Edcamp Hudson Valley Introduction Form 2015
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TimestampWhat is your name?What is your role in education?Have you attended an "unconference" before?What would you like to learn about at Edcamp Hudson Valley?Do you have a website or a blog?Are you on Twitter?Is there a topic that you would like to help facilitate?Is there anything else that you would like to share?
6/1/2015 8:30:42Emily GilbertI am a Content Specialist for Ulster BOCES in Model Schools. I help teachers incorporate technology into their content areas.YesThe role of wearables in the classroom, BYOD: strategies for implementation, 1:1 role out @ekgteachtechaugmented (and possibly virtual) reality in the classroom
6/2/2015 13:30:07Eric BuergersELA TeacherNoHaven't been to camp since I was a kid. 'Sounds like fun!
6/11/2015 13:47:15Daniel LoGiuratoEnglish Teacher-Arlington HSNoWeb Tools (Remind, Twitter, Quiz apps, Live Binders, PollEveryone), literary discussion ideas and best practices (with Common Core), vocabulary instruction, and teacher websites (different than Edline).No, just EdlineNot yetMike Reiter and I may want to discuss our grading checklist (an efficient method of adding comments to students' papers)
7/16/2015 9:11:59Barbara WoodI teach high school math (algebra through multivariable calculus and various 'elective' courses) at PDS. I am also the math department chair pre-k - 12. Additionally I am the school scheduler.YesPBL, literacy across disciplines, STEAM, Blogs & Glogs, 3D printing, Twitter, Google apps, ....@barbarawood
7/16/2015 9:12:47Brendan LyonsSuperintendentNoCreative assessment practices that de-emphasize numeric grades and focus on student growth and self-directed learning@Dr_BLyonsNot at this time
7/16/2015 9:17:50Karen BronsonDirector of Professional Development for the School Administrators of NYS (SAANYS)YesTwitter
PD now
I am very interested in learning more about the ed camp format itself
saanys.orgKaren Bronson @ kb12866
7/16/2015 9:17:50Teri AcostaI am a special educator teaching/managing a program at Union Vale Middle School (Arlington Central School District) for students with Asperger Syndrome, grades 6-8.NoLiteracy Centers
Comic Strips
Digital Storytelling
http://uvms.arlingtonschools.org/pages/Union_Vale_Middle_School/Classes/_UMS_0804-1not yetI don't think I have much expertise at this time, but I'm computer literate, so if I can help anyone, I would be happy to.Happy to participate in any and all ways possible. Thanks!
7/16/2015 9:30:37Megan MurphyI am a biology teacher at Arlington High School NoBlogs, Comic Strips, Live Binders, Google Apps, Homework, Note Takinghttps://www.edline.net/UserProfileView.page@AHSMurphyBioCan't Wait!
7/16/2015 9:35:16Erin StinsonHigh school chemistry teacherYesPeer mentoring@stinsonchem
7/16/2015 9:51:36David Held I am the Dir. Of Technology at Poughkeepsie Day School and I also teach Lan Art and Technology class in the middle and high schools.YesClassroom management Davidheld.org@dheldUsing raspberry pi computers in the classroom
7/16/2015 10:16:47Terr LemisterI work in the computer lab at Robert Graves Elementary School. YesI would like to learn more about Twitter and Comic Strips.Not as of now.
7/16/2015 10:19:40susan pariseI am a 20+year elementary school classroom teacher.YesLiteracy centers, PBL, Digital storytelling would be great!sueadam.comnot at this time..I am an artist and the above website is actually my artwork.
7/16/2015 10:29:22Lauren Casado Spanish teacher NoAll sound interesting NoNoNo
7/16/2015 12:14:11Jennifer Nilsen Assistant Director of Humanities YesDifferentiation practices@msnilsen2012Common Core Standards Implementation
7/16/2015 13:21:53Joseph PascarelliTechnology FacilitatorYesProject Based Learningwww.arlingtonschools.orgjpascarelliI look forward to attending the un conference.
7/16/2015 13:23:57Bernadette CondessoDirector of College Counseling - Poughkeepsie Day SchoolYesGoogle Apps
https://pdscollegecounselingblog.wordpress.com/bcondessoBlogs for classes
7/16/2015 14:56:39Maribel PregnallAP Biology, Marine and Research teacherNoIt all sounds fun to me!@maribelpregnallI am looking forward to being a camper!
