Prompts for the 2018 Draco tops Harry Fest (Responses)
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gracereneHarry finds out he is a Veela and though he doesn't know much about them, he does know that he has a mate out there. Not liking the idea of a predestined mate, he makes it known that he doesn't intend to go searching for them. Of course, he doesn't know that it's not the Veela who weakens without their mate, but their intended. Draco knows why he' ill of course, but won't force himself on an unwilling Veela. winged!Harryinfidelity, MPREG, long-haired Draco, unhappy endingNC-17
awickedmemoryHarry trusts (Person-of-choice)'s judgment. Really, he does. So when he needs a photographer but all the ones he finds turn out to be fanatic or uncomfortably eccentric or downright creepy, he takes up (Person-of-choice)'s offer of someone they know. Someone who isn't a photographer professionally, but who is very, very good.
Harry does not expect Malfoy to be the one who walks through his door. And he definitely does not expect how exciting it is to be the focus of Draco's attention again, even - or especially - through a camera lens.
In between sets, Draco takes cute, fun candid shots of Harry. The photo sets can be of anything - Harry needing pictures of himself for some war-related publication, pictures of a project to give someone as a gift, pictures of his house to put up for sale, pictures of some products he makes for a catalog - you name it.(All squicks only apply to Harry and Draco.) Infidelity, character death, feminization of male characters who are not canonically effeminate, major OOC (unless the fic is humour or the character is under the influence), unhappy endings, ageplay/cross-gen/daddy kink, scat, watersports, non-con.NC-17If you need additional detail, all of my Drarry likes/dislikes/squicks/preferences can be found at
gracerenePirate!AU. One's a pirate captain, the other is a (rival pirate, captive for ransom, stowaway etc.) Sparks fly.leather boots, dirty talk, sex on a boat! :Drape/non-con, major character death, unhappy endingNC-17Totally up to you what direction you want to take things! Mostly just looking for pirates and sexy fun!
digthewriter (LJ/DW)Cross-dressing on a dare. H and D are rivals and Harry loses a bet and is forced (along w/ some mates) or dared to dress in drag. Draco sees Harry in a short dress - all muscular thighs - a bit of hair on his legs - but with fishnet stockings and just about loses it. He needs to have Potter by any means necessary. Harry is into it but he still makes Draco beg him for it. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Hardcore BDSM, rape, infidelity. Watersports.NC-17I'd love only one POV for this. Pref. Harry's but Draco's POV all the way would be great, also.
awickedmemory(Fairytale AU) Harry is a Knight in Shining Armour and Draco is a kidnapped Dams- errr, Prince in Distress. True to fairytale fashion, the Knight goes to rescue the prince, but discovers that while sharp-tongued, self-righteous Draco is very much spoilt royalty, he is certainly not in distress. And maybe this time, it will be the Knight rather than the Prince swept off of his feet.Draco has tamed a dragon and they chase off unwanted, unworthy suitors together!(All squicks only apply to Harry and Draco.) Infidelity, character death, feminization of male characters who are not canonically effeminate, major OOC (unless the fic is humour or the character is under the influence), unhappy endings, ageplay/cross-gen/daddy kink, scat, watersports, non-con.NC-17If you need additional detail, all of my Drarry likes/dislikes/squicks/preferences can be found at
digthewriter (LJ/DW)They meet on the DL for hook ups and think nothing of it. Until... Draco applies for a job and finds out Harry's his new direct supervisor. Harry has to be the boss. Any profession except Auror.hardcore bdsm, rape, infidelity, watersports.NC-17No special preference for his employee angst, please.
Goldentruth813Harry and Draco have been friends for years when one drunken night Harry confesses he's a virgin. The next day Harry doesn't mention it again but Draco can't stop thinking about it, can't stop thinking about all the ways he already wanted to make Potter his; except now he's got another dimension to the with feelings (so basically mutual oblivious pining on both ends!)infidelityNC-17praise kink, draco speaking french, established friendship
HookisHotUnspeakable Draco is stuck in a bad situation and can get out. Auror Harry is working a case spots Draco and has to work to solve the case and save draco. Smut preferable, redeemed draco, bottom draco, pining Harry angst.CheatingNC-17Happy to leave it choosers wishes.
VayshFor the longest time, the small portrait of Ulick Gamp had hung in the office of the Prime Minister. But when a new Prime Minister is elected, the wizard on the portrait also changed. It is – Draco Malfoy!I'd love to read the backstory of how Draco's portrait came to hang in the Prime Minister's office but each and ever take on the prompt is awesome!no marriage fic, pleaseNC-17Minister of Magic Harry Potter FTW!
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)The elder wand is more than just a wand, it is an ancient artifact filled with the power of death itself. When Harry breaks the wand he unleashes powerful necromancy into the world and a curse is placed into the very core of his being, one which has slowly begin to change him into a nightmare, cursed to walk the earth forever, wraithlike and alone. By the time it’s been discovered, Potter has maybe a year left before the curse has completed consumed him. He has to break it quickly. And only one curse breaker in the world has the dark knowledge to even make the attempt.Bonus points if you work in:
- Magic Rituals
- Magical Theory
- Mythical/Magical Creatures
- Draco totally owning his dark heritage and knowledge/BAMF!Draco
- WellDressed!Draco
- Sexualized Blood/Knifeplay; - Watersports; - Damsel in Distress Harry; - The endearments: Babe or Baby.NC-17- A séance (Maybe with one of the three original brothers)
- Not entirely reformed Draco
PlouquetteFor a story : after the war, Draco decided to leave everything and start a new life in the muggle world. One day, his mother, using the life-debt, ask Harry to bring him back, and make him understnd there's still a place for him in the magical world.Draco working in a Boulangerie, Having muggle friends (from different origins), and babysitting. Fluff, clubbing, smut, and angst. Draco has braided long hair and love styling toddlers hair.NC-17
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)Draco is a successful jeweler and jewelry designer. Anyone who’s anyone is wearing him. He’s successful, rich, get’s shagged at least once a week, and is (rightfully and absolutely) 100% content with his situation. Until he starts getting death threats (Or at least ones the ministry starts taking seriously; he's had a few up until now.). And guess who’s part of his personal protection detail...Bonus Points if you add:
- WellDressed!Draco (He is my aesthetic!)
- BAMF!Harry
- Slytherin!Draco (Smarming, schmoozing, owning! Wizarding London.)
- Precious Stone and metal magic
- Knifeplay/Bloodplay; - Watersports; The petnames: Babe/Baby; - BDSM (with the exceptions of blindfolds and light bondage); NC-17My thought for the death threats was the 'sender' (whomever you choose to make it) is disgusted by Draco's success. They never want anyone to forget how horrible Slytherin are. Moreover, they want Draco to serve as a lesson to the other Slytherin who were 'part of the Voldemort problem': 'Remember your place and you won't end up like him'.
