SecondAct Online - Suggested Features & Found Bugs
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Features / Bugs
FeatureFilter Chronicles based on game type: only show Vampire games when I select Vampire, etc.TaraFuture
Bugwhen in mobile LG Android. info boxes for icons block being able to select icon . then if you keep selecting the blank box the icon goes awayAshleyInvestigating1
FeatureAdd NPCs out of Werewolf book (ie. Fimori for Ashley)L2Future2
Feature Garou: add bonuses drop down giving the member a new aka updated sheet with bonuses per form. then give drop down for amount of rage pc has in form. adding those bonuses for said form Future2
Feature When anyone "deletes" or makes a character no longer visable. a new section for the ST is made called archived. for reference or in case it was done in error.Future2
Feature When loading sheets on mobile make fit to screen with option to zoom inFuture2
Feature visiting characters make a note area so STs can state what they don't want to allow. an Approved button a decline. a go home button for approved characters. every time an update happens to the character the column resetsFuture2
FeatureTroupe details - show all the STs, game rep, etcL2Future2
FeatureCombat Tracking on Phone for all genreL2Future2Include Current Blood, WP, Wouds, Penaty due to Wounds, RPS generator, Ability Scores for Powers, etc
FeatureST only notesL2Fixed2
FeatureAdd Initiiative and other Combat fields to Summary SheetL2Future2
FeatureTrack XPL2Future2
Feature Track PIP (see other feature)L2Future2
Featureforgot password option. Future2
FeatureAdd status to charactersL2Future2For a limited time can we just have this as a open text box or a drop down each one selects and there is a plsu sign to add more status that makes another drop down
FeatureCharacter Haven InfoL2Future2
FeatureCharacter Feeding Details Info (DTA?)L2Future2
Feature boons tracking. Harpies can add too or get approval by harpy Future2
FeatureAdd character relationsL2Future2Start with drop-down for Sire - filtered by Clan
FeatureAdd skills / influence specializationsL2Future2
FeatureOnce a player selects their generation and saves. They are moved to the expendiures tab. Please automaticly fill the generation section (dots) with the generation background that they selected. This way there is less room for human error Future2
BugNo reasonable way to buy humanity. No where is Humanity listed , once it is listed can we also have a feature to remove it at 0 cost Feature1Add Mority Traits -- Default to "Humanity" unless path?
FeatureWerewolf: Ananasi can have Herd as backgroundJustin FitzgeraldFuture2
FeatureWerewolf: Metis must have a flaw. This flaw does not count toward XP. (pg. 181)Justin FitzgeraldFuture2
FeatureMass add XP after gameJustin FitzgeraldFuture2We need a screen where it lists everyone's character names and you check a box on each character who was at game, add a notation to the xp add like "September 2017 Game", and then click Submit. Everyone gets XP taking into account earned XP and PIP XP (which counts as earned XP).
FeatureST Notes for XP ModificationJustin FitzgeraldFuture2We need to be able to have notes related to the XP Modification, else we'll forget why we did it eventually.
FeatureWhen making a character please have the options of clan and gen not pre generate aka those feilds are left blank ensureing the user cannot move on until a selecton is made. This will stop mistakes like 13th gen Assamites for days. same for other genres?Fixed2?
BugEXO cannot view listing of chronicles under the settings tab in moblie only shows buttons not game names AshleyFuture2Screen witdh is small - may need to take away some buttons. Another solution is to change to desktop view, the website is very mobile friendly under desktop view
BugWerewolf characters should have the ability to purchase 1 Skill up to 6, dependent on their Auspice. Akira2
BugWerewolf Camp Merits are not currently featured. They currently need to be added as Custom. Akira2
FeatureNST and ANST notes only they can see ash2
FeatureCharacter PicturesLowLow Priority - love this idea though!