7/17/2015 7:26:21Noreen Mills MartinI teach US History & Govt and Participation in GovtNoI'm not really sure. All the above sounds interesting - some terms are new to me on the listnot for school@nmm1776No Thank you
7/17/2015 9:31:42Jessie BrannenSocial Studies Teacher at Orchard View Alternative High School in Wappingers Falls, NYNoNew SS framework, Project Based Learning, Google Apps BrannenSocialStudies.weebly.com@BrannenSocStnot this yearSee you in August!
7/17/2015 10:26:40Stacey LazarusProfessional Development Integration Specialist working independently with Districts.Yesopenabout.me/staceylazarus@staceylazarus
7/17/2015 12:11:30Melissa BarrettMiddle School Music TeacherYesProject Based Learning, Common Core Standards, Choice Based Learning, Google Apps@melissa16485256
7/17/2015 18:07:56Matt HaynesI'm an 8th grade ELA teacher.YesI'm open to learning anything and everything I can.http://www.trivalleycsd.org/webpages/mhaynes/no
7/17/2015 21:01:25Dorothyteacher in Middle ShoolNo
7/18/2015 11:58:14Kathleen FlanaganI teach 10th and 11th grade Spanish.YesI'd like to get "deeper" into the Google classroom and get ideas on how other people are using it, as well as share my own. I sometimes get easily overwhelmed with too much new technology, but I'd like to find 2 or 3 things that I can implement in my classroom in September.no.@conneryfan825I've been using Socrative in my classroom for about a year and find it very helpful and effective both for formative assessment for students and for my own data collection. I wouldn't mind sharing what I know.

I also work a lot with quia.com but I don't know how many people would be interested in that.
I'd love to hook up with another Spanish teacher in the region and do a google hangout or pen pals with my classes!
7/19/2015 17:14:02Karen NicholsDean of High School at Poughkeepsie Day School -- all things academic and otherwise to facilitate HS programs. Also teach history courses when time allows.YesHealth and Wellness Programs
Process of creating a new schedule
7/20/2015 10:17:24Kathleen PeiferI am a special education teacher and work at Arlington High School. In addition to my sp ed classes, I co-teach Algebra I. NoSince this is my first "unconference" I thought I would just see what's offered. Possible topics of interest to me include discussing the idea of quiz/test corrections, motivating unmotivated students, use of group work in the math classroom, working with parents and how to improve the success rate of students entering 9th grade with poor or failing middle school grades. I am also teaching resource room for the first time in 4 years and would be interested in any sp ed topics related to working with students at mixed grade levels taking a variety of classes. I have been co-teaching for the last 3 years and could help facilitate a session on tips for making co-teaching work.My co-teacher and I have a pretty extensive Edline site where we post all daily lessons, hw assignments, copy of class notes, quiz reviews, and answer keys.
7/21/2015 5:53:54Jake LaheyI'm primarily a 7/8 American history teacher and advisor, but have also taught analytical research and writing to juniors, American history to seniors, and have coached basketball and baseball for years, along with beginning to teach 6th graders in various capacities. YesBlogs@jakeyehal
7/21/2015 16:11:08Kathleen Vogt8th Grade Health Teacher @ UMSNoTwitter (how to best & safely make it a part of my classroom), Google Classroom vs. Edmodo, Examples of differentiating content and activities for the secondary level.@KEF19As far as technology, I am fairly confident with Google Drive & Twitter (for personal/ professional development use), and am an avid Pinner :-)
7/21/2015 16:54:57Deborah FarinoI am a substitute teacher. Yesproject based learning, literacy centers, google apps, I am a life long learner and ready to learn. Looking forward to camp.
7/23/2015 21:04:07Jenna FilorI am a 10th grade English teacher at Arlington High School.NoI would like to learn about independent reading and apps that would allow me to take surveys of my students' feelings about various things, such as books and assignments. I guess I'm also interested in Twitter.Just my Edline page through school.Nope.Not at this time.I did the Hudson Valley Writing Project in the summer of 2006.
