Dark Jedi Brotherhood Graphics rubric V.2.0
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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Graphics rubric V.2.0
Adherence to theme (25%)Completely wrong themeRelated in several elementsRelated but not as specifiedRelatedExact
Technique (35%)- The image is roughly and poorly drawn or edited, its elements are badly copy/pasted and there is no clear composition or direction

- Elements are obviously artificial, the anatomy is poorly drawn, and the use of color or grayscale is inferior

- Elements used were not credited in the submission
- The image is barely draft quality and elements were poorly drawn, copy/pasted or utilized

- There is little sense of direction, perspective, or composition in the piece and there are clear anatomical mistakes

- Artificial elements are still visible and colors or grayscale poorly balance the image and don't work well together
- The image is a finished work whose shapes paint a clear, but very rough picture

- Elements, anatomy, and perspective are imperfect with clear mistakes

- Composition and direction chocies are fairly good

- Artificial elements are few but obvious, and color or grayscale are rough, sloppy and in need of further balancing, but are done well enough to understand the image.
- The image is a finished work with several obvious errors

- There are subtle mistakes in anatomy and model, while elements look to be used with a good sense of direction and composition

- Perspective is skewered but well done and artificial elements are few and far inbetween

- Colors or grayscale are well placed, well done, complementary to the image and well balanced. The composition if good and executed well.
- The image is a finished work with very few errors

- Anatomy and models are accurate, while elements look superbly and excellently utilized both in composition and direction

- Perspective is accurate and there are almost no artificial elements

- Colors or grayscale are superb, used to give the image balance and complement all the elements and mood

- The composition is excellent and executed superbly.
Visual effort/Detail (30%)- The image shows very low effort and detail work

- Shadows and lighting are practically nonexistant and the image looks flat and uninteresting.
- The image shows low effort and detail work

- There are few shaded areas and lighting looks poorly executed

- Lines and elements are rough, sketch and don't compliment each other

- Details are very few and far inbetween and the image looks fairly flat despite elements having volume
- The image shows a modicum of effort and detail work

- Shadows and lighting are rough but obvious making the image resemble the subject matter

- Details are well drawn but fairly obvious

- The image isn't flat but is obviously visually fake
- The image shows good effort and detail work

- Shadows and lighting are intricate but require further refining and more work

- The image is accurate to the subject matter, but the details are still obvious and add value to the overall image

- The image has good volume and depth
- The image shows great effort and detail work

- Shadows and lighting are intricate and well shaded gradiating well and painting a very clear picture

- Details are abundant, subtle and add a richness and value to the overall image

- The image is visualy pleasing and "spot on" the subject matter

- It has excellent volume and depth and is overall superbly balanced.
Personal artistic preference (10%)Don't like it at allDon't like itNeutralLike itLove it
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