Featuremodify gen as a STLowLow Priority
Feature a link for anyone not assigned a game stating "find your nearest game"that leads to the site then a link below "start a game"that opens an email to the exoLowLow Priority - really expect this to only be used by existing Second Act players
Feature when registered sends an email explaining how to use database, how to start game and find a game near them. LowLow Priority - really expect this to only be used by existing Second Act players
Feature admin title rather than ST only. admin can only edit sheets, xp and deal with pipLow
Feature option to make a players character an npc after creation in case pc retires. character is removed from players account and added to cronicles. can be as easy as making an ST only siding button that says retired pc. can even do this for inactive characters making new section for them under ST account. LowLove it - thinking will add a "change owner" option for STs where they can take ownership / grant ownership of PC to / from players
featureHaving a printable sheet that only takes up one page and is streamlined Low
Featurewhen you scroll all the way up and force the screen to the top can it refresh. Low
BugMissing elder powers for 8th genL2Fixed
Bugweel there is an afinity gift missing for my red talon lupis arune. along with the tribe merits and the general merits unique to werewolf like Metamorph the gift in question is rank 2 falling touchL2Fixed
BugDerangements are showing as Merits in the Your Characters section - See Preston Sinclair, Justin's PC from Green Bay to see it.AshleyFixed
BugTechniques showing in the AuditAshleyFixed
Bug6th generation vampires (and below) have 6 dots in skillsAshleyFixed
Bugon mobile device some times log in page doesn't load; is completely blank. you have to go back and reload by clicking on log in. then it comes up but you have to do it this way to get it up. using crome on Android Fixed
BugWhen the following is expanded:
NPCs in Your Chronicles
Characters in Your Chronicles

and you resize the screen all buttons for functionality disappear. Aka edit, approve and search
FixedThe buttons should remain when small - all other items that are no longer visible will be available by expanding - using the green "+"
Bugany background that is for another genre make grey text. ex: when selecting vampire the background totems get gray text FixedDon't show ones that aren't appropriate
FeatureView of summary character sheet - should have both approved sheet and pending sheet.Done ->Will add the status to the current sheet - but having a "pending" sheets in non-trivial without rolling back those pending changes.
FeatureHave all characters going to Midwinter add a "Visiting Entry" for their charactersL2DoneThis will allow us to gage who's coming, and have plot accordingly
FeatureAdd audit for NPC statusL2Done
FeatureXp fix for pliable blood (nos merit)L2Done
FeatureXp fix for inept (missing one discipline)L2Done
FeatureXp fix for "Artist’s Blessing (1 point merit): You can purchase up
to 7 points of Crafts and Performance skills, and you
gain 3 free dots of one Craft or Performance skill."
Feature When visiting a game make a coloum for character location that says visiting game and gives a drop down to the game they are visiting. then make a new tab for the STs that says "visiting characters"Done
FeatureCalculate XP spentL2Done
FeaturePrint to PDFL2Done
FeatureInept flaw removes one of your starting in-clan disciplines, comments on spending points needs to take that into considerationL2DoneTo start, changes the message on how many In-Clan you need to pick.
FeatureSheets need a better section for notes for things like skill descriptions and what kind of infulence someone has, lore specialities. Having a note section would be extremely handy. Some pcs have 10 plus lore specalities it's hard to type up in its current format. DoneAdded auto-expanding text areas
FeaturePreformance, craft and sicenece can only be selected twice, would like unlimited options to select. DonePlus button next to both skills and merit/flaws that can have multiple entries
FeatureTechniques not listedDoneAdded techniques for 8th gen and below
FeatureNo ritae for sabbat .. maybe there is no sabbat in the system yet?DoneAdded background
FeatureNo selection to add flaw derangment (do not add what type just flaw it can be added in notes), make sure this can be selected more than once. A person can have more than one flaw. Leave to unlimited maybe? For Malks make 0 for one onlyDoneAdded in both "General Flaws" (cost -3) and in "Malkavian Flaws" (cost 0) - both have a "+" next to it so they can add as many as they want
FeatureWhen adding skill apttudide it does not allow to increase a skillDoneIt does now. :)
Featureskills for 6th gens are 1 - 6 Done
BugDoneText now wraps
FeatureAdd Blood Points & WP to Summary SheetDone
FeatureAdd an equipment sectionDone
Featurethe archetypes listed are suggested however bns states you can add anything in for an archtype. please allow an option to type ownDoneCan now choose "- Custom -" which then displays a custom text field.