7/23/2015 22:15:52Betsy Polityka-WilsonHigh School Spanish Teacher NoI'd like to learn more about Differentiated instruction. Also, I'd love to attend an "unconference" about the various ethnic groups in my district/area and to learn about and better understand their cultural views on education, discipline, respect etc. NoNoNo
7/27/2015 9:40:55Deborah FealeySpecial Education teacherNoI would like to learn about Twitter, Livebinders, Edmodo and Google Apps.
7/27/2015 9:59:14Kirsten MerkerI am a grades 4 and 5 cluster science teacher in Queens, NY.YesCommon core standards. Next generation science standards.NoNoTiered learning, differentiation in large classrooms
8/3/2015 13:40:54Karl MauksMath Teacher, Student Advisor, and Technology ExplorerYesDifferentiating Instruction in the Math Classroom, CC Standards in MS Math, PBL and Assessment, the role of the 3D modeling revolution in educationhttps://sites.google.com/a/poughkeepsieday.org/mauksmath/@karlmauksNot sure.Thanks for all your hard work preparing for this conference! I'm excited to participate!
8/5/2015 12:12:00Nitya NarasimhanI am a software engineer and technology advocate interested in building experiences that support education goals for parents and teachers. I am also the organizer of Google Developer Group Hudson Valley, and am interested in learning (and supporting) the use of technologies like Google Cardboard and Scratch to teach kids the elements of problem solving and coding from elementary school levels.

YesGoogle Apps,
Digital Storytelling,
STEM and CS education tools/programs
http://www.google.com/+NityaNarasimhannityaCS for Kids -- all things related to teaching coding and problem-solving for young kids. In particular:
- CS-First program from Google
- Let's do an "Hour of Code" in Hudson Valley
- Scratch for after-school and parent-child learning sessions in community

Anything related to Google technologies.
I've been to EdCampHV for the past two years and find this to be the best source of knowledge about educator needs and challenges in today's economy.

I hope to listen more this year but I would really like to walk away with some concrete action. With that in mind, I'd be interested in talking to teachers or administrators who are running CS for Kids programs and talk about the CS-First curriculum (Google) and ways to get this in a school.
8/5/2015 20:57:46Julie JeeI teach 10th and 12th grade English.YesBlogs, Makerspaces, Edcafes, PBL, Periscope, classroom libraries (Kittle's Book Love).@mrsjjeeCelly, Twitter, classroom librariesI am so excited about Edcamp Hudson Valley. It's always wonderful to meet awesome LOCAL educators.
8/11/2015 8:39:34Zeeba6th Grade ELA teacher in the Newburgh School DistrictNoClassdojo, common core standards, Apps for education
8/11/2015 11:24:19Kathleen Bellino11th/12th Social Studies Teacher at Arlington HS (Civics/Leadership, Criminal Law, U.S. Acad. Intervention), Student Gov't AdvisorYesWould love to get together with other Google Classroom users to discuss hidden tricks; BYOD tips, Tips for H.S. Acad. Inter. Classroomkbellino.blogspot.com@kgbellinoTwitter, Basic Tech tools, Genius Hour.I can't wait for #EdcampHV! Just looking at the list of attendees and their responses makes me excited for the event!
8/11/2015 11:31:21Brielle GroverMusic and Spanish teacher NoProject based learning, live binders, google apps, digital storytelling www.briellegrover.com@briellesmusic
8/11/2015 11:33:45Fran HarriswriterYesBlogs, Google Apps, Anything to do with writingharrisfrThank you for the opportunity this brings.
8/11/2015 11:38:50Kim LorenzSpecial Education teacher, 12:1:1 Third gradeYesProject based learning
Literacy Centers
Anti-bullying activities
Community building among teachers
8/11/2015 11:47:47Colleen NaporaI am a special education teacher at Arlington High School. I teach resource room and I team teach US History. I have been teaching for the past 17 years. YesProject based learning.no@ruirish01Google apps if needed.
8/11/2015 13:31:28Nicole BenedettoI am a health education teacher as well as an advisor to the SADD program. I also help on two school committees throughout the week.YesI would like to see how to incorperate twitter and some new technologies into my classroomBlogs, live binder etc.
8/11/2015 16:10:42Jocelyn HumphriesJohn Jay High School, Business TeacherYesProject based learning and assessment, blogging, Livebindershttp://jjhs-sem-comedyproject.weebly.com/@Joc_HumGoogle ClassroomThank you to everyone involved in organizing this event.