But if you have a different direction you'd like to go in, that's totally fine. And really, this isn't supposed to be a seriously dark fic or anything. This whodunit will ideally be a backdrop to all the UST and Drarry shenanigans. ; p
oceaxeDraco's been living elsewhere for a few years and when he comes back to Wizarding Britain, he discovers that Harry has really, er, come into his own while Draco was away. As in, Harry is fucking gorgeous now. So hot that it hurts to look at him. And it makes Draco SO MAD. SPITTING MAD. He just cannot handle it. His friends all take pity on him and decide that the best thing to do is just keep him away from Harry, but Harry for some reason keeps finding ways to run into Draco. Lots and lots and lots of sex, please. Intrusive fantasies, unwanted erections, surreptitious wanking, etc.I wouldn't think that noncon would work here, and I'm not interested in any bodily fluids that aren't come or saliva.NC-17I want Draco to be uncontrollably aroused by Harry to the point of losing his damn mind. And hating it.
digthewriter (LJ/DW)Masquerade ball fic or art (or art... you know. Art)Harry is older and finally takes advantage of the fact that he has money and gets a better fashion sense. Draco can't believe it. hardcore bdsm, infidelity, rape, watersports.ANYNo HET please.
digthewriter (LJ/DW)Draco gets suckered into a dare and has to have semi-public sex with someone. He doesn't know who to do it with so he puts out an anon ad in the Daily Prophet. The first person to answer the ad is the one he chooses to meet with and finish this dare / bet (whatever). Of course, it's Harry. They get caught on camera. hardcore bdsm, non-con, infidelity, orgasm denial, watersports.ANYNo stalkers. No "I've had a crush on you since forever."
digthewriter (LJ/DW)Harry needs to marry a pureblood (for whatever reasons) and Draco needs the money. They decide to a pretend relationship. Draco knows that Harry has kind of a reputation for being a needy bottom so he thinks if he deprives Potter of sex, it'll be great. He'll have the funds to support his lifestyle and at the same time he will Potter suffer who apparently loves sex and now can't have any b/c he's married and they have appearances to keep. It all fails - in a good way. I'd love a sort of story arc where Draco doesn't think much of sex and had thought that he was pretty much asexual and was okay with it but it was Harry who changed him. Maybe he'd just never met the right partner. (but not in an ace-phobic fic kind of way, please)homophobia, ace-phobia, any kind of phobia, really. hardcore bdsm, non-con.NC-17It's Harry's intelligence Draco falls in love with and then everything about Harry is super sexy and he's having a hard time keeping his hands off Harry in public b/c that's the only place he can do it and not look weird.
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)Draco is the pioneer of wizarding films. As one of its first (and certainly most handsome.) celebrities, he's all Wizarding London is talking about these days. Harry is sick of it, and absolutely has not gone to see every single one of Draco's films. (Okay, but only because the writing is fantastic.)
But when someone decides to make a movie version of the story of the 'Boy Who Lived' and Harry is asked to advise for 'accuracy', he learns that Draco has been cast to play 'Lucius Malfoy'. Harry's mostly sure he'll survive until filming is done. But why in Merlin's name does Draco have to argue with him every step of the way?
- Draco woo-ing an oblivious Harry
- Normal dates (coffee, walks to grab dinner, running lines, etc.)
- Slow Burn
- Well Dressed!Draco
Knifeplay/Bloodplay/Watersports/BDSM/The petnames: Babe or BabyNC-17I seriously have no idea what magical a movie filming set would look like, so just have a blast. : D
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)“This years race for Minister of Magic has been fierce. Between Golden Boy, Head Auror Potter and the new ‘reformed’ Wizengamot member: Draco Malfoy. The pair’s schoolboy animosity certain seems to have carried into adulthood. But really gentlemen? Public shouting matches, a jinx war during a charity event? Are we running for Minister of Magic or Door holder for Muggle 2nd grade?”- Welldressed!Draco
- Cunning/Slytherin!Draco
- Built!Harry
- If you could add a little Scorpious/Albus I would love you forever!
Kifeplay/bloodplay/watersports/BDSM/the petnames: Babe or BabyNC-17Have fun!
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)Harry wakes up in an empty world. All of the people, Muggle and wizard alike, are gone.
Eleven days later, he spots a lone figure in the grocery on the corner. He learns that day that he and Draco Malfoy might be the only two human beings left on the planet.
The order is clear:
1. Figure out what happened
2. Survive
- Smart!Draco
- BAMF!Harry
- Smart!Harry
- BAMF!Draco
- Magical creatures run amuck
- Sex under the stars (or in the wilderness in general)
Knifeplay/bloodplay/watersports/BDSM/the endearment: Babe or BabyNC-17I have no idea what happened. So you do whatever you want to those poor people. ; p
fyernaicePure-blood Wizards do not have prostates!8th Year, Humour, Harry's POV, Harry not knowing when Draco is being serious or trying to be amusing.Harry having sexual experience with Wizards other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future. NC-17I usually prefer Virgin!Harry, but I settle for him having some experience with females but none with males.
fyernaiceHarry reads the following quote in one of his friend's journal:
"Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy."
8th Year Fic. Harry's POV. First Time. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry Having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry (though, not a must), but please mention that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
bookfreakyThis fic is both #Drarry and #Scorbus. Draco has fell sick with the same illness that killed Astoria years before. He did his best to not tell anyone about it (except Pansy), not even his son Scorpius until it had become quite obvious that he is severely sick. Then Scorpius and his boyfriend Albus move from their flat to Malfoy manor to look after Draco. But Scorpius works a lot, so Albus ends up spending a lot of time with this father-in-law. They have a good relationship and Albus resembles a lot of his father, but still so different. Draco trusts Albus with a secret, since he believes he is dying: Draco and Harry had a THING right before the war. Albus doesn't know how to deal with it, but he promised Draco not to tell anyone (he can't not tell Scorpius tho). While this, Harry is secretly but not so subtly worried about Draco's health but is too scared to face him. I'd love Scorpius to be a ballet dancer. I insist. Albus, though, his unemployed because he doesn't know what career he wants. Preferably NC-17, but I'm fine with what you choose.You choose if Draco dies or not.
AmoretteHDDaddy Kink - Harry accidentally says it, and then they both just can't stop.dirty talk, spankingheavy angst, crossdressing or turning Harry into a little girl or a "she"NC-17
AmoretteHDDraco’s friends make him a bet that he could never ever in a million years shag Harry Potter. He now regrets making a wizarding bet (which curses you horribly and embarrasingly if you fail) before asking what it involved exactly. Humor, Draco trying to seduce HarryHeavy angst, unhappy endingNC-17I would prefer he didnt cheat and go super dark by using a love potion or anything.
AmoretteHDHarry unenthusiastically agrees to do a Buy A Date with Harry Potter for charity thing. Draco, trying to find new ways to throw his money around and restore his rep, bids for him. Now he has to take Harry out on a date, a proper date, and
Harry is surprised at how much he actually enjoys it.
