NameBusiness nameWhat they do:Free or Donation-Based Services OfferedWebsiteEmail addressTime Zone
Jessica StancilAutoimmune Lifestyle Mentor/CoachHelp autoimmune sufferers create and adjust to a new lifestyle living with autoimmune issues. Act as a conduit between medical professionals and real life (there's a massive gap).2 free sessions per week jessiestancil@gmail.comPST
Baljit Singh LohiaBaljit Singh LohiaI support people moving through challenging life-transitions so that, rather than fall victing to overwhelm and anxiety, they can adopt a more open, creative and resourceful stance amidst uncertainty.One free, 2-hour, deep coaching session to discover creative ways forward with an individuals most important
Belinda PieterseBelinda Pieterse Couselling and CoachingI am a Wellness Counsellor and Transformation Life Coach. I help people to understand why they think, feel and behave as they do, take control of their lives through self-awareness and self-empowerment and become the influential person they were made to be.I always offer a free 30 minute consultation session. During Covid-19 I will also be doing two new groups per week for a free hour online counselling/coaching session (max 4 people) to help people cope with Covid-19 (dealing with trauma, stress and anxiety, etc.) Thereafter the sessions can continue (if needed) with the groups at a 50% discount during the Covid-19 pandemic. belindapieterse.cominfo@belindapieterse.comGMT+2
Theresa TruscottBetter LifestyleQualified teacher, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. I use these skills to help people with confidence and changing mindset. I have worked in corporate environments as well as SMEs and business start ups. I have a background in IT and corporate change programmes as well as building teams for community projects. 1 free 1 hour Zoom call per person + 7 day free access to LitUpp personal development platform. Free membership of my private Facebook group with lots of videos on mindset and communicationtheresatruscott.comtheresa@betterlifestyle.bizGMT
Cathie JeannotCathie Jeannot CoachingI start from foundation of each clients most deeply held values. I work in an integrated way drawing on coaching, mentoring and counselling experience. I thrive bearing witness to the significant and sustained change clients make as they articulate and act consistently in line with their values. No BS, no fluffiness, not overnight promises. Lots of compassion, courage and commitment to profound new ways of thinking and acting. Faith and existential questions welcomed.Free 30 minute sessions x twice a month. Free 45 min zoom calls x twice a month for teams in need. Regular support via WhatsApp included.
Lynda WrightCoaching42ForYouI work with women who feel they missed their chance at their life and help them reclaim and restore clear focus to get onto their true path.30 Minute free discovery calls and Covid-19 Session-by-Session 1 hour slots for $20 per person (maximum 4 sessions per person) to delve into mindset, what can be controled and thoughts.
Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and PeaceCoalition for Work with Psychotrauma and PeaceWe work with the psychological issues of war victims, asylum seekers and others experiencing trauma, both on-site in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina; as well as online in other places.

We believe that work with psychological trauma is a prerequisite to creating peace, to (re-) integration, and to preventing violence in the future.
In the time of corona, we are prepared to offer counseling to people affected by corona itself or by the consequences of the restrictions. Most likely, depending on the demand, we will organize one or more online
Carika van zylConnect2BehaviourSpecialise in abused woman,narsisistic relationships,emotional abuse, First coaching session for free, then if from this group reduced pricesFB page -connect2behaviour
Amanda du ToitDyslexia Matters & The Difference CoachI'm a Life Coach & Dyslexia Specialist, helping people with Anxiety, communication skills, and low confidence.Free sessions for health care workers and others who are "on the front" of the coronavirus situation (6 per person). Free sessions for Anxiety & Overwhelm relating to the situation (3 per person). Limited numbers per week so that I, too, don't get overwhelmed!
Sheryl KauhaihaoFlourish LifestyleI help my clients shift from baseline functioning to flourishing using mindfulness techniques. I work to empower people in identifying thier authentic purpose by accessing the power of their highest self, shift their mindset, and break free from past patterns and beliefs that keep them stuck. Free 1:1, 30 minute sessionssheryl@flourish-lifestyle.comPST
Nikko FujitaFujita Kennedy, LLCAccountability coaching to help business owners achieve online goals. I bring a background in online business, marketing, and 6 years working remotely. I also have a team of web designers & online marketers available for hire.Free slack group for accountability and knowledge sharing, free tools resource: more than 30 free online tools to help business owners run their business and marketingnikko@nikkofujita.comPST
Gwyneth JonesGwyneth Jones Coach & ConnectorI use coaching, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and The Work That Reconnects to help people live in full connection with themselves, each other, and with nature. In particular, I'm here to help people deal practically and emotionally with climate collapse and to work with those who feel, deep down, that they want to make a difference to the world but are too full of self-doubt and uncertainty about how to get started.Free 60-minute resilience coaching sessions to help people navigate huge and unpredictable changes to the first 5 people who get in touch, and can offer pay-what-you-can Emotional Intelligence guidance"bogged down in fear and self-doubt to know how to start.