8/11/2015 20:34:07Gwen MoschettoI teach fifth grade at Vail Farm Elementary School in the Arlington Central School District.NoI'm interested in learning about all the things listed above especially literacy learning and how to schedule NAND manage everything i.e. Balanced literacy.@GwenMoschettoNo.No.
8/12/2015 8:19:36Kristen DuffySelf-Contained Grades 3 and 4 Special Education teacher at Oak Grove Elementary in Wappingers Falls NoI am interested in learning about how others differentiate their literacy stations and how to incorporate technology more into classroom lessons. Because I teach in a multi-aged classroom with two grades I would to learn about how to combine multi-curriculum. http://wappingersschools.org/Domain/1703No
8/12/2015 8:52:53Elizabeth DunnI am an 11th grade AP and Regents English teacher.NoCommon Core Standards and the new English Regents exam.No.N/A
8/12/2015 14:39:00David HeldTechnology Director and Srt TeacherYesLearning Management SystemsDavidheld.org@dheldTeaching Programming w/ the Raspberry Pi
8/13/2015 10:30:25Theresa Farley I am a reading specialist that teaches some reading but mostly AIS math grades k-6, in the wappingers central school district. NoGoogle apps to use with math instruction. NoBluebird113tNoNo thank you.
8/13/2015 10:31:07Daniel PittHi. I teach 10th and 12th grade ELA at Arlington High School. No
8/13/2015 11:10:23Jessica FlintI teach Living Environment and Forensic Science at Hudson High School.YesI am interested in learning more about google apps and google classroom, using chromebooks in the classroom, project based learning, and more ideas for active/kinesthetic/whole brain learning activities.@teacherflintNot sure yetI am very excited about attending edcamp this year!
8/13/2015 13:10:42Theresa Gerlach Science teacherNoGoggle apps,Twitter,common core stdsNoNoNoNo
8/13/2015 13:48:44Theresa Farley I am a reading specialist that teaches some reading but mostly AIS math grades k-6, in the wappingers central school district. NoGoogle apps to use with math instruction. NoBluebird113tNoNo thank you.
8/13/2015 17:29:21Terri LemisterI run the computer lab at the Robert Graves Elementary School in the Zkinhston Scool District . YesTwittedigital Storytelling blogsNo@wueenterri61No
8/14/2015 1:08:46Laurie SorgenI teach ESL at Arlington a High School.NoI would like to learn about project based learning and blogs.No.No.No.
8/15/2015 6:32:16Lynn KenneyMy role in education is to aid and support students with tools and techniques that will allow students to, hopefully, overcome their disabilities in order to become independent learners. Their coping skills and the ability to think for themselves results in students' increased self confidence necessary to take on the world as productive citizens in society post high school. NoI would like to learn as much as I possibly can during this block of time and want to explore everything this event has to offer by being open minded to all presented topics.NoNoNot at this timeNo
8/15/2015 8:56:07Tara DiCorcia Biology teacher at AHSYesAlways interested in any education technology teachers are using in the classroom to connect with students and families, test corrections and different ways teachers use correction opportunities, and would love to learn more about the "Google 80/20" classroom approach and discuss ways to implement into my science classroom @MrsDiCorcia I would feel comfortable discussing the "Remind" app (used this past school year and LOVE IT!) as well as the ZIPGRADE app - maybe facilitate with others who are willing to speak on other education technology/apps they use in the class room.

I would also feel comfortable facilitating a biology/science lab/resource group sharing session
LOVED edcamp last year and looking forward to attending this year!
8/15/2015 18:51:36Elizabeth Weiden-Philipbar8th grade ELA, AIS, and Creative Writing
Dept. Chair
HVWP Teacher Consultant
NoGoogle Classroom/ Apps https://sites.google.com/a/yorktown.org/mrs-wp-teaches-ela/@mrswp93Maybe in the future...Looking forward to a great start to the new school year.
8/17/2015 9:16:38Frances Ruth HarrisSelf-employed educator and former public educator as well as a freelance writer: The Chronicle http://www.chroniclenewspaper.com/apps/pbcs.dll/search?crit=Frances+Ruth+Harris&ExclCat=&noblankcheck=0&BuildNavigators=1

The Pike County Courrier http://www.pikecountycourier.com/apps/pbcs.dll/search?crit=Frances+Ruth+Harris&ExclCat=&noblankcheck=0&BuildNavigators=1
YesJournalism and writing for mediaharrisfrThank you for this opportunity.