Bidding war! Humor. Draco paying for everything and treating Harry to everything. Heavy angst, unhappy endingNC-17
AmoretteHDHarry has a “Property of Draco Malfoy” tattoo on his bum. I would love to see art of this. Or if fic, maybe somehow people find out and are scandalised/shocked? But really, go wherever your inspiration takes you!Heavy angst, unhappy endingNC—17
MIdoriyue8th Year returning to school or rebuilding Hogwarts after the War is over. Draco and Harry get into a tussle in what is (or was) the Headmasters office. The crash into many things including a hidden time turner and end up in Headmaster Dippets office while he's quietly having tea with his Transfiguration Professor, Albus Dumbledore. Once they realize what has happened and look around at their surroundings, the time turner has vanished. Draco and Harry working together to get home. A knowing and helpful Dumbledore, who may have, or may not have, stolen the time turner when he saw it land in the Headmasters office... but for what purpose? ;). Breaking into Hogwarts to look/find the time turner. Harry and Draco in the late 30s and 40s trying to blend in/live until they make it home while falling in love. Your choice if you want to include a school age Tom Riddle/Hagrid or move the plot around the fact Tom Riddle is there and alive.H/D Death, Infidelity, three-somesNC-17“Training for the ballet, Potter?” ~ Draco
MidoriyueEnemies to Friends to Lovers Romantic Comedy... When Harry Met Sally (Draco) Adaption"I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." -Harry's epic declaration of loveMajor Character DeathNC-17Neville & Blaise as Marie and Jess
averypottermalfoyStory! I want a smytty one-off where Draco and Harry neety mostly for sex and then Draco does something significant and nice (because well, feelings but also character development!!!) to harry but harry doesn't believe him. Then i want Draco to say "not everything is a competition between us, Harry" and walk awayyyy. And Harry has to run for him, happy end😃Mmm i think my prompt was very specific 😂. I am all for Draco topping, give me all the smutuh uh, no romione!bashing! NC17I will be eternally grateful if someone wrote my story
MidoriyueRomantic Comedy. When you are a Politician, especially a politician and a Malfoy, it's very inconvenient to be hexed by a Pinnochio Curse. Good thing Auror/Detective Potter and Weasley are on the case.For the curse instead of his nose growing when he lies, how about some other tell? I saw this trope use hiccups once in a tv show. Lots of humor. Draco falls first.Major Character DeathNC-17Side of Neville and Blaise possibly.
MidoriyueWhen Draco's best friend, Blaise, shows up to his flat announcing his very surprising and quick betrothal to one Neville Longbottom, he makes the mistake of agreeing to be Best Man.
When Neville asks Harry to stand up with him he can't possibly say no, despite his reservations of his friend marrying a Slytherin after only a few weeks of dating.
Harry and Draco collide in a whirlwind of functions, rituals and planning. If they can make it through the last ceremony without killing one another, it will be a smashing success. But can they?
Romantic Comedy. Best Man duties: Helping pick venue (Important to Blaise), picking flowers (Important to Neville). Harry and Draco both think the relationship won't work because of their differences, yes, but also it's a whirlwind romance and happened fast. At some point, Blaise and Neville Fight and Drarry, has to bring them together again because they see Blaise and Neville truly love one another. Slytherin and Gryffindor antics at the functions, because let's face it, that's awkward and hilarious.Character Death, Non-HEANC-17"Why is it always me?" ~ Neville
VayshBoth Draco and Harry have been turned into werewolves in the aftermath of the War. Draco is an alpha, Harry an omega. They have a wild sexual relationship and fall in love. The longer they are together, the more Harry wants a child from Draco. The omega in him is craving it. But male wizards cannot have children, not even in their werewolf shape. I'd like to read a story about Draco and Harry who cannot have biological kids, even though the A/O bond is all about procreation. I'd love for them to adopt children but it's up to the claimer.for this prompt: mpregNC-17
CharlotteEstablished relationship with Drarry kids?Muggle Au please?No relationships with Snape pleaseI'll be happy with anything. Just have fun, I guess? Thank you
accio-potterloveLengthy prompt alert. 8th year! Draco and Harry are roommates (only two people in a room) much to eachother's annoyance. On Draco's request, Blaise starts hanging out in their room so Draco can have a distraction from Harry's 'annoying' company. Blaise and Harry get close much to Draco's shock and surprisingly jealousy. Blaise asks Harry out on a date and Harry agrees. Maybe fit in a drunk night were Draco kisses Harry against a wall and they almost get caught by Blaise, later Harry realizes that Blaise lacks the 'passion' which he feels when Draco kisses him. Draco is torn between loyalty to his friend and taking what he desires. POV!Draco, Jealous!Draco, Confused!Draco, Quiddich players Harry and Draco, mention of Blaise and Draco being taller than Harry.past DracoxBlaise, past bottom!Draco, Anything more than kissing between Blaise and Harry, unhappy endingPlease please NC-17Maybe an incident where Draco let's Harry borrow his green sweater and secretly loves how it brings out his eyes. Would absolutely loveeee for it to be a lengthy fic.
accio-potterloveAlpha!Draco, Omega!Harry. Draco is a healer so he needs to spend long hours at St.Mungos. He can sense that his omega has gone into heat and is desperate to get home. Unfortunately, he's too loaded with work (maybe an emergency case comes in). He finally gets home hours later about 2 in the morning. Harry is extra sensitive as he was left untouched for several hours into his heat. I love me some shamelessly hot steamy Drarry smut please.Knotting, Rimming, Dirty talk, Established relationship. Boyfriends, not husbands. Mentions of past bottom!DracoPlease please NC-17Harry is dripping, if you know what i mean ;) [Mom, I have a filthy mind]
fyrenaiceIt couldn’t have been more than few seconds, but just then after Harry pulled Malfoy from the flames of the Fiendfyre, they tumbled after landing, with Malfoy pressed atop Harry—it seemed like an eternity. But Harry had a war to fight, so he forced it to the darkest recess of his mind. Now, however, they are sharing a dorm, Harry finds the memory consuming him, and a yearning begins for Malfoy to just glance at Harry the way he stared at him for that brief moment in time.8th year fic. First Time. Harry's POV. Angst. Happy ending.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
fyernaiceHarry is certain Draco Malfoy is following him because everywhere he goes Malfoy is always there. The only thing Harry can't seem to explain is that most of the time Malfoy is already at the location before Harry arrives.

Wand lore, magical bond, magical creature could be influencing Harry?