Ashley WrightHealing Wise CoachingHelp women reduce pain to access their calm, grounded, natural selves.Yes - 20(ish) per week - 1 per
Inese Elizabete JohansenaHolistic Ines CoachingHolistic Life, Love and Sex Coach. Helping people to heal soul, activate the spiritual power, unlock the mental power and nourish the body. In order to achieve that, I use different methods, merging coaching with soul reading and healing. Recently I have started to share my perspective on holistic sexuality and the mighty power sacred sex holds, how it can be used as powerful tool for healing and manifestations. I love empowering and inspiring people in unconventienal ways, not without a dose of some sassy humor. I am a spiritual badass and rebellion, my Spirit is my guru :) Free discovery 30 min sessions.FB/IG: @holistic.inesholistic.ines@gmail.comGMT +2
Julie KliersJulie Kliers Life & ADHD CoachI do Life Coaching that specializes in ADHD for adults. I will guide you into being self aware of what is important to you, and use tactics for motivation to reach them.I offer 30 and 60 minute sessions weekly. The first 3 sessions will be free!
Katrina DreamerKatrina Dreamer
Dreaming Back to the Earth
I provide dreamwork and energy healing through my business, Katrina Dreamer. People can access free guided meditations (progressive relaxation, grounding, or releasing negative energy) at my tutoring web site:

I'm also part of Dreaming Back to the Earth with my colleague, Mary Kay Kasper. We have a podcast available on Soundcloud and iTunes about the connection between dreams and earth.
Free 30 minute guided meditation or dreamwork call
Jackie KindallKindall EvolveI work with executives who are driven and committed to creating organizations that achieve powerful results by investing in the growth of their people. I help them up-level their leadership expertise and inspire their teams to higher performance and sustained success.I currently offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation for individuals seeking coaching or leadership development or organizational consulting. The limit depends on my availability which has been not as much as I'd expected (thankfully). I have an online scheduler on my website. I will do the live zoom calls as mentioned in the prior column for free.www.kindallevolve.comjackie@kindallevolve.comEST
Amanda FletcherLife Recovery CoachingLife Recovery Coaching is about helping women who are in recovery from any mental illness to overcome life barriers that make them feel stuck. For many, the experience of a mental illness is challenging. And, on top of navigating through it; habits, behaviors, and beliefs are developed which interfere with the ability to live a quality life. I help with discovering these obstacles and creating opportunities that will help women to move forward and living the life they were meant to live. My number one goal is to help them achieve what seems impossible.Free 90-minute session to process thoughts and feelings of covid-19, and to help find helpful ways to cope.www.liferecoverycoaching.comamanda@liferecoverycoaching.comEST
Madelaine RomeroLive Life with ZestHealth and wellness coaching for women professionals and entrepreneurs1 hr introductory session followed by six 30 min coaching sessions (2x/mo) and can be anything health related such as weight loss, stress, chronic disease. You can also join my private group for a 30 day self-care challenge
Olivia IasonosLive Your DesignHelp people discover their life purpose, unique gifts, how to grow and shine & find flow in life using Human Design.Free mini Human Design readings
Lynley WelteLynley WelteI use Coaching and Pro EFT to work with creative invdiduals who strive for a deeper meaning in life. I help them discover their strengths and purpose on this planet as they move towards self empowerent and self love. My sessions are calm, lighthearted and peaceful, creating a safe space to open and share.1- FREE 60 minute discovery session or -Free 15 minute decompress and unwind Pro EFT sessions- Limit based upon availabilitylynleywelte.comcoachlynley@gmail.comCET
Marin EmilyMarin Emily I help busy women organize their
lives through realistic time
management + organization systems.