8/17/2015 18:34:12Janice LevinskySpecial Education Resource Room Teacher at AHS for 11th and 12th grade students.NoProject Based Learning, more about Common Core Standards at the high school level and TwitterEdline page at AHSNoNoLooking forward to attending camp!
8/17/2015 22:30:24KristinI am a special education teacher. I am moving from a self-contained classroom to co-teaching in a 5th grade CTT classroom this year.NoGoogle Apps, co-teaching, using iPads in the classroom
8/18/2015 10:18:02Mary Ellen IatropoulosI'm the Director of Education at Spark Media Project, a media education/production nonprofit. I conduct research, design curriculum and oversee its implementation, manage teams of teaching artists, and each my own classes... among other things.YesUsing Smartphones in the classroomwww.sparkmediaproject.org@criticalkindTeaching with Vine, The Thinking Behind The Tech, Teaching With EmojisI look forward to meeting fellow HV educators and exploring collaborative possibilities for the upcoming school year!
8/19/2015 9:28:17Lisa GrecoBusiness Education Teacher and Building SYSOP at Arlington High SchoolYesProject Based Learning
I wish I felt comfortable enough with any of these topics to facilitate!
8/19/2015 10:30:47Susan PungEnglish teacherNoproject based learning
8/20/2015 8:21:42Steve SchwartzI teach third grade all subjects.NoNot surenoNo thank you
8/20/2015 12:12:38Chris Malet6th grade Social Studies teacherNoGoogle Apps, Project Based Learning, Livebinders. Honestly, I'm so excited to check this out, I don't know where to begin!@MrMaletUV102I'm starting my 17th year teaching. Love that I found this day to keep things fresh and make sure I'm always learning!
8/24/2015 8:27:37Heather HowardHigh school English teacher NoCommon Core standards and ideas on how to make high school juniors successful on the new exam.
Enrichment lesson plans for sophomore English.
8/24/2015 10:39:13Adrienne PidanickArt TeacherYes
8/24/2015 11:40:14 Elizabeth Brzozowski, Social Studies teacher at Arlington High School (Grade 10)NoI'm interested in learning about how to more effectively incorporate technology into student learning. I've never been to an event like this before, and I look forward to learning something new !
8/25/2015 8:35:14Joe-LynnSecondary Math teacherNogroup work strategies, learning centers
8/25/2015 9:52:35Kim DugardI am a special education co-teacherYesI am interested in all the topics you have listed!
8/25/2015 17:29:50JoAnn Murphy-GenterRetired teacher, adjunct and professional developerNoTwitter, Project Based LearningJoAnn Murphy-Genter@jmgenterEdmodo, Google AppsVery curious about this model of PD.
8/26/2015 12:02:40Lisa NemeroffI am the Dir. of Marketing for Voki, (www.voki.com) speaking characters for education. We also offer teachers a class management, interactive presentation tools and just recently launched a series of common core aligned lessons using our speaking characters. NoVoki would like to sponsor these events and provide participants with a comp membership to use our products.www.voki.com@officialvokiWe would love to facilitate a session related to blended learning and integrating technology in to the classroom to create engagement and enjoyment.
8/26/2015 17:01:20Ann Marie BurnellI am a special education teacher at Traver Road Primary School in the Arlington School District. I teach a self-contained language based K-2 classroom.NoGoogle & Google apps, latest & greatest technology for special needs childrenno
8/27/2015 15:01:58June WheeerTeaching the arts of English.YesWhat are glogs and wallwishers?! Yes to digital storytelling, comic strips, and pretty much most offerings.@june0wheelerI have a Twitter name, but not much else! Looking forward!!
8/28/2015 7:10:10J. Robin WardI have taught high school English for the last 16 years, but I'm moving to the middle school and 7th grade this year.YesLiteracy Centers, Wikis, Google AppsI'm looking forward to seeing everybody and having some great learning experiences!
8/28/2015 8:23:01Connie WeberI am a School Counselor at Arlington High School. NoI am interested in learning more about junior year practices (parent/ student meetings, post graduation preparation etc.). I am also interested in learning more about interventions for at risk students, and attendance policies that are effective. @ceweber8I would be happy to help facilitate topics such as transitioning to the highs school, effective communication strategies for positive teacher- parent- student relationships, and career exploration. I am looking forward to my first of many edcamp experiences! Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!