POV. First Time. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
accio-potterloveDraco has an obsession with Harry's arse. He thinks it's nothing short of perfection, especially with his cum dripping out of it.Rimmingpast/present/future bottom!Draco, unhappy endingNC-17
accio-potterloveHarry and Draco are Auror partners. Theo is an Auror as well. In an undercover mission, Harry and Theo are required to pose as a couple. Draco has to keep an eye out for the perpetrator but he can't concentrate with Theo and Harry being so...annoying (Read: Affectionate) Draco feels- he does'nt know what he feels but it's DEFINITELY not jealousy. (Yeah, right) Jealous!Draco. Mention of Theo and Draco being taller than Harry. No romantic feelings between Theo-Harry, they're just friends, it's only for the sake of the mission.Past Draco/Theo, Mentions of bottom!Draco, unhappy endingNC-17Would love if Harry had to wear Muggle clothes for his undercover operation which drives Draco crazy.
accio-potterloveDraco is a star Quidditch player (in a team of author's choice). Harry is the team's Healer. They have this habit of falling into bed together after every match. Draco thinks it's 'just sex' and 'post-game adrenaline rush'. Harry thinks it's something more. After an amazing round of sex Draco mentions that he's thinking of asking Pansy to the Quidditch gala (party? Any celebration, Up to author's choice). Misunderstanding ensured, they have a huge fight. Harry takes a 'personal holiday' from work and is temporarily replaced by another Healer (who Draco thinks is a dunce). Only then does Draco realize how much he tends to search out the messy hair and green eyes in the crowds while he plays.Playboy!Draco, Hung!Draco, Draco is taller than HarryInfidelity between Draco and Harry, past/present/future bottom!Draco, unhappy endingPlease please NC-17Harry's presence in the sidelines is like Draco's good luck charm.
accio-potterloveHarry shaves off all his body hair to surprise Draco/ for Draco's pleasure.Rimming, Hung!Draco, Mention of Harry's skin being smooth but not the phrase 'like a girl'Effeminate!Harry, mentions of any bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17Draco likes watching. (Read: Watching Harry's arse take it)
emmatheslayerchallenging the roles of tops and bottoms draco is a shy top he has low self esteem issues but he is always a top harry is tough and rough around the edges and very dom except in the bedroom smut with a story scat, non con nc17 au muggles if possible
accio-potterloveHarry is a needy bottom, but Draco would'nt have it anyother way.Harry is a screamer mention of bottom!DracoNC-17
accio-potterloveDraco and Astoria are married for political reasons and have Scorpius. Since Astoria's job takes her out of the country frequently, a babysitter is appointed. Ofcourse it's none other than Harry. Just one problem though, Harry and Draco used to have a secret thing going on in Hogwarts and Draco can still remember how Harry's skin felt beneath his fingers. Scorpius is three and talks baby-jibberish. I love Scorp but it would be amazing if this was more Draco-Harry centric. Kid!fic, POV!Scorpius, Scorpius-centric, mention of past/present/future bottom!DracoNC-17, UST, Porn with feelingsDraco to Harry: "That's the problem with Malfoy men, they never could resist you." (Because Scorp absolutely adores Harry, much like his father)
accio-potterloveNo one could take it like Harry could. Hung!DracoHarry hasn't been with anyone other than DracoBDSM, mention of past/present/future bottom!DracoNC-17. Lots and lots of sex please
accio-potterloveAU! Draco is a king (of a Kingdom of your choice). He is indifferent to his role as a king and has quiet a reputation for sleeping around when it comes to his personal life. He doesn't believe in love and never sleeps with the same person twice. That is, until he met Harry, a messy hair green-eyed stable boy who is head-strong and refuses to swoon under Draco's attention. Soon Draco finds himself trapped in a dance of seduction and the mystery (It can be whatever you want it to be) behind his attractive stableboy. Draco is taller than Harry, Pining!Draco, Powerful!DracoPast/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17, Lots and lots of sex would go amazingly well with this prompt, yes? ;)Somehow Harry makes him a better King and off-handedly advices Draco on certain political moves which turn out to work splendidly.
drarryProdigy (Ao3)"Established relationship of Harry and Draco. Harry is a shy and cute person, but he wanted to do more with Draco other than kissing. Draco gladly obliged and tries to help Harry overcome his uncertainty of his own decision." So the story is just about making love for the first time (in this case: Harry).
I would really love to see this in a 'very' detailed way. So, it wasn't just 'sex', it's all about love and passion in the most extreme details. Like how things started out slowly and then Harry started to beg for more. I would also like to see some praise kink or Draco whispering lovely comments about Harry while at it.Extreme angst, bad ending, infidelity, mentions of Bottom!Draco, BDSM, NC-17 please :)I'm okay with mild angst, feminine!Harry and Mpreg ending. Also, just for a note: Yes, Draco had sex with other people or one person, but that's just implied.
drarryProdigy (Ao3)Muggle AU - Kidfic of Draco and Harry Misadventures! So this is a bit like Home Alone style based; where Harry and Draco got into trouble with one and only Tom Riddle as the bad guy who wanted to kidnap them. So we have a Brave!Harry and Clever!Draco, what could possibly go wrong?
-Rivals to Friendship [or partner in crime ;)]
Friendly!Malfoys, Alive!James and Lily, Malfoy-Potter family friendship, clever-witty names to insult "Voldemort".
-Draco's and Harry's age around 7-10 is more likely.
Sexual themes, Pedophilia, Bad EndingPG-13
fyernaiceAfter the war, the media and others put forth that the 'Light' side broke many wizarding laws during the war. Harry's inheritance of the Black's fortune including '12 Grimmauld Place' is being challenged because claims are made that Dumbledore manipulated the situation. Draco Malfoy is recommended to be recognized as the true Black heir. Harry, along with toddler Theodore Black (Teddy) and Draco Malfoy are 'forced' to live at 12 Grimmauld, until the situation is rectified. Although the three are allowed to have visitors, no one else is allowed to live with them.

Harry thinks that it is Draco and the other Malfoys manipulating the situation, so he is very tense and angry at Draco. As time moves along Harry reluctantly begins to interact with Draco (possible because Draco begins spending time with Teddy and Harry thinks he might be up to something), and find that they share interests and begin to enjoy spending time together. Sometime along the way, Harry realizes that he, Malfoy, and Teddy have formed a family together. Harry wishes for more from Draco- that he and Draco can become a couple, and hopes for permanence.

*Eventually, Harry also learns that the Malfoys had nothing to do with the situation, but Draco didn't challenge them being forced to live together because he wanted to get to know his cousin and spend time with Harry.*
Harry's POV. First Time. Happy ending please with Harry, Draco, and Teddy together as a family.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
fyernaiceHarry overhears some wizards admitting that they talk to their wands. Harry, thinking ‘wand’ is a euphemism for cock, decides to talk to his cock. Being that he is Harry Potter, he decided to talk in parseltongue…he very nearly jumps out of his skin when his cock hisses back at him. It seems that it was opening a minefield because his cock, unlike Harry, has no qualms in admitting Harry’s obsession with Malfoy. His cock begins to encourage him to get with Malfoy, when he refuses it tries to convince him to at least get into fights with Malfoy so that he can have a chance to rub up against Malfoy. It even tries to manipulate him into following Malfoy and spy on him…complaining that Harry had no problem doing it before.

At last, his cock threatens him that it will never stand to attention again, unless Harry gets with the programme and go after Malfoy.