1 free hour-long
coaching call for
time management
and/or organization + free resources available
Laura LeachMeredith ConsultingCareer coaching for professionals in technology5x 30 minute private 1:1 coaching a monthwww.meredithconsultingllc.comlaura@meredithconsultingllc.comPST
Ashley MaloufMINDBODYABODE llcFor those seeking to live slowly, seasonally, sustainably and self-sufficiently - I offer you my homelife design services and resources. My work is a hybrid of compassion-driven land design +
alternative home design. So, if you're ready for a new chapter and ready to transform your lifestyle towards one which best aligns with you and your surroundings, I'm here to help. All available projects are offered as simple flat-fee e-design packages online. And with that - I'll leave you with the studio's motto because I simply seek to empower you: 'Redefine Your Paradise..because chasing the conventional dream is for everyone else..'
Let's talk about your dreams, and how to make them happen, over a free 1 hour consultation call. Also feel free to join a community of like-minded folks in the Facebook Group, 'The Design of an Alternative Homelife' ( Its perfect for those stuck in dreamer-mode, and those seeking to begin this new life chapter with a little help along the way. I'm in there daily - ready to inspire, empower and answer your questions - because I want you to attain the change you crave so deeply.
Nazlee MayhewMindset CoachHelp female coaches master their money mindset, build their selfconfidence, grow their business and boost their income. I help them overcome their fears, self-limiting beliefs and heal from within. 2 x 1 hour sessions per week for a monthnazmayhew1@gmail.comCET
Sarah RoosOMNIMIND Coaching Qualified Trauma Counsellor, Neurocoach and Change Manager. My focus is helping adults and adolescents get unstuck from life’s difficult and distressing experiences. I incorporate psycho education. In working with clients, I empower individuals to understand their tricky minds from an evolutionary, interpersonal and neuroscience perspective. I assist clients to develop awareness, self sympathy and self empathy for their distress. Using a combination of mindfulness, somatic and imagery techniques, I help clients to develop an “emotional calming kitbag” to help them sooth distress, and activate calmness and inner safeness. I also work with clients, frI’m a cognitive perspective to learn how to balance unhelpful thoughts / beliefs with helpful ones, and align goals and values with actions. My work is based on evolutionary psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal model, sensory processing, compassion based therapies, mindfulness, neuropsychotherapy and dialectic behavioral therapy. I offer online and face to face workshops, one on one counseling / coaching.Up to 4 complementary 60 min sessions to help the individual deal with the current difficultd + 2
Oxana JohnsonOxana Johnsonafter overcoming depression myself I help clear brainfog and anxiety one headspace at a time through effective NLP techniques3 complimentary 60min ZOOM session to 3 peoplewww.oxanajohnson.comhello@oxanajohnson.comUTC+11 - Sydney
Samantha WilsonPhilotimo Wellness CompanyLife and health coach to teach people how to live a natural/holistic lifestyle that is in alignment with their mission. Also coaching on alcohol and substance abuse recovery. Up to 10 free (1 hour coaching sessions) per week. philotimowellnessco@gmail.comPST
Laura Doval CarballoPsychiatrist, Therapist and Ontological Coach with holistic approach.Focus on personalized approach. Passionate about helping and assisting my clients to take initiative, responsibility and take back control of their lives. I love being able to work with people from diverse backgrounds, stages in life and locations. Particularly interested in applying Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, NLP and Mindfulness to my practice.1 group session a week as well as 1 45 min individual session per
Omer ZukRelationship and wellbeing coachI help to make your relationship great and bring wellbeing into your lifeUp to 5x 1 hour sessions per weekozorian@mail.comCET
Sara J Relationship CoachI help individuals free themselves from relationship drama and guide them to more harmony and fun.Up to 5 free sessionsper weekSarajcoaching@outlook.comEST
Savannah MaherSavannah Maher CoachingHuman performance coach. I have a four pillar model I use to help create intrinsic motivation - mindset / bodywork / spiritual connection / existance (finances, social, family, relationship)I can offer free virtual coaching and reiki/meditation. I don't really have a boundary. I will just need to indivually create that based on the schedule that day or lack there of... or if I think they might better be served with a mentor. www.savannahmaher.comsavannah.maher@gmail.comPST
Evelyn SolskiSelf Overcoming LessonsI am a professional coach focused on helping people move out of their current space and transform.5 x 1 hr sessions per weekwww.solcoach.caInfo@solcoach.caEST
Amber McCormickSoulful NatureI am a nature-based life coach. I guide highly senstive people/empaths and survivors of narcisstic trauma into living a soul-directed life.Free 30 minute session and 30 minute follow up. After that 30 minute donation based sessions. Sessions can be for support, connection, planning, ideas,
Lindsay HuettmanSoulstewards Counseling and Psychotherapy PLLCI have a HIPPA secured online platform and/or phone session available at this time. I am opening up a few more online sessions due to my specialty in grief and loss, anxiety and panic, and my background as a survival skills instructor and first responder. 4 Free sessions to anyone in the state of WA
Shem SpillaneSuccess, motivation and accountabilityhelp trauma victims have positive view of self. Help have better relationships personally and professionally which lead to money happiness and contentmentUp to 5 free sessions per weekwww.shemspillane.comshem@shemspillane.comEST
Belinda BattThe Flourishing MotherI support mothers at all life stages to flourish in their personal lives and at work. I use evidence-based coaching psychology and positive psychology tools and techniques to get to the heart of the issues that my clients face, working with them to identify who they really are and what makes them tick."Free online 30 minute coaching slot each day for any mums who feel they would benefit from it. I must make it clear up front that the service I offer is coaching and not counselling, so the focus of sessions will be on coming up with concrete actions to progress goals and/or overcome obstacles in the current period of uncertainty.