8/28/2015 18:46:53Emily Glass9th and 10th grade ELA teacherNo
8/29/2015 8:34:27Krysta WeissI am teach 11th and 12th grade social studies at Arlington High School.NoGoogle Classroom and Project Based Learning@weiss_kmNot this yearI'm looking forward to attending my first "unconference"!
8/29/2015 13:22:27Lori TseI'm an English teacher. YesI'm interested in learning more about digital storytelling and project based learning.
8/29/2015 13:25:43Lori TseI'm an English teacher. YesI'm interested in learning more about digital storytelling and project based learning.
8/29/2015 13:39:30Marty KeltzEducator and Producer currently the co-founder with author/illustrator Jena Ball of CritterKin where we recently published the "Not Perfect Hat Club Book" and are offering Ss around the globe to blog along with us at the NPHCBlogIt.com Challenge.YesBlogging, Skype, Google Hangouts, Twitter and Global EducationNotPerfectHatClub.com@martysnowpawUsing Google Hangouts, Skype, Twitter and blogging to connect our Ss around the world to encourage Student Voice and Growth Mindset.My son is a graduate through 8th grade from Poughkeepsie Day school and I can't wait to get back on campus.
8/29/2015 14:07:55Melissa TeshHigh school math teacherNo
8/29/2015 18:44:26leciaScience teacherYesGoogle Apps, Project based learning, common core standardsnonosorry :(looking forward to it!
8/30/2015 8:16:56Katherine CroftHS Family and Consumer Science TeacherNoProject Based Learning
8/30/2015 11:21:53Susan Ardalan4th grade teacherYesUse of technology in the elementary classroom
Google apps
comic strips
8/30/2015 17:55:04Jill WalshPreK-12 PE teacher, 6-8 Health, CoachYesGlogs, new apps@JillDoesPE
8/30/2015 17:57:31Mindy GreyLibrarianNoLiteracy centers, digital storytelling, wall wishers, livebinders@mingreylibNot at this time
8/30/2015 18:10:51Julie Pineau-KelseyTeacherYesProject based learning, informal assessment techniques, digital storytelling, @SraPKAHS
8/30/2015 19:23:53Ellie Samson7th grade math co-teacher NoProject Based Learning, Edmodo,Wallwishers, & Twitter
8/30/2015 20:36:29Norma Najjar ChlusI am a special education teacher @ RCK. I team teach algebra, geometry and practical chemistry as well as resource room and support. YesGoogle apps that I can utilize in my self contained and team classes.@NZChlusNo
8/30/2015 21:07:08Alison SchwartzI am a special education teacher and I co-teach 7th grade science on a fully co-taught team. NoI would like to learn more methods for alternate assessments, creative ways to challenge the students who excel, as well as more technology to use in the classroom. @Team5LifeScience
8/30/2015 21:20:51Suzie Peterson^th grade ELA and math teacherNoBlogs, Glogs, Livebinders, Wikisno website or blog yet. Not at this time. Just happy to wander about and learn new things with fellow educators.
8/30/2015 21:27:15Shirley RinaldiMiddle School teacher - this year 6th grade humanities and 6th grade advisorYesPBL, Programming, Tinkering, Makerspaces, Google classroomhttp://sshirleys6th.edublogs.org/@8rinaldiMystery Skype, Blogging, Integrating technology in the classroom, Using Social Media in the classroom, Twitter,
8/30/2015 22:04:10Greg Fredricks7th grade social studies co-teacher , LaGrange Middle School - Arlington Central School DistrictNoAny and all!@Team5SocialSt
8/30/2015 23:22:19Vinny MinutoloSpecial Education TeacherNoCC standards, twitter, blogs, any and all new technology/applications
8/31/2015 7:22:54AnnI'm a 5th grade teacher.YesSee what other teachers are using. Learn about new technology.Frewsburgann@annsheldonNo
8/31/2015 8:21:01Sara JerniganSpecial Education TeacherNoDigital Storytelling, Twitter, Project Based Learning
8/31/2015 9:25:02Rich CarrollHouse principal at Arlington High SchoolYesiPhone presentations@rcarroll67