*His cock would talk at inopportune moments such as in the Great Hall when Malfoy comes into the room and Harry’s friend(s) with confused expression asks him if he hears the hissing noises. When Harry finally gets together with Draco, his cock convinces him to talk to Draco’s cock to “bring it alive.” Harry’s cock literally squeals with delight now that it has a companion/mate. Draco’s cock is very much like Draco, and with authority tells Harry and his cock why it would be Draco’s cock that would be doing the penetrating. And similar to how Harry submits to Draco, his cock submits to Draco’s.*
8th Year Fic. Harry's POV. First Time. Humour. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
DracolynnDrarry is on their 3rd date, and we aaaall know what that means *eyebrow-wiggle* Things don’t really go according to plan though. Harry is a hard-core bottom but thinks Draco expects him to top (at least this once). Draco abhors bottoming but thinks Harry will want to top (at least this once). Awkwardness ensues as they try figuring out their roles in the bedroom.They get very baffled at first, thinking they misread the chemistry between them. But in the end maybe Draco lets it slip how much he’s been looking forward to having Harry’s a*se and the problem gets solved!Graphic mentions of Penetrated!Draco, non-con, very OOC, NC-17Just want to see some awkward fumbling and Harry & Draco trying their hardest to please the other
DracolynnThis is in the honor of Winter Olympics 2018 in February! Harry and Draco are UK figure skaters. New in this year’s Olympics is that the couple’s dance may include same sex couples. The team coach thinks it’s a brilliant idea to team up Harry/Draco. Harry and Draco think it’s a horrible idea...Draco and Harry having an argument on who should be «the girl» (gets lifted) Graphic mention of penetrated!Draco, very OOC, non-con, BDSMNC-17Would love this to be (non-magical) AU, but where the childhood rivalry is the same - however do as you please with this!
DracolynnBeen binge-watching a lot of Good Wife lately and I would love seeing some
political campaign!Drarry. Draco (or Harry) is running for Minister for Magic.
Harry (or Draco) is trying his hardest to be the supporting partner while also
working full-time, however its taking a toll on their relationship with an (untrue)
affair-rumor, no time to themselves and people just obsessing over them everywhere.
Some insecure!Harry (or !Draco) and a sprinkle of angst, please :)Mention of penetrated!Draco, non-con, very OOC, BDSM,NC-17
DracolynnAnother political-inspired one (please bare with me). Harry is running for
Minister for Magic and Draco, being the best in the biz, ends up as his
campaign manager. Cue a lot of arguing and sexual tension!
Some jealous!Draco when seeing people fawn over HarryMention of penetrated!Draco, very OOC, non-con, BDSMNC-17Feel free to switch the roles
DracolynnHarry’s been training a lot of squats lately and Draco is starting to noticeHarry’s been doing squats in the hopes that Draco will start noticing himMention of penetrated!Draco, very OOC, non-con, BDSMNC-17
lemmon-pie8th year. Draco starts openly dating/sleeping with *male person of choice* and Harry can't deal with it. Discussions of homophobia. Jealous!Harry. Internalized homophobia.Fake/Pretend relationship. OoCnessNc-17
lemmon-pieHarry and Draco end up in a kind of 'no strings attached' relationship. It's just sex, right? Harry is completly fine with it, it's exactly what he wants. Really.
Until Draco calls it quits (maybe starts really dating someone else?) and Harry wants him back.
Happy ending. If you make Harry fuck up have him suffer for it haha, Draco being difficult to get back with. Jealous!harryOoCnessNC-17
lemmon-pieThe Malfoys disappear before Lucius' trial, making him and his family fugitives. A few years later the DMLE receive notice of some sightings of the Malfoy family in *place of choice*. Auror Potter is in the case.
Only when he gets there, he's not so sure that bringing the Malfoys to justice is the best couse of actions. The more he observes them, the more conflicted he gets. And it has nothing to do with his stomach monster growling at the sight of Draco.
The Malfoys in the muggle world (I'd love to see a small beach town *ahem Lucius fishing ahem*). Draco with a kid? I have this idea that he somehow had a child at the end of the war and that's why they run away. Harry melts at seeing him being a single dad.NC-17
lemmon-pieSingle dad!Draco is Harry's soft point.Slow build. All the cuteness. Draco being hard to get.OoCnessNC-17
fyernaiceReturning to Hogwarts for the 8th year, Harry knew things wouldn't be well because the memories of the war are still fresh. Harry didn't expect everyone to be so despondent, even the Head Mistress. As such, there hasn't been any indication that there would any celebrations of any holidays. Harry notices that Malfoy seems to be up to something and follows him, what he finds is Malfoy preparing a surprised celebration (for holiday of your choice) for the school, and silently he begins helping Malfoy. Overtime, they begin talking with each other, sometimes with anger over the past but eventually coming to terms with each other. Harry admits to himself that he is attracted to Draco, but decides not to say anything, but it gets harder to hold his tongue as he begins to feel more than attraction for Draco.8th Year Fic. Harry's POV. First Time. Angst. Romance. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
fyernaiceHarry doesn't know how he allowed Malfoy to shag him senseless to get back at Ginny for what she did to Harry and for all the other Weasleys for supporting her. But having sex with Malfoy felt so much more than what Harry expected, and Harry finds himself finding excuses for having Malfoy shag him into any available surface.Harry's POV. First Time. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple. Tall!Draco. Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17Please mention that Draco is the first and only male that Harry was interested in having sex with.
LomonaaerenIn the wake of the war, suddenly a lot of people are forming spontaneous magical bonds that let them feel each other’s emotions and exchange limited thoughts. Harry dates at least a couple of people who abruptly form bonds with others and leave him. He discovers he’s also good at predicting who’s going to be compatible with who in the future (even if he’s not dating them). He sets himself up as a kind of magical sleuth/matchmaker who can tell you whether you’ll bond and who’s a good candidate. Draco, who has had no luck in even finding someone to date, hires him.Harry being cheerful or gently exasperated about his own inability to bond with people, rather than greatly angsty.Mpreg, watersports or scat, non-magical AUNC-17I’d love Draco trying to force the issue- like insisting that Harry tell him he’s going to bond with some appropriately wealthy and pure-blood person, or being horrified if Harry discovers a compatibility with a Weasley.
LomonaaerenHarry starts to manifest as an Omega after the war. However, he is horrified by the thought of being controlled by his biology, and his will is strong enough to allow him to reverse the changes (basically, the same way he can resist the Imperius Curse). He keeps his secret grimly for a few years, until Draco finds out.*Draco being a jerk when he finds out Harry is suppressing his Omega nature, but out of bewilderment- mostly like, “But why in the world would you DO that?”