Polina ShabarovaTheSparklingMindI'm a beginner in mental health industry (switching to it after 15 years of teaching languages and assisting multilingual families). Last year I got certified as a SatoriHealing practitioner and am ready to help those who feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed by life circumstances find a hidden pain to process it, release it and watch the circumstances change. I'd love to offer a discounted/donation-based 3-day FB based course/challenge on SatoriHealing (mini-group, with some pre-recorded and some live content). It can be an ongoing weekly thing.hello@thesparklingmind.comCST (GMT -5)
Leona Dawsontransformative consulting services Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist. Help clients manage inner conflict using parts work (Focusing & IFS), resolve anxiety20 minute Momentum Coaching Sessions - for quick clarity - 3 per week [for clients outside USA & Canada]
Valerie LynnValerie Lynn ConsultingI provide Solopreneurs and Businesses with Positive Psychology tools to help break the ceiling and get to the next level. When you feel your best, you preform at amazing levels. I provide programs and coaching to help create the type of business and lifestyle that will flourish and bring you value!Offer coaching 1x/week per group; webinar(s) depending on group size and interest level, Online Course for Solopreneurs and Business Leaders
Ada KetchieWakesHelp people awaken to their most soulful expression and fulfilled life through the power of music, mindfulness, and community. We create immersive sound journeys and meditations, lead retreats, and explore how to live more awake, joyful, vulnerably honest, and connected lives. Free hr. long Connection and Counsel call to process the current situation and any difficult feelings arising. Focus on being listened to, witness, and possibly sharing some sound healing or mindfulness resources if relevant. Could offer 2 per week. Free guided musical meditation on website.http://www.wakes.lifeada@wakes.lifePST
Megan NolanYoga at My DeskHelp people optimize their health and happiness through Yoga1 group session/week
Jazmin AliYou Seek YogaI work with people to guide them to and through awakening moments. Using different yogic and holistic therapies as a framework, I draw on various trainings and extensive life experience to give people optimum supportI have no offering for free sessions currently, but am willing to offer text support and a limited amount of 30 minute calls per week (3)www.jazminali.comlove@jazminali.comGMT-3
Belinda NgassaTo introduce myself, I am a coach for service based entrepreneurs. I help coaches, trainers, freelancers, and 9 to 5 wannabe escapees achieve the income, freedom and balance they desire by using the system that has allowed me to make 6 figures yearly doing what I love, whilst having complete freedom of location (currently living in Bali!) and aligning my job with my purpose 5 slots for strategic deep diveswww.beewhollyliving.combee@beewhollyliving.comGMT+8
Darlene BerkelOnline stress management coach, resources & services for career & self-employed women, to help them cope with overwhelming stress & anxiety, face their challenges without losing steam, shift their mindset and build resilience from within.FREE access to 30 day email coaching program available
Maria BliklenI facilitate the Work That Reconnects to help people metabolize their pain, anxiety, anger or hopelessness in the face of global crisis into strong-hearted commitment. As a coach I blend a systemic approach with elements from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and Earth spirituality to support people cope with the challenges of life with trust, confidence and love for themselves and others.I offer one free coaching session (1 hour) per week. I am also available as a free "buddy" for up to 3 people for 1 week each (after that, I ask for a reduced contribution of 30 Euro per week). As a buddy, I will schedule check-in calls (10-20 min) every day to help people structure their day, clarify their goals and track achievements. This offer is for people struggling with the challenges of working in home office, dealing with un-occupied kids and spouses at home and in general the break-away of normality with its schedules, routines and fixed daily structure.maria-bliklen.demaria.bliklen@gmx.dePST
Rocío G. LuisPsychologist, Coach and Intercultural Trainer. I help women, students, managers, leaders to deal with their most feared fear and achieve their biggest dream. CBT for anxiety, stress management. Cultural communication skills. I work in english, french, spanish and german. 3sessions-1hr/week in english, french, spanish or germanwww.cultureandcommunication-lab.comcultureandcommunicationlab@outlook.comCET
Andy CampbellQawah Life CoachingWe offer coaching and wellness facilitation, specialising in anxiety management, personal and professional development, and helping clients gain clarity about who they presently are, who they want to become, and how to start the journey with hope.Free initial "How to survive Lockdown as a family" webinar, and reduced price for ongoing conversations.