Feature please add plus sign to retainers and haven. some pcs have more than oneDone
Featureplease add IA merits from prospals, anarch, Sabbat merits Done
Featureunder ST email button put the email for the game not the st personal email. DoneAdded "Second Act Troupes" section where this can be shown
featurewhen hovering over an icon can we have a tiny window tell us what the button isDoneShould have info for all buttons of note
FeatureAdd place for positions (Harpy, Primogen, etc)Done
FeatureArcchetype should allow for Custom option.DoneCompleted see row 24
Feature When login is completed bring to profile not website main pageDone
Bugon mobile device when selecting log in. the log in screen is all the way to the right. which is a blank side and leads some to believe they can't log in. when all they have to do is scroll to left. but they don't know DoneSince it now auto takes you to the Manage page - should be good
Bugnote section on troupe info does not become a paragraph can't see what you're completely typing . Done
BugAnarch Flaws do not appear to be implemented? See Justin's PC Elwood "The Edge" McCain of Baraboo - can't see Escaped Shovelhead.Done
Feature Move -custom- up to the top for the Archetypes as it isn't obvious it is there since it is at the bottom.Done
FeatureAdd Anarch Flaws/MeritsL2Done
FeatureAdd Sabbat Flaws/MeritsL2Done
feature add section to list blood bonds/Vinculumn. Please make this so it can just be typed in Done
bugCannot select Nerco insight more than once. see Tremere merits make Giovanni like that. AshleyDone
FeatureAdd GhoulsL2Done
FeatureAdd Quotes for CharacterL2Done
FeatureWants PC relationsL2DoneOpt-in setting that will be used in the future for things like automatic boons connections to any character in all of the chronicles
Bugcam lasombra cannot pick rarityDoneCheck again as discussed :) If not there, can add it manually - else delete and re-create and they will be there
Feature add section on game info to add Admin ST info and Player rep infoDoneAdded ADMIN and REP as roles that can be assigned to folks - allows us to in the future give these roles special abilities
FeatureWhen an ST makes an NPC pleae only list that character under the chronicle section. not my character section as this may fill up fastDoneNot a bug, but a good idea to split off into seperate section. Added a "Your NPCs" section
Feature under the contacts for every game only list the HSTname then game emailDoneAdded a "Second Act Troupes" section - which includes the games's email, etc. But like the idea of showing the ST's, etc in the game details - will add a feature request for that - thx (L2)
FeaturePlayer notesDone
Feature option to create ghoul, mortal and kin. also a category under gen for others for STs to make NPC demons and other things. DoneBoth Stock and full sheet NPCs have been added
FeatureLock down Start Month so only ST can set/changeJustin FitzgeraldDone
FeatureWerewolf: should have Uncommon, Rare, and Restricted Clans, just like VampireJustin FitzgeraldDone
FeatureAlt-ID should allow multiple entriesJustin FitzgeraldDoneAs you could have multiple Alt-IDs
Bugall STs can approve any character including their ownAs DesignedNote, every approval records by whom and when they were approved - so would be able, but not likely to approve your own PC... But would make sense to be able to approve your NPC updates.
Featureadditional common discipline merit leave to one selection where they can type in the notes what discipline, rather than lines for eachAs Designedif we're going to calculate XP for characters (something I'd like to see in the application) - we need to know In-Clan vs Out-of-clan - can't do that with a open text box, as they may spell it wrong, abbreviate it, etc.
FeatureWhen selecting temporis it still allows to select celerity. One can only have one or the other guyAs DesignedSeeing that as part of the audit overview funtionality grated through the applicaiton to storytellers