*Harry being a control freak about other aspects of his life
Mpreg (and for this prompt as well, any mentions of it or of “pups”), watersportsNC-17When sex happens, I would like Harry fully consenting.
fyernaiceAfter the war Harry expects the wizarding world to be settled and accepting. However, the traditional purebloods are more despised than ever. Harry learns that short of one of the “heroes” of the war marrying a pureblood, there doesn’t seem to be a likelihood of them being accepted. Harry thinks the plan is worth a try, and knows exactly who he would choose, the most notorious pureblood, Draco Malfoy.

When Harry pitches his plan to Draco, he seems surprised with the suggestion, but decides to accept Harry’s offer of marriage by contract. They decided that they would give it two years, and while they are married, they would refrain from having outside intimate relations (A clause Harry really doesn’t mind but refuses to acknowledge why).

During the marriage Harry gets to see sides of Draco he was never privy to, and begins to admire him, and finally acknowledges his feelings run deeply for the Slytherin. Harry just doesn’t know how to tell Draco. Of course it seems that the universe is always conspiring against him because every time he thinks he made some headway with Draco, something happens to push them apart—like the time Draco walked in on him with a friend at an inopportune moment and misjudged the situation.
Harry's POV. First Time. Angst. Romance. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
articcat621 One-off sex that both wish could be more, but for some reason can't.Angst Noncon, character death Any
accio-potterloveIt drives Draco crazy how Harry could single-handedly run the Ministry by day and submit to him so entirely at night.Minister of Magic!Harry, mention of Draco being taller than HarryAny mention of past/present/future bottom!Draco, unhappy endingNC-17 pleaseThe relationship between Harry and Draco is a secret (for any reason of your choice)
accio-potterloveDraco loved marking him. Harry loved to be marked.Possessive!Draco, Mention of Draco being taller than HarryMentions of past/present/future bottom!Draco, unhappy ending, heavy BDSMNC-17 pleaseNot abusive, more like lovebites please
accio-potterloveOn one of their (Draco and any Slytherins of your choice) usual Saturday nights at the pub Theo introduces his new boyfriend to his friends. Ofcourse it's none other than Harry Potter. Draco thinks he looks ridiculously attractive with his ridiculous hair. Soon Draco is torn between the right and wrong, especially with the way Harry's absolutely ridiculous green eyes keep looking at him.Draco and Harry have an affair behind Theo's back. Possessive!DracoUnhappy ending, Mention of past, present, future Bottom!Draco. Past Draco/TheoNC-17, Lots of secret Drarry sex pleaseDraco: "Do you regret doing it Potter, or do you only regret getting caught" Harry: "Neither"
accio-potterlove"I want to be ready for you, Draco. All the time."Hard bottom!HarryBDSM, Sad endings, Any mention of bottom!DracoNC-17 please
accio-potterloveHarry loves wearing Draco's shirts. To work, to the pub, to bed. "Boyfriend shirt" he says. Draco can't wait to rip them off.Draco's clothes are a little loose on Harry and the one's he wears to bed slips off his shoulders. Mention of Draco being taller than Harry.Effeminate!Harry, Mention of past/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17 pleaseeePossessive!Draco would be love
accio-potterloveAuror!Harry. Draco is running for Minister of Magic. Draco and Harry must pretend to be in a relationship to improve Draco's reputation in the eyes of the wizarding world. After a heated argument with Draco and too much alcohol Harry is photographed by the Prophet kissing Oliver Wood. Draco saw red. This scandal with Wood could ruin his reputation. His reputation, not his heart (if only)Powerful!Draco, Jealous!Draco, Hard bottom!HarryBDSM, Unhappy ending, any mention of bottom!Draco, past Draco/OliverNC-17 Lots of smut pleaseeeeNothing more than that one kiss between Harry and Oliver
Articcat621 Draco is bitten by a werewolf during the war. Harry helps him cope/adjust.Unresolved sexual tension becomes resolved NC-17
accio-potterloveHarry and Draco are flatmates. Draco has a reputation for sleeping around but never with the same person twice nor does he stay the night. He doesn't believe in relationships and he never brings them home to the flat. He just returns home really late at night smelling like alcohol and sex, so Harry has never seen any of his one-night stands, he can just smell them on Draco later and he tries to convince his heart that it doesn't bother him at all. Harry, being the Gryffindor that he is, takes care of his drunk 'friend'.
This has been their regular ritual for almost 6 months. Harry finishes his Auror training and gets partnered with Oliver Wood. Harry and Oliver get really friendly and spend a lot of time together. Sometimes they bring work back to the flat and sit on the couch (too close for Draco's liking) surrounded by coffee and documents. Draco gets increasingly annoyed by Oliver's closeness to Harry and his casual touches and frequent presence in 'their flat'.
Maybe an incident where Draco mentions his irritation about Oliver constantly hanging around their flat and Harry and Draco have a small fight over it. The next day Harry goes over to Oliver's place instead so as to not cause Draco any annoyance. This only leads to Draco getting more frustrated as now he can't have an eye on them and has no idea what is going on in Oliver's flat. Draco is still awake when Harry gets home at around 2am.
These are just my ideas, You're free to include as much Drarry-drama as you wish ;)
Virgin!Harry (Draco is surprised and crazy turned on by that), Mention of Draco and Oliver being taller than HarryMention of past/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17 pleaseeee! Porn with feelingsPurely friendship between Harry and Oliver; Draco thinks Harry is the most sensitive (or vocal) lover he's ever had.
accio-potterheadDraco has crazy stamina when it comes to sex. Harry is exhausted and sore after three rounds of mindblowing sex, but Draco knows he can take more.Hung!Draco, Hard bottom!Harry, Professional quidditch player!HarryMention of past/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17 Lots and lots are Drarry loving please"Draco...I can't. I have Quidditch practice in the morning and my arse is too sore to ride a broom"
accio-potterlove"Springs" Harry blushed; "What" Draco was so confused; "This bed has springs, they'll hear us, Draco"; "If we were to get caught Potter, I don't think 'springs' would be what gets us there"Harry is really loud during sex (Draco loves it)Mention of past/present/future bottom!Draco; BDSMNC-17 pleasee
themightyflynnAn unexpected pregnancy. Harry tries to run, but Draco makes certain he knows that both he and the baby are wanted.Unhappy ending, rape, mental illnessNC-17
themightyflynnFirst time werewolf sex.Both virgins, both discovering what it means to be werewolves. Awkwardness and knotting appreciated!Rape, mental illness, death.NC-17
themightyflynnTopping from the bottom. Draco loves to watch as Harry rides him.Death, mental illness, rapeNC-17As long as it's Draco watching Harry ride him, I'm happy. :)
themightyflynnVampire!Draco. He was bitten during the war, but hasn't been close enough to Harry to find out that they are destined mates. It happens during his trial.Confident, self-controlled Draco.Death (not undead, but proper dead), rape, mental illness.NC-17
accio-potterlove8th year! Draco is made Harry's portions tutor to earn extra credits. Several late night study sessions. They didn't know when it started exactly but every time Harry got an answer right, they'd kiss, soft and chaste. They don't talk about it later and go on with their lessons after a brief heated silence. The kisses grow more passionate with each session. It's been driving Draco crazy, watching Harry just sit there with his Portions book as if there isn't a potential kiss looming over them everyday.