Free initial "How to survive Lockdown as a Team" webinar, and reduced price for ongoing conversations. - UK
Glynis Hull-RochelleForm&FlowWe offer individual dramatherapy, art therapy, yoga, all informed by current somatic therapy training; social-emotional/nervous system regulation groups and coaching in Montessori school settings; parent-coaching/family support based in Montessori, Nonviolent Communication and Gottman techniques. We run support groups and individual therapy for LGBTQIA children/teens/adults. We are certified drama and art therapists through Developmental Transformations. ( Certified Miss Kendra/ALIVE Trauma Counselor for schoolchildren and their families ( Member of ADCR (Association of Dramatherapists of the Czech Republic).Two free online 30-minute sessions per week
formnflow@gmail.comGMT + 1
Beth BlairBeth Hill BlairLiving Through Difficult Times with Hope and Perseverance. Coaching for any difficult life siutations--fears, needs, work, family, relationships, vision and mission in the Emerging New WorldFree Crisis Support Coaching sessionswww.bethhillblair.combethhillblair@gmail.comMDT-Colorado
Alberto BuzziI offer Existential Coaching. It's about finding your true core motivation of life, meaningfulness and fulfilment, beyond all the distractions. I also offer online classes and seminars about Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Trauma Release Exercises and Art Therapy. I joined the COVID-19 Virtual Support group as to support people handling fear, anxiety and distress more competently on a emotional level and release them, from the physical and emotional body, through the means of practices and methods connected to Art Theraphy and TRE.I joined the COVID-19 Virtual Support group as to support people handling fear, anxiety and distress more competently on a emotional level and release them, from the physical and emotional body, through the means of practices and methods connected to Art Theraphy and TRE. I offer one free session but this can be extended.fragmentsoflife.netalberto@fragmentsoflife.netCET (GMT+1)
Spiros GiannatosCoaching Under The TreeWith a blend of coaching and meditation, I help individuals and groups to break-through the anxiety and uncertainty of day to day life and to step into their future with clarity, confidence and tangible plans. Being an avid supporter of mental health (and having suffered myself), on the top of my priorities is to support you to reconnect with your deeper self, to rediscover your authenticity and mental capacity to take up on anything that life throws at you.I offer a free initial session, which is a full session. You will leave with clarity and tangible actions. The next 2 sessions are donation based.
Georgia Fay Mindful Coaching with Georgia Fay I am a trained life coach specializing in Mindfulness. I offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions to help clients achieve their personal goals. I focus on Mindfulness exercises to give clients better self awarness and encourage self compassion and kindness. I also offer an 8 week Mindfulness programme. I am happy to offer 6 free sessions to one client who is currently working in the NHS. www.georgiafay.cominfo@georgiafay.comGMT
Mary MoormanI am a health coach and I help women in their 40s & 50s transform their bodies now, in a way that is lasts.I am offering 1 30 minute session to new clients to deal with stress and anxiety. I offer a 45 minute zoom call to help Kick the Sugar Habit.thisismary007@gmail.comPST
Liz HamletSpark Succeed Coaching & Consulting I help business owners, individuals and organisation spark their success through coaching, consulting and home organisation services I offer my free 20 minute virtual consultation for those considering how coaching can support them. For those interested in home organisation services (in particular home office declutter) - we will use the time to discuss your needs, how you may benefit from a declutter and some hints and