0419 007 013 MobileServices:Community based, not for profit organisation providing worship services,
community outreach and involvement and hope for life.Area Served:HUME, City of MORELAND, City ofAims:To give people hope in the faithHours:Every Saturday and other occasions at 2.30 pmMeeting Times:SaturdaysCost:No cost, donations welcomeAppointment:Please call Socrates on 0417 361 551Disabled Access:Yes The hall has disability accessTransport:The hall is next to tram and train stopsParent Body:Worlwide Church of GodFunding Source:Donation from membersVoluntary Work:Clean up day, other outreach opportunities, womens outreachPublications:Christian Odyssey, Plain Truth Magazine and Living and Sharing the GospelLocated Here:Harry Atkinson Arts and Crafts CentreSubjects:CHURCH OF CHRISTCHURCHES (CHRISTIAN)(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 24/11/2009
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The55504{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=55504&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The)Also known as:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsThe Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day SaintsLocation:122 Glenroy Road Glenroy VIC 3046Map Reference:Melway 16 J2Telephone:03 9300 1225 Phone/FAXServices:Glenroy Ward - Deep Park StakeArea Served:MORELAND, City ofMeeting Times:Sunday - everyone welcome including non-members Sunday Service, 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm Wednesday, Youth Program, 6pm onwardsReferral:Self referralAppointment:Please call the office.Facilities:Chapel, hall and meeting roomsDisabled Access:YesTransport:Glenroy train stationVoluntary Work:Service projectsSubjects:HALLSHALLS - HireHIRELATTER DAY SAINTSMEETING ROOMSMEETING ROOMS - Hire(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 09/10/2015
Circolo Pensionati Di Merlynston59959{LSN:75}&SN=114&RequestTimeout=500&Type=Directory&Which=Directory&String=&SubjectString=&Letter=&SubThesSN=&BFS=&Checks=&LSN=75&Group=&Surround=false&TermList=&Order=EntryName&EntrySN=59959&All=yes
Municipality:MORELANDCircolo Pensionati Di MerlynstonLocation:Coburg Town Hall, 90 Bell Street Coburg VIC 3058Map Reference:Melway 17 J12Contacts:President - Mr Pasquale Galluzzo (03) 9464 7376 PhoneServices:Social and recreation activities for senior and disabled Italian and
Australian senior adults. Play cards, bingo, read Italian 'Il Globo'
newspaper, excursions and trips, barbeques and dinner dances.Area Served:MORELAND, City ofAims:To meet the specific health, recreation and cultural needs of the community.Meeting Times:Monday and Thursday, 9am - 2.30pmCost:$10Eligibility:The following eligibility restrictions apply - Minimum Age - 55Appointment:Not requiredWaiting List:NoDisabled Access:Yes At Coburg Town Hall.Transport:Sydney Road tram Bell Street busLanguages:ItalianFunding Source:Moreland City CouncilVoluntary Work:Voluntary work is available in: Administration (clerical, typing, filing, computers, etc) - Assistance with social functions including preparation of hot beverages
ItalianSOCIAL CLUBS - Italian/Aged(Click a subject to find all associated entries)Last Updated: 13/10/2016