Until one day, like clockwork, Harry gets an answer right but doesn't raise his head for a kiss, "I heard you asked Astoria out on date to Hogsmeade this Saturday" he whispers instead.
(Author is free to take this where they desire but I'd love me some Drarry sex please ;))
Mention of Draco being taller than Harry. Draco being the one to push Harry against walls/bookshelves when they kiss. Mention of any past/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17 pleaseA lengthy fic to cover several kissing sessions would be love
fyernaiceHarry didn't do it for any other reason than his loyalty to Ron, so he didn't think before complaining about being partnered with Malfoy. However, the Head Auror insists that Harry must work with Malfoy for three months before a switch may be taken into consideration. Harry goes as far as placing a reminder of when the three months will be over in the shared office/cubicle with Malfoy. Harry realises Malfoy is an excellent Auror and turns out to be the perfect match for Harry. The problem is, during their cases Malfoy is always giving his all, but as soon as their case is over Malfoy wants nothing to do with Harry. This is a problem because Harry wants more from Malfoy than work-partner, he wants friendship...and even more.Harry's POV. First Time. Angst. Romance. Tall!Draco. Confused!Harry. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17Please have Harry have very little to no sexual experience with females, and no experience at all with males (GayVirgin!Harry, please)--other than Draco.
fyernaiceHarry is a Vampire who has passed his mature age but has not found his mate. He is becoming withdrawn with the pitying glances he receives from the other members of his Vampire clan. One day he flees, trying to get away from all the stares and useless advice from his elders. He is so lost in thought that he didn't have any chance to react when he feels something plunges into him as Harry is forced face-down on the ground.

Harry recognises the weight is that of a Werewolf, enemy of the Vampires. After Harry manages to get a handle of his fear he notices his neck is in the vice of a growling Werewolf’s jaw. Harry is surprised that he is still alive for it is a known fact that a werewolf would not have hesitated to rip out a vampire's neck, or vice versa.

Typically, Harry should be tense and have the urge to fight the wolf, but he doesn’t understand why the weight of the Were is not at all unpleasant nor does he understand why he has the urge to submit to the wolf. Eventually, the wolf lets Harry up with some distrust in his eyes, but does not seem to intend to attack Harry further; instead he seemed curious about Harry. Relaxing even further Harry takes in the appearance of the wolf, and admits that he hasn’t seen anyone that attractive before.

When Harry leaves him behind and goes home, he finds himself thinking of the wolf, and returns to the spot the next night—where he finds the wolf waiting. Harry keeps meeting with the wolf and Harry finds himself not understanding why, but opening himself to the wolf—that is until both go into heat, and Harry finally understands that the wolf is his mate.
Harry's POV. First Time. Creature!Fic. Virgin!Harry. Vigin!Draco. Romance. Soulmates. Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17Perhaps, this can be extended to where the two have to convince their respective clans that they are mates and need to be joined?
lemmon-pieHarry's back at obsessing over a certain Slytherin, and Ginny won't have any of that. Her boyfriend should be paying all of this attention to her, not Malfoy! After one too many argument about this, they break up; and she comes up with a great idea: she'll make Harry notice her again, she'll make him so jealous he can't think of anyone else... by seducing Draco.8th year fic? Maybe Draco agrees to salvage his reputation? It could be a fake or real relationship, it's up to you. Draco & Ginny friendship.Ginny-bashing. Crack (i'm fine with humor, just not outright crack)NC-17Harry's stomach monster is always welcome to make an appearance.
lemmon-pieDraco is trying to build bridges and restore family ties with his Aunt Andromeda and little Teddy; but Harry doesn't trust his intentions. Not one bit.Snarky!Draco; Oblivious!Harry; Cute-af!Teddy; BAMF!Andromeda. And a little bit of Narcissa thrown in the mix?NC-17
lemmon-pieA playful game of Truth and Dare (alternatively Never Have I Ever) takes a turn for the unexpected when it's revealed Draco has a bit of a monster cock. Harry can't stop thinking about it.
It's not that he's gay! Really! It's just... he's a bit baffled by it all. Malfoy's surely lying, anyways.
8th year fic? (i'm a sucker for those, sorry). Virgin!Harry!!!!!!! In-denial!Harry, very-hung!Draco, obviously. Slytherins being Slytherins. Slow-ish build?OocnessNC-17If you are going to include sexy times, I'd like to see them building up to anal sex, instead of just doing that the first time.
lemmon-pieHarry breaks up with Ginny. Because Harry is gay. Harry's crushing on Malfoy. Then Harry's actually sleeping with Malfoy.
Just when he's coming to terms with all of this... Harry's pregnant.
Why do this things always happen to him?
Some internalized-homophobia (or difficulty coming to terms with ones sexuality) -could be either Harry or Draco. Slowish build. And I'd love to see how they cope with pregnancy and every step of their journey from Harry breaking up with Ginny to wherever you end up taking them. Teen pregnany, maybe? (yeah, I mean 8th year, ha)If you make it some kind of creature inheritance/heritage just it' fine, I just wouldn't want that to play a big role here.NC-17
lemmon-pieA few years after the war, Lucius Malfoy is finally released from Azkaban under strict terms of probation. Auror Potter is assigned to supervise him, forcing him to spend much more time than he'd liked at Malfoy Manor; and when Lucius proves to be as difficult as everyone expects, he's got to deal with Draco.
It's inevitable, really, that he starts seeing a side of Draco he wouldn't have imagined the blonde had.
I'd like to see how Azkaban has affected Lucius and his relationship with Draco and what Harry thinks about all this, how his perceptions of the Malfoys change.
Happy ending <3
lemmon-pieMalfoy is slowly but surely winning over all of Harry's friends. He bonds with Hermione over reaserch, he talks about weird plants and potions with Neville, has won Ginny enthusing about Quidditch and charmed Luna fuck's know how.
He's got his eyes on Ron now, Harry is sure. He can't allow it.
Snarky & Scheming Draco? Pretty pretty please?NC-17
accio-potterloveAfter the war Harry joins the Aurors. His first case involves exploring an abandoned warehouse for any Dark magical artifacts along with Ron. Suddenly Harry's magic goes haywire and he's taken to Mungos. The Healers figure out that Harry has a sort of residual curse left behind in his body after the war which got triggered with his sudden exposure to Dark artifacts.
The curse was intended to make a person's magic unstable and chaotic unless bonded to a person having the Dark Mark (a Death Eater) thereby bringing them into the Dark Side. They would completely be under the control and mercy of their bonded Death Eater. The only person having a Dark Mark who Harry (for some reason) trusts not to abuse such a massive control over his mind and body is, ofcourse, Draco Malfoy.
Draco accepts as he sees it favoring his tarnished reputation to be bonded to the Saviour of the Wizarding World. They bond and live together. Never once does Draco try to abuse his control over Harry mind and body. With months of living together Harry learns a whole new side of Draco which he never thought existed- and he's falling for him, hopelessly. But everytime they're close to crossing the line of friendship to something more, Draco withdraws. He's a perfect gentleman. But Harry doesn't want him to be. He wants Draco to use that control over him, over his senses, his mind, his body. To use him. To own him.
Professional Quidditch player!Draco, Pining!Harry, Harry wanking himself to fantasy's of Draco fucking him raw, Mention of Draco being taller than HarryMention of any past/present/future bottom!Draco, BDSMNC-17; Lots of wanking and shamelessly sexy times pleaseA lengthy fic would be love
accio-potterloveHarry and Draco are forced to marry (for reasons of your choice). The marriage contract is to exist for a year during which they must live in the same house. After a year they are free to divorce and go their separate ways. The terms of the contract does not necessitate that they involve in sexual activities with one another (They just have to share a bed) and it allows for 'lovers on the side'. Draco and Harry both have lovers on the side. But with Harry's 'boyfriend(s)' (Oliver or Theo or OC) prancing all around his Manor Draco soon feels annoyed (Read: Jealous). And Harry is certain that he's allergic to the flowery perfume he smells on Malfoy when he slips into bed late at night.Jealous!Possessive!Draco, Jealous!Oblivious!Harry, Draco only has women lovers and Harry only has male lovers pleasee, Hard bottom!Harry, Mention of both Draco and Harry's boyfriend(s) being taller than Harry. Mention of Draco with any other man other than Harry, BDSM, mention of past/present/future bottom!DracoNC-17 pleaseee
accio-potterloveHarry is a snugglerNC-17
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)Harry is drawn every night to the Forbidden forest by an entity (presence) that knows his deepest, most secret desires. It begs him to enter, but Harry always stops at the edge, terrified of what he will find if he does.
Confused, Harry searches for answers, but doesn't dare ask for help for fear his secrets would be uncovered. He discovers little through his own research, but nightly the voice grows more insistent, the visions evermore intense; as Harry finds it harder to ignore the voice's singular command:
"Find me."
- Fey/Spirit/Creature!Draco
- Horror/Suspense
- Magical Creatures/ Magical Creature Culture
- Magical Lore/Legend
Watersports/Sexualized Bloodplay/Knife or Painplay/ BDSM/chan/The endearments: Babe or Baby/ InfidelityNC-17What happened to Draco? And how did it happen? My thought was something Fey related, but feel free to go in whatever direction you want.
What does Harry find when he steps into the forest?
How is he going to get them out of it?
LeontinaBowieHarry attends a magical university, and ends up at the same one as Draco (Draco could be his roomate, on the same course, a professor, anything really)Eccentric courses and clubs/societiesNon-con, character death, incestNC-17
LeontinaBowieHarry has a thing for men in suits. More specifically, he has a thing for Draco in suits.If there's smut, I'd love Harry to be entirely nude and Draco to be in a suit with only the important bits free ;)Non-con, character death, incestNC-17Waist coats, shiny buttons, cufflinks, sleeves rolled to the elbows...(yum :D)
ea_stofnar(SinsofYouth)Ten years after the war and the trials and the fallout of each, Harry is a middle of the road auror within the office of MLE, despondent in his duties and the long stretch of days until retirement.
When one of the older aurors retires and his assignments are distributed to the rest of the department, Harry is assigned to watch Draco Malfoy.
It's not a big deal to Harry. According to the case notes Malfoy isn't a flight risk and Harry just has to check in once a month for suspicious activity and non-registered dark artifacts.
It's been years since he's seen Draco beyond passing him in the street and the Draco he encounters at the manor is not the sniveling, spoilt brat he remembers. Well...not entirely.
Actually, this new Draco seems bent on proving he's a changed man, a giving and active member of society. Except Harry doesn't buy it. He sees clues, hints of dark secrets hidden under Draco's smiles and smarmy charm and Harry is determined to figure out what those secrets are.
- Welldressed!Draco, Charming!Draco, Confident!Draco, Smart!Draco, Darklord!Draco, Powerful!Draco
- I would absolutely love an unreformed Draco who has been plotting to overthrow the ministry (or something equally nefarious) under everyone's noses while he pretends to be a 'good boy'!
- Seduction/sex as a method of control
- Dissatisfied!Harry
- BAMF!Harry
- Draco trying to convert Harry to his ideology/cause
- Knifeplay/Bloodplay - Watersports - Extreme BDSM - The endearments: Babe/Baby - InfidelityNC-17Does Draco win?! Does Harry overcome him and turn him in?! I leave the ending entirely up to your twisted mind, anon! Let it be as dark as you desire.
: D
awickedmemory​Draco​ is interested in lizards. Harry is interested in Draco. Cue courtship.

(Note: NOT looking for a furry fetish! More along the lines of Harry learning about reptiles to engage in conversation with Draco, or maybe Draco breeds some rare lizard or snake so Harry starts collecting them in order to go see him more, etc.)
A cool fictional reptile would be interesting, but totally open to normal Muggle critters, too. Doesn't have to be just lizards. Any sort of reptiles or amphibians are good. I just want a Draco so obsessed with his scaly critters that he doesn't realize that Harry is using them to court him. Or he realizes, but encourages it because he finds it cute?(All squicks only apply to Harry and Draco.) Infidelity, character death, feminization of male characters who are not canonically effeminate, major OOC (unless the fic is humour or the character is under the influence), unhappy endings, ageplay/cross-gen/daddy kink, scat, watersports, non-con.NC-17If you need additional detail, all of my Drarry likes/dislikes/squicks/preferences can be found at
awickedmemoryI've noticed that in fandom, we usually see Unspeakables​ as a sort of extra secretive field agent, like Aurors with an extra level of badass. But canonically, Unspeakables are just any witch or wizard who works in the Department of Mysteries, such as studying love or time, so I always had the impression that they were researchers. I'd love a story that features a researcher Unspeakable!Draco, and Auror!Harry desperately turned on by his mysterious nerdiness.Hermione​ works as an Unspeakable as well, so she and Draco have developed at least a good working relationship, enough to share some in-jokes that drive Harry mad.(All squicks only apply to Harry and Draco.) Infidelity, character death, feminization of male characters who are not canonically effeminate, major OOC (unless the fic is humour or the character is under the influence), unhappy endings, ageplay/cross-gen/daddy kink, scat, watersports, non-con.NC-17If you need additional detail, all of my Drarry likes/dislikes/squicks/preferences can be found at
fyernaiceThe Dragon the rescues the Knight from the evil princess.First Time. Humour. Romance Happy ending please with Harry and Draco together as a couple.Harry having sexual experience with males other than Draco past, present, or future. Bottom!Draco with anyone past, present, or future.NC-17I prefer Virgin!Harry, but especially having mentioned that Harry has never had sexual experience with any male.
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